The main thing DeFi Llama does is tracking generally well-known chains and their DApps. The exchanging activities are being analyzed across the world’s biggest chains. Then the platform filters the information and presents free to the world.

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This includes aggregating information for all chains joined. At the time of writing this article, the total value locked for all DeFi actions is $200 billion. The records about the following items are kept analyzed by DeFi Llama.

  • DeFi applications
  • DeFi chains
  • DeFi forks
  • DeFi airdrops
  • NFTs
  • Oracles

DeFi action crested in December 2021 when the TVL got to it’s all-time high of $250 billion. This shows that DeFi is not mainly attached to the cost of Bitcoin as anyone could have anticipated. Bitcoin’s diminishing predominance has prompted the development of numerous altcoins.

defi llama

Where to get the DeFi TVL data?

TVL (total value locked) across all DeFi conventions is the amount of all staked crypto resources that are procuring rewards, interest, etc. from the followings you can gather DeFi TVL data:

DeFi Llama

DeFi Llama ascertains the TVL by practically all of the DeFi chains, as opposed to now and again which is just determined on Ethereum. You can check the TVL measure of the different chains. Normally, the more worth is locked, the more yield cultivating might go on. Since cash moves to the where it procures the best return. The distinction in computations of DeFi Pulse and DeFi Llama (like other information aggregators) originate from the various information suppliers and various guidelines of the projects including.

DeFi Pulse

It is possible to follow TVL on sites like Defi Pulse, which locks the all out as standard. It should be considered that Defi Plus does not cover the majority of the secured in assets in crop yields, as DeFi Pulse screens the fundamental smart contracts of every convention just in the Ethereum blockchain. Consistently, diagrams are refreshed by taking out the complete ether balance (ETH) and ERC-20 tokens held by these smart contracts. TVL (USD) is determined by taking these inventories and duplicating them by their cost in dollars. Here are the open-source project connectors that meet the DeFi Pulse rules.

How Does DeFi Llama Work?

DeFi Llama’s website aggregates data from over 80 Layer one blockchains and hundreds of decentralized apps. This allows us to see which chains are the largest and how DeFi is growing. The statistics collected on the website are available for free and a public API can be used to integrate this data into other websites.

The data collected by DeFi Llama is reliable because it is based on open protocols. Blockchain data is publicly available, and users can track all transactions on decentralized applications such as UniSwap (UNI) using their Oracles or explorers of Ethereum blocks. DeFi Llama statistics show that DeFi large-scale business started in 2020 and has grown ever since.

defi llama

DeFi Llama Dashboard

The DeFi Llama dashboard is the first thing users encounter when visiting its website. This dashboard provides TVL access for all DeFi activities. The home page shows the TVL rankings for decentralized applications based on the dollar value assigned to each application. This data includes all transactions in decentralized exchanges, profit generation protocols, insurance protocols and other DeFi programs:

Tools like Curve Finance (CRV) have the highest TVL with more than $18 billion in assets locked in Curve alone, according to the dashboard. Lending protocols such as AAVE (AAVE) are also high at $ 11 billion, indicating that decentralized banking services are on the rise.

Users can sort TVL rankings for each chain by selecting Ethereum, Terra, Fantom or any other chain. If we choose Ethereum, we are offered programs based on Ethereum based on TVL. 

Bottom line

While Defi is fragmented, it is a 200-billion-dollar industry. Although Ethereum claimed practically the whole market, new chains arose and made their own environments, which made it hard to follow their singular qualities. DeFi Llama filled that hole by totaling every one of the information and growing new devices to monitor them progressively.

DeFi Llama is regardless is becoming perhaps the best aggregator zeroed in on estimating the Total Value Locked (TVL) inside each DeFi Protocol. It is accepted that DeFi Llama is one of the most fundamental and trusted web tools to follow. By using DeFi Llama, you know which conventions and blockchains are becoming famous and how they handle on the rankings.

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