The Shiba Inu (a breed of dog) is probably the most famous in the crypto community. There are many cryptocurrencies, utility coins as well as meme coins with the face of Shiba Inu. Dogecoin has inspired a new group of tokens to showcase the funny face of this dog. Here we also want to discuss another cryptocurrency with the face of Shiba Inu, Kuma Inu. 

Kuma Inu is the name of the project, you can also look at it as an ecosystem. This is because Kuma Inu already comes with $KUMA and $dKUMA tokens and the Kuma Inu breeder. Then, users can use the farming system of the Kuma inu project to farm $dKUMA tokens. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we will discuss what is Kuma inu, and then the Kuma inu price.

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We will take a look at the Kuma Inu price history chart in the first place. And then, we will offer you a Kuma inu price prediction which you should read if you are considering investing in the Kuma Inu project. 

What is Kuma Inu?

Kuma inu coin is another token that is using Shiba Inu in its logo. Although, the Kuma inu coin isn’t just a meme. Users can also use the Kuma inu breeder to farm $dKUMA tokens.

There are two Kuma inu coins. $KUMA and $dKUMA are the two native tokens of KUMA inu. You can also buy and invest in them. Kuma inu is a community-driven cryptocurrency which means that users influence the path that project goes.

When did Kuma Inu start?

The developers released the first version of the Kuma Inu coin back on 05/12/2021. The Kuma Inu price used to be higher at the beginning. But we will discuss the Kuma inu coin price later.

There are 2 Kuma inu coins, $KUMA, and $dKUMA. They are the native tokens of the Kuma inu ecosystem. You can gain more information about the Kuma inu project on the official Kuma Inu coin website

Kuma Inu

You can also scroll down to view the Kuma inu coin white paper. 

Kuma Inu

How to buy Kuma inu?

In this part, we want to learn which exchanges list the Kuma inu coin on their platform. Then, you can visit the exchanges that you will learn, or learn to do this yourself. 

If you want to farm $dKUMA tokens you should visit the Kuma Inu breeder. But if you want to invest in Kuma Inu and purchase a KUMA inu coin, you should continue reading.

What exchange is Kuma Inu on?

Then, let’s begin to find the exchanges to buy the Kuma inu price. Although, you should know that you further use the CoinMarketCap platform to gain other information as well. 

To do this, you should visit the CoinMarketCap website. Then, look for Kuma Inu, to view the page dedicated to the Kuma Inu project. You can also use CoinMarketCap to find other tokens that you want to learn more about.

Kuma Inu

Then, you can see detailed information about the Kuma Inu project. You can check out Kuma Inu trading volume, market cap, token circulating supply, and token max supply.

You should scroll down until you can see the Overview and Markets tabs. By default, it’s showing you the Kuma Inu price chart. We will get back to this part to check out the Kuma Inu price chart later in this article.

Then, tap on Markets to view the exchanges that are trading Kuma Inu. 

Kuma Inu

Here, you can see the exchanges that have listed Kuma Inu coins. There are a set of different centralized and decentralized exchanges. Therefore, choose the one that you are most comfortable with and start purchasing Kuma Inu. 

The Kuma Inu price is not that much different in exchanges. Then, unless you want to profit by arbitrage, you should go with the most comfortable one. 

Kuma inu price history

Now, let’s check out and discuss the Kuma Inu price history. To view the Kuma Inu price tap on the Overview, next to the Markets

There, you can tap on the candle chart button to view the Kuma Inu price candle chart price history. Then, CoinMarketCap will show you the TradingView advanced Kuma Inu price chart. 

Kuma Inu

Here, you can see the Kuma inu coin price chart. The Kuma inu price used to be much higher than how much it is worth now. Kuma inu price is at around $0.00000002 at the time of writing this article. 

But we will discuss that further in the next part. There, you can read the Kuma Inu price prediction.

Kuma inu price prediction

You should remember to always do your own research before investing in any asset. Even if you want to buy Kuma inu coin after reading this price prediction, remember to do your own research. Kuma inu price can turn anyway. 

Then, let’s start the Kuma inu price prediction without any hesitation. Let’s take a look at the Kuma inu coin weekly price chart again. 

Kuma Inu

We believe that the Kuma Inu price can reach much higher than what it is worth right now. You can see that the Kuma inu price used to be around $0.0000005. Which is more than 20 times the Kuma inu price at the moment. 

We expect the Kuma inu coin to reach at least around $0.0000004 in the next year. We also believe that the Kuma inu coin price can reach around $0.000005 until 2024. 

Then, you can see why we believe that the Kuma inu coin can reach much higher. On the Other hand, the Kuma inu coin developers are near releasing the Kuma inu exchange. Then, the Kuma inu coin price can increase at that moment as well.

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