In this article, we will be talking about how to buy THETA. We will introduce a source to you to find the markets that sell THETA. Then, you can also find THETA price in that source, as each exchange has its different price. Although, the prices in exchanges aren’t that different. 

Therefore, unless you wanna earn money using arbitrage, THETA crypto price is almost the same everywhere. Then, it’s really up to your preferences to choose an exchange to purchase THETA from. So be sure to check every exchange to choose the best one that suits your needs. And not just according to THETA price.

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In other sections of this article, we will discuss the THETA and THETA crypto price. Then, we will talk about the THETA project and its future. In other words, we will give a THETA coin price prediction. We will also check whether the THETA price will reach and break the 100 dollars barrier or not. Then, stick around to read our THETA coin price prediction.

Where to buy THETA?

In this section, we will introduce a way you can use to buy THETA. To be more precise we won’t introduce the place where you can buy it. Instead, we will introduce a platform that lets you know which exchanges have THETA crypto listed. It also shows the THETA price. Then, let’s check out that platform and find out how it works.

The platform is CoinMarketCap; you can also find THETA crypto there. You may already know this platform and use it regularly. As this platform is one of the most valuable tools a crypto investor or trader can have. This is because the platform gives you information about cryptocurrencies market cap and price, such as THETA price. 

Then, visit CoinMarketCap to continue finding THETA crypto price and THETA markets. After you open the CoinMarketCap website, type THETA in the search bar. The search bar is on the top right side of the screen. Then, tap on THETA to find out about THETA price and all of the markets.


Here, you can see the THETA crypto price and market cap. Aside from THETA price, you can also find THETA volume and other information such as circulating supply and max supply. But we won’t discuss THETA crypto price in this section any further. Instead in other sections we will discuss THETA price and THETA coin price prediction.

Now, scroll until you find the Market tab, tab on markets. Then, tap on the Market tab to find all of the markets that support and list THETA coin.


There, you can find various exchanges that sell THETA. As you can see, the THETA price is almost the same in every exchange. Then, you shouldn’t think of different THETA crypto price when you choose an exchange. 

How much does THETA cost?

As you can see in the above photos and CoinMarketCap, the THETA price is 1.26 dollars. This is the THETA crypto price at the time of writing the article. Therefore, when you are reading this, the THETA price can be completely different from this. Then, be sure to check the THETA price at the time when you want to purchase.

Right now, the THETA price is $1.26 per token. But the THETA price and THETA fuel price can change. Now, let’s check out the THETA fuel price. THETA fuel is the native token of the THETA ecosystem. Users can use the THETA fuel for transactions. For example, they can use it to pay the relay nodes for the video they stream. Then, let’s check THETA fuel price now.

theta THETA

As you can see above, the THETA fuel price is $0.06414 per token. The THETA fuel price is like this when writing this article. If you check it out, the THETA fuel price will be different. In the next section, we will offer you THETA coin price prediction. Using the THETA price prediction you can decide if you want to invest in THETA.

Does THETA have a future?

In this section, we will discuss the THETA coin price prediction. You should remember that all THETA price prediction you find can be wrong. In fact, every coin’s price prediction can be wrong. Therefore, do your own research after you read our THETA price prediction.

Then, let’s discuss THETA price prediction. THETA is a project that focuses on providing video streaming services. In this ecosystem, the relay nodes take care of the video streaming process and provide it to users. Then, users pay THETA fuel to use THETA and watch videos. Therefore, we should see if this can affect THETA price.

Analysts believe that the THETA price can reach above $20 per token in 2026. Other THETA price prediction say that the THETA price can reach around 5 dollars per token by the end of 2022. Of Course a lot of THETA price prediction are extremely bullish. This is because THETA price has been stable for a long time.

Can THETA get to $100?

Yes. The crypto market is only at its beginning stages. Then, THETA price can reach 100$ per token when the market is big enough for that. Of course, THETA price can only reach $100 if THETA project is still up and going by that time. This could take two years, five years, or even ten years and more. 

Therefore, you shouldn’t buy THETA based only on THETA coin price prediction. Of course, THETA coin price prediction says that the future is really bright for this coin. But still, anything can happen in the crypto market, and THETA price can fall tomorrow!

Then, be careful to do your own research aside from all the THETA coin price prediction. 


How high can THETA token?

THETA price can reach really high places. The project is really good, and its team seems to know what they are doing. Therefore, in a few years, if things continue going like this, THETA price can even surpass $100. Although, THETA coin price prediction can be wrong as crypto is a very risky industry.

How many THETA tokens are left?

THETA token max supply can be definitive on THETA price. Therefore, you may want to know the maximum supply of THETA tokens. The THETA tokens maximum supply is 1,000,000,000. There are currently 1,000,000,000 circulating in the market. Therefore, THETA has already reached its maximum supply.

How to mine THETA?

THETA is a video streaming service provider network. THETA miners are really nodes that get paid for streaming videos for other users. Then, users pay the relay nodes THETA fuel for the video they stream. Then, to become a THETA miner, you must become a THETA network relay node.

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