The HUH coin is the world’s very first UTIMEME token. The HUH token successfully gained a lot of attention when it was first dropped. The coin price was able to increase about 6000% on the first day. You would know all of that if you had followed the HUH token news.

Although there are a lot of questions about this project. On the other hand, a lot of people question whether the HUH coin is legit. Therefore, in this article, we will check to see whether the HUH token is legitimate. But before that, we will first learn about the HUH token.

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In this article, we will explore the HUH coin. We will learn what it is and how it works, how much its price is and whether it’s a good investment. Then, we will learn how to purchase the HUH coin from Coinbase. And how to find other exchanges that swap the HUH token.

Then, let’s begin.

What is HUH token?

HUH coin aims to be the world’s first UTIMEME. Before we start explaining what is HUH token, we will explain what is a UTIMEME.

What is UTIMEME?

When DogeCoin reached around 0.75$, investors and traders took meme coins more seriously. But there are still a lot of concerns around meme tokens. One of them is that meme coins do not have any purpose. Therefore, they hold no true value.

Then, the HUH token was introduced to the world as the first UTIMEME token in the crypto world. A UTIMEME token is a meme coin with a use case. The two words meme coin and utility coin combine to make the word UTIMEME coin. 

A UTIMEME coin, is a meme coin that also is a utility token. Meaning besides being a meme coin, it also has a purpose for being. Or to put it in other words, crypto users can use the token. Then, it is a good solution to fix the absurdity of meme tokens. 

Now, let’s find out what is the use case of HUH coin. 

How HUH coin works

HUH coin is an influencer-based utility meme coin. They call the HUH coin a social token. HUH coin rewards holder, as well as the referees and referrals. HUH coin is also a hyper deflationary token. This means they have a slippage fee, which they burn after each transaction.

Therefore, when users make a transaction, the HUH token price increases slightly.

How to purchase HUH token?

Now we know what is HUH coin and how it works. Then, let’s find out how you can buy HUH coins. You will learn how to buy HUH coin from coinbase, and how to find exchanges that trade huh coin. Then, let’s begin. 

Visit CoinMarketCap

In the top right side of the screen, tap on the search bar and type HUH to find the HUH coin. Then, the HUH coin page will open for you. 

What are huh tokens worth?

On this page you can see the HUH token price. As well as a lot of useful information. You can’t find HUH token news on the coinmarketcap tho. 

The huh token price is $0.000001017 at the time of writing this article. The HUH token price is so low that you will get a lot of tokens in return for your money. This doesn’t mean you are gaining a profit just by purchasing it. But it means that the HUH token price is very low right now. 

Scroll down to reach the Market tab. Tap on Market.

huh token

Now, you can see HUH token price in every exchange that supports it. The HUH token price is different in two exchanges that support it. Both of the exchanges are DeXs. Then, create a wallet or use your crypto wallet to purchase HUH tokens from them. 

How to get the huh token on Coinbase?

As you can see, CoinmarketCap hasn’t listed Coinbase in HUH token’s Market section. Therefore, Coinbase has not yet listed HUH tokens in its exchange. 

If you want to purchase HUH coin from Coinbase you need to wait until they list it. But you can buy HUH coins from exchanges listed above. 

Is huh token a good investment?

The HUH token news has been pretty good. HUH token price increased 6000% in the first 24 hours of its initial offering. If you have followed the HUH token news, you would know that although it followed other coins in the 2022 bearish trend, it managed to hold its price. 

Therefore, the HUH token price didn’t lose a lot of its value. The HUH coin also has a whitepaper and doesn’t seem to be a scam at all. Then, if you think you want to purchase a meme coin that also has a use case, you can purchase HUH coin.

Then, HUH coin can actually be a good investment. 

But do not forget that cryptocurrencies are high-risk investments. Therefore, be sure to do your own research before you invest in HUH coin. The same is true for every cryptocurrency, and every investment for that matter.


Is HUH token legit?

Yes. Users seem to believe that HUH token is legitimate. The HUH coin also has a white paper that you can find to learn more about this token. The HUH token news and HUH token price also suggest that HUH token is legit. Then, purchase HUH coin only after you have done your own research.

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