DNP3, a Twitch streamer, developed the Clucoin crypto. DNP3 developed the clu coin with a community-related use case in mind. Clucoin claims to be a community charity crypto coin. This article will explore what Clucoin is and how it operates.

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Then, other sections will check out the Clucoin price. As well as how users can buy the clu coin. Then, let’s begin with the most important question of all. What is Clu coin?

What is CluCoin?

Clucoin is a cryptocurrency that a twitch streamer developed with a specific goal in mind. He developed clu coins for users to make money and help others. Crypto exchanges listed CluCoin with the CLU ticker. According to developers, Clucoin is a “hyper inflationary” token. Therefore, users will be discouraged from selling. This will encourage investors to hold on to their tokens for as long as possible. Then, the Clu coin price will be more stable. 

Clu coin claims that users can buy clucoin tokens and simultaneously help others. The other section will explain what clu coin is used for with more details. 

What is CluCoin used for?

According to the Clucoin website, “We’ve built a system designed to protect against whales [a person or group holding a large amount of a certain crypto coin that can impact its market price], encourage holding and help charities around the world.

“Our model rewards holders and saves money for charity each time someone sells…CLU shareholders share 5 percent of each sell action. CLU works this way to discourage selling and reward holders,”

Therefore, the Clucoin holders are encouraged to hold their assets. Then, there are fewer people who want to sell their clu coin tokens. The slippage percentage that users pay each time they sell, discourages the sellers. Even when they do sell, the users will be paying the 5% slippage fee to charity. Then, even when the users sell, they will be helping a charity. 

What Blockchain is Clucoin?

The twitch streamer DNP3 developed the Clucoin on BEP-20. Users also know the BEP-20 network as the Binance Smart Chain. The Binance Smart Chain is a counterpart of the Binance Chain or the BEP-2 network. Users use each of these networks for a specific task. For example, users use the BEP-20 network to develop and maintain dApps and tokens. Therefore, DNP3 developed the clu coin on Binance Smart Chain. This means that the Clucoin runs on BEP-20. Which is also an extension of ERC-20, or the Ethereum main network. 

Is CluCoin safe?

The clucoin is safe in the sense that it is not a scam. The twitch stream DNP3 developed the clu coin striving to be a community charity project. But it is unsafe in the sense that it is a cryptocurrency after all. What does that mean?

Take Bitcoin for example, though it is a safe investment and you won’t lose your money, it is still risky. Bitcoin is extremely volatile. This means that the bitcoin price can reduce by 50% in a day. Therefore, the clucoin price can also drop dramatically during a day. Then, cryptocurrencies are risky investments. 

How to buy clucoin?

You should head down to Coinmarketcap to buy CluCoin. On the top right side of the screen tap on the search bar. Type CLU to find the clu coin. Select Clucoin to visit its specific webpage.

This page offers exclusive information about the Clucoin and clucoin value. Users can use the many different types of data on this page. Then, be sure to read this page carefully. 

How much is a clucoin worth?

This page will also show the clucoin price. Users who want to purchase the clucoin should pay extreme attention to the clucoin value. You should scroll down if you want to check out the clucoin price. Tap on the Market tab to view the Clucoin price, as well as the crypto exchanges that sell the token.


As you can see, each crypto exchange has a different Clucoin value. Now, you should choose which crypto exchange you want to use. Then, visit the exchange that suits you best and continue to purchase clucoin. The PancakeSwap offers a different clucoin price because it is paired with wrapped BNB. The other exchanges offer similar Clucoin prices as they are both paired with USD tokens.

How to sell clucoin?

To sell clucoin, you should take the same road. Choose a crypto exchange to sell your tokens. Then, set the amount of clucoin tokens you want to sell. After that, confirm the overall clucoin value and sell the tokens.

You should remember that no matter the clucoin value, you should still pay the slippage fee. The exchange will reduce 5% from the overall clucoin value that you sold. 


How do you trade Clucoin?

The CluCoin runs on the Binance Smart Chain or the BEP-20 network. Therefore, the PancakeSwap decentralised crypto exchange supports Clucoin. First, you should set up a crypto wallet if you don’t already have one. Then, connect your wallet to the PancakeSwap and you are ready to trade the Clucoin token.

How do I change from Clucoin to BNB?

PancakeSwap is a crypto exchange that runs on the Binance Smart Chain. It also supports the Clucoin crypto token. The clucoin exists on the PancakeSwap as paired to BNB. You should connect your wallet to the PancakeSwap to change from clucoin to BNB.

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