Feed Every Gorilla is a name that wouldn’t be your first choice for a cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, FEG or Feed Every Gorilla is the name of a cryptocurrency, and we want to discuss FEG token. FEG token is a cryptocurrency that runs on two blockchains at the same time which is a plus. Then, users can pick the blockchain that suits their purpose the best. 

We will also discuss the FEG token price and how to buy FEG token. As you know, Binance is one of the greatest crypto exchanges and they take their time when listing new tokens. Then, we will discuss that and also offer you a FEG token price prediction that you can use. This will be helpful for those who are interested in investing in FEG token.

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Then, they should also read the section where we discuss if the FEG token is a good investment. Let’s begin this without wasting any more time and get to the point. 

What is FEG token?

Feed Every Gorilla or FEG token has tokenamics in such a way that it’s a hyper-deflationary cryptocurrency. We will explain further what is hyper-deflationary, but let’s discuss the FEG token first. 

It started as a meme token and users have learned about the FEG token because of that. Then, the developer team stopped this marketing plan and introduced the real FEG token use case. They have introduced the FegEX which will be a crypto exchange on FEG token.

FEG token is a cryptocurrency that runs on two blockchains at the same time. This means users can use the FEG token through both the Ethereum network and Binance Smart Chain. This will enable FEG token users to choose between the two networks when they have to operate a task.

Then, now let’s discuss what it means that the FEG token is hyper deflationary. When users make transactions using FEG tokens, the network will automatically burn some FEG token. It will distribute some of the burning amounts amongst FEG Token holders. Then, it will burn the other portion of FEG tokens which will increase the FEG token price. 

You can find more detailed information on FEG token through their official website FEG token.

feg token

Then, let’s get to our FEG token price prediction and see if FEG token is a good investment.

Is Feg token a good investment?

These past few months were tough for FEG token price. FEG token price is now trading at more than %90 below its all-time high. But, it doesn’t mean that FEG token can’t come back and increase FEG token price. After this, we will get to FEG token price prediction.

feg token

Despite the FEG token price which is extremely lower than what it used to be, investors are hopeful. This is because the FEG token team is still working on the development of the FEG token. Then, the FEG token price can increase in the future, when they release FegEX for example.

Analysts also believe that there is still hope for the FEG token price and it can still become bullish. Now, let’s discuss the FEG token price prediction.

FEG token price prediction

To get to FEG token price prediction we will go back to the FEG token price chart. Then, we will discuss FEG token price prediction after we have analyzed the price. 

feg token

In this picture, you can see that the FEG token still has a 16 trillion token trading volume. Despite the FEG token price is low, the FEG token volume seems to be increasing.

At the time of writing this article, the FEG token price is around $0.00000000035. But the FEG token has the potential to come back at least around its previous lower high. Then, we can expect to see FEG token price at around $0.0000000066 once again. At least FEG token will be able to reach $0.0000000052. 

Then, the FEG token will increase even higher than it was before in the next few years. FEG token price can reach around $0.00000014 until 2026. Therefore, the investors can relax and wait or do the FEG token price prediction themselves. 

Because the FEG token price prediction can still be wrong. Therefore, be sure to do your own research before you invest in a FEG token. Then, don’t base your investment on FEG token price prediction alone. 

Is FEG listed on Binance?

No. While it is true that FEG token runs on Binance Smart Chain, Binance hasn’t listed FEG token yet. Then, you can visit Pancake swap which runs on Binance Smart Chain to buy FEG token. Binance will list FEG token soon, once FEG token price has started its bullish trend. 

Then, let’s discuss how to buy a FEG token. How to buy FEG token is many users question once you can’t find it on Binance. 

Where to buy FEG token?

Here we will introduce you to markets to purchase FEG token. Visit CoinMarketCap and search for FEG token in the search bar. Then, scroll down and tap on the Markets tab to view exchanges that trade FEG token. 

feg token

How to buy FEG token

Here, you can find crypto exchanges that trade FEG token. Then, you can choose the exchange that you prefer and start purchasing FEG token price. FEG token price doesn’t differ that much amongst the crypto exchanges. Then, you should only pick the one that you’re more comfortable with.

You can find FEG token price and other details on FEG token on CoinMarketCap. 


FEG token is a cryptocurrency that has started its pass as a meme cryptocurrency. It is a hyper-deflationary token like SafeMoon and is working on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks. You can also read the FEG token price prediction in this paper before you invest in FEG token. But remember to do your own research aside from reading FEG token price prediction.

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