The C20 is the first digital currency to raise funds using tokens to allow investors to own more than 20 different digital currencies with a single token. But how does this digital currency work?

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Digital currencies have been built for nearly 12 years, yet the market has been trading at close to 2 trillion dollars, still evolving. C20 digital currency allows investors to experience favorable market growth in a low-cost way

C20 Benefits

There are many benefits to the C20 digital currency, including:

  1. The great variety in buying 20 separate tokens with just one token allows you to get many different stocks with one move. With this move, each of the covered tokens can give you a lot of profit as a whole.
  2. If you usually want to buy and sell 20 tokens together, you will have to pay extra for each transaction, but just purchasing a C20 token can reduce that cost to one-twentieth in the original case.
  3. You can also purchase and manage more than 20 separate tokens with a single C20 token without creating multiple accounts.
  4. One of the attractions of this token is the very high transparency of tracking the transactions and activities of all 20 tokens covered.
  5. All C20 Token shareholders can use smart contracts to cancel their token and receive it in Ethereum.
  6. Another thing about this token is that there is no limit to the minimum amount of capital you can buy. So you can get this token with any kind of capital.

The tokens in C20 are listed below

  1. Ripple- 9.8%
  2. Bitcoin- 9.6%
  3. Ethereum- 9.6%
  4. Bitcoin Cash- 9.5%
  5. Litecoin- 9.1%
  6. Cardano- 7.7%
  7. Stellar- 6.1%
  8. Neo – 5.9%
  9. EOS – 4.7%
  10. Iota- 4.1%
  11. Dash- 3.9%
  12. NEM- 3.6%
  13. Monero- 3.1%
  14. Lisk- 2.6%
  15. Ethereum Classic- 2.4%
  16. Tron- 2.1%
  17. Qtum- 1.8%
  18. VeChain- 1.7%
  19. Bitcoin Gold- 1.5%
  20. Populous- 1.2%

What is C20?

The C20 digital currency launched on October 16, 2017, including more than 20 valid digital currencies. This index had 10% of all 20 useful digital currencies to establish justice in distributing tokens.

Initially, the digital currency was marketed based on an ICO and generated more than 40 million tokens. The total market value of this digital currency is currently $ 187,051,435, and at the date of writing, it is priced at $ 4.68

The capital management system in this token is offline, meaning that the value of this token changes every week based on the 20 digital currencies it contains. In C20 algorithms, an intelligent system implements that manages capital according to all criteria.

Specifically, there is no exit fee, brokerage fee, or advice fee for this token. It has a fixed annual cost of 0.5%, which is excellent compared to other competitors whose fixed cost is more than 3%.

Exchanges that accept C20

You can buy and sell C20 in the four reputable exchanges listed below.

  1. Bibox
  2. HitBTC
  3. IDEX
  4. EtherDelta

This digital currency is also accepted in Coinexchange and YoBit exchanges.

What is the benefit of receiving this token?

Each C20 token shareholder can have two options to receive profit through this digital currency.

  1. Selling C20 digital currency on an exchange.
  2. Use the liquidity option in the C20 token.

What is the liquidation of C20?

As we said at the beginning of the article, the C20 digital currency has a smart contract liquidation function that allows investors to receive Ethereum based on their stock size. There is no confirmation time or waiting time in this case to accept Ethereum.

To liquidate your position, you must first send a withdrawal request to the smart contract from your account. You can then withdraw the requested amount in Ethereum based on the price at the requested time. In this case, 1% of the settlement fee will be deducted for liquidation.

At the time of the C20 liquidation, this request sends to the management team, and they can sell your token at the current market price, so your liquidation remains in circulation, and the token source will not be deducted.

C20 pricing

Liquidation also means that a fixed minimum price is always set for the C20, and no less is accepted.


The initial release of the C20 digital currency token began on October 16, 2018, and continued until November 30 of the following year. At this time, $ 38 million in funding was raised for the token.

Token pricing in the initial public offering

  1. Pre-sale price for one week before: $ 0.95
  2. Pre-sale price up to first 48 hours of ICO: $ 1.00
  3. Cost past first 48 hours to end of 3rd week of ICO: $ 1.05
  4. Price from 4th week to 6th week of ICO: $ 1.10

Initial supply distribution and percentage of each group

  1. ICO Participants – 87.0%
  2. C20 Team * – 7.5%
  3. Marketing and Investor Relations – 2.5%
  4. Legal – 1.0%
  5. System Security Team – 1.0%
  6. Bounty Program – 0.5%
  7. Advisory Team – 0.5%
  8. Initial supply price

The initial release price of this token ranged from $ 0.95 to $ 1.1. In 2018, everyone who invests in this token will receive a 100% return on the initial investment. This trend continued until the token price reached $ 2.43.


Because the C20 digital currency stores ERC20 tokens, you can use various Ethereum wallets to store and maintain them. Metamask, Trustwallet, and MyEtherWallet are among the software wallets, and Ledger Nano S is one of the hardware wallets in which you can save your C20 capital.

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