By now, there is a large group of crypto users throughout the world. Therefore, more and more crypto influencers are joining the market. But not all of them are knowledgeable in crypto, so we should be careful which crypto influencer we should follow. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss Bitboy Crypto, a great crypto influencer.

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The Bitboy crypto is a very well-known name among the crypto community. If you have ever searched about crypto on Youtube, you have probably seen one of his videos. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss who Bitboy crypto is. Then, we will move on and explore the Bitboy related networks. After that, we will talk about Bitboy crypto net worth.

Introducing Bitboy crypto

First things first, we should find out who Bitboy crypto is. Then, in this article, we will introduce Bitboy to you.

Ben Armstrong is the famous Bitboy crypto. Bitboy is always trying to teach his audience about the cryptocurrency industry. Ben is the creator of the website. 

Bitboy Crypto

You can also find Bitboy crypto youtube videos on his website. Aside from being a YouTuber, Bitboy is also a podcaster. Therefore, you can also enjoy and learn from Bitboy crypto by listening to his contents. 

Since 2018, Bitboy crypto has started to work tirelessly in crypto. Bitboy started uploading contents on the Bitboy Crypto Youtube channel daily. Then, the audience started to recognize him more and more every day, 

Now that you know who Bitboy crypto is, we can move on to the next part. There, we will discuss related networks of Bitboy crypto. 

Bitboy crypto-related networks

As we mentioned earlier, Bitboy crypto doesn’t just have a youtube channel. Therefore, there are more networks that you can use to receive and use Bitboy contents. In this section, we will introduce all of the Bitboy-related networks. 

The first one is the website that we mentioned in the first section. You can visit BitBoy crypto website to learn more about BitBoy.

Another Bitboy crypto network that you should know about is his Youtube channel. Bitboy uploads informative and educational videos about cryptocurrencies. Then, you can visit Bitboy Crypto Youtube channel to learn from his videos.

Then, there are Bitboy crypto podcasts. So you can listen to the audio version of Bitboy Crypto Youtube channel. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you are driving or just taking a morning walk. You can still listen to Bitboy and get a lot of useful information. 

There is also another popular Bitboy crypto network. Now we will discuss another way that you can receive information from Bitboy.

Bitboy Crypto Twitter

You can receive tons of information and notification on the market from Bitboy crypto through Bitboy crypto Twitter account.

In this section we are choosing some of Bitboy crypto twitter posts. So you can find out what type of content Bitboy crypto posts on his Twitter.

Bitboy Crypto

In this Tweet, you can see that Bitboy crypto is talking about XRP and ETH. Bitboy is mentioning that they have treated XRP unfairly. And maybe he is giving us a hint on the subject. Now, let’s check another post on the Bitboy Crypto Twitter account.

Bitboy Crypto

In this post from Bitboy crypto Twitter, he is talking about the current rally. Bitboy crypto believes that this is a relief rally and people should take profits. As you can see, you can also get Bitboy’s opinion on his Twitter account. Then, it’s a good idea to follow the Bitboy Crypto Twitter account.

But even if you don’t follow the Bitboy Crypto Twitter account, you can always check out his youtube. There are tons of great crypto videos on Bitboy Crypto Youtube channel. Therefore, following the Bitboy Crypto Youtube channel is always a good idea. Bitboy crypto has many different networks, and you can choose which one you want to use. 

What is the net worth of bitboy crypto?

In the past section, we introduce Bitboy crypto youtube and Twitter account. As well as other ways you can get your hands on his contents. Then, in this section, we want to discuss Bitboy crypto net worth.

They estimated that Bitboy crypto net worth is 28 million dollars. But this data is from 2021, and the number is most definitely different by now. Bitboy crypto started by investing in cryptocurrencies. Then, he started making and uploading videos on Bitboy crypto youtube channel in 2018. 

Therefore, this amount of net worth is impressive for someone who started not so long ago. Then, whatever it is that he is doing, he is doing it right.


Bitboy Crypto is a crypto influencer that is mostly known for the Bitboy Crypto Youtube channel. He also has a website, podcasts, and a Twitter account. We also discussed Bitboy Crypto Twitter in this article. Bitboy crypto is one of the most famous crypto influencers. Then, be sure to check him out if you haven’t already.


How did Bitboy Crypto get rich?

Bitboy crypto started off as a crypto investor. Then, he became a content creator and started uploading on Bitboy Crypto Youtube channel. Since then he is gaining popularity and attention which helps him create his fan base. Which helped Bitboy crypto become a rich person.

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