Why is whatsapp not working? (How to fix it)

WhatsApp was first launched in 2016, and it is regularly updated and enhanced. Today, many people use this great app to have all important messages and notifications in one place. But, what will happen if you suddenly face whatsapp not working?

Here, we will tell you all about WhatsApp problems and how you can fix them.

Why is whatsapp not working?

If you face any problem with WhatsApp, first you have to consider the reason. Here, I help you to understand why is whatsapp not working.

  • It might be a worldwide problem from the App side.
  • Sometimes, pesky bugs cause the app not to work.
  • Running an old version app might be your problem.
  • It might be some issue related to your smartphone.
  • Check if your internet is down.
  • Your old data and caches can be the reason for WhatsApp not working.
  • If you do not give WhatsApp the necessary permissions, you might face problems.
  • If you have stopped using WhatsApp for a long time, it might have deleted your account.
    why is whatsapp not working

Is whatsapp down? (How to find out)

As I mentioned above, if you face WhatsApp stops working, first you have to check if it is a worldwide problem or not. But your question might be, how can I understand is whatsapp down or not?

The best place to check this case is the Downdetector website. There, you can find a chart that shows a view of users’ reports proposed in the past 24 hours compared to the standard volume of reports by the time of day. So you can understand if there is any whatsapp down the problem.

How to fix whatsapp not working?

Previously you understand why sometimes WhatsApp stops working, and it is time to learn how to fix the above problems. In the last paragraph, I have explained how to solve the first case, a worldwide problem from the App side, where you had to check Downdetector. Now, let’s go through other options.

  • Close and reopen the application

If it was not a WhatsApp global problem, it might be the problem of your app. You can understand it by just closing and reopening WhatsApp. Or you can log out and log in again to see if it solves your problem or not.

  • Check for updates

Most of the time, running older apps would not cause any issue, but sometimes services change things server-side through these updates, which might make some functions useless. So it might be a good idea to update your Android device.

How to check for Android updates:

  1. Go to the Settings app.
  2. Find System.
  3. Choose System update.
  4. Select Check for update.
  5. The system will show you all available updates for your device.
  • Restart the phone

There is another easy way, which can fix most smartphone issues. So just restart your phone and see if it works.

  • Check your internet

The problem might be the reason for your internet which is down. Before anything, test other apps or the web browser to check your internet connection. If others do not work, too, it is a problem with your internet connection. If your internet connection is Wi-Fi or LAN, check the router to see if it is connected to the internet. Sometimes, restarting the router will help you. Then, turn your VPN off to see if it solves the problem.

If you’re using cellular data, check if the connection is on:

  1. Go through the Settings app.
  2. Find Network & internet.
  3. Gin into SIMs.
  4. Turn Mobile data on.
  5. When you are outside your country or network coverage, toggle Roaming on.
  • Clear the app cache

Clearing caches from time to time will not hurt, specifically if the app isn’t working.

How to clear the cache on Android:

  1. Search Settings app.
  2. Find Apps.
  3. Choose the WhatsApp app below the See all apps option.
  4. Select Storage & cache.
  5. Tap on Clear Cache.
  • Allow all app permissions.

You might face some WhatsApp problems because you do not give the necessary permissions. For instance, you might not find your contacts numbers if you accidentally forget to permit the app to search your phone’s contacts, or you might have disabled background data.

If you want to change app permission settings:

  1. Open Settings app.
  2. Select Apps.
  3. Search for WhatsApp.
  4. Choose Permissions.
  5. Check if you allow access to everything.
  • Did WhatsApp delete your account?

Usually, the WhatsApp service deletes your account after 120 days of inactivity. An active WhatsApp account means one that has an internet connection. In this case, you have to create a new WhatsApp account.

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Almost all of us use WhatsApp every day. Byt what will happen if suddenly my whatsapp is not working anymore. If this is your case read the above text. There, I answered all your questions like why is my whatsapp not working, and how to solve it, in detail.

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