What is the difference between hashtags and tags?

What is the difference between tags and hashtags? As if that wasn’t confusing enough, there have to be various social media platforms to add on to the complication. How can I use hashtags and tags for Search Engine Optimization? Let us answer each question in details in the following article.

What is Hashtag?

The meaning of Hashtag according to dictionary declares that it is:

(on social-networking platforms) A word or phrase preceded by a hash mark (#), used inside a message to identify a keyword or subject of interest and facilitate a search for it.

What is the difference between hashtags and tags?

How to own a hashtag on Instagram?

To own a hashtag on Instagram, you should start introducing a hashtag, then work on it. Use it regularly in every post and everywhere. Then, users will recognize them and use them in their posts. This will make the Hashtag famous, and the number of it will be increased. You can check the number of used hashtags on the Instagram search bar.

  • Choose a unique hashtag
  • Keep it short
  • Monitor who is using it
  • Write it everywhere
  • Use it in all your Instagram posts
  • Use it in all social media
  • Use it on your website
  • Make it memorable

Own an Instagram hashtag infographic

What is tag?

The meaning of Tag according to Webopedia declares that it is:

Keyword information to identify images or text within their site as a section or topic. Blogs and web pages with identical tags can then be linked together allowing users to search for related or similar content. Tags can be created using acronyms, words or numbers.

What is the difference between hashtags and tags?

Instagram Tags

  • You can @tagindividuals and businesses in both posts and comments. A list of accounts you follow will show up when you use the tag. When the Instagram account you want to use appears, choose it from the drop-down menu. If you don’t yet follow the account you want to tag, you will either need to follow it first or look up the exact username before tagging
  • #hashtagswork in both captions and comments; however, the drop-down functionality is different for every mobile device. If you are using a hashtag for the first time, you should look it up in advance to find the right one. Once you have applied a hashtag, it should auto-populate for future use.

The difference between tags and hashtags

Hashtags are branding a topic. When you use a hashtag, you are looking to attach whatever you are talking about to that topic. So for example, I am watching a football game, and I want to comment about a play I will say “Man Ronaldo just crushed that ball #football.” So my comment is being attached to the topic of football.

A tag usually applies to a person. This is when you are trying to get the attention of someone who might find what you are talking about important. So for instance, if I make a video talking about a product and I want the brand to know I am talking about it, I will mention or tag them in my post so that they get a notification.


Make a hashtag for it can help you a lot to get famous on Instagram. Users would mention you or your hashtags on their posts, and this totally will increase your engagements, reach, impressions, etc. You can check out our blogs to know how to use Instagram hashtags and fix tagging problems.

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