What is the best Instagram video length 2021

Instagram gets personal in hopes of helping you find interesting shared videos much more easily with a new feature in the Explore area of its popular photo-sharing service.

What is the best Instagram video length?

While Instagram videos have some limits, they should not force you to make videos based on that. Choosing videos is the most appealing format to engage followers if you appropriately use them. The most important point you have to notice while you want to make a video for Instagram is the video length. Most followers, before starting to watch a video, first check the Instagram video length.

Based on researches, you need to make at least a 30 seconds video to engage your Instagram followers.

Based on the user’s comments on Instagram, the 26 seconds long videos were the most seen ones.

You might need a longer video for another purpose, and we suggest you choose it between a 30-second video and a 2-minute one because all of them might make the same result. Pay attention that most users can not concentrate on the video concept for more than a second and a half. Making 30 seconds or shorter Instagram videos is the golden strategy for the marketer.

On the other side, If your video is longer than 2 minutes, each extra second reduces the user’s concentration. Until 6 minutes, it goes in this way. After that, up to 12 minutes, be sure that the follower’s engagement will decrease highly. So here was the best Instagram video length, and below, we are going to get  to know the max video length for other Instagram features.

What is the best Instagram video length

What is the best Instagram story video length?

Just like Instagram video posts, Instagram stories have max video length which I’ll write more about them below.

The best Instagram story video length(Max video length):

Up to 15 seconds videos for each story

What is the best length for an IGTV?

IGTV has the most Instagram video length among other features. IGTV allows for uploads of up to an hour—but keep in mind that most people are only watching the first 15-30 seconds

The best Instagram IGTV video length(Max video length):

Up to 60 minutes (an hour) for each IGTV video.

What is the best Instagram video length

What is the Instagram live video length?

Instagram live video length is the longest among other features it was previously 60 minutes but Instagram has now extended its video length for live.

The best Instagram live video length(Max video length):

Instagram Live video length can be 4 hours.

What is the Instagram Reels length?

This feature is not available to everyone yet. You do not need to be disappointed if you still do not have this feature, because you are not the only one.

The best Instagram Reels video length(Max video length):

Up to 60 seconds maximum length.

Videos You Might Like

the personalized channel can be found in the Explore grid within the mobile app. Now you can spend less time slogging through the junk and get right to the good stuff.

Instagram started allowing short videos on its service back in the summer of 2013. Since then, the sheer volume of shared videos makes it a bit tricky to get through to the ones you want to check out.

The new update 7.20 also allows you to combine several clips into one video, according to the update notes in the App Store, which should help would-be storytellers with their Instagram.

To find Videos You Might Like, simply tap on the Search icon in the bottom toolbar on your iPhone and you’ll see the new feature atop the regularly scheduled Explore grid. But wait, there’s more.

“And as you scroll through the Explore grid,” writes Instagram on its blog page, “you may also see “Featured” channels filled with videos on specific topics.”

This all helps Instagram push videos it wants you to see to the forefront without having to mess with your main feed any more than it has to. The Facebook-owned service ran into trouble last month when it announced new algorithms to rearrange the chronological feed, with over 500,000 users petitioning Instagram to reverse its decision.

Instagram promises that Explore will still work the way it always has, connecting you to posts about stuff you’re interested in from people you don’t yet follow. The more you like, the better Explore matches your interests.


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