What is a tbh on Instagram? (Fully Explained)

What is a tbh on Instagram? You may have dealt with this word a lot, but you do not know its uses on social networks and Instagram. In this article, we want to introduce a tbh on Instagram and its uses. Stay with us.

What does tbh mean on Instagram?

The literal meaning of tbh is To Be Honest. It is used in the same way in words. But this word has a different and interesting use in social networks in general, especially Instagram, which we will get acquainted with.

How to use tbh on Instagram?

In general, the word tbh is a common word that stands for to be Honest. You can use this word in all social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others, to give exactly the meaning and concept of being honest to your audience. So the first use of this word in social networks and Instagram is Honest, where you use the abbreviated word tbh instead.

tbh is a word that generally indicates the degree of honesty of the person who expresses it. This word is a kind of truthfulness next to the sentence you are saying. On the other hand, you can use it to break your breath in expressing some sentences. Other uses include reverse expression or its use as a form of reverse comedy.

This type of word tbh is used all over the internet. In forums, social networks, emails, and even some blog manuscripts, the acronym can be used without damaging the whole article. Words with many similarities and uses such as tbh include IMO or, in my opinion, which can also be used in most conversations.

Use a tbh on Instagram

The word tbh is used as a word on Instagram. For example, phrases same as ‘like for a tbh” I’ll give you a tbh’ are widely used on Instagram. So, using a tbh on Instagram is a little different from what we’ve said so far. In general, tbh retains its literal meaning on Instagram, but to give tbh reflects on commenting on another person’s personality or appearance on this social network.

Suppose someone writes on Instagram below their photo: like for tbh, which means that if you like this photo, you will be admired instead. If you want to use this word with the main structure, use it at the beginning of the sentence. For example: tbh I love your style

Of course, many people disagree with the generality of the word tbh and how to use it on Instagram. The main reason is that the word tbh should not be used because it loses its original meaning. Suppose you posted a picture on Instagram and asked someone to like or comment on it so that you could thank them and promise that: comment for tbh. So, in general, the original meaning of the word tbh is destroyed in this case!

The difference between tbh and tbf

There is another word like tbh on Instagram that has a very similar function to tbh. This word is tbf and is used for the to be Fair quasi-sentence. You will use tbf when you want to say a sentence fairly or judge someone or something on Instagram.

tbh and rate

Another use of a tbh on Instagram is to add it in posts as tbh and rate. In this way, if you post on Instagram and insert the phrase tbh and rate below, you want your contacts to comment and rate their opinion. This type of tbh usage will make your audience much more honest with the audience to be more closely related to the keyword tbh.

We talked about the uses of a tbh on Instagram. Still, we have to say that using the new use of a tbh on Instagram is somehow routine among teenagers, and many of them like to use this word to get more likes or comments. Many are waiting for their crush on Instagram to respond to this tbh and comment under their pictures or videos. Words have many uses in Instagram and acronyms and are expanding. Some of these words are even trending and attract millions of posts in a year.

Most teenager slang used on Instagram

The following list shows the slang trend of 2020 on Instagram:

  • AMA – Ask Me Anything
  • CSL – Can’t Stop Laughing
  • DAE – Does Anybody Else
  • ELI5 – Explain Like I’m 5
  • FBF – Flashback Friday
  • Foodporn
  • FTFY – Fixed That For You
  • GOAT – Greatest Of All Times
  • HIFW – How I Felt When
  • TIL – Today I Learned
  • MIRL – Me In Real Life
  • MFW – My Face When
  • MCM – Man Crush Monday
  • OH and RLRT – overheard and Real-Life Retweet
  • OOTD – Outfit of the Day
  • POTD – Picture Of The Day
  • TBT – Throwback Thursday
  • YOLO – You Only Live Once

As you can see, the acronym for Instagram is trendy and has many uses among teenagers. The word tbh is another word. If you know other words, you can publish them in the comments section of this post.

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