Download YouTube Shorts (YouTube shorts downloader)

Almost all rapturous subjects can be found on YouTube; you can see many channels debating about new technologies, new-brand products, or just reviewing funny moments in the past year.

But there is a question; where to just watch a video like lightning and move to another one? Yes, we are talking about YouTube Shorts. Here we are to bomber your brain with new information; we will talk about the principles of YouTube Shorts, the YouTube Shorts download process, and the YouTube Shorts downloader tools.

What is YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts is an official branch of the main YouTube platform which hosts short videos less than 60 seconds in time length. The platform’s beta version was founded in March 2020 in the United States and globally released in July 2021. Honestly, this is a reaction to the uprising “TikTok” by YouTube headquarters. As we are talking now, YouTube Shorts has accumulated over 5 trillion views from followers all over the world.

How to create a YouTube shorts video?

If you want to participate in creating YouTube short videos and uploading them to the YouTube Shorts, first, you need to download the official YouTube app on your smartphone. Use the App Store (iOS) or Google Play store (Android) for this purpose.

After that, follow this method to create and upload your first YouTube Shorts video;

  1. Open your YouTube app, and click on the (+) icon on the button on the app homepage. Choose the “Create a Short” option.
  2. If you want to record a 15-second clip, hold the red record button or tap it to start recording and then again to stop. However, if you are going to record a full 60-second video, click on the number “15” above the record button to change the video length option to the 60-seconds mode.
  3. You can also add special effects and elements to your video. Just browse the toolbar on the right of the screen to access these features;
  • Click on the rotating arrows to switch the camera view
  • Click on the clock icon to set a countdown timer for creating hands-free videos
  • Add retouching to your video by clicking on the magic wand
  • Speed up or slow down your Short video by clicking on the “1x” button
  • Click on the ghost icon to help align your transitions between video clips
  • Add sound to your video by clicking on the “Add sound” icon at the top of the screen. Remember that you can only add an audio track to your Short video before starting to record or afterward in the editing process.
  • If you just made a mistake, you can click on the reverse arrow next to the record button to undo it.
  1. After finishing the recording process, click on the checkmark to save your video.
  2. Now, finalize your video by adding a music track, text, and filters to your sample.
  3. After editing, click on the “Next” button in the top right-hand corner to add any of the details of your Short video file and select whether you want the video to be public, unlisted, or private.
  4. Finally, tap on the “Upload Short” button to publish your video successfully.

Can we download YouTube shorts?

Some people may be asking if they can download YouTube Shorts on their devices. The answer is yes. Compared to YouTube’s main platform, the YouTube Shorts download process is much more straightforward than the original YouTube videos themselves. In the following paragraph, you will learn how to run the YouTube Shorts download process.

How to download YouTube Shorts?

As we know, by downloading a YouTube Shorts video, you can watch it later on your device without using the internet. You can run your favorite YouTube short video download program with the help of the website, your mobile app, or the PC app.

Getting the YouTube shorts download online on your mobile app seems the most direct way of the three methods above. Take these steps to download YouTube shorts via your app on your smartphone;

  1. First, Open YouTube Shorts and click on the “share” button and copy the link to the video you want to download.
  2. Now, launch the Shorts video download app and paste the link on the search bar on the screen.
  3. As the video gets available to download, click on the download button, and it will start downloading.
  4. Your video will be successfully downloaded and saved to your phone gallery.

If you are using a PC device or laptop for watching videos, you can use the PC version of the YouTube Shorts app to run the YouTube shorts download online process. Follow the instructions;

  1. Go to YouTube Shorts and copy the link of the video you want to have saved on your desktop.
  2. Next, launch the 4K Video Downloader and paste the link in the blank space.
  3. Now, select the format in which you want to download the video and click on the “Download” button
  4. The video will be automatically downloaded and saved on your PC.

As an alternative process, you can also use a YouTube video downloader in order to have YouTube Shorts download online. A YouTube video downloader is an online tool that helps users download YouTube shorts from the servers. Here, we have introduced five top YouTube video downloader to provide YouTubers with their demands;


YouTube Short Video Download Limits?

As mentioned earlier, you can only upload your videos on YouTube Shorts if there are a 60 seconds continuous video file or several 15-second videos combined. However, if your Short video uses music from the YouTube catalog, your Short will be limited to 15-seconds only. Another limitation of a YouTube Short video is its expiration. By default, a YouTube Short video will expire after 7 days unless you save them.


Thank you for reading. We gather almost anything essential about YouTube Shorts in this text for you. Note that there is no obligation to use a YouTube Shorts downloader to launch a YouTube short video download process, as you can use the PC and mobile application. More after, take care about the YouTube Shorts limits if you decide to upload a short piece of your family videos or a funny moment on the server.

How to fix “invalid response received” error on YouTube?

An invalid response error is a common YouTube error that can be frustrating to deal with. This article will help you identify the different types of errors and what they mean.

YouTube is a popular video site that people use to watch everything from tutorials to trailers. But there are some errors that can prevent you from watching your favorite videos. If you encounter an invalid response error, here’s what it means and how to fix it.

Invalid response errors can come in different forms and there are many reasons for them. The most common reason for an invalid response error is when a video is deleted from YouTube and the website cannot find it anymore because its ID (the number that YouTube uses to identify videos) no longer matches the ID of any video on its site.      t

What is the youtube invalid response received?

When you are trying to upload a video to YouTube, it will show an error message if the video is too long. The error message is “YouTube invalid response received.”

The error usually results from the length of the video being too large for YouTube servers. To fix this issue, try uploading shorter videos and try again.

So the video could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.” This usually means that the video is too big for YouTube to handle. To fix this issue, try uploading shorter videos and try again.

What Causes the Invalid Response Received Error on YouTube?

The error message is a warning that YouTube servers could not process your request. It can be caused by a number of reasons, but the most common are:

  • Your internet connection is too slow or it’s been interrupted
  • You’re using an outdated browser or your browser settings are not set up correctly
  • There was an error on the YouTube website
  • You’re using too many devices to watch YouTube at the same time

however, YouTube launched a beta version of a new feature that allows people to watch videos from one device on another. The new feature, called “Cast”, will be available for all YouTube users in the coming months. The new feature, will be available for all YouTube users in the near future.

How to fix “invalid response received” error on YouTube?

Fixing an invalid response received error on YouTube can be a complicated process since it is a browser-specific issue. But, if you know how to fix this error, it can be a simple process.

The first thing that you will need to do is close any open tabs and then go to the YouTube homepage. If this does not work, the next step would be to clear your browser cache and history as well as any cookies or site data that might be causing the error. If none of these steps work, then it is time to use your computer’s system restore point and try again

Invalid response received error is a common error on YouTube, and it can be fixed by following these steps:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of your browser
  2. Clear your cache and cookies
  3. Update your browser
  4. Try a different browser
  5. Check if you have a proxy server set up on your computer

The easiest way to fix a browser problem is to simply reset the browser.

If you are experiencing any browser problems, especially with Chrome, resetting the browser is the easiest way to fix them. Please note that this will remove all your settings and data from that browser.


YouTube is a popular video sharing platform. A lot of people post videos on it and many of them are monetized. YouTube has a strict policy on invalid responses received errors, and if you get this error, your video will be demonetized.

This article will help you fix the invalid response received error on YouTube by providing some tips that can help you avoid getting this error in the future.If you have an invalid response received error, then your video will be demonetized by YouTube’s strict policy.

What are the best youtube to mp3 converters? (Android and iPhone)

Are you a YouTube lover? Do you need an app to convert YouTube to MP3? The good news is that there are YouTube to MP3 converters which you can use based on the system you want. Most of them are third-party converter apps you can use to convert a set of files and explore other elements incorporated in the converters. Before choosing youtube to mp3 converter, I suggest you read the whole text and make the best choice.

Can we convert youtube to mp3?

Fortunately, yes. You can use different YouTube videos to MP3 converters available on the market. Most of them are free and easy-to-use well function apps. Based on your system you can choose youtube to mp3 iPhone converters, youtube to mp4 iPhone convertors, or a youtube to mp3 converter android app. Also, there are different youtube to mp3 converter online apps, which you can use on your phone or Windows. Continue reading to find the best apps.

Benefits of YouTube to Mp3 Conveters?

Many people ask why I should use these Mp3 converters. If this is your question, continue reading to find five of the best advantages of using these apps.

  • While you need a lot of space to keep your video files, many people prefer to save these videos in Mp3 format and save on space.
  • One of the problems with downloading Youtube videos is that mostly the sound quality is low. To solve this problem, I suggest you convert YouTube pieces of music into an MP3 and experience the best quality.
  • As I mentioned above you need a large space to download YouTube videos, and the load speed is low, too. But if you use the converter to download YouTube video into an mp3, you can make the download process easier and faster.
  • As you understand, you can convert YouTube files into MP3 and store them in smaller storage devices. It makes it easier to listen to them on portable devices, such as mobile radios and car stereos. Also, you can store them in the smartphone’s mp3 players.
  • There is another good point that enables you to listen to soundtracks in films or music videos offline. A YouTube to mp3 converter helps you extract this sound and store it to listen to whenever you like.

What are the best youtube to mp3 converters?

It is time to find out the best youtube to mp3 converter. Here, you can read a list of the best youtube to mp3 converter apps,and choose the one you like.

  • 4K YouTube to MP3 Converter

The first powerful Youtube video downloader is Jihosoft 4K Video. Simply use it to download YouTube videos and convert them to MP3/M4A format. Moreover, it is helpful to download music from SoundCloud. As you can use most of these apps similarly, I will tell you a sample.

  • First, download and install an app like 4K YouTube to MP3 Converter on your system.
  • Now, go to YouTube and copy the link address of the video you want to download.
  • Then open the app, and paste the URL to convert it to MP3.
  • Finally, tap the Download button and finish.
  • YtMP3 (YouTube to MP3)

YtMP3 is the next option, known as one of the best free online YouTube to mp3 converters. You can simply use it on your computers, tablets, or mobile devices to convert YouTube videos to mp3 or mp4 files and download them. The best point of YouTube to mp3 converter is that you should not install or register any app.

  • Y2Mate (YouTube to MP3/MP4)

Another popular youtube video to mp3 converter on the internet is Y2mate. Many people use this popular convertor daily to download Youtube videos in various formats like MP3, M4V, 3GP, WMV, FLV, MOV, WEBM, etc. Whether you want to download mp3 from youtube android or use your computer this could be a great choice.

  • Flvto (YouTube to MP3/MP4)

The fourth on our list might be the best for you. Flvto is another online website you can use for high-quality conversion. If you choose this converter, you can save all YouTube videos into MP3, AVI, MOV, MP4, WMV, or any other format you like.

  • MP3Converter

Another online YouTube to MP3 download app is MP3Converter. Use this tool to save YouTube videos to MP3 or MP4 format in just a few minutes.


Almost all people know Youtube and watch its videos daily. Sometimes, you might like to save some of these videos to watch later. The best way to download YouTube videos is to use a youtube to mp3 converter. Read the above text to find out why and know some of the best youtube to mp3 converters.

YouTube restricted mode (What is it and how to turn it off)

Today many children can remember websites like YouTube easily. As an adult, if you love watching movies and videos, and are addicted to YouTube, children might be a great problem. Many of those children, who used to watch YouTube videos as an everyday routine, bother from a low attention span. Apart from this point, the content of most YouTube videos is not appropriate for kids. Because of those reasons, I want to tell you more about the YouTube restricted mode.

What is restricted mode on YouTube?

If you do not know what is the restricted mode YouTube, continue reading. Many users and administrators use YouTube restricted mode to remove unwanted videos from their accounts. This restricted mode distinguishes videos based on the title descriptions, meta tags, and age restrictions and finds the potentially adult video content from YouTube video search results. Be careful that despite the usefulness of the restricted mode, some potentially adult videos may evade the restriction as the filter is not yet 100 percent effective. But if you want to protect your kids from being bombed by potentially unsafe video content, the restricted mode could be useful. For example, school computers have an activated YouTube restricted mode by default.

How to turn off restricted mode on YouTube?

Here, I teach you how to turn off restricted mode on YouTube restricted mode. So, there will be nothing to prevent you from seeing sensitive or pesky content on YouTube. You can do this process for both your mobile and desktop site.

First of all, I want to tell you how to disable restricted mode on YouTube from your PC.

Disabling on Desktop

  • Type YouTube address in your browser. If you have been logged in previously, you can see a YouTube home page. But if not, click Sign in at the head of the page, and enter your email address and password.
  • On the top-right corner of the YouTube page, click your profile icon and see a drop-down menu.
  •  At the bottom of the drop-down menu find Click Restricted Mode.
  • Tap on the toggle switch beside the “Activate Restricted Mode” and disable restricted mode.

How to turn off restricted mode on YouTube mobile

If you are using YouTube on your mobile phone, read this paragraph to learn how to turn off restricted mode on YouTube mobile.

Disabling on Mobile

  • Open the YouTube app on your phone and choose the YouTube app icon, which is a white triangle on a red background. Now, you can see a YouTube homepage if you were logged in previously. If not, choose the person-shaped profile icon on the top-right side of the screen. Now, choose Sign In, and write down your email address and password.
  • See the drop-down menu by tapping on your profile icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Choose the Settings icon from the drop-down menu, and see the setting home page.
  • Select General if you have an android phone and tablet, at the top of the menu and access the restricted mode settings.
  • Now, you see a blue “Restricted Mode” switch.
  • You have to turn it gray.
  • It is done and the Restricted Mode is no longer enabled.

How to turn off restricted mode on YouTube network administrator

As YouTube restricted mode is not pleasant for many users, they choose the option to turn it off. But sometimes, they can not do it, because you apply this restricted mode as an administrator. If you are a Network Administrator, who wants to disable the Restricted mode, continue reading and learn how to turn off restricted mode on YouTube network administrator.

  • First, you need to sign in to your Google Admin console.
  • There, find the AppsAdditional Google ServicesYouTube option and choose it.
  • Tap on Permissions.
  • Choose Unrestricted YouTube access.
  • Tap to Save.

YouTube restricted mode won’t turn off, what to do?

Here, you can read various solutions when YouTube restricted mode won’t turn off on Android, iPhone, iPad, and computer.

  • As always, the first solution is to restart the concerned device.
  • Make sure that you are doing the disabling process right, like what I explained previously.
  • Check your account restriction and make sure that your school, college, university, or other public institutions did not enable Restricted mode.
  • If your parents installed any parental control apps on your computer or phone, it might cause your failure.
  • Check whether settings in your network activate YouTube’s restricted mode.
  • Try to clear your browser cache and see if you can disable Restricted mode.


If you are a fan of YouTube, you might hear about YouTube restricted mode. Read the above text and learn what is restricted mode on YouTube and how to disable this mode in different positions and on different devices.

Youtube not loading comments? (Ways to fix it)

As a website and an application, YouTube has evolved our global society. With tons of videos for education and fun, you can spend hours of your days just stepping around the environment. YouTube servers also allow viewers to comment on videos they have seen, either positively or hopelessly.

In some cases, YouTube’s comments section is unavailable, and YouTube comments are not loading. We will explain why this phenomenon is happening and how to fix it in this post.

Why are youtube comments not loading

There are several reasons which can cause the “YouTube comments not loading” error on your phone or PC. Although most of these reasons rarely happen, we have gathered common ones in the below list;

  • Weak internet connection

You can see this title on every “not working” article, but you should not underestimate it. A weak internet connection can lead to some minor glitches in the servers, and one of them can be a breakdown in showing YouTube’s comments section.

  • A technical problem with your account

In some cases, you cannot view the comments section via your account, but others see it. The possible reason for this thing is that your account has a bug.

  • 0

We all are using software and extensions on our devices. While they are helpful in some cases, they will negatively affect other applications or websites. This can also happen for YouTube; if you have any “YouTube comments not loading” problem on your smartphone or laptop, it can be caused by one of your extensions or software, such as Adblockers.

How to fix Youtube not loading comments?

Since we reviewed all possible common reasons for the “YouTube comments not loading” problem, it is time to see how we can solve the issue quickly on our laptop or smartphone;

  • Check your internet connection

The first method is easy to do; you just need to check if your internet speed is high enough. If your answer is no, try purchasing a better internet plan, or check your router. You can try restarting your WiFi router and if you are using an Ethernet connection.

  • Use Incognito Mode

If you have access to YouTube via your phone or PC and YouTube is not loading comments for you, you can try playing the video in YouTube’s incognito mode or open an incognito window on your browser. Probably this can solve your issue.

  • Clear cached data

Site cookies are sometimes so annoying that they make it difficult to open and run other websites. As a result, it is better to clear your browser’s cached data (either on your phone or PC) every two months so you will get rid of them quickly.

  • Disable Any Ad Blockers Applications

Sometimes you may get annoyed by ads, installing ad blockers on your browser. This application can affect YouTube’s running properly. While these ad blockers improve your viewing experience, they can also cause negative issues. So we recommend that you uninstall or disable the adblocker.


Thank you for reading this post. As we mentioned in the text, it rarely happens to YouTube not loading comments section. However, if you encounter this problem, you can quickly fix it by the simple methods explained above. If your error still exists and you are frustrated, try sending a request message to YouTube servers and ask for help.

Is YouTube down? (How to fix YouTube Down)

YouTube faces bugs and errors just like all other social media platforms, but the YouTube down situations are rare. Lately, so many YouTubers are facing slowdowns and are searching for answers on how to fix YouTube down. YouTube errors can cause in different ways, such as not loading videos, not loading the YouTube website or app at all, not showing the videos properly, and much more.

Keep up with me to get to know when is YouTube down and how to fix it.

Why is YouTube down

There might be two general reasons for a YouTube slow down and issue. The first one is a fault on YouTube’s services, and the other one can be caused by your side, and it has to do with your network connection.  

  • An issue from YouTube’s side

One of the most common reasons for a YouTube down situation is a problem with Google’s services since YouTube is one of the main services of Google. That’s why when Google’s services go down, it affects YouTube as well.

  • An issue from your side

Another answer to “why is YouTube down” would be an issue with your own internet connection and any problems from your internet service provider. So make sure that you are properly connected to a network with no issues, and your internet connection is stable.

Is YouTube down for everyone or just me?

The first thing that pops up your mind when you find out that YouTube is down would be, “Is YouTube down for everyone or just me?” I am here to get you answers on this and find out when a YouTube down issue is global, and it is not just for you. 

There are numerous sites online that detect whether or not a site like YouTube is down. Below are the three most reliable and accurate websites to check when wondering Is YouTube down or not:

  1. YouTube Down Detector

All you have to do to find out whether YouTube is down or not is to head to one of these sites and search for YouTube to watch its status. The YouTube down detector is the best one, which is the first place users head to when searching for YouTube issues. 

How to fix YouTube down

  • Check your internet connection

As I mentioned earlier, one of the major causes of a YouTube down is issues with an internet connection. Your ISP plays a significant role in ensuring that the websites you like are working correctly. I suggest you take a look at your internet before finding any errors. It means that all your websites will stop working as well.

  • Check the network settings

Resetting network settings is the other method to solve any YouTube issue you are facing. You can reset your network by going to the settings of your specific device. On Windows machines, it is relatively easy to do this process. You have to click on the internet connectivity icon and then change the settings.

  • Check whether YouTube is down globally

When you found out that the issue is not from your side, you will have to check for global issues with YouTube, so head to one of the websites I mentioned for checking YouTube’s status and check Is YouTube down for everyone or just you.

How to cut a YouTube video that’s not yours

It happened to all of us that we wanted to send a friend or colleague a short and snippet of a YouTube video, but not linking them to the entire thing. You can send a video and link to the specific timestamp of a YouTube.

Though, you have to be careful that there are videos, which all devices can not support. Though, you can refer to a video production company.

Besides sharing video clips with friends, cropping and trimming YouTube videos is a tactic for several viral marketers and influencers to apply. There is a possible situation that a Twitter user, tweeting part of a video and after that, gets thousands of retweets. 

You may also use the YouTube cutter to grow your Instagram account, repost the short videos (less than 60 seconds) for example. This way, you can just re-share the short YouTube video into your Instagram account and get more Instagram followers.

Meanwhile, if you are a YouTuber, and you are wondering How to get more views on YouTube you can check the mentioned website.

How to cut a YouTube video?

You can crop and trim a YouTube video with programs like Vegas Pro, and it doesn’t need expertise. You have to choose your favorite video link and find a good video trimming web service.

In this article, we will introduce the two best websites. They help you to trim and crop a YouTube video instantly. Also, if you use these websites, there is no need to download any special applications.

YT Cutter

YT cutter is the most favorite web-based YouTube trimmer and downloader. It gives you numerous download options by its clean and intuitive interface.

I explain the process step by step. First, paste the URL of the YouTube video you’d choose to trim, then push the Enter key or Start key (on the page).

After the video load, you’ll see UI controls on the left side. While you are watching the video, there is an option to click the Start or End keys to produce a range that you would prefer to crop out of the video. In this way, you can cut off before and after this video.

It also gives this permission to you to select parts of the video.

For this item, you have to find the < and > buttons. In this way, you can expand and reduce your chosen paused time. 

Once you set the start and ends time, you can click the Preview key, and play your selection and see if you want to edit it. In the end, satisfied, it is time to download your selected clip. You can do this in different formats.

After you click the Download button, you can see four options:

  •     First, a video file means an MP4 file of your clip (with audio)
  •     The second one is a GIF animation means n animated GIF image of your clip.
  •     The third one is an audio file refers to an MP3 file of your clip (no video).
  •     The last one is a screenshot means a high-resolution screenshot of the start of your clip.

Rarely, you may face a situation that you select a format but get an error saying that YouTube exhausted a rate limit for this video. In these cases, before trying again, wait for some seconds, and your download will start successfully. If it did not happen, wait for some other seconds and try again.


The next site that I want to introduce you is YTCropper. You can work with it a bit differently than YT Cutter. But you may like to experience different alternatives and choices when you want to trim YouTube videos.

For trimming a video by the ytCropper website, you have to pass the link of a YouTube video and click the Crop key. After that, the website leads you to a page where you can play and preview your video.

 If you have experience with video editing applications, working with ytCropper might be familiar for you.

On this website, you can drag the movie and choose the start and endpoints.  While in most other websites, you have to click on a button to manage the stop and start points.

One of the negative points of cropping videos on ytCropper is that your clip maybe not much precise, as this system does not support fractions of moments. The positive side is that these markers work as visual indicators for you.  It helps you to see where your clip locates along the play bar you cropped. This option performs stretching or reducing the reservation very easy.

Finally, if you’re happy with your selection, you can choose the next Crop key. Here, you can see your video playing.

YTCropper not working?

If you use ytCropper, it is not possible to download cropped clips. You can see the YouTube video on a page as you choose the start and stop point.

There is a fantastic feature for this website called looping. It is useful when you want to crop a song.

You can share your produced video through the direct link presented on the page.

As a lot of the YouTube trimming assistance are flat-out weak or faulty, there is no other option that I like to present. One example is YouTube Trimmer.  It does not update to rearrange the method of deprecating YouTube URL parameters.

Another example is Kapwing Video Trimmer. At first, you see it as a useful service. But when you go to the part where you prepare your clips, you will understand that you need to sign up. On the other hand, the provided method of sharing your videos is not sufficient.

HeseTube was another option for cutting and downloading YouTube videos until now that you will see the error of can’t process the video.


Fortunately, both sites we’ve listed in this article do particular roles: YT Cutter is useful for downloading and running cropped YouTube videos. YTCropper is another appropriate website that you can use to link the versions of YouTube videos that you cropped.

How to share a YouTube video on Instagram?

Now, YouTube is the first most significant social media all over the globe, with millions of videos sharing daily. However, connecting YouTube to Instagram is now a challenge. This blog would explain how you can convert a YouTube video to an Instagram video format and share Instagram. 

You may have both Instagram and YouTube accounts, or you own an Instagram account to repost YouTube videos. However, it seems that converting YouTube videos is a challenge, and sharing with Instagram also is becoming a big challenge! 

How to share a YouTube video on the Instagram story without 10K followers

If you have a YouTube channel, and you will promote your videos, it could be somehow complicated. Instagram doesn’t allow users to share links on their stories without 10K followers. Though, here are some shortcuts:

  1. Share the link in an IGTV and then share an account linked to that IGTV
  2. You may buy followers to reach the number 10K. It should not cost much for you (this is the easiest and straightforward).  

There are still some other ways, though all would NOT redirect the users. All of them will send the followers indirectly to the mentioned links. For example:

  1. You can share the story and tell users to visit your profile and check the link in the bio.
  2. You can share the story and ask users if they want to get the link. then, reply with the link (this is time-consuming and not recommended for bulk clicks).
  3. Promote the link using Instagram ads.

How to share a YouTube video on Instagram

As you see in the picture, you can only share YouTube videos on another platform that allows link sharing, but Instagram is not one of them. 

Therefore, to share a YouTube video, you must: 

  1. Download YouTube videos 
  2. Share the downloaded video on Instagram 

There are lots of tools available on the internet you can use to download YouTube videos, and here I would mention some of them. You can try any means that help you download YouTube videos. 

How to share a YouTube video on Instagram story?

Download YouTube video by YTmp3 downloader, as I have shown in the picture below. 

It is easy and fast, but if the length of the video is too long, you might face an error. So, it is better to download YouTube videos with a short duration. 

To share a YouTube video on Instagram story:

  1. Copy the YouTube URL as it is shown in the picture
  2. Paste it to any YouTube downloader apps or tools and download the video to your mobile phone gallery
  3. Open the Instagram app and tap on your profile picture on the top left of the home page
  4. Tap the gallery icon on the bottom left
  5. select the video
  6. write the caption and share to Instagram story

You can use a desktop for Instagram if you have downloaded using a computer or laptop. 

How to share YouTube videos on Instagram on a mobile phone?

You can use any browser on mobile like safari, chrome, Firefox to download YouTube videos and share to Instagram when you save it to your smartphone. Though, It’s good to use a video maker to edit videos before sharing.

To share YouTube video on Instagram using the phone: 

  • Copy the youtube video URL Open any browser 
  • Go to youtube to mp4 downloader 
  • Copy the youtube video URL and paste it to the downloader 
  • Download the video 
  • Open the Instagram app and post the video to Instagram 

Tip: please notice if you are using an android device, you can find the downloaded video on your download folder. IOS user is a bit different. You can go to files and find the downloaded video on the download folder. From there, you can save it to your gallery and then share it to Instagram. 

When you open the Instagram app, you can only upload videos from the galley of the iPhone. So, make sure you have moved the video to the gallery.

How to share YouTube videos on Instagram on desktop?

If you are using your computer to share any Instagram, the good news is that you can easily share it from desktop to Instagram. Once you have your YouTube video ready, you can share it through a desktop. 

Here in this article, I have entirely explained how you can post video to Instagram through the computer for both mac and windows users. 

Sum up 

Sharing YouTube videos to Instagram can have lots of benefits. You can make a collection of top videos, report or create a collection of inspirational videos, and so on. However, you should notice that copyright is essential while you are sharing a video on Instagram. 

So, you cannot share any famous YouTube song or something like that on Instagram unless you claim that it is yours. Instagram may remove the video due to the right of the copy. 

Most popular YouTube channels

YouTube is now of the biggest platforms to share videos. Recently, it has added new features, including the live options and also adding to YouTube stories. Users can interact more with each other.

What are the most popular YouTube channels?

Knowing who is the most famous YouTube channel can give ideas to the new users what to publish. So, here we would introduce the most popular channels on YouTube. The numbers are in millions.

1. T-Series

2. PewDiePie

3. Cocomelon – Nursey Rhymes

4. SET India

5. Minute Crafts

6. WWE

7. Canal KondZilla

8. Zee Music Company

9. Like Nastya

10. Kids Diana Show

What are the most viewed youtube videos?

Here is the list of the top ten most viewed videos on youtube. Baby Shark song is the most viewed youtube video with more than 7 billion views.

Top YouTube video views

#2 Luis Fonsi – Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee 7 Billion

#3 Ed Sheeran – Shape of You [Official Video] 5 Billion

#4 Wiz Khalifa – See You Again ft. Charlie Puth [Official Video] Furious 7 Soundtrack 4.8 Billion

#5 Masha and The Bear – Recipe for disaster (Episode 17) 4.3 Billion

#6 Johny Johny Yes Papa 👶 THE BEST Song for Children | LooLoo Kids 4.3 Billion

#7 Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk (Official Video) ft. Bruno Mars 4 Billion

#8 22 SURPRISES: L.O.L Dolls. Kinder Chocolate Eggs, Squishy Toys & Incredibles 2 3.9 Billion

#9 Justin Bieber – Sorry (PURPOSE : The Movement) 3.3 Billion

#10 PSY – GANGNAM STYLE(강남스타일) M/V 3.8 Billion

How to create a YouTube channel?

YouTube is the biggest platform to share short and long videos. This popular platform is of great help for all individual to grow their brand or make money there. Though having a YouTube channel is sometimes confusing, and users might think about how to do that. In this blog, we would explain different ways on how to create a YouTube channel.

How to create a YouTube channel?

There are two ways to have a YouTube channel. In the first one, the name of the channel is the same as what you have on your Google. If you change the name, the name of google account will change too.

The other way is that you create a new channel connected to a google account, which is called a brand account. Then, you will have a different way for your channel.

How to create a YouTube channel with the same name as a Google account

  • Go to  
  • Click on SIGN IN
  • Enter the Google account information
  • Click on the profile picture
  • Click on Create a channel

  • Select GET STARTED

  • Select Use your name
  • Complete the information (optional)
  • Now, you can upload video or see the information through the Your channel
How to create a YouTube channel with the Custom name as Google account
  1. Go to
  2. Click on SIGN IN
  3. Enter the Google account information
  4. Click on the profile picture
  5. Click on Create a channel
  6. Select GET STARTED
  7. Select Use a custom name
  8. Enter the name
  9. Click Create
  10. Verify the account if it is needed
  11. Complete the information (optional)

To create a YouTube channel if you have already one

  • Go to
  • Click on SIGN IN & Enter the Google account information
  • Click on the profile picture
  • Click on Your channel
  • Choose Setting from the left menu

  • Select Add or manage your channel(s)
  • Choose Create a new channel

  • Enter the name
  • Click Create
  • Now, you can see the list of your channel if you click on your profile picture>switch account  

How to create a second YouTube channel

For any reason, you might want to know how to create a second YouTube channel for business purposes, marketing, a separate job and etc. Here are the steps to create another YouTube account:

  1. Sign into your YouTube or login with Google
  2. Go to the YouTube channel switcher
  3. Choose the “Create a new channel”
  4. Enter the name of your new channel
  5. Click “Create” and now you have a second YouTube channel

How to create a private YouTube channel

If you do not want people to find your YouTube videos and channel easily, you have the option to make your channel and videos private and here is how to do it: 

  • Go to, click on sign up section t the top of the screen. 
  • Choose a  username under the signup screen and enter your information.
  • You will now see an option “Let others find my channel on YouTube if they have my email address.” deselect it and approve your choice.
  • Choose a password and re-enter that password in the box below. 
  • To verify the account, check the email sent from YouTube and follow the instructions.
  • Sign into your YouTube account. Click on your channel located at the upper right corner of the screen. Once you are on channel go to the, “settings” menu located above your selected videos.
  • Under the make channel visible option choose “No”. 
  • That’s it. Now you know how to create a private YouTube Channel.


Creating a YouTube channel can help you, your business, products and etc. to be seen. Here you learned how to create a YouTube channel and how to make it private. Start your own channel and get the most out of using it. 



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