How to go LIVE on Twitter? (On all devices)

Nowadays, many tutorial videos and podcasts are provided for students, and they are also online courses due to the COVID-19 pandemic for those guys who prefer to study at their house. You can find a similar ability on Twitter, in which you can stream your video or audio content to your followers. In this practical post, you will see how can you go live on Twitter.

Can you go LIVE on Twitter?

Many social media platforms have the ability to accept live events on their servers, as does Twitter. Although it is less common to use by users compared with LIVE giants like Instagram, you can start streaming almost anything on your Twitter account with less effort and difficulty.

How to go LIVE on Twitter on deskto

Since there are better video and audio equipment for PCs and laptops, many people prefer streaming on Twitter via their desktop devices. To see how to go live on Twitter on desktop, follow these steps;

  1. Turn on your desktop or laptop and go to your Twitter application. Log into your account if credentials are required.
  2. Click on the “More” option on your home page, then choose “Media Studio.” As a result, you will be taken to your library, where you can see all the media you have uploaded to Twitter. Click on the “Producer” tab at the top of the screen.
  3. Now, click on “Create Broadcast” in the top right corner to start a new live video.

You can also launch and download OBS studio (if you haven’t already) to get more additional features for your stream.

How to go LIVE on Twitter via a mobile device

You can also use your smartphone to present yourself on Twitter online. How to go LIVE on Twitter via a mobile device? Just follow these steps;

  1. Open your Twitter app and log into your account, if necessary.
  2. Open a new Tweet
  3. Now, add any text you would like to include with the video stream.
  4. next, click on the camera below the text field.
  5. Click on the “LIVE” option, then choose “GO LIVE” to start streaming video content to your audience. If you want to stream only audio, disable the camera’s video display, and choose the microphone icon prior to clicking the “Go LIVE” button.

After finishing the presentation, you can end your stream by clicking on the red “X” button and then choosing “Stop broadcast” to confirm.

What happens to the past Twitter live streams?

All of your previous video contents are automatically saved as a Tweet when you go live, so the files are accessible whenever you need them someday. You can watch and review your broadcasts on Periscope and Twitter on iOS, Android, and web platforms.


Thank you for reading. Whether using your iPhone, Android smartphone, or desktop, all podcasts and video streams need to be strongly contented to absorb more viewers on social media. What happens to the past Twitter live streams? All of your previous files are saved on your account, so there is no need to be worried. To get more information about going LIVE on Twitter, you can visit the official Twitter website on the internet.

What is Chirpty Twitter, and how to find out your Twitter interaction circle?

Have you ever heard about Chirpty and its associated magic hands? What is Chirpty used for? Many Twitter viewers may have seen this title on some tweets, but the point is they mostly have no idea about it. In this brief post, we will get familiar with Chirpty Twitter and the Twitter interaction cycle.

What exactly is Chirpty Twitter?

To explain clearly, Chirpty is a website that uses some algorithms to explore connections with other Twitter accounts over a period of time. Note that Chirpty does not need any login permission because it gathers only the publicly available data from the Twitter API.

Nowadays, many people have made a Chirpty Twitter cycle from their Twitter interaction, which is too easy to learn if you also want to have one.

What about the Twitter interaction circle?

The Twitter interaction cycle is somehow an innovative tool that Twitter uses to encourage users to generate better and more amazing tweets on their accounts. By definition, Twitter has the user (which is you) in the middle, surrounded by your most frequent four or five users you have interacted with them. The closer the Twitter circle is to you, the more interaction you have with the persons. Twitter will score your interaction cycle based on several criteria in the next level.

Making a Twitter interaction cycle needs third-party tools since this feature is not been officially introduced by Twitter. If you visit the official Chirpty website (, you will find a Chirpty cycle with 137 empty slots, and the best of your tweets and photos can be inserted there. If you think Chirpty Twitter cycle is not something you want, try other similar websites, including;

  • this is a totally free tool with lots of customization options. The good news is that you don’t need to access your Twitter account to use Orbit, and also, no password is required. However, you cannot use it on private Twitter accounts.
  • this is another alternative website to make a great Twitter interaction cycle. Realtoptweep has a free image download option, and no account access and password are needed to enjoy this collection. Again, you cannot benefit from Realtoptweep on your Twitter private accounts.
  • Twopcharts was the first website that introduced the Twitter interaction circle and is also one of the best candidates in this field. The negative point is you need to enter your password to access the tools, which is a risky action. More after, you need to pay for some of their features if you decide to use them.

How can I find out who is in my Twitter interaction circle?

The feature uses your interaction history data to generate interaction circles so that you can visit your history on your profile. To see your interactions on Twitter, go to “Streams,” navigate to a Twitter stream, choose the Twitter account name or avatar from a stream, assignment, or notification, and finally select the Interactions tab. As a result, all interactions between the chosen profile page and that Twitter account will appear in chronological order for you.

You can also visit the Chirpty Twitter circle to see if they have created a Chirpty circle for your account.

How to use the Chirpty Twitter circle?

If you want to generate a Chirpty Twitter circle, all you need is to visit, enter your username on Twitter, and let the system continue the process of producing a Chirpty circle for you. You can consult your Chirpty circle for free, waiting for a while so that free space will be available for it. If you don’t want to wait, you need to pay 0.99 USD Through the Twitter API. Then, Chirpty will obtain the interactions that an account has made with an integrated algorithm responsible for calculating different data to get a final result.

Working with Chirpty Twitter is too easy and only needs a little time to get familiar with all details on the website.


Thank you for reading. Although the Twitter interaction cycle is not an official Twitter feature, this brilliant tool has absorbed many Twitter users. You can have one of these circles by using Chirpty circle or other alternative websites such as Orbit and Never forget that make sure all privacy suggestions are being considered while making a Twitter interaction cycle for yourself.

When is the best time to post on Twitter? (2022 Guide)

The most important thing to remember is to tailor your content to your target audience. Different demographic groups use Twitter differently, and content for business accounts performs better during business hours than content for consumers. There are many users who prefer to buy Twitter followers to achieve fast growth.

The most effective way to create your own targeted content is to analyze Twitter analytics and use tools like SocialPilot to find out which time works best for your followers. In addition, make sure your posts are visually appealing to capture their attention.

When creating your Twitter profile, you need to make sure you include your location, web address, and a working phone number. Once you have those information, start creating and planning your content. You can also use some of the many apps that help you post tweets, including Buffer, Hootsuite, and Post Planner. The most important thing to keep in mind is to follow other users who have high follow back ratios.

Be sure to reply to people who follow you on Twitter, and retweet their content. This will help you build your brand image and get more followers. Remember that your tweets should be informative, and should add value to your followers. If you have a unique story or insight, consider sharing it. Try not to use cliché phrases that are not relevant to your brand or industry.

One of the most important steps to become a successful Twitter users in 2022 is to identify your main goal. You can set goals such as raising awareness, increasing consideration, and driving conversions. Remember that you must consider the entire marketing funnel and the goals you wish to achieve. Once you know your main objective, you can focus on creating a campaign to reach that goal. However, you should remember that Twitter only charges when your audience completes an action.

The best way to be successful on Twitter in 2022 is to engage with the latest trends and hashtags. You should engage your audience in a meaningful way, and be sure that your followers are engaged with your posts. A few successful people on Twitter even share their journeys with others, so it’s worth following their posts. for more success on Twitter in 2022, follow these tips.

Identify your target audience and determine the best times of the day to post on the site. If you want to be successful on Twitter, you should know your target audience. Then, post at those times. It will help your followers see your posts and attract new users. Lastly, be consistent.

How to find your best time to post on Twitter?

do you want to see your tweets get more clicks? so, you must know the right time to post. The most successful tweets are posted during the non-peak hours of 8am to 11am Pacific Time.

When is the best time to post on Twitter? This will depend on your niche. If for an education page, the best time to post is Saturday. for a page about tech, it’s Tuesday. The worst time is Sunday. For health and fitness, health and recreation are the best times to post. These are the times when your target audience is most active online. to increase your followers’ engagement, try posting during these times.

When should you post? The best time to post depends on your niche and your target audience. B2B businesses tend to perform better during weekdays during the standard hours of operation. On the other hand, B2C businesses have lower engagement during lunchtime, between 11 am and 1pm. This is because most of their customers are active during these hours. You can also target your audience based on their interests.

Best time to post on twitter 2022

you must consider the best time to post on twitter 2022. There are several times of day to post on Twitter, but the optimal times are between 1pm and 3pm on weekdays and 1am and 4pm on weekends. While there’s no definitive time to tweet, there are times that will increase your engagement rates. The more people see your tweet, the more likely they’ll click through. And if you want to make the most of the time you spend on the platform, consider using images. Studies show that tweets that include images get 36% more click-throughs and website visits. Also, consider your industry when posting content. If your business is B2B, you’ll have different needs than a B2C (business to consumer).

How often should you post on Twitter?

do you know How often should you post on Twitter? You may be wondering how often you should post on Twitter. The best answer to this question is “not as often as you would like”. However, you do have to consider the time of day that your followers are online. During the morning hours, people are likely to be reading tweets, and this could make it difficult to decide when to post your next tweet. As such, it is a good idea to post at the right time to ensure maximum visibility.

The answer largely depends on your business, but some experts say a good rule of thumb is 3 times a day. Social media analytics platform Agorapulse suggests posting 14 times a day. A Buffer user posts about seven times per day, and Mari Smith tweets about seven times a day. In addition, a study by Social Bakers found that a tweet should be related to your product or service. Another study by Track Social showed that three to five tweets per week generates the highest engagement, while a daily tweet frequency of one to two times per day is recommended.

If you’re unsure of your exact posting frequency, try experimenting with different times of the day and check the response rate of your followers. Using a tool like Agorapulse, you can compare the engagement rate of your tweets on a day-by-day basis. You can also view the engagement rate of different types of content and the time of day when you should post. You can also use Twitter’s internal analytics to gauge the effectiveness of your posts.

What are the best Twitter video downloader apps? (Download Twitter videos)

Twitter is a hub for those who are seeking new news, tips, or information. Like other social media, many helpful videos need more than just once to be watched.

But how can we store them on our phones or PC? As you know, there is no direct way to download them from Twitter, but some applications can help us with this issue. This post will introduce the best Twitter video downloader on the internet.

Is it possible to download Twitter videos?

The answer is yes. It doesn’t matter if you are using Chrome on your desktop or the application on your phone to view Twitter; all you need is a Twitter video downloader app that can create a pathway to reach your media.

What is a Twitter video downloader?

Twitter video downloader is an application which links your device (phone or PC) to Twitter’s central databases without asking for permission from running servers.

You can see the same activity on Instagram media downloader or YouTube video downloader apps. Although it seems easy and convenient, the whole process is challenging to run, and what these applications actually do resemble hacking.

How to download Twitter videos?

The method for downloading Twitter videos is near each other; first, you need to download and install a Twitter video downloader, run it on your device, and finally copy and paste the URL of that video on your application.

In most cases, the method will work, and you can download the “seemed not downloadable” video on your device. However, there is always some missing video that the application hasn’t access to, so there is no possible way to get it.

What are the best Twitter video downloader apps?

Let’s see what we have as an assistant to download Twitter videos. All of these items on our list is guaranteed, and there are minimal differences between them;

  • Twitter Video Downloader

Let’s start our list with the most straightforward tool on the table. Twitter Video Downloader is so easy to use. The only task for you is to copy the URL of the Twitter video, paste the video URL into the field on the main homepage, and finally click on the “download” button. The results will be in the form of MP4.

  • Download Twitter Video

You can work with Download Twitter Video efficiently like any other popular tool. It has an excellent user-friendly interface, and furthermore, you have the option of selecting between SD and HD for the quality of the video.

  • Tweeter Media Downloader

If you are a fan of using Chrome, Tweeter Media Downloader will help you download videos from Tweeter. With the help of this platform, you are able to download entire media libraries of accounts, including images, videos, and GIFs, collectively in one ZIP file.

  •  SaveTweetVid

This app is another popular platform that you can find on the internet, and you can use it on all devices, such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Like Twitter Video Downloader, you just need to copy and paste the URL of the video or GIF, and you can download the file, either in the form of MP3 or MP4.

  • GIF Tweet Downloader

We have an Android-best tool here, which has a unique and strange capability. The good news is that instead of copying and pasting Twitter URL, you can directly press the “Share” button on the Tweet to send your chosen video to this app and then download it on your device. However, you will receive many ads with this app, which can be annoying.

  • GetVid

This tool works for both Twitter and Facebook, so you get rid of having two downloader applications for these social media. To run GetVid, once you copy and paste the video URL into the homepage’s field, click on the “download” button and save the video.

  • sssTwitter

As a nice option on this list, this online downloader tool works like all standard video downloaders on the internet and is compatible with every device and browser.

  • Tweet2GIF

This app is excellent for users thinking about downloading their favorite videos from Twitter. Tweet2gif allows you to save Twitter videos in GIF as well as MP4 format. Honestly, this is a complete delight for people looking for the best way to get Twitter videos.

  • Jihosoft 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader, introduced by Jihosoft, is not just for downloading videos from Twitter. You can also download your favorite videos from YouTube and more than 2,000 websites on the internet. This app has both free trial and paid versions, and you can download videos in several resolutions (from 480p up to 4K) and formats (MKV, MP4, AVI, etc.).

  • GetMyTweet

You can use GetMyTweet on all available devices, and you can get your videos in both MP3 and MP4 formats. More after, because all videos are extracted straight from Twitter’s CDN servers, GetMyTweet is very safe for users.

  • TWDown

Like many other tools introduced on this list, you just need to paste the URL of your wanted video on TWDown’s main page and get your order after a few seconds. You can download your videos from TWDown in both formats of MP4 and MP3.

  • Instube

With Instube, you are capable of downloading videos and GIFs from Twitter and enjoy your videos downloaded from other famous platforms such as Instagram, Sound cloud, Facebook, and YouTube. All you need necessarily to do here is click on the red button present on the screen and choose the quality of downloading video on the panel.

  • TWSaver

So fast and safe, TWSaver can be another option for you to download Twitter videos. If available, the tools give you the ability to download the file in the three qualities of SD, HD, and UHD. You should do one thing with TWSaver; copy and paste the video URL into the text box saying “Enter Twitter URL” on the homepage.

  • Flash Video Downloader

Flash Video Downloader is actually a Chrome extension for downloading Twitter videos. Your task is to simply click on this extension’s icon on the browser toolbar, and the extension will detect all of the videos available on that specific Twitter page and display them in a list. Now you can download any video you want.

  • +Download 4 Instagram Twitter

+Download 4 Instagram Twitter is an Android tool, and if you are intended to download videos from both Twitter and Instagram, this is the best option for you. The good news is this tool is not limited to these two social media, and you can also download it from Tumblr.

  • MyMedia

In contrast to +Download 4 Instagram Twitter, MyMedia is for iOS lovers. Because downloading videos directly from Twitter is not easy for iPhone users, MyMedia is probably the only remaining option for them. To use this tool, you have to download the video with the help of any of the Twitter, as mentioned earlier, video downloaders on Safari.

  • VDownloader

This tool has an integrated browser, using which you can easily browse Twitter or any other website from where you have to download videos. VDownloader is developed for Windows users, and you just need to paste the URL of the Twitter video to download it. However, you have the limitation of downloading only three videos if you are using the free version.

  • KeepDownloading

KeepDownloading is one of the best multi-tasking tools, which you can download media from more than five websites, including Twitter. You can use this platform on both smartphone and desktop devices.

  • EaseUS MobiMover

If you seek an excellent tool for your PC or laptop, try EaseUS MobiMover. To be honest, this is an iPhone data transfer tool, but a version for downloading videos also has been developed. With EaseUS MobiMover, you are able to download videos from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Metacafe, and more to your iPhone or iPad.

  • Video Downloader Pro

This tool is suitable for those who are using iOS devices. It allows you to download videos from popular video-sharing sites like Dailymotion, AOL, and Metacafe. Furthermore, you can set the quality of the video you want to download. Unfortunately, you are not able to download videos from YouTube or Facebook with this platform.

Is it safe to download from Twitter?

The answer is somehow strange: it depends on what you exactly are doing. If you consider safety in your work, you can use any of the tools on this list to download video files without worrying about any kind of malware. However, “being able” to download a video is not exactly equal to “being allowed” to download it, so you have to get permission from the owner of the account.


Thank you for reading this post. As we mentioned, you don’t need to worry about viruses or Malvares when using any of the items on the above list, and there is no difference between them. But in some cases, you wonder to have a tool to download videos from more than just one source, so it can make your research results narrower.

How to know if someone blocked you on twitter

Twitter has many tools for its users to decide which content and people they won’t see or visit. This ability allows us to filter any unwanted messages from any person, a process we called it “blocking”

The bad news is, if you get blocked by someone, you are not going to be notified. So, if you want to find him/her, you have to investigate that.

How to find the person who has blocked me

There is no certain list who have put you in their black list, thus you have to check specific account if they have blocked you. Here we go;

Step one: Go to Twitter via a web browser or use the application to log in to your account

Step two: Use the search box to go to the profile of an account you think might be blocking you

Step three: If you are blocked by that account, you are not allowed to see its account by Twitter. Furthermore, you will a message reading “You’re blocked. You can’t see or follow [the blocker’s] Tweets.”

Third-party services

Some services will fascinate the process of searching for you. One of them is Blolook, in which you can find out how many people have blocked you; however, you cannot find their names through this app.

Can I block an account on Twitter without them being notified?

As mentioned, if you block a person on Twitter, they will not be going to receive any notification. But if you don’t want to get any further comments from them, you can mute the account.

In this way, you won’t block them, but you won’t be able to see their posts on your timeline. Users with muted accounts won’t know you’ve muted them.


I hope this article could satisfy your demands. Note that Twitter doesn’t offer the option to see who blocked you because “user’s privacy” is the priority for Twitter on the list. For more info, you can also read Twitter’s guidelines.

Is Twitter Down?

Twitter is the beloved app you can open up about your thoughts and feelings anonymously. As some put it, Twitter is free therapy (Although in case you are struggling, definitely seek professional help!).

Because the app is so popular, the company’s servers are usually bustling. Like any other platform, it is bound to experience occasional outages from time to time. This article shows you how to find out whether Twitter is down or you should contact your ISP.

How to fix it when Twitter is down?

  1. Close the app or website and try reloading it
  2. Make sure you have a stable internet connection.

Sometimes the internet disconnection is the cause. So, try different ways to test your internet connection. If you are disconnected, then it is best to contact your ISP service. If that was not the case, try the following methods.

  1. Logout and login again
  2. Restart your phone

Any IT person will tell you that it is a simple trick that works wonders!

  1. Check Statusgator or similar websites.

You can use Statusgator, Downdetector, or similar services for more information on downtimes and their locations. The mentioned websites allow you to report Twitter problems and keep track of similar issues’ patterns.

  1. Update your app

It is not uncommon to encounter bugs. To resolve this, check the app store to find available updates. Regardless, if you speculate it is a bug, you can report it on the official page here: Do not worry; these bugs will be fixed in future updates.

  1. Try Twitter on other devices         

Users have noticed that sometimes the Twitter app does not respond while the web version is up and running. This problem should be resolved on its own after a while. If it did not, you could use other approaches.

  1. Check to see if anyone around you is experiencing a similar problem.

If you do not have access to any of the methods above, you can ask around or perhaps post about it on Facebook or other apps and find out if the same problem happened for others or not?

  1. Check Twitter’s official account on Facebook

Companies’ official accounts on Facebook or other social media usually report issues or outages at specific locations.

  1. Clear Cache
  1. Go to the Twitter app
  2. Tap on your profile icon.
  3. Tap on “Settings and privacy.”
  4. Select “Data usage.”
  5. Tap on “Media storage” or “Web storage.”
  6. Tap to clear your storage on Twitter.
  1. Reinstall the app!

Sometimes uninstalling and then reinstalling the app fixes the problem.





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