Social Media Management pricing of top agencies

A typical social media management tools cost between $25-$30 for ten social profiles. Some of the tools count this based on the services you use. For example, you can add any service like scheduling, analytics from any social media up to 10 services.

This article compares the pricing of top social media management tools of all time. The top software has been chosen based on their ranking and reviews on Google, and also the user experiences.

Imagine you have multiple social media accounts (or even a single account), on all social platforms like Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube, and you have to check all of them every day. You are responsible for posting daily, track the engagement, and respond to all comments and directs.

For sure, social media management tools make your life easier in this situation. Though choosing between several tools could not be that easy, and you might need assistance.

Social media management pricing ­­­

There is a wide verity of social media management tools on the internet to choose from, with different features, platforms, options, and, most importantly, pricing.

This article would help you to choose a tool based on your needs and budget quickly. So, what this article tells you is about available features and prices and also the scoring for each social media management tool based on these factors.

This blog is a summary of top social media management tools and their cost to make sure that your choice is the best.

How to choose social media management tools?

There are, of course, many factors that you can choose from, but here the most important ones are mentioned. In general, choosing social media management depends on your needs.

A typical social media management tools cost between $25-$30 for ten social profiles. Some of the tools count this based on the services you use. For example, you can add any service like scheduling, analytics from any social media up to 10 services.


The typical types of services are schedule, analytics, monitoring hashtags, mentions, keywords, and some other services such as website management tools, and schedule to blogging platforms like a medium.

2. Platforms

This includes social media platforms like Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube, blogging platforms like medium, website (getting google analytics), and photo-sharing platforms like Pinterest.

3. Report

You can download your report in the form of pdf- JPEG- PNG – Excel and you can change the information in the forms while downloading social reports. The date of social reports is also changeable in almost all agencies.

4. Dashboard

this is an essential factor when selecting social media management because you need to have a user-friendly and easy to understand dashboard. This makes it easy for users, specifically those who are new to social media management and its tools.

5. Support

Support can be chat, email, skype calls, etc.

6. Provided app

Some social media management tools offer a mobile app to have access from phones to your dashboard. Though, you still can have access from your mobile phone using a browser like chrome or safari.

How much top social media management tools cost?

The cost of a social media management tool is about a minimum $15 per month depends on the services and number of social media accounts. Social media marketing pricing generally includes schedule, analytics, monitoring of at least ten social media accounts, or social media services.

In some tools, one account may need multiple services, for instance, Instagram scheduling, Instagram analytics, or Facebook page, and Facebook group in a single account.

The table below shows the comparison of top social media management. They have sorted out based on their pricing for about 10 social profiles. so you can compare how they may charge you for the same number of accounts or services.

In this comparison, the speed of dashboard, quality of given services, and also the supporting system (24/7, chat, email) were counted equal.

To fairly compare these social media management tools, the base is for 10 social profiles. Additional to schedule, you would see what other features you would get for that price.

We have given the rank to all based on the features, price, and the number of accounts you can add to their dashboard.


  Pricing Account Schedule Analytics Monitoring  Bra­­­­nd Tracking
Buffer $15.00/mo 8 *      
Loomly & Hootsuite $25.00/mo 10 * *    
Sendible $29.00/mo 12 (services) *  *   *  
InoSocial $30.00/mo 10 (services)   * *   *   *
Crowdfire $37.48/mo 5 for each social * *    
e-clincher $59.00/mo 10 * * *
CoSchedule $100.00/mo 10 * *     *
SEMrush & AgoraPulse $99.95/mo 10  * *  *   *
Sprout Social $99.00/mo 5  * *   *   *
Zoho Social $220.00/mo 10   *  * *     *


If you need social media management tools just to publish, and you no need any other services, obviously, you better choose Buffer. However, if you need a complete social media management package with affordable pricing and all necessary features, InoSocial is the best choice.

Instagram Statistics you Need to Know for Success

Are you using Instagram to promote your brand? And If not, should you? Ok, that’s a loaded question. Statistically speaking, it makes dollars and sense! Take a look upon these Instagram stats that show its depth worldwide, then use them to craft your Instagram marketing strategy.

Instagram user statistics

Who is using Instagram? Well over an 8 of 7.6 billion people on the earth. Scan these Instagram user stats to keep close to your marketing goals:

1 billion people use Instagram

Of social network platforms, only YouTube and Facebook have more users logging in. With 500 million of them using Instagram every day. Want them to like your brand? Here’s how.

80% of users are outside the U.S

That’s a whole lot of global ad income for your services and products. With estimates of nearly $7 billion in mobile ad revenue in 2018. Are you interested in doing business in Indonesia, India, Brazil, Turkey, Russia, and Japan? Go for it. Tens of millions of active Instagram users for your global products.

30% men, 39% women, for U.S Instagrammers

Women use Instagram more than men. But the gap has reduced the past couple of years slowly.

73% of teenagers use Instagram every day

65 percent of 13 to 17-year-old teens use Instagram daily, compared to 54 percent for snapchat. Fewer users, more engagement on Instagram. All there for you to influence these young people with your bracelets, T-shirts, songs, videos, or whatever they prefer these days.

95% of U.S Instagram users, use YouTube too

Tell a clear story for your brand across these platforms. A lovely bundle is waiting to hear from you.

35% of online adults use Instagram

And they are willing to shop online too. So the right product for the right revenue earners. For those adult users:

30% earn more than $30k per year

32% earn $50k – $75 per year

42% earn $30k – $50k per year

42% earn more than $75k per year

  • 35% of Instagram users are millennials
  • 22% of Instagram users log in at least once a day
  • 38% of Instagram users check the platform multiple times a day
  • 25% of smartphone owners use Instagram

Instagram usage stats

Under 25-year-olds use Instagram 31 minutes a day

Compared to 25 minutes per day for the older users, this is more than before. And that’s because of the stories. Instagram stories have made it easier to add a creative flair to any picture or video; you can use them for your business.

Instagram users “like” 4.2 billion posts per day

This is what makes Instagram the happiest place on the internet. Is your brand feeling lonely on the internet? Get on Instagram to make new business friends.

95 million Instagram per day

Sure, a big part of that action is open to your services and products. What are you waiting for then?

400 million stories per day

Most companies are telling their brand stories with Instagram stories. Over 50% one month in 2017. With a third of the most viewed stories created by brands. It’s pretty clear stories work for businesses unless they aren’t telling any.

80% increase for videos, year-by-year

When Instagram launched video in 2013, 5 million videos were uploaded in the first 24 video posts, right from the start. When they launched in 2013, 5 million videos were uploaded in the first 24 hours. Create and run an Instagram campaign to feed these video-carnivores.

Quick view stats

73% of users purchased a product they saw on Instagram

Facebook bought Instagram for $715 million

People spend on average 53 minutes a day on the Instagram app.

Instagram for business stats

Why should you use Instagram for business? Because it’s proven to be very business-friendly. Whether for your mom-pop business or the global enterprise.

71% of U.S, companies use Instagram

Things are still on Instagram and will continue to heat up for this individual and business platform.

25 million business profiles on Instagram

Over 200 million users are visiting at least one business account every day. Including fashion and clothing brands, 96% of them are on Instagram. Do you have something to sell on Instagram? The platform has enough people to target.

2 million monthly advertisers on Instagram

This is an excellent opportunity for brands to connect with their target audience, whether on the go or in the moment.

Instagram has 2.3% interaction rate

Passing out the other networks, including Facebook with 0.22% rate, Instagram is now the king of engagement.


With these statistics in mind, it’s time to put a successful Instagram strategy into work. Use Instazood to schedule and publish your Instagram posts, interact with your target audience, and monitor the conversion rate of your actions.

These Are The 10 Most Followed People On Instagram (Update 2022)

More and more people are using Instagram search for knowing the most followed people on Instagram. Why this pop up people’s minds to search for? What is the usage? And which are the top Instagram accounts? And what they have done to attract a high number of Instagram followers?

Lets started with the first item; social media platform plays a crucial role in this modern life. People used to follow traditional communicating ways, but now they do not, and Instagram is the only platform that has surpassed other social communication ways on its head.

Clearly, Instagrammers are curious to find out Instagram news; one of them is that who has the most followers on Instagram?  In this way, they begin to search for a list of famous people to select who to follow on Instagram. Mostly the top 20 Instagram accounts considered, but here we come across with top 10 Instagram accounts.

There are some factors that give Instagrammers a view to following the most famous celebrities.

  • Which of my Instagram followers most have followed top Instagram accounts. Believe me or not, this factor is a highly important one, which impresses you to follow accounts with most followers on Instagram like Cristian Ronaldo.
  • You are living, interacting with people in society, in some friendly small groups, may hear some rumors or hot news about a hot celebrity, and in that case, decide to follow this most followed Instagram account as well. Like Selena Gomez
  • You are following one popular cosmetic Instagram account and face an Instagram post that advertises the other Instagram account as one of the top Instagram accounts the same as its niche. You check out this Instagram profile with attractive photos and consider a vast number of followers as well as a content marketing strategy; now, you start to follow this top Instagram influencer. Like Kylie Jenner

The usage was to collect updated and fresh news, information about top Instagram influencers because to survive in this social media lifestyle or following our desireable people, tendencies to enjoy our real lives. Virtual space impacts real-world and social media networks, especially the Instagram platform, has don it organized.

The community of top Instagram accounts includes the most famous celebrities, top Instagram influencers, prominent football players, models, the most followed actors.

1. Here the intriguing news is that Instagram account  is the most followed accounts on its space with 323 million followers; the reason is evident from the Instagram bio, which says,” Bringing you closer to the people and things you love.” It provides you with plenty of Instagram updates and trends at first; on the other hand, it makes several Instagram accounts on the exposure of people to take the credit in turn of the achievements on the content strategy they made. Artists, creators, top influence, and other Instagram accounts they have considered as engaging Ig accounts.

2. Cristian Ronaldo Instagram hit the 376 million known as most Instagram followers, and a brand football player. He has impressed people all around the world due to his amazing elegant play. The account focuses primarily on photo highlights from his games and photos of his family

3. Ariana Grande is an American singer, songwriter, and one of the most popular celebrities known as a famous artist with 281 million followers. Actually, she is the only has got a top Instagram account among women. She serves her IG followers with the back scene of her music

4. The rock Instagram, with .282 million followers Who has the most followers on Instagram as one of the most popular actors, Often shares insights into his workouts as well as motivational videos.

5. Selena Gomez is an American singer, as well as an actress who plays several roles in Hollywood movies, is the fifth most-followed Instagram accounts (279million) she has so many fans in different range of ages with a variety of activities, it is interesting to know that she works as one of the top Instagram influencers working with puma.

6. Kim Kardashian ig known as the best Instagram accounts, the top Instagram models, businesswomen, and also counted as one of the top Instagram influencers in a cosmetic niche. With gazillion followers about 269 million.

7. Kylie Jenner with 288m followers, is a real adversary for Messi. She is a big Instagram star who was the top spot for a most-liked Instagram post. Kylie runs her account based on her work and personal life, where you can find lots of baby pics and photos with her partner

8.The next level is for a famous soccer player Lionel Messi with 289 million followers. He plays forward for Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain and plays as Argentinian national football team captain. In his Instagram account, you can find different shots of playing, his own life, his incredible dog, and an insight into other events he attends.

9- Beyonce ig is the ninthmost-followedaccounton Instagram, is an American singer, songwriter, and actress attracted 223 million Instagram followers. Working as an Instagram influencer with Adidas.

10. Neymar Instagram, with 129 million considered as most followers on Instagram, comes to the tenth place. A cool football player.

11. Justin Bieber  is in 10th place. He is one of the biggest pop stars in the world, with a massive 208 million Instagram followers. His account is a bit goofy with photos of his celebrity mates, cartoon versions of himself, and the April Fools pregnancy prank

People are in the go with the play who has the most Instagram followers on Instagram space, and keen to follow breaking news and have recent data about this popular competition.


As you know, Instagram is one of the most trendy social media apps. Today, many famous stars compete with each other on the number of followers, but who has the most followers on Instagram. Here, you can find out the most followed Instagram accounts and know the most followed people on Instagram.


Instagram vs. TikTok

Many social media platforms come up every day, but all of them don’t have the chance to get popular and go viral. Instagram did it so well and got many users from all around the world so fast that grew faster than Twitter, which was used before Instagram.

After Instagram, TikTok is a new social media which surprised people by its growth and the high number of downloads.

By becoming TikTok a popular application, many people are comparing these two platforms to know Instagram and TikTok better to choose which one to use and spend more time on. You have definitely seen many teenagers and young people who spend a lot of time using their cell phones, TikTok might be one of the platforms that they spend time on.


TikTok is a newly represented application similar to Dubsmash, but totally different from other platforms. TikTok, which is known as Douyin in China, is a platform for sharing and making videos over another song.

In June 2018, TikTok announced that it has reached to 500 million monthly active users across 150 countries, it is the first app after WeChat that became viral in a short time.

TikTok fits all ages; you’ll find any videos there such as comedy, dance, animals, sport, food, vlog, etc. But according to the statistics, most of the TikTok users are mostly young adults, teens, and teenagers that record themselves while they are dancing with a popular song. So, we can conclude that most of TikTok users belong to Generation Z. Statistics show that 8.2 million of TikTok users are girls and women which is more than male users that are 6.1 million.

TikTok videos can be recorded up to 15 seconds with several effects, filters, and stickers that help you to improve the videos. TikTok is similar to Instagram in having the caption option, but it is limited to 100 characters.

It seems that Influencers are interested in using TikTok too that they invite their followers on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. to follow them on TikTok as well. For Example, Sssniperwolf who is a famous video gamer on Instagram has encouraged her followers to view her videos on TikTok and follow her on the app.

Did you hear about the surprising news about TikTok?

In September 2018, Sensor Tower ( which is an organic user acquisition service that helps app developers grow their audience using App Store Optimization and app marketplace intelligence.) stated that TikTok surpassed other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat in monthly installs for the first time. TikTok continued to grow that reached to 42.4 percent download among all other popular social media platforms on October 30th.

Now guess which app allocated the most downloaded app in 2018! You are totally right if the answer is TikTok! TikTok was downloaded 660 million times in 2018 and became the most downloaded and popular on both App Store and Google Play which has definitely shocked Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Zuckerberg might have been so afraid of TikTok’s growth and planned for some strategies to keep Instagram popular.

Now let’s answer some questions about TikTok that might have crossed your mind before:

Are hashtags important on TikTok?

Believe it or not, hashtags play an important role in TikTok, even more than Instagram! Hashtags are known as a handy and practical principles on TikTok and help you in getting more exposure and likes. Sharing videos on TikTok without using hashtags is a big mistake! Using famous hashtags help your videos to be seen and cause to have increase in the number of your TikTok followers gradually.

Here we have gathered a list of popular hashtags on Instagram and TikTok:


Hashtags for comedy TikTok videos:


Also, you should note that some hashtags will be popular in a period and then it will be forgotten after some times, such as hashtags for challenges; you might remember the last viral Instagram challenge which was the bottle cap challenge on Instagram, some hashtags like #bottle_cap, #bottle_cap_challenge, #challenge_2019, #bottle_challenge, #FaraKicksChallenge were so popular, which aren’t now.

How can I find the new hashtags for Instagram and TikTok?

  • Learn from TikTok influencers
  • Know your audience
  • Use hashtag tools
  • If you are a business, check your competitors

Tips for using hashtags on Instagram and TikTok:

While hashtags are important on social media, you should be careful of not overusing hashtags! So:

  • Don’t hashtag every single word; you may be known as spam
  • Don’t use repeated hashtags the posts in a row

Don’t overuse the hashtags

Are there advertisements on TikTok as well as Instagram? (Revenue models)

Instagram and TikTok have a completely different revenue models; Instagram’s income is based on its ads which are shown to users on their Instagram feed and stories based on users age, location, interests, etc.

If you are a TikTok user, you may have noticed that there are no advertisements on TikTok, which I guess might be the main reason that it became so popular worldwide. With seeing ads everywhere these days such as cell phone when we are surfing the internet, on social media, on streets’ billboards, on stores, etc. people might finally be tired of seeing waves of advertisements around them and just look for a place to just have fun without seeing any ads.

TikTok’s revenue is based on users in-app purchase, such as digital gifts and emojis. In October of 2018, Tik Tok made $3.5 million in just one month of in-app purchases.

If you are interested in knowing TikTok Statistics, here we have gathered some:

  • TikTok was downloaded more than 660M times in 2018.
  • TikTok is more popular on Android than iOS.
  • More than 500 million people globally use TikTok monthly
  • 26.5 million of the 500 million monthly active users are from the U.S.
  • TikTok’s user base is largely based in India at 43% of all users.
  • 66% of users are younger than 30-years-old.
  • Users typically spend around 52 minutes per day on the app.
  • 80% of TikTok’s sessions are on Android devices.
  • In-app purchases increased by 275% year-over-year.
  • 29% of monthly users open TikTok every day.
  • The #RaindropChallenge has over 685.7 million views on TikTok.
  • Jimmy Fallon’s #TumbleweedChallenge created 8,000 videos with over 9 million views in seven days.
  • There are more than 5 million #InMyFeelings challenge videos on TikTok compared to 1.7 million on Instagram.


You might have noticed that Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform, but TikTok is used for creating and sharing short videos. On Instagram, you can upload videos of more than 1 minute on IGTV, but you can’t upload long length videos on TikTok. Also, you can upload Stories on Instagram which lasts for 24 hours.

Instagram was first famous just for its filters and feed; then it got more popular by having updates such as direct messaging, Stories, IGTV, etc.  

Comparing TikTok and Instagram users age range, we mentioned that most TikTok users belong to generation Z and most Instagram users belong to generation Y. Also, most of both TikTok and Instagram users are females.

How much time do people spend on Instagram and TikTok?

People spend time on TikTok for recording videos and watching other’s videos, that spend an average of 52 minutes per day on the app, which is just 1 minute less than Instagram.

All in all

I guess TikTok will be more popular than Instagram if it continues to grow as it is growing now. We should just wait and see what would happen for Instagram and TikTok in the coming year.

What do you think of Instagram and TikTok?
Do you prefer to be more active on Instagram or TikTok?
If you have to choose between being an Instagram user or TikTok user, which one would you choose? Why?

We are all ears to hear your ideas about Instagram and TikTok.

Instagram Hits 1.8 Billion Downloads in the Google Play Store

Instagram, as one of the top social media of recent decades, is getting more and more popular, especially among the generation Z. It was last year that Instagram reached its milestone of one billion downloads on the Play Store.

Now, it is getting close to almost two billion downloads on the Google Play Store, which is a place to download the app for android users, and Instagram is becoming the second most downloaded social app on android devices.

Instagram is close to hit 2 billion downloads on Play Store

In this article, we have reviewed the most popular app downloads by Android users. It seems that social media are popular trends for the coming decades, in comparison to other categories of Apps, such as productivity or games. Though, in the top list, there are different types of Apps except for social connection apps. The tendency to download photos and video related App increasing, especially among the young generation. These trends show that spending on Instagram marketing will be worth it, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

Among all apps, YouTube, as a video-sharing platform dedicated 5 billion downloads to itself and stays on top of all other applications. This trend shows the popularity and practical benefits of the video-sharing platform, and it proves the ever-increasing size of this company.

If we don’t consider Google’s apps, such as Gmail with 3.945 billion downloads, Google Maps with 2.4 billion, and Google News with 2.3 downloads, social media and instant messaging apps of Facebook (4.1 billion) and messenger (3.4 billion) stay at the second and third places.

Whatsapp, which is also a Facebook-owned app, is the second-largest instant messaging app with almost 3 billion downloads on Play Store.

After all these, Instagram with 1.8 billion is the second-largest social media on Play Store and a choice for android lovers. Compared to Facebook, Instagram has fewer scandals issue and less number of one start-rate on Play Store. Although Facebook was downloaded more than Instagram, scandalous never end up. The number of its one start-rate on Google Play is more than 10 million, and these are mostly about the users’ privacy concern.

It was last year that Instagram hit 1 billion downloads on the Google Play store, and within a year, it grew almost 200%, which is impressive for a social media app.


A lot is happening on Instagram, such as new changes to their policies, and also some new features to protect the community from negative words. Instagram recently announced that they are launching a new feature to provide anti-bullying in comments, and with all these changes we need to see if android lovers still prefer this App, or any other is going to win the trend.

Instagram Growth-Use Vs. Facebook & Snapchat

There is a fight between which social media platform is using more and more through this new digital marketing globe. Based on the researches, some people believe that Facebook is still the most popular one, while majority members of the social media community predict that Instagram has made noticeable rapid progress so far.

Thus; Instagram; as a most popular modern application lives up to expectations to overtake Facebook soon over youthful social media users.

Who has ever thought that one-day; average time spent on Instagram grow from 22 minutes to 24 minutes in comparison to its parent Facebook?

The fact is that at first Instagram released on mobile platforms in both iOS and Android, and it helped on gaining widespread popularity throughout the world. According to Mark Zuckerberg statements, both apps were different experiences which completed each other, So they decided to focus on Instagram features and enhance its capabilities rather than producing an app in the Facebook stomach.

Instagram in compare to Facebook

Despite the Instagram improvement from 2016 till 2018, Facebook has its efficiency, especially in the advertisements section. The result shows that; these days, Facebook with 2.27 billion active users per month goes ahead but based on the new statistic, Instagram flourishes more quickly than before.

Source: Edison research

Cause of its regular updates on current features and taking advantage of new helpful features for users convenient as well as being user-friendly. Now, as you see the below picture, Facebook usage has made radical changes up to 2018, with a sudden drop in engagement 67 percent to 62 percent in all types of ages.

Source: Edison research

What is the reason? Why is Facebook losing place among social network?        

  • It is believed that Facebook has reached this current place by fake news, also making some concerns on user’s privacies and trusts indirectly affect its popularity.
  • The Facebook platform launched on web version in 2004, with a long time background, but it should be taken to account that people mostly youth are keen on new flexible social apps than old-fashion ones due to their curiosity.
  •  According to, “Facebook skews significantly older than Instagram. Although the majority of Millennials uses both platforms, Instagram’s user base decreases drastically after the 18-29-year-old age group, while Facebook maintains a significant user base even with the 65+ age group. Under 18, Instagram is the clear winner. Primary research reveals that despite more than 80% of all high school students in the U.S. having Facebook accounts, most prefer Instagram for daily use.”

Based on the report, although in considering some factors, Facebook has higher percent than Instagram, this quote confirms this critical point that Instagram has made considerable changes in the new generation with different tastes and gradually is winning the competition.

Instagram Vs. Snapchat

Snapchat platform is an intimate messaging application which has built an acceptable reputation and attracts a large audience, especially teens. It is more customizable than Instagram on some features it brings more enjoyable moments checking in the number of various amazing, funny appearances, but again, facing statistics show that Instagram has more engagement and daily use rather than Snapchat.


Instagram has done its mission well

Having learned the Instagram algorithm once will lead you to build a good strategy for your account growth as it has done some specific changes to improve user experience, it is most significant for the brands and businesses looking to boost up their chances to grow their audience and engagement. Also; the primary purpose of Instagram is sharing the photos, unlike the first facebook aim was to connect us to people from everywhere. Both of them with practical goals but shouldn’t forget that Instagram’s mission is more interesting than Facebook as a newcomer on social media marketing apps.  In my point of view, I believe that users are fed up with this ancient platform and have found Instagram more entertaining in spending time on as a suitable replacement for engaging and developing their brand awareness, besides, found Facebook is likely to be used more as a messenger. All in all, as I refer to Instagram features, it seems that it includes all of Facebook as well as Snapchat features and facilities. Therefore, with a fantastic graphical base, draw attention, and cover different needs and tastes well enough.

Instagram Revenue and Usage Statistics 2022

Instagram was launched in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Since it’s launch, the app has seen exponential growth, from 1 million users during the first two months on the market to 800 million users by September 2017. In 2012 Instagram was acquired by Facebook an estimated $1 billion. As a brand Instagram is increasingly the most successful of all the major social platforms with its high reach combined with the “cool factor” and wide appeal that other platforms can’t match.

[vc_row][vc_column][md_text md_text_title1=”” md_text_title_description=”” md_text_title_size=”25″ md_text_title_separator=”no” md_title_bottom_space_description=”” md_text_use_desc_custom_font=”no”]So what is Instagram? It’s a mobile, desktop, and Internet-based photo and video sharing application and service. It allows users to upload photos and videos, add hashtags and geotags, graphical stickers, Augmented Reality objects, as well as apply multiple graphical filters to alter photos. The Explore tab allows users to find popular photos and videos taken nearby. With hashtags the photo-sharing platform users can connect photos and videos they upload other content, as well as follow particular hashtags.

With Instagram Direct features users can send each other private messages and with Stories feature (that was originally designed by Snapchat and subsequently copied by Instagram) to stitch multiple photos and videos into a short temperately stored slideshow to share. Originally Instagram was launched as an iOS app in 2010 and existed exclusively on the iOS platform till 2012 when its Android counterpart was launched too. In 2016 Instagram finally got it’s Windows Mobile version.

[/md_text][md_text md_text_title1=”Instagram photo & video sharing app” md_text_title_description=”” md_text_title_size=”25″ md_text_separator_color=”rgb(166, 0, 255)” md_title_bottom_space_description=”” md_text_use_desc_custom_font=”no”]In this research, we are putting together data, statistics, and research about all facets of Instagram as one of the most popular mobile apps on this planet.


[/md_text][md_text md_text_title1=”Contents” md_text_title_description=”” md_text_title_size=”25″ md_text_separator_color=”rgb(166, 0, 255)” md_title_bottom_space_description=”” md_text_use_desc_custom_font=”no”]In the mobile application landscape, when Facebook continues to grow but with a slower pace and arguably looses its popularity among youngsters, Snapchat is extremely popular among youngsters but has reached its growth plateau and in this respect it mirrors the Twitter’s problem with acquiring more than its current 330 million active users, Instagram stands out as the only top photo-sharing / social networking platform that continues to grow across the board.

Let’s lay out the key data points that allow us to describe the scope of Instagram phenomenal success and popularity.

[/md_text][md_text md_text_title1=”Instagram Key Data Points” md_text_title_description=”” md_text_title_size=”25″ md_text_separator_color=”RGB(166, 0, 255)” md_title_bottom_space_description=”” md_text_use_desc_custom_font=”no”]

  •   Instagram MAU worldwide in September 2017 – 800 million (Source: Statista)
  •   Instagram DAU worldwide in April 2017 – 500 million (Source: TechCrunch)
  •   Instagram Stories DAU worldwide in 2017 – 250 million (Source: CNBC)
  •   Total number of photos posted to date – 34.7 billion (Source: Statistic Brain Research Institute)
  •   Number of photos posted daily – 52 million (Source: Statistic Brain Research Institute)
  •   1/3 of the US mobile users are on Instagram (Source: Pew Research Center)
  •   1/4 of the US mobile male users have the Instagram account  (Source: Pew Research Center)
  •   4 out of 10 US mobile female users are on Instagram (Source: Pew Research Center)
  •   Instagram users biggest age group – 18-29 years old (59% of the total user base) (Source: Pew Research Center)
  •   Instagram users smallest age group – 65+ years old (8% of the total user base) (Source: Pew Research Center)
  •   US Millennial users Instagram Penetration in 2017 – 51 million (Source: eMarketer )
  •   Instagram Celebrity top user – Selena Gomez (132 million) (Source: Socialblade)
  •   80% of Instagram users follow 1 or more brands (Source: Adweek)
  •   Number of businesses registered on Instagram – 15 million (Source: Instagram)
  •   Monthly number of active advertisers – 2 million (Source: Instagram)
  •   Instagram mobile internet ad revenue in 2017  – $3.64 billion (Source: Statista)
  •   Instagram mobile internet ad revenue forecast for 2018 – $6.84 billion (Source: Statista)

[/md_text][md_text md_text_title1=”Instagram Usage Statistics” md_text_title_description=”” md_text_title_size=”25″ md_text_separator_color=”RGB(166, 0, 255)” md_title_bottom_space_description=”” md_text_use_desc_custom_font=”no”]One of the core metrics of a mobile app popularity is the number of people who repeatedly use the apps on a monthly basis. Given how dynamic modern life is, it’s hard for people to use a lot of apps regularly unless they’ve become really essential for them. So how many users does Instagram have? For the last 4 years, Instagram enjoyed a skyrocketing growth, from 90 million users who used the app each month back in 2013 to 700 million that use the app in 2017.


Number of  Instagram MAU from January 2013 to April 2017, in millions



In terms of how much people are committed to using Instagram on a daily basis, we see the app’s DAU number doubling, from 100 million in October of 2016 to 200 million in April 2017 and then again doubled reaching a whopping 500 million in December 2017. Clearly the app has a momentum and most likely reach its Daily Active Users number equal to its total number of users.


Number of Instagram DAU from October 2016 to April 2017, in millions


Having 700 million users is a great feat on itself but it’s always helpful to put things in perspective. Let’s see how Instagram stack up against other Social Networking super-star apps. By mid-2017 Facebook has managed to get 2 billion users or about 1/4 of the global population. The TV replacement for Gen Z and Millennials, YouTube has 1.5 billion people watching videos wherever and whenever they are up to watching something. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have both 1.2 billion users – no wonder because both belong to Facebook and hence should have their user bases somewhat being connected. WeChat, the Chinese wonder of Instant Messaging landscape has about 900 million. Right now in this picture, Instagram has a modest third place from the end, leaving only Twitter and Snapchat in the dust with its 700 million against 328 million of Twitter users and 255 million Snapchat users.


Instagram number of users against top Social Networking apps


Now let’s compare the growth of Instagram monthly active users with only one other top social media app – its biggest rival Snapchat. Over the course of four years, 2013-2016, Snapchat loyal user base grew from 33 million in 2013 to 300 monthly active users. Meanwhile, Instagram grew from 150 to 600 million for the same period. Essentially, the Snapchat team has managed to get an order of a magnitude more MAU by 2016 and Instagram only 4x more. Given the fact that by 2013 Instagram had been a whole year part of the Facebook empire, it’s not surprising that it had a higher start than Snapchat had but it’s obvious that over this period of time Snapchat enjoyed a faster user base growth. Finally, it’s worth to make a reality of check for where things are by now. The Snapchat average daily active users growth in Q3, 2017 was minuscule – it only gained 5 million, compared with Q2, which demonstrated that the times of a Snapchat quick growth are over.


Instagram vs. Snapchat Monthly Active Users, 2013-2016, in millions



One of the most popular Instagram features today is Stories, originally developed by Snapchat and later bluntly cloned by Instagram engineers, it has an interesting dynamics for its adoption. It was launched in August of 2016 and by October, only two months later, it got already 100 million DAU, by January of 2017 150 million Instagram users were posting Stories on a daily basis. Roughly by October of 2017 Instagram Stories got more people posting them daily than their Snapchat counterparts. Even though there is no data for Snapchat Stories later than December of 2016, if we believe to the approximation based on the previous data and available statistics for Instagram Stories for 2017, clearly the latter is leading and by a large margin.


Worldwide daily active users of Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat Stories




Today mobile users around the world use only about 10 apps a day and this number is being dominated by Social Networking and Media apps such as YouTube, Netflix. Despite the fact that Facebook still dominates the mobile space, by being daily used with 79% of US population, Instagram has climbed the place number two with 32%. While Twitter and Pinterest growth rate during the 2015-2016 period was flat, Instagram did grow and we can speculate about reasons for this growth. People experience information overload and they flock to visual-based social media such as Instagram, where information presented visually and requires less effort to digest.


Instagram American online users penetration in 2016




Any mobile app for sharing and social media apps, in particular, have an important metric – a number of shares (or posts) done daily or monthly. The following graph provides data for an average number of posts made on Instagram in 2015. On average 35% of Instagrammers post photos and videos several times a day, around 24% do it only once a day.


Average number of posts on Instagram in 2015


The cornerstone of a content sharing on Instagram is a hashtag. By mentioning a word with symbol that follows immediately before it in a photo or video description, Instagram users can associate it with a specific popular topic for any Instagram user to discover. Certainly not all topics people define with hashtags are equally popular, below you can see the Top 20 hashtags. It’s refreshing to see love as the most popular one, following my lifehappy, truth and other inspiration and positive ones. It is a testament to one of the early observations about Instagram users and their attitude towards life in general.


Top Instagram hashtags


When Facebook acquired Instagram for 1 billion back in 2012, it raised many eyebrows. At that point, it was an unprecedented price to pay for a mobile app that people at the time couldn’t see growing into a huge photo and video sharing platform as it is today. When you look at the graph, based on Buffer social media management platform data, you can see why it was a smart investment – photos shared on Instagram with a turned on option to share on Facebook as well generate the significantly higher level of engagement, measured in shares, likes, and comments.


Instagram posts engagement vs. Facebook





[/md_text][md_text md_text_title1=”Instagram User Statistics” md_text_title_description=”” md_text_title_size=”25″ md_text_separator_color=”RGB(166, 0, 255)” md_title_bottom_space_description=”” md_text_use_desc_custom_font=”no”]Over the years, the Instagram team has managed to reach millions of mobile users worldwide and get those people as their active users. If we look at the graph based on demographic data compiled by Statista, no surprise, we see the US as number one country that has about 89 million Instagram monthly active users, Russia and Brazil share the second place with around 27 million MAU. It’s interesting to see Turkey, the country has isn’t particularly prominent in terms of mobile technologies adoption, in the fourth place with 16 million.


Top countries based on MAU as of Q1, 2016, in millions



Instagram has users from all walks of life, an average user profile is really diverse but the data from 2016 Pew Research Center helps us to paint a portrait of people who trust their photo and video memories to the platform. 26% of male and 38% of American female mobile users are on Instagram, 59% of Americans age 18-29 are into sharing great and not so great moments of their life with others on Instagram. On the other end of the spectrum people of 65 years or older who are presented with only 8% of all mobile users in this age. When it comes to education and income the percentage somewhat equal, 38% of US-based mobile users who make $30K/year or less and 31% of who make more than $75K/year enjoy sharing their photos and videos on Instagram. 33% of mobile users in the US who have Instagram on their smartphone have College+ and 27% have only High school or less.


Instagram American online users penetration in 2016, by gender, age, education, income, and location


[/md_text][md_text md_text_title1=”Instagram Follower Statistics” md_text_title_description=”” md_text_title_size=”25″ md_text_separator_color=”RGB(166, 0, 255)” md_title_bottom_space_description=”” md_text_use_desc_custom_font=”no”]Demographics aside, Instagram follower statistics will give us the other facet of the Instagram popularity phenomena. Now, psychologically Instagram is the best social media platform for celebrities, it provides them a quick and easy way to share moments of their life and connect with fans globally and in scale, like no other social media is capable at this point. As of the end of 2017, the greatest number of Instagram followers has Selena Gomez – 132 million, Ariana Grande has 116 million, Beyonce – 109 million, Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift – both 105 million and Justin Bieber closes the top 10 with 95 million.


Instagram top 10 users by the number of followers



One of the core principles on which Instagram is built as a photo and video sharing platform is that its users can follow each other to keep up with photos and videos other users share. The average number of followers Instagram users is unknown, but as for the teenagers among its users in 2015 a quarter had only up to 100 followers, 18% 300 or more, 11% were followed by 100 – 200 people and 6% had between 200 and 300 followers.


Average number of Instagram followers of teenage users in the US, March 2015



Shortly after Instagram launch back in 2012, many top brands marketing teams began exploring the Instagram potential to reach a higher engagement with their fan base, they’re trying to define if this new channel was capable to connect with people like other channels couldn’t. As of December last year, National Geographic was the number one brand that has more than 83 million Instagram followers, shortly followed by Nike with 75 million. It’s worth to note that one of the National Geographic branches – National Geographic Travel is on the chart as well with 21 million. Overall the chart is dominated by fashion, sport, retail brands.


Leading brands ranked by number of Instagram followers as of December 2017, in millions

[/md_text][md_text md_text_title1=”Instagram Revenue” md_text_title_description=”” md_text_title_size=”25″ md_text_separator_color=”RGB(166, 0, 255)” md_title_bottom_space_description=”” md_text_use_desc_custom_font=”no”]In October 2013 Instagram had begun rolling out its advertising solution, starting with US users that began seeing photo and video ads in their feed. By 2015 advertising began to pick up steam and Instagram managed to earn $0.63 billion in revenue, the next year it tripled this number reaching $1.86 billion, in 2017 the revenue growth slowed down, the company managed only to double the previous year number reaching $3.64. This slowdown speaks to the fact that the bulk of advertisers who wanted to take advantage of the opportunity have already joined Instagram ad platform. The 2018 Instagram revenue forecast promises to almost double it again, hopefully reaching $6.84 billion.


Instagram worldwide mobile advertising revenue, 2015-2018, in billion US dollars









20 Stats you Need to Know about Instagram

Instagram is sort of a big deal right now. It is growing with an unbelievable speed, so it can be a great opportunity for your brand to hop on and get some advantage of this growth. This is why I dedicated this blog discussing amazing stats that show you how much your brand needs to be on Instagram.

  • Engagement is super high on Instagram
  • It helps you generate leads for your brand
  • You can make money directly from Instagram by using Shoppable features.
  • You can drive traffic to your website from Instagram by adding a link to it.
  • You will gain new customers by being active on Instagram
  • It builds a tremendous online presence for your business.
  • You can find your competitors easier and analyze them to get better than them.

Now if you need more reasons to start using Instagram, just take a look at these stats:

  1. Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly users.
  2. Instagram usage by adults has grown by 5x since 2015
  3. Instagram is growing 6x faster than overall social media usage in the U.S
  4. 40% of adult internet users are on Instagram
  5. It is estimated that the platform will get another 26.9 million users by 2020.
  6. Instagram is the most used social network between teenagers.
  7. Over 75% of Instagram users live outside of the U.S
  8. 65% of the Instagram users log in every day, while 40% log in several times per day.
  9. A third of all mobile users visit Instagram at least once a month.
  10. 14% of Instagram posts are videos.
  11. The top brands have seen engagement grow on Instagram by 55% year over year.
  12. The average engagement rate on Instagram is 5.3%.
  13. Adding a location tag to your post on Instagram will increase your engagement by 70%.
  14. The top brands use on average three hashtags per post on Instagram.
  15. It usually takes 20 hours for Instagram posts to attract the half of their total engagement.
  16. Instagram pictures with faces get 36% more likes.
  17. Instagram users post more than 84 million photos every day.
  18. The best days to post on Instagram to get the most engagements are Mondays and Thursdays.
  19. 42% of B2C brands consider Instagram to be critical or very important to their social media marketing.
  20. 15% of B2B brands consider Instagram as very important to their social media marketing.


The latest Instagram stats show that there are currently more than 1 billion monthly active users on the platform and many specialists believe it could reach a billion in 2018. instagram is rolling out new features all the time, so these increasing numbers are not surprising for us anymore.

  • 8 out of 10 Hashtags on Instagram Are Branded
  • More than 500 Million of Instagram accounts are active every day (51%)

  • More than 71% of US Businesses Use Instagram
  • 80% of Users on Instagram are following a business.

  • 25% of Instagram advertisements are single videos.

  • Posts with locations get 79% more engagement
  • 70% of Instagram posts don’t get to be seen

  • Instagram Users Engage More on Weekdays

  • 80% of Influencers use Instagram for Brand Collaboration

  • Clarendon is The Most Used Instagram Filter

  • 59% of Instagram users are from 18-29-year-olds

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