What is Reddit Dark Mode and how to enable/disable it

Did you know that Reddit has Dark mode and you can enable it? If you want to learn how to enable Reddit Dark Mode, read this article.

One of the best features that most of the world’s reputable applications offer to their users is the Dark Mode or Night Mode system. Based on this, you can prevent eye irritation while consuming the application in a dark and low-light room or at night by activating the dark mode of your desired application.

How to enable Reddit Dark Mode

Reddit, which is one of the largest social networks in the world, has recently had this feature and enabled the possibility of activating Dark Mode for its users. Of course, Dark Mode on Reddit is known as Night Mode.

Install the latest version of Reddit on the phone

to activate Reddit Dark mode in Reddit, you must first install the latest version of this application on your Android phone and iPhone. To do this, you can install the latest version of the application via the Reddit download link on Android and the Reddit download link on iOS.

If you have the Reddit app installed on your Android or iOS phone, the way to activate Dark Mode or Night Mode on it is simple. To do this, follow these steps:

  • First, open the Reddit app and tap your avatar in the upper right corner of the app
  • Then scroll to the bottom of the page to see the crescent moon icon written on the front: Night Mode
  • In front of this option is a toggle button by which you can enable or disable the Dark Reddit mode
  • After activating or deactivating Dark Mode, this option will be automatically activated or deactivated both on the website and in the Reddit application, and this option will be added each time you log out of your account and log in again. It Will remain based on your settings

Dark Mode Reddit difference on AMOLED screens


If your phone has an AMOLED display, you may see gray instead of black after activating the Dark Mode option on Reddit. Follow these steps to prevent this from happening

  • First, open the Reddit app and click on your avatar in the upper right
  • Find and tap Settings
  • There is an option called AMOLED night Mode, if you enable this option your problem will be solved

Advantages of using Reddit Dark Mode

LCDs that are placed on the phone or monitor, if used for a long time, can damage the pupil due to the emission of harmful rays such as blue rays. Especially if you use your phone or laptop and computer for a long time at night, the muscle and nerve of your pupil may be severely damaged. The Dark Mode system can prevent damage to the pupil of the eye if you use the phone or monitor a lot during the night and reduce the amount of radiation reaching the eye.

Another benefit of Dark mode Reddit is that it reduces the battery consumption of the phone or reduces the power consumption of the laptop or system monitor. Based on this, you can use your device more time and be active in social networks such as Reddit.

Enable Reddit Dark Mode in Website Settings

  • First, log in to the Reddit website and if you have logged in to your account, click on your avatar photo at the top.
  • In the View section, you can see the Night mode option, which is marked with a crescent moon icon
  • Just like on the phone, if you turn Toggle off or on, Dark Mode will be enabled or disabled on Reddit
  • There is also an option in the website section that by activating or deactivating Reddit Dark mode, the option will be retained in memory after logging out and logging in again.

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Reddit is one of the largest social networks in the world that is used by more than a few million people daily, the Dark Mode feature in this application and its website also helps users to use this program more easily during the night and even Avoid consuming too much phone battery or monitor power. If you have a question about activating Dark Mode in this application, you can ask it through the comments section.


How to Change Reddit Username 2021

Reddit is a community of intercommunications. But if you make the wrong interactions or an act of cheating or spamming, then the website will punish that account.  Recently, Reddit made some adjustments to its website. And try to hold it at the head in words of quality. You might need to learn how to replace your username with a new one on Reddit. Many issues enclose this platform, but our central focus will be on the username and names.  Below is all about how to change your reddit username and see if it is possible or not.

What Is a Reddit Display Name?

A Reddit display name is a public title, which everyone can see it. You can have the same display name and username. Unlike the username, you can change your name any time you wish.

Can I change my username?

How to change my Reddit username

I suggest if you want to have your favorite username, create a new account with a new email address and contact information.

A lot of people order Reddit helplines and ask how to change Reddit username. Once you chose a username, it is permanent.  It is good to know that Reddit ties it to verifying items and social media accounts. It is more or less a means to decrease cybercrime on the website.

Here is how to change your reddit username by creating a new account: 

1. Go to your Reddit account.

2. Sign out of your existing account.

3. Click “Sign up” in the top-right corner.

4. Enter your email address and click “Next.”

5. Select your new username, choose a password, and click “Sign up” to finalize.

How to change my display name on Reddit

First, let us know that you intend to public display the name and not the handle. The shifting of Reddit public name is quite simple. First, you have to open your settings at the bottom left of your profile. Then, you will see Customize profile, and you have to tap it. After that, it redirects you to a page where you can change your new display name.


As you can not change your username, you have to be very careful about choosing it first. While you can change the usernames of other programs like Instagram on Reddit, the main username cannot.

Is Reddit Down? how to fix it

Reddit is one of the most popular social media platforms today. The website is a space for various communities and sub-groups based on their mutual interests and concerns. Even if you are not a Redditor, the chances are high that you have heard the name already on the news, especially after the GameStop situation took place.

Naturally, this website’s popularity keeps the company’s servers quite busy and you will face the reddit app not working. Consequently, just like any other platform, it might face inevitable outages from time to time. This article shows you how to find out whether reddit is not working or you should contact your Internet Service Provider.

Is reddit down?

  • Check Reddit’s official account on Twitter

More often than not, companies’ official accounts on Twitter or other social medias report if they have issues or outages in specific locations.

  • Check reddit down detector or similar websites

You can visit Statusgator, Downdetector, or similar websites for more information on downtimes and their locations. You can also report problems with Reddit to these websites and follow the pattern of similar issues on graphs and charts. To directly go to Reddit down detector page click here

  • Ask people around you if they experience a similar problem

If you do not have access to any of the methods above, you can ask around or perhaps post about it on a subreddit and find out if the same problem happened for others or not?

How to fix reddit down? (Reddit not working)

If you faced reddit not working, or any similar issues and you made sure reddit is down, it is time to do something to try to fix the issue.

Below are all the solutions to fix reddit app not working:

  • Close the Reddit app or website and try reloading it

  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection

Sometimes the internet disconnection is the cause. So, try different ways to test your internet connection. If you are disconnected, then it is best to contact your ISP service. If that was not the case, try the following methods.

  • Logout and login again

  • Update your app

Bugs are a common issue. To resolve this, check the app store to find available updates. If there was none, and you guess it might be a bug, you can report it on the official subreddit here: https://www.reddit.com/r/redditmobile/. Be patient; developers will resolve these bugs in new updates.

  • Try Reddit on other devices

Users have noted that sometimes Reddit android app does not respond while the web version is up and running. This should be resolved on its own after a while. If it did not, you could use our last approach.

  • Reinstall the app!

Try this method as a last resort! Especially if your account seems to have issues only on smaller devices like smartphones or tablets.