Fix iPhone Face id not available (100% working methods)

Face ID is a helpful feature for all iPhone users and helps them unlock their phones without entering the passcode. There is a point that sometimes iPhone users complain about the face id not available issue. This problem might happen because of different reasons that most of the time depend on a software glitch or hardware problem. But if you are looking for a way to solve the issue of face id not being available on iphone, continue reading. Below I will explain why does it say face id not available, and tell you how to fix it.

What is the “face id not available” issue?

As you know, when the face id feature is not working, it can cause a bad issue for an iPhone user. Recently, face id not available iphone 11 was one of the most reported problems. Here, I want to tell you some simple tricks which you can use to fix the issue of face id not being available, but Before that let’s see why is face id not available.

As you know the system of unlocking your iPhone with Face ID depends on the camera and the Face ID feature, so when one of them is at fault, it could be the reason why is my face id not available. Here, you can read about some of these potential causes:

  • Your face is not fully visible to the camera because the lens angle is not proper.
  • When your camera is covered with a small amount of dust.
  • After five failed tries, the system will stop functioning.
  • The old iOS version or old device is not supported by Face ID.
  • When you lock your iPhone using the “Find My iPhone” app.

Now that you know why does it say face id not available, continue reading and learn how to fix the face id is not available issue.

Which phone show the error “face id not available”?

When you are here, it means you have face the face id is not available issue. Previously explained the reasons why does it say face id not available, here I want to tell you that while all iPhone users might face this problem, many people recently reported face id not available iphone 11. If you want to know how to fix it, continue reading.

How to fix “face id not available”?

Above here, I have explained why is face id not available. Now, I want to go through the ways you can use to fix this problem.

  • One of the most probable reasons why is face id not available is because something covers the notch. So, first of all, check your phone camera, and remove any coverage case.
  • Also, if you are asking yourself why is my face id not available, check your orientation, remember that you must hold your iPhone vertically, in portrait orientation.
  • Sometimes you might have encountered some software crashes, and the best way to deal with them is to restart your phone. 
  • This issue might happen when you do not set up Face ID correctly. Go to your phone’s setting and check your Face ID settings. 
  • If you wonder why is my face id not available, think if you have recently changed your appearance. This would be another cause for the Face ID not working issue. You can fix this problem by setting up an alternate appearance.
  • If none of the above was your case, it might be a good idea to reset the Face ID. Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode and tap the Reset Face ID.
  • For a more drastic situation that your Face ID is not available, you can reset all of your device’s settings by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.


If you are an iPhone user, you should know about the Face ID feature that iPhone users like to use instead of entering a password to unlock their phone. But as an iPhone user, you might face the common problem of face id not available iphone 11. Read the above text and learn why does it say face id not available, and how you can fix this problem using some simple tricks.

How to Save Instagram Photos on iPhone/PC?

Instagram is a popular photo-sharing platform, people can share pictures and videos privately or publicly. Instagram’s privacy policy can somehow preserve the ownership, but for those who really love the pictures, it would be hard for them to save the photo. Never mind, in this article I will introduce ways to save or download Instagram photos.

Method 1: save Instagram photos by screen shot

This can be the simplest way to save Instagram pictures, you should first get to the photo you want, then take a screenshot from it by pressing Power and Home buttons at the same time.

After getting the screenshot, you can crop them to get the picture your want.

This method is an easy way to save other user’s posts from Instagram, but if you have a lot of pictures to save, people could be so annoyed. Also, this method will somehow restrict the quality of the photos, if you want a better method, look at the following ways.

Method 2: download Instagram pictures via URL

This method has been developed by lots of users. if you haven’t got the idea of how to do, follow these steps.

  • Open Instagram and find the picture you want to save.
  • Tap “…” on the right corner of the picture, tap “copy URL” and then paste it in safari.
  • Save the photo from the browser. And the photo will show up in your gallery.

Method 3: use third –party apps to save Instagram pictures

Actually, if you seek in App Store, you can find different Instagram downloaders, which can let you save Instagram pictures on iPhone without a break. All you have to do is to search Instagram downloaders on App store and choose the best one to use.

How to Save Instagram Photos on PC?

Instagram does not offer an in-app option to save Instagram photos on PC, but there are some similar tricks, such as the ones mentioned above to save instagram photos on PC.

The two ways to download pictures from Instagram when using a PC, is to wither take a screenshot of the photo with a tool, or use a third-party-app such as Instagram Downloader. Just copy the link of the video or the image. Secondly, paste it in the box located in the website. Lastly, download it to your device whether it is Android, iPhone, or PC.

Fix Instagram Notifications Not Working on iPhone

Does anyone else not getting notifications from Instagram? I just experienced this problem yesterday. So I searched around and found some solution to it, and I am going to share them with you in this article.

Instagram as one of the biggest social networks all over the globe is getting complicated and users make look for some solutions to get rid of its bugs. It is true that automation tools like Instagram bot made the Instagram actins (like, follow, comment, unfollow, view stories, direct message (DM)) to grow an account easier and safer. Nevertheless, there are some bugs you get and you should fix them manually like not receiving Instagram notifications on iPhone devices

How to fix Instagram notifications, not working on iPhone?

No one likes to miss an essential notification of their crush sending them a message. So, read on to fix this issue ASAP.

If you are not getting instagram notifications on iPhone 11, follow the ways stated bellow. however the summary of fix is:

  • Check the Notifications setting on the Instagram app if all are turned on. The three-line icon on the top right of the profile>Setting>Notifications.
  • Update the Instagram app
  • Restart the phone
  • Clear Instagram cache
  • Make sure you have enough storage on your phone
  • Check the phone notification setting from Setting

How to turn on Instagram notifications on iPhone (from app)

  1. Open Instagram and log in to your account
  2. From the profile, tap the three-line icon on the top right
  3. Open the Settings
  4. Tap “Notifications.”
  5. Switch on any notifications you need

How to turn on Instagram notifications (from iPhone)

  1. Tap Setting on your iPhone (grey color)
  2. Open the Settings
  3. Tap “Notifications.”
  4. Swipe through the apps to find Instagram
  5. Switch on any notifications you need

Fix 1: Restart your device

 Obviously, there is no better way for you to fix any iOS problems than to have your phone restarted.

  1. The only thing you need to do is to press and hold the power button of your phone for a couple of seconds until you see a note on your screen that says “Slide to Power Off.”
  2. Slide the slider from left to right to turn off your phone. Once that your phone is fully turned off wait for a minute or two and turn it back on again.
  3. Remember that having your phone turned off will stop all the operations running on your phone. Some software bugs make many of these on your device. So, if you restart your phone, or even if you do a hard reset on your iPhone device, then it will boot up your device, and it will also have a fresh restart.

Fix 2: Update your phone

Since Apple is always releasing a new update for its users, then you might want to try updating your phone as well, this will also fix some bugs and glitches on your phone. To update your device:

  1. Go to your Settings
  2. Go to General and then tap on Software Update.
  3. If there is an available software update, go ahead and hit on Download and Install.

Fix 3: Check your Instagram app notifications

Try to check this:

  1. Open the Instagram app
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Tap on the small profile picture on buttom right corner
  4. From the profile, tap the three-line icon on the top right
  5. Go to your Settings, and then choose Notifications.
  6. Check if the notifications are enabled

Fix 4: See if your phone is in silent mode

If you did turn your phone into silent mode, then there is an excellent chance that you won’t receive any notifications on your device. So, all you need to do is to toggle the silent switch to get out in Silent Mode.

Fix 5: Check if “do not disturb” is on

Do Not Disturb or DND is actually one of the best features on iOS. If it is enabled on your phone, you won’t be able to receive any calls and notifications. If you notice see a moon icon at the top of your screen, then that means that DND is enabled. To turn this off:

  1. go to your Settings
  2. tap on Do Not Disturb and hit the off button next to it.

Fix 6: Check your network connection

Remember you should be connected to a stable connection to be able to get Instagram notifications. Unless your phone is connected to a permanent network connection, you won’t be able to receive any instant notifications from Instagram.

Fix 7: Restore your device

Having your phone restored will fix any notifications that are not working such as your Instagram notification. Still, this should be your last option because restoring your phone will reset your phone and making it as good as new. Performing this on your phone will remove all of your saved data and settings. So make sure to get a backup of your necessary data.

Fix 8: Logout from your Instagram account

Don’t get disappointed if the mentioned ways didn’t work; there are still some other solutions to receive Instagram notifications. Try logging out of your Instagram account; you should open the Instagram app and go to the profile screen, then you should tap on the three-bar icon on top right of the page and choose Setting.

At the end of the page, there is the Log Out option, tap on it and restart your phone, then log into your account again.

Fix 9: Check notification setting from a different phone

If you are logged into an Instagram account with two different devices, any changes that you make for one of them will apply for the other one. Check both devices and turn on the notification setting on both of them.

Fix 10: Disable low power mode

The low power mode on the iPhone and battery saver mode on Android, save the battery when people are running low on battery. By enabling the low power mode, apps don’t refresh in the background, and it might be the reason that you don’t get Instagram notifications. Clearly, you should deactivate the feature to get the notifications. Follow the instructions to disable the low power mode on IOS:

Step 1: Open phone Settings and go to Battery.
Step 2: Turn off the low power mode

Fix 11: Enable background refresh

You should enable the background refresh to get the notification. To enable it, you should:

Step 1: Under phone Settings, go to General.
Step 2: Scroll down and tap on Background App Refresh, turn it on, and Enable Instagram.

Fix 12: Reinstall Instagram and give notification permission on IOS

You may have noticed that when you Install Instagram for the first time, it asks you whether you want to get notifications or not, and you may have ignored and declined it.

For solving the problem, you should uninstall Instagram from your phone and restart your phone and download the app on “App Store” then Install it again. Now you’ll see two notifications that you should allow both of them.

A new issue that iPhone Xr users are facing is that they are not getting Instagram notifications on their phones. Be it a problem on the side of Instagram or an iPhone setting-related issue; we got some solution here that might be of help.

Fix Apple iPhone XR Instagram notification not working

  • Check “Do Not Disturb” setting on iPhone Xr device:

Before doing anything, check if your phone’s notification settings are restricted or not. If this is the case, then your phone should make no sound when there is any new activity or message.

Tap Settings->Do Not Disturb and disable DND (do not disturb) feature.

Now you will get all the notification from all messages received.

  • Turn on Instagram app notifications

If it is only Instagram that does not send any notifications to your iPhone Xr device, then the app configuration setting must be modified.

Go to Settings, find and tap Instagram application. Turn on Instagram notifications, and you are all set.

  • Restart your iPhone:

Usually, a simple restart will solve many problems. With iPhone Xr, this is also the case. Reboot the device and wait till it’s up again. Ask a friend to send you a direct message and see if there appears any notification or not.

  • Reset device’s all settings

Sometimes incorrect settings and configuration on the device can cause notification problems. Some settings do not match with others, so the best solution is to reset all settings to default. Instagram notification problems must be solved this way.

  • Install the latest iOS version

Most of the time, when we are not getting Instagram notifications, the problem might be due to an outdated version of iOS we use. So, an iOS update can do for the Instagram notification not working problems.

To update your operating system, do as Settings->General->Software update. Then go for the easy to follow instructions.

  • Restore iPhone Xr to Factory

As a last resort, restore to factory must take away any problem related to Instagram notifications. To do so follow Settings->General->Reset->Erase all contents and settings. Enter the passwords required and wait for the device to restore to factory settings.

Note that by doing so, all your information and contacts on the phone will be lost. So, take a backup file from all the phone’s content, and then go through it.

Over to you

Did you manage to solve the problem with Instagram notifications not working on iPhone XR? If so, let us know your tips and tricks and help iOS users conveniently use Instagram on their phones. Hope this article helped.

Did you find our article helpful? If you have any other issues with your Instagram notifications, just tell us in the comments below.

Instagram won’t let me log in on my iPhone & iPad (2022 Fixes)

Many iOS users have reported that they have trouble logging in through their iPhone/iPad. Here we have investigated the issue, and the possible ways are provided to solve it.

Recently many iOS users have reported an issue with signing in to Instagram on their devices. Though they might think that there should be some problems with iPhone or Apple ID, the truth is that Instagram has no issue with iPhone or Apple ID.

Why can’t I log in to Instagram on iPhone?

You might be banned from Instagram due to violating Instagram terms and services through your wifi IP address, or your phone IMEI, email address, phone number. These are the only ways Instagram can detect that you are signing to that particular account.

If you cant log in to Instagram on iPhone, is because of:

  • Your account is disabled
  • Your iOS needs an update
  • Your IMEI is banned
  • Your IP is banned
  • You have a weak internet connection
  • This is a bug

Perhaps Instagram has detected the phone IMEI and has forbidden it, or another way to identify your account is your IP, which shows the device address you have logged in to your account. To change the IP address, you can use any VPN on your devices. You can more eighth buy or download free VPN (which is not recommended due to security reasons), and activate it on your iPhone main setting page.

What Is Instagram Login Error?

There are a couple of error messages for Instagram login issues. One very common Instagram login error is the “sorry there was a problem with your request”.

This error can happen due to many reasons which as, weak internet connection, problems with Instagram servers errors in your login credentials, and etc. In :”Fix Sorry, there was a problem with your request’” you can learn how to fix this Instagram login error fast and easy. 

10 ways to fix Instagram login error on iPhone & iPad?

Couldn’t refresh feed on Instagram is an Instagram bug that appears often. Recently many Instagram users across the world report that when they refresh their Instagram feed, they see the error message Instagram Couldn’t refresh feed. if you are looking for the soloution join us.

There are various ways to this issue though you should try them one by one. If one couldn’t fix the problem, go for the next.

Way #1 login with another device

To see if it is related to your iPhone, it is a good idea to log in to your account on other devices, including Android or any other phone. If you could log in successfully, it means that there is something wrong with your phone only.

Way #2 Use the desktop version

It is good to go to and see if you can log in to your account. If you got the same error, there is something wrong with your account. Your account might be disabled. If you could successfully login, to post on Instagram from PC, you can use the Creator Studio, which belongs to Instagram.

Way #3 login with Facebook on iPhone

Suppose you got trouble logging in to your Instagram account on your iPhone. In that case, the first possible way is to log in through the Facebook account.

Way #4 Temporarily disable your Instagram account

You should log in to your Instagram account from the web. For this, open your browser, log in to your Instagram account. Once you could log in, on your top right, click on your profile icon, go to the edit profile, scroll down, and you would see the temporary disable the account. Give the reason, type in your password again, and deactivate your account. After 3-4 hours login in through your phone, it should be fixed.

Way #5 reset your iPhone network setting

The problem would be related to your network, so, by presenting your network setting, it might be solved. To reset your network setting go to Setting> Genaral> Reset> Reset Network Setting.

Way #6 use mobile data instead of WIFI

It might happen that the problem back to the wifi network, and if that address is banned, you can use the cellular data instead.

Way #7 change the wifi network

It is better you try all the way which is possible for you. You can try changing the wifi network. It might fix the issue. If not, try the next ways.

Way #8 change IMEI

In this case, you should change the IMEI of the iPhone, which is possible on the jailbroken devices. So, you should first jailbreak using some software like the iPhone with the guide on changing the iPhone’s IMEI number.

Way #9 change your IP

If Instagram blocks your IP, you can change the IP using VPN, on your iPhone. Buy VPN from third parties, and activate it on your iPhone main setting page, VPN.

Way #10 wait for a couple of days or weeks

Some of Instagram issues would be solved after sometimes if you are banned from login, it may take 1-2 weeks to back to the normal status. Therefore, if all of the above ways couldn’t fix your issues, wait for some days.

You can also contact Instagram within the app. If you have no access, you can use any of your friends’ Instagram app and report the problem through Setting>Help.


Having trouble with Instagram login on iPhone is reported by many users. There are many ways that Instagram could detect the account and ban it from the login. In order, you should try all of the above ways to fix the issue. If you couldn’t fix the problem, you should wait until it gets fixed.

Fix Instagram notification won’t go away

Many iOS users have experienced ghost notifications problem on the Instagram application. The bug creates a false impression of pending notifications; but when people open the app, there is no notification. If you are facing a similar issue, here is how to remove Fake notifications.

Fake notifications on any social media platform annoy me. This dirty thing always keeps me thinking that some notifications are pending to see. Lately, I’ve seen many ghost notifications on my Instagram.

How to fix Instagram notifications won’t go away?

I want to get rid of this false notifications issue. I have used a few methods to delete such notifications. Please note that the workarounds listed below may or may not work on your app. So, just give it a try!

There are many parts that you might see Instagram notifications (like Instagram direct messages, IGTV). If Instagram says you have a message, but you don’t, fix the issue as follow:

  • Check the unread messages in general messages, requested messages, and direct messages.
  • Check the IGTV notifications
  • Update the Instagram
  • Uninstall, and install the Instagram again
  • Unlink Facebook account

­1. Instagram DM notifications won’t go away

It might happen for you to see a number or even a few number on your Instagram direct icon. However, if you open the direct message sections, you won’t see anything.

If Instagram show you the notifications but you don’t see any message? Follow the instructions bellow or look them up at, a free online manual that can help you with any problem in few easy steps.

  • Check the general message

As you might know, there are two different parts on Instagram direct message section. first the primary direct messages, and general ones (it is like archived messages). however, if someone on the general list would send you a message, you can see the notification in beside the icon.

  • Check the message requests

Message request also send you a notification in the notification bar. Even if you check the setting, you can get the notifications on your screen. Even it is like the spam message. You would see a message like this “Someone tries to send you message”. so, go to the direct message section on Instagram, and check if there are any request messages. tap on it, and open the message. The notifications won’t go, until you read the messages.

  • Check the entire direct message

If someone send you a direct message on Instagram, and they deactivate their accounts, the message would also disappear. However, if they return to the Instagram, the message will appear again. So, you will see the notification on your Instagram direct message icon.

To fix this, you should scroll down the entire message until you see the unread message. Once you open it, the notification will disappear.

2. IGTV notifications won’t go away

In my case, the main suspect was IGTV. Instagram launched this vertical video app in 2018. When a user that you follow uploads a video on IGTV, you get a notification. Since the app is relatively new, many Instagram users don’t know about the notifications related to this app.

If you have the same issue:

  • Click on IGTV icon on the top right corner of your iPhone screen.
  • Check the video shared by your following. After watching the video, check your Instagram on the home screen. The fake notification might have disappeared.

This method has actually worked on my iPhone, and I hope this works on your phone as well. If it doesn’t, go ahead.

3. Unlink Facebook Account to get rid of notifications

This sounds a little crazy, but unlinking your Facebook account from Instagram can remove false notifications. This is how:

  • Open your Instagram app and go to your profile by tapping on its icon on the bottom right corner.
  • Next, tap on the three horizontal lines icon from the top right corner
  • now you can see a screen pops out from the right corner. Tap on Settings.
  • Scroll down and click on Linked Accounts under the “Privacy and Security” section.
  • Tap on Facebook and unlink your account from Instagram.
  • A pop-up window appears requiring you to confirm your action. Tap on Yes, Unlink.
  • Your Facebook is now unlinked from Instagram. Now head back to Instagram’s Home page and check all your DMs and stories. Then, refresh the feed page, and that fake Instagram notification should be gone.

Are you interested to know about other notify messengers like Facebook? also screenshot facebook story, Is it possible to take a Facebook story screenshot? Does Facebook notify screenshots? If those are your questions, I suggest you tap the link above and learn about the details of Facebook screenshot.

4. Update the Instagram App

A pending update may induce this issue. A single solution is to update your Instagram app.

  • Open App Store and tap on Updates from the bottom menu.
  • Find Instagram from the list of updates and tap on the Update button next to it.

5. Uninstall the Instagram App

As a last option, you can remove the app from your iPhone and reinstall.

  • Tap and hold your Instagram app on the home screen, a delete icon (x) shows up on the top left corner of the app.
  • Tap on Delete, and you will be required to confirm your action. Tap on Delete again.

Instagram will be uninstalled from your phone. You can reinstall the app from the App Store.

Summing up

False notifications are the most annoying thing that can happen to any Instagram user. It not only takes your attention every time you enter the home screen of your phone but also disappoints you since there is no notification at all.

How to Fix Instagram Issue “Sorry, something went wrong.”

It might happen for you to face the error of “sorry, something went wrong” while using Instagram, and it becomes frustrating to see the message over and over again. This article talks about all possible solutions to fix this issue. If you couldn’t still fix it, comment on this blog, to get advice from our experts.

Seven strategies to fix Instagram error “Sorry, something went wrong.”

Many Instagram users have recently reported that they have faced the Instagram error “sorry, something went wrong.” So, here are some strategies to solve this problem.

#1 wait for a couple of hours

Sometimes Instagram updates or server might cause this kind of error. Unfortunately, there is no announcement about this types of problem, and it makes the app down sometimes. Therefore, it is better to wait for a few hours and try again.

#2 clear Instagram cache

Sometimes extra files in the cache can cause an error on the Instagram app. So, you can remove all those caches and try again.  Though clear cache is a bit different for Android and iOS users. Here is the instruction:

Clear cache on ios

Go to the setting > iPhone storage and scroll down to the apps, find Instagram, and tap on it; you would see two buttons. The first is the offload App and delete the App. Tap on Offload App to get cash cleared. Clearing cash won’t affect your data and documents, and it is just removing extra files in your apps. By tapping on offload apps; the application would be reinstalled on your device.

Clear cache on android

The process of clearing cache on Android is almost the same as iOS, so Go to Apps > Instagram > Storage > Clear Cache.

#3 log in through Facebook

Since the day Facebook bought Instagram, the connection of Instagram to Facebook account has become very significant. Even there are some features, like Instagram ads, that you should use through facebook. If you could not log in, or face the wrong error message, try to login through the facebook. It might fix the problem.

#4 use the Instagram app on windows or mac

You can try using the app on windows or mac. However, there are three different ways that you can use the app on your pc. The easiest way is to download the Instagram apps for PC or laptop and install it. Here is instruction:

Method 1.

  1. Go to Microsoft Store or Mac App Store.
  2. Search, and install the Instagram app
  3. Enter your login info

Method 2. install BlueStacks

There is some other software you can use to get all applications in one place such as BlueStacks. To install it you should:

  1. Go to BlueStacks website
  2. Download BlueStacks for Mac or Windows
  3. Install and open the app
  4. Enter your login info

Method 3. use an Instagram third party

To use an Instagram third party for extra options of Instagram actions, You should log in to the website, and go to your dashboard. You can add as many accounts as you want.  

#5 temporality deactivate the account

You can temporarily disable your account to give some space to get the issue fixed. For this case, you can go to the Instagram website and log in from a browser. Then, just beside the setting icon, click on “edit profile” and click on “temporarily disable” my account, select the reason, and type in the password. And re-login in a couple of days.

#6 contact help center

If you have tried all of the above solutions and still struggling with the error, you can contact Instagram through their help center. However, it would not be easy to get a response from them, and in some cases, it may take a couple of weeks.


If you face any error on Instagram, first try to understand what would be the source of error. Try as many ways as you find, and in most cases, it could be fixed. Contact the Instagram help at the final stage, because in many cases, they refer the users to the help center and all the instructions there only.

Why Instagram Keeps Logging you Out (and How to Fix it)?

Instagram, as a sixth big social media of the world, is becoming challenging and somehow confusing these days. Many users are facing problems while using Instagram, and some reporting that they have trouble logging in, or unwanted log out from Instagram, without notice, or any password changes.

The reasons why Instagram keep logging you out

Nowadays, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media of all ages, and since Instagram added the business account to the setting, many of business are keen to use it for boosting their business. So, it is clear how vital it could be the Instagram accounts for individuals. However, this vast social media is changing its algorithm most often. Therefore, some errors or problems using it will come up. One of these reported problems is seeing the error while you are using Instagram on the phone, sometimes it suddenly logs you out and sends you back to the login page, and sometimes show the error that there was a problem with your request.

If you had any trouble while using the Instagram app, and it keeps you out while using it, here are the reasons and also the solutions. While we were considering the issue, we found that this is most happening for those who have added many accounts to their Instagram apps.

Moreover, sudden log out from Instagram can be because of password changing too. It means that if your password changes from any device, all other active devices will be inactive (or they become logged out).

It seems that the other reason to face this issue was an Instagram bug. However, according to the Instagram help center, you should no longer receive this error. Though, in case you still have problems with this error, in the next section, I would explain some possible solutions to this kind of error on Instagram.

What to do if Instagram logged you out repetitively?

Sudden log out from an account on Instagram is indeed frustrating, but hopefully, we have researched on this, and we have found some ways that could fix the issues.

The first solution is removing other accounts from your login pages and add accounts again. The second one is that you should clear cache from your mobile phone, which I would explain here.

# For iOS users:

Go to the setting > iPhone storage

And scroll down to the apps, find Instagram, and tap on it; you would see two buttons. The first is the offload App and delete the App. Tap on Offload App to get cash cleared. Clearing cash won’t affect your data and documents, and it is just removing extra files in your apps. By tapping on offload apps; the application would be reinstalled on your device.

# For Android users:

The process is almost the same. Follow this instruction:
Go to Apps > Instagram > Storage > Clear Cache

As I mentioned, changing your Instagram’s password from another device, could log you out of your account. If you feel so, we highly recommend you go to the forgotten password section in the login page and try to reset your password through the information Instagram wants from you. If all the above tips could not help you, you should contact Instagram support to report the issue.


The last recommendation is that while using Instagram, it is better to check your setting and privacy. If you set strict privacy on your phone, you might have more issues related to login into the app, especially when you are logging in from other devices. Remember that it is better for you to connect your phone and Facebook page to your Instagram account. All these would help you to recover your account once you have log-in trouble.

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