How can I know if someone blocked me on Instagram?

Have you ever been suspicious if one of your contacts has blocked you? What happens when we become blocked? In this note, we will talk about it.

Although you can’t be 100 percent sure that your number has been blocked by another person, there are some ways that you can use to justify your uncertainty. If you are in a situation where you feel that you have been blocked, use these steps;


5 ways to find out if we are blocked by someone


1.Contact’s last seen or online in the chat window


This is the easiest way you can use it. Look for contact last seen in the chat window. If you are blocked, You can no longer see a contact’s last seen or online in the chat window; However, this is no confirmation as the contact may have just changed their “last seen” settings.


2.No updates to profile photo


If you are blocked by one of your numbers, the profile photo of the contact will never change to you, keeping the photo that was in his or her profile before you became blocked.


3.No massage receiving by contact


Any messages sent to a contact who has blocked you will always show one checkmark, which means it has been sent correctly but never will turn to two marks because the contact will never be going to receive it.


4.No call connection


If someone has blocked you, any attempts to place a call through WhatsApp to the contact will be abortive.


5.No permission for creating a group


If none of the above steps confirm your question, these methods always work for you and nothing can make it blemish. Try to make a WhatsApp group with the contact you feel has blocked you. If you receive a message saying “you are not authorized to add this contact,” then you have been blocked for sure.




WhatsApp allows its users to stop receiving messages from any person they want. If you see all of the indicators above for a contact, this could mean that the user is blocking you and you should avoid any disturbance.

Best Instagram Chrome Extensions

Good Chrome extensions can help you save a lot of time. A chrome extension is just like a plugin that adds new functionality to your browser by expanding its capabilities. In order to know what extensions exist, you can go to the Chrome web store and take a look. In this article we will introduce the best extension that we think will be helpful for people who are trying to grow their business on Instagram in different ways.

How to add an extension to Chrome

After you enter the Chrome web store you can either browse all the different extensions, search for a particular extension or use the filters that are available. After you click on an extension, a window pops up that contains more information about that particular extension. It includes users’ reviews, later versions of the plugin, and so on. After you make your mind, click “Add to Chrome” on the top right of the page and it will install. The extension will appear on the right side of the address bar and you are done. 

How to manage an extension

The easiest way to manage an extension is to right-click on its icon. From there you can remove an extension or hide it. If you need to access more advanced settings you can click “Manage Extensions”.

The best chrome extensions for Instagram users

Here is a list of the most useful extensions that will benefit Instagram users:

  1. Inssist: Instagram does not let its users upload videos or IGTV directly to their feed via the website itself. However, if you want to do this to save time or because of its accessibility, Inssist is the ultimate solution. You can use a lot of features on their free plan but if you pay a very small amount of money, you can upgrade and unlock all the features. To use this plugin you have to log in to the Instagram web version and then click on the plugin’s icon. Now you can manage your directs, upload posts and stories, comment and like, and even access Instagram dark mode through this extension.
  1. Notifications DM Instagram: if you want to grow your reach and gain the trust of your customers, it is important to answer their direct messages as soon as possible. Notifications DM Instagram lets you know you have a message as soon someone tries to contact you. 
  1. InstaDirect: this add-on allows you to send direct messages via your PC. This extension is totally safe and you can use it comfortably since it doesn’t ask you for your Instagram username and password.
  1. IG Downloader: you may see a post or story on Instagram and want to re-post it to your account. You can also download images and IGTV. To do this you only have to hover over the post and click the download button. Just be careful not to download too many posts back to back since Instagram may block you temporarily. 
  1. Font Face Ninja: sometimes you see somebody’s post on social media or content on their website and you think to yourself what font they’re using. You may try to search whatever keyword related to a font in Google and still not be able to find its name. Font Face Ninja has made this process really easy for you. Just install the plugin and finding your favorite font will never be a headache ever again. You can just turn on the plugin, then go to the website that you have found its font to be interesting. Just hover your mouse around the font and you will be able to find out the type of font.
  1. Everliker: this plugin automatically likes other people’s posts based on the hashtags you follow. The free version only likes other people but you can use more features if you purchase a premium account. The add-on works in the background as long as Chrome is open. 
  2. Social Analytics by WeFind: this extension calculates your engagement in no time. Every Instagrammer knows how important it is to have comprehensive analytics of their page to grow faster.  Social Analytics by Wefind has made this process way easier for you.
  1. Later: it is especially difficult for newer entrepreneurs to schedule their posts because they are too busy. However, we all know how important discipline and planning is to find our place in the Instagram algorithm and reach more people. Later is a great extension for post-scheduling. You can upload your content to a folder and give this plugin a schedule and worry no more.


Extensions are plugins that add new features to Google Chrome. Every Instagrammer knows know how important it is to use tools that help us cross out our mundane tasks and do more meaningful ones. In this article, we presented extensions to you that can boost your productivity and result.

How to Fix “We restrict certain activity on Instagram”

Every platform we use has certain rules to protect us. Instagram is no exception. They have created some rules that if we try to circumvent, they limit our activity on the platform. When this happens, depending on the type of limit we have crossed, Instagram penalizes us. It may prevents us from further liking posts, direct messaging, commenting, following, etc. we know we have been penalized when this message appears on the screen: We restrict certain activity to protect our community.” or when we read the words “Action Blocked” on the screen.

Different types of Blocks on Instagram

There are 3 different types of “Blocks”. There is a soft action block (we call it type one), there is a harsher block that says you cannot follow or comment for a couple of days and provides you with an exact end day of the penalty (type 2). There is also another one that asks you to change your password because they think you have installed a bot or have worked with a person to get you likes, comments, and followers (type 3).

How to get rid of the “Blocks”

type 1: you first realize you have been blocked when you like someone and follow but when you refresh the page, it is as if you haven’t done the action. In other words, the action doesn’t stay. This happens you have done a huge amount of likes, follows, comments, etc. in a short period of time. When you do these things your trust score on Instagram decreases. This is this platform’s way to stops you from what it considers to be suspicious and against its terms.

The best way to get rid of this ban as soon as possible is to assure Instagram that you are not automation and you are not spamming out people. You can increase your trust score by engaging normally with people on your home feed and explore. Also, you should upload posts and stories regularly. Plus, stop follow-unfollowing for at least two days. Try to delete the app, reinstall, and log in again. You know the block has been removed when the actions you take start sticking again and do not disappear.

  • type 2: when you do a lot of activity on Instagram like following a huge number of people or liking them, it sends out harder blocks to make sure you are not abusing the algorithm. Instagram gets especially sensitive when you follow people who are following or liking a certain account because it knows about this strategy. Another cause of this type of block is being present in the account with two different IP addresses. So if you are working on a client’s page, ask them to leave the page for a couple of hours until you get your work done and step out.

This type of block limits your action more than type 1. You can post but you can’t write a caption. You can unfollow people when you are under a hard block but do not do it excessively or you may end up prolonging it.
In case this happens to you, you have to wait until the block is gone. Then you can again start your activity but start small and increase your activity at a slow pace.

  • type 3: this is when Instagram asks you to change your password. You see this message when the platform thinks you are using some kind of automation or service to get you likes, followers, etc. This is Instagram giving you a chance to stop using third-party tools before it gives you an action block.

Do not take a heavy amount of action or enter the application with different IPs if you want to prevent this issue. We suggest you slow down your activity when you get this message and then increase it little by little.

Instagram has become much more sensitive about robot-like activities recently because it wants to fight spam. If you exceed a normal amount of activity, it may think that you are automation and penalize your account by action block. In this article, we examined 3 types of action blocks and how to get rid of them.

Instagram Vanish Mode

Sometimes you may intentionally or by mistake do something silly or embarrassing on social media. It’s no surprise that you do not want this type of message you have sent someone forwarded to other people. Companies like Facebook are constantly researching the demands and needs of people and trying to answer them. After all, this is how a product or service remains popular and stays ahead of its competitors. 

How Vanish Mode came into existence

Recently Facebook announced that it was adding a new feature to Messenger and Instagram called Vanish Mode. This feature was first launched in the United States of America and some other countries but has grown wider since then. The feature will be available on Instagram soon as well. 

What is Vanish Mode Exactly

When you enter a chat with someone with a vanish mode, the chat is and secrets are deleted automatically after the chat is ended. The chat is end-to-end encrypted. If the person you are talking to takes a screenshot, Messenger and Instagram notify you. You can only enter the self-destructive type of chat with people you are connected to. Regarding security, it is good to say that you will be asked for consent if you are about to enter such a conversation. If you feel unsafe or realize that someone is violating your privacy, you can report it like before.

How to enable Vanish Mode

To enter a secret conversation with someone swipes up the chat area. Either of you can stop the feature by tapping “turn off vanish mode”.

Here’s a step by step guide:

  1. Open the application and choose an existing chat area from the top right corner or start a new chat.
  2. Swipe up the screen.
  3. Your screen turns black and some “shush” emojis fall off to show that you are in vanish mode. The same thing happens for your recipient too. You can end the mode by tapping “turn off vanish mode”. 
  4. You will be able to see the conversation after you enter the mode up until you close the window. 

Is it available on Instagram web

Unfortunately, the self-destruction mode is not available on the Instagram web yet and you can only chat with your friends just like before. We suggest that if you want to share something confidential with your friend, use the Instagram application on your mobile phone or use an alternative application with this feature. 

How to disable Vanish Mode

You may want to turn off vanish mode after you share a photo or a secret that you want your friend now. In that case, you need to take the following steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Open the chat area you have enabled vanish mode for before.
  3. Simply hold and swipe up or tap “turn off vanish mode” and you are done!

Criticism about this new feature

When the self-destruction mode was launched a lot of people praised it but some believed it had made cheating easier for their partners and questioned the motives behind it. However, Facebook said when they were designing this feature they were thinking about people’s safety and control of the experience. They added that only those people can chat privately who are connected on Facebook Messenger and they can choose whether to use this option or chat like previously.

In short

  • This self-instruction mode is a new feature that Facebook has added to Instagram. 
  • It is not to this day available in all areas of the world.
  • It is only enabled on mobiles phones and not the web version yet.
  • In order to enable or disable it, follow the steps provided above.

How to Post a GIF on Instagram

GIF or Graphic Interchange Format is a type of animated picture that was developed by an American computer scientist by the name of Steve Wilhite. Steve and his team launched it in 1987. Since then it has been used on the internet a lot because it is easily portable between different applications. They have gained more popularity over the last few years.

How is a GIF different from a video

GIFs are a series of static images that are repeated in a loop and do not have audio. They are generally really short. That is why they are so popular and are seen everywhere on the World Wide Web.  Videos are a series of moving images as well, however, they can also contain audio. Their frame rate is higher. This in turn means they are of much better quality. Unlike GIFs, videos do not usually loop and are of different lengths. The volume of videos is usually higher than the other one too. This is one of the reasons we previously said GIFs are highly portable.

Why use a GIF

They are effective tools to communicate emotions, jokes, and memes. They help people react to the messages more clearly and lower the chances of misunderstanding. Using GIFs shows that you are familiar with the latest trends and are a good way to create a friendly and trusting relationship with your recipient.  Currently, the average time span of people is around 2 to 8 seconds. As GIFs are usually 2 to 5 seconds, they are a great way of grabbing the attention of your target. Their looping quality is another feature that makes them suitable for this aim. 

Using moving pictures is a fun way to increase engagement and click-through. 

Where to find GIFs

There are lots of websites that you can download GIFs from. To make the job of finding the perfect one easier for you here is a list of 5 best of them:

  1. GIPHY: this is a great website that works like google but only for GIFs. It’s a doddle to work with the website and search among hundreds of thousands of animated pictures.
  2. Know Your Meme: what is special about this website is that you can see the history of the GIFs as well. There are a lot of fun facts that nobody knows.
  3. GIFbin: with its old and aesthetic-looking interface, this website is also a great source that you may want to use.
  4. Reddit: on Reddit, you can comment on GIFs, vote for them, and upload your own as well.
  5. Tenor: this one has a really powerful search engine that is usually helpful for social media. You search for words like “love” and it gives you more specific suggestions like “heart” and “I love you”.

How to post a GIF

Basically, Instagram does not let you share GIFs directly but you can download and convert them to videos and then share. To do this you need a converter. You can use an online converter for this purpose.

  1. Search on Chrome
  2. Choose GIF to MP4
  3. Choose the file from your computer or paste the URL
  4. Download and use the resulting file.

This website is a great and easy-to-use one. You can also rotate, resize, reverse, cut, crop, and merge your videos on it.


GIFs can help you communicate more effectively with people on social media. Instagram doesn’t let you share these moving images directly to the platform. That’s why you have to convert them to videos. In order to do that you can use the website that was introduced in the article.

How to Add Music to Instagram Posts

As you might already know, video is the most potent content type. A lot of people are creating and uploading videos to Instagram every day. To be seen, you have to bring up emotions in your audience that others cannot. One of the tools you can use to spice up your creation is music. It makes people emotional, and people do what you want when you steer up their feelings. But how can you add it to your Instagram posts? Now, let’s get technical!

The best applications to add music to Instagram stories

Instagram doesn’t let you add music to your posts while uploading, so you have to use third-party apps to do so. Here is a list of apps you might want to use:

  • InShot

This is a powerful video editor app with numerous features. You can add music, use transitions, stickers, and gifs, and adjust your creation. There is a free version available; however, it leaves a watermark under your video. The premium version lets you delete the watermark and gives you access to more professional features as well.

How to add music to video using InShot

  1. Open the application
  2. Tap on “video”
  3. Choose your video
  4. In the toolbar, tap on “music”
  5. You see three options “Track, Effects, and record” (you can also record live music or voice over here)
  6. You can see three options when you click on “Track”
  • Featured: there are some songs within the app that you can use. You have to credit the musician or singer if you don’t want to be penalized for copyright.
  •  My music: this gives you access to your own personal pieces of music and songs. You will probably use this option most often.
  • Effect: if you want to add some life to your video, you can use the effects of applause, laughter, and so on to your project from this part
  1. Tap on your music of choice and click “Use”
  2. Now you can see the song in your edit bar
  3. Here you can split your song, change its volume, duplicate it, and so on.
  • VLLO

What’s really interesting about this app is that it’s free and it doesn’t leave a watermark on your videos. It’s available both on Android and IOS. VLLO has made editing easy and painless. Beginners can use it too. Features like Chroma-key are also available for professional users but they are not free. There are more than 200 hundred royalty-free pieces of music in the app that you can use. This will save you a lot of time and confusion.

How to add music to video using VLLO

1.     After you open the application, choose the video you want to edit

2.     Press “Audio”

3.     Tap “BGM”

4.     Now you can use songs that are in the VLLO library or;

5.     You can tap “My Music” and choose whatever music you want

6.     Now you can place it wherever you want

7.     You can fade it in or out and increase or decrease the volume.


KINEMASTER is an excellent and professional video editor application. Amateurs may find working with KINEMASTER a bit complicated. With this application, you can remove the green screen and add motion to your video layers. You need to pay for premium features. You can also add music and record voice-over with this application.

How to add music to video using KINEMASTER

1.     First, choose the ratio and start your project

2.     Add your clip of choice

3.     On the right side of the circle menu, press “Audio”

4.     Select “Songs”

5.     Select the song and tap on the plus icon

6.     Click on the checkmark on the top right corner

7.     You can trim and split the music and change it as you wish

Some points to have in mind

You cannot add any music that you like to your videos without crediting the creator. Instagram may remove your content or penalize you otherwise. To be on the safe side, choose royalty-free music. No one owns the copyright of this type of music, and you can use it safely.

How coverage of sensitive topics affects the engagement of educational blogs on Instagram

All the social networks that we use today have made a revolution in sharing knowledge or making diverse content available for students worldwide. These days using Instagram in the classroom is not unusual and the Internet is full of bloggers or even influencers who found their niche in education. Most pupils are interested in science or space exploration, but Instagram can introduce students to more sensitive topics.

Topics like poverty or homelessness may be disturbing but useful for many students from sociology studies or the general public interested in these issues. Either way, those who share such sensitive content follow those same rules or strategies for attracting more viewers or increasing their profile engagement.

Learn How To Reach More People On Instagram

Whatever topic is featured on the Instagram blog, one must learn how marketing its content properly is important, especially when it comes to education topics. Using school hashtags for Instagram is just one of those tricks that helps to share content, but using stories and posting interesting videos will surely increase each blog’s engagement rate.

Educational blogs are hard maintenance unless you are a celebrity like Neil Degrasse Tyson, but you can see this idea behind celebrity endorsement. It is more about the credibility of the person telling those stories by making them not sound like some boring essays. Sharing real stories plus user-generated content makes viewers more interested especially with sensitive topics like homelessness or social injustice.

Learning how to use Instagram in school is awesome because students prefer learning from educational blogs rather than reading long essays and summaries. Combining both approaches is probably the best way, with some students reading essay examples on homelessness in the USA while others might use educational blogs for learning. Blogs free interactive content fills the gaps by graphically explaining what written examples cannot. Using videos for learning about homelessness or poverty leaves a deeper impression on viewers but it has to be done correctly due to the sensitive nature of this content.

Choose Your Topics Carefully

The thing about topics like homelessness is that they require learning how to increase engagement on Instagram, or otherwise they are not profitable. People like, share or comment more if they like the content, but liking homelessness or poverty is hard, so making stories interesting is paramount.

Perhaps showing some rags to riches stories of formerly homeless people or showing how they survive on the streets can make the audience relate or care more. It has to be appealing in some way or your education blog will not get any attention at all. As much as we acknowledge these serious issues, users feedback and a proper marketing approach must be used for these blogs to reach and move the targeted audience.

Treat Your Blogs Like Professional Research

Educational blogs are a perfect way of how to use Instagram in school teachings but to be effective they must be based on proven facts and real stories. The quality of production or storytelling must be consistent or students will lose interest very fast and use other methods to quench their thirst for knowledge. If a blog is to be better than a written academic paper or an essay, it must be immersive, educative, and instructive. Raising hard topics like homelessness feels like an obligation now that we have such powerful tools like social media that can convey messages instantly. That is why we shouldn’t take our access to free knowledge for granted and why bringing these issues into the light is maybe more important than getting a few likes or emojis. 

While sharing examples of sensitive content may not be as profitable as a fashion or traveling blog, it serves an educational purpose. When we see disturbing titles in our news feed, we tend to look away, so understanding how to reach more people on Instagram with this content is a marketing challenge. One should always keep in mind that no story is a bad story if told the right way, so even sensitive content can be turned into an engaging one with a little effort and a few marketing tricks.

If you cover these topics and what to post to Instagram more content about homelessness or related subjects, think hard about educating yourself on digital marketing basics. Educational blogs enlighten us by providing insight into our society and sharing free knowledge, so do not be afraid when pushing some boundaries by engaging readers with anything considered taboo or too sensitive. 

Auto Publishing to Instagram: Step-by-Step Guide

Do you want to spend less time on social media, but still get better results? Then you need to use auto-posting on Instagram. Now you can simply set the date and time, and the publication will appear in the feed at the appointed time without your help.

How to set it up correctly, and when is it more appropriate to use it? Let’s take a look at these features.

What is auto-publishing for?

Auto publishing on Instagram is a useful option that allows you to customize the publication of content in such a way that new posts appear in the feed without your participation. This tool is especially popular among SMM specialists who promote several accounts at once.

So what is auto-publishing for? Here are some reasons:

It helps to optimize work processes.

You no longer need to spend a lot of time every day publishing content (writing text, adding hashtags, and so on). It is enough to set up scheduled publications once a week (or even less often) and devote free time to business development or improvement of other processes.

How to Plan. You need a smart plan to make your publication schedule more consistent.

Manage multiple profiles at once.

If you are actively engaged in SMM, then most likely you have more than one account and each of them must be carefully monitored. In order not to miss anything and make a post at the same time, you need to set up a scheduled posting.

Manage multiple profiles at once.

If you are actively engaged in SMM, then most likely you have more than one account and each of them must be carefully monitored. In order not to miss anything and make a post at the same time, you need to set up deferred posting.

Work remotely. Let’s say you fulfilled your dream and moved to live in Bali, but you still need to post content according to the local time of your audience. You should not break your biorhythms for the sake of timely publication, because there is automatic posting.

Now you will not run out of ideas. You can come up with topics and compose posts in advance. And you can spend your free time looking for new sources of inspiration.

Tips for using auto-publishing.

If you decide to use auto-publishing, there are a few things you need to remember:

  • content should be relevant to each social network (take into account the parameters of the target audience);
  • try not to schedule more than 4 posts per day (for one account);
  • adapt the content to the format of the site (the same publication can be presented in different versions);
  • track the reaction from users (respond to comments, promptly respond to negativity, communicate in messages, etc., since no delayed posting services will do this for you);
  • when writing text, observe the number of characters.

And the most important tip – do not forget to monitor the quality of the content. Try not to overwhelm your followers with a lot of meaningless publications, otherwise, you risk losing the majority of your audience.

F.A.Q by scheduled post

Why doesn’t the first comment and description for the created deferred post appear?

A similar problem often appears in newly created Instagram profiles or those accounts that have less than 5 posts published. To solve this situation, you need to spend a little time-on-page promotion, since no delayed posting service can influence the algorithms of the social network.

What is a shadowban and how to avoid it?

The concept of a shadowban means a situation in which the hashtags you use become invisible to the audience. You can continue to use them, but then the posts will only be visible to your followers. For the rest of the target audience, new publications from your account will simply cease to exist.

This will affect the drop in coverage and difficulties with further promotion.

What can cause shadowban?

You can get the attention of Instagram developers if you use the same hashtags all the time (a common occurrence with delayed posting). The algorithms of Instagram will suspect your page of posting spam and temporarily transfer it to the status of a shadowban.


Auto publishing services are a must-have tool for bloggers, SMM professionals, marketers, and companies that publish content on multiple social networks at once. Such services allow you to save time and avoid a creativity crisis. So you can correctly structure your posts at the right time.

Can Instagram be helpful in study?

Instagram is a very popular visual social media site where people share all kinds of photos and videos as a way of sharing their life and story. However, not many have tried to use Instagram as an educational and research tool. And there are tons of Instagram profiles that focus on creating different content while still maintaining the form of an educational account. This can be proven thanks to the accounts known as Studygrams that can be found all around Instagram.

Such profiles are often open and share pictures of studying notes, neat weekly schedules, bio notes, homework, etc. So, teenagers and young adults are basically getting educated while having fun. Nowadays, as we all know, modern students experience a ‘modern way’ of education. And profiles of this kind are another evidence to it. Students can do almost anything online: build up skills, learn new things, get APA papers for sale or get help with any assignments they have. It’s so cool to think about it. If one cannot reach his\her teacher, or there is no needed info on the educational sources, such profiles will come handy.

Recently research was made to understand how social media might be used to enhance the experience of high schoolers and college students in their ongoing studies.  The three-month pilot study with ethical approval included a geo-targeted Instagram campaign, participatory design sessions, and in-person events at schools. Pre and post-pilot surveys were conducted with the participants, social media metrics were analyzed, and process measures were collected. After those three months, the studying Instagram account had 806 engagements and 209 followers.

The survey responses from the participants were slightly changed. And 43% of the participants stated that the profile’s content influenced their decisions and made them continue doing their studying visits. The systematic review at the end of it stated that the change may be small, but the important thing is that they proved that Instagram is a promising tool that supports engagement for education.

This engaging and innovative tool is shown to be particularly beneficial for scholars. They can use it to interact with fellow classmates, share and research information and even ask for feedback from their teachers. But besides that, Insta offers a huge range of uses that are considered educational benefits, so let’s talk about those benefits a bit more.

Improve Language Skills

Instagram can have a positive impact on a person’s brain if they want to improve their linguistic skills. Using this app, they have the opportunity to view different tops and exchange opinions. And they can do that by expressing their thoughts into the right sentences. Also, they can participate in group activities where each individual asks the others to comment on a video or photo, and in that way, they improve their sentence structure skill and word usage.

Learn Photography through iPhoneography

This app is very focused on iPhoneography. Which is content created by capturing pictures with an iPhone. This allows the individuals to learn the nuance of Photography and learn how to take precise shots. Which can be helpful if they ever need to create a portfolio of pictures for any projects in the future.

Develop Emotional Aptitude

Instagram can help people form emotional intelligence and better understand their inner feelings such as motivation, desire, and fear. For example, teachers can create an activity where they show a picture or any kind of content and ask a student to comment and react. By doing this with different snaps that show different moods, the scholars can develop a great sense of emotions.

Build Interpersonal skills

Another thing that Instagram promotes around scholars is interpersonal skills. Which can be the key to a healthy personal and professional lifestyle. And thanks to this tool, scholars get the chance to practice those skills by having classroom activities that ascertain the moods and feelings of classmates.

More Information engagement

Sharing knowledge and information can be very important for scholars. And this platform can be the perfect tool to help you share multimedia with fellow classmates. Of course, those media platforms are the first thing you think of when you want to share the research that you did on google scholar, but Instagram, in particular, can be a lifesaver, especially for individuals that are getting educated in the art and design sphere. They can also engage in two-way communication, where they can discuss any specific subject.

Fun Learning Experience

Since social networks have become an essential part of our daily lives, we can surely say that Instagram is the most popular. And utilizing the benefits from it has never provided better results. Almost everyone enjoys those benefits. For example, some people write an article and find a website with an Instagram account, share it with them, and their article is distributed on that website. Also, more than a million users even make a living from the paid promotions for their work. But since we are talking about scholars, we can say that it definitely turns the learning experience into fun. For example, Insta will get them more interested and excited when they are assigned a picture essay. And it is worth mentioning that visual media, in many cases, can be a better explanation tool compared to the traditional methods.

Learn More in Less time

Young people can use Insta to enhance their productivity in high school and college. Thanks to the constantly new Instagram posts, they can have the latest pictures for their projects in minutes by searching the category. In that way, they will get the maximum output of their effort in minimal time and even ask for help from other users while making a choice.

Useful Feedback

And last but not least, it gives individuals an opportunity to give and get feedback on their picture projects. Which can affect very positively. The feedback doesn’t have to be from a fellow classmate because many international creative commons connect you with many people on this platform. Including some that may have similar interests as you and really inspire you and help you with their comments for your work. 


As seen in the previous list, Instagram can help you with your studies and bring many benefits to scholars. However, we shouldn’t overlook the potential negatives and mental health concerns regarding smartphones, the internet, and social media addiction. So, if you are using Instagram, ensure that you set limited and balanced hours of use.

What Services Does an Aspiring Instagram Blogger Use?

Becoming an Instagram influencer and turning a personal Instagram account into business is not as easy as it seems. The content you present is the essence and highlight of your account. When it comes to creating amazing content and getting ideas for inspiration, many influencers turn to different apps for photo and video creation and editing.

What Apps Do Bloggers Use for Instagram?

Every time you watch stories or posts made by popular bloggers, you may be wondering how they managed to create such nice effects or fascinating videos. In this article, we are going to reveal the best apps for Instagram that are popular among bloggers. Keep on reading if you want to make the content on your Instagram even more exciting and gain new followers.

What to Do if Some Programs or Websites Don’t Work?

Some iOS, Android apps or websites may have geolocation restrictions or offer only limited functionality for some areas. To access all features, you need to download a secure and reliable VPN. It allows you to unblock any site and enjoy unrestricted access from any area. For many VPN apps, a trial is included, and you can see how different services work. Usually, it is free, so you don’t purchase the whole version. With services like VeePN, you surpass the restrictions within one click. Users can securely install an APK and enjoy unrestricted access to the Web at high speed.

Photo Editing

Photos ate the most popular way to attract attention on Instagram. These apps will help you make them flawless.


Platforms: iOS and Android

Price: Available for free, offers a free trial for 7 days, Premium costs $19.99 per year.

This app is a must-have not only for bloggers but also for everyone who has an Instagram account. If you ask which app is the most used for photo editing, VSCO is a leader. Although a free version has limited functionality, it is enough to edit photos and add filters or frames. Recently, VSCO included editing videos in their paid subscription. It has immediately attracted a lot of users, and no, VSCO belongs to cool Instagram video apps as well. If you don’t know how to unblock any site or app for video editing in your area, a special VPN app will help you enjoy unlimited Internet access at the highest speed.


Platforms: iOS and Android

Price: Available for free, paid subscription plans cost starting from $9.99 per month.

Lightroom app has a wide functionality for editing photos as well as unique features. Users can create their own presents and applying them to multiple photos. Lightroom encompasses all the basic functionality, and in most cases, this app is the only one you need to edit Instagram photos like a pro.

Apps for Stories

Stories and videos are the most widely used type of content. These apps will help you make your stories more creative and attractive.


Platforms: iOS and Android

Price: Free version is very limited; paid version costs $2.99 per month.

The paid version of Unfold offers multiple ready-made templates for stories. You can use unusual fonts, add textures, or make any collages. The interface is minimalistic and logical. With Unfold, creating attractive stories quickly becomes a piece of cake.


Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, and browser tools.

Price: The Gold plan costs $8 monthly or $47.88 if you purchase an annual subscription

With VPN, you can easily unblock websites and apps and enjoy unlimited traffic at high speed. Picsart is an app that can replace numerous photo editing apps with its wide functionality. It includes everything you may need for photo editing, filters, changing background, stickers, overlays, and much more. This Instagram influencer app will change your experience with photo editing and make your feed more attractive.


Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Desktop

Price: Available for free. Pro version costs $9.99 per month or $119.99 per year. Enterprise version costs $30.00 per user in a month if you purchase an annual subscription.

Canva offers lots of ready-made templates for Instagram posts, stories, highlight covers, etc. The templates are completely customizable, so users can create their unique branded content. Canva offers lots of design elements, as well as uploading your custom ones. Use can synchronize their accounts on different devices to enjoy the full functionality. If you can’t access Canva from your area, you can try using a VPN app to unblock websites easily.

Planning Content

Scheduling posts is also crucial if you want to attract the audience and keep them interested in your profile.


Platforms: iOS and Android

Price: Available for free

With a Preview app, users can plan an unlimited number of posts, post feed automatically, plan Reels, stories, and IGTV videos, use the most suitable hashtags. To surpass geolocation restrictions and unblock any websites, you need to install a special VPN app.


Platforms: iOS and Android

Price: Available for free. Paid plan costs $9.99 per month.

If you have a business account on Instagram, Tailwind is a must-have app. You can upload the photos or videos beforehand, add the description and schedule future posts. Tailwind helps you choose the most suitable hashtags. Tailwind eliminates many headaches for content managers and business owners.

How do I choose an app?

First, you need to choose the content type you are going to focus on. Then, install a few apps that might have the desired features. You can test whether they work for you during a free trial. Then, choose the most convenient one for your needs. Keep in mind to use a VPN to unblock any websites or apps unavailable in your area.