How to Become Instagram Famous in 2022?

Instagram has more than 2 billion more active users daily, and it is one of the best social media to get well-known. Though it could be confusing and challenging if you want to become Instagram famous, you can use other experiences, success, and failure, and also some new ideas which I have brought in this article. It will broaden your knowledge and open your mind!

New ideas of “how to become Instagram famous?”

Of course, you have seen many famous people on Instagram, some grew from zero to hero, and for some it took decades. Some started this and failed. You might ask yourself how it is possible? How to become Instagram famous? After years of working on social media, doing research, interviewing people who succeed and failed, I came up to the conclusion, No shortcuts! Do Several posts a day, make several ideas and build relationships. I have noted down all the observations, and I have brought them here.

1.Make a vision

After many days of research on how to become Instagram famous, I found that all famous people have an idea, some show it up, some not. What is essential is that a concept is there. Sometimes a vision would be general, and sometimes it is a unique one. No matter, find a one you are good at it. If you have a skill or talent, use it. Be yourself! These days, many people copy others, don’t do that. I believe the number of ideas in this world is even more than the number of people living!

People show courage and interest in unique skills or capabilities. Make sure even your skills are unknown, there are people out there that would like it. You can see Rickey Thomson’s profile and his vision to make people laugh. Of course, he can do so, and people like it. If you believe in yourself and your skills, don’t be afraid of haters, you will achieve your goals one day.

We can’t force people to like us or what we want. For example, if you are looking to make you, your pet, your child famous, you should ask yourself what the benefits for people are? Do they see me/my pet/my child as cute as I see? You should ask yourself what people gain from your activity/products/ profile? For example, your vision can one of this, make people healthier, make people aware of their body, make people happy, make people excited or motivated. To make people aware of their right. Even if you like to focus on yourself, there are lessons that people can take from you.

And even, if you want to boost your Brand name, use your business vision. I appreciate Mark Zuckerberg’s vision which was about bringing people together since he was 12 only, and you see how Mark Zuckerberg’s idea made him famous. Here you can read about the power of imagination and how to select your concept. For example, using a vision board, that is a winning strategy of getting close to what you want. See what occupations/skills you have and how it can help many people. If you search, you can see celebrities and famous people vision boards! It’s Amazing.

2.Make your unique hashtag

Once you selected your vision, it is time to prepare your bio. But before that, you need some information including your unique hashtag. I will explain later in this post, what is a hashtag and why you should use it. Your hashtag can be related to your username, your vision, or the unique skill you have, and so on. I have brought an example below. This page which has more than 2 million followers is about women’s nutrition and sportswear. They have also used the related and unique hashtag of #womensbest in which you can see there are about 500,000 posts. Once you have selected your hashtag, go to prepare your really important bio, the first place people read about you, their first impression.

3.Use your self-made documentaries

You might know that Instagram first was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger to share pictures. Once Facebook bought Instagram, made it a video-sharing platform too. One part of My research on how to become Instagram famous was about differences between movie’s and pictures’ influences. People are enjoying watching video than pictures. That’s why it is right for you to prepare videos more. From psychological parts, people react to a post, or a topic once it evokes their emotions. Videos have this capability to engage human emotions more, for its sound, moving scenes, or the content which people can feel more than looking at a picture.

Another reason is that, by watching video people would have some times to stop at a topic. The human brain has time to get involved with a theme. So, use the video to engage your audiences’ emotions. One more exciting part is the content! Your unusual habits, different behaviors or private life can be interesting topics to watch. You can make something like a documentary of your daily life, with your voice. It is interesting that I have found that people look for real things, and documentaries can give them real facts about your life or your vision.

If you have a small business, you can make a documentary about your ongoing works or the workplace. It could be interesting for others, and also it will build a great trust option using your Instagram stories for your customers.

4.Instagram photography:

Once you have chosen your vision, it is time to prepare your content and Instagram posts, which is an essential part. There are some tips and tricks you can use to add to your profile quality. I listed them here, and some reasons why you should care.

Use natural light or good artificial lighting to make your Instagram posts more attractive. Looking at most Instagram famous profiles reveals that using high-quality pictures can encourage people to like your post. People’s brain naturally looks for beauty.  It is also true that the meaning of beauty could be different for people all around the words. So, it is better to know your audience and see if you can produce something that engages them emotionally. When viewing art and beauty, there is a remarkable increase in the brain’s neurons connectivity. Though science still is looking for the reasons that beauty can evoke emotional and physical reactions, you can take advantages of this to go to the top. Proper lighting can remarkably help you to add to your video/pictures’ quality and attract more audiences.

5.Instagram post size

Use the square size for feeds and vertical for stories. You might never think how important sizes are when it comes to posting on your Instagram stories or feeds. Instagram and some other social media have provided different space to share. If you want to post on stories, use vertical sizes since it fills the space. Since most of the Instagram users are mobile users, so better to think about the comfortability when using mobile. There are three types of video posting size on Instagram. Square, vertical, and landscape. The vertical and square videos take more engagements and views than landscape videos on Instagram. Your post size is essential for more views, likes, and comments. Here is the guideline for your video:

  • Landscape videos: 1280*720 aspect ratio and 16:9 size
  • Square video: 1080*1080 pixels for size and 1:1 aspect ratio
  • Vertical video: 1080*1920 proportion and 9:16 aspect ratio

Why can video size increase Instagram video views?

First, the number of Instagram mobile-users is 75% more than its desktop users. So watching comfortability using mobile is essential. People can publish square and vertical videos without black borders, so it fills the space on the screen and leads to more comfortability to watch it on feeds. A landscape video is not suitable for Instagram, but it might be useful for your YouTube account, TV advertisements, websites or blogs. Second, the place that you post is different (feeds or stories), so better to choose the format according to the area you are going to publish your video. Once you post on feeds, you better keep the square size as explained above, but if you post on stories, so vertical is the best.

6.expand your audiences

One way to get more views is to connect with others, especially big brands, or other famous people, or useful pages. For example, if you aim to get known on your cooking, you collaborate with some well-known restaurants or any other related pages. If they mention your name under the post, you already in front of many people’s eyes. Good chance to start. Because you cannot expect to grow overnight, be patient, it takes some times.

Another method is to build your relationship with others through visiting their page, like and comment for others. People who you have visited their pages, back to your page and if they like the content, they would follow you, see your stories, like your posts and so on. However, it is somehow time-consuming to sit and spend hours to do so. Thanks to technology, robots can do this for you. Don’t go for the fake followers. Using Instagram bot can remarkably help you to increase your real audiences and your views and engagements.

The more you show yourself to people, the more they will know you! Become Instagram famous is all about getting known by many people around the globe! There are some features on Instagram stories that you can use to broaden your audiences, such as location and hashtags. Tagging location and using popular and most followed hashtags make your stories available for more viewers on the top list or recent list. People tap on the place and see the map along with all posts of that location. If you have already some posts with this location tag, and it is attractive, people can see it from the list. They would visit your profile, or they have options to follow you directly from there.

Look at these pictures to know how does it work and also I have written an instruction to use location tag.  

How to use Instagram location stories?

  • Open Instagram
  • On the top left, tap “Your Story”
  • Take pictures, or select it from galleries
  • Tap on  icon on the top right 
  • Select
  • Find the location you want in the search bar
  • Click “Next to” on the lower right corner
  • Share it!

You can use the same procedure to use a hashtag, select  instead of Location. If you want to use location tags on your feeds post, after selecting the pictures, and applying effects, use the “Add Location” on the page. It will worth to use, and you will get good results.

7.Instagram famous has regular and consistent posts

Several posts a day, at first would be difficult, but once you get results, it will make you motivated to continue. If you see other famous profiles, you see not all, but many of them have more than 1000 posts! So, do it regularly, and one more important thing is time to post. You have to send the picture or videos to your stories when most of the users are online. If you have a business account, you can see the most active days and hours. Wednesday to Friday are the days for more views and engagements. The surveys show that Wednesday is the best and the worst is Sunday to post. Though, there are some hours that you can post to get the best results, the peak hours which are suitable to post are 10 AM to 5 PM and the peak hour is 3:00 pm. See the charts below:

8.Trust yourself!

after looking for the answer of how to become Instagram famous, you have clues, new ideas and courage to continue, but you should trust you and your analyses too. It’s always good to get advice from others; you can also find something new. Switch your account to a business profile, to see the insight under each post. It will help you to monitors other’s reactions to your posts. You can also see the best time and days to post through analytics in the setting.


Have a vision, be consistent, do several posts, build your relationships, trust yourself and be patient! You will get the results.

How to become a public figure on instagram (2022 guide)

You have surely seen so many accounts on Instagram having the “Public Figure” label on their profiles even without having a high number of followers or a blue badge, and most of them aren’t actually famous. In less than five minutes, an Instagrammer can become a public figure on the platform, and that is not a big deal at all.

What is a public figure?

A public figure is a well-known person who is loved by a great number of people and is somehow famous. The public figure definition differs in various subjects. For example, there is a legal definition of a public figure which regarding the Merriam Webster website is an individual or entity that has acquired fame or has participated in a particular public controversy.
But since we are more interested in social media, we want to get to know more about what is a public figure on Instagram.
The Instagram public figure definition is almost the same as its meaning on other subjects. If you are willing to be more popular on social media, the first step would be to know how to become a public figure and what you need to do to set up your account to suit this purpose.

What is an Instagram public figure?

An Instagram public figure is a person of great public interest or fame, such as a politician, celebrity, or sports hero. People who consider themselves as a public figure should be known by at least some percentage of people on Instagram, and they must have a little fame to call themselves Instagram famous.  

Paying attention to the public figure definition, it is not the number of followers that determines popularity, but the influence one has on people is the factor they are known as famous. Anyone can become a public figure on Instagram with any number of followers ranging from 1000 to 1 Million.

But this option is being misused by the accounts which add this label to their Instagram profiles without having the requirements of being called a public figure. These days, lots of people give themselves this title to hide the fact that they have no real job, implying that having a lot of followers on Instagram is a career.

What are the benefits of becoming a public figure on Instagram?

Now that you know the public figure definition, If the real Instagram famous accounts or really well-known people use this option, there will be no misunderstanding of the title, and it would be used in its right way.

A real public figure would have more than 30k Instagram followers and gets real engagement, and people track his/her activities and posts on Instagram. A public figure which is known by people, can easily get an Instagram verification badge and switch their accounts to a verified one by only applying for verification.

They would also get access to lots of new features on Instagram, which one of them would be sharing links to Instagram.

The other big advantage of getting the public figure label on Instagram is that the influencer would not be mistaken by any of the fake pages that other people make using their names again.

How to become a public figure on Instagram?

The process of adding the public figure label to an Instagram profile is very easy, but it is highly recommended to add this title only if you really are a bit Instagram famous or you are at least near to become one because a I earlier mentioned In the public figure definition, one should be a well-known person to be considered famous.

In less than five minutes, you can become an Instagram public figure in two ways. Here’s how to get public figure on Instagram:

  1. Getting the public figure label with a Facebook page
  2. Getting the public figure label without a Facebook page

How to get public figure on Instagram with a Facebook page

The steps below are the guides to setting up the Instagram public figure using the Facebook mobile app.

  • Open Facebook on mobile
  • Click on the three horizontal bars in the bottom right corner


  • Scroll down and find the menu option “pages.”
  • A list of all your pages will appear. You can see the option to “create a new page” at the top of the screen.
  • Now choose a name for the page. It is better to select a name which is the same as your brand or business.
  • On this page, you need to select a category and subcategory for the page. For getting the “public figure” label, choose “people” and the subcategory is “public figure.”
  • In this step, Facebook asks you for some extra information about the page. To finish setting up the profile, enter your website, description, etc.

How to get public figure label on Instagram

Now that you have set everything up for a public figure profile, on the Facebook page, it’s time to bring this label to Instagram and apply it on your profile.

  • Open the Instagram app and go to your profile
  • Click the three horizontal bars in the top right corner.
  • Go to “settings” which is located at the bottom of the menu
  • Find the option “switch to business profile” and click on it to convert your account to a business one.
  • At this stage, you’ll be asked to log in to your Facebook account if you still haven’t logged in.
  • After login, you should choose a page
  • A list of created pages would appear. Choose the one page you want. (You’ll see an option to create a page if you do not have one yet)
  • Instagram will ask you to confirm some information for validating the page is yours and then you are done.

How to get public figure on Instagram without a Facebook page

There is the ability to become an Instagram public figure without having to connect a Facebook page to Instagram. But it would be better to have a Facebook page linked to your Instagram since you’ll get much more benefits and options when a Facebook page is connected to your Instagram.

  • Go to your Instagram account’s settings as mentioned previously.
  • Tap on “switch to business account.”
  • Follow the steps until you arrive on the page that says “choose a page.” Click the “skip” button instead of creating or adding a page, to skip this step.
  • You are now on the page where you can choose categories for your Instagram account. Select “people” as the main category and “public figure” as the subcategory then continue.
  • As the last step, confirm your phone number and email address to make sure everything is accurate.
  • The procedure is now finished, and you are now labeled as a Public figure.

Tips for an Instagram public figure bio

Of course, the way a public figure would write the bio would be different. The bio is the first thing every user would face when they visit the page. it should clearly say the aim, has any websites, or links, any important quotes, etc.

Here I would mention the summary of important notes on Instagram bio of a public figure:

  1. Name: should be what people would search for it, because if someone searches for a public figure nickname, Instagram will use the name for that search results.
  2. Caption: can be a famous quote or any interest. It can also be the occupation-related information.
  3. Call to action: it is also appearing in the bio. If you want for example fans vote for something, you should add it in the bio.
  4. Links: Many of Instagram famous, use “iLink” to add multiple links to their bio. This is good when you want to get more engagement.

And here are some the common questions you might have about Instagram public figure.

On Instagram, what does it mean when it says someone is a “Public Figure”?

Anyone can switch their account to a business or creator one and select the category as public figure. Normally, a public figure is someone important that many people know he/she. They are mostly celebrities, actors, TV personalities, etc. Though, if someone change the category to public figure it does not necessarily, they are famous.

However, having a blue badge is more showing that the person is famous, and a public figure.

How can I make myself private on Instagram and be a public figure?

No, you cannot add a public figure category or any category with a private account. first, you should switch the account to creator or business (which is public), then add the public figure category to your bio.

If an Instagram public figure likes your post, what does that mean?

It depends. If a person with blue badge likes your posts, it means that one of the famous people is interested in your posts, or at least they have shown a reaction.

But if the person is having the public figure label on their bio, you cannot say they are famous. You should look at the followers, or the likes, and comments of their posts first.


You can easily get public figure labels to your Instagram profile and begin the journey to become Instagram famous. But this does not mean that everybody having this title on their accounts are actually public figures. This ability is given to every Instagrammer just because Instagram wants to figure out what kind of businesses are using their platform. So as previously said, try to add this label to your account only when you are really known as a public figure.

How can I create the perfect lifestyle account on Instagram?”

This can be a tricky question. For many entrepreneurs, especially female ones, creating a lifestyle brand is the dream! It lets you be yourself, and to develop marketing throughout your personality.

What is a lifestyle account?

A lifestyle account is a digital social media account that describes the everyday life and interests of its owner. A lifestyle Instagrammer creates content inspired by his/her hobbies and daily activities. They post pictures and content about their location, life stage, actions, and experiences.

For example, a food magazine editor, married,35 with a newborn child living in new jersey will blog on different categories than a single, 24-yr old lifestyle blogger who is living in San Diego and designs clothes for work. Both are lifestyle Instagrammers, but there will be little if no overlay in their lifestyle blog content.

Types of Lifestyle contents

At the start you should choose your niche so I gather around a few examples of lifestyle contents you can choose from:

  • Single life
  • City life
  • Country life
  • Family life
  • Multi-Racial family life
  • newly married life
  • Large Family life
  • Local Living (Southern, Mid-West, West Coast, New England)
  • Traveling Lifestyle
  • Faith-Based lifestyle
  • Natural lifestyle
  • luxury lifestyle
  • bohemian lifestyle
  • simple life
  • mom life
  • …. etc

You can just find out which one is your lifestyle and then start a page based on it. After that you can decide which part of your life you want to share with others; Is it a general lifestyle Instagram account or you just want to show people a part of your interests in life.

Lifestyle Categories

  • Food and cooking
  • Faith and religion
  • Fashion and clothes
  • Home Decor and interior design ideas
  • Relationship quotes and advice
  • Marriage tips
  • business tips
  • Parenting and newborn child photos
  • Encouragement
  • inspiration and motivation
  • DIY / Crafts /tutorials
  • makeup and beauty
  • fitness and diet

You can even use a  combination of these things. You as a Lifestyle Instagrammer can post and talk about anything and everything, but they should be original and under your point of view.

What photos should I post on A lifestyle account?

Lifestyle blogging is all about sharing your life with your followers and why you choose the life decisions that you do or the things that are happening to you, or the tips that can help someone from your audience to live better.


you can post photos about your Career, Industrial, Law, Marketing, Office, Professional Services, Work From Home

Arts and culture:

you can post about your favorite Books, Collectibles, Design, Fine Art, History, Illustrations, Science, Travel, TV shows & movies

Family :

 you can post photos of your Baby, Education, Faith, Marriage, Mommy, Motherhood, Parenting, Pets, Relationships, Religion, Toys & Games, University, Wedding

Food and cooking:

You can post recipes or pictures of your daily food and Cocktails, Parties, Wine

Health & Fitness :

You should post about your Diet, Exercise, Medical, Mental Health, Weight Loss, Wellness

Home design:

You can teach your audience how to Crafts, Decor, DIY, Gardening, Home Improvement, Homemaking, Interiors

Self Help :

You can use words and photos to help your audience such as Astrology, Encouragement, Inspirational, Life Hacks

Style, Fashion & Beauty :

Videos of makeup tutorials, beauty tips that you use and …

Just be unique and try to be yourself, there are a million food bloggers out there talking about cooking! You could break this down further for your categories depending on what you are cooking.

Popular lifestyle hashtags

These hashtags can improve your engagement so you can use them under your posts, on your bio or contests.

  • #blogger, #bloggingtips, #bloggerlife, #bloggersgetsocial, #ontheblog
  • speific city lifestyle hashtags (#phxblogger, #phoenixbloggers, #labloggers)
  • #theblogissue, #thatsdarling, #darlingmovement, #darlingweekend
  • #thehappynow, #petitejoys, #livethelittlethings, #livecolorfully

Use themes for your lifestyle page

You can generate a theme based on a color scheme. It works exceptionally well for businesses with a very clear-cut aesthetic. For instance, you can pick a monochrome color scheme. It is much simpler to have focus subjects and a general feeling to your personal account and then play around with the colors. Your theme can be dark and neutral, and you should use the same filter on all of your pics to give them the same general feel. But every 6-9 photos, you can slide in different accent colors.

For example in the fall, your feed can be very green and orange, because of the autumn leaves. Previously, you should have a lot of grey in your Budapest shots, with some flashes of purple and yellow. Work in color blocks, instead of focusing on every individual photo, and you’ll find it much easier to keep a consistent visual flow. Running a lifestyle account on Instagram can be challenging but also enjoyable, so use these tricks and start it up.


How to make your dog Instagram famous in 2022

If you’ve got a dog, chances are you’ve posted a picture (or 1000+) of them on Instagram. Maybe more than once. Maybe more than once a day (who are we to judge?)

Chances are you’ve also scrolled through the feed of an Insta-famous floor and wondered how you can create such a shrine to your furry BFF and shoot them into Instagram stardom. Fear, not friends, and read on for our guide on how to make your dog Instagram famous.

How to make your dog Instagram famous?

Are you a pet lover? Do you like to have some pets, especially dogs? You keep liking Instagram dogs? You might have a cute face and smile dog for the camera. It is a good starting point, but not enough to drive your dog to the top of social media stardom. If you wish so, you have to work on it.

Read this content to find some information about How to make your dog one of the famous Instagram dogs:

  1. Think about your dog’s unique features.

There is a specific point about each type of dog. For example, Winston is a kind of unique white corgi. Maddie is another type of dog who can balance everything, while Ginny makes hops. Now you have to think about your dog. What will make him reach out and leave a permanent impact? It might not be a physical trait. So think about its characteristics or adorable antics that make you smile. Remember that you can use social media as a place to share what you admire about your dog with others.

  1. Post Consistently.

It is not a good idea to go overboard with 30 equal selfies of your dog in a week. If you like to expand a constant following, hold one or two posts each day. Try to find the optimal time for you to publish photos for the most action. As much as you dedicate yourself to documenting the life of your dog, your followers will be more loyal to your page.

  1. Practice taking photos.

While you are not the Annie Leibovitz of dog photography, you can take good shots after practice. The exciting element of being a stage mom for your Instagram dogs is that it provides you an apology to compose shots and work on impromptu events with your greatest friend. Workaround with rustic lighting, capture the brilliant smile of your dog and release your creativity.

  1. Take the help of awesome apps.

Instagram has many options that you can use to take a photo. But there are more nifty apps out there that will help you take and create perfect pictures that people like to share. You can use Text2Pic to create cute fonts and designs. The layout is another app that you can use to photomontage. Also, you can check basics like lighting and apply expert filters with VSCOcam or Snapseed.

  1. Be consistent

While the Instagram algorithm develops every day, you have to be consistent. Some bodies decide to post twice a day, and it might work for them. But you can post a photo or video once a day with a great caption while you do not try to confuse people with your content. Also, you can use stories three times s a day because people like to view what he makes up to day-to-day.

  1. Know your audience

You may have different followers from all over the world. Notice that their sleeping time is not the same. For example, if you post in the evening (UK time) when America is waking, Asia wants to sleep. So you have to analyze different times to find what is best for you and your followers. You can try it with an Instagram business account because it makes all the statistics for you.

Check the other Instagram dogs accounts to get some inspiration on theme and content.

  1. Broaden your hashtags

Try to use common hashtags to describe your dog’s breed (for example, you can use #corgi and #corgisofinstagram). Suddenly recite the others to the bottom of your picture. You can use hashtags like #Monday, #mondaze, or #snooze for a snoozy Monday. Also, you can use weekly hashtags like #throwbackthursday to distribute puppy photos. As an instance, many dog accounts apply #tongueouttuesday.” Later in the blog, I’ll talk about more Instagram hashtags for dogs.

  1. Be social

Try to star on famous accounts to drive more followers. If you follow similar accounts, like and comment on their posts, they will do it for you, too. You can do it one or two times a day. At least, it makes you a reason to have lots of cute dog morality.

Instagram hashtags for dogs

One of the most important factors to make your dog Instagram famous, is to use hashtags to make your posts visible to dog loves and to those people who search for dogs. Below are some of the trending Instagram hashtags for dogs you can use:

Popular Dog Hashtags

#Dog #Dogs #Dogstagram #DogsOfInstagram #InstaDog #InstagramDogs #Pet #Petstagram #DogOfTheDay #DogLover #Dogs_of_Instagram #DogSitting #ILoveMyDog #LoveDogs #DogsAndPals #MyDog #DogsCorner #DogsOfIG #Doggy #DogsLife #petstagram #dogs_of_instagram #doglovers #petsofinstagram #instagram #puppylove #doglife #picoftheday #animals #mascotas #puppies #lovedogs #pup #bordercollie #happy #pup #cute #eyes #pet #petstagram #dogsitting #ilovemydog #instagramdogs  #lovedogs #lovepuppies #hound #adorable #instapuppy #instadog #bestwoof #petsofinstagram #doglover #weeklyfluff #dogsofinstaworld #dogsofig #dog_features #mydogiscutest #petstagram #dogs_of_instagram #puppyoftheday #puppygram #dogscorner #goldenretriever #pup #barkbox #puppylife #dogsandpals #pets #puppiesofig #adoptdontshop #cutepuppy #puppysketch #doglife


Sick of dreaming about how to make your dog Instagram famous, and ready to make it a reality? You might have one idea of how you want your dog’s Instagram account to look and feel, but as time passes, you might realize that style doesn’t really suit them at all! Be OK with changing it up in the early days, but once you find the style that suits you, run with it and own it. 

Reading this guide, you now know how to start asking your dog famous and seen on Instagram.




Getting that ‘blue tick’ on Instagram

Getting the blue tick on Instagram is one of the most prestigious honors someone can receive. Luckily, getting that Instagram blue tick just got a bit easier, Instagram now let’s almost everyone apply for Instagram verification.

But to be honest, unless you’re a brand or public figure, it’s still a little hard to get. So let’s break down why you need that blue tick and how to get verified on Instagram.

1- Try to be worthy
If you are hoping to get the blue verified badge by your account name, first you need to be significant enough to warrant one. This means you will need to be a “well-known public figure, celebrity, global brand or entity.” Typically, this means the account that reaches a broad audience, though it is not clear how many exact followers you need to qualify, or how notable a figure you need to be.

2- Follow the rules

The next thing you need to do before beginning the verification process is to accept Instagram’s rules. Instagram CTO said: “To be verified, an account must comply with Instagram’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.” The short version of these rules are available on Instagram’s Community Guidelines page: “Post only your own photos and videos and always follow the law. Respect everyone on Instagram, don’t spam people or post nudity.”

3- Apply for verification on Instagram

You can reach the verification request form by tapping the menu on your profile and choosing ‘Settings.’

At the bottom of the screen, you can find the option to ‘Request Verification,’ which will drive you to a page where you’ll be asked to fill out your personal details, including your username, real name, and a copy of your business or legal identification.

4- Wait for it …

Just submitting a request is no guarantee that your account will be verified. It first needs to pass through Instagram’s review process, which is undetermined for now.

“Once your request has been reviewed, you will receive a notification confirming or declining your request in the notifications tab,” Instagram said. Remember that Instagram doesn’t charge for verification, or reach out to people to confirm verification. Anyone who receives such requests may be the target of spammers.

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