How to make Instagram Story ads? (Full guide)

Instagram users are finding out more usages of Instagram Stories, which “Instagram Story ads” is one of them. Also, some users find it as an alternative to Instagram posts and think that running ads on Story has better results.

By increasing the number of competitors on Instagram, users look for creative ways to advertise on Instagram to get more followers and clients. Instagram users are finding out more usages of Instagram Stories, which “Instagram Story ads” is one of them. Also, some users find it as an alternative to Instagram posts and think that running ads on Story has better results.

If you are going to run Instagram ads right away, you are lucky! Because there are plenty of businesses and brands that have not tried it yet, and you are a step ahead of them. Keep reading to get to know all about Instagram story ads and how to make them.

What are Instagram Story ads?

Instagram Story ads let users add a link in the Story and add a call to action buttons. Generally, advertising on Instagram is a good way to reach many people, engage with them, make your brand popular and, as a result, sell your product or service to them.

Users will see the “Sponsored” label on top of the Story when they see the Story, and they would know that the Story is different from the others. There are some basic elements that you should follow before creating ads.

Some of the reasons that a business or brand decides to run Instagram Story ads:

  • Brand awareness
  • Get view
  • Reach more people
  • Drives sales
  • Increases traffic
  • Conversion
  • Increases app installs

Now we are going to learn some effective tactics to learn how to run ads on Instagram Stories:

1. Clarify your goal

First of all, you should make up your mind about the objective of the stories such as brand awareness, traffic, engagement, using app or service, video view, etc.

2. Be creative

The add can be a video or photo, but the important thing is, it should be attractive and shouldn’t be a copy from other brands.

3. Choose the best dimension

You should use specific photo dimensions for Instagram Story ads to ensure that users see what they should.

Use the mentioned dimensions for image and video ads on Instagram:

Photo dimension:

  • Resolution: 1080 X 1920 pixels
  • Least resolution: 600 X 1067 pixels
  • An aspect ratio of 9:16
  • Use either JPG or PNG format
  • Maximum size: 30MB

Video dimension:

  • Resolution: 1080 X 1920 pixels
  • An aspect ratio of 9:16
  • Use either MP4 or MOV format
  • Maximum size allowed is 4GB
  • Least resolution 720p

4. Clarify your target audience

You can target people based on different elements, such as their location, age, interest, gender, etc.

5. Choose the best call to action

Same as ads on websites or other platforms, you should use a compelling call to action to attract users and make them buy your product or service as soon as they see the ad on the Instagram Story.

Use call to actions like

  • New
  • Register today
  • Get started
  • Learn more
  • Shop now

 They may seem simple but effective at the same time.

6. Use the Sound

Most of the Instagram users watch videos while the sound is on.

It is better to avoid boomerang and add music to the Instagram Stories ads.

7. Make the first Instagram Story

If you want people to keep watching your Story and don’t ignore it, you should pay a lot of attention to the first few seconds of the Story. Clearly, users are not likely to skip an attractive and informative Story. So, try different colors and fonts to grab people’s attention.

8. Be clear and direct

As you know, Instagram is more visually rather than a place for writing content. So, don’t fill the page with long and big size texts; instead, use a brief and straight message.

If you want to tell a longer Story, you are free to use carousel ads.

9. Mention the brand’s name and logo

One of the important goals for creating Instagram Story ads is to make people be familiar with your brand and stick your brand’s name in their mind.

Naturally, apart from showing your product or service, you should make sure that your logo or brand’s name stands in a good place. Moreover, you can make your brand’s name look natural by showing a product that has the brand’s name on it.

10. Choose the best text position

We mentioned that you shouldn’t add long text to the Story, right? Keep it short, to the point and put the text on a place that let people see both photo and text clearly.

The best place for adding text is on the white space or an empty part of the picture, so followers won’t miss the text in the Instagram story ads.

11. Use the carousel Instagram Stories ads

Carousel ads, Stories, and posts are made for letting users add several photos and videos, why not you use it to tell more about your product?!

The videos are more attention-grabbing and definitely get better results than photos. Video ads play for up to 15 seconds, and Photo ads play for 5 seconds.

Carousel ads let brands and users add up to 3 pieces of content in an ad; they can be either videos or photos.

How to make Instagram story ads?

After knowing the basics of making attention-grabbing Instagram Story ads, it’s time to go through creating Story ads.

Don’t forget that you should have a Business Instagram account that is connected to the Facebook account.

Here is the step by step guide on how to make Instagram story ads?

  1.  First of all, sign in to your Facebook account. Click/tap on the arrow on the top right corner of the screen and choose “Manage Ads.” Now, you’ll be redirected to the Facebook ad manager account.

2. Now click/ tap on “Create.”

3. Select your objective and click/ tap on the “Set up Ad account.”

4. Then, complete the needed information and scroll down to the Ad placement field.

5. Click/tap on “Edit placements,” navigate to Instagram and “Stories” option.

6. Now, set the budget and decide whether you want to share an image or video on the Instagram Story ad.

7. After all, it is time to add a link and call to action to the Story ad.

How long can Instagram story ads be?

Instagram story ads have the same length limit as stories. This means that each story add can be 15 seconds. But  that does not mean you can not create more than 15-seconds-long ads.

You can create one long, 15-second story or string a couple of videos together so there are multiple segments that will play within 15 seconds. Note that Instagram Story ads are currently limited to 15 seconds; you can’t string three 15-second videos together to make a 45-second video ad. The upshot of this type of ad is that people can swipe through to skip some parts of your story ad without completely leaving it.

What Makes an Effective Instagram Story Ad?

1. Make sure to use motions in the ad
Facebook reports that “ads that use motion perform better.” Motions such as gifs, captures the viewers’ attention a lot.

2. Try to use audio or music in the ad
Almost every body watch stories with sounds on, that’s why when your Instagram story ads have sound or music, they will be more attractive. Consider how you might use music, sound effects, or voice-over to capture viewers’ attention in a new way.

3. Use your call-to-action in an effective way
For those who do not know what a call-to-action is, it is a sticker, text or link which asks the user to do another action such as,  “Learn More”, “Shop Now”, or “Swipe Up” to encourage viewers to take action, depending on your goal.

4. Don’t forget to add text
You should not just rely on videos or pictures to get the audiences’ attention. Additionally, text can help emphasize your key points.

5. Test out mobile shots.
As Hubspot stated on their blog, Facebook reports, “Mobile shots outperform studio shots for ad recall and intent, while studio shots tend to drive higher brand awareness.” For this reason, consider forgoing fancy studio equipment for video shot and edited straight from a mobile phone.

All in all

After following all the tips for running attention-grabbing Instagram Story ads, you need to try different ad formats, videos, photos, styles, targets, etc. to be successful and get the best results.

Which of the following methods worked the best for you? Is there any tip that you want us to add in the blog?

Please share your ideas and experiments with us, and we are all ears to hear from you.

A complete guide to advertising on Instagram (by pictures) 2023 Update

Instagram advertising is a method of promoting business according to the marketing objective. Choose three types of marketing objective (awareness, considerations, and conversions) and create ads through the Facebook business manager.

Why is Instagram ads good for your business?

There are several reasons why choosing Instagram as a platform to promote business or even personal accounts. The first is that Instagram is a platform with more than 1 billion active users, and it is the sixth social media all over the globe among all communities. So, it is a place with a considerable number of viewers who can see and love the services or products.

As Instagram shows it, new products can be discovered by 60% of people on Instagram, which is a considerable percentage. People would love enjoying videos, and it is possible using these options to boost the business. It is also reported that around 200 millions of people would visit at least one business profile daily, which is fantastic. It means that it is worthy of investing in Instagram.

Source: Facebook business help

If you had checked the statistics about the current social networks and their active users, most probably have seen that Instagram is one of the most popular social media all over the globe with more than 1 billion active users. It is true that Facebook still is a first social media, but because of photo and video -sharing-base of Instagram, and other issues such as privacy concerns, about Facebook, Instagram is more lovable by users.  

Source: Statista

But before this, you need to have a quality Instagram page, to attract potential customers, or followers. The Instagram bot can help a lot with this, so, before starting ads on Instagram is better to know how does Instagram automation for scheduling posts, like, follow, comment, view stories, and all other Instagram actions increase page quality and content.

What are Instagram Advertising’s types?

There are three main categories to advertise on Instagram, including awareness, considerations, and conversation.

AWARENESS: In this category, the main aim of advertising could be brand awareness and reaching an ad to a lot of viewers on Instagram. The main benefits of advertising on Instagram is that advertiser can choose the targeted audience, and who want to see the ads. This increase the probability of getting the best results, and increasing the revenue of business because you have already skipped the unwanted viewers, and a lot of people are aware of the brands, products, and services

CONSIDERATION: The second category generally refers to more engagements and could be one of the best classes of advertising on Instagram. Though, it depends on your marketing goals to choose between different groups and also the place you are going to share (feed or stories). This category has 6 different types of advertising mode, including traffic, app installs, engagements, video views, lead generation, and message, which I would explain explicitly in the following paragraphs.

More Traffic: If one wants to bring more people to website, or they need more app users, they can select this target. Users would click on link when the content of ads is eye-catchy.

App Installs: with this type of advertising; business owners can lead users to the app store to download app. If a company has a great and useful app, but no one sees that, it is useless. It is important that people would know what businesses have created, and if it is useful for them, they would love and purchase it.

More Engagement: based on the newest Instagram algorithm, engagement is very determining for profile growth. Therefore, whatever individuals are doing on Instagram, they should look forward to having more engagements, specifically with targeted users. This advertising can include comments, shares, likes, event responses, and offer claims according to the help of Instagram business.

There is some software that you can use from the web to add all the necessary links to Instagram page. For example, is one of the affordable and best places to all page or website links, so you can guide the audiences to the place you want.

Video views: a video with millions of views can bring lots of benefits to business, and hopefully, this option is available on Instagram advertising. By reaching more users, video views can be increased, which, of course, benefits you.

Lead generation: Collect leading information from people interested in business. This information can be the email addresses of those who might be interested in products or services. Create ads that collect info from individuals attracted to product, such as sign-ups for newsletters.

Message: you can connect with potential or existing customers on Instagram through sending messages. However, it seems that messaging only works on WhatsApp or Facebook messenger in which you can get more conversations, offers of support, offers of purchase, or get them to answer questions.

The third category of Instagram advertising is conversions, which are divided into three main parts, including Conversions, Catalog sales, and Store visits.

Conversions: through Instagram advertising, you can introduce website or app (within an app store) and a link to direct people there and download or install the apps.

Catalog sales: showing the catalog of products to the targeted audience is another types of advertising on Instagram, which lead to drive traffic and sales to any business.

Store visits: Promote multiple business locations to people who are nearby.

Here is a summary of different types of Instagram advertising:

What marketing objectives Instagram support?

You might be wondering if Instagram supports all of the above types of advertising on feeds or stories. Instagram does not support all of the ads on Instagram stories, and as you would see bellow, only 7 different ads out of 11 are supported by Instagram stories.


Is Instagram a right platform for your business?

Sometimes it might get confusing to know whether the industry you are working with, is suitable for Instagram, and specifically to invest in its advertising. According to Statista, top industries on Instagram are auto, fashion, beauty, and Jewelry & Watches. Therefore, if you are working in these types of the sector, you are lucky, and it is worthy of investing in it and boosting business on Instagram. However, other types of industries can also generate more sales, traffic, and increase their revenue. The chart below shows the brands’ share on Instagram as of March 2016. 

How much does it cost to advertise on Instagram? 

The cost of Instagram advertising is based on clicks, and it costs about $ 0.7 to $ 0.8 per click.

Here is an estimated “number of reach (the number of times that a post is seen)” along with the price. It seems that every 100 reach on Instagram costs about $1 and you can choose a period of 1 to 30 days.

However, there are some descriptions on Instagram to tell about the budget and the duration you can select, which looks like this:

How does Instagram advertising work?

There are 3 different ways to advertise on Instagram. The first is through ads manager on Facebook, the second is promoting posts from Instagram app, and the third one is getting help from Instagram partners. The last one suits for those who have no time to create and run ads on Instagram.

#1 From the Instagram app:  you should have a business profile and Facebook page connected to it. Then, tap on the Promote button on the lower corner of posts and follow the steps there only. It is fast and straightforward.

#2 From Instagram Partners: If you are going to pay others to create ads, you can find the partners (which are introduced by Instagram itself). There are various companies that you can leave creating ads to them.

#3 From Ad Manager on Facebook: you should follow these three main steps.

1. Create business manager account through Facebook Business

2. Create and Add Ad account, Page, and People 

3. Create Ad according to the marketing objectives

Who will see your ads on Instagram?

You can Pick the exact audience you need for business or personal accounts based on seven different targets.

Location: Target people based on specific places like states, provinces, cities, or countries.
Demographics: age, gender & languages are different information that you would have to choose target markets.
Interests: Instagram can recognize whom users are following or what ads they are clicking. So, you can pick them based on their favorite topics.
Behaviors: Instagram is capable of distinguishing people’s behavior on and off, and this is available for ads.
Custom Audiences: if you have customers’ email addresses or phone numbers, you can send them ads directly from Instagram, or ads manager of Facebook.
Lookalike Audiences: you might Find new users or potential customers who are similar to existing clients.
Automated Targeting: location, interest, and demographic data are also available to use for running ads on Instagram.


There is no doubt that advertising can increase your revenue or even performance on Instagram, and other business parts linked to Instagram, such as website or pages. However, you should consider working on products, or services, and creating quality content of Instagram profile before starting ads on this social media with millions of viewers from all around the globe.

New Upcoming Instagram Updates

Instagram is effortlessly trying to improve its functionality and features day by day. And recently they have been giving out new updates and features one after another which each of them Is useful for a specific group of users, and Instagram thinks about all of the users whether they are marketers, businesses or just personal accounts who use Instagram just forfun.

The new Instagram updates have been a great move for the community. Upgrades such as: adding join chat stickers, donation stickers, the emergence of @shop, and also the ability to view IGTV in landscape mode. There are several more new Instagram updates which are predicted to be added soon, by peoples like the reverse engineer Jane Manchun Won, and Matt Navarra. These two people have been the first to spot several unannounced features from Facebook and Instagram in the past before it was officially rolled out by them.

Below, we are going to know about some of the features which are going to be available soon to all Instagrammers and are now just being tested. The first upcoming feature I am going to discuss is how Instagram is making Advertisers able to Boost Organic Posts as Feed Ads.

View Post

Instagram Lets Advertisers Boost Organic Posts as Feed Ads

On June 4th, Instagram announced an update on a blog post which informed the brand owners about their new ability to promote organic posts they paid an Influencers to advertise, into Instagram feed as ads. This means the posts will get to a broader range of audience and attract much more engagement since they are not limited to only the Influencer’s followers, and will be seen in the feed and stories of the people who neither follow the brand, nor the influencer.

Take the example of a beauty brand paying Kylie Jenner to promote their lasts product to her followers. The advertiser can later, take another step if he feels the post is doing well, and decide to boost the post as an ad on the Instagram feed.

This surely would be much more beneficial since the posts and the product promotion would be seen by a lot more people rather than just the Influencer’s followers.

How to get the sponsored posts into the Instagram feed?

The influencers who have sponsored a post for a brand from Instagram’s “paid partnership” tool, need to tag the brand in the post and opt into “Allow Business Partner to Promote” from the settings. When the ad creator wants to get the post to Instagram feed, they’ll see some options to choose from as an objective:

  • Reach
  • Brand Awareness
  • Video Views
  • Traffic
  • Engagement

This way, the branded post will soon find its way to Instagram feed to reach wider audience and to perform even better.

What are the benefits of promoting organic posts as ads?

If you choose to boost your post as an ad, it will have benefits for you, your chosen influencer, and Instagram itself. The branded content ads would improve the influencer marketing campaign massively because it allows businesses only to get their posts to be noticed by people more than the followers of that specific influencer. When the post which is shared by the influencer, would show up on Instagram feed or stories of other accounts, it helps to build up the image of the influencer and the brand awareness of the business.

This partnership between brands and creators would let Instagram make a lot of money in the way they never could before, because when a business used to pay someone to promote their content, Instagram could not even make a penny. But now it has an opportunity to earn something from these sponsored contents.

Instagram is testing to add an “order” sticker

Another upcoming update which was discovered not so long ago is the “order sticker.” This feature, which is being tested was first discovered by Matt Navarra, a social media consultant which has previously spotted and predicted so many of Instagram features. Matt has just saw a new option besides his other story stickers on Instagram which was titled “order” with a dollar sign ($) with it, and he captured a screenshot of the update and posted it to his twitter right away.

Since nothing official is out about this sticker yet, its function is not known, but there are guesses going around about it. Since it came with a dollar sign, it is supposed that the sticker is 100% accompanied with payments. Some have guessed that it might be something like placing orders for an event tickets. Instagram has been paying much attention to its shopping features a lot lately, so another guess is that this sticker is also something related to shopping again.

Anyways, it is still what this sticker actually does and whether it will be rolled out or rejected on its beta mode.

New Instagram story format for Pride Month in June

Instagram has decided to offer something much more special and cool for this year’s Pride month, a new rainbow color ring for Stories which include a Pride-related hashtag. This features was spotted by reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong and was shared on her twitter right after she figured the change out.

Like I mentioned above, this update turns the border circle of the stories which contain a pride-related hashtag, into a colorful one, rather than the usual red and orange color pattern which we all see around our follower’s stories. This is one of the updates Instagram has decided to roll out this June for pride day like last year that features such as a rainbow background in type mode of stories and rainbow version of mentioning, tagging and locations.

Instagram updates for the pride-day might be even more intersecting with more options that nobody still knows about since none of them are officially announced yet.

The benefits of new rainbow color ring for Stories

This update which is going to come soon, would give us some advantages and might be a move towards being able to differentiate the color of our story borders to vary the different type of stories. Now when the pride-day arrives, anybody using the related hashtags of that day on their stories, can be easily identified even without having to open the stories.

This conception can be used to understand what different stories are about. Imagine this being applied to different kinds of subjects for stories. For example, a breaking news kind of story with relevant hashtags would have a blue color border or a sponsored ad would turn pink. This way, it would be much more convenient to watch the content you are interested in, and using stories would be more relevant. We hope such an option would be available on Instagram in future that the pattern or the color of Instagram stories would tell us what they are about even without seeing the story.

Here were the 3 of the upcoming features that would roll out soon. The platform is always trying to keep its users happy by giving out updates for their Instagram accounts. And new features now and then on special occasions and for specific uses. Wonder what the next Instagram features will be? Just keep track of our blogs with the latest updates on Instagram, as always.

How to Get Rid of Instagram Ads and Sponsored Posts?

Have you ever wondered about removing an ad from your Instagram feed? While you can’t stop ads from showing up in your feed, we will show you how to delete individual ads you don’t want to see.

All you need to do is click on the reporting option which is in the three dots on the upper right corner of your screen. So, If you see an ad in your feed, all you have to do is click on the three dots button and tell Instagram that the ad is inappropriate.

How to Get Rid of Instagram Ads

1- Tap the three dots button in the top-right edge of the ad you want to hide.

2- Tap “Hide Ad.”

3- After you hide the ad, Instagram will ask you why you didn’t like to see the ad. you can respond by choosing one of three options: “It’s not relevant,” “I see it too often” or “It’s inappropriate.” If you’d prefer not answer this question, keep scrolling on your feed and the question will disappear.

Do you know how do sponsorships work on Instagram? If yes, you are likely to like it because that is the key success of many Instagram brands and influencers. Does it seem hard to find out how to get sponsored on instagram? we are here to tell you all the details of this point.

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