Top 10 tools to find Instagram influencers

Influencers will have a huge impact on the activity of our Instagram page, but finding Instagram influencers is not an easy task and you cannot easily find people who are related to your field of activity. In this article, we will introduce ways to find Instagram influencers and make more impact on our page.

To find Instagram influencers, you need to pay attention to two points, the first point is that either you know them or you do not know them and you want to use related tools to find them. In this article, we have tried to introduce a tool by which to find and target Instagram influencers related to your field of activity. Of course, many influencers are also good bloggers, so you can take full advantage of their podcasts and texts to target your Instagram page.

10  useful tools to find Instagram influencers


The AspireIQ tool is a smart social platform that gives you some kind of advice. This program selects the goals of your Instagram page, including influencers, professionals, and customers directly intelligently and puts them in front of you so that you can achieve your goals through these people. The AspireIQ database contains over 6 million influencers on various social networks, so you are free to choose between related people.

This system will allow you to plan carefully and step by step for the sale and introduction of the product and will give you advice and guidance at any stage, wherever needed. After using AspireIQ, you can connect with a network of influencers associated with these people.

AspireIQ is not a completely free service and you have to pay monthly or annually to access some of its tools. website

One of the major differences between and other tools for finding Instagram influencers is that is more of a social networking platform. This tool helps users to be able to communicate with influencers and also to establish more and longer-term relationships with them. The website has more than 250,000 users, more than half of whom are influencers and other ordinary deaths and business owners.

Through website, you can easily connect with influencers related to your Instagram page and expand your products and activities even more. Of course, the options of this website are normally limited, and you can use it indefinitely by paying monthly or annually. Chrome extension is a very useful Chrome add-on that you can use to find influencers on various social networks including Facebook and LinkedIn. This tool gives you access to influencers from more than 100 different social networks. One of the benefits of this tool is showing the connection of your contacts with other influencers so that you can find the influencer related to your work.


If you want a versatile Twitter app that can help you find influencers, Tweetdeck is the best choice. This tool lets you manage up to 200 Twitter accounts simultaneously, read messages, view hashtags, like or retweet posts, and much more to manage a social network.

This tool also gives you the ability to professionally search for influencers so that you can easily find any person related to your job or activity on Twitter.


If you are looking for the biggest platform to find influencers on Instagram and other social networks, Upfluence is the best possible option for this. Influencer Database This tool accommodates more than 3 million people, and its artificial intelligence can easily find and suggest related influencers based on the needs and desires of your Instagram page.

This tool is based on categories and keywords and special algorithms, so you can find the relevant influencer based on each category or word you want and enter it into your work system. You can even customize the influencer search on this tool based on your location or social networking platform to find related options faster.

The Upfluence tool also provides users with a Chrome extension that allows them to better search and check your influencer profile related to your activity.


If you want to see Instagram influencers based on page feedback, likes, followers as well as page quality, the HypeAuditor tool is the best option. HypeEditor is a great option for finding Instagram influencers and categorizing them based on the quality of the Instagram page.

The tool first receives the general information of each influencer through various sources and then analyzes the information based on its algorithms and scores. Of course, one of the advantages of HypeAuditor is that it only shows real likes and followers and also has the power to detect fake likes.

HypeAuditor is more useful for people who drink

Find Instagram influencers, compare likes, followers, page quality, and posts, and review and analyze each influencer.

Post for Rent

Post for Rent is a very useful tool for finding and influencing Instagram influencers based on the views of others. Not only does this system provide you with a list of influencers, but it can also go a long way in increasing the profitability of your Instagram page sales products. You can introduce yourself as a brand in this tool and get opinions and points from others and do the same for other people.

Post for Rent tool with a stylish and simple user interface provides you with the general information of influencers, their related content, profile information, contacts of each, and the field of work with its internal algorithms. Of course, the interesting thing about this tool is its suggestion system. If you build your brand in Post for Rent and specify the category, this system will automatically suggest the relevant influencers.


One of the easiest tools to find Instagram influencers is Alltop, which of course does not use any particular algorithm and will only serve based on the search and content that other people produce. In this system, you can see all the trendy and special posts and find the influencer related to you through the posts.


Klout tool is a system for rating people on social networks and gives you the activity of each person or each page on different platforms in a range of 1 to 100. For example, a normal person who has a social network gets 40 points in Klout, celebrities, and celebrities get points above 80.

Using this system, you can categorize people and choose them as your influencers based on their score, which of course is a practical method and can get you to what you want faster. It is interesting to know that only 5% of people have a Klout score of more than 63.


The Crowdfire tool is essentially a kind of social media page analyzer. This tool is also very useful for finding Instagram influencers. Crowdfire tool allows you to follow people related to your activity and also analyze the profile of each.

Everything about the Instagram Creator Studio

It was back in 2017 when Facebook first launched Creator Studio for its users to make their account management, post scheduling, messaging, and a lot more activities easier on Facebook. Using Facebook creator studio, users could edit videos and create much more interesting posts, and it was a whole new feature for creators, and they could access so many information and options more than their Facebook accounts.

It has been years that Instagram users, especially business accounts, kept asking for more detailed insights and easier activity management for their Instagram. It looks like Facebook has finally granted their request. Earlier this month it announced that the Instagram Creator Studio is now available for influencers, businesses, and Instagram creators to give them much more features and facility to create content.

What is Instagram Creator Studio?

The Instagram creator studio is a platform to manage Instagram accounts actions like scheduling posts and seeing Instagram posts insight. The Creator Studio, which was only available for Facebook pages earlier, is now available for Instagram and creator accounts can get the most of it.

The Instagram Creator Studio was first launched and then ate that last year in August, Facebook launched the Creator Studio. Now after almost a year, this helpful Studio can be used by Instagram accounts for creator profiles as well and it helps them manage their Instagram presence much more conveniently.

Note that Creator Studio for both Instagram and Facebook is only available on Desktop now and the Creator Studio app is now dismissed.

You might have been unaware of the fact that Instagram had another account type rather than a personal and business accounts which is the Creator account we are talking about. The hot new Creator Studio for Instagram. So just keep reading to find all your answers regarding this topic.

What are the benefits of the Instagram Creator Studio?

As Facebook also announced, creator studio now supports Instagram as well as Facebook. It has more ways for creators to:

  • Monetize and manage their accounts 
  • Monitoring Instagram accounts
  • Track their profile’s insights
  • Simplifying messages
  • Editing their videos with soundtracks
  • Scheduling posts

Another cool feature which is newly added to the studio is the ability to schedule your IGTV. Doesn’t that sound interest? You can now set a predetermined time and date for Instagram posts and IGTVs to be shared.

Scheduling posts were only available to Facebook accounts until recently, but now this dream is granted to Instagram users as well and knowing this, feels like a relief to marketers.

Besides all the benefits this tool provides for you and your creator profiles, Instagram Creator Studio still does not have more powerful tools and options than Instazood’s post scheduler which includes much more options for sharing posts and scheduling content than Instagram itself.

You have no limitation to add scheduled posts in Instazood, you have the ability to add watermarks which can be anything like your brand’s logo, to your content and so many other features.

  • Creator Studio’s Instagram content library

In the content library section of the Studio, you’ll have all your stories, Instagram videos, and photos, IGTVs in one place. You’ll also find a search bar on your content library with which you can search what you are looking for, or use the filters to organize content.

Another cool option you have on your library of contents is that you can click on them for more detailed insight on how they performed.

  • Publish and schedule Instagram posts and IGTV

In this section of your Creator Studio, you’ll get options and tools for sharing content to both Instagram feed posts and IGTV as well as scheduling them for later. The process of posting and scheduling is easy, and you just need to do a few clicks.

  • Full access to Direct messages and comments on Creator Studio’s inbox view

The other section which so many Instagram creators would find helpful and will save them lots of time and energy is the inbox view. This section has simplified messaging on Instagram since you have access to all the comments and messages all in one place.

  • Creator Studio’s collection of Soundtracks

Instagram creators really need to thank Facebook for adding such a fun option for them in the studio, making their task for editing more interesting videos for their audience easier. Creators would find a set of cool soundtracks to use on their Instagram videos for more impression.

  • Tracking Insights from Instagram Creator Studio

As a creator, you need to know which of the content your audience most likes and engaged with, so that you can improve your job. Instagram’s new Creator Studio provides a good Insight tool for you to analyze your audience and content’s performance.

Note that you can only see insights of the posts you have shared since connecting to Creator Studio and you don’t have access to the information about previous posts.

How to Connect Your Instagram Account to the Creator Studio?

To use Creator Studio for your Instagram, you first need to connect your account to the Studio to be able to publish and schedule posts from desktop, manage accounts, have detailed insights. You need to make sure you consider the steps below before trying to connect your Instagram Account to the Creator Studio.

  • You need both an Instagram and Facebook account.
  • Your accounts should be a creator profile or a business one.
  • The Instagram account you choose should be linked to the Facebook you manage.

Condition #1: If your Facebook page is already linked to the Instagram account you are willing to connect to Creator studio, just click to connect to that page.

Condition #2: In the case that you do not have any Facebook page linked to your Instagram, then follow the instructions to log into the Instagram account you want to connect.

Condition #3: It might happen that you have an Instagram account connected to a Facebook page, but you want to use a different account, and you do not see it in the list. Here, click “Connect another Instagram Account” and follow the instructions.

Condition 4: Another option is provided here for when you have a lot of Instagram accounts which are connected to your Facebook page or pages. In that case, click “Continue with Connected Accounts.”

Connect Instagram account to Creator Studio without a Facebook Page

Before starting you should switch Instagram account to business/creator.

  1. Go to Instagram creator studio website
  2. Click on Log in with Instagram business account
  3. Enter your login info (enter the code if two-factor authentication is active on your Instagram account)

If you face any error that you cannot login to your creator studio:

  • Sign out of your Facebook account, and then log into Creator Studio again (using Instagram account info)
  • Open the Creator Studio from a private or Incognito browser, and login using Instagram login info

Connect Instagram account to Creator Studio with a Facebook Page

  1. Go to Creator Studio.
  2. Click Instagram icon next to facebook icon on top of the screen.
  3. What would happen next depends on the Instagram accounts and Facebook pages.
  • If your Facebook Page already connected to the Instagram account you want to use in Creator Studio, click to connect to that Page.
  • If you don’t have Facebook Page connected to an Instagram account, click Connect to Instagram. Then, follow the instructions to log into the Instagram.
  • If you have a Facebook Page connected to an Instagram account, but want to use a different Instagram account you don’t see listed, click Connect another Instagram Account and follow the on screen instructions.
  • If you have multiple Instagram accounts connected to your Facebook Page or Pages and want to have them in Creator Studio, click Continue with Connected Accounts.

What are Instagram creator accounts and why they are useful?

Creator accounts for Instagram were processed and implemented on Instagram since Instagram creators highly demanded more features and easier content management for their accounts. It was also explained in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter by Instagram’s product manager, Ashley Yuki that Instagram creators and influencers are of great importance for the platform and that was the biggest reason why they thought of adding an Instagram dashboard to the Creator Studio.

Instagram creator accounts are another type of accounts users can own on Instagram besides personal and business accounts, but there is one sad thing about it, and that is you cannot switch to a creator account on Instagram until you do not have 10k followers and counting.

After switching to an Instagram creator account, you gain lots of options for managing better Instagram accounts. Below are benefits of switching to a Creator account and why creator accounts are better than business ones on Instagram.

1- Detailed growth data and Insights

With an Instagram business account, you will have much more options than owing to a personal account, but with creator accounts, the options are a lot more and much more detailed. In business accounts, you get to know the insights on how your account has performed over a week or month, but a creator account gives more detailed information on a daily and hourly basis.

  • Number of daily activities

You would know the number of the accounts who followed and unfollowed you if you head to the business insights on a business account, but with a creator account, you’ll have the same set of information but the daily statistics.

  • Gain access to Instagram creator Studio dashboard

With a creator profile, you can start using creator studio for your Instagram, and you will have a very organized and handy dashboard in which you can manage so many activities and accounts.

  • Instagram Creator Profiles provide Classified data about your followers

Instagram creator profiles, just like business ones, would let you get to know who your followers are by giving you information such as their age and location. And that makes users able to gain more relevant followers and behave in the way they would be more interested.

2- Instagram Creator Profiles Categorizes your Direct messages inbox

Another big difference between business and creator profiles on Instagram is their direct messaging function. On business accounts, as well as personal profiles, you have a single messaging inbox and your requests section which contain the spam messages and unwanted DMs. But when your profile is a creator one, you will have three separate sections on the direct message inbox.

Influencers and bigger account receive tons of messages daily, making the important messages to get lost in the inbox and handling them is a tough thing to do. As an Influencer, you will have the “Primary” tab and the “General” tab.

Since switching to a creator account, all existing messages will be considered as primary and would be replaced in that tab, and the General tab would contain the messages from your followers, fans, etc.

3- With Instagram Creator Profiles you have flexible contact buttons

As an influencer or a popular person, you surely will receive lots of calls, emails, and all that. You can choose to easily turn off all your contact buttons having a creator profile, or you can filter out who you want to reach out to you.

How to switch to a creator profile on Instagram?

Switching to a creator account to start your journey on Instagram as a creator is not a big deal at all and with a few steps which can also be found on the Instagram’s help center, you would replace your personal profile to a creator profile. To switch your personal account or Business profile to a Creator Account:

  1. Go to your Instagram account’s settings
  2. Select Account
    • If you had a personal account, choose “Get More Tools”
    • If you had a Business profile, choose “Switch to Creator Account”
  3. Select a category that best describes what you d
  4. It is better to link the account to a Facebook page
    • If you have a Facebook Page, you would like to link to your account, select it from the list that appears.
    • If you do not want to link a Facebook Page, select “Skip.”
  5. You need to add at least one form of contact information here, and you can later change or hide it.
  6. You can customize your profile display by choosing whether you want your information to be shown to others on Instagram or not.


Instagram’s new Creator Studio is a very helpful tool for creators to manage a more successful account. If you are a creator, a personal or business profile does not suit you anymore, and you should switch to a creator profile as so as possible to gain access to a lot more features for maintaining your Instagram presence.

Best Instagram influencers tips, a business needs to grow

Instagram influencers are crucial to your success to provide a win-win game in your Instagram business, just pay attention to some important tips in this blog to execute it well to convey your brand awareness.

If you want to develop marketing on Instagram, why not thinking of Instagram influencers for luck? You, as a business owner, may come across a variety of Instagram marketing strategies such as using Instagram bot or running campaigns to convey your brand awareness and expose it to a wider audience but didn’t know that Instagram influencer marketing can do it well.

The truth is that Influencers on Instagram can share a huge opportunity to boost brands up and provide a win-win game if you know the Influencer marketing play, tips, and tricks as well. Now, this ultimate guide helps you with influencer marketing tips to grow your business.

 Come with me to enjoy it.

Why Instagram influencer marketing?

Instagram is the most popular visual base platform in which people spend an average of 28 minutes every day. And with this shocking news that 200 million users on Instagram check one business account at least once a day. Obviously, with numerous such users and major brands in this space., Instagram influencer marketing will be more successful than other influencer marketing platforms. In addition, this social media with 500,000 active influencers consists of Instagram celebrities, famous bloggers, known as a top influencer marketing platform for business owners to make money on Instagram as well as Instagram influencers to get sponsored.

How to find Instagram influencers for businesses?

The process of finding an efficient Instagram influencer needs enough time to consider critical factors also enough budget to make the businesses more powerful. Some crucial tips you should take the advantages of them listed below:

Consider the right Instagram influencer with your market niche

There is a significant need to categorize the niches you want to consider for Instagram influencers to get ahead in. Indeed, In tough situations, when you catch in the hectic marketing activities on Instagram and drown with many marketing tasks and efforts, undoubtedly, top influencers can be the best choice to boost product sales, increase engagement and make customer satisfaction. For instance, if your marketing on Instagram is related to cosmetic things, It is better to look for top beauty influencers on Instagram to take the first but prominent step properly.

Evaluate Influencers content on their Instagram

When it comes to Instagram influencer marketing, I picture an Instagram feed full of a variety of compelling creative content that attracts eyes and enthuses visitors to view video content and gain useful data about each product and, in turn, tap on the follow button. Actually, the sense of intuitiveness and thoughtfulness of top Instagram bloggers reveals here. In that case, More businesses can get Instagram sponsorship to Instagram influencers safely.    

Consider Influencers Instagram followers and engagement

The more followers they have, the more engagements they can make to build a brand identity. Followers mean engagements but obviously real interacted followers, not fake or unreal ones. Check out the list of followers of top Instagram accounts to notice their identities resonates with their interactions on the content of the influencer you are going to choose.

Try to seek top Instagram Influencers, which has a high impression on their Instagram posts comments, likes, captions engaging.

Some of Instagram users use the fake followers which is totally different from using automation for real Instagram followers. You can easily distinguish the fake followers by checking the number of followers and the number of video views, or the number of likes.

Though Instagram has recently announced that they are removing the likes from the posts, but still you can check the engagement by comments. The average engagement on Instagram is about 2% for likes, and 0/1-0/2% for comments. It means for every 1000 followers you should receive at least 1 comment, and 10 likes.

Instagram search tool is the best option for Instagram influencers     

Have you ever thought that if you could search on Instagram with a tool for different purposes, from finding usernames to top Instagram influencers?

One of the greatest factors to achieve your Instagram marketing goals and reach the desired influencer market is getting the help of an Instagram search tool. You can get the best Instagram engagement rate with the features it maintains, such as searching for top Instagram posts by hashtags and a high number of likes. It also plays an internal role in Instagram influencer marketing and finding the best Instagram influencer in your niche to get the best outcome with spending less time.

How Instagram influencers get paid on Instagram

Make money with Instagram sounds a little bit challenging because this topic may distract you to some tremendous effort to appear as one of the most get paid Instagram influencers. But do not worry, the thing you need to have in your mind as a micro or nano influencer is the appropriate strategies to build trust through their Instagram followers. If this trust forms a strong relationship between the influencer and the customer, each sponsored post can cost even to $ 25,000. However, the minimum payment for an Instagram sponsored post is under $ 250. Here, the influencer definition might change and divided into four types of influencers:

  • Nano influencer
  1. Number of followers: between1000 to 10K
  2. Each sponsored post: less than $300
  3. Suitable for: local businesses or markets.
  4. Engagement rate:7.2%

Nano influencers can also have success among influencers in marketing on Instagram space because of using their cost-effective marketing attempts as well as efficient marketing activities at the beginning of the journey. Actually, they are new influencers on this influencer marketing platform that start with small amounts of followers. It is interesting to know that even this type of Instagram influencer can reach a higher engagement rate in compersion to micro or even macro-influencers because their lack of fame is one of the privileges that make them approachable. For example, Reannoin Jean Celines is in Partnership with Starbucks and monetize from advertising for antique women wears and the intriguing point is that most of the people trust her products offers as she is an everyday customer but also for an initiate reputation a nano influencer struggle to compete with top Instagram influencers.

  • Micro-influencer
  1. Number of followers: 10K to 100K
  2. Each sponsored post fee:$300
  3. Suitable for: both big and small businesses.
  4. Engagement rate: 2-3%

There are numerous mico Instagram influencers that are more likely seem to contribute with the majority of brand campaigns due to their high concentration on just one specific niche market such as a food influencer who tastes a variety of foods for free or a big discount instead of getting paid as his/her influencer marketing job.  In fact, make money on Instagram by the use of these ways can forge friendship and reliability in marketing used-products or services, shown in every Instagram post leads to direct the audience to consider the brand website credibility to start generating sales.


  • macro-influencers
  1. Number of followers: more than 5M
  2. Suitable for: working with multiple famous brands
  3. Each sponsored post: more than $1,000
  4. Engagement rate: %1

One of the macro-influencers on Instagram is Georgianogio, known as top Instagram influencers appearing in the different niche markets to promote different brand awareness. Working as a yoga instructor with Aloyoga brand, as an influencer for fashion brand PrettyLittleThing andfinally as a famous Instagram model for the well-known brand Dolce & Gabbana.

Most of the macro-influencers consist of Instagram celebrities who get sponsored on Instagram in turn of partnering with the best famous brands. It is worth mentioning that these kinds of Instagram influencers typically make a low engagement rate because they are brand influencers and convey the sense of their credibilities rather than their popularities and everyday consumer products. However, according to later, “this isn’t always the case! Many popular influencers have been able to maintain a high engagement rate on their posts as well. Like @kyliejenner, who, despite having over 100 million followers, usually gets an engagement rate of 3 to 10% on her posts.”

  • Bloggers
  1. Number of followers: from K to M
  2. Suitable for: working with different niches
  3. Each sponsored post: $250 to $500 

Well, there is always a distinct difference between bloggers and influencers. Instagram bloggers are the same as Instagram influencers, but an Instagram influencer can not be an Instagram blogger because blogging is like working as an author and having a website to share blog posts. Instead, influencers can influence the audience by the elegant showcases or their reputations, taking advantage of their popularity power and attract people and, as a result, double the chances of purchasing.

There are many kinds of bloggers: food, travel, fashion and anything else

Travel blogger Annette White is a clear example of a top Instagram blogger. According to bucketlistjourney, She is a travel writer, author, serial adventurer and creator of the award-winning travel blog, Bucket List Journey. Her popular site has over 100,000 monthly readers, and Frommer’s named her Instagram @bucketlistjourney one of the best travel accounts to follow

Last but not least, Although Instagram influencer marketing is trending now, which gazillion number of Instagrammers are finding new ways how to get sponsored on Instagram to charge with a high income, this process can not be achieved without changing the lifestyle. You as an Instagrammer should learn how to shine like a popular Instagram influencer by tracking the range of top influencers in your market niche and as a business owner would be supposed to discover the best Instagram influencers to invest on as I mentioned above that Instagram search tool efficiently can work to find high engaging posts which means that post is related to one of the biggest influencers.

How to Calculate Instagram Influencer Rates?

There are a few factors that you can use to calculate your Instagram influencer rates (they go beyond your follower numbers). One of the difficult parts of becoming an influencer is learning the worth of your work and how much you should charge.

We looked at the profiles of several influencers on Instagram to find out how many followers they have, what is their engagement rates and how much they are charging for each sponsored post.

Most people get uncomfortable talking about money. That’s why it is essential to find out how much you are worth and be confident about that price! Calculation your influencer rate will make you stay stronger while negotiating and helps you understand when a campaign isn’t worth the effort and time.

Consulting with your clients is much easier when you have written down your prices. There is a formula for calculating your influencer rates:

Talent fee + Distribution fee = what you should charge from your customers.

Now let’s find out the difference between your talent fee and your distribution fee.

Calculating influencer rates :

[/md_text][md_text md_text_title1=”” md_text_title_description=”” md_text_title_size=”25″ md_text_title_separator=”no” md_title_bottom_space_description=”” md_text_content_color=”#0b0b0b” md_text_use_desc_custom_font=”no”]

#1 Distribution fee factors

Your distribution fee is the cost to be featured on your social accounts or blogs. You should keep in mind that your price can vary based on many factors:

  • Your Follower numbers:

The number of followers that you have on your account. This shouldn’t be considered as your main sell, but it is definitely an essential factor in calculating your influencer rates.

  • Your Engagement rate :

The engagement rate is the percentage of followers who engage your posts.

To determine your engagement rate, you should divide the average number of likes and comments you get per post by your follower numbers, which will give you a percentage of your engagement rate.

Your engagement rate informs brands that they are making the right decision working with you.

  • Your Name/skill/popularity

Businesses tend to work with an influencer who has a recognizable face or name. So if you are famous or you are known for a specific skill, you will get paid for that too.

  • The quality of your content

You should become a pro at shooting, concepting and creating mini-campaigns for the brands you are working with.

Don’t overdo this, but try to create a high-quality content that will catch eyes.

  • Demographics

This is when it matters to have a niche. If a brand is looking for someone who is active in a specific niche related to their business, they will pay more to someone on that niche to be their influencer.

[/md_text][md_text md_text_title1=”” md_text_title_description=”” md_text_title_size=”25″ md_text_title_separator=”no” md_title_bottom_space_description=”” md_text_content_color=”#0b0b0b” md_text_use_desc_custom_font=”no”]

#2 Talent fee factors

Your talent fee is how much it really cost you to create the content for the brands.

This number includes all the costs associated with the content and your hourly rate.

The cost of paying your photography team, directors, etc.

To find out the necessary budget, you should calculate the cost of:

  • Your photography team
  • The shooting location
  • The props you will need to buy ( food, candles, accessories )
  • The clothing you will need to buy.

If you are just starting your work, you can start at 25$ per hour and increase your hourly rate as you improve and have more experience. You can take a look at this chart which will provide you with a good range for each tier:

Now that you have the right formula for calculating your influencer rates, you can start negotiating with brands like a professional! If you know any other tips for calculating the influencer rates, let us know in the comments below.


How to Make Money through Instagram Fitness

You might have heard that Instagram fitness models earn a lot and you had become motivated to be an Instagram fitness model, or you are going to grow your current account into a fitness profile, and become a fitness influencer and make money.

You might all know that taking beautiful pictures, showing your well-shaped body would attract followers and boost your account, but here I would give some ideas about all actions that matter, for example, bio, hashtags, captions, etc. We have analyzed many fitness-related profiles, and here is the summary of this analysis, which is written as a step-by-step guide.

How to start fitness Instagram?

While you are interested in sports or being physically fit and healthy or the related subject, there are three ways to make money on prominent social media like Instagram.

  • Instagram fitness influencer
  • A trainer
  • Fitness model

You can choose any of these you are interested in, but according to the rise in the influencers industry and need for them by 2020, it seems that it is well worth spending time to become an Instagram influencer of fitness or any other topics.

There are four steps for you to reach your goal making money from being an Instagram fitness. Keep in mind that for making money, you need big fans and followers. So, all these actions guide to boost your fitness account and start working as a fitness influencer.

Step #1: Recheck Your Entire Instagram Profile
Step #2: Create Quality Content
Step #3: Connect to Other Instagram Users
Step #4: Make Money When You Have Enough Audiences

  • Step #1: Recheck Your Entire Instagram Profile

Here are some points about preparing your profile, or if you have already started, it is better to recheck it.

Name & username: After analyzing many Instagram accounts with big fans, I found that it is better to match the name & username. Though, some username is not available anymore, so, it is good to choose a username closely related to your name or your business name.

Bio: Write your aim in your Instagram bio. For example, a sentence in bio can be “workout without going to the gym.” The content can help society exercise at home or in any open spaces.

Website or link: You can add your website or other account links in your bio. Many users who visit your profile would tap the link in bio too. If you link your account to YouTube or other apps like Telegram, users can join and download your videos which is highly requested by followers.

Story highlights: Almost all accounts with big fans have catchy story highlights. You can choose a cover for each highlight.

  • Step #2: Create Quality Content

Your first sentences are significant because Instagram users would see and read them. Remember that the content should be engaging and not too serious. Use positive words, and most importantly related to the sports, or exercise.

Types of photos or videos: If there is an idea behind the picture that is very worthy and engaging. Here are some examples of content ideas related to a fitness-related account. 

  • Do’s and dont’s
  • Client Spotlight
  • Tips
  • Meals
  • Workout videos
  • Fitness Funny videos or pictures

For instance, test the A/B format of sharing tutorial photos and videos of yours or any of your customers who got the results or even repost from other pages with their name (then and now or before and after) because doing workout for a couple of months, with excellent results attracts many followers. Users would love positive changes and transformation of doing exercise.

Using relevant hashtags: Lots of visitors reach your account if you are using hashtags. Here I would write some related hashtags to #fitness on Instagram. You might use up to 30 hashtags, but it is better to use up to five hashtags only because your content aesthetics is also important. The first comment is also a place to insert your hashtags.

Related hashtags to #fitness



  • Step #3: Connect to Other Instagram Users

Instagram actions, follow, like, comment: Are wondering who you should follow on Instagram as a fitness influencer? If you have recently opened your account, you should know that due to the newest Instagram algorithm, you can only follow a certain number of accounts. Though, when you are going to follow others on Instagram, it is better to select users randomly or use any targeted location. For example, if you want to have more followers from the UK, follow location tags, to find more Instagram users from that location and follow them. Instagram can realize that you are using or interested in the place, and You will be in the suggestion lists related to that location or topic.

Connect with influencers: Many influencers can talk about your brand, profile, activity, aim, etc. take advantage of this opportunity because if you become tagged on a page which has already many followers, the most probably many users would visit your profile and visit your page. This connection helps you increase the number of individuals talking and reacting in your account.

Connect to other networks: There are some other networks like Youtube, Facebook, or functional fitness social network, and apps for fitness like Fitocracy, Daily Mile, Extra pound, MBodyment. In this way, you will get new updates, and challenges regarding the fitness programs, and what others might need more. Reading and connecting more will broaden your knowledge and horizons.

  • Step #4: Make Money When You Have Enough Audiences

An Instagram influencer who works in fitness and related subjects with one million followers and more earns $10,000 per post on average. Individuals use their potential to influence the community through their posted photos and videos or words.

Many social media marketers claim that they are earning one cent per follower for each post. It is estimated that as a social media marketer, a person can gain around $100 if they have about 10k followers. Though, it is better to start advertising, or promoting posts when an account has reached to 10k followers since some of the options are available with a certain number of followers (for example, swipe up to see the link).


Becoming an Instagram fitness trainer, model, or fitness influencer, is not easy at first, but if you are patient to reach this valuable achievement, it is well worth working for it.


Tricks to Become an Instagram Influencer

There are many things that can be clear signs of success for online marketers and business owners, but very few are as powerful and useful as becoming an influencer.
Many work hard to become influencers, but they are unable to achieve the amount of loyal following required for this status.

We are going to give you some of the most useful and essential tips that are going to help you achieve this goal on Instagram.

There is nothing wrong with dreaming big and every single successful person in this world once dreamed of the things they ended up accomplishing.  The problem is when people expect great things to come quickly. For example, becoming an influencer is a very challenging goal.

This is not to say that it’s impossible or doubtful to do this, but you need to work very hard to make it happen. If becoming an influencer was easy, it would have no value at all. Everyone would be an influencer, and the power and importance of becoming one would be gone entirely.

Anyone can become an influencer if they are committed to the process. There are people who work 12-hour shifts every day of their lives and they never manage to achieve financial success. The same thing happens to people who want to become influencers.

They can be working hard all day long trying to promote themselves, but they might be doing things wrong. This means that most of their hard work go down the drain.

The process of working smart means that you have to understand what you are doing. You need to make each minute of word count, and you will see much better results. A minute of proper work beats days and even weeks of incorrect hard work.

Don’t be one of those people who spend weeks and even months engaging their audience every day and then you take several weeks or even months off. You need to be consistent with your approach, and this is going to allow you to get much better results with your efforts.

Avoid being out of the game for too long and try to be as consistent as possible. If you feel like you might be out for a few days, always let your audience know. This helps build a good relationship with your followers.

Anything about you and your skills that makes you unique and different from the rest is always an important thing to capitalize on. This is very important because it gives you the chance to achieve much better results when you start engaging your audience.

Remember that the first impression you give to someone is usually going to determine if they will end up following you and sharing your content with others. This is a crucial step in the process of gaining momentum to become an influencer.

The one thing that influencers know how to do well is to document what they are doing. This means that you should be sharing exciting and fun things with people, but you should be sharing knowledge through experiences more than anything else in your content.

This might not be good news to shy people, but we are sorry to say that being shy is one of the most damaging things that could ever happen to you as an influencer.  You need to put yourself out there and you have to be ready to be goofy, to make mistakes, to say things that some people might not like, but most of all, you need to develop a thick skin for people who might be insulting or might try to put you on the spot.

There are certain things that are a requirement for influencers. For example, you need a high-quality camera for both photos and video. You can’t expect to engage a large audience if you have low-quality images on display. This is always going to be a problem so make sure that you take the time to invest in quality equipment. This might seem expensive at first, but it will be worth it in the long run.

A great way to get yourself known by a large audience is to start collaborating with other people regardless of their level of influence. This is going to help you expand your network and you will also be featured on the pages of those people that you are collaborating with. This means that their entire audience is going to have a chance to get to know about you.

You need to consider the power of using a good Instagram bot and automation software in order to get more things done in less time. Just be careful not to use spambots and spam software in general because this will get your account banned.

Only use software that is compliant with the terms of services that have been set by Instagram. This is one of those things that helps you work smart and not just work hard.

Remember that being an influencer is something that comes with plenty of responsibilities. Keep yourself in check when you talk about any kind of topic and try to avoid anything controversial that might cause a large number of followers to unfollow you. This is one of the most important aspects of being an influencer.

Final thoughts

The process of becoming an influencer is definitely a hard one, and it requires a lot of work and commitment as mentioned earlier. The good news is that achieving the status of influencer will change your life completely. It gives way for many business opportunities that would not be possible with that influential power.

How to Promote your Cosmetic Niche as an Instagram Influencer?

Nowadays, there is a huge challenge on social media marketing for turning traditional marketing into online new professional one to minimize people’s needs to waste their valuable time on old-fashion various markets.

As all we know Instagram has made significant progress in this kind of marketing level, SO the competition to become a successful Instagram influencer in a specific niche will start as well as winning the game and gaining massive popularity on Instagram platform.

Who is an Instagram influencer marketer?

Well, an Instagram influencer is typically a person who earns considerable reputation and unique credibility through its opinions, lifestyle, job or hobby also the curious mind, typically most of them are Instagram celebrities around the Instagram globe with a wide range of followers in a special niche. In fact, the main goal of an influencer on Instagram marketing is that to persuade Instagram users to trust on the particular things or products such as brand, food, cosmetic, etc. they are showcasing.

Some important points to grow a cosmetic niche on Instagram

  • Choosing an appropriate username

The first thing is better to know is that how to choose your Instagram account’s username to describes your niche you are active in at a glance. As a cosmetic Influencer some words such as beauty, make up, cosmetic, world, boutique, and tutorial are suitable to be combined with your real name in order to make a unique clear username which easily comes up to the Instagram search engine and introduce you page activity as well. Some examples: Huda beauty, Nikkei tutorials, Makeup Shayla

  • Focus on a particular cosmetic brand

Getting started with a specific brand and going on with will prove your belief to that brand, and When you build a community around it, it brings trusted, loyal customers to the cosmetic brand as a result of your attempts to show offing diverse range of the cosmetic products. But sometimes it seems a little bit boring to expose just one brand achievements, in that case, try to use your thoughtfulness better to dedicate a specific space on your platform to share some related points to the brand to get the best reaction. For instance, when you are showing a new vivid lipstick, a sign of creativity tells to provide some compelling content matches your statements such as how to use it to look more fresh and natural.

  • Build an eye-catching visual brand aesthetic

As visual content works well on social media, building an awesome well-curated feed theme becomes essential. Also utilizing a wide selection of colorful inspirational photos can help to form an effective relationship with your audience, not only by following such a rule you convey your personality and passion to your clients but also using a sound editing photo software for organizing and applying different filters on your photos leads to effectively promoting your niche. These beauty points are positive steps to be known professionally and immediately through the cosmetic and beauty business pages.

  • Appear in various faces and create great post content

Let me inform you that one trap that usually an influencer fall into is treating with a repetitive advertising method, of course; you should be cautious about your content when there is a fight on its head so, show your capabilities and creativity in making many different kinds of rich, entertaining post and story contents. Test out a high number of cosmetic colors with a new idea for showcasing them even wearing match clothes to them can directly interact with as many Instagrammers as possible.

  • Attend in brand’s big offer to engage followers

Setting your goal and strategy for meeting your new desired outcome needs patience and good planning in advance. Therefore, I consider that meeting to unveil the brand top products will enthuse the Instagram presence to follow you and know you as a high fashion influencer with original advertising. In addition, giving a big or even small discount brings popularity for brand awareness then you can make most of this situation and earn money besides your niche promotion.

  • Provide tutorial content for the target audience

Doing researches on providing tutorial content can raise your audience niche. Totally, sharing stunning makeup looks and some beneficial tutorials videos about how to use cosmetic products persuade different tastes to view them and get lots of likes and people’s attention due to genuine advertising. Plan for that and release tutorial videos in specific days and times regularly in a week. Maybe it seems a little bit difficult to schedule for that, but I have a good solution for you to handle it as a top Instagram Influencer. I suggest using an automation tool to help you with a high amount of tasks and needs, one of the best features which open up a huge opportunity for your Instagram account and its posts is schedule post you can take advantage of for organizing your posts.  

  • Consider relevant hashtags

The emergence of Instagram influencers is using hashtags properly in appropriate places on Instagram accounts; it is an organic way that makes you able to track your progress based on. The best places for using hashtags include bio, stories, posts captions, Basically, in the bio, you should mention your page activity like #Makeup _lover. You are allowed to use tons of relevant hashtags to the brand you are showing off for at the bottom of your post’s caption. For instance, according to Social buddy as a cosmetic influencer, some top trending hashtags listed below are ideal to be used.  #Beauty #Makeup #Lipstick #Lashes #Makeup Addict #Hairstyle #Skincare.

  • Create your own hashtags

It is one of the other key point of your business looking to authentically market the products to your Instagram presence, by finding or creating suitable hashtags which is related to your target brand you will gain more likes and followers genuinely. These hashtags #NYXCosmeticIndia or #Loral_ Professional _Product are an excellent example to be used. On the other hand, be careful to avoid overusing them to be looked spammy.

Above all, there is no doubt, all the things I have referred to are known as key success points to promote your niche as an Instagram influencer. Thus try following them as a right start point; because they are likely to return the favor and in turn can lead to growing your audience. However, for clearing the path through this extreme social media world, you will need to use the best Instagram bot to provide you with some services also take over your next step approach towards boosting the product sales and change your marketing level to the high-quality ones.

How to Promote a Business on Instagram?

The importance of your Instagram account would rise when you own an Instagram business account which you are using to promote your business, a brand, or even a product. This way, you are using Instagram with a purpose. The purpose to grow your business and get more people to know it and to make it more successful. This highly depends on the engagement you get through your Instagram business account since engagement is the key to success and becoming popular on Instagram.

Do I need an Instagram business page?

This question has surely come up to your mind that “If I want to promote my business on Instagram, do I have to switch to a business account?”. The answer is definitely YES!

There are currently more than 25 million business accounts on Instagram. If you aim to promote a business on Instagram, the first thing you need to do is surely to have an Instagram account and switch it to a business account from a personal one. Instagram business accounts have some great benefits for your business, which a personal Instagram account cannot provide. Below are some of the advantages of switching to an Instagram business account:

  • You can see your Instagram Insights

Instagram insight is the best feature of an Instagram business account would provide for you. Instagram insights is an in-app analytics tool that Instagram would make you able to access only if you have a business account on Instagram.

The Instagram insights would provide so many useful information and analytics on your followers, posts, and stories, which can be very handy when trying to grow your business on Instagram.


  • You can promote your Instagram posts and Instagram ads

Instagram ads are much like Facebook ads, so It has one of the most powerful advertising tools with which you can run an ad and then track your campaigns later.

After you switched to a business account, you can promote your Instagram posts to get more reach and engagement, and as it is reported by the users who have done Instagram promotions for their businesses, it has a great result and leads to a rise in the account’s engagement. 

  • You’ll get the contact button

One of the other great features you’ll gain access to, after switching to a business account, is the contact button on near the top of your Instagram account. You can add your phone number or email address and also directions in the contact button.

Add Links on Instagram Stories

I’m sure you have always wanted to add links to your Instagram stories since it would be awesome if you could redirect your followers directly from your Instagram stories. It has now happened, and as soon as a business account reaches 10k followers, they can share links on their stories.

What are the benefits of using Instagram for business?

If you have decided to start your own business page, I have to tell you that you have made a wise decision because being on Instagram is really beneficial for your business and can help your business to be noticed. There are several reasons why introducing your business on Instagram can help it to be more successful, and some of them are:

  • Promoting your business through visual marketing

I’m sure you are also aware of this fact that images and visuals are much more useful than just text and paragraphs when it comes to Instagram marketing and Instagram is somehow wholly visual, and it is based on sharing images and videos. We have always been told that “one picture is worth a thousand words” So when you want to use Instagram marketing to grow your business, you have to use attractive pictures and videos to capture more attention to your account. People love visuals and would be more interested in interacting with you when you run a business account with user-friendly visuals about your business.

  • Instagram is the king of engagement

It does not require a vast knowledge of lots of studies to know Instagram has more engagement than any other of your social media accounts. This can be known by just taking a look at how many likes and comments a picture gets on Instagram comparing it to the same image on other socials. This means that people are more likely to engage with your content when shared on Instagram.

  • You are much more visible

There is no strict algorithm on Instagram for showing your posts to your audiences, and when you share a post with relevant hashtags, it will be shown both on every single one of your follower’s feed and on the list of your chosen hashtag’s posts. The only thing that might keep your post from showing up to others is to get shadowbanned that it can easily be predicted and avoided if you learn some information about the issue.

Your posts are always alive when shared to Instagram. By this I mean it is not like tweeter that your old tweets get archived, and they don’t get lost so far down your stream, like Facebook and they all always visible for the people who are interested in seeing them just need to scroll down your profile to gain access to all your previous content.

  • Your customers are already on Instagram

Instagram has more than 1 billion users, and it is yet growing daily. With this massive number of users, a lot of your customers are already on Instagram waiting to get to know your business more and to know any news and updates on your job.

Instagramers are so active and curious, so a lot of accounts Instagram maybe your future customers and all you need to do is to introduce your business to them and to give them more information on what your company offers and its advantages for people.

  • You can engage your followers in a more fun way

Instagram has made marketing much more fun by rolling out interactive features now and then and by giving out useful updates for all kinds of its users.

By taking advantage of some of Instagram features, you can make your followers engage with you more in an exciting way. For example, it is proved that Instagrammers love to interact with stickers on their Instagram stories. By stickers, I mean that kind of interactive stickers like emoji sliders, question stickers, poll, and quiz stickers.

These stickers make your audience able to give out their opinions on something or express how they feel about a specific subject related to your content. So if you want more organic engagement on Instagram, and you want your followers to feel how much you care for them and their opinion, keep interactively using your stories using different stickers.

  • Gaining more trust for your business

For sure you already have some customers before deciding to make an Instagram account for your business, and the reason you have decided to promote your content on Instagram is to gain more customers and to make your older customers trust you and become more interested in what you offer.

With Instagram, you can strengthen that trust by taking your customers and audiences behind the scenes of what you do and how you do it to make your customers have more confidence in your business. This way they’ll purchase more reliably from you, and they are sure about the way that they bought their products or services are produced, and they’ll use it at ease.

How to promote your business on Instagram?

Now that we know how switching to an Instagram business account can help us in growing our business, it’s time that we talk a bit about the steps you need to take to promote your business on Instagram. There are several ways to consider and apply for your Instagram business growth, and here are the most effective ways to promote a business on Instagram:

  • Using relevant hashtags

Using hashtags Is the key to more reach on Instagram because when you choose hashtags for your Instagram posts and use them in the captions, you are exposing that post to all the people who search that hashtag. Your post will show up to every person who searches those hashtags, and they are 100% interested in the subject since they searched it up.

  • Show what you do in a creative way

It is obvious that you need to introduce the service or product you offer, to your Instagram followers so that they can get to know your business more. And for the people who already know your brand/business, you need to make it more tangible and interesting, so they’d become a customer and interested in your business.

Customers are always curious to know where their products come from or what is the origin of a business and what is going on in the company and all that so just take them behind the scenes of what your business actually does and how it is done using Instagram stories, live or even IGTV. You’ll see a great reaction and a huge increase in your engagement.

  • Keep engaging and interacting

In order to be seen more by the relevant people of your niche and to be noticed by the accounts who might be interested in similar businesses as yours, you need to maintain a good and consistent interaction.

You have to search for your desired hashtag, which is also among the hashtags you choose for your posts, and try interacting with the people who use those hashtags. Keep liking their posts, follow them, and leave comments for them.

When you engage with accounts, you make them engage with you as well so they’ll pay a visit to your profile and if they find your content useful and exciting they’ll follow you and after some times which you provide them with the right information and posts about your business, they’d become a fan or a customer.

  • Be on the Locations

Adding locations to your Instagram posts is something that so many users might have overlooked until now, but that can be useful as well as all other Instagram options. In fact, every little to big choice on Instagram can be used in a very effective way to bring engagement to your business.

You need to remember to tag your location, or the location the picture/video was taken. So many people search their favorite or local locations to see relevant businesses or content, and this will help you to get noticed easier. And also if the area of your business is located in a tourist destination then you are just on your way since so many tourists search to know a place and its businesses before going ther4e and you can appear on the Instagram of their destinations business and attract those tourists as upcoming customers.

  • Encourage your customers

You need to pay a significant amount of attention to the people who are already your customers or have previously bought something from you or used any of your business’s services and are now your followers on Instagram. Encourage them to show off the things they have obtained from you and re-share their experiences with your products and tag you on that story or post. This can be considered as another way of advertising.

You can even offer further discounts for them and make them more appealing in sharing their experiences with you and your business on their accounts. Then all you have to do is to re-post the posts you are tagged in and help your business reputation grow much more. And this also builds up trust for the followers who have not yet interacted with your business and know less about it.

  • Get Instagram to market your business

Another option so many businesses use to grow on Instagram is to get Instagram itself to promote their account on their chosen target audience’s feed, which I believe to be the right way for more traffic for a brand. On the Instagram business website for advertising, you can get all the information you need before choosing Instagram to sponsor your business content for you. You can get various adoptions such as:

  1. Stories Ads
  2. Photo Ads
  3. Video Ads
  4. Carousel Ads
  5. Collection Ads
  • Use Influencer marketing (You might need to pay)

Another great way to promote your business on Instagram is to get an influencer to promote your business, brand, or product, which is believed to be way more productive and costly than Instagram promotions or sponsored ads.

Influencer marketing is a popular and common way of marketing on Instagram these days, which so many businesses use to grow their business and to reach more people. You can choose an influencer that has the nearest niche as your business. For example, if you run a fashion business, then a model would be your best option for influencer marketing.

It is an effective way to promote your business on Instagram and brings a lot of followers and engagement to your account quickly, and in return, you surely have to spend some dollars. Since Instagram has announced that It would soon Let Advertisers Boost Organic Posts as Feed Ads, the importance of Influencer marketing has increased since you’ll just pay your influencer and they can later promote your paid ad to the Instagram feed of users that are neither your followers nor the Influencers.

How to find the right influencer to market business?

  • Search for relevant Influencers

The first thing you have to do is to find an influencer that has the same niche as you or it is somehow related to your business. For example, you are a business offering makeup accessories and beauty products; it would be so awkward to get an influencer who is a fitness tremor for marketing your products because this way people would know this is just a promotion and the advertiser actually knows nothing about the thing they are advertising.

  • Pay attention to the Influencer’s engagement

Now that you have a list of the influencers you are considering to pay for promoting your business, you have to start examining their engagement so that you can choose the best one.

Note: Engagement is way more important and effective than just follower numbers, so do not decide your Influencer based on their follower numbers.

A right Instagram influencer is the one whose followers trust and frequently interact with his/her content, such as commenting on them or liking their posts. When the engagement rate of Influencers is high, it means that their followers love them and would be affected by their advertisements so that your business account has more chance to be visited by them.

  • Post good content and have a specific theme

Posting good content such as high-quality photos and videos are one of the most important things you need to consider while trying to promote your business on a platform like Instagram which its users care a lo about visuals what they see.

Try to post interesting videos and pictures of the things your business offer and make appealing videos which would be interesting to watch and remember to make it a bit funny. People love the things which can bring smile to their faces. And also you need to maintain a theme which is not boring. You can not only keep posting your products and services your business offers; you need sometimes to vary the content you share.

Try to have a contest or have giveaways once in a while to keep your followers happy. Once in a week post a motivational quote or a funny picture or video, but remember they need to be related to your content and not completely out of the subject because that would be awkward!

  • Get help from Instagram automation and post scheduling tools

As I mentioned above, you need to be very active on Instagram, and you have to keep a consistent interaction on the platform to get noticed and to attract more people to your Instagram account, and that takes a lot of effort and time.

You need to post at the best time to get the most engagement. With an Instagram scheduling tool, you can schedule your posts to be posted at their best time to get the most engagement, and you’ll have a well-organized and user-friendly profile.

One of the most popular Instagram scheduling tools is Instazood, which has some features, not all the other similar tools have.

Instazood is not only a post scheduler but also a very powerful and safe Instagram automation tool that would automate all your Instagram activities and would fulfill your daily need to be interactive and active on the platform and it make your way to promote your business much more convenient.

Usually, people who run businesses do not have that much time to devote to Instagram daily trying to grow their business accounts that’s when automation tools would be very useful, especially for Business Instagram accounts.


Nowadays, with traditional advertising on its deathbed, social media advertising is quickly becoming the primary outlet for all marketing. There has been an increase in the number of social media outlets over the past few years, and the number of people using them has skyrocketed.

Moreover, the usage of social media shows no sign of stopping and is going to increase among the masses with every passing day.

Everyone these days has access to the internet on the go, with smartphones becoming more readily available with every passing year. People rarely use the traditional call and messaging features on their phones these days, choosing to use services like WhatsApp and Messenger instead.

Another rising trend is the sharing of public content. This includes social media applications such as Snapchat and Instagram. Both allow users to share photos and videos, the former temporarily only while the latter permanently as well.

Both are seeing a vast amount of attention from the masses, and while the former has its unique use, it’s the latter that happens to be the one everyone needs to pay attention to. Instagram is quickly becoming the one social media outlet that matters.

Being owned by social media pioneer and giant, Facebook, Instagram has existed since the start of this decade. It has quickly risen in popularity and importance for users and now sits at 800 million plus users. The number of people using Instagram is staggering. Out of those 800 million, 500 million plus people log into Instagram every single day. There are an enormous 4.2 billion likes on the application every single day from users all over the world. There are 95 million plus posts on it every single day, with users sharing videos and photos.

To localize the numbers, nearly 30% of all citizens of the United States happen to have Instagram accounts, with 77 million Americans using the application at least once a month. Beyond that, more than half of the millennial population in the country use Instagram every single day.

The usage of it also happens to be almost equal for both genders, with males representing 51% of the user base, while females make up the other 49%. Hence, the number of people using the application regularly is nothing short of remarkable. These numbers make Instagram the top social media outlet currently, and by an effective margin.

Why you need Instagram for your business?

A business is always looking to attract businesses. The hunt for new customers to use products and services is in the common creed of the occupation. Beyond looking for new customers, a business also wishes to communicate with existing customers and inform them about any changes, deals, and more.

Traditional marketing had been this existing link between businesses and customers. However, with the rise of social media, a new link has been established. Social media offers a far more direct link and allows businesses to directly interact with their customers. With that in mind, here is how Instagram is so important for businesses:

1. Enables businesses Reach a Large Number of People

One of the critical aspects of marketing is reaching people. With the figures mentioned above, you can see just how much of a reach Instagram allows businesses. Hundreds of millions of people are available through a series of 5 or 6 clicks.

This huge user base is bound to increase over the coming years, and with people being added to the user base, the number of people businesses can reach is just immense. The potential can say to be unknown.

2. Allows Businesses to Focus on Millennials

Millennials are the people who use Instagram the most. Scrolling through their Instagram feed is an everyday task for them. The millennial population also happens to be the target of numerous businesses, With Instagram, such businesses can market directly towards millennials on a platform that millennials use every single day.

This direct link to millennials can be handy if exploited smartly and in the correct manner. Hence, for businesses who happen to have millennials as their targeted user base, using Instagram to its full potential would be the best marketing solution and plan.

3. Keep Up with Rivals

The number of businesses actively using Instagram is rising and is projected to increase manifold with every passing year. Instagram offers a great opportunity for new companies and businesses and allows them to target customers with what Instagram offers immediately.

With the number of companies using Instagram increasing with every passing moment, you need to keep up with the trend and with your rivals as well. Instagram is the competing ground where marketing strategies can allow you to reach uncountable people. And all of your competitors are naturally moving towards just that.

4. Allows You to Interact with Customers

In the old days, companies had to use surveys in order to obtain customer opinions. With the rise of social media, businesses can now interact directly with customers. The comment feature on Instagram, for example, can allow customers to share their thoughts at any moment.

A single comment on a post will enable the customer to review not only a product or service but also ask questions. And by replying to customers, a business can make sure that they are satisfied or not. Beyond that, finding out about what customers need has become more comfortable, saving businesses money and effort.

With so many benefits, Instagram is a highly important platform for all businesses in the current day and age. Businesses can market their services and products directly to a huge number of people and share information at any time with just a few clicks.

The idea of sharing information and answering questions also allows them to improve customer satisfaction and take care of customer needs. Considering all this, your business needs to start being active on Instagram immediately.


All the nuances about the social media algorithms and their hidden tricks are known by true social media experts. If you are one of them –  you have a job of the future, but if you are struggling to find your working place – there is one of the resources you may check out and I am pretty sure that will be helpful. 

Jooble is the third-largest employment site in the world and is working as a job aggregator. So, all the possible job posts that exist on the internet and are active, will be saved there. So, instead of scrolling all the career pages of your dream companies – just go to social media jobs here and check out the openings as fast and as easy as it was ever possible. 

If you aim to grow your business using Instagram, you have made a wise decision since Instagram is a great platform for marketing businesses and already a lot of businesses are active on Instagram and trying to promote their products and services. You only have to apply the tips above and after sometimes you will see a great rise in your business success.  

How to Use Influencer Campaigns to Grow your Followers on Instagram?

Instagram is a popular social media platform, with more than 1 billion monthly users. If you’re trying to increase your engagement and brand awareness, adding Instagram to your digital marketing plan is an excellent place to begin.

Build an audience

Influencers can help you build an audience for your brand because they already own followers who are interested in your niche and can be your potential customer. Also, you and the influencer can find hashtags that will double exposure to users who aren’t already following you on Instagram.

This is a great place to begin if you own a small following, but don’t like to spend a lot of money on Instagram ads that may or may not generate the results you want to get. It’s clearly a better method than buying fake followers.

You Don’t Need to Find a Celebrity

Celebrities are influencers, but the truth is, working with a celebrity advertisement is expensive. Not just this, but celebrity engagement is not as high as you expect.

You will be more successful if you work with an influencer who has a smaller following, but better engagement. It isn’t the number of followers that matter, but the number of users who are really interested in your niche. If someone is excited enough to like or comment, that’s a much better indicator of customer potential than follower numbers.

Work with Multiple Instagram Influencers

Chances are, you have various audiences based on your customer personas. Specific influencers may not provide to everyone in your audience, so reaching more than one influencer can be a good idea.

The Influencer cost infography:

What do you think about Instagram influencers? Let us know in the comments below.