How to Post Photo & Video on Instagram from PC?

There are different ways to post on Instagram from pc including installing the Instagram app, browser extension of desktop for Instagram, Facebook creator studio, third-party apps like Bluestacks, and social media management tools to upload multiple photos to Instagram from the computer or laptop.

Nowadays, many Instagram users are looking for growing their account using Instagram automation or any tools to perform better on Instagram. You may wonder if you can upload pictures or videos to Instagram from pc to post faster or do not use your mobile to transfer desktop videos. Yes, you can post to Instagram from a computer or your laptop easily and quickly.

To post on Instagram from a computer or laptop, there are five ways for both Mac and Windows users. Scroll down to see the instruction of each method.

  1. Use Circleboom Publish to Post on Instagram from PC
  2. Download the Instagram app
  3. Using the Instagram desktop (a chrome extension)
  4. Developer tools on a browser
  5. Bluestacks
  6. Facebook creator studio

Though you cannot post carousals (multiple pictures) from some of them, for example, Facebook Creator Studio or Chrome’s Extension. Scroll down and find what instruction best suits you.

Upload video to Instagram from PC

Many of you may looking for an app or extension to upload video to Instagram from laptop. You can follow these steps (I also added tutorial pictures).

Method#1 Use Circleboom Publish to Post Video & Photo on Instagram from PC

The easiest and fastest method to post on Instagram from a PC is using Circleboom Publish. It is the most comprehensive, the most affordable, and the most trusted social media management platform on the web. Circleboom offers you many amazing features to ease your effort to manage and post on your multiple Instagram accounts on PC and Mac.

You can post your Instagram content immediately or schedule it for a later time. You can automate your Instagram posts on Circleboom Publish. Thanks to the Queue scheduling feature, you can set time intervals and end your Instagram posts continuously.

You can upload your own videos and photos from your computer on Circleboom. You can also create and design your Instagram posts on Circleboom Publish. Thanks to its fantastic built-in tools Canva, Unsplash, and Giphy, you can use ready-made Instagram templates, stock photos, filters, effects, fonts, and other kinds of content to enrich and embellish your Instagram posts. You don’t need to worry about Instagram image sizes because Circleboom provides users with the best Instagram post templates.

Circleboom also supports Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Business Profile.

#2 Method

Creator studio is the best tool to post short and long videos on Instagram from a PC. To do so, you can both log in with Instagram or Facebook if you have connected your account to Facebook.

To post video on Instagram from desktop:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Instagram login
  3. Enter the login info
  4. From the dashboard, select Create Post on the top left (blue color button)
  5. Scroll down to see Add content and click.
  6. Select the video from your laptop or computer
  7. Wait until is %100 uploaded
  8. Write the caption (optional)
  9. Click the Publish button on the bottom right.
Post video on Instagram from PC with Facebook creator studio

#3 Method
The other method is adding a desktop for the Instagram chrome extension.

  1. Go to Instagram for desktop
  2. Click Add to Chrome 
  3. Login to your Instagram account (you must login before using extension)
  4. Click on the D icon on top menu on Chrome
  5. Click on upload video
  6. Select your video (less than 1 minute long)
  7. Add descriptions and click post   

5 ways to post on Instagram from computer

Here I would list 5 general ways to post on Instagram from pc but notice that you choose based on your operation system of Mac iOS or Windows.

2. Download the Instagram App

Use these methods on the laptop because you need to enable access to the camera and microphone. It is also possible to use this method if your personal computer (PC) is connected to the camera and microphone. If not, and you must use PC, scroll down and go for other methods.

To download and use the Instagram app:

  • Go to Microsoft Store (Windows only) to get the Instagram app for free
  • Launch the app and enter login info
  • Click on the camera icon on the top left
  • Enable access to the camera and microphone from the control panel. Select a picture or video from the laptop. Open the picture or video, click Next, and Share.

*You should sign in to Microsoft account on windows before launching the app. Access Microsoft account through control panel>User Account.

2. Install Instagram Desktop (A Chrome’s extension)

This way works for both Mac and Windows users.

Chrome-extension of Desktop for Instagram is a very simple way to upload to Instagram from PC. However, you are not able to post multiple pictures, which is possible through other methods, I explain in a second.

*This method works for both Windows and iOS users.

  • Search Google for Desktop for Instagram – Google Chrome. Click on Add to Chrome and Click Add Extension
  • Select the Instagram icon on top menu and enter the login info
  • choose + icon on feed. Select a photo or a video and open it
  • Edit it as you require and Click Next and Share! Done!

3. change Developer Tools (or User-Agent on Safari)

In this method, you change some settings on a browser and convert the PC screen mode to a mobile one. This way is the same for both Windows and Mac users.

  • Log in to your Instagram account from Chrome. Click on the Three Dots Icon>More Tools>Developer Tools
  • Select the Mobile Icon on top menu. Change the respective mode to any mobile size (iPhone 6/7/8). Refresh the page!
  • Choose the + icon and select a photo or video
  • Open the file from the computer or laptop.  
  • Click Next and Share.  

4. Install Bluestacks

It is easy and simple to install.

  • Download, Install and open Bluestacks app on your computer. Search for the Instagram app inside Bluestacks, and install the Instagram app.
  • Enter your login info and Open the app from Bluestacks.
  • If required, send security code through the Instagram email address, and log in.
  • Click on the + icon on the Instagram feed.
  • Click On Gallery, and Go to Other.
  • To upload photos to your Bluestacks gallery, click on pick from windows (you should first upload the photos to Bluestacks, then share them on Instagram).
  • Back to the Instagram app from Bluestacks and select + icon and select pictures from Bluestacks gallery
  • Edit photos as you need and click done
  • Write the caption, tag people, or locations. Click Share!


5. Use Facebook Creator Studio

To use this method, you should go to the Facebook Business website first, and log in with a Facebook account.

  • Click on Instagram Icon, on the top and click on connect your account and enter your Instagram login info.

Once you logged in, there are two different parts. Click on Instagram, and you can see published, archived, or scheduled posts.

Click on + icon and select photos or videos from computer

Write the caption (160 characters) and publish it! Done.

How to Use Instagram on a PC

If you want to know how to post on instagram from pc, first you have to learn about using Instagram on PC. You can use a couple of methods to use Instagram for PC. The first method is to use a browser hack. Or use the native and third-party apps as the second and third ways.

  • First, you can use the Instagram browser hack that is offered as a simple and minimal web portal on PC. There you can access most of the mobile app features.
  • Use Instagram on your PC with an official desktop app that it brought previously on the Microsoft Store. In this way, you will access all Instagram features like uploading photos and videos on your PC.
  • Use different third-party apps to bring stability and helpful features like uploading photos and videos, scheduling an Instagram post, accessing tons of other filters and editing tools, and more.

How to post on instagram from mac

After you learn how to post to instagram from pc; it is time to talk about mac tricks to post on Instagram.

First, I want to tell you how to post photos on Instagram from your Mac. 

  • Select Inspect after opening Chrome on your Mac and right-clicking on the screen.
  • Go to the left side of the box full of code and choose the small phone icon.
  • Now, you have changed the orientation of the webpage to how it will appear on your mobile. 
  • Type in in the address bar and choose Return.
  • Now, you can use it to upload a photo.
  • After choosing the photo you want to upload, click Open.
  • If you want to add filters, it is time. 
  • Choose a caption to write and click on share and make a post to instagram from mac.

Upload photos to Instagram stories from Mac

  • Do the steps 1-3 like what I told you above.
  • Like how you post on instagram from pc, tap on the camera icon to add a picture to your Instagram story. 
  • Click on the photo you want to upload to open.
  • Edit it by adding some text or stickers as you like.
  • Finally, choose the “Add to your Story” option to add a story on instagram for mac.

Use Third-Party Tools To Post On Instagram From Any Computer

If you want to know how to post on instagram from computer, do not miss this part. You can try different apps to complete the photo posting duty using a connection with your Instagram account. You enter your login details, and they directly connect to your account from your computer. Today, you can find many apps to post photos on Instagram with almost the same process.

Some of the best solutions and user-friendly apps are Uplet, Gramblr, Deskgram, and InstaPic, which you can use without any consequence. Just be careful to use the user-agent spoofing method to stay safe. This mode helps you hide your login information from the third-party app you are using.

How to post multiple photos on instagram from pc

Previously, you learned about how to post on instagram PC. Now I will help you to add multiple photos to Instagram from your PC. If you are a content creator, posting from a PC might be easier to use the designs from Photoshop, schedule posting time, and so on. The good news is that there are some methods to bulk post-Instagram Photos from a PC.

  • Use the Inspect tool from the Google Chrome browser to upload multiple photos to Instagram from your PC.
  • The next way is to use social media scheduling tools. You can search for different platforms and applications on the market doing the scheduling work.
  • While it is difficult for you to get familiar with a panel full of things like source code, a plug-in might be the next solution for you.
  • Instead of using the browser’s built-in inspect tool, try Android emulators such as Bluestacks and NoxPlayer.

How to edit Instagram post from mobile & PC?

Sometimes it might happen for you to update an Instagram post or add extra information to it. Fortunately, Instagram would allow you to edit the post, but you can only edit the captions, and you are not able to edit the photos or videos (for example, if you are going to replace the image).

To edit a post (video or photo) on Instagram, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your mobile phone or PC*
  2. Go to your profile
  3. Find the post you are going to edit
  4. Tap or click on the three-dot just on the top right of the post
  5. Tap or click on Edit
  6. Replace the text or write a new one
  7. Click or tap Done.

*if you are going to use Instagram on PC, go to the top and follow the given instruction.

When to post on Instagram?

The best way to see when to post on Instagram is to use Instagram for business. if you are running a personal account simply from Instagram setting on the app (on the top right of the profile), switch it to a creator or business account.

Once your followers exceed 100, Instagram would give you the insight which is good to have an overview of the account.

After switching the account to a business or creator one, to find the best time to post on Instagram follow these steps:

  • Open the Instagram app and go to the profile
  • Tap on the three-lined icon
  • Tap on the insight
  • Tap on the audience and scroll down
  • Find the days and hours

This is a reliable source to see when your audiences are active. So, the more users are online, the better they would engage with your posts. Find the most engaging time and post your photos and videos at that time.

How to save Instagram photos on pc?

The simplest way to save or download Instagram photos and videos is to use the Instagram Desktop extension on chrome. It’s free and easy to install. Once you install it and you open it on your pc, it will give you the option to download each photo or video you want.

Just open the post and click on the cloud icon on the top left of the post. Choose the folder or place on the pc and click Done.

How Can I Be a Famous Instagram Gamer in 2023?

Gaming niche has grown so fast on social media that no other niche has grown so. There are a lot of gaming channels such as YouTube and Twitch that encourage people to spend time on them.

Most people stick to one game for a long time because they find it exciting and they can’t leave it easily, then it may go viral in a short time that everyone may play it.

As an Instagram gamer, you should upload some videos showing the game and its platform. You should know that people search for games both on game websites and Instagram to find the new game or their favorite one. You should follow these tips to be a famous Instagram gamer:

How can I be a famous Instagram gamer on Instagram in 2021?

1. Screen record:

It is recommended to avoid recording the screen record without your sound because most people will ignore it at first seconds. Instead, record videos on Instagram game accounts while you are talking. Also, you can use a video editor to edit Instagram game videos if you want to seem like a professional Instagram gamer.

2. Get specific with Instagram gaming hashtags:

You can use a wave of hashtags for particular gaming posts, and there is no limitation when it comes to Instagram gaming hashtags. But don’t overuse gaming hashtags, use hashtags that are related to Instagram gaming.

3. Engage with other Instagram gaming Influencers:

For being successful as an Instagram gaming influencer, it is better to check other influencer’s Instagram gaming account and find out how they have become gaming influencers and what is the secret. But keep in mind that it doesn’t mean that you should copy their gaming content! Don’t do it at all because your Instagram gaming account should be unique. So, you should get ideas from other gaming influencer’s gaming account.

In addition, leaving comments on other gaming influencer’s accounts is a helpful way to be seen, but don’t advertise your Instagram gaming account all the time and avoid looking spammy.

4. Use popular gaming hashtags

Knowing which hashtags to use on your gaming posts, helps you to reach the right audience, and can get you more post views. A fantastic Instagram post may be left unseen without using the relevant hashtags.

We have gathered the general gaming hashtags, gaming publisher hashtags, gaming platform hashtags which is at the end of the blog.

5. Use the Console & Equipment’s hashtag You use

Instagram gamers or users may look for special gaming equipment or console to play with or to watch the gameplay, so they will easily see your post. Here is a hint:

#playstation #xboxone #gamingchair #gamingheadset #xbox #playstationplus #sonyplaystation #playstationexperience #ps4 #xboxlive #xboxcontroller

6. Don’t Forget To Tag Users

Tagging your other channels, or platforms such as YouTube is an effective action to take. Also, you can tag other users and cooperate with them.

Why is Instagram gaming doing well on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most famous social media platforms these days with a billion user which encourages the publishers to advertise mobile game developers. Now let’s go through the reasons:

  1. Easy download
    Instagram users and gamers get attracted by the most attractive ads mostly, which makes Instagram gamers to tap on them, then they are redirected to “App Store” or “Google Play.”
  2. Early adoption
    Gaming companies introduce the games on Instagram with lower price and make it viral.
  3. Gaming and Instagram are visual
    Before installing a game, Instagram gamers and users get attracted by the quality and the color; if it is well done, it causes more engagement.
    Also, game publishers release in-game screenshots to encourage Instagram gamers to give it a try.
  4. Instagram helps you to reach your targeted audience
    Most Instagram users are young, so advertising for the game apps would work. The main key to be successful as an Instagram gamer or a game company is building an audience.
  5. Instagram helps female players to find games
    Game publishers design games for both males and females to build a more powerful platform. Happily, advertisers on Instagram highlight female games as well as games that males play.
  6. Instagram users engage with brands
    Instagram users engage with brands as well as their families, friends, celebrities, etc. on Instagram, and they easily share, like and comment on posts. Then Instagram gamers and users can make a brand popular.

Who are the most famous Instagram game influencers?

  • Felix Kjellberg (19.6m follower)

He is a Swedish star of gaming business which is known as PewDiePie. He is one of the biggest gaming influencers with 100 million subscribers on YouTube.

He is most known for his “Let’s Play” from the horror genre. Also, he shares comedy content on YouTube.

Sean Mcloughlin is known as the most energetic video game commentator, that’s why he has chosen the Jacksepticeye nickname for himself.

In 2013, PewDiePie mentioned him in a post, and he has become popular for his comedic-play-throughs video games and vlogs since then.

Another name of this famous game influencer is VanossGaming, who is mostly seen with an owl mask. Sometimes he cooperates with other popular gamers like SeaNanners or Syndicate.

Moreover, he has a lot of followers, and his posts get many likes. You may have seen his YouTube profile, which has 24 million subscribers.

Daniel Middleton who was formerly known as Diamond Minecraft earned $16.5 million in 2017, which was the highest-paid YouTube star with 11 billion views.

Alia Lia Shelesh is the first female gaming influencer who is known as Sssniperwolf. She began to be a female gaming influencer by plying Call of duty, Halo, and Far cry. Now she is active on YouTube and shares different video games and vlogs.

Also, she had partnership with cosmetic and fashion brands too.

  • Alia (2.6m followers)

Alastair Aiken is the British gamer who is another Call of Duty gamer.

Tom Cassell who is known as Syndicate started his YouTube channel (The Syndicate Project) with games such as Halo, Modern Warfare 2 and call of duty.

What are the popular Instagram game hashtags?

general gaming hashtags Game publisher hashtags Gaming platforms hashtags

All in all

The game and app developers who were the starter of the game advertising on Instagram could gain users fast, and they were benefited from the lack of competitors. But nowadays it is so much hard to stand out among all the gaming competitors.

How to Save Instagram Photos on iPhone/PC?

Instagram is a popular photo-sharing platform, people can share pictures and videos privately or publicly. Instagram’s privacy policy can somehow preserve the ownership, but for those who really love the pictures, it would be hard for them to save the photo. Never mind, in this article I will introduce ways to save or download Instagram photos.

Method 1: save Instagram photos by screen shot

This can be the simplest way to save Instagram pictures, you should first get to the photo you want, then take a screenshot from it by pressing Power and Home buttons at the same time.

After getting the screenshot, you can crop them to get the picture your want.

This method is an easy way to save other user’s posts from Instagram, but if you have a lot of pictures to save, people could be so annoyed. Also, this method will somehow restrict the quality of the photos, if you want a better method, look at the following ways.

Method 2: download Instagram pictures via URL

This method has been developed by lots of users. if you haven’t got the idea of how to do, follow these steps.

  • Open Instagram and find the picture you want to save.
  • Tap “…” on the right corner of the picture, tap “copy URL” and then paste it in safari.
  • Save the photo from the browser. And the photo will show up in your gallery.

Method 3: use third –party apps to save Instagram pictures

Actually, if you seek in App Store, you can find different Instagram downloaders, which can let you save Instagram pictures on iPhone without a break. All you have to do is to search Instagram downloaders on App store and choose the best one to use.

How to Save Instagram Photos on PC?

Instagram does not offer an in-app option to save Instagram photos on PC, but there are some similar tricks, such as the ones mentioned above to save instagram photos on PC.

The two ways to download pictures from Instagram when using a PC, is to wither take a screenshot of the photo with a tool, or use a third-party-app such as Instagram Downloader. Just copy the link of the video or the image. Secondly, paste it in the box located in the website. Lastly, download it to your device whether it is Android, iPhone, or PC.

How to Save Instagram Drafts of Your Posts

How many times have you been working on an Instagram post, only because you had to exit to lookup for a username to tag? Fortunately, there is a new Instagram feature that lets you save your posts as draft on Instagram and post them anytime you like!

In this article, you’ll learn how to use Instagram drafts. This way you can save your Instagram posts and work on them later.


What is an Instagram draft?

An Instagram draft is a post which you let unfinished when editing. For any reason, you might not be able to finish editing a post on Instagram to prepare it for your feed, with Instagram drafts, you will not lose the changes you made to a post and all the edits would be saved some where safe on the app to be completed and shared later.

Drafts also allow users to save captions alongside drafted posts.

How to use Instagram drafts?

Follow these steps to use Instagram drafts:

  1. Open your Instagram app
  2. Tap on the camera button and take a new picture or upload one from your gallery.
  3. Edit your picture or video, adding filters, adjusting the contrast and so on.
  4. You can also add the caption to your Instagram post
  5. Now tap on the back button and select “save draft.”

How to access the drafted posts on Instagram?

 Once you’ve saved a draft on Instagram, here are guidelines on how to access them.

1- Open your Instagram app

2- Tap on the camera icon

3- Look for the drafts section

4- Select the photo you want to edit or post

5- Make the adjustments and post them on Instagram.

Every Instagram post that you start and save will appear there.

If you want to continue making edits to an existing draft on Instagram, you can go on and save it as a draft until you’re ready to share it to Instagram.

How to delete Instagram drafts?

Here is how to delete your Instagram drafts:

1- Open your Instagram app

2- Under the draft section, click on select all

3- Tap on the edit icon

4- Choose the saved draft you want to delete

5- Tap on the “discard posts” or “done” and voila!

When is the Best Time to Post on Instagram?

Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users that more than 500 Instagram users use Instagram every day, and it might be interesting to know that 71% of users are under age 35. Now Instagram is known as the second most engaged network after Facebook. Also, Statistics show that 63% of Instagram users log into Instagram at least once a day.

Since the number of Instagram users, posts and Stories are increasing, reaching people has become more complicated than it used to be; which has made everybody look for the best time to post on Instagram in order to be seen and reach wave of people for becoming popular, selling their product or service, communicating with people around the world, etc.

The researches show that 71% of businesses are active on Instagram. As the number of Instagram users is increasing every day, it is estimated that more and more businesses use Instagram as one of their growth strategies and invest in it. The studies also show that 7 out of 10 Instagram hashtags are branded hashtags, and 50% of Instagram users follow at least a brand or business.

To do your best on social media and be seen by many Instagram users, you should know the best time to post on Instagram. I admit that it is not easy to find the best time to post on Instagram, but it is not impossible! We have done some experiments on different Instagram accounts that tell us when is the best time to post on Instagram.

What is the Instagram algorithm about the time to post on Instagram?

The newest Instagram algorithm highly cares about the consistency, so don’t underestimate daily posts! The Instagram algorithm decides what people should see while they are checking their Instagram feed; it highly focuses on the recency of the Instagram posts, so the later you post (peak time), the higher chance of being seen you’ll have. Based on the Instagram algorithm, Instagram shows the “new content” over the old content.

Want to take advantage of it?

Be active at the time that most of the followers are active and let them see your shared post when they check their Instagram feed.

First of all, let’s clarify some factors that play an important role in being your posts seen by many people.

  • The time that most of the followers are active
  • The spread of the followers’ location
  • The time zone differences
  • The type of shared post
  • Day of the Week
  • Breaks in the Workday
  • The audience
  • Frequency of posting on Instagram

When is the best time to post on Instagram?

Take a look at the chart below to see Instagram’s global engagement time.

Best time to post on Monday:

The first day of the week might not be people’s best day of the week, so you can make users feel excited by seeing your post. Try posting at 6 a.m. 8 a.m. 10 a.m. and 10 p.m.

Best time to post on Tuesday:

Posting time on Tuesday is a bit different compared with Monday, while they are both workdays! Researches show that people tend to be more active at 2 a.m. 4 a.m. 5 a.m. and 9 a.m.

Just try them!

Best time to post on Wednesday:

You might have noticed that Wednesday is known as the best day of the week that gets the highest engagement rate compared with other days of the week, so no one wants to miss posting on Wednesday. Try posting at 5 a.m. 7 a.m. 8 a.m. 3 p.m. 4 p.m. 11 p.m.

Among all the mentioned times, 3-4 p.m. is the golden hour!

Best time to post on Thursday:

It is also said that posting on Thursday is as valuable as posting on Wednesday. So, try both to find out which one works the best for you. Try posting at 5 a.m. 9 a.m. 11 a.m. 12 p.m. 3 p.m. 4 p.m. 7 p.m.

Same as Wednesday, posting at 3-4 p.m. is most likely to get you a high engagement rate.

Best time to post on Friday

Posting on Friday also works, but way less than Wednesday and Thursday, and obviously Friday night is not a good time to post on Instagram because people are enjoying their time and may not check their social media platforms the same as other nights and days. The best time to post on Friday is likely to work be: 5 a.m. 1 p.m. 3 p.m.

Best time to post on Saturday

Saturday is people’s day off, so the posting time is different from other days; It is expected that people check their phone right after they get up and around 8 p.m. when they have not started the night of having fun! Users are mostly active at 11 a.m. 7 p.m. 8 p.m.

Best time to post on Sunday

It may seem that people spend their whole time on social media because they are off on Sunday and don’t have to work or go to school, but it is totally vice versa! Most people have plans to spend their weekends and make themselves ready to start a fresh week. But don’t get disappointed! Try 7 a.m. 8 a.m. 11 a.m. 12 p.m.

Generally, posting on Instagram from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. is effective, but try to post at the peak hours to reach your goal soon and get your Instagram posts on top of the feed.

Note: You should save the important posts for weekdays.

Why there are peak hours to post on Instagram?

As most of us may have experienced, people like to check their social media platforms such as Instagram and check their email right after they get up in the morning while they are in bed, on the table during the breakfast or on the way to work when they are on a subway, train or taxi. Actually, some people can’t wait to know what has happened while they were asleep and what they have missed! That’s why posting on an early morning from Tuesday to Friday works while posting on Monday morning has totally no good result comparing with the midweek.

You can take advantage of knowing this and make your Instagram posts and videos viral.

But that is not all!

There are several times a day that give your Instagram posts the opportunity to be seen by many people and become viral. Lunchtime is also the peak time for showing off the posts on Instagram. Also, after school and work, people check their phones while they are relaxing.

We have all the same opinion that weekdays are more effective to post rather than weekends, but it doesn’t mean that you should neglect the weekends.

Should Instagram users care about the time zone?

As we mentioned earlier, users should care about the time zone when they are going to share a post on Instagram; for example, if most of the followers are not from the U.S, you should find out the best time to post on their country.

If your followers are widespread across several different countries, it is better to share the post several times a day by yourself or by using an Instagram scheduler.

Also, by having a business account, you can easily analyze the followers, such as their age, gender, the time they are most active, their most active days, etc. all for free in the Instagram app. It could be a big help in finding the best time to post on Instagram.

 How to find out when most of the Instagram users are active?

The simple trick is switching your Instagram account into the business account and use the given information. Also, some third-party apps can analyze your account and show you the time that most of the Instagram followers are active.

By having a business Instagram account, check the Instagram insight, and get information about the followers’ demographics, engagement, and activity. It is a big help in making up your mind that when is the best time to post on Instagram.

Moreover, if you share different types of posts with the followers, the Instagram insight helps you understand the type of content that your followers are interested in to see by checking the number of likes, comments, and engagement rate.

Keep in mind to check the Instagram insight every week or every other week to set the best time to post on Instagram; clearly the number of followers would increase gradually, so their peak activity time is likely to change.

Besides, you’ll learn which kind of posts get more positive comments. Then by answering them, you’ll notice an increase in the engagement rate. Here is how to reply to Instagram comments. Another tip is posting at different times and check which time works the best.

How often should you post on Instagram?

Have you ever thought that what would happen if you post irregularly? Undoubtedly, the followers would lose interest and might find another account that works better than you, which would cause your account to experience a drop in the engagement rate.

Consistency is the main key to being successful in anything at any time! So, you shouldn’t let the followers forget you. Post regularly on Instagram to keep your Instagram feed engaging. The research shows that the top brands and companies post 1.5 times daily on Instagram an average.

If you are going to post several times a day, keep in mind to keep the distance between the posting time; never share 2 or 3 posts continuously at the same time, post at least every 4-6 hours.

But keep in mind the important note:

Just sharing the post on Instagram is not the thing that people are waiting for; they expect both quality and quantity to keep following and interacting with you or buying the product or service. (If you are a business.)

How to find out that when is the best time to post on Instagram?

It is crystal clear that when someone uses social media, he/she must be sociable! As people are active on social media platforms at different times, you should know about the average time that the majority of Instagram users are active.

Since there are lots of social media platforms, the time that people spend on each social media varies. Moreover, it is important to consider that the best time to post on Twitter, Facebook, etc. is different from the best time to post on Instagram.

Believe it or not, there no single best time; all the mentioned best time is general, and the best posting time of your Instagram might be different.

Moreover, the best posting time on Instagram is different for businesses and personal accounts. Actually, all Instagram users have a unique audience, so you should set the posting time based on your follower’s activity.

Schedule Instagram posts to post at the best time on Instagram:

Being popular on Instagram looks like a cherry on top of a tree that everyone wants to get it, and it is reachable for sure. You should just know the strategies and follow the leads, which one of them is scheduling Instagram posts; it increases the consistency and shows the posts to your followers when they are active.

While posting daily on Instagram is time-consuming, the best and first option is scheduling Instagram posts. After knowing the time that most of your Instagram followers are online, it is time to schedule the Instagram posts to keep the consistency.

Since Instagram doesn’t provide scheduling Instagram posts itself, there are some Instagram bots and automation tools that let you schedule Instagram posts or share posts directly from the app without needing the Instagram app itself, such as the Instazood automation tool.

Scheduling Instagram posts is the best way of having consistency and driving more engagement to your Instagram account. Also, using an Instagram scheduler makes you independent from using the Instagram app itself, which means that whenever Instagram faces a bug, or it just doesn’t work, you can easily post or schedule from the Instazood’s dashboard.

Just schedule the Instagram post, leave it, and enjoy your time, while your Instagram account gets more engagement, more traffic, and gains new followers and clients.

Have you ever thought about a good Instagram scheduler?

Instagram scheduling tool provides the option to post at a specific time instead of trying to remember the time to post manually. If you want it, then you should get familiar with Instazood and its services.

Using an Instagram post scheduler puts an end to all the analysis you need to do by yourself, instead lets you focus on creating high-quality content and you’ll never be worried about forgetting to post at a particular time. The best part about using the Instazood post scheduler is that you can add and manage several accounts at the same time. Here is the step by step instruction for using Instzood’s schedule service.

How to automate all the actions on Instagram?

Automating Instagram activities such as sending auto direct messages, scheduling Instagram posts, auto-following and unfollowing, etc. seems to be a wise action, specifically for businesses. Even though Instagram bots have never been introduced by Instagram officially, they are secure and highly affect your Instagram account’s growth.

As you know, Instagram releases some updates every other weeks or month which one of them was “Instagram limits.” With a little bit of creativity, you can easily get around Instagram limits without taking any risk. Imagine how hard would it be to do all actions on Instagram manually and being careful to not breaking Instagram limits and rules at the same time.

What if you have more than one Instagram account?! It seems impossible to handle. That’s where Instazood plays its role! Full-service automation, which is the best alternative for doing Instagram actions manually. You can set it and enjoy your day freely. Instazood’s services are Auto direct message, Manage comments, Schedule Instagram posts, Instagram bot, etc.

Why should you use Instazood?

You need an automation tool that assures you of its progress and doesn’t break Instagram’s limits and rules. By using Instazood’s Instagram bot, you don’t have to be worried about breaking Instagram’s rules and limitations. It lets you choose your targets based on hashtag, location, and follower. Instazood automatically engages with people on Instagram according to the selected targets until you reach the daily Instagram limits.

Instazood services include:

  • Instagram bot
  • Instagram post scheduler
  • Auto DM
  • Instagram search tools
  • Comments tracker

Moreover, if you are a TikTok user, you may find Instazood’s TikTok bot a useful tool to grow your TikTok account and get a lot of followers.

Which time is the best for posting on Instagram?

To build a significant follower size, you must pay attention to all details of your actions on your account, including the content, shape, and design of your posts and of course, the time which you post.


So how we can know which time is better to be active on Instagram? The best way is to run your tests on your account and find the answer by trial and error. If you don’t have enough time for that, then read this article to get the answers we have provided for you.



Sprout Social is a social media management platform that has analyzed billions of posts and stories on Instagram in 2020. Their team customer data to see what time and day their social media posts generated the most engagement.



In this chart, you can see their results. Note that the time is in CDT and means that CDT times works just fine across posts published for a global audience rather than individual timezones.


Sprout Social went into even more detail about the best times to post on Instagram, including the best times for post engagement.


Best time for posting on Instagram globally


The best time for being active on Instagram is Monday-Friday at 11 AM CDT.


Best time for posting on Instagram on each day



Best time engagement: 11 AM – 12 PM



Best time engagement: 12 PM – 2 PM



Best time engagement: 11 AM – 1 PM



Best time engagement: 10 AM – 11 AM



Best time engagement: 10 AM – 12 PM



Best time engagement: 10 AM – 12 PM



Best time engagement: 11 AM – 1 PM


Best time for posting on Instagram by industry



Best time engagement: Mondays 9 AM – 1 PM



Best time engagement: Mondays 10 AM – 10 PM


Education departments

Best time engagement: Tuesdays 8 AM – 12 PM, 5 PM – 8 PM


Healthcare companies

Best time engagement: Mondays 4 AM – 5 AM



Best time engagement: 10 AM – 6 PM


Best time for posting on Instagram by location


US and Canada (Western): 12 AM – 6 AM

US and Canada (Central): 6 AM – 8 AM

US and Canada (Eastern): 4 AM – 9 AM

South America: 4 AM

United Kingdom: 4 AM – 6 AM

Europe (Western): 6 PM – 8 PM

Europe (Eastern): 5 AM – 7 AM

Africa: 6 AM

South Asia and the Middle East: 3 AM

East Asia and Southeast Asia: 11 PM – 4 AM

Australasia: 11 PM – 2 AM


The worst time for posting on Instagram


Monday: 2 PM

Tuesday: 1 PM

Wednesday: 10 AM

Thursday: 11 PM

Friday: 9 AM

Saturday: 8 PM

Sunday: 4 PM



Hope these statistics help you with your Instagram business. There are a few ways which you can find out you best time for posting on Instagram;

First, you can use Instagram’s built-in analytics to understand your audience better. These data points can be super valuable indicators for when your best times to post might be.

Second, you can use a Spreadsheet to Manually Track Your Best Times to Post. Start by picking five different times throughout the week and in your spreadsheet, track how many likes and comments each post receives, along with the date and time that you posted them.

The best Instagram story dimension and size?

What are the standard photo and video sizes for Instagram? How to upload a picture with a suitable format to Instagram? If it makes you wonder, then you’ve come to the right place. Just relax and keep reading to find the answer.

The truth is that most users don’t care about their Instagram picture size; however, Instagram business accounts must promote their brands. They can publish their content more quickly when they know about the standard dimensions.

Here is are the Instagram Image and Video Sizes for Posts, Stories, and IGTV.

Instagram story dimension

Instagram story dimensions are 1080px by 1920px. It means the image or video should be 1080 pixels wide and 1920 pixels in height. This is also called the 9:16 aspect ratio.

The perfect dimension of the Instagram story for HD photos and high-quality videos is 1080 pixels’ width and 1920 pixels’ height (the aspect ratio of 9:16).

Instagram stories cover the entire screen. So a good general size is a 1080px by 1920px, or an aspect ratio of 16:9

Instagram story size

Instagram story size for an image is a maximum of 30 MB and Instagram video size is 4 GB.

The size of Instagram stories is essential since your uploaded story doesn’t fit the best dimensions. Instagram will crop, zoom, or leave a big part of the screen blank just like below.

Some uploaded photos may not perfectly fit into the Instagram story

To solve this problem, you should keep the 9:16 aspect ratio for your stories. Lowering the resolution while maintaining the aspect ratio in pixels (900 x 1600 or 720 x1280), will make your story buffer faster on the viewer’s device. However, do not reduce it to less than 600 x 1067, or the quality will be considerably lost.

So, in short, the Instagram story dimensions are:

  • Dimensions (high-definition):1080 x 1920 pixels
  • Aspect Ratio: 9:16
  • Minimum Resolution: 600 x 1067 pixels
  • Maximum Image Size: 30 MB
  • Maximum video Size: 4 GB

Note! If you don’t care about fitting the photo on the screen, you can zoom out your story, the picture will be in original size, but it won’t fill the story screen.

How to post Instagram stories?

  1. Take the picture or video directly from the app:
    Swipe right from your Instagram feed or click on your photo in the top left of your feed. Take a picture or video directly from here. This way, the platform will automatically take it with the correct size, so you don’t have to worry about it. Just shoot!
  2. Upload saved photos or videos from the camera roll:
    You can choose photos or videos which were clicked in the last 24 hours from your gallery and upload them in your Instagram stories. Other files will not be shown in the image picker.

The way a chosen digital media is shown in a story depends on how it was initially taken; vertical or horizontal; zoomed or not. If it’s not the right size, it may get cropped by Instagram or zoomed. To avoid this issue, you should make sure that it was shot in the correct format. Stay tuned!

What are the Image and video sizes for Instagram Photos and Videos?

Instagram photos: On July 6, 2015, Instagram increased its photo width to 1080 pixels. Instagram photos dimension is 1080 pixels’ width to 566-1350 pixels’ height. The aspect ratio for Instagram photos is 1:1.91. So:

  • To have a square Instagram photo, go for: 1080px by 1080px;
  • To create a wide rectangular Instagram photo (landscape), go for: 1080px by 566 to 800 px.
  • To get a tall rectangular Instagram photo (portrait) go for: 566 to 800px by 1080px.

The allowed aspect ratio of photos on Instagram is anywhere between 1:1 to 1:1.91. When applying any of the crops shown above, the aspect ratio will fix automatically in Photoshop or any other photo editing tool.

Instagram also lets the cropping of images directly via the app before publishing. To crop a photo on Instagram, pinch the photo to adjust edges and zoom in/out, or click on crop icon on the picture to make it square or its original size.

You can crop a photo right from the Instagram app, but no more than two options (the original size and the square shape) are available.

Instagram videos size and dimensions: The best format for Instagram videos is MP4 and technically the video’s specifications better be as follows:

  • Codec: H.264
  • Audio: AAC
  • Bitrate: 3 500 kbps (kilo bytes per second)
  • Frame rate: 30 fps (frames per second)
  • Maximum file size: 15 MB (megabytes)
  • Maximum Video length: 60 seconds
  • Maximum video width: 1080px (pixels)

Video size and dimensions on Instagram better be 864px (width) by 1080px (height) and an aspect ratio of 4:5.

What are the Image and video sizes for Instagram IGTV?

IGTV, as an in-app feature of Instagram, has gained a lot of attention and popularity due to the possibility it brought to users for uploading 60+ seconds videos.

Best size for a video file to be uploaded into Instagram IGTV is less than 650MB, and the best dimensions are 1080px (width) by 1920px (height), or an aspect ratio of 9:16

In short the technical specifications of an Instagram IGTV videos are:

  • Codec: H.264
  • Audio: AAC
  • Bitrate: 3 500 kbps (kilo bytes per second)
  • Frame rate: 30 fps (frames per second)
  • Maximum file size: 3.6 GB (megabytes)
  • Maximum Video length: 60 minutes
  • Maximum video width: 1080px (pixels)

After knowing all about the Instagram story, IGTV, photo, and video sizes, you might look for a way to schedule the prepared posts in advance.

How to schedule Instagram posts?

Instagram has one billion monthly active users and 25 million business profiles that make users be consistent and share quality posts to get a high level of engagement.

You can schedule Instagram posts through Instazood’s easy to use dashboard; you can crop the photos, add tags and hashtags, add watermark, set location, etc. Then the last step is setting the time and date; once you schedule Instagram posts, you don’t need to take any further actions.

Since Instazood schedules both personal and business Instagram account’s posts, it is more welcomed by users. So, you don’t need to connect your Instagram account to Facebook for scheduling your posts.

Benefits of scheduling Instagram posts:

  • Gain more followers

If you post two times a day, you will have the chance to appear in a specific hashtag, and more people will find your posts. So, you’ll have the opportunity to be followed by a wave of followers.

  • Gain more engagement

By posting consistently and being seen by many users, more people will notice your new post and may interact with you.

  • Save time

Instead of wasting time editing photos, adding captions and hashtags every day, you can schedule posts at the beginning of the week or month and don’t worry about forgetting to post at the best time.

  • Manage multiple accounts

By using Instazood, you can manage several Instagram accounts and schedule the posts in a short time.

All in all

Hope you find this article helpful if you have any questions or any more information about Instagram images and videos sizes and dimension, comment below!

20 Popular Instagram themes to make your feed more attractive

Instagram themes of accounts are the first things that capture the eyes of a visitor or audience and determines their decision to either stay on that account or not. Instagram themes are the first step for creating a successful Instagram feed.

If you have spent enough time surfing other accounts on Instagram, you’ll see that the most popular ones of them have a consistent Instagram aesthetic, and they always stick to a certain style and theme. That’s the main reason why their Instagram feeds are visually very attractive. 

After seeing such wonderful accounts with great background themes and very neat photo grids, you feel something is missing from your own Instagram feed, and that is the aesthetic you have been ignoring all this time. That’s where you realize you need to choose an Instagram aesthetic that best suits your style and the brand or business you are representing. Instagram themes have a huge variety of designs. For example, you can only focus on Instagram’s background themes or totally change the way you share videos and photos to your Instagram feed.

There are endless Instagram theme ideas you can get inspired with, but I want to go over the best and most popular Instagram themes you can use to make sure your Instagram feed is appealing enough for the visitors.  

What are Instagram themes?

You surely have come across Instagram feeds, which always use a specific color, theme, or accessory in their posts. For example, they have a black and white aesthetic, which means they always include black and white colors in every post they share with their feed. Or some people may own a pink Instagram feed, which makes the pink color to be the first thing each audience notices when visiting their Instagram profile.

Take the example of the Instagram aesthetic below, this account has a pink Instagram theme, and a donut is somehow always included in the photos. These two elements are this profile’s theme idea.

Building Instagram themes creates visual consistency for your brand or your image and keeps your design-minded followers coming back for more.

Instagram themes bring a visual concept to the posts you share, giving you an attractive, curated Instagram feed.

Are Instagram themes important?

It’s true, the popularity of using Instagram themes is growing day by day, and more people are getting to know how important it is to plan their Instagram feeds using a specific aesthetic. But there are still so many Instagrammers who do not either have the time to stick to a certain Instagram aesthetic or do not know how useful it can be to have a consistent theme on Instagram.

You can easily stand out among all your competitors’ profiles by having a unique Instagram theme idea. Profiles that have clean and beautiful Instagram themes are surely more successful in converting visitors into followers and are also an inspiration to other similar accounts.

While not everyone needs Instagram themes, they’re a great way to make your account more visually appealing and fun.

Moreover, Instagram aesthetics simply reflect your characteristics and style. Take the example of an artist who has a dark aesthetic on his Instagram profile. When you open their Instagram feed, it feels like you have entered another platform or their own exhibition of arts. This is what differs their Instagram profile from other artists, and people love creativity.

How do you make an Instagram theme? (Creating an Instagram aesthetic for your feed)

There are many factors that can help you choose the aesthetic you like for your Instagram feed. Below are some of the factors that would determine the appropriate aesthetic for your Instagram feed.

  • Get inspired by other accounts

The first thing is that you can look up to similar accounts in your niche and get inspired by them. There are surely some more popular themes being used in the niche you are related to, so that would be helpful to search your favorite accounts and the profiles which have the same niche as yours.

  • Pay attention to the season

Secondly, the season can also be a determination of which Instagram aesthetic you want to stick to. I mean, you can change the theme on your feed every three months to keep up with the season and also be unique.

The season can also help choose your Instagram aesthetics and theme color. For example, it would be very wise to go with orange and red aesthetic for summer theme and stick to light and dark blue aesthetic during winter.

  • Focus on your content and niche

The most important factor you need to pay attention to while choosing the right Instagram aesthetic for your Instagram feed is to remember what content you are sharing and what the niche is.

For example, the account you are running is a business account for your brand. Your brand has a logo for sure, and the logo consists of two colors, red and blue. This way, you can think of a unique Instagram aesthetic that would remind people of your brand and its logo whenever they visit your Instagram feed. So just go with the blue and red aesthetic to create a recognition for the brand and profile. 

How do I make my Instagram more attractive?

To make Instagram more attractive, you need to be more creative and go beyond what others do and do not only lean to the default Instagram themes. You need to improve in Instagram aesthetics and choose a proper theme for your feed to own a unique profile, which captures any body’s eyes and makes them tap that “follow” button as fast as they can.

So the first step in making an attractive Instagram profile is determining a theme and try to be consistent with it.

Popular Instagram themes for your feed

I know it would be hard to choose between the various Instagram aesthetics and theme ideas because there are too many different types of them for different types of niches.

Some of the Instagram feed themes are mostly used and are much more appealing than the others. So keep up with me in knowing what the different types of Instagram themes are, and after that, choose which one of them you’d like to use to plan your Instagram feed.

Since I’m going to go through almost a lot of Instagram theme ideas, I’d rather divide them into three different groups. To me, the Instagram aesthetics are separated in these three groups:

  1. Instagram feed color theme ideas
  2. Instagram feed Grid theme ideas
  3. Instagram feed border theme ideas

Instagram feed color themes ideas

Instagram is all about sharing great quality photos and videos, which capture the attention of audiences. If your photos contain lots of colors, then the best theme ideas for your Instagram feed would be to play with colors and choose a theme out of colors.

The filters we use on Instagram photos are also somehow playing with colors since when a filter is applied on a photo, the colors of that photo are changed or effected a bit.

You can use colors to make up different Instagram aesthetics. You can stick to only one solid color or have a mixture of two colors for your theme or choose to have a completely colorful feed. I want to introduce some of the popular Instagram themes which are made up of colors, so just keep up with me to get to know them better.

  • Solid color Instagram feed themes

You surely have seen a lot of times on Instagram or Pinterest that when you open a profile, one color catches your eyes the most. That is the Instagram aesthetic of that certain account. When someone decides to have a pink Instagram aesthetic, for example, they should remember that they have to contain the pink color in all their photos.

In a solid color Instagram feed theme, only one color is always the same in all the posts, and it needs to be constantly used in order to keep the Instagram aesthetic of that profile alive and organized.

  • Color mixture Instagram feed themes

Some people usually post photos that contain more than only one color but less than three colors. They have planned their Instagram feed in a way that, all their photos, contains two consistent colors. The black and white aesthetic on Instagram is one of these examples. When an account owner decides to run a page that has a black and white aesthetic, they need to remember keeping consistency in this theme is the key to their success.

  • Color block Instagram feed themes

Let’s imagine a photographer who loves colors and takes a lot of colorful photos. The photos of such a person are not limited to only one color and always contains lots of different colors. Their Instagram feed has a colorful aesthetic and gives out wonderful vibes to others. Such an Instagram feed has a color block Instagram aesthetic.

  • Rainbow Instagram feed themes

As it is obvious from the theme’s name, the Rainbow Instagram feed theme is full of colors. It changes colors, and the use of colors is not the same throughout the feed. The more you scroll down the feed, the more change in colors appear.  

  • Dark Instagram feed themes

Other popular Instagram theme ideas nowadays are dark Instagram themes. When all the photos of an Instagram feed have a dark filter, let’s say a dark blue, we say that feed has a dark blue aesthetic. The filters one uses for dark Instagram feed themes all need to be dark filters with high contrasts, and the light used in them should be at a minimum.

  • White background Instagram feed themes

We cannot literally change the background themes on our feeds, but making the white color our Instagram feed’s solid background color is possible by adding a white background to all our photos when capturing them. You can only make background themes by preparing a cool white background for the photos you want to share on Instagram.  

  • Monotheme Instagram feed themes

The Instagram feeds, which have the Monotheme aesthetic, show the same subject in all their photos, but in different ways. For example, they change the colors around the subject most of the time, or the place is changed in each picture to stay creative.

  • Color splash Instagram feed themes

This one is the hardest and yet, the most creative Instagram aesthetic we can apply on our Instagram feeds. This theme is also a very rare one, making it very special. The color splash Instagram themes are the black and white aesthetic feeds that highlight only one or two subjects with colors, and all other things on the photo are remained black and white. Cool, Isn’t it?

  • Grayscale Instagram feed themes

The Grayscale Instagram themes are very clean and classy. If you aim to have a Grayscale aesthetic, avoid any color distractions, and use any shades of gray in all the photos you share on Instagram.

  • Consistent filter Instagram feed themes

There are lots of Instagram feeds on the platform with only one filter for all their photos, which is not a bad idea and makes their feed look organized and consistent.

Instagram feed grid themes ideas

Another way of planning our Instagram feeds is to change the way we post content to our profiles and rearrange the order we share posts. There are lots of grid theme ideas we can use to have a wonderful looking Instagram feed. The most popular Grid themes for Instagram feeds are listed as below:

  • Horizontal posts Instagram feed themes

This theme can help our feeds to have a very organized look. All we have to do to have a Horizontal line feed theme is to post three photos or videos which have the same subject or aesthetic, in one row, and devote the other three rows to somethings like quotes or stories and any other thing which comes to our creative minds. This makes an amazing Instagram grid theme.

  • Vertical posts Instagram feed themes

You should know by now, when there is a horizontal Instagram grid line, you can share photos to have a neat Instagram theme, there surely is a vertical one, as well.

In this feed theme idea, the middle line of the feed would be different from the two other lines, and you can use that row to stand out and share different content. This middle line would act as a beautiful divider for your Instagram feed.

  • Tiles (Checkboard) Instagram feed themes

The tiles Instagram feed themes, also known as a checkboard, are very chic and give an amazing look to profiles. We call an Instagram theme a checkboard mostly when the posts alternate between quotes and photos. But they can be any other kinds of content alternating one after another. For example, you can even alternate between photos and videos like a checkboard.

  • Puzzle looking Instagram feed themes

This Instagram aesthetic has been doing good lately and is one of the most used Instagram grid theme ideas. We have noticed in so many Instagram feeds that they have this theme as a fun option. The puzzle Instagram themes are made up when a big photo is divided into smaller photos and put together to be shared like a puzzle.

We can easily get help from Instagram tools such as Giant square. One of the main features of Giant Square is the poplar act of dividing a single picture into several neat pictures that you can share like a puzzle in your Instagram account.

The puzzle Instagram themes can be used in three ways:

  1. Threes: Split and share the photos in three divisions.
  2. Sixes: Split and share the photos in three divisions.
  3. Nines: Split and share the photos in three divisions.

Instagram feed border themes ideas

The last types of theme ideas for a better Instagram aesthetic, are the border themes. The border themes are the easiest ones to apply and do not need so much effort. All you have to do is to have an Instagram tool for adding borders to photos and prepare them for sharing. I am here to introduce the various types of Instagram themes you can make using borders. So carry on reading.

  • Rectangle border Instagram feed themes

The rectangle border theme is one of the most special aesthetics for any Instagram profile, and it changes how it looks, compared to other profiles., because, in this theme, you are not posting content like anybody else, using the default square-shaped photos. All you have to do is to convert each photo into a rectangular shape before sharing.

This theme best suits those accounts which cannot stick to certain colors for their aesthetic, and they always post totally different things. This way, they still can maintain their Instagram feed’s consistency because all the photos look the same.

  • White border Instagram feed themes

White borders have remained a very classy and neat type of themes since the emergence of Instagram. When we decide to add white borders to our pictures, we have literally added spaces between each of the photos, which makes our feed look very well-organized. You can always go with white borders if no other theme ideas came into your mind. Because it is both classy and easy-to-use.

  • Black border Instagram feed themes

Black border themes are very rare on Instagram, and that’s why if you choose to stick to them, you are on your way. Imagine opening an Instagram feed and noticing how different it is from the other accounts with the same dull white background themes. The feed is all black with wonderful pictures. Isn’t that attractive? Black border themes are always worth the try.

  • Mixed white border Instagram feed themes

The best way one can make an album out of an account is to use the mixes white birder theme. This theme consists of pictures with white borders but different in shape. They can be rectangular or the default square. The photos can also be posted vertically or horizontally. These changes in the shape make the feed look creative, and the white borders add lots of spaces around each of the photos.

What is the best theme for Instagram?

The best theme for Instagram is the one which best suits the content one share, their personality, the niche of work and the theme’s popularity among Instagrammers. Another important factor in choosing the best theme is to determine if you can keep consistency in it or not. Remember that once you choose a theme for Instagram, you have to do your best to stick to it.

There are lots of theme ideas you can choose from, but there is no best one because the choices might differ from person to person. To make your choice easier, I mentioned the best themes in this article. Now the decision is all yours. But remember to think a lot before picking up your favorite theme.

I know this article was a bit longer than usual, but that was because I have gathered the most complete theme ideas for you, to have them all in one place and have an easier decision-making process for your Instagram feeds. Just do not underestimate the power of having a consistent Instagram aesthetic, because that’s what converts a viewer into a follower and makes them want to see more of your content.

Everything about Instagram Carousel Posts

Using Instagram carousel posts is a good way to show your important experiences or moments in more detail or present a complete body of your work.

Moreover, many businesses are now taking advantage of the carousel ad—a highly engaging and interactive format that performs ten times better than regular ads—to do a more effective Instagram marketing for free. It was introduced in 2015 for images and later promoted to include videos.

Let me explain more what exactly this feature is. An Instagram carousel post is a post whereby you can upload up to 10 photos or videos (of maximum one-minute length each). A set of dots, one in blue color— indicating which of the photos or videos is appearing now on screen— and others in grey appear in the bottom informing users to swipe left to see more. An icon of white stacked squares also shows up on the top right of the post itself.

Stay tuned, and I will let you know how to create one.

After opening the Instagram app, take below steps to build a carousel post:

  • Tap on the plus sign in the bottom center and then on the stacked squares.
  • Select the items you want to share (up to 10) and click “Next.”
  • On this screen, choose filters that will be applied by default to the entire slideshow. For selecting a specific filter for a certain photo or video, simply click on it and choose its filter separately.

Note: To reorder the contents of a carousel post, don’t go back to start afresh. Hold on an image or video until a trash can icon appears and drag it to change the order. What’s more, dragging the file to the trash, will delete it.

  • In this step, fill in the fields such as caption, location, or to tag people, just like what you do with posting one single photo or video. The caption is the same for all files since it is a single post. However, you can tag different people or brands in each of the images. It’s also possible to turn off commenting on your carousel posts.

Click “Share,” and you are done!

Go back to your profile to check how the new post looks like. As you see, there are dots below the post to indicate it’s a carousel one, and visitors have to swipe left to see all the files. You can also mention in the caption or the first media file that users should swipe left for more.

You can also create an Instagram carousel ad from Facebook if you have a business account on Instagram and a connected Facebook page. To do this, use the Power Editor tool, select a campaign and then click on “Create Ad Set.” From the placement section, choose “Instagram” and from the format section, choose “carousel.” Then your carousel post will be published on Instagram as a story or a regular post in your profile.

The main purpose of carousel posts on Instagram is to create an album by combining up to 10 photos or videos. This way, your post becomes more interactive, and the message is conveyed more effectively.

I’ve put together ten creative ways that businesses, brands, influencers or even regular Instagrammers use carousel posts:

  • Share achievements

When we get a positive result of hard work in the form of a prize, we feel proud and happy. It is always noteworthy to win an award, no matter how special it is or how many times you receive it. If you wish to share the joy with your audience, you may find that one single photo or video is not enough. That’s where the Instagram carousel post comes in handy. With having up to 10 photos or videos in one post, you are able to express gratitude, put photos of yourself, attendees or supporters and share your feelings.

  • Show different moments in a single location

You may want to strike different poses in a similar scenery. Since it’s awkward to display them is separate posts (unless they match your profile theme or design,) make use of Instagram carousel post to put them all in one single place. Don’t forget to ask followers to swipe left to see more.

  • Announce a product launch

To successfully market a new product, you need to clearly inform your audience online about its features, colors, types, etc. It seems more reasonable to put them into several posts to make sure not to overwhelm the followers with too much information on a single photo or video.

  • Share testimonials

While many known brands use Instagram stories to show testimonials or customer reviews, the Instagram carousel post can also be to your benefit to show up to 10 of them in one post. This approach gives you credibility and sparks engagement while not overstuffing your followers’ feeds.

  • Describe a process

As shown below, Amber Kemp-Gerstel is illustrating how to craft up a crown for Holloween in simple steps by one carousel post. You can also apply this practice for step-by-step tutorials on more complicated procedures to offer more value to your audience.

  • Split video files

If you want to upload a rather lengthy video (maximum length: 10 minutes) on your Instagram profile, split it into ten separate files and upload it as a single post on your Instagram profile. It is worth mentioning that Instagram allows you to upload videos of up to one hour to its IGTV. Even in this case, you are able to upload the first 10 minutes as a regular post on your profile, and visitors are directed to IGTV to see the rest.

  • Zoom in

It’s very common on Instagram to have a carousel post in which the first photo is the enlarged version, and the next ones aim to zoom in different parts to reveal more details. It may be a piece of art, a handy craft, your face makeup, a piece of cloth, etc.

  • Tell a story

Storytelling accompanied by photos makes your followers to better relate to it. Reading the caption while swiping its carousel post, your audience absorbs the whole story with more enthusiasm. Give it a shot and watch receiving more social signals for these sorts of posts.

  • Before and after shots

Posting before and after photos seems to be a trend which is here to stay. People are always curious to know what a person looked like before wearing makeup, getting their hair dyed, or losing weight. It can also apply to a product or any other object that you’ve crafted, made changes to, or produced.

  1. Show behind the scenes

Yes! You can show your followers how you managed to deceive them! It sparks engagement when behind the scenes shots or clips since it is the topic people are always curious about.

Final thoughts

Sometimes a single picture will not do enough for advertisers to communicate their message. Combining multiple photos or videos as an Instagram carousel post is a no-brainer to produce in-depth contents and boost engagement. If you feel you have more control over uploading an Instagram carousel post from desktop than a mobile device, schedule post on Instagram in advance through the bigger screen of the PC. Feel free to share other smart ways to use Instagram carousel posts in the comments below. Some ideas are mentioned above; however the list is not exhaustive.

6 Smart Photoshop Tricks to Create Kill-It Instagram Photos (for Photoshop amateurs)

Do you want to know how to create Instagram photos that look amazing both on a big monitor’s screen and on a tiny phone screen? Already frustrated with all the dull and pale looking Instagram images which catch almost no eye?

Thanks to Adobe’s Photoshop, anyone can create Instagram photos that attract people with almost every taste.

Here is our step-by-step tutorial to professionally improve an average looking photo to nail it on Instagram.

Before we dive in!

Before going through our six smart Photoshop tricks, let’s choose a photo and open it in Photoshop.

We picked the following image, for it is very dark and pale, it was taken by an ordinary phone’s camera, and most importantly it has the necessary qualifications to be an Instagram photo.

Right-click the image and select “open with,” and then open the version of Photoshop installed in your computer.

Now let’s begin.

Step 1: Get ready for Instagram photos compression

Instagram compresses all images uploaded to it for the sake of space and speed optimization.

Compression might cause quality issues to images that were not optimized for the Instagram algorithm.

To prepare the Instagram photo for compression, we need to make sure that the images are sRGB, 8-bit channel.

At the bottom of Photoshop there is an arrow. Click the arrow and select “Document Profile” from the list.

Click the document profile to display the color channel of the image.

Obviously, our image is RGB and not sRGB. If an RGB photo gets uploaded on Instagram, the quality and colors will change.

To convert the image to sRGB, click Edit->Convert to Profile. Open the Profile section and from the dropping list select sRGB, and hit “OK.”

Make sure to do this first step before doing any other thing to the image.

Now to see if it is a photo of channel, choose the tab, then Mode, and there choose 8-bit.

Now that we are ready for photo compression on Instagram, lets got to step 2.

Step 2: Adjust brightness and contrast

The background and UI color of Instagram are always white.

So before adjusting the brightness and contrast of our Instagram photos, we need to convert the background in Photoshop to white.

To do this, right-click the background (a.k.a. canvas) and click “select custom color.” Then slide the color to white corner and click “OK.”

Here see how Instagram photos look like with white background:

With a black background, pictures will look vibrant and fantastic, but as Instagram is white, our image will look a little bit pale and dull.

See how the same photo changes with two different background color:

To adjust photo colors, at the right bottom of Photoshop panel, click the adjustment layer icon, and select “Curves”:

Here move the arrows left and right to reach your desired adjustment.

This creates a contrast in Instagram photos and makes them more vibrant.

Here is the difference:

Before (right) and after (left) light adjustment

Step 3: Add a little warmth

First of all, download and save warms filter, so that we can give a little warmth to our photo:

Now, to make photos pop on Instagram, and draw more attention, let’s make some color adjustment to our photo.

To adjust the color of Instagram photos, select adjustment layer again, and “color look-up.”

Adjust the color of Instagram photos

When the panel opens, click on “3DLUT file” and load the file just downloaded from the link above.

Note that you need to set the file type at “3DL” when opening it:

Before you can see the file, set the format on 3DL.

Note: to make the warmth work, choose the main layer before loading the file.

Now see how the Instagram photo changed to a warm hue:

Before (left) and after (right) applying the warmth filter

You can also change the warmth capacity by choosing the color lookup layer and adjusting it the way you want:

Adjust the warmth capacity to have pleasant Instagram photos.

To add more vibrancy to this Instagram image, we can play a little bit with a color adjustment layer.

Open adjustment layers->selective color, in the panel that opens play with the arrow to reach your desired result.

Step 4: crop and resize Instagram photos

According to Instagram, the aspect ratio for Instagram images is between 1.91:1 and 4:5. Now, we want to crop Instagram photos with a suitable aspect ratio. I choose 1:1 for this photo:

1:1 aspect ratio will give us an entirely square Instagram image

Now let’s resize our photo. Instagram says that the width of Instagram photos must be 1080 pixels.

On Image tap, select “Image Size”. Chose set measurement on pixels and type in 1080. Then click ok.

Now let’s go through step number five, which is sharpening.

Instagram photos have a width of 1080 pixels.

Step 5: Sharpen the photo

In order to sharpen the Instagram photo, we need to create a new layer, and merge all the changes and layers we have made into one.

To create this merged layer press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E, and the layer is formed above all of the layers.

Rename this layer to whatever you wish. I name it “sharpen.”

This layer is a merged one of all the other layers and changed made.

Now in “Filter” tab, select “convert for smart filters” to convert the new layer to a smart object.

Again go to filter->other->high pass.

Decrease the Radius, now increase the radius from zero to somewhere that the general photo lines are visible, without color. Then hit ok.

Increase the radius so that the details are barely noticeable.

Now change the blend mode to “overlay”:

Now the final step, Export.

Step 6: Export photo

To export this photo, click “File” tab, select Export->Export As, and there it is:

Make sure all the parameters are set as shown above.

Now Export ALL, and you know how to create beat-it Instagram photos.


In 6 steps, we learned to:

  1. Get ready for Instagram photos compression
  2. Adjust brightness and contrast
  3. Add a little warmth
  4. crop and resize Instagram photos
  5. Sharpen the photo
  6. Export photo

Please share with us the Instagram photos you created, and let us know your tips and tricks.

Creating AR Filter on Instagram Stories through Spark AR Studio

Lately, Instagram has brought us an enjoyable trending Filter for creating entertaining moments called augmented reality (AR) filter. Indeed this kind of filter was available just on Facebook via Spark AR Studio program.

However, It opened up on Instagram in 2018, but the point was that only a restricted group of people such as brands, celebrities, and other popular creators were allowed to publish their own AR filter as a user test by invitation. But now the good news is that; Spark AR Studio becomes an open beta, which in this case all interested folks can have it for making their favorite customer AR filters.

According to, “Starting today, anyone can create and publish their own Spark AR effects on Instagram. We’re also introducing the new Effect Gallery, which will include niche AR effects from up-and-coming artists, making it easier for people to discover unique effects from the creator community.”

What is Spark studio?

It is a platform designed both in Windows and Mac or, which lets you create your Imaginary AR effects easily with a mixture of materials like 3D text, face mash, etc. Without considering your experience, tech background. If you are keen on making these intriguing filters, the tutorial can teach you well.

With this achievement, many brands start to build their face filters by the use of this technology.

Brands are taking advantage of this feature to engage more users as well as improving their brand awareness. Here is an example below:

Adidas Originals

This Instagram post used one of the AR filters to draw the users eyes, and you can also reuse the filters which you like or suits on your content stories or posts, in fact the purpose of this innovation is going viral to provide a variety of filters templates.

It is good to know that the number of top creators, designers moving across to Insta is increasing these days, customer generating intuitive filters. For having this tool, you can download Spark AR Studio.

Instagram launched a new Effects Gallery

As I mentioned above, for discovering new effects and Instagram stories, you can use the feature Instagram provides at the end of the effects tray in the Instagram Camera called “Browse Effects.“In fact, creators community share their custom AR filters in this effects library to ease it for others to access different kinds of filters easily.

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