How to Get your First 1000 Followers on Instagram?

If you have recently opened an Instagram account, and you are looking to grow it, you are at the right place. I would explain five steps to get your first 1000 followers. I have divided the steps according to the number of followers. Follow the instruction carefully.

How long does it take to get 1000 followers on Instagram?

It depends on many factors including the account opening date, the niche, your connections. I assume that you have recently opened your Instagram account and you have no platform to connect your Instagram account. You are not connected to any Instagram campaign.

It may takes up to 3 months for you to get your first 1000 followers if you follow for follow, engage in Instagram activities (comments on public posts, like public posts, use hashtags).

Let’s see how it takes up to 3 month. We assume that 1 out of ten would follow you back, and you follow-unfollow 100 per day. It means that you can get up to `10 followers daily. Then in the end of 3rd month, you would have 900 followers.

Here is a step-by-step guide for getting the follower on Instagram. From Zero to Hero!

#Step 1: Tips for getting the first 300 followers

Once I opened my account, like all others, I had no follower, but gradually, I could find my niche and grow my account. Though at first, it looks challenging and confusing, there are some tips to get there better and sooner.

  • You should choose a proper username. It is better to select a short and readable one. You can use an underscore, or dot to add more readability to your username. Once I was searching for big accounts, I found that people follow readable usernames more easily. It’s logical! Isn’t it?
  • Write a proper bio; I have entirely explained how to write a bio to attract more users in the Instagram famous Your bio should show what you might bring for others. For example, you are going to make them happier or healthier.
  • Add your contacts! If you have no problems to add your contact list into your following list, it is an excellent strategy to start, to get about 100 followers. Because these people would know you already and the chance is more they follow you back. In this way, you can add to your follower list.
  • Have at least six posts, to start and find your relevant hashtags to help you to reach more people at first. You can add up to 30 hashtags to your posts, people would see your posts (if your account is public) on their feeds, and this may encourage them to follow you.
  • Finding your target users is one of the best ways to start growing your account. One way is to see the lists of your competitors’ followers. You can check it from their profile. Though, once I started to follow those targeted users, it was time-consuming and with some Instagram limitation. Using Instagram bot can assist you in automating these actions with no restriction. In this way, I could get my 300 followers just in a few days.

Why should you switch into a business account?

People might think if they are running a personal account, or they do not have any services, or product no need to switch to a business account. Hopefully, Instagram has given this option for free and for all users. Even you have a personal one, it is better to swath, it is easy, and there are lots of benefits there for you.

Once you are growing your account understanding the analysis help you a lot. In a business account, you can see all insight, and you will know which posts are more favorable, or what people are looking for in your page, which makes them encouraged to follow you. So, I highly recommend using this opportunity before going to the next steps.

Why is analytics important?

At first, you might not consider the Instagram insight very carefully, but this section is entirely related to your account, especially if you are running a business account. If you know your target market is young people, so it is better for you to attract more young people on your account and Instagram shows this for you that what percentage of your account followers are people aged 25-34.

#Step 2: Get your 300-500 followers

Now the second step is to work on a 500-follower account, a good move for you! At this stage, you better have at least 18 posts.

  • You should Keep consistency while using Instagram because an Instagram algorithm can recognize your engagements and presence. You might read the Instagram instruction itself, that people who post once a week, get five times more commitments than who post once a month. So, keep posting at least once a day.
  • Using your Instagram bot features, like the direct message, comment tracker, post schedule, and so on. All of this shows your profile to others, and if they like your content, they will follow you, and it should not take more than a few days.
  • Start working on Instagram stories and take advantages of that, this also led to more engagements and along with other tips you can reach to your first 500 followers.

#Step 3: Grow from 500 to 700 followers

Now you have passed half of the way. How does it feel? Sometimes it looks tough, but it is possible. The vital point you should know that you have to be patient. Many of other people you see that have many followers had the same experience. So, do not give up. In this stage, I would talk about high-quality content.

  • The content is significant. Try to keep the original one, and your posts. Do not copy and do not look for short ways like this. Though repost is allowed on Instagram, you should write the origin links.
  • You can enhance your photography skills and prepare some self-made documentaries. There are always new things that you can work on them. Hopefully, there are many tools that you can use to make more visually stunning pictures or even videos.
  • The type of content should be related to your aim; you have also written on your bio. If you post on very different topics, people may do not like to stay. So, you better be focused on your unique identity which you have made on your Instagram account. In this way, you have given a character to people to recognize you. You also will be known for this identity, which supports you to grow your account even more than 1000 followers.

#Step 4: Get your 700-900 followers!

You are closer to your 1k followers! Ready? From this now, you should care about the details. For this purpose, you need analytics. Hopefully, Instagram would provide you this tool for free.

  • Though, you should switch your account into a business one. It is easy. Once you have done, after having 100 followers, you can go to your profile, click on the top right, a three lined icon. The first option is insight. If you click on that, you would see the analytics.
  • Always use stories IG to show you have a new post. You can also share your feed posts to your stories because this help people see your posts more often.

#Step 5: Almost there! Get your 900-1000 followers!

This step is the final one to see 1k users are following you. Keep in mind that you need to get the assistance of tools like some Instagram bot to help you in follow, like, comment, and Instagram ِDM.

  • Send a welcome message with the help of an Instagram bot. This would give others a sense of being relevant to you, and also you have somehow privatized the conversation, which is a good feeling to others.
  • Introduce your page with the power of the direct message. You can introduce your products, or your account in the direct message quickly. Many of them would look into your profile and follow you.
  • Follow, like, and comment because they would see your profile more, and the probability of getting more followers is higher than when you are absent.
  • Add your username to your posts because when people share your stories not directly from your page, others can find you through the stickers you have put on the posts.

Optimize your captions because it gives others a sense of reality. An easy to understand descriptions would work better for your Instagram account because people can have a better feeling when reading your text. Friendliness is good to get more followers. So, while you are writing your caption, write it amiably and also write something to induce people to engage, like asking a question.

  • Ask followers to tag their friends on your posts or in the comments when you are writing your post’s captions. In this way, tagged people may follow you after seeing your posts.



All the secret about getting follower and encourage others to follow you is about building relationships, do several posts, and keeping consistency.

What is the Best Instagram Growth Service to Use in 2020?

Instazood provides the best Instagram growth service for like, follow, comment, and unfollow through its android app Social Bridge. To use Social Bridge, you need to sign up to dashboard, add Instagram account, and get the barcode to enter the Social Bridge.

Looking for an effective Instagram growth service, but overwhelmed by the numerous available options? That’s all right; we know there is might not enough time to try all of them out. That’s why we are going to introduce the best service to grow your Instagram business. So, stay tuned and read this article till the end.

With more than one billion monthly active users, there is no doubt that Instagram is one of the most popular social media among people. However, this promising number of users might give you the illusion that it’s easy to promote your business via Instagram. Well, that is not entirely true. These days, numerous companies invest in Instagram and use various tools to attract more customers and be a winner in their niche.

Unfortunately, no matter how much you try to promote Instagram on your own, there is always someone more powerful and more famous than your brand. So, what should you do? The answer is simple: getting some help from an Instagram growth service like bots. First, let’s see what an Instagram bot is and how it can help you to promote your page.

What is an Instagram Bot?

As you may know, an Instagram bot is an automatic tool that can boost your engagement rate on this social media by performing promotional actions on your behalf. Instead of doing the engaging activities manually, which takes a considerable amount of time, you can adjust some basic settings with these Instagram organic growth services, and they do the rest for you. Sounds easy, right?

In a broader sense, an Instagram growth service is a platform offered by third-party IG agencies that help the customers grow their Instagram accounts through engagement activities such as generating auto like, comment, and follow/unfollow.   

Why Should You Consider Using an Instagram Bot?

Let us face the bitter truth; you cannot promote an IG page only with empty hands. Well, unless you are a celebrity or a well-known brand. That’s why many small or medium-sized businesses, and also individuals use bots to benefit from an organic Instagram growth service. As mentioned above, Instagram bots save the time by working automatically. Then can also mimic human activities based on the setting that you gave them.

On the other hand, compared to other methods of growing Instagram such as engagement groups (pods) or Instagram Ads, bots are much more affordable. You can easily use a bot as an Instagram growth service only for $15 per month. That’s the same price for a coffee!

Moreover, many Instagrammer used to buy followers, likes, and comments. Luckily, with the ever-changing Instagram algorithm introduced in 2016, these methods are now proven to be ineffective. But the good news is, when using an authentic bot, you will get real engagement from actual people.

Bots: The Best Instagram Growth Service

To grab a better understanding of how an Instagram bot works, let’s take a closer look at some of the useful things they can do for you.

Gaining More Followers with Instagram Bots

The number of followers is one of the essential factors that determine the IG engagement rate. The more follower one page has, the more engagement it will receive, and consequently, Instagram will reward it by putting its posts up in the feeds or on the explore page. Also, when you have a significant number of followers, the Instagram page authenticity will increase too. People consider your page more reliable, and the chances that they start to follow you are higher.

As the best Instagram growth service, a bot can come handy to gain real and organic followers. This is how the bot works: when working with a bot, you can use hashtags, geotags, and chosen accounts to target your followers. For example, if you have an IG account about shoes and living in New York, you should use the related tags (#shoes, #nyc, …) and add some of your best competitor accounts (@Nike) in the setting. The bots will automatically start to follow the related accounts based on the information that you entered.

When people who have already interested in your niche see you have followed them, they will check your page out of curiosity, and if they find the content interesting enough, they will start following the page!

Remember, bots can lead potential followers into your profile, but they cannot make them hit the follow button. So, make sure you have an eye-catching and exciting feed. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create engaging posts. There are many apps like Canva and Preview that can help in this process. 

Gaining More Likes with Instagram Bots

Another great advantage of using a bot as an Instagram growth service is getting more likes. Instagram bots can automatically like your targeted posts. So, instead of wasting your precious time to like other posts in the hope of getting like-backs, these smart bots can do the task for you. The good thing about these bots is that they don’t get tired! They can perform this boring and tedious job for you 24/7.

Just like gaining followers, when users see you liked their posts, they might return the favor by liking back the photos or videos. After all, Instagram is a “like for like” and “follow for follow” community, right?

Unfollow with Instagram Bots

Based on the limitations of Instagram, you are only allowed to follow a certain number of accounts. According to the Instagram help center, you cannot follow more than 7500 people. If you exceed this number, Instagram will display the message “Error: You can’t follow any more people.” It might seem a little bit odd to you, but the reason is that Instagram tries to reduce the number of spam on its platform.

Therefore, to keep the Instagram account run smoothly, you have to follow and unfollow IG accounts simultaneously at a reasonable pace and ratio. Many bots do this process automatically so that you won’t encounter this disturbing error.

Auto Comments with Instagram Bots

Along with the likes and the number of followers, comments are other building blocks of the Instagram engagement rate. It is crucial to have a consistent relationship with the followers. Comments show them that you cared enough for them. After all, it takes more time to leave a comment than just double-tap a post. Also, by leaving comments on the accounts that don’t follow your page, you can increase the chance of getting a follow back.

So, just create your favorite templates for comments and leave the job to the smart bots. Soon after, you will see the positive effects of auto comments on the page and the number of followers.

Auto Direct Messages (DMs) with Instagram Bots

No matter if you run a personal page or a business one, this item can come real handy to gain the followers’ trust and make them loyal. Instagrammers use Direct Messages or DMs for a wide range of reasons, from sending a welcome message to their new followers to use it as a way of communicating with different groups of them.

Imagine an Instagram account that gains more than 500 new followers each day. If you want to send a welcome message to each one of them every single time, you will waste much time just sending these notes. You might be thinking of copy and paste them, but sadly, it won’t work. Instagram will recognize your recitative texts as spam, and it won’t let you send further messages after you reach the daily limitation.

This is where a bot can save the day! Bots can send Direct Messages automatically without any trouble. Usually, it can create different versions of a message, and each time, the bot will send a unique text to the followers. As a result, Instagram doesn’t consider these DMs as spam and won’t block the page temporarily.

For example, you can tell the bot to add the targeted username at the beginning of the message or choose a word between Hi/Hello/Good Morning as the greeting line. The more options you gave the bot, the more unique sentences it can generate.

Another great thing about using a bot for managing Direct Messages is the ability to attach an image or link to them. This option can be useful, especially when promoting products or services. Use this, and enjoy a more effective communication with the fans. After all, they say an image worth a thousand words!

Which Instagram Growth Service Should I Choose?

Now that you have learned about the incredible benefits of using an Instagram bot as an growth service, it is time to decide which service you should choose. This might be a difficult decision to make as there are numerous websites and applications out there, trying to sell their products. But not all of them are reliable and effective for your Instagram.

In fact, if you choose the wrong bot, it might severely damage your Instagram account. But you don’t have to be worried about that. In the following, we are going to introduce one of the best Instagram growth services available in the market.  

Instazood: The Best Instagram Growth Service

Instazood is an Instagram marketing platform that offers numerous practical tools to improve the Instagram account. You can schedule posts, use its search tools, track comments, and increase video views with this app. But, the Instagram Bot is the best organic Instagram growth service that Instazood offers. With this smart Instagram bot, enjoy saving numerous amounts of time. Instead, use the extra time to focus on more exciting activities to promote the brand, such as content.  

What Makes Instazood Bot an Ideal Choice?

Many factors make Instazood the best Instagram growth service in the market. First of all, unlike many other bots, Instazood only attracts real followers, likes, comments, saves, and shares. This means that Instazood Bot doesn’t use fake accounts. You can be sure that all the engagements that the post receives this way are entirely organic, and it is from real people.

With Instazood DM Online, not only can you send messages to the followers, but also it is possible to contact those who are not following the page. This is an excellent opportunity for advertising your page and, of course, gaining some new audience.

Moreover, it offers the best organic Instagram growth services for a small amount of money. So, using Instazood will enable you to benefit the maximum from using an automation tool without spending too much. Actually, the prices on Instazood are quite lower than other similar services on the market.

One of the other great things about Instazood is that it allows monitoring the effectiveness of a targeted account. Using this service, it’s possible to turn on/off the auto like, comment, or follows for each specific target to get a grasp on its effect on the overall performance of the page. If the target is not worth working on, simply remove it on the list.   

Instazood Free Trial

Still not sure whether to use Instazood or not? That’s all right; you can try this Instagram growth service free trial for three days! This opportunity gives some great insight into the app features. Make the most of these three days and try every tool. Soon, you will be convinced that Instazood is your best choice when it comes to choosing the best Instagram growth service.

If there are any questions about this Instagram bot, you can contact the Instazood Help Center. There are many useful information and FAQs about the application. Also, some tips are provided to have a better experience with the platform.


In conclusion, using a proper Instagram growth service such as bots can enormously increase the chance of success on this popular social media. But don’t trust all the bots that are out there, as they might even cause damage. So, the best option is to employ the best available and reliable option and start building the IG engagement.

Common Ways for Instagram Growth

Here the question is that if you are looking for a new way to brand your Instagram account, either increase your website traffic, you have come to the right place, but first, we are going to build and boost the business Instagram account.

Common ways but useful ways for Instagram growth can definitely help to avoid the mistakes that typically, Instagram marketers or users commit. The fact is that with the old Instagram strategy, you won’t be able to grow organic on Instagram space and pull off a victory, and you will remain at the current low-rank place.

You need to evolve because all the people are changing their minds, tastes. I know it is your right to succeed with the Instagram business account as if it affects your income, prospects, and, of course, your motivation to survive on your Instagram niche.

How to grow Instagram account without Buying followers?

When it comes to gain more followers or promoting the Instagram page, maybe you envision a tough situation, which now you have to fight for till you don’t fall sharply.

Forget about it and concentrate to grow your Instagram followers organically. No one likes to pretend to have a high number of fake followers because fake followers make no sense, make no money, and in turn, make no credibility to attract real followers on Instagram.

Today, the amount of your followers reveals your strength and determination of the Instagram marketing quality well.

Maybe you invoke that followers are a sign of money or revenue, what kind of they are, but the point is that if you want to excessive use of this mind, you will get nowhere.

Followers or customers are the most significant part of your market on Instagram, try to respect them by normal regular positive Instagram activities and strategies, and not to deceive them. For example, Starbucks customers are already used to using #starbucks to share their coffee breaks from all over the world.

Read the most comprehensive guide to learn how to take advantage of the Instagram growth service.


1/ Stay on with Instagram tips (brand aesthetic)

As a professional Instagrammer, you need to know how to create the brand aesthetic to establish the brand identity and achievements based on the products, content on Instagram.

Realize which colors and logo also pictures should be considered together to form a unique, catchy Instagram feed.

The presence will admire your marketing creativity sense, as visual content works fantastic on social media. This marketing point resonates with the visual Instagram users and can make a good impression on them to follow you, and this is a real follower for you.

In addition, think out popular Instagram themes to matches your brand or logo to brings more followers and engagement.


2/ Instagram insight is known as an Instagram growth tool

Thanks to Instagram, which makes Instagram insight available for business owners with business accounts to grow up a plan of their Instagram marketing strategies by analyzing statistics and engagement such as website clicks, impression, gender, profile visit, followers numbers so on and so forth.

In that case, you can evaluate the Instagram page engagement rate to solve its weaknesses and grow organic Instagram followers.

3/ Using the clear and right profile photo /username/name

Let the audience identify your brand awareness from the right Instagram profile photo; most of the time, brands use their logo as their profile photo on Instagram to be noticed quickly by their followers and fans. Try to keep the Instagram username and name relevant the same as together to follow the above rule to improve Instagram promotion.

Note: Do not change the Instagram username because Instagram search people or brands  is done with a username

4/ Optimize the profile to meet success

  • Complete the Instagram bio: make the most of the Instagram bio place to be known well enough by the audience with a glance, You can put a link or short explanation by the use of your niche relevant hashtags. Try to use your website link to drive more traffic, although sometimes some banned links block your bio link.
  • Contact info: is essential to be accessible for those who want to get through the brand.

Indeed, optimizing the profile acts as decorating the shop-window, the more comprehensive it is, the more followers attract to your Instagram account.

5/ Engage with your competitors Instagram accounts

Like, comment, and follow other Instagram accounts that have the same niche with you to get some exposure. Try taking over some business accounts to gain new Instagram organic followers. Thumb through their followers and interact with them, so that they would get to know your brand and engage with you as well.

How to advertise on Instagram?

Instagram marketing makes different advertising strategies to hit the market rather than an Instagram influencer marketing campaign.

As an Instagram marketer, It is urgent to grow organic. Indeed, no one knows your brand as a well-known, or particular one in its early days; however, if your Instagram page consists of a low number of followers.

Tracking the competitors, finding their week points can improve your Instagram growth better than before.

Not just yet, an Instagram marketer with firm determination and stamina can surpass all our expectations with following Instagram tips and tricks,  although success is not an overnight process and obviously compensate with ups and downs and patiency. But you are not alone; there are some simple Instagram marketing ways to grow your Instagram page.

Grow Instagram followers by shoutouts

At the beginning of the growth path on Instagram, never look for Instagram tools to gain massive promotion. Instead of that, try to test Instagram shoutouts by asking or paying several famous Instagram accounts or users to advertise one of the Instagram posts or videos the mention on a story is a beneficiary way too, here is where that the idea of Instagram influencer comes up.

It is interesting to know that, for an Instagram influencer, success can occur overnight; this way of marketing has rescued many stores on Instagram with new marketing methods. I

Instagram influencers typically engage a large number of users via the impression and reputation they have nailed before, So many real followers come with such the right products showcase.

For amateur marketers on Instagram is suggested to craft their businesses by Instagram features and analyzing competitors. Just the main point with this topic is that working with Instagram influencer marketers is one of the best tools to grow the process of following us on Instagram to generate our product sales quickly.

Anyway, the main thing you should keep in mind is; you are qualified for this position. Pick a cup of coffee to walk you through the tips.

How to promote on Instagram by? (post consistency)        

First of all, it is crucial to convey a sense of stability to your audience by consistency posting. Considering daily Instagram posts to expose the brand activities for your Instagram boost; is in priority because to appear fresh into your Instagram feed to the visitors.

The Instagram platform is being visited more and more in compersion with other social media channels. Post consistency means you care about your followers on Instagram, brand, position.

Another thing to note is that knowing and publishing your Instagram posts at the peak time when Instagram is most used can bring more engagement. The best time to post is listed below:

Pay attention to details and create a high viewing Instagram account by three important options

  • audience location
  • common interests
  • peak hours

To take some of the weights of marketers’ shoulders to outstrip in Instagram post strategy. Consistently doing this repetitive and time-consuming action of posting sounds illogical and annoying, especially with hectic daily activities you may across as an Instagram marketer, Fortuentely Instazood can schedule Instagram posts to overcome the hardship of keeping post consistency at the right time.

Instagram growth comes with your audience tastes and needs

Little by little, you will crack the code of your audience’s interests and needs by the posts you have already published on your Instagram account; now, it is the time to serve your followers like the waiters.

Instagram insight, as one of the Instagram business tools, is used to discover the follower’s needs by doing insights and analytics. According to instazood,” Actions part of insight shows the number of activities that accounts took on your profile by seeing your post ( visiting the profile, clicks on the website link or following you ).”

Interact with your followers

Never ignore your most loyal followers who regularly like and comment on your photos! That’s a mistake mostly made by Instagram marketers and eventually drives people away. Instead, make your followers awsome.

Reply to their comments or even go check out their accounts, and like a few of their photos, Interacting like this is one of the most decisive actions that should be followed in the early days of your Instagram growth.

We can not take a blind eye to Instagram stories usages; I was so wondering when I found out, InstagramStories engaged about 400 million accounts every day with this statistic.

Create quiz, fun things, and the high priority posts by Instagram stories and expose new products with the idea of the gif.

If you want to help your account grow fast and steadily, take advantage of Instagram stories to interact with your followers directly, adding polls for asking their ideas and opinions works effectively.

Instagram tips for post ideas

  • Tips for Instagram post ideas grow organic your Instagram engagement,

 How can we figure out how to promote Instagram post:

  1. Tag people
    Make wondering your Instagram followers by casual posts on Instagram is as much important as posts emphasize the brand image. There should be a balance between the Instagram posts to enthusiast audience and provide a real challenge; by move on to this route, you will reach your marketing goals immediately. People like to go both ways and lead to numerous mentions on the comment.
  2. Run a contest or giveaway
    As you take the significant previous step, run a game on Instagram for user-generated content, which reminds your brand message, this action makes them creative even compete them to engage with great content. There are a lot of brands catching on to this concept right now.
  3. Behind the curtain shot
    These kinds of photos make real-life feelings for the presence and cause Instagram to promote the post. Not only Followers will experience intimate interaction with your IG brand also the sense of reliability will go up.
  4. Post interesting, colorful photos and videos
    Have you ever noticed that some kinds of colors in photos or videos stimulate your sense of humor and motivates you to take one step forward? Colors come to mind as a good Instagram strategy to grab people’s attention and let them materialize their inner sense. This small fact is a highly important factor in Instagram growth.

Reach the summit of Instagram promotion by great Instagram content

  • Create captivate captions

Captivate Instagram captions comes from the inquisitive new mind and acquiring knowledge about the Instagram post topic you choose to write for, of course, the stunning photo can complete this marketing task well enough.

Some of the Instagrammers feel at the top of the world when motivates by magnificent pictures and generate authentic content. So, it is a good thing to struggle with photo ideas to help your content creation job.

  • Post-high-quality images

Why on earth do the number of posts on Instagram face a considerable amount of likes, comments?

The answer is that some Instagram accounts with the professional skill of photography hit the Instagram post a peak due to its neutral atmosphere and editing filters.

Also, remember that overusing these Instagram filters can make your images artificial and ruin your Instagram promotion the idea you generate, and the point your audience gets will be in the distance.

As well as planning to shoot at the Right time of the day will bring a huge opportunity to get your Instagram Post on the top of the feed; the real lightening and contrast grab the users’ attention.

For instance, working as a travel blogger looks amazing; the possibility of gaining more likes and comments is very high because of the intriguing mixture of photos and travel experiences, but for example, as a business blogger, you can produce innovative ideas from the process of monetizing in the marketing field.

  • Test a variety of content strategies

Start out with different literature, tell story,tale,a motivational sentence or write a short ultra caption related to your business and ask people to go on with, impress people by compelling content such as video posts, Instagram meme,live videos, stories to find the how to grow your feed on Instagram platform.

  • Use the Explore tab (popular page) as an organic growth business

The Explore tab on Instagram is where some of the most popular photos and videos get featured. The images that are shown here are tailored to you according to the photos and videos that have been liked or commented on by people you follow. You can find new users to follow or engage with by checking out this tab regularly.

Social media tools to grow cross-promotion strategy

  • Promote your Instagram account on your other channel

There is no doubt that all of us tend to be noticed on different social media platforms we are building our marketing globe; in this time, you might think the use of your Instagram link on your other social media platforms would be beneficial. I say yes, but sometimes you wish you could use one alternative link to drive people to your different social media channels, ilink can serve marketers with one source page to put multiple links and advertise their social media pages by one link.

  • Develop your own Instagram strategy

Start with a good idea to go through your Instagram follower’s minds. It is the way how your followers appreciate you when they notice many differences between your Instagram account and your other social media channels.

Yes, guess right, shift away from your marketing method on Instagram by such successful, unpredictable Instagram strategies, let them your followers know your keen mind in this level of marketing.

  • More attention more audience

Once you put effort into your target audience, you will get a higher engagement rate, so; your posts will appear up on your followers’ feeds.

You give your followers credit, the sense of reliability forms your interaction, the source is your attention, and the outcome turns your followers to the real customer. Caring marketers are the best in their business because they know the audience’s needs and engage them frequently.

Instagram direct messages can grow Instagram followers

Another way to get in touch with your current and new followers on Instagram is to use the Instagram direct message to Welcome new followersadvertise a particular product, have conversations with them.

But Imagine how beneficiary it could be to take on the process of sending messages to automated DM while your account is getting more engagement rate, and you don’t have enough time to take time on this stuff.

Instagram hashtags strategies

Notice that according to the quora social media platform,”A post with at least one hashtag averages 12.6percent more engagement than articles with no hashtag. Therefore it really is worth utilizing hashtags to grow your account!

Brands must use hashtags, whatever on a small scale or a large scale, because Instagram members often don not know your Instagram page or brand or its username and name, but they know how to search on hashtags. Indeed hashtags are a suitable shortcut to make your posts visible for Instagram community users.

  • How do you use hashtags on Instagram?

Using hashtags under each Instagram post caption or comment place to credit your Instagram post. It is better to use them in a comment place to show all your hashtags accurately, especially for engaging captions. It‘s up to you to go on with comment or caption.

  • How many hashtags should I use on Instagram?

It is allowed to use up to 30 hashtags in a post if you need Instagram growth. On the flip side, some researches show that 9 hashtags per post cause more engagement. How to use hashtags to hit the smash? Location hashtags have a massive change in reaching your posts to the top. Also, do your best to use a maximum of 11 and at least 5 or 6 hashtags to seem natural, not spammy.

  • Create your Brand hashtags

The majority of brands create their own hashtags to be notified of their Instagram followers’ activities on Instagram space; it is one of the most effective ways of Instagram promotion.

Think about catchy, unique, simple, impressive hashtags that match the brand. Like #sotrender. How to use hashtags to hit the smash. Also, location hashtags have a massive change in reaching your posts to the top. 

Brands have multiple Instagram accounts for Instagram growth

Brands like NYX cosmetic takes benefit from multiple accounts on Instagram based on different locations and customers they have.

Therefore, It is a crucial Instagram marketing point which features the brand identity more popular and professional, and if you keep your marketing activities in moderate, you will meet this success. Multiple Instagram accounts in whole evocative of high-rank brands on the Instagram community, and if you one day become a business tycoon, it would be a good idea to think of second or even multiple Instagram account.

Be cautious, Be updated Instagrammer on such a social networking platform. Who can win in attracting Instagram users? The one who learns how to be a skilled Instagram manager by keeping up the latest Instagram tips and trends in order to keep away from getting behind her/his competitors.

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Best Instagram Tricks to promote your account to the next level

  • Anchore Instagram post

It acts as a doubled sword, which mostly done by the vast majority of business owners, which links some of their articles to Instagram posts or anchor their Instagram posts on their websites or blogs to balance both engagement rates. Brands are using this Instagram feature as well as possible.

  • Take action on Instagram quickly

Keep an eye to the Instagram web to handle the Instagram profile at any time, consider feedback, and response them very soon, try to find a solution for negative comments or DMs.

  • Edit Instagram caption or description

You have the chance to edit the Instagram caption or the description of the Instagram post; sometimes it occurs we misspelled a word or made a grammatical error, fixing these kinds of mistakes is an easy thing to do.

What if we wish, we could have a magical automation tool to minimize our potential energy for handling Instagram marketing. Having a virtual marketer to automate all the Instagram activities seems fabulous; it is called Instagram bot, which gets along with the marketing efforts and tasks well. In the end, make the most of these Instagram tips for Instagram growth to experience an Instagram promoter step by step, pay attention that feeling a mild panic for a start, but try not to dominate this feeling. Remember that great promise small performance.

How to Gain Followers on Instagram (as an Actor/Actress)

It is a well-known fact that Instagram followers really do matter and it cannot be denied that we all love to have a lot of followers not only on Instagram precisely but on all our social media accounts because more followers get you more attention and more reputation on social platforms.

Followers would be even more critical for you if you are already famous. This is of great importance for artists such as actors, actresses, and models to have more followers on Instagram.  

Why are Instagram follower important?

It is more like a competition for famous people on platforms such as Instagram to cross each other’s followers count because

that means more popularity and reputation for them and also having massive followers on Instagram has several social and financial benefits. Here are some of the benefits of having more followers on Instagram (for actors or actresses):

  • Instagram will be more fun with more followers

Imagine you are an actor and you have your own fans, but when you share a post, it does not get much interaction, and nobody seems to love and care for what you have just posted. This way, you’ll feel a lack of attention and care. If you have more followers, you will surely get more comments, Likes, and engagements, which is so much fun.

Getting comments and other’s opinions on a post you share, no matter what the content is, is just fun. And also seeing your like count going up to give you confidence and motivated you to post more useful content and get more followers.

  • You can count on your Instagram for earning extra money

Having a lot of followers and real engagement will capture the brand owners and advertiser. You might be asking why is that?

Advertisers want their products and business to reach people, and the more Instagram followers a user has, the more it is likely that the advertisers notice you. It is actually the most significant advantage of having massive followers count on Instagram. Even the very famous and multi-billionaires such as Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian and so many other great actresses and models sponsor a lot of brands and frequently advertise on their Instagram accounts.

You can make your account on Instagram, your second source for earning money. This way, you are both considered an actor and an Instagram Influencers brands would reach for his/her massive follower numbers and influence.

  • You can feel the fame

One of the perks social media has given its users over time is that it has made so many people famous. The people who even did not think they could get famous in the real world if social media did not exist! Even if you already have a bit of fame and are popular amongst a small group of people, you can increase this fame and popularity much more, using Instagram.

When there are a large number of people who love you and show love for you, it would definitely make you happier. And fame has its own perks too. Fame attracts more opportunities and gives you more chances. And most importantly it is a very wonderful feeling to know that there are a lot of people who like you and would know you even if they meet you out somewhere out of the blue. Popularity is a great feeling that we as humans crave for.

Now, you do not feel you are just a small newcomer actor, and you can sense that you have fans as well as others, and your popularity would grow shortly.

  • With more Instagram followers, you can gain more followers

It is almost like a chain reaction. When the number of people following you increases, it goes on increasing. Once you have accumulated a significant amount of followers, you become more noticeable. For sure more followers mean you have the opportunity to turn those followers into your consistent and loving fans. You just need to follow an appropriate strategy for your account, and you can make your fame grow day by day.

How to get more followers for your Instagram account?

The process of gaining more followers is somehow the same on all social media platforms. There are tons of articles and blogs all over the web on getting followers on Instagram, and so many more similar topics and all of them follow some essential tips, and most of their captions and titles are the same as well. This is because the first steps of getting Instagram followers are the same and need to be applied and considered in order to grow your followers count.

For any of you reading this blog that do know the main ways of getting Instagram followers below are the most effective and important ones:

  • Use the power of hashtags

Until now, you should know how vital are hashtags on Instagram. Hashtags are like a connecting bridge which connects you to your fans and the people who are interested in getting to know you or are searching for you. By using the right hashtag under each of your posts, you would always be on your chosen hashtags’ posts when somebody searches them up. For example, if you have had a role on a movie, you can use that movie’s hashtag under your post. Since some people might be looking for you through the movie’s name or they are just searching for that movie but you as the actress of that film, have the right to be shown as a relevant subject to that search.

Note: Remember to make your own hashtag as well and use it on each of the posts you share. Let’s imagine your name is Jennifer and your surname could be Johnson. Write #JenniferJohnson from your very first post. This way, you have created your own hashtag, and your followers and fans would also use that hashtag if they share a post including you.

  • Have an effective first impression

It surely has happened to you as well that you have visited an account only because you thought their profile picture was so attractive and then you went to see their profile and their bio caption just got you disappointed. I am not saying a nice Instagram profile picture is not adequate. Actually, it really is, but along with that, you should also have a descriptive and good bio on your profile.

  • Attractive Profile photo

As an actress/actor, you surely have more professional pictures than an ordinary Instagrammer, so choose one of your beautiful headshots you think is the best and use it as your profile photo. Another wise choice can be using a picture of one of the characters you have played on a film, and you went famous and viral for that role. This way even by looking at your profile picture, many Instagramers might recognize you.

  • Appropriate Instagram bio

The next step is to prepare an appealing bio which contains the answer to the questions such as: why someone should like or follow you. Then write a short text of what you like and what you do and a few your characteristics. Your Instagram bio is an indirect way of advertising yourself, and your account is a concise form, so be creative. You can also use the name of your most popular movie on your profile so that people would get to know you more comfortable.

  • Don’t go private

You surely want to have some privacy as a human being, and there are times you think that you just want to keep everything personal, but you need to know that as a public figure, you have to keep somethings public for your fans or potential co-workers. People on Instagram are so curious, and the more you show them you care for them enough to let them see a bit of your daily life, they’ll become more interested.

Just make sure your account does not stay private and make it public and give your fans and the people who want to know about you the chance to look at your profile and pictures, this might lead to a further follow from them.

  •  Devote time to your followers

Follower-care is really important in the process of getting followers because it is not just about increasing your follower numbers, but you should try to keep them happy with a consistent interaction.

You, as a celebrity can make so many people happy by liking heir pictures and replying to the comments, they leave under your posts. This way, the word would spread around that for example, Jennifer likes most of her follower’s posts and pays quality attention to them. This way, you can both build an excellent reputation for yourself and also gain more followers because you take time to interact with them, and they feel necessary. Once in a while, follow some of your fans and comment on the photos that you are tagged in, or mentioned. This would lead to the owner of that page tagging you in a post or story and thanking you for being so caring, and this is a shutout itself. Smart, Isn’t it?

Remember to always care for your followers, especially the ones who are already your fan, because they are the ones who would keep talking about you to others and convince them how good you are.

  • Have a strategy for your posting

If you want to have a consistent follower growth, it is not a wise thing to post at any time you were just bored or felt like sharing something, and you have to have a plan and a specific time for sharing posts. But this is not true about stories since stories are up on all your follower’s story, and you do not have to consider a fixed time for it. But since posts might get lost or fade after new posts would be shared by others, you need to know the best time to post and when your followers are most active so you can make sure your fans have seen the post and gotten your message.

You can get information like when your posts get the most interactions, by switching to a business Instagram account.

Tip: As an actor/actress you must have a hectic daily routine and you barely would have the chance to check your Instagram or to take time editing posts, writing captions and doing this 2 or more times a day, since it is better to post more than one picture a day to stay active but do not overdo posting.

Here comes an excellent recommendation from me to free up your mind about this issue. Just leave these tasks to an Instagram post scheduler. With Instazood’s schedule post service, you can take only 5 minutes to schedule all your future posts. With only 5 minutes, you can choose your upcoming Instagram posts, write their captions, add filters and watermarks to them and finally set your desired time for them to be posted in the future and you do not have to worry about not being able to post at the best time.

  • Don’t forget the magic of stories

Instagram stories have so many fun option to take advantage of and make your followers to interact with you. The best features of stories are the interactive stickers such as question and poll stickers, the emoji slider, and the newest quiz sticker. Instagram users love these stickers since they’d have the chance to give out their opinions or to ask you questions, and this makes them interact with your story.

When users interact with your stories, Instagram algorithm will receive a signal showing that people are actually engaging with that story. This way, your profile rank would go up and in the future, and you have the chance to appear the first story, on the story list of your followers.

  • Hire an Instagram automation service

If I were in your shoes and were an actor, I’d devote 100% of my time for the improvement of my career and to be better every day so that I would be left with no time for social media. But as you know, social media plays a huge roll in all of our daily lives, and it has the most powerful impact on people’s minds and interests.

So if you want to be noticed and loved more, you need to be active on Instagram and have followers.

There actually is a way that you can maintain a successful account without having to waste your time growing Instagram followers. Easily automate your Instagram actions using a reliable Instagram bot. If you do not know what these tools do, I have to tell you that they automate all your Instagram activities and would interact with your target audiences which can be hashtags, locations, and people, on your behalf and make them curious and excited about you and they’ll check your profile. If they know you as an actor, they’ll love how you have been so generous to interact with them, and they’ll follow you back. And if they do not recognize you, they’ll look into your bio and content, and if it were appealing, they’d hit that follow button.

Since you are an artist and reputation is one of the things that matter to you, make sure you choose a reliable and safe Instagram automation tool. I recommend Instazood, which has been a choice of a lot of people like you.


It is vital for you to have a good number of followers on Instagram since you are an artist and people know you. In order to increase you’re your popularity and Instagram growth, you need to follow the essential tips on how to improve your Instagram followers, and meanwhile, you can ditch the Instagram limits and restrictions to get what you want in a way more convenient and easy way.

How to get more followers on Instagram

The Instagram bot is an automation tool which can do activities on behalf of a person on Instagram. Automation software is becoming one of the essential parts of social media management.

Automated activities can follow, like, comment, direct message, view stories, and schedule posts instead of individuals. Instagram growth service will increase the engagement and number of followers using marketing strategies.

How to get more followers on Instagram

There are seven different ways that a person can use Instagram automation to gain more followers and expand the circle of fans. These are including:

  • follow bot
  • auto liker
  • auto comment
  • auto unfollow
  • DM Bot
  • view stories
  • scheduling posts

If you are looking forward to increasing the number of followers on Instagram, then you have entered one of the worthiest future trends.

Statistics show that more than 3 billion people all around the globe would use social media, and Instagram is one of the world popular social media. Thus, it is well worth to invest in this topic to grow your revenue.

Individuals can do all of these actions from the web and any browsers. Managing Instagram activities on pc is also possible with the help of Instagram automation.

#1 Instagram follow bot

One of the best ways to show your profile and build a connection with other Instagram accounts is following them to get followed. If others see a profile on their notification menu, they most probability visit the profile, and once the content is eye-catching, they would follow the account.

How Instagram follow bot would growth your account?

With four different targetings, Instagram follow Bot can boost the number of followers.

  • Target usernames (to follow their followers)
  • Target hashtag users
  • Target hashtag likers
  • Target locations

Not only Instagram automation tools like Instazood are a cheap and affordable service, but also there are lots of advantages besides that. Using automation, you have many ways to select who your bot is going to follow.

The first way which an Instagram bot uses to find the target fans is to find others’ followers list. When a person targets any usernames, Bot service will follow those usernames’ followers automatically.

The second way is that you can find some accounts which their followers most suits you. These accounts can be your competitors or similar accounts to yours. So, you target the 3-10 number of these usernames, and the bot will show you how many users it has followed and also the number of users who have followed back. In this way, the efficiency rate would help to recognize which targets are more useful and bring in more followers to your account.

The third way is using hashtags. Who use hashtags in their posts, and captions that are hashtag users (hashtag owner), and Who like the specific hashtag’s posts that are hashtag likers (hashtag lovers). You can choose both hashtag owners and hashtag lovers in your Instagram follow bot. Therefore, the bot starts doing action on those related accounts.

The reason is while you are choosing the related hashtag to your account aim, the most probably who use or like the hashtag posts would like your content too.

Finally, the fourth way is to use location targeting. If your business location is in the States, you can choose your target places from New York, or any other locations near your area.

#2 Instagram like bot

It might be frustrating for many of us to open the Instagram app every hour and like others’ posts, but automating like action is a helpful way.

The same as follow, when you like someone’s posts, you are triggering them to check back your profile, especially if your Instagram profile picture is eye-catching.

Thought, the newest Instagram algorithm has limited the number of followings and likes on Instagram. These, when you are using automation, you better divide Instagram actions and do few actions per hour/day. For example, 200 like and follow per day could prevent “action blocked” error on Instagram.

How should you choose your target for like Bot? Select the target once, and all the actions including follow, like, unfollow, and view stories would take place on the selected targets.

Though there is an option on Bots to turn on and off each action separately, and you can also change the targets. Another advantage of using Instagram auto liker is that it will continue working overnight, so set any time zone and leave the Like actions to robots.

#3 Instagram comment bot

Reading, replying and commenting on others’ posts is one of the most essential activities of Instagram, which every Instagram user can take into considerations to better perform on Instagram.

Since the Instagram algorithm is focusing on quality content; it is recommended to use auto commenting carefully to prevent irrelevant comments. You can use a comment tracker to reply to other your comments with just a few clicks.  An Instagram comment tracker shows all the comments of all posts in one place, and this makes you able to read and rely faster than opening each post in a new tap and reply to their comments upon.

Thought, since opening a photo or video and writing the comment is time-consuming, many users prefer to use comment automation on Instagram to keep engagements, and saving time.

#4 Auto unfollow bot

As you might know, Instagram has limited the number of following up to 7500, so users need to unfollow to get new following opportunities and show the profile to new Instagram users. Hopefully, Instagram unfollow bot will do this action automatically when it reaches a certain number of followers (as you have set).

#5 Auto scheduling posts

Managing posts and schedule them for the coming weeks and months is amazing functions of social media automation tools.

#6 Auto DM Bot

If You are going to introduce your products or invite others to join a campaign and any other promotion, automating direct message on Instagram is an excellent option to achieve this aim. It is possible to customize the type of message; for example, you might send a welcome message or promotion-introducing messages. Sending the right messages to the right persons can increase the number of followers, especially when they are satisfied with the provided service.

#7 View stories

Users can see who has watched their stories, and they get curious to visit the watcher’s profile.

Instagram Bots use this advantage to attract more visitors or followers to be. The excellent point is that viewing stories with automation can be done with all other actions on Instagram. They won’t interfere with each other’s functions.


The Instagram bot is an automation tool which uses some marketing tactics to bring more followers in. In this way, it follows, unfollows as needed, comment, view stories, and thousands of action fast and straightforward.

How to Promote your Cosmetic Niche as an Instagram Influencer?

Nowadays, there is a huge challenge on social media marketing for turning traditional marketing into online new professional one to minimize people’s needs to waste their valuable time on old-fashion various markets.

As all we know Instagram has made significant progress in this kind of marketing level, SO the competition to become a successful Instagram influencer in a specific niche will start as well as winning the game and gaining massive popularity on Instagram platform.

Who is an Instagram influencer marketer?

Well, an Instagram influencer is typically a person who earns considerable reputation and unique credibility through its opinions, lifestyle, job or hobby also the curious mind, typically most of them are Instagram celebrities around the Instagram globe with a wide range of followers in a special niche. In fact, the main goal of an influencer on Instagram marketing is that to persuade Instagram users to trust on the particular things or products such as brand, food, cosmetic, etc. they are showcasing.

Some important points to grow a cosmetic niche on Instagram

  • Choosing an appropriate username

The first thing is better to know is that how to choose your Instagram account’s username to describes your niche you are active in at a glance. As a cosmetic Influencer some words such as beauty, make up, cosmetic, world, boutique, and tutorial are suitable to be combined with your real name in order to make a unique clear username which easily comes up to the Instagram search engine and introduce you page activity as well. Some examples: Huda beauty, Nikkei tutorials, Makeup Shayla

  • Focus on a particular cosmetic brand

Getting started with a specific brand and going on with will prove your belief to that brand, and When you build a community around it, it brings trusted, loyal customers to the cosmetic brand as a result of your attempts to show offing diverse range of the cosmetic products. But sometimes it seems a little bit boring to expose just one brand achievements, in that case, try to use your thoughtfulness better to dedicate a specific space on your platform to share some related points to the brand to get the best reaction. For instance, when you are showing a new vivid lipstick, a sign of creativity tells to provide some compelling content matches your statements such as how to use it to look more fresh and natural.

  • Build an eye-catching visual brand aesthetic

As visual content works well on social media, building an awesome well-curated feed theme becomes essential. Also utilizing a wide selection of colorful inspirational photos can help to form an effective relationship with your audience, not only by following such a rule you convey your personality and passion to your clients but also using a sound editing photo software for organizing and applying different filters on your photos leads to effectively promoting your niche. These beauty points are positive steps to be known professionally and immediately through the cosmetic and beauty business pages.

  • Appear in various faces and create great post content

Let me inform you that one trap that usually an influencer fall into is treating with a repetitive advertising method, of course; you should be cautious about your content when there is a fight on its head so, show your capabilities and creativity in making many different kinds of rich, entertaining post and story contents. Test out a high number of cosmetic colors with a new idea for showcasing them even wearing match clothes to them can directly interact with as many Instagrammers as possible.

  • Attend in brand’s big offer to engage followers

Setting your goal and strategy for meeting your new desired outcome needs patience and good planning in advance. Therefore, I consider that meeting to unveil the brand top products will enthuse the Instagram presence to follow you and know you as a high fashion influencer with original advertising. In addition, giving a big or even small discount brings popularity for brand awareness then you can make most of this situation and earn money besides your niche promotion.

  • Provide tutorial content for the target audience

Doing researches on providing tutorial content can raise your audience niche. Totally, sharing stunning makeup looks and some beneficial tutorials videos about how to use cosmetic products persuade different tastes to view them and get lots of likes and people’s attention due to genuine advertising. Plan for that and release tutorial videos in specific days and times regularly in a week. Maybe it seems a little bit difficult to schedule for that, but I have a good solution for you to handle it as a top Instagram Influencer. I suggest using an automation tool to help you with a high amount of tasks and needs, one of the best features which open up a huge opportunity for your Instagram account and its posts is schedule post you can take advantage of for organizing your posts.  

  • Consider relevant hashtags

The emergence of Instagram influencers is using hashtags properly in appropriate places on Instagram accounts; it is an organic way that makes you able to track your progress based on. The best places for using hashtags include bio, stories, posts captions, Basically, in the bio, you should mention your page activity like #Makeup _lover. You are allowed to use tons of relevant hashtags to the brand you are showing off for at the bottom of your post’s caption. For instance, according to Social buddy as a cosmetic influencer, some top trending hashtags listed below are ideal to be used.  #Beauty #Makeup #Lipstick #Lashes #Makeup Addict #Hairstyle #Skincare.

  • Create your own hashtags

It is one of the other key point of your business looking to authentically market the products to your Instagram presence, by finding or creating suitable hashtags which is related to your target brand you will gain more likes and followers genuinely. These hashtags #NYXCosmeticIndia or #Loral_ Professional _Product are an excellent example to be used. On the other hand, be careful to avoid overusing them to be looked spammy.

Above all, there is no doubt, all the things I have referred to are known as key success points to promote your niche as an Instagram influencer. Thus try following them as a right start point; because they are likely to return the favor and in turn can lead to growing your audience. However, for clearing the path through this extreme social media world, you will need to use the best Instagram bot to provide you with some services also take over your next step approach towards boosting the product sales and change your marketing level to the high-quality ones.

How to Gain more Instagram Followers as an Instagram Model?

Instagram has become the commonly used platform that you can rarely find someone who doesn’t have an Instagram account.  Every Instagram user likes to gain a lot of followers, but models must have many followers to be seen and popular.

“How to gain more Instagram followers” is a question that every Instagram user is trying to find its answer to! Most ways for getting more Instagram followers are the same for every Instagram user, but now we are going to focus on Instagram models specifically.

Why do models need to gain more Instagram followers?

Actually, the answer is clear! Instagram is a great platform to grab people’s attention and be popular. Models try to gain a lot of followers to both attract people’s attention and brands.

What brands are looking for is finding an influencer who is in touch with a lot of audiences and then offer them to advertise their products. Marketers would find it an effective way to grow their business and brand. Also, it is a good way for Instagram models to earn money by helping companies or businesses to promote their products.

Being a model is really enjoyable if you have a lot of followers too. You may have a lot followers at the moment, but you need to gain more Instagram followers for being successful.

Let’s go through some useful ways to gain more followers on Instagram as a model:

  • Post frequently

It is perfect to be consistent and post high-quality posts. A lot of people say you should post 1-3 times a day, but it is not useful if you don’t have a large number of followers. It is better to look after quality instead of quantity because your engagement rate is one of the most important things you should pay attention to while building awareness.

Also, test at what time your audience is most active, try different days and hours till you find the best time, create the schedule for a post not to miss it. You can use Stories to keep your fans engaged without filling their feeds with posts.

  • Post at the right time

Research shows that posting at 2 a.m. to 5 p.m. is the most effective time, and it has a high chance to be viewed. Also, weekends and especially Mondays are perfect to increase your Instagram engagement. Moreover, it depends on the area that you live in.

  • Have an attractive bio

Your bio is the first thing that should attract your audience, make sure it is complete, interesting, and attention-grabbing. Include relevant keywords and hashtags too.

  • Have a plan for your post’s style

Be unique in posting and follow a specific style to glow.

  • Follow and like other accounts

Follow, like, and comment on other accounts. If you want to attract people, you need to grab their attention and be interested in what they do. Follow them, like and comment on their pictures in a genuine way.

  • Use hashtags

Don’t underestimate the power of hashtags! Use popular hashtags, especially at the beginning. The more popular Instagram hashtags, the higher the chance of gaining a follow back.

  • Use the best quality

Remember that quality beats quantity. Post attractive photos with high quality. No one would ever like to see pointless pictures and random shots.

  • Organize your Stories into Highlights

Whenever a follower visits on your profile, you have a short time to convince them to follow you. One way to do this is by using the “Highlights” feature on your profile to organize your Instagram. Since Stories have a 24-hour lifespan, Highlights can be used to give them a second life.

  • Try live video

Recording live video is a trend that is continuing to grow on social media. When the live video ends, you can let it disappear or choose to make it available for replay to your story for 24 hours. Users will get a notification when an account they follow starts to live, so Instagram live video grabs attention.

  • Run a contest

That’s a wise way to increase your engagement with your followers and have more interactions. Running season contests, sharing post contest, etc. might attract people. Don’t forget to introduce the winner in your Instagram post or story.

  • Join another Instagram model

Try to share a photo with another Instagram model, which is more popular than you and has a high engagement rate. Meet each other in a café or park and take a selfie. All you need to do is tagging each other on your Instagram post so, you have the chance to gain their followers too.

  • Gain new Instagram followers

Having a lot of followers matters to be popular as an Instagram model, because it would help you to be seen all around the world and more people would share your posts or talk about you.

It will be time-consuming if you are going to do all Instagram stuff such as gaining followers, liking, answering to comments, posting, etc. by yourself. So, you need to just focus on more important things like designing your clothes, choosing the right makeup, arranging a time with the photographer, etc. and leave Instagram stuff to an automation tool that would schedule Instagram posts, auto direct message, manage comments, etc.

Obviously, Instagram doesn’t provide these features, but an automation tool would be a good choice. By using an Instagram bot, you can set the best time to post on Instagram, and you will gain more likes, followers, and better engagement.

How to gain Instagram followers by an Instagram bot?

The best Instagram bot is Instazood, which can grow your account with real followers and increases your Instagram account’s engagement. You can take advantage of using Instagram bot by its services such as Auto direct message, Manage comments, Schedule posts, Instagram bot, etc.

Why is Instazood the best Instagram bot?

1.Full control

2.Safe to use

3.Mobile friendly

4.Customer support

5.Automate everything

Let’s go through some of Instazood’s services in detail that are useful for an Instagram model:

  1. Schedule post

Post scheduling

Unlimited posts

Unlimited cloud draft

Scheduling Post Deletion


Scheduling Pictures and Videos


Post Management

First Comment

  1. Comment tracker

Read new Comments

Online Commenting

Mark as Important

Comment History

Delete Comments

Mark as Resolved

  1. Auto direct message

Welcome DM

Custom List

DM to All Followers

  1. Buy likes and video view

Fast Delivery

Safe to Use

Future Post

That’s all! I recommend to start your growth today and enjoy the safe Instagram bot to watch your account grow every day. We are all ears to know about your experience with Instazood.

Good luck!

How to write your dentist’s Instagram bio?

When you want to create an Instagram profile, you can take from three groups accounts: Personal, Business, and Content Creator. If you want one for your work, then you should choose a Business account.

When you choose your account, it is time to fill up your Instagram bio and enable your profile visitors to know what you do, who you are, and how you can help them. To write the best dentist Instagram Bio, you have to pay attention to these points:

  • Name

The most prominent and identical part of your job is your brand name. You have to write it as it is, so people can find you by typing your name.

  • Username

You have to think deeply before you pick a name because it is not easy to change this. Your audience can find you with it, and this is how people identify you on social media.

  • Website

It is good to direct your audience to your website. In this way, you provide them a definite and accurate show of what your work is all about.

  • Bio explanation

It is the part of your dentist’s Instagram bio where you can be creative. What you have are only 150 characters to explain what you do.

You can write your practice’s tagline and keywords to help your audience. Also, you can mention your expertise which can help them decide to follow you or not. As you should not follow any grammar rules, try to punctuate your bio the way you like. It might be a good idea to use emojis and make your profile visitor interested.

How to Use Influencer Campaigns to Grow your Followers on Instagram?

Instagram is a popular social media platform, with more than 1 billion monthly users. If you’re trying to increase your engagement and brand awareness, adding Instagram to your digital marketing plan is an excellent place to begin.

Build an audience

Influencers can help you build an audience for your brand because they already own followers who are interested in your niche and can be your potential customer. Also, you and the influencer can find hashtags that will double exposure to users who aren’t already following you on Instagram.

This is a great place to begin if you own a small following, but don’t like to spend a lot of money on Instagram ads that may or may not generate the results you want to get. It’s clearly a better method than buying fake followers.

You Don’t Need to Find a Celebrity

Celebrities are influencers, but the truth is, working with a celebrity advertisement is expensive. Not just this, but celebrity engagement is not as high as you expect.

You will be more successful if you work with an influencer who has a smaller following, but better engagement. It isn’t the number of followers that matter, but the number of users who are really interested in your niche. If someone is excited enough to like or comment, that’s a much better indicator of customer potential than follower numbers.

Work with Multiple Instagram Influencers

Chances are, you have various audiences based on your customer personas. Specific influencers may not provide to everyone in your audience, so reaching more than one influencer can be a good idea.

The Influencer cost infography:

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