How to download Instagram profile picture (full size)

Instagram does not allow users to see the enlarged version of the profile picture; all you see is a small photo on the top left corner of users’ profiles. A lot of people are seeking a practical way to zoom in Instagram profile pictures or download the original version out of curiosity or some other reasons. If you are one of those, then here is the right place.

On a mobile device, when you tap and hold down on your profile picture, you can change or remove your current profile picture, but there is not option to download it. On the other hand, on PC, after right-clicking on your own profile photo, you can save the small version to your computer. But that’s not sure what you want.

So what to do if you want the profile picture of any Instagram user in its original size? Stay tuned!

Instagram profile picture download

Using tools, you can download Instagram profile pictures or view them in full size. Though, if you search for Instagram profile picture downloader, you see the story and posts downloaders. It seems that downloading profile picture tools, doesn’t work correctly. We have tested some of the tools, and brought the review.

Instadp tool

Instadp is of the top tools to download and view profile pics in full size, however, when I wanted to try some of the usernames, it couldn’t fetch the usernames and profiles information.

I used their suggested list, and it works. However, the quality of the picture won’t be the same as the original one. It is logical because when users uploading the pictures to their profile, the size will be changed. So, when downloading that picture, the quality will be less.

See and download Instagram profile picture of any user simply by opening your browser on a PC or a mobile device and following below steps:

How to see Instagram profile picture?

To see the Instagram profile pics in full size you can use instadp tools.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the username of the target profile picture (now you see the photo in its original quality and size)
  3. Click on download and save it to your device
Enlarged Instagram profile photo of Kylie Jenner using Instadp

Note: You can also download Instagram stories and highlights using Instadp.

IZUUM tool

This tool, which is developed recently, works similarly to Instadp. Take below steps to download Instagram profile pictures:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the username of the target profile picture (now you see the photo in its original quality and size)
  3. Click right on the photoand save it to your device
IZUUM website environment

Download Instagram profile picture on Android

If you are looking for an app in the play store to download Instagram profile photos, follow below steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app
  2. Find the person whose profile picture you want to download
  3. Copy this person’s username on your clipboard or just write it down.
  4. Go to the play store and download a free profile picture downloader app like InstaProfile.
  5. Where required, paste the username that you copied before
  6. Click download (For this app, click on the diskette icon)
  7. Done!
InstaProfile Android App

Download Instagram profile pictures on iPhone

For iPhone users, there are some free tools for downloading Instagram profile photos on App Store. To do so, follow below steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app
  2. Find the person whose profile picture you want to download
  3. Copy this person’s username on your clipboard or just write it down.
  4. Go to the app store and download a free profile photo downloader like IGProfile for Instagram.
  5. Launch the app.
  6. Paste the username where required, and voila!
IGProfile iOS App

Wrap it up

Instagram has put a limit on its app and website to view and download profile pictures at full size. There are many ways to get around this limitation, whether on PC or mobile devices. Instadp and IZUUM can be used on both and some apps such as InstaProfile and IGProfile can be used freely on Android and iOS mobile phones, respectively.

Android App to get more followers on Instagram

Having more fans and followers on Instagram is getting hard than before, due to many reasons. There are millions of accounts on Instagram and you should reach to many of them. But the way you do this is important.

In this blog we introduced some of those ways you can get more followers, or fans and specifically an Android App that automatically act on Instagram on your behalf.

Instagram automation and Instagram bot are now an inevitable part of growing Instagram accounts. Instagram growth services can help users to get more real followers, and the best part of this action is that it brings real and engaged followers. The social bridge is an Android app that works as an Instagram bot. Follow the article to know how does it work.

Android App to get Instagram followers

As you might know, Instagram restricted many of activities on its App even for users. day by day, they announce the new guideline that limit actions of Instagram users. it is true that they are going to prevent unusual and suspicious activities on Instagram, but some may get affected. Many of Instagram users do not know how to use Instagram.

Imagine, you have just opened your account on Instagram and you start following others, and like others posts, suddenly you see that you are action blocked. This is happening for many of new or even old Instagram users and it might be headache for users.

Social Bridge App

Social Bridge is an Android App designed to grow Instagram accounts. but before using Social Bridge you should have a barcode. Here is a preview of Social Bridge App on the google play store.

How to get Social Bridge barcode?

Getting Social Bridge Barcode is easy. All you need is signing up to Instazood dashboard and add your Instagram account there. To get Social Bridge barcode:

  1. Go to instazood and sign up to the dashboard
  2. On instazood dashboard click on the adding account icon
  3. Click on Instagram icon

4. Enter your login info

5. Once your account added, click on the “get code” on top of the dashboard in the promotion section

6. Get the code and back to Social Bridge App

How to use Social Bridge App to get more followers:

once you installed the Social Bridge App, and you could get the code from instazood dashboard, back to the App and by adding account and entering the code connect your Instagram account to Social Bridge.

Social Bridge is the best Android App to get more followers and fans on Instagram. To use Social Bridge, you need a barcode. Connect to the instazood dashboard to receive your code, and enter the code into Social Bridge App. Then start the automatic actions on Social Bridge. Keep in mind that your screen should be on while using Social Bridge. Since, it mimics the human behaviors.

So to use social Bridge:

  1. Open the social bridge app on an android device
  2. Tap on add new account and enter the barcode
  3. Choose the speed of automatic actions (if you have a new Instagram account, it is better to start from the lowest pace).
  4. Keep the screen on until the actions get completed

Keep in mind that social bridge exactly does what a human does on Instagram. so, the screen should be on, while it is working. For your convenience you can use it overnight. All you need is to start the action. That’s it.

Social Bridge have random pauses between the actions, so, it might take few hours until it completed the actions. But the great point of using social bridge is not getting action blocked because it has random pauses, and speed is controllable.

Instagram Hits 1.8 Billion Downloads in the Google Play Store

Instagram, as one of the top social media of recent decades, is getting more and more popular, especially among the generation Z. It was last year that Instagram reached its milestone of one billion downloads on the Play Store.

Now, it is getting close to almost two billion downloads on the Google Play Store, which is a place to download the app for android users, and Instagram is becoming the second most downloaded social app on android devices.

Instagram is close to hit 2 billion downloads on Play Store

In this article, we have reviewed the most popular app downloads by Android users. It seems that social media are popular trends for the coming decades, in comparison to other categories of Apps, such as productivity or games. Though, in the top list, there are different types of Apps except for social connection apps. The tendency to download photos and video related App increasing, especially among the young generation. These trends show that spending on Instagram marketing will be worth it, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

Among all apps, YouTube, as a video-sharing platform dedicated 5 billion downloads to itself and stays on top of all other applications. This trend shows the popularity and practical benefits of the video-sharing platform, and it proves the ever-increasing size of this company.

If we don’t consider Google’s apps, such as Gmail with 3.945 billion downloads, Google Maps with 2.4 billion, and Google News with 2.3 downloads, social media and instant messaging apps of Facebook (4.1 billion) and messenger (3.4 billion) stay at the second and third places.

Whatsapp, which is also a Facebook-owned app, is the second-largest instant messaging app with almost 3 billion downloads on Play Store.

After all these, Instagram with 1.8 billion is the second-largest social media on Play Store and a choice for android lovers. Compared to Facebook, Instagram has fewer scandals issue and less number of one start-rate on Play Store. Although Facebook was downloaded more than Instagram, scandalous never end up. The number of its one start-rate on Google Play is more than 10 million, and these are mostly about the users’ privacy concern.

It was last year that Instagram hit 1 billion downloads on the Google Play store, and within a year, it grew almost 200%, which is impressive for a social media app.


A lot is happening on Instagram, such as new changes to their policies, and also some new features to protect the community from negative words. Instagram recently announced that they are launching a new feature to provide anti-bullying in comments, and with all these changes we need to see if android lovers still prefer this App, or any other is going to win the trend.

How to Fix Instagram Issue “Sorry, something went wrong.”

It might happen for you to face the error of “sorry, something went wrong” while using Instagram, and it becomes frustrating to see the message over and over again. This article talks about all possible solutions to fix this issue. If you couldn’t still fix it, comment on this blog, to get advice from our experts.

Seven strategies to fix Instagram error “Sorry, something went wrong.”

Many Instagram users have recently reported that they have faced the Instagram error “sorry, something went wrong.” So, here are some strategies to solve this problem.

#1 wait for a couple of hours

Sometimes Instagram updates or server might cause this kind of error. Unfortunately, there is no announcement about this types of problem, and it makes the app down sometimes. Therefore, it is better to wait for a few hours and try again.

#2 clear Instagram cache

Sometimes extra files in the cache can cause an error on the Instagram app. So, you can remove all those caches and try again.  Though clear cache is a bit different for Android and iOS users. Here is the instruction:

Clear cache on ios

Go to the setting > iPhone storage and scroll down to the apps, find Instagram, and tap on it; you would see two buttons. The first is the offload App and delete the App. Tap on Offload App to get cash cleared. Clearing cash won’t affect your data and documents, and it is just removing extra files in your apps. By tapping on offload apps; the application would be reinstalled on your device.

Clear cache on android

The process of clearing cache on Android is almost the same as iOS, so Go to Apps > Instagram > Storage > Clear Cache.

#3 log in through Facebook

Since the day Facebook bought Instagram, the connection of Instagram to Facebook account has become very significant. Even there are some features, like Instagram ads, that you should use through facebook. If you could not log in, or face the wrong error message, try to login through the facebook. It might fix the problem.

#4 use the Instagram app on windows or mac

You can try using the app on windows or mac. However, there are three different ways that you can use the app on your pc. The easiest way is to download the Instagram apps for PC or laptop and install it. Here is instruction:

Method 1.

  1. Go to Microsoft Store or Mac App Store.
  2. Search, and install the Instagram app
  3. Enter your login info

Method 2. install BlueStacks

There is some other software you can use to get all applications in one place such as BlueStacks. To install it you should:

  1. Go to BlueStacks website
  2. Download BlueStacks for Mac or Windows
  3. Install and open the app
  4. Enter your login info

Method 3. use an Instagram third party

To use an Instagram third party for extra options of Instagram actions, You should log in to the website, and go to your dashboard. You can add as many accounts as you want.  

#5 temporality deactivate the account

You can temporarily disable your account to give some space to get the issue fixed. For this case, you can go to the Instagram website and log in from a browser. Then, just beside the setting icon, click on “edit profile” and click on “temporarily disable” my account, select the reason, and type in the password. And re-login in a couple of days.

#6 contact help center

If you have tried all of the above solutions and still struggling with the error, you can contact Instagram through their help center. However, it would not be easy to get a response from them, and in some cases, it may take a couple of weeks.


If you face any error on Instagram, first try to understand what would be the source of error. Try as many ways as you find, and in most cases, it could be fixed. Contact the Instagram help at the final stage, because in many cases, they refer the users to the help center and all the instructions there only.

Why Instagram Keeps Logging you Out (and How to Fix it)?

Instagram, as a sixth big social media of the world, is becoming challenging and somehow confusing these days. Many users are facing problems while using Instagram, and some reporting that they have trouble logging in, or unwanted log out from Instagram, without notice, or any password changes.

The reasons why Instagram keep logging you out

Nowadays, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media of all ages, and since Instagram added the business account to the setting, many of business are keen to use it for boosting their business. So, it is clear how vital it could be the Instagram accounts for individuals. However, this vast social media is changing its algorithm most often. Therefore, some errors or problems using it will come up. One of these reported problems is seeing the error while you are using Instagram on the phone, sometimes it suddenly logs you out and sends you back to the login page, and sometimes show the error that there was a problem with your request.

If you had any trouble while using the Instagram app, and it keeps you out while using it, here are the reasons and also the solutions. While we were considering the issue, we found that this is most happening for those who have added many accounts to their Instagram apps.

Moreover, sudden log out from Instagram can be because of password changing too. It means that if your password changes from any device, all other active devices will be inactive (or they become logged out).

It seems that the other reason to face this issue was an Instagram bug. However, according to the Instagram help center, you should no longer receive this error. Though, in case you still have problems with this error, in the next section, I would explain some possible solutions to this kind of error on Instagram.

What to do if Instagram logged you out repetitively?

Sudden log out from an account on Instagram is indeed frustrating, but hopefully, we have researched on this, and we have found some ways that could fix the issues.

The first solution is removing other accounts from your login pages and add accounts again. The second one is that you should clear cache from your mobile phone, which I would explain here.

# For iOS users:

Go to the setting > iPhone storage

And scroll down to the apps, find Instagram, and tap on it; you would see two buttons. The first is the offload App and delete the App. Tap on Offload App to get cash cleared. Clearing cash won’t affect your data and documents, and it is just removing extra files in your apps. By tapping on offload apps; the application would be reinstalled on your device.

# For Android users:

The process is almost the same. Follow this instruction:
Go to Apps > Instagram > Storage > Clear Cache

As I mentioned, changing your Instagram’s password from another device, could log you out of your account. If you feel so, we highly recommend you go to the forgotten password section in the login page and try to reset your password through the information Instagram wants from you. If all the above tips could not help you, you should contact Instagram support to report the issue.


The last recommendation is that while using Instagram, it is better to check your setting and privacy. If you set strict privacy on your phone, you might have more issues related to login into the app, especially when you are logging in from other devices. Remember that it is better for you to connect your phone and Facebook page to your Instagram account. All these would help you to recover your account once you have log-in trouble.

WhatsApp Business App now Available on IOS

WhatsApp business is a free application for small businesses. It has some features that make the communication easy, such as tools to the fast response, to automate and also to sort the messages.

Though, some changes are coming soon!

Since Facebook bought WhatsApp, made it a free communication media for people, but it later added WhatsApp businesses application which was previously accessible through android users only. WhatsApp business is now available for iOS users too! Great news.

WhatsApp announced launching Business application in September 2017 and made it available only for Android users in January 2018. Now, iOS users can also have access to WhatsApp business. Mexico was the first country in which WhatsApp business was reachable. It seems that WhatsApp business for iOS users is also now accessible in other countries such as France, Argentina, and Brazil.