How to use Selfie sticker on Instagram in 2023

Nailing an awesome selfie is not easy at all if you are an amateur at it. All the issue is about the creating a perfect situation for all light, setting, position, background, and photo filters together.

The Instagram platform, especially Instagram stories has become the best and the first place for sharing the selfies you have taken to share with your friends and followers. But Instagram has thought about it and make your job easy. Besides lots of filters for your selfies that Instagram has provided for you in the app. You give highlights, whatever colors you want, you can make stickers of your selfies and pin it wherever you want in your story.

Selfie sticker

You can take hundreds of selfies you want and then make stickers out of the ones which you like and use it for your Instagram stories. After uploading a video or a photo, tap the icon with a smiley face at the top right, there is a small camera icon, you can tap and then make your selfie sticker by taking a selfie photo. You can adjust the size, and by tapping on it, you can change the frame or fade it, now that’s ready. You can place sticker anywhere on your photo.

Selfie sticker

To have accessibility to this feature, keep your Instagram updated to 10.16 on iOS or 10.16.1 on Android.


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