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More Countries will Experience Instagram’s Removing Like Counts Test

Well, the intriguing trial is being tested on some specific regions team which is called “ Instagram Removing like and video counts.” Today, so many Instagram users are attempting to gain more and more likes on their any type of posts to show that they have done something perfectly effective or even showing off their special talents in a topic.

With all these things, the fact is that Instagram has analyzed this space and decided to bring a more friendly, energetic environment for its users, rather than a competitive and anxious environment.

It is good to know that the pilot is expanding in Canada, and removing like counts are being done in some users feed. Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan and New Zealand are underway.

Interesting point about this experiment is that users can see the number of likes, but it is invisible for others. What do you think about? Why are they acting in this way?

According to Socialmediatoday statements, Instagram causes negative impacts on user’s mental health by this metric and wants to promote a sense of well-being. In my point of view when it comes to post liking, I mostly prefer to like the posts which have gained more likes already. Definitely, this item plays a crucial role in attracting more attention and obtaining as much like as possible. The Instagram team are working out this theory in taking satisfaction from its users, especially young people.

In short form, they wish whenever you face or hear the name of Instagram you remember a good experience, not depression or an awful one.

Instagram’s Removing Like Counts

I know that having such a platform without this kind of feature seems boring and nonsense on another side. But every useful point for improving the Instagram level community is essential nowadays, as its users are growing day by day; stay on not leaving or deleting posts.

This event can lead to reluctance, imagine an Instagram page with millions of followers cannot help and should accept this Instagram massive change, what will happen for those who are waiting for more likes to be shown in public? Maybe the possibility of leaving comments make this situation easier, but honestly, you can honor your high amount of likes per post, and it is the only thing you can show off for.

In general, and by considering the details of Instagram’s removing like we conclude that this team has taken a decisive step towards solving the issues they have faced before as users of Instagram and insist on their attitudes even their users drop because they don’t want to be unkind on like popular professional platform.

It’s a bold idea for a social media platform that’s long been defined by the ability to rack up likes for all of Instagram to see. Mosseri acknowledged that people might not be pleased about it and that it could even hurt Instagram.”

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