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Best league name checkers: Check Available LOL Names

Nowadays, more people are craving to play online games just for some minutes since they can untie themselves from an intensively difficult life and step into the world of fantasies. League of Legends, developed by RIOT, is definitely one of those candidates responsible for bringing the people’s human sensations to their factory default mode.

As you start working with League of Legends, it will ask you to choose a Summoner name and a username to have the evidence to get a certificate for playing. Over time, the trends can be changed gradually, so the previous username you have chosen will be deactivated, especially if you have given up playing the online game for a while. In this case, it is an obligation for you to select a new username.

How can we modify our identification of the League of Legends (LOL)? In this post, you will learn about techniques to change your name in the game and how to use the League of Legends name checker.

How Do You Change Your Summoner Name For League Of Legends?

If you think the malfunction of your game account is because of your expired LoL name, then you have no solution except to change it as soon as possible. Two methods can be utilized in order to alter your name in the game.

The first method is to wear your gloves and change the name manually. To do that, you need to take these steps;

  1. Go to League of Legends
  2. Now, click the “Store” button on your LoL client page.
  3. Next, choose the “Account” button.
  4. Once you enter the Account page, click on the “Summoner Name Change” button in the middle.
  5. Here, enter your decided name and click on “check name.” if you are lucky, your new name will be available, and you can unlock it.

The second method uses a league name checker mechanism, which will be explained later in the following paragraphs.

How long can league names be?

There are some limitations when we come to the process of our identification refinement. For example, your league names must be between 3 to 16 characters, and RIOT will not allow you to indicate your personal information in your chosen name in the game. In some regions, you may be permitted to use special characters like “?” or “@” while deciding on a new name.

Remember that you can’t impersonate an e-sports player in any way. Furthermore, you will be punished for using offensive words or the term “Riot” itself, regardless of capitalization. If the servers find any personally identifying information in your name, they will ask you to change it at no cost.

Is league name change free?

As you see, replacing your Summoner name with a new one is not as flexible as you may have experienced about LoL skins. Unless you manage to perform a summoner name change that is totally free, changing your username will cost you 1300 RP or 13,900 BE.

How to Check Available League of Legends Names?

Remember that League of Legends is a globally admired game with thousands of online players, so sometimes finding a unique name for your account may be like degenerating your nerves!!! If you think you are not a talented guesser, you can move to the Store tab of the League of Legends client. From there, you need to click on the Account button in the top right corner of the page. Now, you have a list of account-related purchases that can be made, including region transfers and name changes.

Well, it seems romantic to find your desired Summoner name with your own hands, but let’s rest at home and let another guy do the job for you; yes, I am setting up to introduce the league name checker.

What Is a League of Legends league name checker?

The game we are talking about presents a fascinating multiplayer battle arena gameplay, where users are free to obtain various characters with unique abilities. However, sometimes they have problems with choosing a “unique” and “appropriate” name for their virtual game character.

This is where the league name checker comes to help. A League of Legends name checker is an online database full of the in-game name and a list of upcoming names analyzing the previous searches. These tools offer the best search mechanism to take the most beautiful LoL Summoner names for yourself.

How does a LOL league name checker work?

A league name checker is basically an online already-chosen name database, so you can use its memory to check if your dream LoL name has been grabbed by someone else. How to work with a League of Legends name checker? Follow these steps to have a better subjective picture of it;

  1. In this case, we use lolnames.gg as an example. Open the web link in your browser first.
  2. Next, look for the search bar to find the “ideal summoner name” tab.
  3. Now, write your summoner name in this blank search bar and click on the “Search” button.
  4. The mechanism will not open its book, and the checker will verify whether the name you entered matches the existing profile names. If it can’t find a result, it checks the match history.

What are the best LOL league name checkers?

Although it has a simple appearance at the beginning, many users may be confused about choosing a compatible League of Legends name checker for their purposes. I will guarantee you will not experience the same condition, as we have gathered the best league name checker collection below;

  • Lolnames.gg
  • Win.gg
  • Lols.gg
  • Euw.op.gg

Any of these databases are powerful enough to find a great LoL name for users.


That is it. Most LoL players may need to change their Summoner name for some day, so they have to work hard to find at least a unique title. Opposite to this harsh situation, using a League of Legends name checker will give you enough time to make a cup of coffee and enjoy your play.

How to choose the best League of legends name checker now? Just swipe up the page here, and look for your desired league name checker in our list. Note that there are also some League of Legends name ideas on the internet, so they can guide you through creating a new one in your imagination.

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