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How to adjust iPhone alarm volume? (Turn it up and down)

One of the most common problems that all iPhone users face is the iPhone alarm volume, for example how to lower alarm volume on iPhone? If your iPhone’s alarm volume is too quiet or too loud for you and you do not know how to change alarm volume on iPhone, continue reading. Whether you’re setting an alarm to get up at sunrise or need a reminder, you have to know how to change alarm volume on iPhone. 

Can we adjust iPhone alarm volume?

If you have just bought your new iPhone or updated your phone to the latest iOS system, and its loud or low alarm volume bothers you, do not worry, because you can easily adjust your alarm volume iPhone. Just continue reading and learn how to change the iPhone alarm volume.  

How to lower alarm volume on iPhone?

While most people like to find out how to turn up alarm volume on iPhone, sometimes you might want to reduce the volume of your iPhone alarms to avoid waking roommates or so many other reasons. In this paragraph, I will tell you two ways which you can use as a way how to lower alarm volume on iPhone.

Manually turn down the alarm volume iPhone via Settings:

  • Open the Settings icon on your iPhone.
  • Choose Sounds. 
  • Touch the Ringer and Alerts slider and drag it to the left to make the iphone alarm volume low.

Turn down the iPhone alarm volume using the volume buttons:

  • Go to the Clock app on your iPhone. 
  • Create a new Alarm.
  • As it plays, click the down volume button on the side of your phone and change alarm volume iPhone to a lower level.

How to turn up the iPhone alarm volume?

As I mentioned before, many iPhone users want to learn how to turn up alarm volume on iPhone. Here, I want to show you a simple way that you can use to increase your iPhone alarm volume low. Just like what I told previously about how to lower alarm volume on iPhone, you can go to the Setting part of your phone, then simply follow the below steps and change alarm volume iPhone.

  1. Choose the Sound & Haptic option.
  2. There, you can see the Ringe and Alerts section. You have to raise the slider to a higher level, and change your iphone alarm volume low to a higher level.

How to change alarm volume iPhone?

If you have read the previous paragraphs about how to turn up alarm volume on iPhone and how to lower alarm volume on iPhone, now you know all points about how to change alarm volume on iPhone. In this paragraph, again I will explain a little about how to change alarm volume on iPhone. First, open the Settings app, go down and tap “Sounds” or “Sounds & Haptics”. Find the “Ringer and Alerts” slider. Here, you can decrease your alarm’s volume by dragging this slider to the left or increase the volume by dragging it to the right.

How to fix iPhone alarm volume not working or too low?

While setting up an alarm might seem an easy job on an iPhone, sometimes the users have problems with how to fix the iPhone alarm volume not working or too low? Here, I will mention some solutions you can use to fix the iPhone alarm volume when it is not working or is too low.

  • You can start the troubleshooting process by restarting your iPhone and if a temporary glitch or a bug causes the alarm volume issues, it might help you solve it.
  • Secondly, you can check the alarm volume and set the alarm volume from the volume slider in the Sound setting.
  • Sometimes you choose an alarm tone that is actually quite low. In this case, you can change the alarm tone and check if you notice a difference.
  • Check if you are using the Sleep/Wake up feature (earlier known as Bedtime) because it comes with an alarm volume of its own that might not be based on your requirements.
  • Sometimes, if you are using other alarm apps on your iPhone, it might be a good idea to uninstall them and see if your problem will be solved.

How to set an alarm on iPhone?

If you are using an iPhone, you have to know that there is a Clock app on your phone, which you can use to turn your iPhone into an alarm clock. Here, I want to show you how to use this app and set an alarm.

  • First, open the Clock app, and choose the Alarm tab.
  • Select the Add button.

Now, you have to set a time for the alarm. There, you can see different options that each of them is for a special purpose.

  • Repeat: To set up a recurring alarm.
  • Label: To name your alarm.
  • Sound: To pick a sound that plays when the alarm sounds.
  • Snooze: To see a Snooze option when the alarm sounds.

After you set all the needed options, choose to save and finish it.


If you have an iPhone and you are not okay with your alarm volume, read the above text. Sometimes, you might need to change alarm volume iPhone because you are sleeping with others in the same room and you do not want to bother others at sunrise. Or you might like to set your alarm volume iPhone to a higher level because the current sound is not enough to make you awake. Above here, you can read all points about iPhone alarm volume, like how to lower alarm volume on iPhone, how to turn up alarm volume on iPhone, and totally how to change alarm volume on iPhone. 

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