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Instagram Growth-Use Vs. Facebook & Snapchat

There is a fight between which social media platform is using more and more through this new digital marketing globe. Based on the researches, some people believe that Facebook is still the most popular one, while majority members of the social media community predict that Instagram has made noticeable rapid progress so far.

Thus; Instagram; as a most popular modern application lives up to expectations to overtake Facebook soon over youthful social media users.

Who has ever thought that one-day; average time spent on Instagram grow from 22 minutes to 24 minutes in comparison to its parent Facebook?


The fact is that at first Instagram released on mobile platforms in both iOS and Android, and it helped on gaining widespread popularity throughout the world. According to Mark Zuckerberg statements, both apps were different experiences which completed each other, So they decided to focus on Instagram features and enhance its capabilities rather than producing an app in the Facebook stomach.

Instagram in compare to Facebook

Despite the Instagram improvement from 2016 till 2018, Facebook has its efficiency, especially in the advertisements section. The result shows that; these days, Facebook with 2.27 billion active users per month goes ahead but based on the new statistic, Instagram flourishes more quickly than before.

Source: Edison research

Cause of its regular updates on current features and taking advantage of new helpful features for users convenient as well as being user-friendly. Now, as you see the below picture, Facebook usage has made radical changes up to 2018, with a sudden drop in engagement 67 percent to 62 percent in all types of ages.

Source: Edison research

What is the reason? Why is Facebook losing place among social network?        

  • It is believed that Facebook has reached this current place by fake news, also making some concerns on user’s privacies and trusts indirectly affect its popularity.
  • The Facebook platform launched on web version in 2004, with a long time background, but it should be taken to account that people mostly youth are keen on new flexible social apps than old-fashion ones due to their curiosity.
  •  According to, “Facebook skews significantly older than Instagram. Although the majority of Millennials uses both platforms, Instagram’s user base decreases drastically after the 18-29-year-old age group, while Facebook maintains a significant user base even with the 65+ age group. Under 18, Instagram is the clear winner. Primary research reveals that despite more than 80% of all high school students in the U.S. having Facebook accounts, most prefer Instagram for daily use.”

Based on the report, although in considering some factors, Facebook has higher percent than Instagram, this quote confirms this critical point that Instagram has made considerable changes in the new generation with different tastes and gradually is winning the competition.

Instagram Vs. Snapchat

Snapchat platform is an intimate messaging application which has built an acceptable reputation and attracts a large audience, especially teens. It is more customizable than Instagram on some features it brings more enjoyable moments checking in the number of various amazing, funny appearances, but again, facing statistics show that Instagram has more engagement and daily use rather than Snapchat.

Instagram Vs. Snapchat

Instagram has done its mission well

Having learned the Instagram algorithm once will lead you to build a good strategy for your account growth as it has done some specific changes to improve user experience, it is most significant for the brands and businesses looking to boost up their chances to grow their audience and engagement. Also; the primary purpose of Instagram is sharing the photos, unlike the first facebook aim was to connect us to people from everywhere. Both of them with practical goals but shouldn’t forget that Instagram’s mission is more interesting than Facebook as a newcomer on social media marketing apps.  In my point of view, I believe that users are fed up with this ancient platform and have found Instagram more entertaining in spending time on as a suitable replacement for engaging and developing their brand awareness, besides, found Facebook is likely to be used more as a messenger. All in all, as I refer to Instagram features, it seems that it includes all of Facebook as well as Snapchat features and facilities. Therefore, with a fantastic graphical base, draw attention, and cover different needs and tastes well enough.

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