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It was back in 2017 when Facebook first launched Creator Studio for its users to make their account management, post scheduling, messaging, and a lot more activities easier on Facebook. Using Facebook creator studio, users could edit videos and create much more interesting posts, and it was a whole new feature for creators, and they could access so many information and options more than their Facebook accounts.

It has been years that Instagram users, especially business accounts, kept asking for more detailed insights and easier activity management for their Instagram. It looks like Facebook has finally granted their request. Earlier this month it announced that the Instagram Creator Studio is now available for influencers, businesses, and Instagram creators to give them much more features and facility to create content.

What is Instagram Creator Studio?

The Instagram creator studio is a platform to manage Instagram accounts actions like scheduling posts and seeing Instagram posts insight. The Creator Studio, which was only available for Facebook pages earlier, is now available for Instagram and creator accounts can get the most of it.

The Instagram Creator Studio was first launched and then ate that last year in August, Facebook launched the Creator Studio. Now after almost a year, this helpful Studio can be used by Instagram accounts for creator profiles as well and it helps them manage their Instagram presence much more conveniently.

Note that Creator Studio for both Instagram and Facebook is only available on Desktop now and the Creator Studio app is now dismissed.

You might have been unaware of the fact that Instagram had another account type rather than a personal and business accounts which is the Creator account we are talking about. The hot new Creator Studio for Instagram. So just keep reading to find all your answers regarding this topic.

What are the benefits of the Instagram Creator Studio?

As Facebook also announced, creator studio now supports Instagram as well as Facebook. It has more ways for creators to:

  • Monetize and manage their accounts 
  • Monitoring Instagram accounts
  • Track their profile’s insights
  • Simplifying messages
  • Editing their videos with soundtracks
  • Scheduling posts

Another cool feature which is newly added to the studio is the ability to schedule your IGTV. Doesn’t that sound interest? You can now set a predetermined time and date for Instagram posts and IGTVs to be shared.

Scheduling posts were only available to Facebook accounts until recently, but now this dream is granted to Instagram users as well and knowing this, feels like a relief to marketers.

Besides all the benefits this tool provides for you and your creator profiles, Instagram Creator Studio still does not have more powerful tools and options than Instazood’s post scheduler which includes much more options for sharing posts and scheduling content than Instagram itself.

You have no limitation to add scheduled posts in Instazood, you have the ability to add watermarks which can be anything like your brand’s logo, to your content and so many other features.

  • Creator Studio’s Instagram content library

In the content library section of the Studio, you’ll have all your stories, Instagram videos, and photos, IGTVs in one place. You’ll also find a search bar on your content library with which you can search what you are looking for, or use the filters to organize content.

Another cool option you have on your library of contents is that you can click on them for more detailed insight on how they performed.

  • Publish and schedule Instagram posts and IGTV

In this section of your Creator Studio, you’ll get options and tools for sharing content to both Instagram feed posts and IGTV as well as scheduling them for later. The process of posting and scheduling is easy, and you just need to do a few clicks.

  • Full access to Direct messages and comments on Creator Studio’s inbox view

The other section which so many Instagram creators would find helpful and will save them lots of time and energy is the inbox view. This section has simplified messaging on Instagram since you have access to all the comments and messages all in one place.

  • Creator Studio’s collection of Soundtracks

Instagram creators really need to thank Facebook for adding such a fun option for them in the studio, making their task for editing more interesting videos for their audience easier. Creators would find a set of cool soundtracks to use on their Instagram videos for more impression.

  • Tracking Insights from Instagram Creator Studio

As a creator, you need to know which of the content your audience most likes and engaged with, so that you can improve your job. Instagram’s new Creator Studio provides a good Insight tool for you to analyze your audience and content’s performance.

Note that you can only see insights of the posts you have shared since connecting to Creator Studio and you don’t have access to the information about previous posts.

How to Connect Your Instagram Account to the Creator Studio?

To use Creator Studio for your Instagram, you first need to connect your account to the Studio to be able to publish and schedule posts from desktop, manage accounts, have detailed insights. You need to make sure you consider the steps below before trying to connect your Instagram Account to the Creator Studio.

  • You need both an Instagram and Facebook account.
  • Your accounts should be a creator profile or a business one.
  • The Instagram account you choose should be linked to the Facebook you manage.

Condition #1: If your Facebook page is already linked to the Instagram account you are willing to connect to Creator studio, just click to connect to that page.

Condition #2: In the case that you do not have any Facebook page linked to your Instagram, then follow the instructions to log into the Instagram account you want to connect.

Condition #3: It might happen that you have an Instagram account connected to a Facebook page, but you want to use a different account, and you do not see it in the list. Here, click “Connect another Instagram Account” and follow the instructions.

Condition 4: Another option is provided here for when you have a lot of Instagram accounts which are connected to your Facebook page or pages. In that case, click “Continue with Connected Accounts.”

Connect Instagram account to Creator Studio without a Facebook Page

Before starting you should switch Instagram account to business/creator.

  1. Go to Instagram creator studio website
  2. Click on Log in with Instagram business account
  3. Enter your login info (enter the code if two-factor authentication is active on your Instagram account)

If you face any error that you cannot login to your creator studio:

  • Sign out of your Facebook account, and then log into Creator Studio again (using Instagram account info)
  • Open the Creator Studio from a private or Incognito browser, and login using Instagram login info

Connect Instagram account to Creator Studio with a Facebook Page

  1. Go to Creator Studio.
  2. Click Instagram icon next to facebook icon on top of the screen.
  3. What would happen next depends on the Instagram accounts and Facebook pages.
  • If your Facebook Page already connected to the Instagram account you want to use in Creator Studio, click to connect to that Page.
  • If you don’t have Facebook Page connected to an Instagram account, click Connect to Instagram. Then, follow the instructions to log into the Instagram.
  • If you have a Facebook Page connected to an Instagram account, but want to use a different Instagram account you don’t see listed, click Connect another Instagram Account and follow the on screen instructions.
  • If you have multiple Instagram accounts connected to your Facebook Page or Pages and want to have them in Creator Studio, click Continue with Connected Accounts.

What are Instagram creator accounts and why they are useful?

Creator accounts for Instagram were processed and implemented on Instagram since Instagram creators highly demanded more features and easier content management for their accounts. It was also explained in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter by Instagram’s product manager, Ashley Yuki that Instagram creators and influencers are of great importance for the platform and that was the biggest reason why they thought of adding an Instagram dashboard to the Creator Studio.

Instagram creator accounts are another type of accounts users can own on Instagram besides personal and business accounts, but there is one sad thing about it, and that is you cannot switch to a creator account on Instagram until you do not have 10k followers and counting.

After switching to an Instagram creator account, you gain lots of options for managing better Instagram accounts. Below are benefits of switching to a Creator account and why creator accounts are better than business ones on Instagram.

1- Detailed growth data and Insights

With an Instagram business account, you will have much more options than owing to a personal account, but with creator accounts, the options are a lot more and much more detailed. In business accounts, you get to know the insights on how your account has performed over a week or month, but a creator account gives more detailed information on a daily and hourly basis.

Instagram Creator studio
  • Number of daily activities

You would know the number of the accounts who followed and unfollowed you if you head to the business insights on a business account, but with a creator account, you’ll have the same set of information but the daily statistics.

  • Gain access to Instagram creator Studio dashboard

With a creator profile, you can start using creator studio for your Instagram, and you will have a very organized and handy dashboard in which you can manage so many activities and accounts.

  • Instagram Creator Profiles provide Classified data about your followers

Instagram creator profiles, just like business ones, would let you get to know who your followers are by giving you information such as their age and location. And that makes users able to gain more relevant followers and behave in the way they would be more interested.

Instagram data

2- Instagram Creator Profiles Categorizes your Direct messages inbox

Another big difference between business and creator profiles on Instagram is their direct messaging function. On business accounts, as well as personal profiles, you have a single messaging inbox and your requests section which contain the spam messages and unwanted DMs. But when your profile is a creator one, you will have three separate sections on the direct message inbox.

Influencers and bigger account receive tons of messages daily, making the important messages to get lost in the inbox and handling them is a tough thing to do. As an Influencer, you will have the “Primary” tab and the “General” tab.

Since switching to a creator account, all existing messages will be considered as primary and would be replaced in that tab, and the General tab would contain the messages from your followers, fans, etc.

Instagram Creator profile

3- With Instagram Creator Profiles you have flexible contact buttons

As an influencer or a popular person, you surely will receive lots of calls, emails, and all that. You can choose to easily turn off all your contact buttons having a creator profile, or you can filter out who you want to reach out to you.

How to switch to a creator profile on Instagram?

Switching to a creator account to start your journey on Instagram as a creator is not a big deal at all and with a few steps which can also be found on the Instagram’s help center, you would replace your personal profile to a creator profile. To switch your personal account or Business profile to a Creator Account:

  1. Go to your Instagram account’s settings
  2. Select Account
    • If you had a personal account, choose “Get More Tools”
    • If you had a Business profile, choose “Switch to Creator Account”
  3. Select a category that best describes what you d
  4. It is better to link the account to a Facebook page
    • If you have a Facebook Page, you would like to link to your account, select it from the list that appears.
    • If you do not want to link a Facebook Page, select “Skip.”
  5. You need to add at least one form of contact information here, and you can later change or hide it.
  6. You can customize your profile display by choosing whether you want your information to be shown to others on Instagram or not.
Instagram Creator profile


Instagram’s new Creator Studio is a very helpful tool for creators to manage a more successful account. If you are a creator, a personal or business profile does not suit you anymore, and you should switch to a creator profile as so as possible to gain access to a lot more features for maintaining your Instagram presence.

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