How to see private instagram accounts Without Following? (All Methods)

Over the past decade, Instagram has been the most used app around the world. Some accounts are public, like blogger accounts and business ones, while others prefer to keep them private. But what will happen if you want to view private instagram account anonymously? Keep reading and learn how to see someones private instagram. Also, below here, I will introduce some of the best private instagram viewer apps.

how to see private instagram

Is there a way to view private instagram account?

Actually, yes. Using a private setting for an Instagram account is just a way to limit those who can view your posts. While the legitimate way to view private instagram account and the easiest one is to send a friend request and wait until the account owner accepts it, there are other methods, too. Do you ever watch someone’s Instagram story and wonder who it is? With the new anonymous Instagram story viewer, you can see a private Instagram account, and view the stories of people you don’t follow without them knowing. If you want to be anonymous, you should search for how to see private instagram anonymously and find the best private instagram viewer apps. Read the next paragraphs and learn how to view private instagram accounts legally and illegally.

How to see private Instagram? (Legal Ways)

To answer “how to see someones private instagram”, I will start with the legal way, which is only through sending a friend request with your real account. In this way, you should search for the private account you want to view his account and tap on the “Follow”  button, then the icon will change to “Requested”. When the person approves your request, you can view private instagram account.

How to see private Instagram? (illegal Ways/ Not Recommended)

Sometimes you want to view private instagram accounts anonymously, so you can not send a friend request with your real account. In these cases, the only possible way is to use one of the illegal ways I will mention below. While we do not recommend any of them, they can be helpful in some cases, when you do not know how to see private instagram anonymously.

  • Use your friend’s Instagram account

Ask one of your close friends to use his/her account and send a friend request to your intended person to view private instagram account anonymously.

  • Create a fake account

This way is like using a friend’s account, but instead of sending a “Friend Request” from your friend’s account, you create a fake account and use it to follow the person you want to view private instagram.

  • Try a Doppelganger Account

This is not moral and not legal, but you can try it as a chance. First, you should find one of the private account followers and try to create another account exactly like that. For example, you can use the same profile photo, copy the bio, add his first and last name, and hope that they think your created account belongs to one of their old followers and accept your request.

  • Use private instagram viewer apps

And you can choose to use an Instagram viewer. No matter, you download one of these apps or prefer to use websites like Instalooker, this way can be one of the most effective ones. 

Is there a private instagram viewer app?

Again the answer is yes. Using a private instagram viewer app is one of the best ways to view private instagram accounts. While most of these apps are not official, you can find them by a quick search and simply use them and learn how to view private instagram in a few minutes. Again, I should mention that this is not among the legal and recommended ways, but if you are curious, you can read the next paragraph and find some of these best apps.

Best private instagram viewer apps

Now that you know how to see someones private instagram, it is time to introduce some of the most popular private instagram viewer apps that claim can help you reach your goal in the shortest time.

  • Spyier
how to see private instagram

This option is a unique, result-driven, and safe Private Instagram Viewer. Many users believe Spyier is a winner because it has millions of satisfied customer databases in 190 countries. This app is available for download and uses on Android and iOS devices.

  • Cocospy 
private instagram viewer app

Cocospy is the next reliable Private Instagram Viewer, and you can use it to survey human verification-free assistance. Generally speaking, Android and iOS users like this app because it is completely hidden, safe, and bug-free.

  • Spyic
private instagram viewer app

But sometimes you want to see a private Instagram without a risky survey and human verification process, and it means you need Spyic. This app provides hassle-free and secure monitoring as it does not save the user’s data on its server. 

  • KidsGuard Pro
view private instagram account

KidsGuard pro is the next app you can use to view private instagram and keep track of someone’s private account. This app is without human verification and is only available for android users who want to keep an eye on loved ones.

private instagram viewer app

“100% hidden processes” is the XNSPY slogan. While this app protects you each time you utilize it, the best point is that you can use it offline.

Is using aprivate instagram viewer app legal?

If you search for the best private instagram viewer apps, you will see that most of them claim they are 100 percent safe and legal. But the basis of these programs is watching a person’s private account on Instagram furtive. So, we do not categorize it in legal or moral ways you can use to view a private instagram account.

How to see private instagram accounts using a third-party app?

While using any private instagram viewer app is different from another one. The main steps are like this:

  • Choosing your subscription plan and completing the purchase. 
  • Then you should register through email submission. 
  • Sometimes, you can start monitoring the account you want in this step.
  • If not, you should search for your intended private account by entering the username and hitting the start viewer.

“Pay attention, you can find the exact steps of using any of these third-party apps on its official website.”


Are you wondering how to see someones private instagram? As you know this is not a hard job if you choose the legal way. But if not, you should look for some tricks on how to view private instagram, like using private instagram viewer apps, using a friend’s account, or a fake one. To learn more about the details of these legal and illegal ways of watching a private Instagram account, read the above text completely.

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