How To View Private Instagram Profiles

It’s time to get the answers to one of the most common and popular questions on the history of Instagram. There are lots of Instagrammers all over the world still seeking an answer on how to view private Instagram accounts and find a way to see private photos and videos behind an account that is hidden from the eyes of the public. Well, to brighten your day, I have to say that you will definitely find the answer on how to view private Instagram profiles and even how to find out whether someone stalks your Instagram account or not, so keep reading since this is the right place.

Before we proceed let me tell you that the one of the best ways to view the private Instagram profile is to use Eyezy.

Who are Instagram Stalkers?

Many Instagrammers out there might not be familiar with Instagram stalkers and might not have even heard of it, so let me announce that Instastalkers are the accounts who constantly keep spying on other accounts and keep track of them. Stalkers love to view someone’s private Instagram photos and videos and would always try to find a way to see a private Instagram profile.

One of the main reasons why people choose to switch to private Instagram profiles is that they want to avoid being observed by Instastalkers. If you are not a big fan of being chased, consider making your account private, which is just like a piece of cake and takes only a few clicks.

At the end of this article you can learn how to make your account private, if you have not done it still.

Can we see private Instagram profiles?

There are both moral and immoral ways to try to view private Instagram profiles, but to be frank, none of them might bring the exact result we expect.

The struggle of being able to view someone’s private Instagram photos and videos without following them has always been with us since the emergence of this social media platform, and people are still looking for a way to see what’s inside private accounts.

Do you ever watch someone’s Instagram story and wonder who it is? With the new anonymous Instagram story viewer, you can now view the stories of people you don’t follow without them knowing.

If you are one of the ones who always love to view private accounts on Instagram, you are as an Instagram stalker, which is not so good. However, there might be some good reasons why you are willing to view another person’s private profile without following them.

Anyways, as I mentioned above, the methods which can help you break the walls of a private Instagram profile are divided into two categories, which we will go through in the next section of the article.

How to view private Instagram profiles?

If you want to know how to see private instagram profile, you can get help from third-party apps, which are not authorized by Instagram itself.

We are humans, and we cannot deny that we are very curious creatures who’d love to know everything, especially when it comes to being able to know who checks our social media profiles.

Finding a specific Instastalker is actually impossible because Instagram does not provide its users with such an option; all we can know is how many people view our profile through the Instagram insights.

As I previously mentioned, the only way to get around this, which is not very recommended. You can always try one of the third-party apps which claim to show us exactly who viewed our Instagram profile.

Personally, I do not trust these tools, and I’d rather not risk my account’s safety for finding our who my creepy Instastalker is.

There are some possible ways we can try out to see private Instagram accounts, and it’s not true to say there is no way since it is possible. I want to teach you some tricks to make you able to view someone’s private Instagram photos and videos.

There might be many reasons why you do not want to follow a private account, but meanwhile, you are dying to know what’s going on behind the security wall of their account. To help you get what you want, here are some tricks to view private Instagram profiles:

Method #1: Make a doppelganger account

The first trick I want to talk about is the one I love the most since. I think it is very wise and actually works the best. This method surely makes an Instastalker out of us, but it is worth the try.

A doppelgänger is a non-biologically related look-alike or double of a living person. But how does it relate to our matter? Well, we can make a doppelganger account, pretending to become one of the existing friends or followers of the specific account we want to view their profile privately.

We would surely accept the follow request from the people we know, and when we see our friend has made a new account, we definitely will not reject the request. So, start with creating an account that has a similar name, surname, and profile picture as one of the followers of your targeted account and send them a follow request.

In this case you know at least one of the whom you have access to their profile pictures.

Method #2: Search usernames on Google

Another tricky way to view private Instagram profiles is to easily use their ID, name or surname to start the investigation. To begin, head to the profile you have targeted and copy their name or username and save it in the clipboard to use it in the next steps.

As the second step, open the Google image search or any other image-based search engine and paste the name into the search box. There is a huge chance that you find some footprints left by your target behind, before making their Instagram profiles private.

Another chance might be that the photos posted on Instagram have actually been shared on another social media platform as well, making it easy to find your target’s photos by using their Instagram ID against them. If the targeted person owns profiles on other networks, you may retrieve some of that information in the search.

To make the search more specific and make it bring out better results, just add quotations to the search term. For example, if you are looking for Alice Styles and They lived in California and graduated from Oxford University, you can search: “Alice Styles” Oxford University California. This strategy can be used using the real names of non-celebrities.

This method might not break the private Instagram account’s wall, but it might help you see some of the shared posts of the targeted person, either on Instagram or other social media.

Method #3: Create a Fake account

Creating a fake Instagram account is another solution when trying to view private Instagram profiles. When you do not want to get recognized for stalking people or for other reasons, you do not want to use your own account to send friend requests to others, this method will work.

To create a fake account, all we have to do is to choose a random name and surname and pick up some pictures from the internet and use them as our own. Then after creating the account.

we can reach the target and send a follow request to see their private account. Just one point that I do not recommend this solution much because it is the most illegitimate of them all.

Method #4: Be direct about your request

There is no need to mention that the most legitimate and logical way to get into someone’s private Instagram is to send them a follow request and wait until it gets accepted. So the best suggestion is always directly to ask someone to enter their profile and if they did not accept the friend request, you could take another action.

Method #5: Use a mutual friend’s account

Most of the time Instagram stalkers want to track down the posts of people who they know and are familiar with and not strangers. So, in most cases, it happens that one of the targeted profile’s followers is your friend, relative or acquaintance. It makes you able to ask them to send the posts of the targeted profile. This way, you have viewed their private profile without following them.

Method #6: Use private instagram viewer apps

There is an option that is mentioned on almost all the websites talking about seeing private Instagram accounts. I have never personally used this method, and I do not trust it at all. But since so many people say it works, it would be no harm to mention Instagram private profile viewer.

There are several tools all over the web known as Instagram profile viewers, which claim to let their users access other people’s accounts without having to follow them. Some of these viewers are Insta looker, Watch Insta, and private Insta which I do not suggest using until you did not get any results from all the other solutions.

What are private instagram viewer apps?

Now that you know how to view private instagram accounts, it is time to introduce some of the view private instagram apps. Read the below list to find the best app to view private instagram accounts.

  • Spyier 

If you are looking for a unique, result-driven, and safe Private Instagram Viewer, Spyier is a good choice. Absolutely this is a winner with millions of satisfied customer databases in 190 countries. You can use this app on both androids and ios devices and use features like:

  • Tracking more than one device based on the package you choose.
  • Get details on your control panel or email ID.
  • All Instagram activities will be archived.
  • Cocospy

Cocospy is the next reliable Private Instagram Viewer that I want to introduce. You can blindly trust it to survey human verification-free assistance. Use this monitoring app to perform a full range of functions, such as a Private Instagram Viewer from a distance. Besides, you can use it on both android and ios devices.

Cocospy introduces more than 30 cutting-edge remote monitoring features with advantages like:

  • It is completely hidden and safe.
  • Bug-free app version.
  • Free-live demo to comprehend the app instrument in particular.
  • Spyic

If you need to look at a private Instagram account without a risky survey and human verification process, Spyic could be a good choice, too. You can use this app for hassle-free and secure monitoring because it will not save the user’s data on its server. If you choose this app, you will get facilities like:

  • You can see any private instagram account using the Keylogger facility.
  • It is global assistance available in more than 190 countries.
  • Different remote monitoring features

How does a instagram private profile viewer?

Previously, I explained how to view private instagram account, but now I want to talk about how to see private instagram profile. While Instagram does not let you view a private Instagram profile, I will show you several ways to do it.

  • The first way is to use an Instagram proxy site or VPN
  • Locate the Profile ID of the person you want and search it on Whois to find the Ownership Information.
  • Ask someone else to use his account to view the Private Instagram Profile you want to see.
  • Send a follow request directly to that person.
  •  If you do not like to send a follow request with your account, you can use a Fake Account.
  • There is another good method to view someone’s Instagram private profile. In this way, you can use different instagram private profile viewers like Private Insta, Insta Looker, Watch Insta, Insta Dp, and more.

How to view private instagram without human verification?

After all, sometimes you want to view private instagram without human verification, if so, don’t miss this paragraph. While there are a variety of apps that help users see private instagram profiles, almost 80% of these apps are fake, or you have to do a human verification that can be dangerous.

But here are two of the best apps you can use to view the Instagram private profile without any human verification.

  • KidsGuard Pro

If you need an ultimate android monitoring app to keep an eye on loved ones, KidsGuard pro is one of the best options that you can use without any human verification.


With 100% hidden processes, XNSPY keeps you protected each time you utilize this Private Instagram Viewer app. Pay attention, you can use it offline, too.

How to Make your Instagram Profile Private?

It is always recommended to have a private Instagram account if we want more security and privacy. This can keep our account and posts safe from creepy people who are addicted to stalking others on social media.

So unless you are urged to have a public account, for example if you are an influencer or have a business account, it’s better to switch to a private profile.

To make an Instagram account private follow the easy steps below:

  1. Open the Instagram app on any device.
  2. Head to the profile icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. Click on the 3-horizontal-line icon at the top right corner of your Instagram profile.
  4. Choose the gear icon (settings) at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  5. Scroll down to find the ‘Private account’ option and switch the button to turn it on.

Now, your Instagram profile and its posts are safe and are only shown to the people that you accept their follow request.


It is very tempting to find out that there are some ways to see someone’s private Instagram photos and videos without following them, that’s why in this article I have mentioned all the moral and immoral ways to do this.

The choice to decide which method to use is all yours but remember not all of them would have the result you wish, and unfortunately, you might end up with the only choice left which would be to send a follow request to view a private profile on Instagram, and this way, you’d not be labeled as a creepy Instastalker as well.

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