How to hack someones Instagram in 2022? (Hackers methods)

Learning How to hack Instagram accounts is a good thing because if you know how hackers hack someones Instagram, you can protect your account against future attacks. The most hacked users are the ones who do not know how do hackers hack Instagram. The purpose of this article is to teach you how to hack Instagram page so you won’t get trapped by the hackers.

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms globally, and that is why two of the most searched terms on Google are hack Instagram or How to hack Instagram

No matter the users’ intention for searching such terms, you need to increase your knowledge about hack Instagram. In this article, you will learn all the methods hackers use to hack someone’s Instagram.

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Why would you want to know how to hack someones Instagram?

Many scammers try to have access to your IG account so they can abuse your reputation and ask for different things, such as money from your followers. If you know how they do it in advance, you decrease their chance of breaking into your account.

One horrible example of hackers breaking into accounts was the tragedy of 2020. A young hacker could get into the famous people’s Twitter account and ask for Bitcoin. He managed to receive 2 million dollars worth of Bitcoin from the followers of famous people like Bill Gates and Elon Musk.

So it’s always a good idea to know how to hack someones Instagram.

Is it possible to hack Instagram accounts?

The short answer is yes, but not in the Hollywood Way.

There are only 5 Ways to hack someone’s Instagram account, and if you know those ways, you are almost 100% immune from any hack.

Here are the 5 hacking methods for Instagram:

  1. Spyware
  2. Plain password grabbing
  3. Phishing
  4. Weak passwords
  5. Your phones vulnerability
  6. Instagram itself!

(More explanation down below)

Is it legal to hack Instagram accounts?

In fact, unauthorized access to someone’s accounts or data is a violation of privacy, and it is illegal. It also goes against Instagram’s terms of service and policy. Instagram and the account owner can sue the hackers and take them to court.

Hacking is an illegal activity in almost every country on the planet. 

What are the ways hackers use to hack Instagram?

Now it’s time to get to the main point of this article. Here we are going to explain the exact 5 methods hackers use.

  • Spyware

Have you ever recorded your screen? This piece of software is a recorder for every single thing you do on your phone! It saves all your actions. The apps you opened and closed, the apps installed and uninstalled, the pictures you took and removed, and the username and passwords you put in when you wanted to sign in to your Instagram.

Even your credit card information will be saved and sent to the spyware creator! Sounds scary, doesn’t it?

The good news is that spyware will never be installed on your Android/iOS device unless you have rooted/jail-breaked it. So If you’re too obsessed with your safety, you probably shouldn’t root or jailbreak your Android or iOS device.

The only advantage of this type of spyware is that parents can monitor their children’s activity on their devices. For more information Google remote keyloggers. Keep in mind that these keyloggers need permission before installation.

  • Phishing

This one is one of the most popular methods that hackers use. Hackers create a duplicate copy of a website’s login page to steal users’ personal information. Internet users don’t really pay attention to the URL of the websites, so they might be on the wrong page that is created by the hacker, similar to the actual Instagram page. As soon as they put in their username and password, the hacker will receive them, so they have full access to their account.

This method is very common because it’s easy, and everybody with basic programming knowledge can create a fake page to steal your information.

  • Easy passwords

Many internet users are too lazy to memorize different passwords, so they use the same password for every account they create on different websites.

The problem is the cascade effect. As soon as the hacker finds your password on a single website, he/she can have access to all your accounts across the internet. Poor small websites store your passwords in plain text. It is a piece of cake for a professional hacker to find that out. 

We recommend you to have different passwords for the main websites such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Microsoft.  

If you can’t memorize so many passwords, just have a very complicated password for important websites and a common easy password for ordinary websites.

  • Android and IOS vulnerability

Do you think your mobile operating system is perfect? Don’t be too sure about that. Hackers have hacked Android and iOS multiple times so far! Don’t you believe me? iCloud was hacked back in 2014, and the world never forgets it. Hackers use zero-day exploits methods to hack an entire operating system, and Instagram is only part of it. 0day exploits is an attack targeting a software vulnerability. 

  • Instagram vulnerability

Instagram is not a perfect software. Even though it’s doing its best to hide its vulnerability from the hackers, it is still not 100% immune from attacks, but you as a user can’t do anything but use two-factor authentication. Also, pray that Instagram remains safe!

What are the sites and apps hackers use to hack someones Instagram?

If you want to monitor someone’s Instagram activity, you can use iKeyMonitor. The thing is you need to make sure that this app is running on the target device that has its anti-virus disabled. Awesome note that your device should be jailbroken/rooted.

Another good piece of app is Ighack. The advantage of this app is that it’s untrackable.

KidsGuard Pro makes it easy for parents to hack/ monitor their children’s Instagram without coding. With KidsGuard pro, you can get into any Instagram account without the coding or any other account information.

Note: No of the apps and sites mentioned above are legal and they are not recommended.

How to prevent hackers from hacking your Instagram account?

if you want an extra security layer over your Instagram account, you should…

  • If you want to keep spywares away from your device, never root/jailbreak your phone
  • Don’t download apps from an unknown resource (only Google Play and app store)
  • Install premium anti-virus apps on your phone so your safety is guaranteed
  • Always check out the URL of every website you land on. 

Down below is an example of a fake Facebook page.

(The difference is the URL)

  • always keep your OS up to date because upgrades include important security patches.
  • Use a complicated password for your account.


The question “How to hack Instagram accounts” is one of the most-asked questions about Instagram. As an Instagrammers you need to know the ways hackers use to hack Instagram account to prevent losing your account and in this guide we have covered up all these hacking methods.