How To Create Instagram Collections

At the end of 2016, Instagram introduced a bookmarking feature. Users can save a post in their home feed by tapping the bookmark button under it. Instagram saves the post to your account. The post i.e. the image itself is not saved to your camera roll.

The saved image will be deleted if the account that shared it decides to remove it. It won’t make any difference that you saved it. Initially, the save feature was basic. Instagram has added a way to organize saved posts. You can add saved posts to a folder i.e., collection on Instagram. Users can create as many collections as they want. That’s why this feature is also called the “Instagram Collections”.

Why You Should Use Instagram Collections?

Even though the feature hasn’t received the popularity it deserves, but it’s definitely one of the more useful tools out there!

Instagram collections is a very useful feature which helps you organize your saved Instagram posts and find them easily. Some people may not want their cute kitten and puppy posts and the fashion posts to be mixed up. That’s where Instagram collections come in handy.

Keep reading to get to know how to save to collections and how to view Instagram collections. 

How To Create Instagram Collections? (save to collection Instagram)

You should probably update the Instagram app. The feature wasn’t in the change log but it’s better to be on the safe side. At this point, it is probably rolling out slowly to users.

To save Instagram photos and videos to collections follow the steps below:

  • Open Instagram and go to your profile tab.
  • Tap the Saved’ button.
  • This is where you can see all your saved posts.
  • If you’ve never created a Collection before, you’re prompted to do so now. Give it a name and select Done.

If the Collections feature has rolled out to your account, you will see two tabs. The ‘All’ tab contains all posts that you have saved. The ‘Collections’ tab contains all collections that you’ve created.

instagram collections

There are two ways to use save to collection Instagram. You can add it from inside a collection. Or, you can add the post to a collection when you save it.

  • Go to the Collections tab. Tap the plus button at the top right to create a collection on Instagram. Name it anything you like.

instagram collections

  • On the Collection tab, tap a collection. Tap the overflow button at the top right. A menu will open with an edit and add option. Tap the ‘Add to Collection’ option, and select posts from your saved posts to add to it.

instagram collections

  • Alternatively, you can add a post to a collection when you save it. Long press the save button under a post. A menu will appear listing all your collections on Instagram. Tap the collection you want to save the post to.

instagram collections

  • You can create a new collection from the Save to menu that appears when you long press the save button.

How to view Instagram collections

Your saved posts will continue to appear in the ‘All’ tab even after you sort them into a collection. A saved post can be added to multiple collections. As before, if an account deletes a post, it will disappear from your saved posts and your collections. There is no search feature for the posts saved to a collection and there is no search feature for the collections.

To view your saved Instagram collections follow these steps:

You can access your saved Instagram posts by going to your profile and selecting Saved.
You see the Instagram collections you created when you saved posts in the past. All your bookmarked posts can be found within the All Posts collection, but they can also be viewed in other collections if you created any.

  • Open Instagram.
  • Go to your profile tab.
  • Tap the hamburger menu (the three horizontal slashes) in the upper-right corner.
  • Choose “Saved”.
  • There is your Instagram collection and all the posts you saved.


Now we know how to save Instagram photos, and how to create Instagram collections to access the posts you have bookmarked easily. This feature is a very useful feature for the people who save lots of posts with different subjects and wat to find them in seconds. 

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