How restore Instagram disabled accounts?

Nothing can be more upsetting than trying to log into your Instagram account to find an error message stating that your account has been disabled due to terms of services violations. Some restrictions can last longer than others.

We are going to show you why this could happen, how to prevent it and what to do to restore your disabled account in case this occurs, and you want to be back online as soon as possible.

Why Instagram disabled my account?

The first thing to do is to review the possible reasons why your account was disabled. Instagram has a particular page for their terms of service, so it’s always a good idea to read it to know what you are getting into. With that said, we are going to share some of the most common reasons why this happens.

  • When your account shows excessive amounts of interaction with other pages: This is one of the most common reasons for accounts to be disabled temporarily.
  • When logging in is detected from too many locations for a single account: This alerts Instagram of hacks, and the accounts are also disabled.
  • When you post images that are reported as trademarked and you posted them without permission of the original owner: This is a persistent issue on Instagram.
  • Any content that contains nudity or any hateful speech or imagery will also end up getting an account disabled.

Once you find yourself in this situation, you will be given an option to let Instagram account know if this was a mistake. This means that you can mainly appeal your case to see if the ban will be lifted. Some people take the quickest route to this, and they claim their account had been hacked. This often works, and they might reactivate it faster, but if you continue to get disabled, they might not enable the account ever again, so be careful.

Your request to have the account enabled again will probably end up working if your account hasn’t been violating the terms of service repeatedly, but they might never lift the ban if they can see a lot of activity that breaks their TOS and went on for weeks or months. This is why you need to be careful when you browse around and promote any material.

One of the biggest reasons why people get banned is because they pick random images from the web and they post them as theirs. Most people get away with this, but every once in a while, someone will complain about this, and they will report it as a copyright claim. This is one of the fastest ways to end up with a banned account so be sure to post original images

Final thoughts

Instagram is not likely to ban any accounts unless they feel that there has been an obvious violation of their terms of service, but there are some situations in which an account could get banned by mistake, or there might be a misunderstanding.

When that happens, the process becomes more comfortable for the user, and the account is usually going to be enabled within twenty-four to forty-eight hours.


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