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[Fixed] Why Can’t I Follow People on Instagram?‍ (Instagram Action Blocked)

Today almost all people have an Instagram account, and it’s becoming one of the most popular social networks after Facebook. And their system is getting complicated increasingly to make a better and more positive community. For example, they restricted actions such as liking, following, unfollowing, commenting, and posting. Business account, but do not worry because we are here to help you find out why can’t i follow people on instagram and how to remove action blocked on instagram.  

instagram action blocked

Why can’t I follow people on instagram?

One day, you get up and see you can’t follow people on instagram. Are you facing instagram action blocked? Why? In most cases like this, users state that everything was fine yesterday, but now their Instagram account follow button does not work. Do not freak out, because we are here to help you find the best answer to the “why can’t i follow people on instagram” question. Below you can read possible reasons for the instagram action block in two categories.

  • Technical issues that might cause you to face instagram action blocked:

Before anything, we suggest you try to find the answer to the “why can’t i follow people on instagram” question within your phone and system, so you need to check some items, like:

  1. Check your internet connection to see if it is connected and stable or not.
  2. Some instagram action block errors are due to an app bug.
  3. It can be due to your cell phone malfunction.
  4. Also, sometimes you can’t follow people on instagram because Instagram is down.
  • Instagram policy issues might cause you to face instagram action blocked:

If you checked the above items, but none of them were possible, we guess you are facing an instagram action block due to an Instagram policy issue. So, check the next items to see if you can find the appropriate answer to the “why can’t i follow people on instagram” question.

  1. You are restricted because you reached the maximum follow limit, over 7,500 people.
  2. Sometimes you face an instagram action block because the app suspects your account has been hacked.
  3. You did a bot-like behavior, and the app banned you temporarily.
  4. You followed more than hourly and daily limits

What is “instagram action blocked”?

Previously you read a complete list of reasons why can’t i follow people on instagram, and now before going through “how to remove action blocked on instagram”, I want to talk a bit about the exact meaning of instagram action block for those who do not know what it means.

Generally speaking, you might face instagram action blocked as an Instagram user who took too many actions, like following or unfollowing too many people at once or liking and commenting on too many posts at once. And these actions might cause you to face action blocked from 24 hours to 24 days based on the new IG rules.

why can't i follow people on instagram

How to remove action blocked on instagram?

To remove the Instagram action block, you should first detect the reason, and based on the most probable cause, you can choose the best resolution. 

How to remove action blocked on instagram due to technical issues:

In case you understand that you can’t follow people on instagram because of one of the technical issues I named above, here are the resolutions one by one and in a row.

  • If your problem is due to an internet connection, you can change your internet source from WiFi to Data or vice-versa. Or turn off your modem and then turn it on after some moments.
  • When you guess it is due to an app bug, first we suggest you check another social media app to see if it works properly or not. If others work well, you should update your Instagram or uninstall and reinstall it again.
  • Also, if you think it is a problem from your device side, you can first check your Instagram account through another device. If it was ok, you should restart your phone or update its system.
  • And finally, you can check the Downdetector site and check the Instagram status if you guess it might be a worldwide issue.
why can't i follow people on instagram

How to remove action blocked on instagram due to Instagram policy issues:

If your instagram action blocked problem is due to an Instagram policy issue, you can not do much instead of waiting. However, here I will discuss all the solutions for the situations mentioned above one by one.

  1. If you have faced an instagram action block error due to reaching the maximum follow limit, you should know that Instagram created this limit to reduce spam, and the only one who can solve it is the app. So, what you can do is only wait.
  2. On the other side, you might see that you can’t follow people on instagram due to the app guessing your account is hacked. Here, try to confirm your identity through two-factor authentication or change your password immediately.
  3. In case you face instagram action blocked because the app thinks you are a bot, again you should wait, and it is good to mention that these bans often last 24 – 48 hours. 
  4. Finally, if you are blocked by the app because you have broken the daily limits, you can not do anything instead of waiting. But here we have some suggestions to prevent this situation, such as only following or unfollowing 100 – 150 accounts per day, and increasing your daily followers by 25 each week.

How to know if I am instagram action blocked?

If you suddenly see that you can’t follow people on instagram and are suspicious that your instagram action is blocked because your account has been banned. You can follow the points below and check if your guess is correct or not.

  • Ask one of your friends to search your name:

Ask a friend that has not blocked you to look up your account by typing your account name in the search bar. If your name shows up, you are not banned. But if not, it means you can’t follow people on instagram because they are banned.

  • Log out and try to log in after a while:

If you are banned you will not have any problem logging in, but when you want to log back in, you will face an error that tells you your account has been deactivated.

  • Search for pop-up messages:

If you want to interact with others or posts, like commenting, following, or liking this, but you face pop-ups tell that “You’re temporarily blocked”, your account might be banned.

  • Search Instagram messages in your email inbox:

If you face instagram action being blocked because you are banned, it is a good idea to check the email you have linked to your Instagram account, and see if you have any email from Instagram announcing you so.

How long does Instagram action blocked last?

Generally speaking, instagram action blocked will end after 24-48 hours. But here, I want to add that based on the reason you get banned from Instagram action, the time might vary. For example, if your account has been limited more than once, your limits might last up to two weeks. Also, Instagram can disable your account forever if it considers you to do a malicious or harmful action.

How to avoid being instagram action blocked?

After that, we discussed the answer to important questions, like “why can’t i follow people on instagram” and how to remove actions blocked on instagram, I want to end this text by giving you some helpful pieces of advice to prevent instagram action blocks, such as:

  • Reduce the number of your account actions to prevent instagram actions blocked:

Until now, you should understand that liking or commenting excessively will cause you to face an instagram action block. So, the first piece of advice is to wait a few seconds when you like a picture and want to go through others. Also, you should remember that posting the same comment repeatedly might cause this problem, too.

  • Be careful about choosing Instagram bots to prevent instagram actions blocked:

As you know Instagram is very intransigent about fake action, so you should not trust all bots and Instagram third-party apps to gain popularity on Instagram.

  • Complete your Instagram profile to prevent instagram actions blocked:

Also, making a proper bio by adding an email address, and phone number will help you be more like a real account and prevent errors like can’t follow people on instagram. Also, you can link your Instagram account to other social networks that you have.


What’s the maximum number of people I can follow every day on Instagram?

Based on Instagram rules, you can not follow more than 7,500 people a day. 

why can’t i follow people on instagram when I’m but not blocked?

There might be different reasons for that, like switching between public and private accounts many times, an out-of-date app, reaching a maximum number of following actions, and things like this.

When I try to follow someone on Instagram it unfollows

Most of these cases are due to a minor bug and you can solve it by closing the apps and opening it again, restarting your phone, or logging out of your account and logging in again.

Instagram follow button keeps turning blue

If you face this problem, do not freak out because you can simply solve it by updating the app or uninstalling and reinstalling it again.


Are you facing can’t follow people on instagram error, and looking for the best way how to remove action blocked on instagram? Most of the time this problem will be solved through simple methods, like only waiting for some hours, restarting the phone, updating the app, and things like that. But if you want to know more about why can’t i follow people on instagram and how to solve it, you should go back and read the above text in detail.

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