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Twitter is still one of the most popular social media platforms. Easier communication is the main goal of social media, and Twitter makes interacting with people easier by both acts of mentioning and sending a Twitter DM.

Twitter has always been a network for discussions, interactions, sharing news, knowledge, and much more. Moreover, we cannot overlook the fact that it can be very effective in marketing, too. In fact, Twitter is one of the priorities of every person considering social media marketing.

Whatever the purpose of using Twitter is, it involves reaching people and communicating with them. The act of communication on Twitter can be done in two different ways, Privately and in public.

We are all familiar with mentioning people on Twitter by adding a “@” at the beginning of their usernames when composing a tweet or by simply going to their profiles and pressing the “Tweet” button at the left corner of the page. Mentioning is the public way of getting other people’s attention and starting a conversation with them; meanwhile, a Twitter DM is the private way of doing it.

Apart from a little information the Twitter direct messages FAQ provides, you can keep up with me to get to know everything about Twitter direct messages, how to DM on twitter, Twitter DM limits, and several other related subjects.

What is a Twitter DM?

Twitter DM is a private and one-to-one message users send to each other on the platform.  Apart from twitter mentions, if we want to send messages to a user for special purposes such as partnership, welcome messages, and any promotions, we will need to our Twitter direct message and start a conversation.

Unlike tweets and mentions, a DM o twitter does not appear in any timeline, and if you want to see your messages, you need to head to the DM box.

A Twitter DM can be used to keep in touch with friends, and share tweets with them, interact with customers, promoting a service or product, and many other goals.

Twitter DM

What are the Twitter DM limits?

Like all other social media networks, Twitter has limits for the actions we can perform. Twitter is even more restrictive among other platforms because its main function, which is tweeting, has character limits. So, It’s obvious there are some limits for Twitter direct messages and those limits are listed below:

  • Twitter DM character limit

Twitter allows us to compose neither tweets nor messages with the length we want. The DM character limit is the same as tweets, which are 280 characters, and nobody can go beyond that limit.

  • Twitter DM hourly limit

As well as Instagram and so many other social platforms, there are also restrictions for the number of times you send messages to different users. The daily DM limits of twitter are 1000 messages per day, and if you keep exceeding that, you’ll soon get blocked or banned.

  • Twitter DM recipient’s limit

Twitter does not allow users to send out direct messages to random people, and by that, I mean, we can only send DMs to the people who follow us back. But there are some exceptions, such as the users who have their DM settings to receive direct messages from anyone.

How to DM on twitter?

Whether you want to start a conversation with someone or wish to send a welcome message or any other purpose, there are two ways to send a direct message on twitter, which is also very easy and can be done in a few steps. There Follow the steps below to get to know how to DM on Twitter:

Sending Twitter DM from the menu bar

  • Head to Twitter’s left side menu bar
Twitter DM1
  • Click on the envelope-shaped icon “messages.”
  • To compose a Twitter DM, either tap on the small envelope icon on the top right corner or click on the “start a conversation” in the middle of the screen.
Twitter DM2
  • At this stage, the new direct message window will appear, and you need to search and add your desired recipients.

Note 1: If you choose more than one user, you are creating a group Twitter DM and the message would be sent to every single person in the group.

Twitter DM3
  • After you chose the ones, you wish to send Twitter DMs to, click on “Next “ to go to the next step.
  • Now all you have to do is to start writing the message and send it.

Sending Twitter DM from users’ profiles directly

If you want another answer to how to DM on Twitter, let me announce that there is another way, which is a more direct way of messaging someone. Follow these steps to send direct messages to someone from their profiles easily:

  • Go to the Twitter profile of the person you are willing to receive your message
  • You can see a small envelope button across from their profile photo on their bio. Tap on that icon to start messaging them.

Note 2: If you could not find any message icon on someone’s profile, that’s either because they have disabled this option or they need to follow you back for you to be able to send them a Twitter DM.

Twitter DM4

Note 3: You can also include photos/ videos, links, gifs, and stickers in your direct messages.

How to stop Twitter DMs?

There might be some reason why we do not like to receive Twitter direct messages at all, but the thing is that we can never completely stop everyone from sending messages to us. Alternatively, there are some ways to restrict the Twitter DM thing or stop someone from being able to message us.

  • Stop someone from sending Direct Messages

There must have been times that you are being annoyed by a specific person, and you just do not want them to DM you anymore. The good news is that there are two ways to prevent them from messaging you. The first way is to find their conversation, tap on the “information” icon, and then ”report” the chat. After that, the users can not send you any Twitter DMs unless you begin a conversation first.

The alternative to this method is to block that specific user simply. This way, they can either message you nor see your tweets.

  • Restrict The Twitter DM function

All of us have the choice to either choose everyone to be able to send direct messages to us or decide to receive DMs only from the people who follow us. So is you are receiving messages from the people you do not follow back, head to “settings and privacy” and check if the “Receive direct messages from anyone” is enabled. Then uncheck that button if it was checked before, to stop getting Twitter DMs from everyone.

Twitter DM5

The benefits of Twitter welcome messages

One of the most important factors to grow on Twitter, and have a successful Twitter marketing strategy, is to have a quality amount of followers and keep them happy. Our followers need to know that we care about them and pay attention to them, so we need to act responsive and caring.

To capture follower’s attention and make a good first impression on them, sending Twitter welcome messages would be very beneficial. This way, every single person who follows us would be sent a message that welcomes them to our page.

The format and text of the message are totally up to us. For example, someone might want to promote a product or their blog on the welcome message or someone wants to just thank users for following them, it is completely optional. The mentionable thing is that Twitter does not provide us with such an option. That’s why we need to find a reliable service to do that for us.

Instazood offers one of the most useful Automatic welcome message senders, which also offers users a three days free trial to test and see if they’d like to continue with the tool or not. Sending a welcome message is a piece of cake with the Instazood DM tool. Follow a simple three-step to get into a new world of businesses using the welcome DM tools on this platform.

Twitter welcome message

Can we delete a Twitter DM?

We all can delete a twitter DM, but the thing is that the DMs we deleted would be only deleted on our side and not the recipient’s side. Twitter, unlike Instagram, does not let its users to unsend messages from both sides, so we need to keep in mind that as soon as a message is sent, there is no way to delete it.

There is a really fun fact about Twitter DMs, which, according to Cnet, When you delete a DM that you have received, Twitter removes it fromthe sender’s outbox, which is interesting. So, we can delete an annoying message from our inbox, and then it’d be deleted from the sender’s side and it is like it has never happened at all.


We covered up almost everything about Twitter DMs from what they are, their limits, and how to DM on twitter. After reading this article, we expect you to start using direct messages more to keep followers happy and increase customer loyalty. Remember to add Twitter welcome messaging to your twitter marketing strategies, because you never know how beneficial it can be for businesses and marketers.

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