Coinbase giveaway: What is it, and how to win it?

Although most people still have an unknown fear of the world of cryptocurrency, some guys are digging it to take treasure!!! Many online sweepstake platforms provide crypto services these days, but just a few of them may allow you to buy your token far more inexpensively than you expected.

Have you ever heard about Coinbase and the Coinbase giveaway? This post will give full information to those users asking;

  • What do we know about the Coinbase Doge giveaway?
  • What is the Coinbase giveaway?
  • How to enter and win the Coinbase Doge giveaway?
  • Who won the Coinbase Doge giveaway?

What is the Coinbase giveaway?

Before starting to figure out what exactly Coinbase giveaway is, let’s see what is waiting for us on the Coinbase official website. Coinbase is an online environment for crypto cravers to sell, buy and swap their desired tokens with no excuse. As a typical user, you can get all the necessary information about cryptocurrency from Coinbase, including the introduction of famous tokens, tutorials and tips, viewing crypto prices, Coinbase Bytes newsletter, and taxes that you have to pay in this business.

If you are a programmer, Coinbase also has a separate section for crypto developers to provide all elements they need to sync Coinbase servers to their applications. For example, they can download the Coinbase API, use the wallet SDK, implement Coinbase Pay SDK on their projects, and even more.

Most goods markets have a discount timeline or similar to what we call “black Friday,” when you can find your favorite with less budget to buy but consume more energy to compete with other guys!!! Coinbase giveaway is a great option for those who think spending money is not a goal in cryptocurrency trading, and there are some solutions to save our assets.

How to enter the Coinbase giveaway?

Several methods are available to enter the Coinbase giveaway in the correct way. The most basic step is to be a member of the Coinbase community, so sign up if you are still out of the field. If you are craving to enter the Coinbase giveaway in full vigor, you can choose one of these methods;

  1. Enter by purchase

To enter the Coinbase giveaway, you can buy some of the tokens declared by Coinbase for that exclusive program (for instance, SAND for the Coinbase giveaway in June 2022). Your trades can be cumulative trades, inclusive of transaction fees, on the Coinbase app or, during the promotion period. For purchasing;

  • You must be a citizen of the 50 United States (excluding Hawaii and New York)
  • You have to opt-in to participate in the sweepstakes
  • You should be an existing or new holder
  • You need to make a buy of $100 or more of the selected token (inclusive of fees)
  1. Enter by mail

If you think the “purchase to enter” method is too atrocious, you can examine your chance by entering the giveaway with your email. Note that mail-in entries must include all requested information to be considered an entry and to earn one entry. Your email;

  • Must have a handwritten return and mailing address
  • Be postmarked before the time of starting the Coinbase giveaway
  • Should include all requested information to be considered as an entry
  • Will not receive confirmation of receipt
  • Will not be accepted if submitted as a photocopy, spam, or facsimile

Your email must include handwriting consisting of your name, address (including city, state, and zip code), email address, and telephone number on the front of a card or paper. Furthermore, you should also mail the single card or paper in an envelope to the address written later on the official Coinbase website.

Question #1: how can we know our entry is verified? After you have successfully completed the entry requirements, you’ll receive a notification within 24 hours confirming your sweepstakes entry from one of these sources;


You should check your Spam box if you haven’t received any email yet.

Question #2: How does Coinbase notify winners? If you were one of the fortunate winners on Coinbase, you would have gotten a notification email from or If you have entered the Coinbase giveaway with your email, a representative of the Coinbase sweepstakes vendor may contact you to get further information and send your prize.

There are lots of scam plans around the Coinbase giveaway, so you should pay attention to these tips in order not to get trapped by the bad guys;

  • Coinbase will never ask you for funds in its emails.
  • The URL will direct you to
  • Coinbase emails will always come from a domain, including or

If you figure out anything suspicious, please report it to

How to win the Coinbase giveaway?

Winning a Coinbase giveaway is something more related to fortune rather than drawing a victory strategy. The fact is that Coinbase has not yet revealed the process of choosing the winner in the Coinbase giveaway, and we are just able to make some guesses about it.

In terms of giveaways, the chance of winning the big prize is not homogeneous among all users, and people with more scores are more likely to be selected. In this case, the term “scores” can be the number of your total transactions, the level of your account, or other parameters defined by the servers.

Who won the Coinbase giveaway?

The Tier 1 winner of the Coinbase giveaway always is declared by the official Twitter page on social media. Note that for each giveaway, a specific token is selected in the form of prizes for winners (for instance, Doge in the Coinbase Doge giveaway), and users will receive a certain amount of cash in that chosen currency.

The prizes for the last Coinbase giveaway (taken on June 2022) were provided for 256 lucky winners, with a total combined retail value of $100,000, including;

  • Tier 1: 1 winner with a prize of $50K in Sandbox (SAND)
  • Tier 2: 5 winners with the prize of $5K in SAND
  • Tier 3: 250 winners with the prize of $100 in SAND

The main winner of the Coinbase giveaway in June was Brandon M from Springboro. Have good luck, man!!!

When was the Coinbase giveaway?

The Coinbase giveaway takes part once every month, and the managers each time declare the timeline of the new giveaway on the official website or Twitter account. The last Coinbase giveaway was in June 2021, or more precisely speaking, it started on June 8, 2022, at 12:00 p.m. Pacific Time (PT) ended on June 21, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. PT.


If you think you are lucky enough to win one of the giveaways on Coinbase, you should be patient for the coming one in July!!!


Coinbase giveaway can be a golden opportunity for any user who thinks becoming a wealthy king or queen in just 24 hours is impossible. Once you register for the Coinbase Doge giveaway, Coinbase Bitcoin giveaway, or whatever already exists on the internet, you just need to take a rest and wait for the official results coming out of the magical hat.

How to win the Coinbase giveaway? Well, some experts hypothesise that the more items you purchase from Coinbase, the more chance you have to win the Coinbase giveaway. But in my opinion, the best way is to visit your local church and pray for your wish!!!

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