ChatGPT And its Growing Influence on Our Lives

For many decades the idea of artificial intelligence has been agitating the minds of people of different occupations and backgrounds. Despite dozens if not hundreds of speculations on the topic, AI itself has long remained rather a theoretical subject. The Internet with all its potential has been rather a storage of information, a means of communication, and a medium for developing projects of different kinds. It has become an integral part of our life which you can easily become a part of if you buy Windows VPS. Nevertheless, the Internet was unable to think and imagine.

The Emergence of ChatGPT

Recently, breakthroughs in AI technology have expanded our understanding of art and language. ChatGPT, an AI-based language application, is now able to perform tasks that previously only humans could do. While it cannot replace human interaction, ChatGPT can be a useful tool in various aspects of our lives, saving us time and effort. Let’s explore some of the ways ChatGPT can benefit us.

Looking for Information

At the beginning of the 21st century, our lives were revolutionized by search engines and particularly Google. It changed our relationship with information and in many ways our approach to life.

However, there were many cases when working with Google was a bit of a daunting task. For example, looking for an answer to one particular question. To do it you would enter the question into the search line and get dozens of pages that address the question in one way or another. To find exactly what you are looking for, you would need to look through some text, and probably study it, to single out the particular grain of information regarding your request. From this perspective, the time required to find what you need would depend on many factors: the concreteness of your question, the popularity of the topic, its complexity, the availability of texts that handle it, its clarity, your own skills of looking for information, and others. You could get the proper answer within a couple of minutes, but it could take you half an hour if not more after which you could find yourself frustrated because Google doesn’t get what you want from it – it’s indeed not able to actually “understand”.

ChatGPT in turn has made things much simpler. You ask the question, and if it has been formerly processed by human texts in any way, you will get an answer – a clear, precise, uniform answer within several seconds, with which you’ll also be able to interact, asking ChatGPT to give a more detailed explanation or clarifying some terminology.


Closely related to the previous section, education can get a lot of benefits from ChatGPT. The ability to give concise but comprehensive and accurate answers may be the most practical use when studying, especially when preparing for examinations, where large amounts of information have to be absorbed in a short period of time. 

ChatGPT’s ability to process texts, and convey concise content, also deserves special attention. With it, you can forget about writing notes that take a lot of time and often turn out to be illegible or unclear. ChatGPT is able to convey the main message clearly enough, while also being able to answer questions about the text. 

This ability can also be used to parse texts which, being written in an intricate and cumbersome way, are themselves difficult to read.

ChatGPT’s knowledge of various fields also makes it a practical tool for searching literature on a specific topic, with the ability to quickly find out what a particular work is about in order to see if it is really what we are looking for.


ChatGPT produces texts, so it is natural to use them to write texts of various kinds and in various styles. Articles, CVs, advertisements, and even poetry in the style of William Shakespeare – just give a specific request for what you need.

Of course, the model does not always produce exactly what you need, and texts created this way are often subject to editing, but it can simplify your task drastically.

Speaking of editing, it is another useful application of ChatGPT. If there is something missing from the text you are writing, you can ask the model to rewrite or supplement it. In many cases, the resulting text will look more elegant and coherent.  


Being trained in multiple languages, ChatGPT is able to produce texts in them as well as convert them from one language to another. Although modern machine translation is already close to the ideal, being more accessible and faster than ChatGPT, the latter can nevertheless be of use to the translator. In addition to translation, the model can explain the meanings of certain words, clarifying whether the use is also appropriate in the context of the text being translated, as well as paraphrasing and giving synonyms, which can save the situation in many cases.

Language Learning

Being able to analyze and produce texts, ChatGPT has also a lot of valuable implementations for this activity. You can use it to chat in your target language for conversational practice, being able to use words of a certain level of language proficiency. You can ask it to produce different exercises on your request, giving as an example the ones you already have. When reading complex texts, you can use it to explain certain words and grammar, saving time you would spend on browsing grammar handbooks.


Besides the human language, ChatGPT also knows the code. This way, it can write standard programs, review and complete your code, helping you when something doesn’t work as it should. 


Overall, ChatGPT has a huge potential for its creative implementation in various fields of our lives. Sparing us from routines that were a burden for us for ages, ChatGPT can be considered a turning point with still much space for development, so we are likely to witness the start of huge changes in our society. The things you can do with ChatGPT don’t end on the suggestions discussed above, and you will definitely come up with much more by having enough imagination… or directly asking ChatGPT for them.

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