How to Use Shoppable Instagram Stories Stickers to Drive Sales?

Instagram lets you tag specific products in your stories just like you can with Instagram posts, how cool is that? Now your followers can tap on each sticker to find out more about your new product and make a purchase.

Here are all the things you need to know about the shoppable Instagram stories stickers and how to use them to promote your business:

These stickers have made online shopping really easier

Over 1 billion people are using Instagram stories every day, so using them to develop and sell your new product can be a great help!

What are shoppable stories stickers?

They are similar to Instagram shoppable posts; brands can tag their products from an e-commerce or inventory platform. When people click on the tag, they can see the item name, description, and price.

  • These stickers can be placed on both video and images.
  • There are four types of stickers:
  1. Shopping bag icon
  2. Sticker with the product name in grey
  3. Sticker with the product name in rainbow color
  4. Sticker with the product name in the translucent text (similar to hashtags and locations stickers)
Who has access to these stickers on Instagram?

Only brands have access to use these stickers right now, but everyone can view and buy them.

Why should I use Instagram stories for business?

You should plan out and curate your Instagram stories into your scheduled content. They let you use more of your creativity so you can get the advantage of that!

Who Are the Main Users of Instagram?

Instagram is enjoying a skyrocketing growth, especially in the last four years. Instagram had reached 1 billion monthly users, up from 800 million in 2017. So you can say it is one of the most popular social media worldwide. But who exactly are these millions of people scrolling on Instagram every day? Who use this platform the most and why?

               Source: statista

Instagram user statistics:

These statistics contain the location, gender and age demographics:

Location demographics of Instagram

75% of Instagram users are from outside of the United States. More than 60% of users log in daily on Instagram.

35% of users post several times a day, 24% of them do it only once a day.

The US has about 89 million monthly active users on Instagram, Brazil, and Russia are in the second place with 27 million MAU.  And turkey is on the fourth place with 16 million.

Gender demographics of Instagram

Men, women, all the people out there find Instagram the best way to share their moment with their friends. But, women use it a little bit more. The studies show that 31% of women and 24% of men use Instagram regularly to share, like and post.

Age demographics of Instagram

55% of the active users are 18-29-year-olds. The next largest Instagram age demographic is from 30 to 49 years old. So Instagram is the app for young people and teenagers.

15% of global active Instagram users are women between the ages of 18 and 24.


If you are running a business around anything about teenagers, women and young people, then Instagram Is an excellent way for you to promote your brand and find new customers.

Why Celebrities were Banned from Instagram?

Most of us skip reading the list of “terms and conditions” before creating our Instagram account, but when we refuse to learn about the rules, we are liable to get punished for breaking them.

Celebrities are not any different from us, and they will get banned from Instagram if they don’t follow the terms too!

Don’t believe it? Here is a list of the celebrities who have been banned from Instagram for breaking the rules of Instagram. 

Scout Willis

Scout Willis, the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, was removed from Instagram for posting a photo of a sweatshirt she designed with a picture of two topless women. After getting banned on Instagram, she took a stand against Instagram’s anti-nudie rules by staging in all-out nipple protest! She walked around New York city topless and twitted the pics with the caption “legal in NYC but not on Instagram.”

Kevin Systrom, the CEO of Instagram told BBC news beat the rules are the same for both celebrities and users to make sure the site is appropriate for both teens and adults:

“Our goal is really to make sure that Instagram, whether you’re a celebrity or not, is a safe place and that the content that gets posted is something that’s appropriate for teens and also for adults,” he explained.

“We need to make certain rules to make sure that everyone can use it.

Grace Coddington

Grace Coddington the fashion icon was removed from Instagram for posting a little drawing of her self without clothes. Instagram then apologized and said that may have been a little bit hasty. She responded with a more tame photo of some kittens with the caption:

“good grief pumpkin, mother drew a nude selfie for her very first Instagram, no wonder why they shut her down…. She is fater than that!”


Rihanna was put on a 6-month ban from Instagram for posting her nude cover shot (Lui magazine) on her Instagram profile. Her response to this was hilarious:

Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler posted naked shots of herself riding a horse on Instagram, and she got banned. She wanted to have fun on her Instagram feed and pay homage to the famous shot of Vladimir Putin riding topless on a horse. She captioned the picture:After getting banned from Instagram, she posted the picture on Twitter and wrote:

“anything a man can do, a woman has the right to do better #kremlin.

You can now find my dogs and my breasts on Twitter only where my followers have the right to choose what they say. Bye, bye instablock.”


Madonna posted a message from Instagram asking her to review its community guidelines, but it didn’t specify which guideline she broke, though she posted a photo of her cleavage as well as two photoshoots of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Both could be a violation of the guidelines in Instagram’s view.

What is an Instagram bot and how does it work?

Instagram is very popular these days. It’s the celebrity of social media world! I mean just look at how it’s growing! Interesting right? So if you want to grow your business, you can take advantage of the Instagram’s growth which is increasing along the way.

The only thing you should do is to create a business account for your brand on Instagram and take a step to the big Instagram marketing world, the world without limits.

But, wait a minute

Only a sign-up and a few posts on Instagram is not enough for starting up your brand. There are more things you should do to grow up your business. Social media is all about communicating with other people around the world. So the key to succeeding in it is to have interactions with other people and make some new friends. However this process needs a lot of time and effort, so if you have a business on the real world or you have other things to do, it can be hard for you to keep up the interaction on Instagram.

There are some ways to save some time and keep up the interaction at the same time:

1- You can hire an Instagram marketing assistant (admins ) for your page.

2- You can use automation tools for your Instagram activities.

Types of Instagram automation tools

There are some tools and platforms which can help you get more engagement on your Instagram account. By automatically doing all of your activities on Instagram, you will be in a win-win situation. Moore engagement and more free time.

1- Instagram bots:

Instagram bots will automatically run your Instagram account like a real person, activities as likes, comments, follows, unfollows, etc. Some of them let you choose targets for gaining followers. This means you can select as many targets as you want from usernames, hashtags, locations which are related to your content, so the Instagram Bot will contact users who are interested in the targets by liking, commenting and following them. They will get curious and check out your account, and if it were interesting enough for them, they would follow you back, and you will gain new followers/customers.

2- Schedule posts:

To get proper engagement on Instagram, you should post at the right time. But waiting for tapping on the post button can be frustrating, so there are some tools that you can schedule your Instagram posts and sit back and enjoy the maximum engagement because of that.

3- Auto direct messages:

You can use Instagram automation tools to direct your existing or new followers automatically. This can com ine handy for sending a welcome message, events, Christmas messages, introducing a new product or getting feeds from your clients.

Which Instagram automation platform should I use?

This can be really risky because there are some Instagram bots with no limits that can get you banned from Instagram or they can bring you fake followers and engagements. So before using an Instagram bot, search around for them to find the right one for your business.

The top 3 Instagram automation tools

There are some Instagram bots which have proven to be correctly functioning. They are trustable and safe:

1- Instazood:

instazood is the leading is the leading Instagram automation platform in the social media world. They help thousands of digital marketers gain their Instagram followers by using automated techniques to grow.  Instazood has many useful features which you can use for increasing engagement:

  • Instagram Bot with Filters and targets
  • Schedule post
  • Auto DMs
  • You can add multiple accounts

Also, the prices are really reasonable so you can save your time plus your money. All of the instazood options strictly follow all of the Instagram’s terms of service to make sure your account (s) stays safe.

You can give it a try by using the free trial first.

How people become celebrities on Instagram??! How do they get tons of followers and engagement in a short time??! they are either promoting their account manually by their own or they are using instagram automation tools. what Instagram automation tool they use to grow their followers? The answer is Instagram bots

Some people use tools called Instagram bots to boost their followers and gain more engagement, even buy auto likes and comments to promote their account.

So, if you want to know more about these platforms, keep reading because I am going to tell you everything you want to know about Instagram bots.

Instagram bots are one of the automation tools for Instagram marketing. If you are trying to build a strong business on Instagram, you need to create high-quality content and promote your account to gain more customers.

How does Instagram bot work?

The key to being successful on Instagram marketing is to be consistent on Instagram; you should be active, find new customers and get in touch with them via following, liking and commenting. This can be easy at first but after some time, it will get exhausting and a waste of time, like other repetitive routine tasks.

This is where Instagram bots come in handy. Instagram bots, work as an Instagram marketing assistant for you. They like, comment and follow other users automatically, so they would get curious and check your account out, and if your content were interesting enough for them, they would follow you.

Do they really work?

Instagram bots have a pattern: they follow and like other peoples as you, comment on their posts as you, so basically they can do all of your activities on Instagram for you. So you don’t have to. They are mostly used for promoting business accounts on Instagram. But you can use them for personal accounts too.

If you want more followers on your Instagram account, you can use any Instagram bot. But if you wish for functioning followers with engagements, you should use the ones with targeting tools. You can set targets for the bot, so it would only interact with users who fit into your targets. You can choose targets from usernames, hashtags, and locations.

How to select targets for my Instagram bot?

There are a few steps to choose a good target for your Instagram bot:

1- Know your audience :

You should find out who is your target audience. Who uses your product or service?

2- Analyze your audience

Try to find out more about their interests to target the pages and the hashtags they would follow. Targets can be beneficial for you because the people that you interact with are already interested in your content. And you will gain more customers from them.

Advantages and disadvantages of Instagram bots

Instagram bots have the same benefits as other Instagram automation tools, with some twists.


1- Time-saving

Using Instagram bots can help you focus less on social media and more on the real world or your other tasks.

2- High speed and efficiency

You will get to result much faster than manual promoting.

3- Gaining engagement

By being more present on Instagram, you will have more chance to be seen by other users. Also, some Instagram bots let you buy Instagram likes and comments as much as you want.

4- Gaining more followers

You can increase your followers by using Instagram bots. Most of them are real and functioning so this will increase your engagement too.

5- Statistics and monitoring

You can use their analytics to track and monitor your engagement.


1- Comment issues:

Instagram bots post comments based on the pattern you choose on posts with your target hashtags. So, they don’t look through the actual content of the photo. It can get awkward when they post unrelated comments under a post.

2- Shadowban risk

Instagram has a limitation for its usage. This means you can’t go over these limits for your activities, they are:

Maximum 60 follows/ unfollows, 60 comments, 150 likes on an hour. This is acceptable because no one can like more than 150 posts in one hour! But Instagram bots can easily cross these limits. So you should make sure to choose a bot which considers these limits in their actions. If you cross these limits, Instagram will get suspected and to ban you. So just search for Instagram bots with filters to prevent this issue.

Choosing an Instagram Bot

You should make sure to use the right Instagram bot because if you use the scammy one, you will get banned from Instagram. It’s too risky.

  • It should prevent causing issues for your account. For instance, it should follow the limitation rules of Instagram.
  • Check for the rank of their site to find out they are popular or not.
  • It should have a reasonable price. The free bots are too scammy, and they are not to be trusted.
  • It should be easy to work with. A simple workspace that you can understand completely.


If you want a fast shortcut to a successful business account on Instagram, you should try using Instagram bots. But search a lot about using one. Make sure to choose the best Instagram bot.

Tips on having a funny Instagram account

In this world full of sadness and problems with politics, economy, personal issues, global warming and with all these depressing news around you, how can you be funny or even make someone smile?

It’s not easy to be funny and get famous on every social media platform available. However, here I have found some tips and tricks on how to be funny on Instagram.

Starting points:
#1 Funny username and bio

This would be one of the most important things for your Instagram page, people will know you by this username, and if you want your account to be famous you should choose a name which is:

Cute, smart, funny, unique, easy to remember, short and meaningful. Your bio should be great too. It should be something smart so think about it!

#2 creating a hilarious niche

You should know your audience to find out what you should write to make them happy. There are a few kinds of funny pages around that you can choose between them. Just look into yourself and know your talents. Which type of funny do you think you are?

Types of humor with analyzing

  • Affiliative:

Creators of affiliative humor contents say funny things, jokes, witty banters to amuse others and facilitate relationships. (The creator of the content explains the situation of someone else in a positive way.)

  • Self-enhancing:

Creators of self-enhancing humor contents have a humorous outlook on life, to be amused by incongruities and maintain a humorous perspective in adversity. (The creator of the content explains his/her own situation in a positive way.)

  • Aggressive:

Creators of aggressive humor contents express humor without regard for its impact on others by saying funny things that are likely to hurt others. (The creator of the content explains the situation of someone else in a negative way.)

  • Self-defeating:

Creators of self-defeating humor contents amuse others by doing or saying humorous and disparaging things at one’s own expense. (The creator of the content explains his/her own situation in a negative way.)

  • Comparison:

Putting two or more elements together to produce a humorous situation. This content compares two or more objects. ( The content is funny because of the comparison.)

  • Personification:

Attributes human characteristics to animals, plants, and objects. This content has personified animals, plants or objects. (Personification is a source of humor in the content.)

  • Pun:

Using elements of language to create new meanings, which result in humor. Language is an essential element of the content.( The content is humorous because of the uncommon use of language.)

  • Sarcasm

Blatant ironic responses or situations – This content states or exhibits a sarcastic remark. (The content expresses an element that is not the real intention of the sender or communicates sarcastically.)

  • Silliness:

Making funny faces to ludicrous situations. – This content is humorous because of the silliness of the elements in it such as the character, person or a situation. (The content is humorous because of its silly components.)

  • Surprise:

Humour arises from unexpected situations. – This content is humorous because of some unexpected elements. (The content has a surprise ending or resolution.) These were the types of humor that you can use for making great funny content for your Instagram account, but as I said you should find out in which one you more have the talent to use.

Types of posts you can share:

  • Memes
  • Funny pictures
  • Funny videos
  • Animations
  • Dubsmasch
  • Vines
  • Funny quotes
  • Etc
#3 be unique and original

After finding your talent and creating great content with funny subjects, you should consider that not to copy the ideas or the posts from somewhere else. Just use your own talent, try to be different, use unique subjects but yet touchable that anyone can get related. Don’t try too hard to be funny people will notice that and you will seem very needy! If you can’t think of anything new for creating funny contents, look from another angle, just be you, be different and use the talent of yours and you’re going to be fine!

#4 use funny hashtags

You can create a hashtag only for yourself that people will know it by your name, or just a popular hashtag like #funny #memes or whatever you think can bring you more engagement rate.

#5 Be up to date

As a social media comedian, you should be aware of the daily trends. So watch the news, look up for the following events, you can check out some celebrity pages and see what gossip is going around. Even in your personal life, like at home, bus or at work, in many places, look for some new ideas from the people you meet, the things they say and their daily issues. Use everyday problems that anyone is struggling with, so they will get more attached.


How to use Selfie sticker on Instagram in 2022

Nailing an awesome selfie is not easy at all if you are an amateur at it. All the issue is about the creating a perfect situation for all light, setting, position, background, and photo filters together.

The Instagram platform, especially Instagram stories has become the best and the first place for sharing the selfies you have taken to share with your friends and followers. But Instagram has thought about it and make your job easy. Besides lots of filters for your selfies that Instagram has provided for you in the app. You give highlights, whatever colors you want, you can make stickers of your selfies and pin it wherever you want in your story.

You can take hundreds of selfies you want and then make stickers out of the ones which you like and use it for your Instagram stories. After uploading a video or a photo, tap the icon with a smiley face at the top right, there is a small camera icon, you can tap and then make your selfie sticker by taking a selfie photo. You can adjust the size, and by tapping on it, you can change the frame or fade it, now that’s ready. You can place sticker anywhere on your photo.

To have accessibility to this feature, keep your Instagram updated to 10.16 on iOS or 10.16.1 on Android.

How To Remove Followers On Instagram?

Instagram can be overwhelming when you have unwanted followers, like your ex, some clingy person from work or one of your family member who leaves embarrassing comments under your post.

The problem is that you can’t remove them without them knowing, or if you want them to unfollow you, you should block them! This way you will be removed from their followers too!

Private accounts had that chance always to block/unblock any of their followers to stop them from following them. However, it has been a problem for public accounts, but now, Instagram is giving this opportunity to all of its users. (androids for now) Instagram announced that it’s testing the follower removing, and it will be available for all of the Instagram users for the next week or so.

With this feature, the removed follower will not be informed of the action. At least, you can deny it when your ex-follower starts to wonder why your photos, which they were able to see before, are no longer visible. Instagram has been releasing various developments in the past several months — for example, the “mute” button, which lets you continue to follow people while eliminating the option of actually viewing their updates all the time.

How to remove followers on Instagram

Below are the steps to follow in order to remove Instagram followers:

  1. Go to your profile.
  2. Tap on the follower’s button.
  3. Look for the symbol with three vertical dots on the right side of someone’s name.
  4. You will see the option to remove him/her from your followers.
  5. Tap on Remove and get rid of them.

What happens when you remove followers on Instagram?

As you read previously, you can remove your Instagram followers easily. Here, you will read about what will happen if you remove any of your Instagram followers.

Can the removed follower see my posts?

The situation might differ based on your profile privacy setting. When you remove a follower from your private account, that person can not see your old or new posts and stories. If you have a public profile, he can not see your posts and stories on the feed. But he could search your Instagram username and see your posts and stories without following you.

Will Instagram notify the person you remove?

Be sure that if you remove any of your followers, Instagram doesn’t notify that person. He might understand it if he gets suspicious because there is no post or story from your side after a long time.

Can we send messages to each other?

Nothing happens to messages, and you can still send messages to each other.

Can they request to follow you again?

If you remove someone as a follower, that person can send you a follow request again by hitting the Follow button. And Instagram will notify you that someone wants to be among your followers.

Can you undo removing a follower?

The worst point is that there is no way back from your side. The only way is that they send you a follow request again.

How to use emojis to get more engagement on Instagram

So we want to take a moment and find out how important it is to have emojis in our life and what benefits they have brought to our social media lives.

Social media is all about human connections, and it can be tough to connect with others without showing some emotion. In fact, talking to someone without facial expressions and without showing reactions is a little creepy and robotic. Do you remember the text messages we used to send to each other before emojis come around? Guessing the feeling of the audience was tough. And sometimes it led to misunderstandings and fights!

So thank God for emojis right?

Instagram is the most visual social media around so you can guess the importance of using emojis in it. Just a month after releasing emojis on iOS and Android keyboards, Instagram had a 10% increase in using emojis on its channel. Today, over 50% of the captions and comments on Instagram contain at least two emojis!

The better thing is you can use these lovely expressions on hashtags today! So imagine what you can do with these opportunities!

Emojis are universal!

The best thing about emojis is that they don’t have a specific language. You can talk to anyone anywhere with just using emojis and showing the expression! So it eliminates the need for texting!

Some brands get advantages of this, in some pizza places the customers can order a pie or a pizza by merely sending the emoji to their social media account! So you don’t even have to pick up the phone and order the food! You can just send a pic and all done!

The top 100 emojis on Instagram

Instagram’s visual connection is creating excellent opportunities for brands to connect with their customers and fans. So emojis are really helpful here, you can think: which characters are most famous for the users?

Using emojis on a business account

You can just get closer to your audience by showing them some human expressions with emojis. This will get you closer to your costumes, and they will feel that you are one of them, a human! Not just a business robot who just wants to make more money from them!

The most popular emoji was “camera,” which appeared 85 times in the 2,500 posts—but it didn’t generate much engagement compared with the heart, which was also the second most used by brands (55 times).

Where can you use emojis?

  1. On your bio

Your Instagram bio shows your personality and style, no matter what that is. Fun, busy, professional, cute, serious, animal lover, food lover, whatever your brand is, you should define it by emojis too.

  1. On your caption

You can use emojis in your post captions too. This can be a chance to get a better personality to your brand with every post and message you write. It’s simple. Don’t get obsessed with it.

  1. In Your Comments

Something you can do a LOT is responding to Instagram comments with emojis. You can use a bunch of facial affect emojis for nearly all responses. This is the way of attaching personality and emotion to an answer or comment without sinking your posts with emojis.

If you don’t use emojis on Instagram, try some of these methods and start using them more often. Just don’t start writing entirely in emojis. 😉

Why am I losing followers on Instagram (How to stop this)

It is an absolute thing that Instagram has become a central social media marketing tool among entrepreneurs and businesses. Nowadays gaining followers is trending these days.

It can be so easy by a little search. But the most important thing is that to retain those followers. The mentionable thing is that to search for how to prevent people from unfollowing you. You should remember the more followers you gain; the more people may unfollow you.

Here you can get the answer to ” why am I losing followers on Instagram” and how you can convince your Instagram followers to remain your customers before they push the green button to make it white.

Why am I losing followers on Instagram?

There are some reasons why you keep losing followers on Instagram, and in this section I am going to name some of those reason for you, so you can avoid these actions and stop losing followers on Instagram.

Not interacting enough

If a user wants more engagement, he/she should engage with followers too. If a user sits and waits for readers to come to them they will be waiting for a long time. On Instagram, it’s important for users to like and comment on other people’s posts as a way to introduce themselves and to increase engagement.

An incomplete or fake bio

Your bio is a very important factor to attract followers. It is a five second pitch to show readers why they should follow you on Instagram. So always keep your bio complete and attractive.

You are not using hashtags

Think of hashtags as a filing cabinet for Instagram. They help keep content organized and discoverable. Posts that use a specific hashtag are put within that “file.” When your ideal reader searches for that hashtag, they can easily scroll through all the posts that use it.

When authors use the wrong hashtags, it keeps them from getting in front of the right people. Hashtags are also one of the best ways to boost engagement. So if you aren’t using any hashtags, that might be why you’re losing followers.

Promoting too much

It sucks when you follow some one whose Instagram stories and posts are always promotional. So if you want to promote some one or a product, do it maximumly once a day.

Sharing lots of posts and stories

One of the most effective reasons in losing followers on Instagram is that you are bothering your followers by overposting on the platform. So keep the limit and do not overdo posting on Instagram.

How to stop losing Instagram followers?

If you are looking for ways to stop your followers count from going down here are some things you can do to prevent this.

Have An Attractive Bio

“Making a good first impression is important” You can say it for social media, too. Instagram bios are the first thing people will look at, after bump into your account, that means your bio for Instagram is crucial!

Be Consistent but Do Not Over Do It

One of the most important tips is this one to balance your posting. Not less, not more. We do not say post every day and night, but post at a regular time. But try not to have a long absence between your activities and besides try not to post more than 1 to 2 times a day.

Engage as much as you can

Social network means an online community of people with a common interest who use a website or other technologies to communicate with each other and share information. So being in touch with your followers consistently is the essential step toward Instagram’s goals. Like their posts, comment on their pictures and reply their comments on your posts to show that you care.

Be Relevant

Post right in your niche. Be relevant. The reason why people follow you is your content; they enjoy watching photos with such theme, if you want to upload irrelevant posts, they may leave you.

Quality over Quantity

Take photos with high quality and post videos with high resolutions. Quality is superior to the number of posts you upload. Cause as it is obvious is Instagram is a visual platform and quality is so important to retain your followers.

Be Yourself

Don’t live a lie life. Living like a real person matters. Fake lives don’t last long. And everybody will understand it sooner or late and may unfollow you.

Do not Upload Selfies More

Do not upload your selfies consecutive. No one like to see the same person in different situations in a row.

Use Hashtags Appropriately

Use proper hashtags that are related to your posts and niche. And also, be aware of banned hashtags.

Do not Advertise Much

Speaking about your brand without any pros for your followers and advertising other pages more and more can make users frustrated. Everyone has its reason that why he unfollows you. Sometimes it is not related to what you post or what you write. But before everything, it’s good to know these tips to prevent your account from getting unfollowed. You can also read all about Instagram unfollow, from limits, how to know who blocked you, how to mass unfollow and etc. here in:”The Complete Guide to Instagram Unfollow.”


These days gaining followers is becoming harder day by day, by losing followers on Instagram is easy. After reading this guide now you know the answer to Why am I losing followers on Instagram, and all the things to do to stop this nightmare and avoid losing followers.

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