How to donate on twitch 2022? (Comple Guide)

Whether you are a Twitch affiliate or a new streamer, you have heard the name of twitch donation at least once. If you’d like to support streamers and content creators with donations on Twitch, but don’t know how to donate to streamers via Twitch, I suggest you read the text below. There, I will explain more about how to donate to twitch streamers, how to donate on twitch mobile, how to donate bits on twitch, and things like this.

What exactly is a twitch donation?

Before I want to explain anything about how to donate on twitch, let’s see what a twitch donation is. Generally speaking, Twitch donations are one-off things viewers do to help their favorite streamer. As such, they choose to donate a one-time amount they want via the streamer’s donation switch. Also, they can donate in-app Twitch Bits for doing this trick if they want. Keep reading and find out more about twitch donation and how to set up a donate button on twitch.

How to donate on twitch?

Now that you know what twitch donation is exactly, it is time to find out how to donate to twitch streamers. While most of these Twitch content creators have a diverse income sources, such as having Patreon pages, selling merchandise, and finding sponsors, it seems nice to support them through donations. Here, I want to explain how to donate on twitch in different ways, like:

  • Using the Twitch donation button
  • Donating on Twitch by using Bits
  • Subscribing to your favorite content creator

Go on and learn more about the details of these three ways like how to set up a donate button on twitch.

How to donate on twitch mobile?

Are you wondering how to donate on twitch mobile? If you think donating to Twitch via mobile app is tedious or a confusing task, the good news is that with the latest update of the Twitch mobile app, you can do this process easier than ever before. To learn how to donate money on twitch using your mobile, just follow the below steps:

  • Download the Twitch app
  • Use your Amazon account for login
  • Then log in through your Google account
  • Choose how you want to donate, like using credit cards or PayPal (If you do not know How to donate on Twitch with PayPal, read the next paragraph)

How to donate on Twitch with PayPal

As you read above one of the most popular methods that Twitch users choose for their twitch donations is through their PayPal account. If you do not know how to donate money on twitch with PayPal, that is easy. When your favorite streamer put a PayPal donation button on his channels or under the videos, and you have a PayPal account, that’s over. Tap on that PayPal donation button, log into your PayPal account and donate your chosen streamer.

How to donate on Twitch anonymously?

How to donate to twitch streamers? Previously I answered this question completely and talked about some of the details of this method. But some people might want to know if it is possible to donate on Twitch anonymously. If you choose to use your PayPal account for your twitch donation, that is not possible, because you have previously entered your personal information to create a PayPal account. I think the only way to do this is to donate bits on twitch, and if You do not know how to donate bits on twitch, I suggest you read the next paragraph.

How to donate bits on twitch?

You might have heard about Twitch Bits or cheers, which is an official Twitch donation scheme. If you do not know how to donate bits on twitch, I have to say that it might seem a bit harder than simply sending some donation to a streamer by pushing a button, and only Twitch Affiliates and Partners can use this way. These bits are a form of digital currency, which you directly send to Twitch with real-world money using Amazon Payments. If you want to know more specifically how to donate bits on twitch, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to a Twitch channel.
  2. On the top right of the stream, you will see the Get Bits option, or you can find the Bits icon within the Send Message box.
  3. Simply choose Buy and select a specific amount and pay for them.
  4. After a few seconds, your inventory will be updated, and the Bits will arrive in your account.

What is the maximum amount you can donate on Twitch?

Above here, I have talked about the most details of how to donate to twitch streamers. If you would like to know about the maximum amount you can donate on Twitch, I have to say that Twitch currently does not set any upper limit for the money people can donate to streamers. Now that you know how to set up a donate button on twitch, and how much you can pay, if you are wondering why people choose to donate on Twitch, do not miss the text below.

Why do people donate to Twitch streamers?

Now that you know how do you donate on twitch, I want to mention how important a Twitch donation can be. Mostly, people choose to twitch donations to support their favorite streamers because they want them to continue what they are doing, now. As you might know, streamers do a job which is not paid in money, but they have to work hard even for log ours, they have bills to pay and need money to perform better for you, so do not forget donations, as they can be so helpful.

The advantages of a twitch donation

How do you donate on twitch? How to donate bits on twitch? Is it necessary to donate on Twitch? Those questions are all discussed above here, but now I want to tell you how important twitch donation is. The main advantage of this method is that you can support your favorite broadcasting gamer because that is the only way he can earn and entertain his viewers. So if you are a streamer, I strongly suggest you learn how to set up a donate button on twitch, and if you are a viewer you should learn how to donate money on twitch.

Many Twitch streamers wish to get as many viewers as they can on their twitch accounts so that they can show their gaming skills to many people. This seems they need to take additional actions along with increasing their streams’ quality, as there is a tight competition on the Twitch servers. if you would like t know more visit here :

Does the streamer receive all the money from a twitch donation?

Previously, I suggested that all streamers learn how to set up a donate button on twitch, but it does not mean they will receive all the money their fans donate on Twitch. Usually, a streamer will receive only 66 percent of the money you donate, and the rest will be spent on processing fees and donation handlers.


How do you donate on twitch? Do you like to pay a donation on Twitch and support your favorite streamer but are not sure about it, or do even you might not know how to donate to twitch streamers? Read the above text and learn about the details of how to donate money on twitch. Also, if you are a streamer, I strongly suggest you learn about how to set up a donate button on twitch.

Sell jewelry near me 2022: Find jewelry buyers near me

Have you ever asked yourself, where can i sell jewelry near me? This simple question might happen to all of us in different situations. For example, when we have a piece of Diamond, gold, or any other kind of jewelry we do not need it anymore. Or when you are stuck in an emergency and need cash more than your beloved jewelry. If so, you should look for the best place to sell jewelry near me. Keep reading and learn more about how to find the best places to sell jewelry near me.

How to sell jewelry?

In case you decide to sell your jewelry, the first question that comes to mind is how to sell jewelry. Actually, this is not a simple question because you have to consider many factors, like:

  • Where do you want to sell it?
  • How do you understand the exact price of your jewelry?
  • How do you want to handle commissions?

But more important than all of them is that you have to find a trusted jewelry buyer, for example, you can search for places to sell jewelry near me. If you have money to spend on advertising, you are so lucky because it will open a lot of doors. To know more about where to sell jewelry near me and how to find jewelry buyers near me, read this text until the end.

How to sell jewelry near me?

When you are here it means you are looking for the answer to the “how to sell jewelry” question. In today’s world, one of the easiest ways to find the best places to sell jewelry near me is to make a quick Google search. But before any action, I suggest you finish this paragraph and find the best terms you can use to search for the “best place to sell jewelry near me” on Google.

  • Search for “sell jewelry near me” to find a jewelry buyer:

The first option you can search on Google to find a trusted jewelry buyer is “sell jewelry near me”. As a result, you will face a wide range of jewelry buyers, such as some of the most important locations, and you might even find many online jewelry buyers.

  • Search for “jewelry buyer nearS me”:

Also, you can try to search the “jewelry buyer nearS me” term and find some Jewelry stores and pawn shops. The point here is that when you decide to sell your jewelry near you in one of these shops, it normally comes with a lower payout.

  •  Search for “jewelry store near me”:

Sometimes, you can choose exactly where to search for Jewelry stores. In this case, you have decided to sell your jewelry to a Jewelry shop, because they will typically pay a maximum of 70% of the melt price, which is more than pawn shops.

Is it worth selling jewelry on marketplace or socialmedia?

Where can i sell jewelry near me? As I have mentioned above, there are two options to find jewelry buyers. First, you can search among jewelry stores and pawn shops, or you can try to find an online jewelry buyer near me. I think it is hard to say which one is better; selling jewelry online or on the marketplace and this is what you have to decide. 

  • Find a jewelry buyer online or on social media:

But generally speaking, if you decide to sell your piece of jewelry or a collection of it on social media, there are different online shops like eBay, Etsy, and more. While selling jewelry online might seem worrying, and you might think about bad events, like your jewelry being lost or stolen, online jewelry buying is a very competitive space. It means you can have more options to sell your jewelry to them, and as a result, you might be able to sell it at a higher price. 

There is one difficulty with this type of selling, which is that you are just one voice shouting in an overwhelming crowd.

  • Find a jewelry buyer on the marketplace:

Also, you can search for places to sell jewelry near me, like different kinds of local shops or Jewelry stores. In this kind of situation, you might earn less than selling Jewelry on social media because the competition in local markets is less competitive, and the overhead of keeping a retail store and team is more costly.

How to sell jewelry online?

Previously, I answered the question “where can i sell jewelry near me” and talked about different ways you can search for jewelry buyers near me. And you understood that choosing online retail stores is one of the best place to sell jewelry near me. So, if you are wondering where to sell jewelry near me? You can do it just like a lot of other jewelry artists and try online sales. One of the biggest advantages of this way is that you do not need to spend a huge amount of money, and you can start by posting an item on an online retail website like ArtFire for free. Or you can think about developing your own website or online store and promoting your work on social networks. 

Also, to become more successful you can follow the below tips:

  • Choose an auction site like eBay
  • Spending more money on pushing ads to the top
  • Decide about a great return policy
  • Make a list of clear and reasonable terms and conditions for shopping

Where to find a jewelry buyer online?

Where to sell jewelry near me? That is a common question among all people who have a piece of jewelry and need to sell it. In today’s world that everything is changing to an online format, you might think that online selling is the easiest and most profitable way that I can find jewelry buyers near me, which is true. Keep reading and find the top three best places to sell jewelry near me. 

  • Blue Nile: 

The first option that I want to introduce as the best place to sell jewelry near me online is the Blue Nile, the first online diamond retailer ever. This online store has other physical stores in nine different states and is very popular in Los Angeles and New York City.

  • Whiteflash:

If you are looking for an online jeweler, especially to find diamond brilliance, I suggest Whiteflash. You can enjoy browsing through Whiteflash’s exclusive diamond collection called A Cut Above, where you will find the finest cut diamonds that exceed the brilliance of ideal cut diamonds.

  • James Allen:

This option is another great online jewelry retailer, which is famous because of its cheapest diamond prices, low markups, and transparency. While I strongly suggest James Allen to couples who look for unique bridal jewelry, they might not be good at fashion rings and other kinds of fashion jewelry.

What is the best way to sell expensive jewelry?

Previously I talked about all the details of how to find jewelry buyers near me and where to sell jewelry near me. Now, if you are asking about expensive pieces of jewelry and where can i sell jewelry near me, I have to say that is no different. While there are not many people who can afford the cost of high-value pieces of jewelry, you can try to find a jewelry buyer through one of the above-mentioned ways as the best place to sell jewelry near me. The only point I want to add here is that more than Local jewelry stores, pawn shops, and online jewelry buyers, you can try to sell your expensive pieces of jewelry to your friends or relatives.


Do you have an old collection of jewelry or a special piece, which you want to sell? Are you asking yourself where to sell jewelry near me? If so, the above text is specially written for you. There, I talked about all the details of how to sell jewelry, the best place to sell jewelry near me, and how to find jewelry buyers near me.

Top 10 portable desks to buy in 2022 (Full Guide)

A portable desk is a table that is not fixed or not in a fixed place. A portable desk may be a small table with wheels to move around the room more easily. The desk may also be a back desk, which has different designs for different needs. This type of table does not have legs that reach the ground. Instead, the table rests on your legs while you sit in a chair or even lie on the bed.

What is a portable desk good for?

Portable work areas on wheels are helpful for places of business, clinics, or elsewhere where numerous individuals need to involve similar PC in various areas. A portable desk on wheels will be a lot more modest than a norm, fixed work area, and generally just has space for a PC with a little drawer under it. Obviously, these kinds of portable desks are accessible in various sizes to suit various requirements. For the most part, one would not have this kind of portable desk in the home, since it is essentially not down to earth.

Different types of a portable desk

Portable tables are much more common at home. This type of portable table may be as simple as a tray with fixed legs that rests on a skirt, or it may have a more complex design. Some back tables have legs that can be bent and positioned in different ways, to raise or lower the height of the table or to help balance the table on an unstable surface. Some of these laptop desks also have surfaces that can be bent at an angle, which can be useful if you need to tilt your laptop or document to improve ergonomics. Another common design involves a hard surface built on top of a small cushion.

Another type of desk is without any legs at all. This type of portable desk is placed under your laptop to insulate the computer and prevent heat transfer to your feet. These types of desks are convenient because they can often fit right into a laptop bag. Some even have fans to improve ventilation and prevent the computer from overheating. Both types of portable desks are often designed to hold laptops securely in place, so they don’t slide off the desk and get damaged.

For those who work from home or find themselves frequently working on a laptop, a portable desk can be a big help. They can be more ergonomically correct and help relieve discomfort from working long hours on a laptop. They also allow one to easily move from one room to another, if needed. These types of desks range in price, and one should shop around to find one to fit a specific need or budget. In the following you will be more familiar with the main types of these desks:

Portable laptop desk

The function of a laptop table or desk is broad (to hold a laptop in a comfortable position while you work) so there’s some overlap with standing desks and portable laptop desk. The point of using one is to position your laptop in a way that lets you sit or stand more comfortably and ergonomically. One of the most important details that Strategist contributors noticed while searching for a laptop table is that “any desk should allow us to rest my elbows on it while I tap away, to help take the tension out of our neck and shoulders.” There are iterations meant for the couch or options that you can wheel around.

Portable standing desk

A portable standing desk allows you to either transport it from one building to the next, or is so easily movable that with minimal effort, you can take it from one position to the next. Note that this does not include your typical full-sized models, because moving them around is a pain and people don’t do it very often. However, a true portable sit-stand desk is one that if you wanted to, you could easily take from one place to the next or push it with no challenge whatsoever. You tend to find that these fall under several categories. The first portable computer desk sits atop casters just like an ergonomic chair would. They are often best suited for small workspaces that may require a lot of movement. For example, there may be a shared area in the office with a small portable workstation that needs to be shifted from time to time. Alternatively, there could be a presentation room that has two optimal locations for a workspace. One is used when it’s presentation time, while the other is used when it’s not. Since there is no need to have a machine in the presentation area when no presenting is happening, it may not necessarily be feasible to purchase a second one, so a portable standing desk is used to fill that gap since it’s on wheels.

Portable computer desk

For the tightest of spaces, you will want to create a portable workstation within the existing framework of the room. A desk that attaches to an existing desk can add more functionality to a space and easily move with you from room to room. Be sure to look for ventilation holes for airflow in your computer. Portable computer desks should also carry more weight as computers are naturally heavier than laptops.

Top 10 portable desks to buy

These are the top ten best folding and portable desks to buy in 2022:

  • Folding Computer Desk for Small SpacesBest overall

  • Need Small Computer Desk 31.5 inches Folding Table No Assembly Sturdy Small Writing Desk Folding Best expensive

  • Mr IRONSTONE L-Shaped Desk 50.8 inch & Computer Desk 31 inchBest price

  • ogesHome Adjustable Laptop Desk Table 23.6inches Portable Laptop Table Computer Stand

  • KingCamp Bamboo Folding Table Portable Camping Table

  • YJHome Small Computer Desk Student Folding Table

  • Ergotron – WorkFit-T Standing Desk Converter, Dual Monitor Sit Stand Desk Riser

  • FITUEYES Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

  • SFFZY Height-Adjustable Laptop Computer Portable Desk Table

  • Klvied Standing Desk Adjustable Height, Stand Up Desk with Cup Holder, Portable Laptop Desk

1. Folding Computer Desk for Small Spaces

This modern styled folding and cozy desk is a great top-rated option. This model  is the most beloved by the customers according to reviews. This simple office desk can fit in any small space of your apartment.

This portable laptop desk affordable and may be utilized as a side table when not in use as a laptop desk. If you are looking for a multi-functional desk that is the right size, sturdy, and does not need any tools to assemble. You can give it chance and set up your personalized workspace.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable price          
  • Sturdy build


  • an average quality

2. Need Small Computer Desk 31.5 inches Folding Table No Assembly Sturdy Small Writing Desk Folding

You can find this in a diverse range of colors and 5 sizes from 31.5 inches to 60 inches. The folding desk is easy to carry and does not require a thing to assemble. It’s incredibly durable and simple to assemble; simply unfold the legs and it is ready to use. Does not wobble at all, which is a primary concern with any desk. Great for anyone looking for a desk that is simple, easy to use, practical, and aesthetically pleasing. This is our top pick for the best small computer desk.


  • No assembly required
  • Comes in a variety of colors and sizes 
  • Compact         
  • Sturdy build


  • sharp edges

3. Mr IRONSTONE L-Shaped Desk 50.8 inch & Computer Desk 31 inch

The flexible plan and fine completion give this versatile desk from IRONSTONE an extravagant vibe. Add this rich multi-utilitarian collapsing work area to upgrade the style of your room. This portable work area can act as an eating table an office work area featuring a cup Holder and Headphone Hook.

The top material of the Mr IRONSTONE Computer Desk 31″ Home Office Small Computer Desk is pecan wood that looks great. With the wheels locked, it’s steady. Be it a small dormitory or your office space, it fits yourdecoration nicely. This will be a down to earth expansion to your home style.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Practical and unique design    
  • affordable        


  • quality is average

4. SogesHome Adjustable Laptop Desk Table 23.6inches Portable Laptop Table Computer Stand

SogesHome Adjustable Laptop Desk is highly adjustable and ideal for your home workspace, especially if you are looking for a standing desk. When you get tired, just grab your comfy chair, adjust the height to the sitting position and get going! Keep your belongings, books, lamp, or a planter on this two-tier computer desk as it offers a generous work surface for all your things. With rolling wheels, you can move your table all around your space.


  • Can be used as a two-tier desk
  • With its adjustable height, you can use it while standing or sitting down.
  • Affordable
  • Well-made quality


  • The wheels could be easier to move
  • vague instructions

5. KingCamp Bamboo Folding Table Portable Camping Table with Carry Bag Heavy Duty 176 lbs Adjustable Height Camp Table for Travel

This model is durable, portable, reliable, and sturdy at the same time. You can use it as a portable office desk. This well-made furniture product has a beautiful bamboo tabletop. While the fundamentals are the same as any other desk, the customization choices for size, power supplies, electronics, and other areas set it apart.

It is an environmentally protective oversized anti-UV portable folding table. Adjustable aluminum feet allow you to modify the table’s height slightly. Ideal for parties, picnics, and camping adventures both indoors and out.


  • Easy to assemble
  • customizable design
  • Sturdy enough to be used outdoors


  • legs are short

6. YJHome Small Computer Desk Student Folding Table 31.5″ X 15.75″ X 29″

The level of this model is movable and requires no assembly. Simply overlap it and hold it under your bed after office. This piece ensures sturdiness. You can involve it as an espresso station when you have an organization over. The YJHomes Portable Folding Computer Desk is popular, with an inconspicuous plan and an appealing feel, alongside extra capacity under. Extra extensive PC work area where you can keep your books and spot a light to add a class to your home stylistic theme. An all-inclusive expansion to your schoolwork space.


  • very sturdy
  • Comes with additional storage underneath     
  • Comes with adjustable height
  • very spacious


  • Limited in height

7. Ergotron – WorkFit-T Standing Desk Converter, Dual Monitor Sit Stand Desk Riser for Tabletops – 35 Inch Width, Black

The Ergotron WorkFit-T and the Varidesk Pro Plus are direct competitors. The WorkFit-T has a similar design with comparable features and variations. The major difference between the WorkFit-T and Varidesk Pro Plus is that the WorkFit-T moves vertically, whereas the Varidesk shifts outward (toward users) when raised. If space is a tight squeeze, the minimalist WorkFit-T may be a better fit.


  • adjusts vertically with the press of two buttons
  • easy to use
  • the surface height adjustment on this uplift desk is entirely vertical with no lateral movement
  • it holds up to 35-40 pounds and features a fair amount of workspace at standing or sitting height


  • expensive

8. FITUEYES Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

The top surface of this portable standing desk is 31.5” x 15.7” providing plenty of space for single monitor, dual monitor, and laptop plus computer monitor setups. Raises up to 19.8 inches and lowers down to 4.3 inches makes it ideal for your height. Transforming from sitting to standing in one motion is possible with dual gas spring force. Adjust to your proper comfort level by using the innovative simple touch height locking mechanism. It allows you to find that needed healthy balance between sitting and standing up throughout the day.


  • strong base can hold up to 33 lbs
  • good value to price ratio


  • a less than smooth experience

9. SFFZY Height-Adjustable Laptop Computer Portable Desk Table

Rather than using a heavy and large computer desk, this portable desk table computer desk will be a practical and convenient item for your daily study or work. This desk area flaunts its lifting style, so you can constantly track down the most reasonable level. Concerning its quality, this PC work area is made of prevalent 15mm chipboard and steel material with fragile workmanship, rather strong and stable to utilize. Additionally, this lifting work area will not consume much room when not used!


  • good design
  • high-quality materials
  • Multifunctional adjustable


  • Heavy
  • Tight work space

10. Klvied Standing Desk Adjustable Height, Stand Up Desk with Cup Holder, Portable Laptop Desk

On the side of this portable desk table you can find a huge holder cup, which is a smart way to contain your drink, under the sofa or over the bed. This model is easy to put under the sofa and bed to get a very comfortable posture. It has an adjustable height of 27.9 inch and 37.2 inch for you to sit or stand. Smooth 360 degree rotation wheels make desk move wherever you want.

Ergonomics standing laptop stand makes changing between sittings and standing helps you to relieve fatigue, avoid health problems of sitting and improve your working efficiency, standing up computer desk provide a more healthy working position for you.


  • Smart made
  • Affordable
  • Easily portable


  • Not good quality

Where to buy the best portable standing desk?

There are a vast range of online shops including Amazon that you purchase models like portable laptop desk from. In addition you can find portable standing desk in shops like Staple. The main point is that you should consider what your case is and choose based on that.

Should I get a standing desk or a lap desk?

Here are a few fundamental factors that can assist with figuring out which portable desk table is better among the two:

1. Health Benefits & Effects

Lap desks and stand desks have similar health benefits and both are designed to provide the best ergonomic solution to working with a laptop. But it is safe to assume that most of us are used to working at desks. Initially, it will be hard to get used to standing and working. Standing in one place for a long time will also put pressure on your hips, knees, and feet. But with a lap desk, you can sit and adjust its position in an ergonomic and comfortable way. Make sure you stand up and walk every few hours and you will be fine.

2. Cost Comparison

Lap desks are clear winners in this category since you can get quality products for just $50. Whereas the prices of quality standing desks can range from $400-$1500 or more. The best standing desks are the mechanical ones, which are fairly expensive. There are cheaper models, but they tend to be flimsy and making a custom standing desk can be a hassle.

3. Overall Effectiveness

Keep in mind that we are talking about laptops and not desktops. With laptops, you are more used to carrying it around and working in different places. Changing places can also increase productivity. In this case, you can just pick your portable desk table and go to a different room or even the porch and easily set it up to work. You can hardly do that with a standing desk.

Lap desks pros

There are plenty of ergonomic lap desks available in the market and here are the main reasons:

Comfortable & Effective: Lap desks are designed in a way that to use it, you will have to maintain the right posture. This portable desk table offers space for your arms so you do not have to worry about your wrists. Overall, working becomes comfortable yet effective.

Reduces pain: If you are not sitting in the right position with your laptop, then you will have problems in the neck, back, and eye. If you have a lap desk, then even in the bed you will have to sit in an upwards position reducing the chances of physical pain.

Ability to Customize Setup: You can lock your laptop in a fixed position, adjust the height, tilt the screen to match your eyesight level and try out other custom setup ideas to find the sweet spot. Whether you are on a couch or a bed, a lap desk can always be adjustable.

Multiple Features: Lap desks are not just standing for your laptops, a lot of them come with cool features like built-in cooling systems and 360° rotation. This portable desk tables also come in different materials, designs, and are lightweight.

Standing desks pros

Sitting too much can cause severe back pain and increase the chances of several other diseases. It is ideal to stand up from time to time and walk when you work. Standing desks are the ideal solutions for this and provide the following benefits:

Back pain reduction: In a recent study, respondents claim to have a 32% improvement in back pain after using a standing desk for several weeks. Another study by the CDC claimed that after using sit-stand desks for 4 weeks, upper neck & back pain reduced by 54%.

Enhances Energy: People who are used to working on standing desks are less prone to fatigue and have more energy than people who work while sitting all day. Standing and working may even reduce stress, but this has not been backed by science.

Helps you weight loss: Standing can burn up to 88 calories per hour. While this is nothing significant, it still helps in reducing the chances of obesity. While standing you are also using up more energy and generating heat which backs up the fact that standing does indeed help reduce calories.

What to consider when buying the best portable desk?

These are the most important point that you should consider when buying the best portable desk:

Height and weight limit

Portable laptop desks fit in different circumstances and use cases. Some are really intended to hold your PC while you’re relaxing or dealing with a love seat so they will more often than not have more limited levels. Some have movable levels, and many are intended to be versatile so you can utilize them all through your home. You’d better record the level of each table underneath and noted whether it’s flexible, which will be particularly significant if you have any desire to utilize it while standing, sitting, or a tad of both. It’s additionally vital to focus on how much weight the table can hold. A large portion of these tables can uphold a PC and a couple of embellishments, similar to a telephone or console.


Laptop tables and desks vary greatly in size as well as portability. Some are meant to be more stationary, like a standing-desk converter or laptop stand, while others are compact and easy to carry, or have wheels that make it easier to roll them from room to room.

Surface Area

You don’t want a desk that does not fit your computer. Some computer desks may allow good space to keep your laptop and have extra storage for books. Consider buying a table that has enough space that meets your requirements.


Laptop tables can also fit into a variety of other product categories, which is why their prices can range so wildly. Some laptop tables are smaller and have minimal designs, and are therefore are less expensive, but some laptop tables are really standing-desk converters, which have more features and can hold a laptop as well as a monitor (or two), which tends to raise the price.


Working from home requires a comfortable and practical office setup. Sitting on a sofa for a long meeting is tough and can cause health issues such as cervical and backaches. Why sit incorrectly when you can have a foldable desk. Comfortable computer desks will not only improve your sitting posture but you can just keep them aside without compromising your space.

In conclusion

You gain the freedom to set up your workspace anywhere by getting the portable computer desks to buy in 2022. From lap desk with vented airflow to a standing option with wheels for easy mobility, there are a vast range of options in the market. Search wisely to find the best one that suits you.

+50 cute drawings Examples and Templates

Do you have a love feeling for cute drawings, like a lovable girl or a woolly teddy bear staring at you? Are you planning to draw one of them by yourself? All of these designs are easy to learn and easy to be loved. You only have to be patient, intellectual, and of course, creative.

In this post, we will take a trip to the planet of artists and share the best 50 cute drawings with you.

Are cute drawings hard to learn?

The art of drawing inviting designs has always been appealing throughout history, and in our modern world, we can do it easily with a sharp pencil at home or with your software on the computer.

Learning a new skill always seems to be bone-smashing in the beginning, but soon you will find out how much you love what you got from the master, and you can boost your art power even more. In the following paragraphs, you will see how to start making cute drawings with your artistic hands.

How to draw Cute Drawings Step by Step?

To make a delicious homemade cake, the ingredients should be added properly and in a correct assortment. In the case of cute drawings, more attention to steps is required.

Most graphical websites (like Pinterest and Shutterstock) nowadays have a separate section that shows you how you can draw a cute design step by step without losing a point. If you are looking for a more practical and animated tutorial, some YouTube videos available in art categories can be a nice clue for starting drawing your own feats.

30+ cute drawings examples

The first step for a newbie in arts is to watch several templates carefully and try to copy what he or she is seeing on the paper. Although this is a kind of illegal imitation, you will learn much more than the status in which you only draw some meaningless aspheric lines by yourself.

Cute drawings templates can be found everywhere on the internet, but you don’t need to waste your energy searching; since we have gathered more than 30 cute drawings examples for you in the following;

Cute drawings templates

As a designer of cute drawings, you need to make sure you have spent enough time and energy to conduct your fingers and brain neurons to an artistic approach. Do you wish to have more templates for training? Here we have another ten cute drawings templates for you ambitious guys;

A lovely girl with crazy eyes

A boyish sketch for training

A happy dinosaur

A meaningful eye with great sensation

An  innocent girl with painted flower crown

A cute parrot

A little kitten looking for a warm hug

An angry tiger watching its prey

A cute baby Yuda greatly painted

A cute painted deer waiting for you


That is all. Learning a graphical skill is accompanied by regular training, so never waste your chance when you think it is time to take a rest and make some cute drawings on your laptop, or traditionally on white paper. As soon as you have harmonic hands for drawing sketches, you can throw your guide clips into the recycle bin and open your cute drawings office at your home, like Pablo Picasso!!!

The Best Way to Plan Keyword Research for Your Website

No matter what you’re doing and how big your company is, you need to know that having an impressive, informative, and visually appealing website is the only way to make a living in this day and age. This is also the only way for your company to stand out and be better than everyone else on the market because that’s what you need to become lucrative and successful. However, doing these things is far from easy and you have to be very determined, patient, and focused if you want your company and your website to turn into the place you’ve always wanted them to be. One of the ways to do that is by choosing your keywords adequately and by making sure that these give you the attention you need from your readers and visitors. In case you need some help finding the right keywords, here are a few things that might help you do that in the best way possible.

Think about what you’re offering and selling

The best way to find out how to advertise your products and services is by focusing on what you’re trying to sell and offer. This means that thinking about your product should be the first thing in the process of keyword brainstorming, and the reason for that is quite simple – only after analyzing your product thoroughly will you be able to understand how to present it to the world and encourage people to spend money on it. This is why your product should be the focus of your marketing campaign and your website, and the sooner you understand that the better.

The way to do this is quite simple, though – just try to explain your product to the people around you as if none of you know anything about it. If you use this method, you’ll be forced to use words and phrases that will resonate with your audience as well, and that’s the best way to encourage them to pay attention to what you’re doing and learn how to find your product on the Internet. 

Repeat your product’s name over and over again

The thought process of most people around the world is quite similar when it comes to looking for things online. The biggest number of them simply type the name of the product they want and then type the place where they live or the area where they are at the moment. So, when people are looking for a burger in New York, they’re going to type “burgers in New York” in their search engine, and when they want to buy a home in Australia, they’re going to type “homes in Australia” or “homes in Sydney”. 

Even though this sounds too simple, this truly is the thought process of people everywhere out there, and what this means is that you have to make sure that your website includes the name of the product you’re selling or offering as much as possible. From burgers to homes and everything in between, this is the only way to make sure the people online choose your website instead of your competition’s. And, of course, you have to include the name of your product in your keywords as well.

Get some professional help

Unfortunately, doing all these things and making all these choices sounds easier than it truly is in real life. You have to know how to define your product, how to make it different from the way everyone else around you is doing that, and sometimes that can turn out to be quite hard. This is why lots of business owners who insist on doing this on their own make a mistake and fail to define their products and services adequately, and that’s the worst thing you can do when coming up with the best keywords for your website.

This is why getting some professional help might not be such a bad idea. If you’re not sure how to make it all work on your own, getting in touch with people who do these things for a living could help you make the right choice and do a better job than all other businesses in your area. What’s even better is that you don’t have to find a company in your area to help you do that – since most of these things are done online, you can look for SEO professionals anywhere in the world. The only thing you need to do, though, is to make sure the people you pick are experienced and knowledgeable, which is why opting for a renowned Sydney SEO company, for example, might be a great way to go. These people know everything there is to know about choosing the right keywords and coming up with the proper SEO strategy, and those are the things that are going to make your company better and more successful than it’s ever been.

Figure out which keywords you need

In the world of SEO marketing, there are lots of options you can choose from, and this goes for choosing your keywords as well. Two of the most popular options out there are exact keywords and long-tail keywords. Each of these comes with its advantages and disadvantages, and that’s why you need to understand what each of these options means because that’s the only way you’ll be able to make up your mind and choose the right alternative for your website.

Exact match keywords have up to three words – in most cases, though, these contain just one or two words – and these are focused on your products and services and nothing at all. The aforementioned “burgers in New York” or, even shorter, “burgers New York”, is the perfect example, and these keywords contain no other words that might shift your readers’ focus away from your website. On the other hand, those long-tail keywords have three or more words because they include various adjectives that describe your products more accurately. Some people love using these when searching for things online, while others don’t, but this approach is still quite popular with tons of companies and business owners out there. The reason for that is simple: these adjectives will make your keywords different from those that are used by similar companies in your area. Choosing an inspiring and specific set of words as your adjectives will make your keywords stand out and if you’re looking for a way to set your company apart, this might be just the thing you need to make it all work.

Stay away from long words

The real reason why you’re searching for new keywords is to make sure that the biggest number of people can find you online in the shortest amount of time. Due to these two factors – the size of your audience and the speed it takes them to find your website – the process of choosing your keywords should remain as simple as possible. Even though lots of business owners believe that long, complex, and fancy words are going to impress potential visitors and encourage them to turn into paying customers, this usually isn’t the case.

On the contrary, this is an approach that’s going to turn them away from your company because of one simple reason – they won’t be able to find it on the Internet! The chances are that most of these people don’t use any of these keywords in their everyday lives and that’s why they won’t be using them when browsing the Internet looking for products and services. Instead, you have to go in another direction and understand that simplicity is more important than anything else when it comes to keywords.

Keep it simple

This is why your keywords have to be short, sweet, simple, and, above all, memorable. Yes, the phrase “the tastiest homemade burgers in New York” might sound like the best way to attract people who are into tasty food that looks like something they make at home, but is this the best way to go? Well, it certainly isn’t simple because most hungry folks who just want an authentic New York burger in the middle of the night – or the middle of the day, for that matter – won’t bother with words like “tastiest” and “homemade”. These may be the qualities they’re looking for, but they won’t waste their time typing these things into their browser.

Instead, they’re just going to type “burgers in New York” and let Google do the rest. This is why sticking to just a few words – using just one is ideal, but you can go for two or three if necessary – when describing your products and services is the right way to go. You need to decide whether you’re going for quality or quantity, but keep in mind that most business owners prefer the latter. So, if you use simple keywords, you’re going to encourage the most burger fans in New York to try the burgers you make, and that’s something that’s going to take your company to a whole new level in no time at all.

Try to make it catchy

This is another factor that makes a huge difference between poorly chosen keywords and those that have been picked perfectly. Keeping things simple and to the point won’t be enough if you’re not doing something to encourage people to visit your website and later spend some money on your products and services. Doing this can turn out to be quite hard and you’ll need to invest a lot of time, energy, and patience, but you’ll need something else as well – creativity.

This is what might turn into a problem for lots of business owners across the globe. While all of them know how to run their business, they might not be as creative and imaginative as they think they are. That’s why they’re going to come up with generic slogans, phrases, and keywords that might sound correct but are unimaginative. Instead, they should leave this part of the job to their creative department or their marketing team because they should be full of people who know how to make things catchy and cool. If that’s not the case, though, just go to your SEO company and let the creative people there come up with keywords that mix all these things adequately.

Focus on selling your products

Defining your products, knowing everything about them, and being aware of everything crucial about their features might sound like enough to create perfect keywords, but this still isn’t enough. In other words, this might be enough if you’re trying to describe your products and services to the world, but not if you’re trying to sell them and make a living this way. If that’s what you’re hoping for, you need to think about making a sale and turning your products into items that could sound appealing and inviting to certain people out there who might spend some money on them.

So, if you’re trying to be commercial instead of descriptive, you need to add a few more words into the mix. From simple words like “buy” or “purchase” to phrases like “free shipping” and “worldwide shipping”, thinking about some of these could end up meaning quite a lot in the long run. In addition to these, you should think about words that have always attracted buyers and encouraged them to spend their home – “sale”, “discount” and “coupon” are among the favorite ones. Finally, you should turn to new generations as well and make sure you have something in store for them too, so don’t forget to think about words like “join” and “subscribe” when planning your strategy in the future.

Choosing your keywords is neither easy nor simple, but if you’re trying to maximize your company’s website, this is a process you have to go through as soon as you can. So, take a look at these tips and suggestions, try to make the most of them, and enjoy the benefits of these suggestions today!

How to Track a Parcel without a Tracking Number?

You do not need to visit stores physically before you will be able to purchase items. Not only has this reduced the stress of purchasing things, but it has also made it possible for you to purchase goods that might be far away. The only problem with this is the issue of being able to know where your delivery is at a particular time. Maybe if your delivery is a bit late, you will have no idea where your parcel is at that moment. This is why parcel tracking number are being given. Using this number, you can know where your parcel is at the moment. 

What is a Tracking Number?

A tracking number is usually given by the shipping company, who will be delivering your parcel to you. Many people make the mistake of thinking that the tracking number will be given to you by the organization where you order the product from. Your tracking number is unique to you, as you can use it to know where your package is at the moment. With a tracking number, you will be able to get the latest updates on the location of your parcel via the shipping company.. This does not mean that you should stay and be worried if your parcel is not delivered at the time when it should.

Ways to Track your Parcel without a Tracking Number

You should not just give up hope about knowing where your parcel is just because you don’t have a tracking number. Aside from the usual tracking pattern, they are other ways to know where your parcel is.

1. Special Services

Many shipping companies work together with stores that sell products to deliver them to people far away. Due to this, the shipping company usually has special services which they offer to people to who they are delivering their goods. Sometimes, these special services may be paid for while other times they may be for free. Special services are usually found on the website of the shipping company. With the special services, you will be able to get real-time details about your package easily. All you need to do is to input some information about the delivery and you will have full access.

2. Sign up for Informed Delivery

Many companies usually offer informed delivery. All that the person needs to do is to register for it and the person will be given access to a variety of tools. One of these tools is online, up-to-date tracking. This is because the information which you will use to sign up is the same as that of your delivery. What’s more, this pattern lets you track your parcel even without a tracking code. 

3. Delivery Manager

Many companies usually have delivery managers built inside their websites. With these managers, a person will be able to track all of their deliveries without a tracking number. All you need to do is to sign up and verify if those deliveries are yours. After that, you will have full access to information regarding the delivery. Not to mention, this information is usually updated regularly. 


The concern of most people who send packages through courier companies is whether or not their item will be delivered safely. Unfortunately, some courier companies are not good at sending packages to the receiver in good condition. Nevertheless, make sure the courier company has a good track record before you use them. Finally,  be sure to make use of the methods mentioned above to be able to keep track of your parcel.

Coinbase giveaway: What is it, and how to win it?

Although most people still have an unknown fear of the world of cryptocurrency, some guys are digging it to take treasure!!! Many online sweepstake platforms provide crypto services these days, but just a few of them may give you an opportunity to buy your token far more inexpensively than you expected.

Have you ever heard about Coinbase and the Coinbase giveaway? This post will give full information to those users asking;

  • What do we know about the Coinbase Doge giveaway?
  • What is the Coinbase giveaway?
  • How to enter and win the Coinbase Doge giveaway?
  • Who won the Coinbase Doge giveaway?

What is the Coinbase giveaway?

Before starting to figure out what exactly Coinbase giveaway is, let’s see what is waiting for us on the Coinbase official website. Coinbase is an online environment for crypto cravers to sell, buy and swap their desired tokens with no excuse. As a typical user, you can get all the necessary information about cryptocurrency from Coinbase, including the introduction of famous tokens, tutorials and tips, viewing crypto prices, Coinbase Bytes newsletter, and taxes that you have to pay in this business.

If you are a programmer, Coinbase also has a separate section for crypto developers to provide all elements they need to sync Coinbase servers to their applications. For example, they can download the Coinbase API, use the wallet SDK, implement Coinbase Pay SDK on their projects, and even more.

Most goods markets have a discount timeline or similar to what we call “black Friday,” when you can find your favourite with less budget to buy but consume more energy to compete with other guys!!! Coinbase giveaway is a great option for those who think spending money is not a goal in cryptocurrency trading, and there are some solutions to save our assets.

How to enter the Coinbase giveaway?

Several methods are available to enter the Coinbase giveaway in the correct way. The most basic step is to be a member of the Coinbase community, so sign up if you are still out of the field. If you are craving to enter the Coinbase giveaway in full vigour, you can choose one of these methods;

  1. Enter by purchase

To enter the Coinbase giveaway, you can buy some of the tokens declared by Coinbase for that exclusive program (for instance, SAND for the Coinbase giveaway in June 2022). Your trades can be cumulative trades, inclusive of transaction fees, on the Coinbase app or, during the promotion period. For purchasing;

  • You must be a citizen of the 50 United States (excluding Hawaii and New York)
  • You have to opt-in to participate in the sweepstakes
  • You should be an existing or new holder
  • You need to make a buy of $100 or more of the selected token (inclusive of fees)
  1. Enter by mail

If you think the “purchase to enter” method is too atrocious, you can examine your chance by entering the giveaway with your email. Note that mail-in entries must include all requested information to be considered an entry and to earn one entry. Your email;

  • Must have a handwritten return and mailing address
  • Be postmarked before the time of starting the Coinbase giveaway
  • Should include all requested information to be considered as an entry
  • Will not receive confirmation of receipt
  • Will not be accepted if submitted as a photocopy, spam, or facsimile

Your email must include handwriting consisting of your name, address (including city, state, and zip code), email address, and telephone number on the front of a card or paper. Furthermore, you should also mail the single card or paper in an envelope to the address written later on the official Coinbase website.

Question #1: how can we know our entry is verified? After you have successfully completed the entry requirements, you’ll receive a notification within 24 hours confirming your sweepstakes entry from one of these sources;


You should check your Spam box if you haven’t received any email yet.

Question #2: How does Coinbase notify winners? If you were one of the fortunate winners on Coinbase, you would have gotten a notification email from or If you have entered the Coinbase giveaway with your email, a representative of the Coinbase sweepstakes vendor may contact you to get further information and send your prize.

There are lots of scam plans around the Coinbase giveaway, so you should pay attention to these tips in order not to get trapped by the bad guys;

  • Coinbase will never ask you for funds in its emails.
  • The URL will direct you to
  • Coinbase emails will always come from a domain, including or

If you figure out anything suspicious, please report it to

How to win the Coinbase giveaway?

Winning a Coinbase giveaway is something more related to fortune rather than drawing a victory strategy. The fact is that Coinbase has not yet revealed the process of choosing the winner in the Coinbase giveaway, and we are just able to make some guesses about it.

In terms of giveaways, the chance of winning the big prize is not homogeneous among all users, and people with more scores are more likely to be selected. In this case, the term “scores” can be the number of your total transactions, the level of your account, or other parameters defined by the servers.

Who won the Coinbase giveaway?

The Tier 1 winner of the Coinbase giveaway always is declared by the official Twitter page on social media. Note that for each giveaway, a specific token is selected in the form of prizes for winners (for instance, Doge in the Coinbase Doge giveaway), and users will receive a certain amount of cash in that chosen currency.

The prizes for the last Coinbase giveaway (taken on June 2022) were provided for 256 lucky winners, with a total combined retail value of $100,000, including;

  • Tier 1: 1 winner with a prize of $50K in Sandbox (SAND)
  • Tier 2: 5 winners with the prize of $5K in SAND
  • Tier 3: 250 winners with the prize of $100 in SAND

The main winner of the Coinbase giveaway in June was Brandon M from Springboro. Have good luck, man!!!

When was the Coinbase giveaway?

The Coinbase giveaway takes part once every month, and the managers each time declare the timeline of the new giveaway on the official website or Twitter account. The last Coinbase giveaway was in June 2021, or more precisely speaking, it started on June 8, 2022, at 12:00 p.m. Pacific Time (PT) ended on June 21, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. PT.


If you think you are lucky enough to win one of the giveaways on Coinbase, you should be patient for the coming one in July!!!


Coinbase giveaway can be a golden opportunity for any user who thinks becoming a wealthy king or queen in just 24 hours is impossible. Once you register for the Coinbase Doge giveaway, Coinbase Bitcoin giveaway, or whatever already exists on the internet, you just need to take a rest and wait for the official results coming out of the magical hat.

How to win the Coinbase giveaway? Well, some experts hypothesise that the more items you purchase from Coinbase, the more chance you have to win the Coinbase giveaway. But in my opinion, the best way is to visit your local church and pray for your wish!!!

How To Leverage Instagram for Marketing Campaigns

Instagram is one of the most trusted and engaging social media platforms, making it one of the best to boost your brand positioning. Instagram has been growing so consistently that it has now become an important part of marketing strategies for brands. This platform not only provides an innovative and engaging approach for businesses to reach out to a massive audience, initiate a cause, or build a community for their brand.

Marketing campaigns involve social media platforms to a great extent. For a business to grow and acquire new customers, social media plays an integral part in curating User-Generated content and influencing new customers to make a favorable decisions about the brand. These campaigns are essential for boosting conversion rates and integrating unique and vast amounts of UGC into the brand’s website.

By leveraging Instagram in your marketing strategies you not only encourage your existing customers to be loyal to your brand but also reach out to a vast variety of users from various locations generating a lot of organic traffic to your website. Brands also have the option to leverage Instagram to other social media platforms and get the best of both worlds.

Here are a few ways you can leverage Instagram in your marketing strategies:

  1. User-Generated Content is the King

User-generated content is content that your users create for your brand in the form of reviews, ratings, testimonials, shares, reposts, stories, and much more. Brands can generate a huge amount of UGC by taking advantage of hashtag campaigns, embedding Instagram feed on website, and running ads.

Brands can connect with influencers with a huge amount of followers to get them to review their products and post on their profiles, encouraging their followers to try the same. Brands that follow these techniques are becoming trendsetters as people do what most people are doing, making their brand famous and generating more and more UGC eventually boosting brand positioning and social proof.

  1. Instagram widget is a Must

Using social media aggregator tools like Taggbox Widget, EmbedSocial, etc. help with making your website look innovative and engaging. These platforms provide you with a plethora of features where you can curate your Instagram feed into one social wall and not only display it on your website but also can showcase it in your virtual and offline events, conferences, etc.

These Instagram widgets are created using your Instagram feed and other user-generated content on Instagram. This widget can be customized according to your theme and requirements. You also have an option to moderate your content to make sure any irrelevant content is eliminated. This tool is helpful in making your website more responsive, engaging, and interactive, eventually boosting your conversion rates and sales.

  1. Hashtag Campaigns are Universal

A hashtag campaign as the name suggests is a campaign that is based around a particular hashtag. Brands can use hashtag campaigns to initiate a cause, promote a product, launch new products, etc. Hashtags are fast-growing and become popular faster compared to other Instagram campaigns.

Hashtags need to be short, crisp, and unique. Using simple and subtle words, sell. Your hashtag should describe your cause in an interesting way that engages new people to try the same. You can use this campaign for building communities and bringing like-minded people together. Brands can request their potential customers to use their products in unique ways, tag their accounts and maybe provide a reward for people who use their products in the most unique way to keep them hooked.

  1. Organizing Giveaways and Contests are Effective

Giveaways and contests are the best way to get your customers to participate. Brands can take entries through comments, mentions, and hashtags. Brands can ask their users to comment on their posts, tag their friends, and follow the brand account to win a reward. They can organize lucky draws as well to give away their new products.

Contests can include new and innovative approaches to engaging with potential customers. Brands can organize contests like caption contests, trivia, tag friends, etc. to help the brand reach out to potential customers through the brand’s existing customers. 

  1. Combining various platforms with Instagram is the New Trend

Leverage your tweets in your Instagram posts to enhance their reach and drive traffic on other social media platforms as well. Users have the option to post snippets of their tweets, posts, and videos on Instagram to take advantage of combining dynamic content to boost their Instagram feed and market their brand in an innovative way. These posts help the brand integrate various social media platforms to take full advantage of not just Instagram but also other social media platforms.

Combining various social media platforms will help your brand reach out to a vast variety of audiences, making it easier for you to enhance your brand’s reputation and positioning. 


Instagram is a low-cost, highly efficient platform that helps with brand awareness. Instagram is a picture-centric platform making it easy for people to remember your brand and become familiar with the products. Leveraging Instagram in your marketing campaigns provides you the option to reach out to a massive audience and enhance your engagement.

The best ATM machine to buy in 2022 (Start an ATM machine business)

ATM machines have revolutionized the banking industry, so we only need to visit our bank for important cases. Today, more than 1,200,000 ATM machines are working, and a new ATM machine is added to this collection every five minutes. To think more miniaturized, more than 300 million mini ATM machine (or card swipe machines) are active worldwide

If you are interested in an ATM machine business and wondering how you can buy ATM machine for personal purposes, we are here to help you greatly. In this article, we are going to explore these questions;

  • What are the benefits of having an ATM machine business?
  • Which bank installed the first ATM machine in the United States?
  • Where to find an ATM machine for sale?
  • Where to buy an ATM machine?
  • How much does an ATM machine cost?
  • How can I find a used ATM machine for sale?

Is it good to have an ATM machine business?

A clever old man once told me, “a business owner should always be on the lookout for ways to make more money.” This is why more and more business people are chasing the “ATM machine for sale” banners on the internet.

How much is an ATM machine? Believe me; it doesn’t matter how many bucks you are going to spend for an ATM cos your ATM machine will bring your budget multiplied back to your budget for sure. So, is it correct that an ATM machine can print tons of dollar bills for your business? You never get an answer of “no” to this question.

What are the benefits of having an ATM machine business?

No matter if you decide to buy a typical ATM machine or a mini ATM machine version for your office, most experts will guarantee the profit you are going to receive from it. What are the advantages of having an ATM machine?

  1. Increasing revenue

When we talk about the ATM machine business, we are actually talking about super revenue. How can an ATM machine bring more revenue? Suppose that most people and young adults are just wondering about having a small snack or a cup of coffee after hard work. In this case, they prefer to pay for goods in cash rather than with their credit cards, and here they see an ATM next to your cashier person. Congratulations! You won praise!

  1. Increasing average spent

Any business owner wishes to have customers willing to spend more cash in their stores. If one of the limitations of spending money is lacking cash payments, you can eliminate this factor by implementing an ATM machine.

  1. Customer loyalty

Installing an ATM machine for your customers leads to making them happy, and happier customers often are more loyal ones. Once users know the ATM exists, they know where they can always quickly and easily access their money. In this way, you bring in more customers regularly.

  1. Save money on fees

If you offer access to cash in your store, you encourage more cash payments. More cash payments mean you have to pay fewer fees for transactions and save your money in your pocket. Furthermore, you can also use cryptocurrency as a payment method for your business, so customers can purchase from your store without wrestling with the government’s tax rules.

  1. Improving safety

An ATM machine in a store always looks safer than an ATM machine on the street. The nearby ATM machine will free users from getting out of your store and making a stop to deposit cash elsewhere, so installing an ATM can bring more comfort to your customers and your employees.

How much is a used ATM machine?

The next question is; how much is an ATM machine? Like domestic electric appliances and mobile phones, ATMs can vary in quality and total cost due to their manufacturer and the materials used in making them. If you want to buy ATM machine, you can have one of them by paying an average of $2000 to $7000 on markets. Note that a more expensive ATM machine isn’t necessarily a functionally better choice, so you must take care of all parameters about the ATM machine specifications.

If you are one of those people groaning about the cost of new ATM machines, then try finding a used one. There are many used ATM machine for sale websites (like eBay and, where you can find a relatively operational ATM machine for sale for less than $1500.

Which bank installed the first ATM machine in the United States?

The history of installing ATM machines started in the big apple, New York. On a sunny September 2, 1969, Chemical bank installed America’s first automatic teller machine (ATM) for the public, located at Rockville Center. Many people in those days were like new babies having no idea about how to use an ATM machine, but soon, a revolution happened. Note that the ATM machine deputed in 1969 was only able to deposit cash, and just two years later, a multi-functional ATM machine was introduced.

It took only two decades for ATM machines to become popular all over the country. By the end of the 80s, an ATM machine became developed to perform many of the functions previously done by human tellers, such as check deposits and money transfers between accounts.

How to buy ATM machine?

For those customers managing to buy ATM machine for their business, several online and local marketplaces are supporting their customers with “ATM machine for sale” advertisements. To buy ATM machine for your business, these factors should be considered;

  1. Technology support

Used ATM machines seem to be cheaper than new ones, but their features are already out-of-date. Apart from operating at a slower pace, they are generally non-EMV compliant. As a recommendation, it is better to buy ATM machine compatible with EMV technology so that it can;

  • Display transactions information more securely
  • Deter efforts to scam customers through your ATM
  • Minimize fraudulent transactions by over 50%.
  1. The name of the manufacturer

Several manufacturers in the US are producing ATM machines (such as Genmega, Hantle, and Triton), but even these companies’ products can be far different from each other. In this case, your task is to carefully study the whole catalogs of any ATM machine you are deciding to purchase, leaving no sentence unviewed.

  1. Aesthetics

Although it seems wired, people are more comfortable with more beautiful and modern ATM machines!!! In the role of an ATM machine customer, you should also take care of the character your ATM machine shows up the first glance. Note that people judge the functionality of machines and technology based on their appearance, so make sure that aesthetics is part of your criteria.

Where to buy ATM machine for sale?

After thinking about the features of your desired ATM machine, it is time to locate a store for stating to spend your money. If you live in big cities like New York, Detroit, or Chicago, there are various shopping centers so that you can drive to their location and choose the best ATM machine for your work. You can purchase your ATM machine online if you think sticking in traffic jams is not a good idea.  

Where to buy an ATM machine? Check these websites to find your dream ATM machine;

What is the best ATM machine to buy?

Are you determined to buy ATM machine? Then let’s review the best ATM machines you can own for your business;

  1. Genmega 2500, Onyx

This is one of the best ATM machines you can find on the market. The G2500 comes with special features, such as an 8-inch high-resolution, wide-screen LCD with EMV technology and additional tools to operate. This product also has fixed, removable, and multi-cash cassette dispenser options.

  • Price: $6200 to $9000
  1. Nautilus Hyosung 2700

If you are looking for an ATM machine with easily upgradable features, then Nautilus Hyosung 2700 is made for you. The new Hyosung model is accompanied by a 10.4″ color display and heat-sensitive function keys, as well as a UL Business hours vault and PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliant EPP (Encrypting PIN pad.

  • Price: $3000 to $4000
  1. Diebold Nixdorf CS 2040

Diebold Nixdorf ATM machines are compact and flexible for indoor purposes. It comes with a 15-inch XGA color consumer display screen; an 80 mm enhanced graphical printer and an EMV-compatible card reader.

  • Price: $3300 to $8000
  1. Triton Argo, Traverse

As a masterpiece in 40 years of Triton’s history as an American ATM manufacturer, this product can meet your most customized needs. This machine rates very well and is for high traffic and volume areas of many retail, food service, and hospitality locations. You will love its anti-skimming and PIN shielding design.

  • Price: $5300 to $12000
  1. Hantle 1700

The Hantle 1700 Series ATM comes with incredible high-tech features. This product only weighs 200 lbs and offers security and ease of maintenance. It is fully TDES and ADA compliant. You can purchase this ATM with a 1700 note removable cassette cash dispenser.

  • Price: $1900 to $2900


Thank you for reading. To find ATM machine for sale, just visit one or two websites on our list, and then you will be taken to the world of stunning ATMs for your purpose. How much does an ATM machine cost? New ATM machines are accessible with paying 6000 USD on average, but you can find a used ATM machine for sale for only $1000, though it is not recommended to buy old-fashioned ATMs.

ATM machine business is a great place for your investment. As more and more people are spending their hours in big shopping malls, an ATM machine is more needed to boost your revenue. So, just navigate your web browser and skim websites for an ATM machine for sale!!!

Best paying banking jobs 2022 (How to get one?)

Are you searching for the best banking jobs? As you know the financial industry is broad and almost lucrative. It means even an entry-level banking job is a well-paid one and if you have a strong business background and excellent communication skills, it is possible to get the best-paying job in this market. Keep reading and learn more about different kinds of banking jobs such as remote banking jobs, work from home banking jobs, entry level banking jobs, investment banking analyst jobs, commercial banking jobs, investment banking jobs, and even the list of banking jobs near me.

What are banking jobs?

Before going through different kinds of banking jobs near me, let’s see what does it mean? Banking jobs include all jobs in the financial service sector, such as working with or for banks at the local, state, or national level. Based on your experience level, you can find entry-level banking jobs like bank security to higher levels such as insurance/loan-related services.

What are the skills needed for banking jobs?

Now that you know a banking job could refer to what, you might think that you are pursuing a career in banking, but before anything, you have to know about the certain, unique set of qualities and skills that would help you be successful in this field. As you might know, corporate and investment banking are among the most competitive sectors, which means only the best and brightest ones can attend them. Read the below list, and find the top 10 most important skills you have to gain to get investment banking jobs or any other job in this field.

  • Analytical skills
  • Commercial awareness
  • Attention to detail
  • Determination
  • Work ethic
  • Confidence
  •  Technical skills
  • Stress management
  • Communication skills
  • Resilience

Are there any remote banking jobs?

Do you like everything to do with money and banking? Are you among people who prefer a great job and work from home? If you love working in financial fields from home, it means you will like the work-at-home banking jobs. When you choose work from home banking jobs, it means you have the flexibility to build your own schedule. Keep reading and learn more about the samples of remote banking jobs, and other kinds of jobs in this field, such as investment banking analyst jobs, and investment banking jobs.

How to get into banking jobs?

Before going through different kinds of these jobs, let’s see how the process of getting into a bank job is. I have divided this long process into quick steps to help you easily consider how to start a banking career path.

  1. To get into most of the high-level and even entry level banking jobs, you need to obtain a high school diploma or equivalent.
  2. Whatever position you wish to pursue, you have to work on the list of essecila skills that I have mentioned above.
  3. As a great way to learn more about open banking positions, you have to network with those who already have a job in the banking industry.
  4. You have to carefully search several different bank settings you can work in, and find one that best suits your preferences. For example, you have to decide whether you want to work in commercial banking jobs, or investment banking jobs.
  5. After that, you have developed your banking skills and found the type of bank setting you want to work in, it is time to apply for open entry-level banking positions. 
  6. To take your banking career to the next level, you have to consider higher education or training.

How many types of banking jobs exams are there?

Another important question that you might ask yourself before searching for banking jobs near me is about the types of banking jobs exams that you might face whether you want to find a job among the entry level banking jobs or high-level ones. To make it easy for you, I have gathered a complete list of these exams, below.

  1. IBPS PO & CLERICAL (for nationalized banks)
  2. RRB PO & CLERICAL ( for regional rural banks)
  4. CO OPERATIVE BANK PO & CLERK ( state level)
  8. SCALE 2 OFFICER if you have more than 2 years of experience in banking.

What is the age limit for banking jobs exam?

Now that you know about the details of bank exams, you might want to know about the bank exam eligibility age limit. Here, I have to add that generally, the age limit for bank exams for the applicants is between 21 to 30 years. But if you want to know about the age relaxation in the upper limit for the reserved category candidates, read the below list.

  • SC/ST: 05 years
  • OBC: 03 years
  • PWD + SC/ST: 15 years
  • PWD + General: 10 years
  • Ex-servicemen: 05 years

Where to find the best banking jobs?

After that, you read all the points about remote banking jobs and work from home banking jobs, and how to get into entry level banking jobs. It is time to find the best websites which you can use to search for banking jobs near me. The below list offers the top six websites that could help you land your favorite finance job.

  •  The first option could be eFinancialCareers, which posts finance jobs in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific region. 
  • The second option where you can narrow your search is FinancialJobBank. 
  • The professional networking site, LinkedIn helps you to give your search a personal dimension.
  • Indeed, which works in aggregating thousands of job posts from company websites and other job boards.
  • SimplyHired is another website with a nice safety net of sorts.
  • Another most prominent group in the finance world is the Association for Financial Professionals.

Top 10 banking jobs

Finally, it is time to introduce the 10 best banking jobs. Search among the below list and find the one that best fits your interests, skills, and education level.

  1. Financial Analyst: As a financial analyst, you will work to help businesses or individuals make investment decisions, and you will earn a median annual salary of $85,660.
  2. Personal Financial Adviser: In this position, you help individuals manage their money to meet their short- and long-term goals, and you can earn a median annual salary of $87,850.
  3. Relationship Manager: As a professional in this field, you work to develop and maintain customer relationships, and you can earn an average annual salary of $83,574.
  4. Accountant: All accountants analyze, plan, and evaluate business expenses and income with a median annual salary of $71,550.
  5. Auditor: In this position, you should review accounting records, ensuring accuracy and compliance with regulations and state and federal laws with the median annual salary of $71,550.
  6. Branch Manager: You can choose to work as a branch manager and oversees operations, including hiring and training staff with an average annual salary of $59,185.
  7. Loan Officer: In this position, you have to help people identify and apply for loans even if it is mortgaged to personal loans, and you will earn a median annual salary of $63,270.
  8. Collector: All collectors play a pivotal role for companies as they manage accounts and keep track of bills. In this position, you can earn an average annual salary of $40,202.
  9. Bank Teller: As a bank teller, you have to cash checks, accept deposits, and process account withdrawals with a median annual salary of $31,230.9
  10. Treasurer: If you like to work in this position, you have to manage an organization’s finances, objectives, and goals, and you will earn an average annual salary of $86,955. 

Remote banking jobs

Previously, you learned what remote banking jobs mean. Now I want to tell three best options which you can search among the work from home banking jobs, and find the best.

  • Bank of America:

 The primary clients of the Bank of America are individual banking accounts, and institutional advisors and companies. If you want to know about the available positions, I have to mention that Bank of America frequently has remote call center associate opportunities upon location. Check your state to find the currently open jobs in your area. 

  •  Citizens Bank:

Citizens Bank, which is famous for creating a stellar “talent community” of employees is where you can find a wide variety of work from home banking positions, from mortgage officers or account executives to CRA loan officers, and more.

  •  JP Morgan Chase

The next large banking corporation that has embraced the work-at-home world is Chase bank. There, you can find various remote options such as virtual bank managers, virtual banking assistants, team leads, and so more.

Entry level banking jobs:

In this paragraph, I want to introduce the three most simple entry level banking jobs, you can choose to start your work in this field.

  • Assistant manager: 

In this position, you will work as an assistant manager and support managers to lead their teams, help customers resolve concerns with the company’s product or services, and work in the manager’s role when they’re absent.

  • Personal banker:

This job means you will work as a finance professional who helps their clients operate their accounts and investments. For example, you assist new and existing customers who need help setting up a checking or savings account.

  • Security guard:

The next option among the entry level banking jobs is a security guard. These security services professionals carefully watch the premises of a facility to keep the building and its residents safe.

Commercial banking jobs:

The next category that I choose to introduce its most popular jobs is the commercial banking jobs. Below here, you can find the top three commercial banking career options. 

  • Credit Analyst:

A credit Analyst considers the creditworthiness of the borrower and determines whether to pay the loan or not.

  • General Manager:

A General Manager oversees a large team under him in the advances department and carefully follows the portfolio assigned to him.

  • Business Development Manager:

Business Development Manager who leads the business development process for the bank, should source new customers for the bank and keep the current customers with the best service.

Investment banking jobs:

This time I want to go through the most important investment banking jobs, such as investment banking jobs. Read the below list and find the most important options in this sector.

  • Analyst:

Investment banking analyst jobs refer to people who work to prepare pitch book presentations on the companies for the senior team members needed for the meeting.

  • Associate:

The people who work as investment banking associates supervise the work done by the junior analyst and coach him correctly in the deal process.

  • Vice President:

The Vice President rules the investment banking unit in the company with a team of analysts and associates and makes a report for the managing director about the profit & loss account.


When you are here, it means you are interested in banking jobs and related positions. The good news is that you can read the above text and find details about all these jobs, their responsibilities, the place they work, the salaries and so on. Also, there you can find information about remote banking jobs and why people choose to work from home banking jobs. 

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