Instagram is Working on “Clips”!

It seems Instagram after replicating Snapchat’s story option is thinking about a brand new application: TikTok How did Instagram end up adding a new feature?

According to Jane Manchun Wong’s report, Instagram is replicating once again. It is almost clear that when a new application appears, other apps and platforms will inquisitively analyze the options and add to their business. especially something like SnapChat and recently TikTok that could attract a massive number of people and become a competitor for big applications such as Instagram and Facebook, in a short time.

Here is what the reverse Engineering expert Wong explained, about ‘Clips’:

“Just like TikTok, “Clips” allows users to record segments of videos into a single video Story. Just like TikTok, users can overlay music on clips. Just like TikTok, users can adjust the speed and timer of each video clips.”

she also gives her own idea:

To me, this is unsurprising because TikTok is a rising star in the social media space, and Instagram/Facebook has shown the pattern of cloning features from competitors.”

But this is not Instagram’s first time to replicate its’ competitors new feature to stop losing its users. Not only Instagram but also other big platforms get influenced by other apps. For example, WhatsApp replicates Snapchat’s Stories as Status. Facebook replicates Snapchat’s stories as Messenger Day, AR masks, YouTube, Snapchat, and some other applications and platforms are included. 

You may think that Instagram has its own 1 billion active users per month. So, why should Instagram do this cheap work to replicate a newborn app like TikTok??

The answer is, it doesn’t matter how big and powerful you are. You must be aware of your surrounding events and new platforms or apps that may become your dangerous competitors. TikTok is one of them. After passing one year, it has over 500 million active users which are not something that Instagram can just wing it.

As Wong said, TikTok is a rising star in digital space which shows up in 2017 by the Chinese tech company ByteDance. And according to the analysis and reports, most of TikTok’s users are teenagers. The way TikTok makes it easy for teenagers to upload and share videos with lots of interesting filters is the reason to become popular among young people. This option can be another reason for Instagram to add ‘Clips’ to its powerful options.  Lastly, people, experts, influencers, and all the ordinary people are waiting to see Instagram’s new option(Clips). They also are curious to see will Instagram be able to knock TikTok out and make users change their application from TikTok to Instagram. What Do you think?

Instagram is Making it Easier to Take Back Hacked Account

Instagram has more than one billion monthly active users, and the number of people who face Instagram account hack is increasing, and it may concern people about using Instagram. Instagram account hackers change user’s passwords and end up them in having no access to their account.

As a result of getting feedback from users, Instagram has announced that it is releasing a feature that will keep Instagram accounts from being hacked by giving users the option to enter other information like an email address or phone number. Also, they can take back their hacked Instagram accounts even if a hacker has changed their account’s information.

As Instagram has claimed the new feature will appear when someone enters the incorrect password. If you enter the wrong password repeatedly, you will see an option “Need more help” on the Instagram app’s log-in screen. Also, Instagram’s spokesperson claimed that they provide additional support for those who have hacked Instagram accounts.

The new feature is available to Android users, and now it is being rolled out for iOS users too.

Instagram is doing its best to allow people to recover their accounts without needing to contact Instagram’s support team. Instagram will send you a verification code which enables you to access your account. Also, Instagram removes any other devices which are logged in to your account.

Moreover, some Instagram users’ problem was stealing their account’s username. Fortunately, Instagram has made a solution for it because some accounts that have original names or short and popular usernames are considered valuable usernames.

Instagram has announced that it won’t let previously used usernames be available for several days to keep it from Instagram hackers, but there is no exact information about the period, the spokesperson said it would be “multiple days.”

It is wise of Instagram to release new features to stop hackers, but I think it is just a pause for hackers, they may find another way to take popular Instagram usernames and accounts. To be optimistic, it may disappoint some Instagram hackers and might be a good opportunity for Instagram to check and make sure whether someone can hack an Instagram account anymore or not.

Instagram Launches Anti-Bullying tools on Comments

On July 8th, 2019, Instagram announced that they are adding a new option to Instagram to prevent bullying. This tool is limiting the feedback and the comment senders. Ever increasing use of Instagram, especially by young people, caused Instagram taking actions to encourage positivity and connecting people with what they love.

Instagram fights against online bullying

From a long time ago, the mission of spreading positive words, and having a healthy community is announced by Instagram and some other popular social media like Twitter. Since then, they have tried and added many tools to protect the society, with different strategies like separating friends and close friends, limiting the negative comments, sending spam messages to the requests part of DM. And now, Instagram introduces the restrictions of bullying in the comment.

#Comment notification

Instagram has divided the option into two parts. The Instagram algorithm has changed to find negative words, and gives an alarm to the sender if they still want to send the comments, which might be annoying. Instagram aims to ask people by ” Are you sure you want to post this?” to rethink about their words on Instagram.

And the second part is about protecting the accounts from unwanted interactions. In this case, all people can post their comments, but the accounts holders have options to approve or decline them. So, the comments if restricted become only visible to the senders, not others.

Instagram will not notify the persons if their comments are restricted because people reported that they are reluctant to unfollow, block, or report. This action helps users to have a better experience on Instagram.

If you are an Instagram user, you might have noticed that some of your friends or Instagrammer would turn off the comment options on their posts to skip haters and negative comments. It gives that one of the most engaging parts of the content which its comments are disabled. Therefore, With the new options of providing notification to the senders, and restricting their accounts from more interactions, Instagram users can be more comfortable with leaving their posts open.


It seems that the new options of Instagram would help many accounts feeling safe and convenient. However, this is just an announcement, and we should see how it would be once it is launched.

New Upcoming Instagram Updates

Instagram is effortlessly trying to improve its functionality and features day by day. And recently they have been giving out new updates and features one after another which each of them Is useful for a specific group of users, and Instagram thinks about all of the users whether they are marketers, businesses or just personal accounts who use Instagram just forfun.

The new Instagram updates have been a great move for the community. Upgrades such as: adding join chat stickers, donation stickers, the emergence of @shop, and also the ability to view IGTV in landscape mode. There are several more new Instagram updates which are predicted to be added soon, by peoples like the reverse engineer Jane Manchun Won, and Matt Navarra. These two people have been the first to spot several unannounced features from Facebook and Instagram in the past before it was officially rolled out by them.

Below, we are going to know about some of the features which are going to be available soon to all Instagrammers and are now just being tested. The first upcoming feature I am going to discuss is how Instagram is making Advertisers able to Boost Organic Posts as Feed Ads.

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Instagram Lets Advertisers Boost Organic Posts as Feed Ads

On June 4th, Instagram announced an update on a blog post which informed the brand owners about their new ability to promote organic posts they paid an Influencers to advertise, into Instagram feed as ads. This means the posts will get to a broader range of audience and attract much more engagement since they are not limited to only the Influencer’s followers, and will be seen in the feed and stories of the people who neither follow the brand, nor the influencer.

Take the example of a beauty brand paying Kylie Jenner to promote their lasts product to her followers. The advertiser can later, take another step if he feels the post is doing well, and decide to boost the post as an ad on the Instagram feed.

This surely would be much more beneficial since the posts and the product promotion would be seen by a lot more people rather than just the Influencer’s followers.

How to get the sponsored posts into the Instagram feed?

The influencers who have sponsored a post for a brand from Instagram’s “paid partnership” tool, need to tag the brand in the post and opt into “Allow Business Partner to Promote” from the settings. When the ad creator wants to get the post to Instagram feed, they’ll see some options to choose from as an objective:

  • Reach
  • Brand Awareness
  • Video Views
  • Traffic
  • Engagement

This way, the branded post will soon find its way to Instagram feed to reach wider audience and to perform even better.

What are the benefits of promoting organic posts as ads?

If you choose to boost your post as an ad, it will have benefits for you, your chosen influencer, and Instagram itself. The branded content ads would improve the influencer marketing campaign massively because it allows businesses only to get their posts to be noticed by people more than the followers of that specific influencer. When the post which is shared by the influencer, would show up on Instagram feed or stories of other accounts, it helps to build up the image of the influencer and the brand awareness of the business.

This partnership between brands and creators would let Instagram make a lot of money in the way they never could before, because when a business used to pay someone to promote their content, Instagram could not even make a penny. But now it has an opportunity to earn something from these sponsored contents.

Instagram is testing to add an “order” sticker

Another upcoming update which was discovered not so long ago is the “order sticker.” This feature, which is being tested was first discovered by Matt Navarra, a social media consultant which has previously spotted and predicted so many of Instagram features. Matt has just saw a new option besides his other story stickers on Instagram which was titled “order” with a dollar sign ($) with it, and he captured a screenshot of the update and posted it to his twitter right away.

Since nothing official is out about this sticker yet, its function is not known, but there are guesses going around about it. Since it came with a dollar sign, it is supposed that the sticker is 100% accompanied with payments. Some have guessed that it might be something like placing orders for an event tickets. Instagram has been paying much attention to its shopping features a lot lately, so another guess is that this sticker is also something related to shopping again.

Anyways, it is still what this sticker actually does and whether it will be rolled out or rejected on its beta mode.

New Instagram story format for Pride Month in June

Instagram has decided to offer something much more special and cool for this year’s Pride month, a new rainbow color ring for Stories which include a Pride-related hashtag. This features was spotted by reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong and was shared on her twitter right after she figured the change out.

Like I mentioned above, this update turns the border circle of the stories which contain a pride-related hashtag, into a colorful one, rather than the usual red and orange color pattern which we all see around our follower’s stories. This is one of the updates Instagram has decided to roll out this June for pride day like last year that features such as a rainbow background in type mode of stories and rainbow version of mentioning, tagging and locations.

Instagram updates for the pride-day might be even more intersecting with more options that nobody still knows about since none of them are officially announced yet.

The benefits of new rainbow color ring for Stories

This update which is going to come soon, would give us some advantages and might be a move towards being able to differentiate the color of our story borders to vary the different type of stories. Now when the pride-day arrives, anybody using the related hashtags of that day on their stories, can be easily identified even without having to open the stories.

This conception can be used to understand what different stories are about. Imagine this being applied to different kinds of subjects for stories. For example, a breaking news kind of story with relevant hashtags would have a blue color border or a sponsored ad would turn pink. This way, it would be much more convenient to watch the content you are interested in, and using stories would be more relevant. We hope such an option would be available on Instagram in future that the pattern or the color of Instagram stories would tell us what they are about even without seeing the story.

Here were the 3 of the upcoming features that would roll out soon. The platform is always trying to keep its users happy by giving out updates for their Instagram accounts. And new features now and then on special occasions and for specific uses. Wonder what the next Instagram features will be? Just keep track of our blogs with the latest updates on Instagram, as always.

Instagram now Supports IGTV Landscape Video!

It might happen for you to struggle uploading videos on Instagram IGTV. Previously you should upload vertical videos to give a full-screen watch to the viewers, but now your followers can watch your videos in a landscape mode on full screen.

On May 23, 2019, Instagram announced that they launched a new feature on IGTV. Previously IGTV was only could support vertical videos, but now you can upload a landscape video or watch IGTV more naturally in landscape mode.

As Instagram has mentioned on their website, they had a great deal of research about this new feature on Instagram. They have reached to many users and creators about their favorites, which has led to the changed Instagram has made this year. For example, Instagram enabled users to see the previews of IGTV videos to the feeds, which could add an opportunity for people to reach the video from the feed. Since February, which they launched this feature they found that people spend more time with IGTV.

Since most of the Instagram users are mobile-users, it was necessary to provide a more comfortable way to watch videos. In this way, you can watch Instagram videos without black space above and below that, just by turning the phone. Though, the question is why this took time to lunch IGTV landscape video supporting? Because it was clear from the first day that most of the people use the mobile, and this could give more sense to watch a video.

Previously, because of this, people should publish their videos in vertical size to provide a full-screen watch. Now, landscape videos also would give a full-screen watch, though there should be other features adding to this one. For example, would Instagram add any options for users to turn off or on the features? In case someone doesn’t want to switch between landscape and vertical. The same as mobile phones that make you able to switch between these landscape/vertical. But there is always room for further improvement, and of course, Instagram can improve IGTV. Have you ever felt that any other features required on Instagram IGTV?

Instagram Shop is now Open

On May 9, 2019, Instagram announced that they opened an account specifically for people who love to shop from different brands. With this account, you can go to the page, see the products, and tap on the tag and but it directly from Instagram. However, Instagram has made @shop for mobile users only.

Instagram shop is now open

Instagram recently had announced that they were working on shopping directly from Instagram. They also had mentioned some of the brands’ names that people can shop from them directly. Now, it seems they have launched this new feature. You can search on Instagram through your mobile phone for @shop. If you open the page, you see many products featured by Instagram, along with a tag just on the top right corner. If you click on the photo or video, you see the products, its related business, and if you tap on the tag, you can see more details such as price or the website. You can also try some amazing PrestaShop to sell your products.

There is also an option for you to save the products that you are interested in buying. Like other posts on Instagram, you can send the products to others.

However, it seems that there are some few brands promoted on this page, and still it is not clear how Instagram has selected these brands, and how they are going to expand shopping from these brands.  They had already announced a few brand names, including Feel jeans, Glossier Play Colorslide, founders like KJ Miller and Amanda Johnson of Mented Cosmetics and some other names, that seems are not like big brands. Instagram might purposely add this account to increase the activities of small businesses that mostly use Instagram to promote their products.


Social media like Instagram is one of the top platforms of businesses, particularly small business. With adding @shop features, people can shop easily from a page. However, the future of this trend is not clear, how people would compete to get into the Instagram list of @shop.

Common Mistakes you are Making on LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be a great place to grow your network, build your brand, attract new customers, and discover job opportunities.

But if you use it in the wrong way, you could turn off professional connections — or even miss out on your dream job.

Here are some mistakes that you shouldn’t make on LinkedIn:

1- Incorrect or missing profile headline

It’s the first thing your audience notice besides your picture. You can use these 120 characters to enter your current title or to describe your business more generally.

2- No profile picture

According to LinkedIn researches, profiles with pictures receive up to 22 times more views than profiles without photos, plus ten times more connection requests.

It doesn’t mean that Any picture will do — it’s essential to choose a visually appealing photo, Your face should fill up about 60% of the frame.

3- No profile summary

A summary explains who you are as a professional. It’s your escalator pitch, or your opportunity to grab a potential employer’s attention in less than 20 seconds.

That’s why you have to include your skills, experience, and enthusiasms. Most importantly, “don’t be afraid to have your personality shine through.” LinkedIn says summaries of at least 40 characters are more likely to show up in search results.

4- Not customizing your LinkedIn URL

Once you customize your LinkedIn URL, you can add your LinkedIn URL to your description without worrying about it looking old-fashioned. It also makes it easier to be found by people searching on LinkedIn.

5- You haven’t informed recruiters that you’re open to new roles.

Enabling the “open candidates” option on your profile dashboard is a method to indicate that you’re “open” to new job opportunities privately. LinkedIn discovered that members who enable this option are twice as likely to see related opportunities.

6- Not using Hashtags!

You can use related hashtags to customize your feed so that you receive the content that you are interested in. Also, you can leverage them to make sure your posts show up in front of the right audience (just like on other social media platforms).

7- Not using LinkedIn groups

When you join LinkedIn groups for experts in your field, “it enables you to talk to each other about trends in your industry,” LinkedIn said. Also, it’s a great way to request career advice or ideas.

8- Cold-contacting people for jobs

The first rule of messaging another member on LinkedIn is to make sure you’ve seen their profile, so you can refer to something about their job that is related to yours. Describe why you’re reaching out and why they need to connect with you.

What do you think?

Did you make these mistakes before reading this article?

Facebook is Adding Quoted Replies to Messenger Conversations

Facebook is rolling out a quoted reply feature for particular messages within Messenger chat streams, which can help you clarify your conversation and make it clear who’s talking to whom with each reply.

The feature comes as an extension of the company’s current reaction emoji. Now, when you press and hold on a message, in addition to adding a reaction emoji, you can respond the message with a new “reply” button, which will attach a quoted version of the replied message to your response. The quoted messages aren’t entirely their own message threads — they’ll still show up in line with the rest of the chat, though it looks useful enough.

It’s similar to a simple feature that WhatsApp has already contributed for a while, so it makes sense that Facebook _who owns WhatsApp_ would bring it to Messenger too. The move is also related to the company’s ambition to design a cross-platform system to combine Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram DMs— reaching similar features on all three platforms would make that eventual merging easier.

Facebook also recently added the option to share Messenger Stories within chat streams, with Stories being the other important area Facebook’s trying to maintain moving forward. The new Messenger chat reply feature is available in the latest version of Messenger. 

What do you think about this new feature?

Share your opinions with us in the comments below.

“Selling to Facebook Didn’t Hurt Industry Competition”, Instagram founders Say

Social media is such a new technology that is so much hard to catch up with it in many ways. The critical thing to understand about this technology is that many brands are making quite a bit of money out of it at the end of the day.

Because of their monetization methods, an imbalance has occurred whereby some brands have gained much more than others which have enabled them to create corners by standing out from the competition. An obvious example of this can be seen with Facebook, which is now the owner of WhatsApp as well as Instagram.

Monopolies in Silicon Valley have become such an argument that representatives both in the United States as well as the European Union have considered introducing legislation that would expect big companies such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook to distribute into their different parts because these works are being seen as anti-competitive.

The founders of Instagram have now counted in on the matter. Instagram’s sale to Facebook was a significant notice of the times to come, and the founders of Instagram, Kevin Systrom, and Mike Krieger, formerly worked at Facebook after their company had been obtained, managing Instagram for Facebook, the social media giant. They both left their positions in September which inflated concerns about whether Facebook had created a restrictive environment for them to work in, but they both declared that this was not the problem. According to them, the takeover by Facebook is what allowed Instagram to become as successful and popular as it currently is. They consider breaking up the monopoly as a mistake.

What do you think? Do you think they are telling the truth? Comment us below.

The Queen Posts on Instagram for the First Time!

The queen has posted on Instagram for the first time, about a new summer exhibition at the science museum in London. Her new foray into social media world started five years after her first post on Twitter.

Her post, which has already gained more than 32k likes on Instagram, was a picture of a letter written in 1843 to her great-great-grandfather Prince Albert by Charles Babbage, the Victorian computer engineer.

“In the letter, Babbage told Queen Victoria and Prince Albert about his invention the ‘Analytical Engine’ upon which the first computer programs were created by Ada Lovelace, a daughter of Lord Byron,” text following the post stated.

“Today, I had the pleasure of learning about children’s computer coding initiatives, and it seems fitting to me that I publish this Instagram post, at the Science Museum which has long championed technology, innovation and inspired the next generation of inventors.”

The new exhibition, which initiates on 10 July, will show the story of Alan Turing and the company at Bletchley Park who broke the Enigma code during the World War II, helping the Allies break Nazi Germany.

“It is always a pleasure to welcome Her Majesty to the Science Museum, and I am delighted that HM The Queen has taken the opportunity to post on Instagram for the first time and announce Top Secret. our fantastic new exhibition” stated Sir Ian Blatchford, manager of the Science Museum Group.

“This exhibition tells the incredibly important story of the hidden work that goes into keeping us safe every day. Through this exhibition, we want to engage people in the incredible work of our intelligence services and ignite their curiosity about future possibilities.”

The Queen will be expecting her first Instagram post not to receive the same specific reaction to her first Twitter post prompted.


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