Creating a Logo for Your Instagram Influencer Profile

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective methods to promote your brand online rapidly and spread awareness throughout your audience. Influencer marketing, according to Forbes, is growing at a faster rate than advertisements, underlining the importance of using an industry leader’s supporters to support growth in your own business.

The audience has indeed arrived. All you must do is establish a win-win connection in which both sides offer incredible value to their readers and viewers, and there’s no easier way to do that than with outstanding logo ideas.

Instagram is among the social media sites you should try for your business. In 2021, Instagram had over 1.074 billion users worldwide. With the popularity of Instagram growing, an estimated 71 percent of US businesses claim to use it for business. Furthermore, Instagram Stories is used by 500 million Instagram accounts daily basis. Not only that but a business account for a third of the most successful posts.

Your Instagram logo helps new and old customers recognize your brand and offers them a first impression of your company.

Continue reading this post to learn about tips and tricks on making your Instagram logo unique and memorable.

Colors for Instagram Logo 

Starting with color is a wise idea since it will offer you a basis for the majority of your decisions. Even if you only select a generic color during this phase rather than a particular shade, it will still guide you in starting up.

Surprisingly, red seems to be the only color that appears other than black and white, and it only occurs in most of the logos. Given the market that these accounts serve, this technique is reasonable. If you have a beauty influencer account, for example, you’ll probably want a logo with a lot of colors.

Suitable Symbols in Instagram Logo

The symbols or icons you utilize in your logo should be connected to the influence your brand is attempting to send to its potential customers.

Decide what types of content you will present to your customers daily when you launch your design. New visitors will immediately understand what you’re all about if you add something suitable for your business into your logo.

Appropriate Font for Instagram Logo 

 You should pick a clear font that you can understand within your Instagram space to upload your logo, regardless of who you’re attempting to attract. Whether you use the personal name or contact details in your logo, you would like all visitors to identify it at the moment.

Avoid Using an Off-Center Logo

In your typical Instagram photos, exciting angles and artistic shots are great, but they might make cutting and placing your logo challenging. You’ll want to get the emphasis of your logo to be centralized and as comprehensive as possible in that small enclosed space to obtain an eye-catching closer shot.

Stick with a Timeless Logo Design  

With Instagram challenges becoming more widespread, it seems that theming your logo after seasons, holidays, or world events is a fantastic way to get involved.
Because fans may identify your brand from your logo, modifying it regularly may cause people to become confused and visit minimal of your stories, etc. So, go for a classic logo that only needs fixing now and then.

Take Aesthetic into Account 

A logo is your primary tag line to new and potential customers and fans, and it is worth a thousand words. Ensure it reflects what you do and portrays the look of your Instagram posts and stories. The color combination of your Instagram logo should also mirror the brand colors that feature most frequently in your feed. 

Create a Recognizable Detail 

To reduce space and create an identifiable logo, consider implementing acronyms or a familiar icon in your signature Instagram color palette if your brand name is particularly complex.

Perfect Margin

Any logo you upload as your Instagram profile photo into a circle since Instagram utilizes a square (1:1) screen resolution. That may indicate that even if you have a more prominent logo, you should include some horizontal margins on the sides.

Crop a logo to a 1:1 aspect ratio before uploading it to Instagram, and leave some padding around it to prevent it from being cut off.

Right Logo File Format  

You can use JPEG, PNG, BMP, and even non-animated GIFs as your Instagram profile photo.

Any logo you post on Instagram is converted to a jpeg. If you don’t want to convert your image due to quality loss and artifacts during converting, JPG should be your first choice to keep the file size down at high but not maximum quality. PNG appears to convert nicely, with few artifacts and vibrant color.

If you don’t have a JPEG, you should use a JPG or PNG to upload your logo to Instagram.

Final Thought

Influencer marketing may be practical for startups and others who have difficulty gaining steam on social media.

With a clear understanding of how influencer marketing may help, you can achieve your online goals faster. You can commit to launching your first campaign with a unique logo to see these outcomes in your Instagram influencer profile right away.

6 Ways To Gain A Consistent Following On Instagram

In our modern, digital times you run the risk of being left behind if you don’t build a strong online presence for your business. Indeed you’d be hard pressed to find a thriving, established brand that hasn’t taken advantage of social media and steered away from more traditional one-way marketing strategies in recent years.

Amongst the handful of truly effective social media platforms, Instagram is considered to be one of the best for promoting your business, with a focus on visuals that facilitates brand representation and makes it easy to capture audience attention. Additionally, statistics at Retail TouchPoints show that an incredible 72% of users now make purchasing decisions based on Instagram content. Given all of this, it’s clear that building and maintaining a healthy Instagram presence is now essential to business –– so we’re taking a look at some of the things you can do to gain a consistent following on the platform.

1. Setting Up

Prior to looking into ways to gain followers, it’s important to ensure that your Instagram page is fully optimized. It’s recommended that your chosen username be easily correlated to your business (and thus search-friendly), and not ambiguous in any way. Your bio, although short, must be a clear indicator of what your brand offers and what customers should expect. It should also be used as a call-to-action, directing users to your website or selling platform.

2. Aesthetics

Instagram is all about aesthetics, so it’s advisable to keep your grid cohesive when choosing colors and formats. As highlighted in a previous article regarding branding an Instagram account, your style is what people see and notice first. Make it recognizable and memorable, and align it closely with what people will see on your website, or even your products. Concerning format, keep it uniform and use the same filters and editing rules on all your posts.

3. Scheduling

Consistency is crucial to maintaining engagement, so creating a posting schedule to adhere to will certainly help. Determine the best times to post for your particular business and demographic; you can visit accounts with larger followings that you would consider to be in the same market and identify patterns to build your schedule around. Typically you won’t post more than two or three times a day; some brands post only once a day. However, your schedule should evolve organically as you grow. Maintaining consistency is also easier if you create posts for the day or week in advance, as best you can.

4. Emotional Connection

Creating an emotional connection to users further helps to generate engagement. By establishing a personality to suit your brand, you can improve follower retention. As a post on increasing Instagram followers by AskMoney pointed out, using the “show, don’t tell” rule enables content creators to generate that connection. Demonstrate through your posts what your brand stands for, and remain consistent with that message through posts, hashtags, and the like. In time, followers will “get to know you,” making them more likely to stick around and possibly recommend your brand to others.

5. Promotions & Contests

Using Instagram promotions and running your own contests are sure-fire ways to gain followers. While there is a cost to both, these methods are often extremely successful. With Instagram promotions you can tailor an ad to target an audience based on location, demographics, and also interests; having that control will increase your chances of securing new followers. It’s worth considering running a contest as well, and if you can collaborate with suitable accounts (preferably with larger followings) you can curate an appealing giveaway. By asking those who enter to tag friends and follow you, you’re broadening exposure to your account, and thereby expanding your following.

6. Consumer Relationships

Just like word of mouth, sharing content helps increase the views and potential follows to your account. In order to manifest this, it’s imperative to forge relationships with your consumers and build loyalty. This was highlighted in a US Chamber post on Instagram engagement, wherein it was noted that all it really takes is personalized responses or direct answers to customers questions and comments. Adding that personable touch across posts, stories and reels will establish an inviting impression, and ultimately help you to form strong relationships.

We hope this goes some way to building and maintaining your Instagram following! Thanks for reading and please return for more useful tips soon.

Top 5 Instagram Posts of All Time

The most popular Instagram pics include images of Kylie Jenner, Cristiano Ronaldo, and even an egg. So, which celebrity snapshot has received the most Instagram likes?

The top five most-liked Instagram photographs are a who’s who of mega-stars, their kids, and their opulent lifestyles. 

Fans tend to enjoy it when celebrities get real on Instagram, whether it’s a million-like pregnancy announcement or a celeb expressing their most private moments with the public.

Celebrities are just like the rest of us. Particularly if their most popular Instagram photographs are of their children, wedding announcements, or major career shifts.

  • An Egg

With almost 55 million likes currently, this photo of an egg broke Kylie Jenner’s Instagram milestone by a huge gap.

The world record egg account launched a campaign to break the world record with the most-liked Instagram post, and it was an urge that no one could refuse.

The account was popular, yet it didn’t require a large following to do so. 

On January 14th, Kylie Jenner’s stint as the most-liked photo came to a close after an egg broke her old record. The snarky egg even received a reply from Kylie herself.

  • Baby News

In winter 2021, there was a fresh addition, and it was more baby news, this time from the famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and his partner Georgina Gio.

From the end of October when they posted the picture, the photo of them happily presenting to their followers their scan images has been liked over 30 million times. 

  • The Final Post

This was rapper XXXTentacion’s final post before his demise in June 2018. It’s the only photo he has on his Instagram page. The post was captioned as “LOVE IS WAR.”

Surprisingly, a music video was produced after the rapper’s death, in which he witnesses his own funeral.

  • Ariana Grande’s Wedding Pictures

Ariana Grande shared a carousel of her wedding pictures which crossed 26 million likes. 

  • Another Baby News

With her confirmation that she’s pregnant with her second child, Kylie Jenner, who once held the record for the most-liked post on Instagram, has returned to the top five with around 26 million views on the video. 

The adorable video instantly went viral, with people rushing to share the news.

9 Tips to Get High Likes on Instagram

Source: Freepik

Alt-text: Instagram likes

  • Get Ideas From Various Businesses and Areas

What sources do you turn to for ideas? You won’t discover new concepts if you solely follow people in your sector or your group of acquaintances. Take the time to do some study and identify some inspiring accounts to follow rather. 

Make this a mix of your profession, related industries, and industries that are completely unrelated to your circle. Even if the consumer base isn’t the same as yours, there’s a good probability you’ll be able to infer some strategies to grow from their content for your own.

  • Run a Contest

Create a contest based on the number of people who have liked your page.

Contests are fun to participate in, and the simpler they are to participate, the more participation you’ll get.

You’ll need one of the entry requirements for a Like-based picture contest to be that they must like the post. Following the page and tagging, a contact or two are typically the other two criteria. 

Because like a post for an entry is such a low barrier to entry, you should expect a lot of interaction.

  • Come Up With a Hashtag Strategy

Using hashtags to your brand’s advantage is one of the simplest ways to get recognized effectively. That doesn’t imply you should use the hashtags #top, #wonderful, or #beauty in every post. 

It’s easier to identify similar content and influencers when you have a hashtag, particularly for your brand.

Industry hashtags are useful for keeping track of what’s currently popular in your field and ensuring you don’t miss out.

Begin by researching hashtag ideas to locate the ideal hashtags for you. You may also look at tools to discover which hashtags get the most attention.  

You might also employ a social listening tool on hashtags you might be overlooking from top posts in your domain to go further the hashtags you’re already using and uncover more possibilities in your business.

  • Select the Relevant Accounts to Tag

Don’t forget to give credit where recognition is owed. Tag individuals you’re collaborating with on the post and in the caption when it’s appropriate.

If you have notable items or people in your photo, for instance, tag them in the post. It takes very little time and offers the creators their credit. These tags frequently result in brands liking and responding to your posts.

  • Propose That a Friend Be Tagged

Have you ever seen an Instagram post that grabbed your interest so much that you instantly wanted to share it with a friend? 

You typically have three alternatives when this happens: copy the URL and message it to them, send it via DM on Instagram itself, or tag them in a comment. 

It’s a simple step to invite visitors to tag a friend if you have fascinating or humorous material. They were almost certainly going to tag someone in the first place, so this is simply the next step to get more Instagram likes

  • The Location of Your Post Should Be Tagged

Tagging a place is particularly important for travel and retail brands since it assures that your picture appears when users search for a location. 

It’s simple enough to execute and should not take up any additional time from your posting schedule.

Instagram is also used by many Instagram-savvy diners to explore the best food and drink selections at an eatery venue. They can quickly find photographs of meals they want to sample by accessing a tagged location. 

If your material is good, Instagram Likes will naturally come in with the location mentioned. There are people who wish to visit or learn more about the location and can look through all of the entries. 

  • Make Your Words as Interesting as Your Photographs

We all know that great marketing is essential for attracting a loyal following. 

Don’t dismiss that segment as unimportant or speak in a monotonous manner. Your descriptions can be just as engaging as your photographs if you use the proper tone and voice.

Making decent captions a priority requires establishing in your audience a sense of expectation.

Captioning photos with interesting captions is a knack that can be improved over time.

  • Use a Meme or a Trend

Memes and trends in posts can still produce engaging outcomes when managed correctly. On Instagram, there are entire meme pages dedicated to specific themes and issues. 

To implement this into your own page, you must first ensure that you have the appropriate audience. 

A meme could be rather distracting than beneficial for some brands where this style of comedy isn’t a fit, so make sure you’re connected to your target audience prior to going with anything just because it’s trendy or popular.

  • Mix Up Your Instagram Content

Instagram’s content kind of grew with the launch of Stories. Engagement on feed posts reduced around the same time, which could be connected. 

Video views, post likes, and even Story replies are now included in the measure.

This implies that you must take advantage of the various sorts and cross-promote them when you have the opportunity.

4 Ways to Promote Your Instagram Account Effectively

Source: Freepik

Alt-text: Instagram Marketing

  • Make a Brand for Yourself as a Creative Person

On Instagram, originality is valued. Having a specialization or topic for your Instagram content is an excellent approach to both spark your posts and set yourself out from the competition.

Don’t worry if you’re confused as to what your creative trademark should be. There are a number of Instagram applications available to assist you to add some artistic touch to your images. 

You can make your stream feel more like you by applying matching textures, hues, and effects.

  • Collaborate With Influencers to Broaden Your Outreach

Instagram, as previously established, benefits from being a platform where marketers can basically post adverts without putting them in front of their followers.

The growth of influencer marketing is a good example of this.

Simply said, influencer marketing is a sponsored partnership with another Instagram account that has a large and engaged following. Influencers’ audiences must preferably reflect your own or help you to engage a new segment of viewers.

Collaborating with a competent influencer, on the other hand, can be a very cost-effective approach to sell things and increase your following.

  • Use Instagram Stories and Its New Features to Your Advantage

With over 500 million daily users, marketers should leverage Instagram Stories as much as possible while marketing their products. For many firms, this entails sharing user-generated content and behind-the-scenes video. 

The beauty of Stories is that you don’t have to stress as much about how professional or excellent your graphics are.

However, when it comes to stories, imagination still matters. Stories are always at the forefront of Instagram’s newest innovations. 

New interactive stickers, such as the new Quiz sticker, for instance, offer new approaches for marketers to connect with followers for a more unique and dynamic Instagram promotion.

  • Consider Launching a Sponsored Campaign

Last but not least, don’t overlook the value of paid Instagram promotion. It might cost you a little bit more but it would be worth it. 

After all, social media is fast turning into a pay-to-play platform. You can leverage Instagram’s eye-popping ad alternatives to win over new followers. 

There are numerous Instagram success stories available. First, educate yourself with modern Instagram ad specifications, and then ensure that you have the tools you need to compare your sponsored and organic Instagram initiatives.


This article must have surely helped you in knowing how you can grow your Instagram account like the celebrities who get millions of likes on the posts they share. 

With effort and consistency, you can actually make this come true and make your Instagram account grow without looking to any other additional aspects to work. 

How to add an Instagram line break? (Instagram line break generators)

You might use line breaks to make a convenient format of reading. They format the text and show the text in readable portions. Many people choose line breaks to make bullet lists, link blocks or make multiple paragraph captions for photos. You might understand that Instagram eats line breaks when there is a format surrounding them. Also, you might try to put spaces at the end of the last character of the line before the line break but do not see your line break at the end. So if you want to make a line break through your Instagram caption or anywhere else on Instagram, you have to find another way.

Continue reading to learn more about Instagram line break.

Can we add Instagram caption line break?

We all know that Instagram hates line breaks, which is frustrating, annoying, and downright rude. Totally, that is because they do not want you to make long descriptions as captions.  While Instagram is the app owner who sets rules, there are some tricks to work around their line break limitation and help you make your caption in a format you like. If you are ready to make Instagram caption line breaks, continue reading to learn how.

How to add Instagram line break?

Totally, there are two different ways you can use to line break Instagram captions. Here, I will tell you about each one. Then you can choose the one which is easiest for you.

  1. Use a symbol

If you need an easy and fast trick, this might be your choice.

  • To make a line break in this way, just press the “Return” key and go to the next line.
  • Now, choose to type any symbol- a period, hashtag, emoji, underscore, etc.
  • Instagram identifies this as a character.
  • It is time to press “Return” again and continue typing your story in a new paragraph.

While this is a quick and easy way, there will be some symbols visible in your caption, which makes your caption not so clean. 

  1. Insert an invisible line break

This one takes a little bit of extra time, but I think it’s worth it. Here are the steps to make an Instagram caption line break by inserting an invisible line break.

  • Type your caption as you always do.
  • Make “special” invisible spaces and copy them. “Spaces like [⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀]”
  • Paste them where you want to put line breaks.
  • Paste it as many times as you need blank lines
  • Now, delete the brackets from the pasted areas 
  • That is over, share your photo with a perfect format caption.

What is an Instagram line break generator?

To explain more about how to add line breaks on Instagram, I have to mention another easy way. If you do not like to use symbols, emojis, dashes, or periods to add line breaks to your Instagram captions, you can use some free tools called Instagram line break generators. Instagram line break generators are useful tools to use line breaks and make clear and organized writing. Read the next paragraph to find out some of the best Instagram line break generators. 

What are the best Instagram line break generators?

While you can use online sites to put Instagram line breaks, there are some useful Instagram line break generator apps. Here, you can read a complete guide to the three best ones.


If you need an easy-to-use line break generator for Instagram, InstaSpace could be a good choice. It is a convenient editor full of multicolored emojis and pictures. Among its good features, I can mention to:

  • You can download it from Google Play or Apple Store
  • Available in ten languages like English, Russian, Japanese, etc.
  • You can use it to add line breaks to an IG bio or your post caption.
  • Add unique symbols and smiles automatically

Line Spaces for Instagram

The other famous Instagram line break generator for iPhone and Android users is named Line Spaces for Instagram. While it is easy to work with this app, there are other features like:

  • Available for download from Google Play
  • More than 60 custom fonts 
  • You can use it to add line breaks to your IG comments, captions, and bio
  • Schedule your posts and stories automatically
  • Two weeks free trial

IG Caption Maker

IG Caption Maker is another famous app that helps Android users to keep their posts formatted. Here are some features of this app:

  • You can download it from Google Play
  • It is an add-supported and virus-free app
  • Help you to put breaks to Instagram posts or bios quickly


Do you have a problem with Instagram caption formats? As an Instagram user, you have to know that Instagram doesn’t let you put line breaks in captions, Bios, and IGs. In the above text, we explained how to do it and format your Instagram captions as you like. Also, we introduced some of the best Instagram line break generators.


How to tell if someone blocked your number 2022? (iPhone and Android)

Have you ever been suspicious that somebody blocked your number? How do you know if someone blocked your number? The truth is that there is no straightforward way to determine if somebody has blocked you, and the easiest way is to ask the person directly. But in some special cases, you can not or want not to do this. Do not worry, because here, we want to talk about the details of how can you tell if someone blocked your number. Keep reading and find the answer to some important questions, like how do you know if someone blocked your number? If someone blocked me will they still get my texts, or do messages deliver when blocked?

Can you tell if someone blocked your number?

How do i know if someone blocked my number? It is possible to find out if someone blocked you by checking the last message status. If it is on iMessage, the last message status should read “Delivered.” Otherwise, the person who blocked you has turned off iMessage. You can ask them about the reason for blocking you can contact them through a family member. There are a few ways to find out if someone has blocked you.

You can also try calling the blocked number. This might not work if you’ve blocked the person on the first try, but it might work if the call never went through. If the call did go through, you might get lucky. If the call didn’t, you’ll need to try calling the blocked number again to make sure it’s not blocked on the other end. You can also try dialing the number from the other side of the world, if possible.

It’s important to note that this method is not reliable. You’ll have to manually call the person to find out if the number is blocked. Then, you’ll need to call the person’s phone. Depending on the blocking method, you’ll get a delivery receipt, but it won’t show the blocked number. But the good news is that you can easily find out if someone has blocked your number.

How to know if someone blocked your number?

Before going through how to know if someone blocked you, I want to mention some important points that you have to be careful about them. The first point is that you will see different clues if the person blocked your number on his phone or with a wireless carrier. Also, you should consider that you might see similar results when a cell tower is down, the targeted phone is turned off because of a dead battery, or the user forgets to turn off the Do Not Disturb mode. After that you dust off these detective skills, you can check the below points as important ways how to tell if someone blocked your number.

  • If you see an unusual message like: “The person you are calling is unavailable.”
  • Another good indication is when you hear no ring, and instead just go to voicemail directly.
  • All busy signals or fast busy signals that you receive before hanging up could be a sign that your number is blocked.

To learn more about how to tell if someone blocked your number on android, and how to know if someone blocked your number iphone, read the next paragraphs.

How to know if someone blocked your number iphone?

Do you know how to know if someone blocked your number iPhone? While you can check all the above points that I have mentioned for “how can you tell if someone blocked your number” and understand if someone blocked your iPhone phone number?, here I want to tell these points specifically for iPhone users.

  • If you have been blocked on your iPhone, you can send an iMessage, but you will not see the delivered message icon.
  • When your iMessage was not delivered, your phone resends it through an SMS automatically. In the case that your number has been blocked, you will see that your messages have been delivered but you will not see any response. 
  • After that you were unsuccessful in sending a message and receiving no answer, you might like to call that person. But if your number is blocked by that person, you will hear a brief ringtone, or you will be directed to voicemail without hearing any ringtone.

Now that you know how to know if someone blocked your number iphone , it is time for android users to find out how to tell if someone blocked your number on android?

How to tell if someone blocked your number on android?

How do i know if someone blocked my number? Blocking a number is an uncomfortable situation. If you’ve ever received a message from a blocker, you’ll be relieved to know that you can easily find out whether they’ve blocked your number by unblocking it and calling the person. Generally, blocked numbers are sent to voicemail. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to locate them. Here are a few tips that will help you how to tell if someone blocked your number on android. This method is simple and will reveal if the number is blocked, just by following the below steps:

  • Go through your contacts app on your phone.
  • Find the suspicious contact, and tap on it.
  •  Choose the More option from the top right corner of the Contact’s home page.
  • Now, you will see a little menu, and you have to choose the Delete option from this menu.
  • Confirm to delete this Contact.
  • After deletion, try to write a new message by typing that special Contact’s name in the “To” Section. 
  • If you immediately see your Contact’s Name among suggested Contacts, it means you are not blocked by that person.
  • But if you do not find the Contact’s name as a suggested Contact, it can be a confirmation of a blocked number.

How can you tell if someone blocked your number without calling them?

As I have explained before, one of the most important ways you can use how to tell if someone blocked your number is by calling him and recognizing the number of rings or busy signals. But what will happen if you do not like to call him? Now, you have to pay attention to the ticks for delivered messages. Do messages deliver when blocked? Of course not. If someone blocks your number, and you send him a message, they will not deliver, which means you will not see the tick of delivery messages.

If someone blocked me will they still get my texts?

Are you wondering If someone blocked me will they still get my texts? While the answer is obvious, here I want to talk about this topic.When somebody decides to block your phone number it means he or she does not like to communicate with you anymore. So it clarifies the answer of “do messages deliver when blocked?” The right answer is no, the person who blocked you will not receive your messages because they are not delivered. Now that you know all points about how can you tell if someone blocked your number, it is time to learn how to block someone.

How to block someone’s number on your phone?

Previously, we talked about questions like how can you tell if someone blocked your number, and now you found the best ways of how do you know if someone blocked your number. But now in this paragraph, I want to show you how to block someone’s number on your phone?

Block someone phone number on iPhone:

If you have an iPhone and want to know how to block someone, I have to say that you can choose to block contacts from the phone’s Recents part, within FaceTime, or inside Messages. And I have to add that if you block a number from one part, it will cause a block in all three sections. Follow the below steps and block a user on iPhone:

  1. Choose the i icon beside the phone number (or conversation).
  2. Tap on Block this Caller under the Info page.

Block someone phone number on Android:

As you know, different manufacturers such as Samsung, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, and LG produce Android phones, so the process of blocking a number in an Android phone can happen in different ways. Below, I will tell you some of these possible ways.

If your carrier supports phone blocking:

  1. Open the Phone app.
  2. Choose the number you want to block.
  3. If you are using a Samsung phone, choose Details.
  4. Now, you will see a menu item like “Block number”, “Reject call” or perhaps “Add to blacklist.”

If you’re using a Pixel, find the number you want to block and follow the below steps:

  1. Choose the vertical dot menu in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Select Blocked Numbers.
  3. Finish it with a tap on Block.


How do i know if someone blocked my number? All of us know that it is so frustrating to send a message or call someone but not receive any answer. While there are many reasons for that, one of the possible causes might be that the person has blocked your number. Now, how can you tell if someone blocked your number? Read the above text and find out how do you know if someone blocked your number. Also, there I have talked about the answers of important questions, like do messages deliver when blocked or if someone blocked me will they still get my texts?

8 Instagram bots that are still working (2022 Update)

8 Instagram bots that are still working (2022 Update)

As you might have heard today many Instagram users search to find the best instagram bot and use their valuable instagram automation tasks. If you are among this group of people and like to find the most famous instagram bots to automate your followers’ growth, keep reading until the end. Here, we will start with what are bots on instagram, and continue talking about details, like free instagram bots, best instagram bots, and how they differ from instagram automation.

What are instagram bots?

Let’s see what are bots on instagram, which is not a hard question. All Instagram users know that to make the best they have to do different tasks like following accounts, liking and commenting on posts, sending generic DMs, and so on. But the point is that not all users have enough time to do these tedious tasks, so they can choose one of the best instagram bots, and this automation tool will do these basic social media activities for them.

What do Instagram bots do?

Now that you know what are bots on instagram, it is easy to find out what the best instagram bots do. Generally speaking, these bots help you build your brand by instagram automation tasks and saving your time, such as:

  • Leaving relevant comments by recognizing hashtags
  • Liking posts
  • Following accounts in your niche
  • Scheduling posts 
  • Hashtag generation

Do Instagram bots still work?

As you read above, instagram bots can be very effective because they do different instagram automation tasks for you. While these days, it is a bit hard to find great free Instagram bots, there are several trusted software companies that offer their best instagram bots. If you like to know more about these perfect instagram bots free to use, do not miss the next paragraph.

8 Instagram bots that are still working

When you know what are bots on instagram, and how they help you with instagram automation, you would probably like to find the best option and start using your chosen free instagram bot as soon as possible. So, let’s not waste time and find the 8 most popular instagram bots still working.

  • Inflact is the first Instagram automation service I want to introduce here, which is popular because of its various features, such as automated follow and unfollow, automated likes, automated direct messaging, and scheduling posts.
  • SocialMeep is the second-best Instagram bot that still works and does more options, like audience targeting, auto-Growth, cloud analytics, reports, and so on. The only disadvantage of this instagram automation service is that it is not among the free instagram bots.
  • The next option in the list of best instagram bots is Instazood. This bot is popular because of its wide range of instagram automation services, such as automated follow and unfollow, automated likes, automated direct messaging, Instagram search tools, comments tracking, scheduling posts, and Tik Tok automation build-in. Also, many users like to use this bot because of its affordable price.
  • While Kicksta is not again among the instagram bots free, it is so popular because of its wide range of instagram automation services and simple UX overall, from onboarding to using the app.
  • Like what I have explained about Instazood, Instamber does all those instagram automation tasks besides helping you grow on TikTok. Also, while this is not in the group of free Instagram bots, you have to pay a low amount to use its services.
  • If you are searching for the best instagram bots free, the good news is that Social Captain offers a free trial to all users who use this bot’s instagram automation services, like Custom targeting.
  • While Upleap is among the simple set best instagram bots, and you have to pay high for its instagram automation services, it is among the 8 best instagram bots because of its unique account manager services dedicated to every customer.
  • Like Social Captain, Combin is another best instagram bot that offers a free trial for 7 days. It means you can use all of its services like custom targeting for following and unfollowing, scheduling posts, Instagram account audit, and so on without paying in the trial period. 

Instagram automation Vs. Instagram bots

While some Instagram users might think that Instagram automation is different from Instagram bots and even versus it, that is not true. In simple words, instagram bots are the tools you can use to reach the instagram automation goals, improve your page, and avoid wasting much time on some boring and regular tasks.

Are bots legal on Instagram?

One of the most important questions Instagram users who look for the best instagram bot ask is about the legality of these instagram automation tools. The answer is simple, the famous ones like what I have introduced above are 100 percent legal, and as Instagram is a competitive platform, these bots can be a great chance for any Instagram user who likes to gain more followers.

How to get rid of spam Instagram bots accounts?

If you have a public Instagram account or a Business account, you might face many Instagram bots, and most probably you are looking for a way to avoid them. If so, read the below points and find out the most effective ways you can use to get rid of these Instagram bots.

  • You can block any of these bots you like.
  • The other way is to change your account to private and remove these bot accounts.

Better solutions than using an Instagram bots

Now that you know all details about instagram bots and instagram automation, you can decide whether you like to use these tools or not. Here, I want to add some other tricks for those groups of people who do not like to use these best instagram bots, such as:

  • Growing your reach with hashtags
  • Determining your target audience
  • Using automatic posts ahead of time
  • Posting consistently
  • Communicate authentically with your followers


If you are wondering why some Instagram users use instagram bots, you should learn more about what bots are on instagram, and what do they do. Above here, I have explained how you can use the instagram bots for free and increase the number of your followers. Also, these instagram automation tools help you save time and reach your goals sooner. To know more about the best instagram bots, read the above text.

How coverage of sensitive topics affects the engagement of educational blogs on Instagram

All the social networks that we use today have made a revolution in sharing knowledge or making diverse content available for students worldwide. These days using Instagram in the classroom is not unusual and the Internet is full of bloggers or even influencers who found their niche in education. Most pupils are interested in science or space exploration, but Instagram can introduce students to more sensitive topics.

Topics like poverty or homelessness may be disturbing but useful for many students from sociology studies or the general public interested in these issues. Either way, those who share such sensitive content follow those same rules or strategies for attracting more viewers or increasing their profile engagement.

Learn How To Reach More People On Instagram

Whatever topic is featured on the Instagram blog, one must learn how marketing its content properly is important, especially when it comes to education topics. Using school hashtags for Instagram is just one of those tricks that helps to share content, but using stories and posting interesting videos will surely increase each blog’s engagement rate.

Educational blogs are hard maintenance unless you are a celebrity like Neil Degrasse Tyson, but you can see this idea behind celebrity endorsement. It is more about the credibility of the person telling those stories by making them not sound like some boring essays. Sharing real stories plus user-generated content makes viewers more interested especially with sensitive topics like homelessness or social injustice.

Learning how to use Instagram in school is awesome because students prefer learning from educational blogs rather than reading long essays and summaries. Combining both approaches is probably the best way, with some students reading essay examples on homelessness in the USA while others might use educational blogs for learning. Blogs free interactive content fills the gaps by graphically explaining what written examples cannot. Using videos for learning about homelessness or poverty leaves a deeper impression on viewers but it has to be done correctly due to the sensitive nature of this content.

Choose Your Topics Carefully

The thing about topics like homelessness is that they require learning how to increase engagement on Instagram, or otherwise they are not profitable. People like, share or comment more if they like the content, but liking homelessness or poverty is hard, so making stories interesting is paramount.

Perhaps showing some rags to riches stories of formerly homeless people or showing how they survive on the streets can make the audience relate or care more. It has to be appealing in some way or your education blog will not get any attention at all. As much as we acknowledge these serious issues, users feedback and a proper marketing approach must be used for these blogs to reach and move the targeted audience.

Treat Your Blogs Like Professional Research

Educational blogs are a perfect way of how to use Instagram in school teachings but to be effective they must be based on proven facts and real stories. The quality of production or storytelling must be consistent or students will lose interest very fast and use other methods to quench their thirst for knowledge. If a blog is to be better than a written academic paper or an essay, it must be immersive, educative, and instructive. Raising hard topics like homelessness feels like an obligation now that we have such powerful tools like social media that can convey messages instantly. That is why we shouldn’t take our access to free knowledge for granted and why bringing these issues into the light is maybe more important than getting a few likes or emojis. 

While sharing examples of sensitive content may not be as profitable as a fashion or traveling blog, it serves an educational purpose. When we see disturbing titles in our news feed, we tend to look away, so understanding how to reach more people on Instagram with this content is a marketing challenge. One should always keep in mind that no story is a bad story if told the right way, so even sensitive content can be turned into an engaging one with a little effort and a few marketing tricks.

If you cover these topics and what to post to Instagram more content about homelessness or related subjects, think hard about educating yourself on digital marketing basics. Educational blogs enlighten us by providing insight into our society and sharing free knowledge, so do not be afraid when pushing some boundaries by engaging readers with anything considered taboo or too sensitive. 

How to Become Instagram Famous in 2022?

Instagram has more than 2 billion more active users daily, and it is one of the best social media to get well-known. Though it could be confusing and challenging if you want to become Instagram famous, you can use other experiences, success, and failure, and also some new ideas which I have brought in this article. It will broaden your knowledge and open your mind!

New ideas of “how to become Instagram famous?”

Of course, you have seen many famous people on Instagram, some grew from zero to hero, and for some it took decades. Some started this and failed. You might ask yourself how it is possible? How to become Instagram famous? After years of working on social media, doing research, interviewing people who succeed and failed, I came up to the conclusion, No shortcuts! Do Several posts a day, make several ideas and build relationships. I have noted down all the observations, and I have brought them here.

1.Make a vision

After many days of research on how to become Instagram famous, I found that all famous people have an idea, some show it up, some not. What is essential is that a concept is there. Sometimes a vision would be general, and sometimes it is a unique one. No matter, find a one you are good at it. If you have a skill or talent, use it. Be yourself! These days, many people copy others, don’t do that. I believe the number of ideas in this world is even more than the number of people living!

People show courage and interest in unique skills or capabilities. Make sure even your skills are unknown, there are people out there that would like it. You can see Rickey Thomson’s profile and his vision to make people laugh. Of course, he can do so, and people like it. If you believe in yourself and your skills, don’t be afraid of haters, you will achieve your goals one day.

We can’t force people to like us or what we want. For example, if you are looking to make you, your pet, your child famous, you should ask yourself what the benefits for people are? Do they see me/my pet/my child as cute as I see? You should ask yourself what people gain from your activity/products/ profile? For example, your vision can one of this, make people healthier, make people aware of their body, make people happy, make people excited or motivated. To make people aware of their right. Even if you like to focus on yourself, there are lessons that people can take from you.

And even, if you want to boost your Brand name, use your business vision. I appreciate Mark Zuckerberg’s vision which was about bringing people together since he was 12 only, and you see how Mark Zuckerberg’s idea made him famous. Here you can read about the power of imagination and how to select your concept. For example, using a vision board, that is a winning strategy of getting close to what you want. See what occupations/skills you have and how it can help many people. If you search, you can see celebrities and famous people vision boards! It’s Amazing.

2.Make your unique hashtag

Once you selected your vision, it is time to prepare your bio. But before that, you need some information including your unique hashtag. I will explain later in this post, what is a hashtag and why you should use it. Your hashtag can be related to your username, your vision, or the unique skill you have, and so on. I have brought an example below. This page which has more than 2 million followers is about women’s nutrition and sportswear. They have also used the related and unique hashtag of #womensbest in which you can see there are about 500,000 posts. Once you have selected your hashtag, go to prepare your really important bio, the first place people read about you, their first impression.

3.Use your self-made documentaries

You might know that Instagram first was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger to share pictures. Once Facebook bought Instagram, made it a video-sharing platform too. One part of My research on how to become Instagram famous was about differences between movie’s and pictures’ influences. People are enjoying watching video than pictures. That’s why it is right for you to prepare videos more. From psychological parts, people react to a post, or a topic once it evokes their emotions. Videos have this capability to engage human emotions more, for its sound, moving scenes, or the content which people can feel more than looking at a picture.

Another reason is that, by watching video people would have some times to stop at a topic. The human brain has time to get involved with a theme. So, use the video to engage your audiences’ emotions. One more exciting part is the content! Your unusual habits, different behaviors or private life can be interesting topics to watch. You can make something like a documentary of your daily life, with your voice. It is interesting that I have found that people look for real things, and documentaries can give them real facts about your life or your vision.

If you have a small business, you can make a documentary about your ongoing works or the workplace. It could be interesting for others, and also it will build a great trust option using your Instagram stories for your customers.

4.Instagram photography:

Once you have chosen your vision, it is time to prepare your content and Instagram posts, which is an essential part. There are some tips and tricks you can use to add to your profile quality. I listed them here, and some reasons why you should care.

Use natural light or good artificial lighting to make your Instagram posts more attractive. Looking at most Instagram famous profiles reveals that using high-quality pictures can encourage people to like your post. People’s brain naturally looks for beauty.  It is also true that the meaning of beauty could be different for people all around the words. So, it is better to know your audience and see if you can produce something that engages them emotionally. When viewing art and beauty, there is a remarkable increase in the brain’s neurons connectivity. Though science still is looking for the reasons that beauty can evoke emotional and physical reactions, you can take advantages of this to go to the top. Proper lighting can remarkably help you to add to your video/pictures’ quality and attract more audiences.

5.Instagram post size

Use the square size for feeds and vertical for stories. You might never think how important sizes are when it comes to posting on your Instagram stories or feeds. Instagram and some other social media have provided different space to share. If you want to post on stories, use vertical sizes since it fills the space. Since most of the Instagram users are mobile users, so better to think about the comfortability when using mobile. There are three types of video posting size on Instagram. Square, vertical, and landscape. The vertical and square videos take more engagements and views than landscape videos on Instagram. Your post size is essential for more views, likes, and comments. Here is the guideline for your video:

  • Landscape videos: 1280*720 aspect ratio and 16:9 size
  • Square video: 1080*1080 pixels for size and 1:1 aspect ratio
  • Vertical video: 1080*1920 proportion and 9:16 aspect ratio

Why can video size increase Instagram video views?

First, the number of Instagram mobile-users is 75% more than its desktop users. So watching comfortability using mobile is essential. People can publish square and vertical videos without black borders, so it fills the space on the screen and leads to more comfortability to watch it on feeds. A landscape video is not suitable for Instagram, but it might be useful for your YouTube account, TV advertisements, websites or blogs. Second, the place that you post is different (feeds or stories), so better to choose the format according to the area you are going to publish your video. Once you post on feeds, you better keep the square size as explained above, but if you post on stories, so vertical is the best.

6.expand your audiences

One way to get more views is to connect with others, especially big brands, or other famous people, or useful pages. For example, if you aim to get known on your cooking, you collaborate with some well-known restaurants or any other related pages. If they mention your name under the post, you already in front of many people’s eyes. Good chance to start. Because you cannot expect to grow overnight, be patient, it takes some times.

Another method is to build your relationship with others through visiting their page, like and comment for others. People who you have visited their pages, back to your page and if they like the content, they would follow you, see your stories, like your posts and so on. However, it is somehow time-consuming to sit and spend hours to do so. Thanks to technology, robots can do this for you. Don’t go for the fake followers. Using Instagram bot can remarkably help you to increase your real audiences and your views and engagements.

The more you show yourself to people, the more they will know you! Become Instagram famous is all about getting known by many people around the globe! There are some features on Instagram stories that you can use to broaden your audiences, such as location and hashtags. Tagging location and using popular and most followed hashtags make your stories available for more viewers on the top list or recent list. People tap on the place and see the map along with all posts of that location. If you have already some posts with this location tag, and it is attractive, people can see it from the list. They would visit your profile, or they have options to follow you directly from there.

Look at these pictures to know how does it work and also I have written an instruction to use location tag.  

How to use Instagram location stories?

  • Open Instagram
  • On the top left, tap “Your Story”
  • Take pictures, or select it from galleries
  • Tap on  icon on the top right 
  • Select
  • Find the location you want in the search bar
  • Click “Next to” on the lower right corner
  • Share it!

You can use the same procedure to use a hashtag, select  instead of Location. If you want to use location tags on your feeds post, after selecting the pictures, and applying effects, use the “Add Location” on the page. It will worth to use, and you will get good results.

7.Instagram famous has regular and consistent posts

Several posts a day, at first would be difficult, but once you get results, it will make you motivated to continue. If you see other famous profiles, you see not all, but many of them have more than 1000 posts! So, do it regularly, and one more important thing is time to post. You have to send the picture or videos to your stories when most of the users are online. If you have a business account, you can see the most active days and hours. Wednesday to Friday are the days for more views and engagements. The surveys show that Wednesday is the best and the worst is Sunday to post. Though, there are some hours that you can post to get the best results, the peak hours which are suitable to post are 10 AM to 5 PM and the peak hour is 3:00 pm. See the charts below:

8.Trust yourself!

after looking for the answer of how to become Instagram famous, you have clues, new ideas and courage to continue, but you should trust you and your analyses too. It’s always good to get advice from others; you can also find something new. Switch your account to a business profile, to see the insight under each post. It will help you to monitors other’s reactions to your posts. You can also see the best time and days to post through analytics in the setting.


Have a vision, be consistent, do several posts, build your relationships, trust yourself and be patient! You will get the results.

How to Get your First 1000 Followers on Instagram?

If you have recently opened an Instagram account, and you are looking to grow it, you are at the right place. I would explain five steps to get your first 1000 followers. I have divided the steps according to the number of followers. Follow the instruction carefully.

How long does it take to get 1000 followers on Instagram?

It depends on many factors including the account opening date, the niche, your connections. I assume that you have recently opened your Instagram account and you have no platform to connect your Instagram account. You are not connected to any Instagram campaign.

It may takes up to 3 months for you to get your first 1000 followers if you follow for follow, engage in Instagram activities (comments on public posts, like public posts, use hashtags).

Let’s see how it takes up to 3 month. We assume that 1 out of ten would follow you back, and you follow-unfollow 100 per day. It means that you can get up to `10 followers daily. Then in the end of 3rd month, you would have 900 followers.

Here is a step-by-step guide for getting the follower on Instagram. From Zero to Hero!

#Step 1: Tips for getting the first 300 followers

Once I opened my account, like all others, I had no follower, but gradually, I could find my niche and grow my account. Though at first, it looks challenging and confusing, there are some tips to get there better and sooner.

  • You should choose a proper username. It is better to select a short and readable one. You can use an underscore, or dot to add more readability to your username. Once I was searching for big accounts, I found that people follow readable usernames more easily. It’s logical! Isn’t it?
  • Write a proper bio; I have entirely explained how to write a bio to attract more users in the Instagram famous Your bio should show what you might bring for others. For example, you are going to make them happier or healthier.
  • Add your contacts! If you have no problems to add your contact list into your following list, it is an excellent strategy to start, to get about 100 followers. Because these people would know you already and the chance is more they follow you back. In this way, you can add to your follower list.
  • Have at least six posts, to start and find your relevant hashtags to help you to reach more people at first. You can add up to 30 hashtags to your posts, people would see your posts (if your account is public) on their feeds, and this may encourage them to follow you.
  • Finding your target users is one of the best ways to start growing your account. One way is to see the lists of your competitors’ followers. You can check it from their profile. Though, once I started to follow those targeted users, it was time-consuming and with some Instagram limitation. Using Instagram bot can assist you in automating these actions with no restriction. In this way, I could get my 300 followers just in a few days.

Why should you switch into a business account?

People might think if they are running a personal account, or they do not have any services, or product no need to switch to a business account. Hopefully, Instagram has given this option for free and for all users. Even you have a personal one, it is better to swath, it is easy, and there are lots of benefits there for you.

Once you are growing your account understanding the analysis help you a lot. In a business account, you can see all insight, and you will know which posts are more favorable, or what people are looking for in your page, which makes them encouraged to follow you. So, I highly recommend using this opportunity before going to the next steps.

How to get 1k followers on instagram in 5 minutes? This might seem like a weird question. Or you might ask yourself, is it possible to gain 1k followers on instagram in 5 minutes? tap to reach out more

Why is analytics important?

At first, you might not consider the Instagram insight very carefully, but this section is entirely related to your account, especially if you are running a business account. If you know your target market is young people, so it is better for you to attract more young people on your account and Instagram shows this for you that what percentage of your account followers are people aged 25-34.

#Step 2: Get your 300-500 followers

Now the second step is to work on a 500-follower account, a good move for you! At this stage, you better have at least 18 posts.

  • You should Keep consistency while using Instagram because an Instagram algorithm can recognize your engagements and presence. You might read the Instagram instruction itself, that people who post once a week, get five times more commitments than who post once a month. So, keep posting at least once a day.
  • Using your Instagram bot features, like the direct message, comment tracker, post schedule, and so on. All of this shows your profile to others, and if they like your content, they will follow you, and it should not take more than a few days.
  • Start working on Instagram stories and take advantages of that, this also led to more engagements and along with other tips you can reach to your first 500 followers.

#Step 3: Grow from 500 to 700 followers

Now you have passed half of the way. How does it feel? Sometimes it looks tough, but it is possible. The vital point you should know that you have to be patient. Many of other people you see that have many followers had the same experience. So, do not give up. In this stage, I would talk about high-quality content.

  • The content is significant. Try to keep the original one, and your posts. Do not copy and do not look for short ways like this. Though repost is allowed on Instagram, you should write the origin links.
  • You can enhance your photography skills and prepare some self-made documentaries. There are always new things that you can work on them. Hopefully, there are many tools that you can use to make more visually stunning pictures or even videos.
  • The type of content should be related to your aim; you have also written on your bio. If you post on very different topics, people may do not like to stay. So, you better be focused on your unique identity which you have made on your Instagram account. In this way, you have given a character to people to recognize you. You also will be known for this identity, which supports you to grow your account even more than 1000 followers.

#Step 4: Get your 700-900 followers!

You are closer to your 1k followers! Ready? From this now, you should care about the details. For this purpose, you need analytics. Hopefully, Instagram would provide you this tool for free.

  • Though, you should switch your account into a business one. It is easy. Once you have done, after having 100 followers, you can go to your profile, click on the top right, a three lined icon. The first option is insight. If you click on that, you would see the analytics.
  • Always use stories IG to show you have a new post. You can also share your feed posts to your stories because this help people see your posts more often.

#Step 5: Almost there! Get your 900-1000 followers!

This step is the final one to see 1k users are following you. Keep in mind that you need to get the assistance of tools like some Instagram bot to help you in follow, like, comment, and Instagram ِDM.

  • Send a welcome message with the help of an Instagram bot. This would give others a sense of being relevant to you, and also you have somehow privatized the conversation, which is a good feeling to others.
  • Introduce your page with the power of the direct message. You can introduce your products, or your account in the direct message quickly. Many of them would look into your profile and follow you.
  • Follow, like, and comment because they would see your profile more, and the probability of getting more followers is higher than when you are absent.
  • Add your username to your posts because when people share your stories not directly from your page, others can find you through the stickers you have put on the posts.

Optimize your captions because it gives others a sense of reality. An easy to understand descriptions would work better for your Instagram account because people can have a better feeling when reading your text. Friendliness is good to get more followers. So, while you are writing your caption, write it amiably and also write something to induce people to engage, like asking a question.

  • Ask followers to tag their friends on your posts or in the comments when you are writing your post’s captions. In this way, tagged people may follow you after seeing your posts.



All the secret about getting follower and encourage others to follow you is about building relationships, do several posts, and keeping consistency.

How to share a YouTube video on Instagram?

Now, YouTube is the first most significant social media all over the globe, with millions of videos sharing daily. However, connecting YouTube to Instagram is now a challenge. This blog would explain how you can convert a YouTube video to an Instagram video format and share Instagram. 

You may have both Instagram and YouTube accounts, or you own an Instagram account to repost YouTube videos. However, it seems that converting YouTube videos is a challenge, and sharing with Instagram also is becoming a big challenge! Keep reading and learn how to share youtube video on instagram story, how to share a youtube video on instagram using mobile, and how to share youtube video on instagram desktop.

Can you share youtube video on Instagram?

Have you ever watched a YouTube video that you like to post on Instagram? Or if you are working on your new YouTube channel and want to promote it through your Instagram page. Here, I have to say that fortunately, you can share any YouTube video link on your Instagram story. While previously, you needed 10,000 followers on Instagram to use the swipe-up link, the new feature of Instagram allows you to share any YouTube link with fewer followers. Keep reading and learn more about how to share a youtube video on instagram.

How tohow to share a youtube video on Instagram Story as a link?

Are you wondering how to share a youtube video on instagram? As I previously mentioned, one of the easiest ways that you can 

use to share a YouTube video on your Instagram is your Instagram story. 

If you do not know how to share youtube video on instagram story, just follow the below steps:

  • Copy the link to the video.
  • Add a story, tap on the sticker icon, and choose “Link” sticker.
  •  Now, paste the link to the YouTube video and post the story.

How to share a YouTube video on the Instagram story without 10K followers

If you have a YouTube channel, and you will promote your videos, it could be somehow complicated. Instagram doesn’t allow users to share links on their stories without 10K followers. Though, here are some shortcuts:

  1. Share the link in an IGTV and then share an account linked to that IGTV
  2. You may buy followers to reach the number 10K. It should not cost much for you (this is the easiest and straightforward).  

There are still some other ways, though all would NOT redirect the users. All of them will send the followers indirectly to the mentioned links. For example:

  1. You can share the story and tell users to visit your profile and check the link in the bio.
  2. You can share the story and ask users if they want to get the link. then, reply with the link (this is time-consuming and not recommended for bulk clicks).
  3. Promote the link using Instagram ads.

How to share a YouTube video on Instagram

As you see in the picture, you can only share YouTube videos on another platform that allows link sharing, but Instagram is not one of them. 

Therefore, to share a YouTube video, you must: 

  1. Download YouTube videos 
  2. Share the downloaded video on Instagram 

There are lots of tools available on the internet you can use to download YouTube videos, and here I would mention some of them. You can try any means that help you download YouTube videos. 

How to share a YouTube video on Instagram story?

Download YouTube video by YTmp3 downloader, as I have shown in the picture below. 

It is easy and fast, but if the length of the video is too long, you might face an error. So, it is better to download YouTube videos with a short duration. 

To share a YouTube video on Instagram story:

  1. Copy the YouTube URL as it is shown in the picture
  2. Paste it to any YouTube downloader apps or tools and download the video to your mobile phone gallery
  3. Open the Instagram app and tap on your profile picture on the top left of the home page
  4. Tap the gallery icon on the bottom left
  5. select the video
  6. write the caption and share to Instagram story

You can use a desktop for Instagram if you have downloaded using a computer or laptop. 

How to share YouTube videos on Instagram on a mobile phone?

You can use any browser on mobile like safari, chrome, Firefox to download YouTube videos and share to Instagram when you save it to your smartphone. Though, It’s good to use a video maker to edit videos before sharing.

To share YouTube video on Instagram using the phone: 

  • Copy the youtube video URL Open any browser 
  • Go to youtube to mp4 downloader 
  • Copy the youtube video URL and paste it to the downloader 
  • Download the video 
  • Open the Instagram app and post the video to Instagram 

Tip: please notice if you are using an android device, you can find the downloaded video on your download folder. IOS user is a bit different. You can go to files and find the downloaded video on the download folder. From there, you can save it to your gallery and then share it to Instagram. 

When you open the Instagram app, you can only upload videos from the galley of the iPhone. So, make sure you have moved the video to the gallery.

How to share YouTube videos on Instagram on desktop?

If you are using your computer to share any Instagram, the good news is that you can easily share it from desktop to Instagram. Once you have your YouTube video ready, you can share it through a desktop. 

Here in this article, I have entirely explained how you can post video to Instagram through the computer for both mac and windows users. 

Sum up 

Sharing YouTube videos to Instagram can have lots of benefits. You can make a collection of top videos, report or create a collection of inspirational videos, and so on. However, you should notice that copyright is essential while you are sharing a video on Instagram. 

So, why can I not share any famous YouTube song or something like that on Instagram? Read the above text and learn how to share youtube video on instagram story, all other important points about sharing YouTue videos on Instagram using your mobile or desktop?

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