Instagram Stories Repeating: Why and How to fix it 2023?

Have you ever been scrolling through your Instagram feed, only to find that the same person’s stories keep showing up again and again? It can be really annoying and make it hard to enjoy the content of other users. In this article, we’ll discuss Instagram stories repeating and why is Instagram repeating stories so that you can continue to enjoy a variety of content on your feed.

Why is Instagram Repeating Stories?

Instagram Stories are a great way to share your life with your friends and followers, but sometimes they can be a little too repetitive. If you find out Instagram stories repeating, there’s a chance that your account is being hacked or that someone is trying to spam you. Here are a few reasons why your Instagram Stories might be repeating, and how you can fix it.

1. You’re Following Too Many People: If you follow too many people, Instagram will start showing you the same stories from different accounts. To stop this from happening, unfollow a few people to reduce the number of stories your seeing.

2. Someone Has Hacked Your Account: If someone has hacked your account, they could be repeating certain Stories to try and get more followers or views on their own profile. To fix this, change your password immediately and make sure you have two-factor authentication enabled for extra security.

3. You Have Too Many Active Stories: If you have too many active Stories in your feed, Instagram might start repeating them as it doesn’t have enough space to show all of them at once. To fix this, delete or archive some of your older stories to make room for new ones.

How to fix Instagram stories repeating?

If you’re experiencing issues and you are struggling with why is instagram repeating stories there are a few potential causes and solutions. 

  • One common cause of this problem is that your phone’s cache may be full. To fix this, simply clear your cache by going to your phone’s Settings > App Manager > Instagram and tapping the “Clear Cache” button.
  • Another potential cause is that you may have too many apps running in the background, which can lead to RAM issues on your phone. To fix this, try closing some of the apps you’re not using and restarting your phone.
  • If neither of these solutions work, it’s possible that there’s an issue with the Instagram app itself. In this case, the best solution is to uninstall and reinstall the app.
  • Finally, if you’re still having problems with your Instagram Stories repeating, it’s best to contact the Instagram support team for help.

Why Does Instagram Always Show The Same Person’s Stories Repeatedly?

Have you ever noticed that your Instagram Stories feed seems to favor certain people, showing their stories over and over again even if you haven’t interacted with them recently? It’s not just you – this is a common complaint from Instagram users. There are a few possible reasons for this.

  • First, Instagram may think that you’re more interested in seeing stories from people who you engage with frequently. So if you’ve been watching someone’s stories regularly or interacting with them in other ways (liking their posts, etc.), they’re more likely to show up in your feed.
  • Another possibility is that Instagram is trying to show you content that it thinks you’ll find relevant or interesting. So if someone you follow has posted a lot of stories about a topic that you’re interested in, they’re more likely to show up in your feed.

Whatever the reason, there’s no need to worry – there’s an easy way to fix this issue. Just go into your settings and turn off the “Show Relevant Stories First” option. This will disable the algorithm that favors certain people’s stories and show everyone’s stories in chronological order instead.


Instagram story won’t go away after viewing

If you’re an avid Instagram user, you’ve probably noticed that your Stories tend to repeat themselves after you’ve viewed them once. You may have even seen the same Story multiple times in a row. This can be extremely frustrating, especially if you’re trying to view other people’s Stories and keep up with what’s going on in the world. But why does this happen?

There are a few different reasons why your Instagram Stories might be repeating. One possibility is that you have a slow internet connection. If your phone or tablet is connected to Wi-Fi, try turning it off and see if that fixes the problem. If you’re still having trouble, it could be because of an issue with the Instagram app itself. Sometimes the app gets stuck and starts repeating content.

Best sites to buy Instagram followers for (2023)

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms on the planet. With over 400 million active users, it’s an excellent platform for businesses of all sizes to get their message out. But how do you increase your follower base on Instagram? One way is to buy Instagram followers. But which sites are the best for this purpose? This article will look at some of the best site to buy Instagram followers for 2023. Read on to learn more!

Best sites to buy Instagram followers


The best Australian site to buy Instagram followers Australia  and grow your account quickly, Superviral is the best agency specializing in his services, if you want to get an Australian Algorithm. Superviral has a large and diverse variety of Packages interested in buying Instagram followers.

Superviral offers instant delivery of followers, so you don’t have to wait long or spend any money on shipping. You can also receive a set number of new followers every day, week, or month. For increasing your follower count without spending any money, Superviral is the best option available online.


1. is a great site to buy Instagram followers Canada because it offers a wide variety of followers at meager prices. You can buy anywhere from 100 to 25,000 followers on this site, and the prices are very reasonable.

 2. Another great thing about is that they offer a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your purchase. If you’re unhappy with your purchase, contact them, and they will refund your money immediately.

 3. Last but not least, also has a speedy delivery time – usually within 24 hours – so you will get your order shipped out quickly!

Which celebrity has the fakest followers on Instagram?

There is no definitive answer to finding out which celebrity has the fakest followers on Instagram. However, many experts believe that the answer may be Miley Cyrus. According to Social Blade, a website that tracks social media data, Cyrus has an estimated 2.8 million fake followers. This puts her well ahead of other celebrities, including Kim Kardashian West (1.7 million) and Beyoncé (1.3 million). While it’s difficult to determine who has the fakest followers on Instagram, this information can help you identify which celebs may be more vulnerable to buying counterfeit followers online.

Does buying followers hurt?

Buying followers on Instagram can be an excellent way to increase your visibility on the platform and attract new customers or followers. However, there may be better ways to grow your account than buying followers since it can sometimes backfire. There are a few factors to consider before buying followers. 

First, ensure you target a reputable source for following users on Instagram. Some of the most popular sites that offer followers for sale are bot accounts or fake profiles. These accounts will likely have low engagement rates and may even delete your account if you try to contact them. Additionally, many of these sites use automated methods to add followers, which can cause your account to be suspended by Instagram. 

Second, be mindful of how many followers you purchase. Even if a site claims to have “real” followers, buying too many will likely result in negative feedback from other users and potential suspension from Instagram. Purchase only as many followers as you need for the immediate goal, and plan to scale back once you see the benefits of having more followers. 

Finally, make sure that you are following people who are relevant to your brand and target audience. Purchasing fake followers is one of the easiest ways to get penalized by Instagram, so make sure you use this tool wisely!

In the meantime, if you are thinking to get more followers, you can buy 10000 Instagram followers.

Will people notice if I buy followers?

There is no definite answer to this question since it largely depends on the size of your account and the number of followers you already have. For example, purchasing more followers may not be noticeable if you have a small budget and few followers. Conversely, buying more followers may significantly impact your visibility if your account has a large following. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide how much attention you want to draw to your purchase.

Can you get in trouble for buying followers?

Yes, buying followers on Instagram is definitely against the terms of service. However, it’s not illegal, and most companies that sell followers will not report you to Instagram. Many buyers use fake accounts to increase their following count. Buying followers is a quick way to improve rankings, but it’s also a way to cheat the system. If you feel fake accounts are following you, there are other ways to grow your following without buying them.

How do I safely buy followers?

When looking to buy Instagram followers, it’s essential to remember the different types of followers and how they are accepted. 

Here are some tips for safe and successful buying:

 1. Understand the Different Types of Followers

There are three main types of followers on Instagram: organic, paid, and follows. Organic followers are created through engagement with your posts – if people like, comment on, or follow your content, those followers will be counted as organic. Paid followers are purchased through third-party services; these accounts will have a more substantial number next to their name and will generally have more Instagram likes and views than organic followers. Finally, followers are added by other users – if you’ve got a good following already, they may follow you back automatically.

 2. Consider Size Matters

When buying followers, size matters – the bigger your following is, the more Influencers will want to work with you. But spend your money wisely, followers, too; spending too much on small numbers of unfollowers can quickly add to wasted money. Aim for around 1000-2000 active subscribers (or about 1/5th of your following) as a good starting point for budgeting; anything more than that could be considered excessive.

 3. Beware of Fake Accounts

It’s common for unscrupulous sellers to create fake accounts to sell more followers. If something seems

Can Instagram detect fake followers?

Instagram can detect fake followers, but it can be challenging to tell which accounts are falsified. One way to determine if an account is fake is to look at the bio and images of the performance. If they’re not related to the user, then it’s likely that the account is fake. Many Instagram users buy counterfeit followers because it increases their follower count. However, buying followers on Instagram is against the platform’s rules and can get you banned from the site.

Is there a legit way to buy Instagram followers?

There are a few ways to buy Instagram followers, but they all have risks. The most popular way is to purchase Followers from a third-party service. However, this method can be risky because not all followers are real, and you may end up with fake followers. Another option is to buy followers from an online marketplace. This method is also risky because there is no guarantee that the followers are genuine, and you may end up with fake followers. The safest way to buy Instagram followers Singapore is through an agency specializing in this service. This method is risk-free because you can be sure that all the followers are real, and you won’t have to worry about fake followers.

Fix Instagram Messages Black (Why it happens?)

As you know, Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps in today’s world. While many people use it to share photos and videos, many use its Direct Message feature to contact others and even manage their online shop requests. But what will happen if you suddenly face your instagram messages black screen? If you are searching for the answer to “why are my instagram messages blacked out”, you are in luck because here, I want to talk about the reasons you might see black instagram messages and how to solve it.

Why are my instagram messages black?

Before I explain how to fix Instagram messages black, I want to talk a bit about “why are my instagram messages blacked out”. Unfortunately, there is no exact reason for you to face Instagram messages black, but the general ideas are that it can be due to a cache problem or an out-of-date app version. Also, sometimes, these kinds of issues might be the result of social media platforms. No matter what the answer to the “why are my instagram messages blacked out”  is, you can read the next paragraph and see if the below solutions can help you.

Also You can easily recover deleted Instagram messages through some simple tricks. It doesn’t matter you are an iPhone or Android user, if you are in an emergency and need to find out how to see deleted messages on instagram, you are at the right place. Go on and join here, you will read about the best instagram message recovery methods.

How to fix Instagram messages black?

Previously, we talked about the answer “why are my instagram messages blacked out”. And now I want to explain the best solutions that might help you solve your problem in such cases.

  • Solve the black instagram messages issue by logging in with Browser:

In such cases, one of the first solutions you can try is to log in to our account from the Instagram web version by typing the address into any browser you like.

  • Resolve instagram messages black problem by turning off your Vpn connection:

Sometimes and in some countries, connecting to a VPN source can limit your access to some applications. For example, in some cases, a VPN connection might cause Instagram bots to restrict your access because they detect your access to the account suspiciously.

  • Solve the black instagram messages issue by changing your password:

If you suspect you’re having this problem due to questionable login credentials, you can change your password and sign in again with a secure account.

  • Resolve instagram messages black error by restarting your Internet:

If you followed all the above points, but you are still facing the mentioned problem, Your IP address might be detected as suspicious by Instagram artificial intelligence. Here, you can try turning off your modem or mobile data and again turning it on to see if it solves your issue.

  • Solve the black instagram messages error by updating your app:

Out-of-dating apps might cause many problems, one of which is black instagram messages. So, you can check to see if your Instagram app is updated or not. 

  • Resolve instagram messages black problem by clearing data and cache:

The last option I want to mention here is to clear data and cache and see if it solves your problem. I should add that this action will log you out, so think before doing so if you can remember your account details like username and password.

How do you change your Instagram messages color?

Another point that might relate to black instagram messages is how to customize your Instagram DM themes. If you do not know how to change your Instagram message color, just follow the below steps and reach your goal as soon as possible.

  • Open your Instagram app and choose the messaging/DM icon on the top-right side.
  • Tap on the chat you want to change its theme.
  • Then if you choose the profile name, you will open the Chat settings menu.
  • In the next step, you should tap on the Theme icon.
  • Choose your favorite theme or your preferred color from the Colors and Gradients section.


Why can’t I change the color of my Instagram messages?

The general answer is that your Instagram app does not work properly but that can be due to different reasons, such as an app glitch, viruses on your phone, or bugs in the app.

Why are my instagram messages grey?

If you see that your Instagram DM color has recently changed to blue, gray, or purple, you should know that you are not alone. Many Instagram users these days face this case because Instagram is testing the readability of the text. 


Why are my instagram messages blacked out? If you are looking for the answer to this question, you should know that it might be due to different reasons, such as an app glitch, an ou-to-date Instagram version, a cache problem, and so on. Here, the best point is that whatever the reason is, you can find all solutions to solve this issue in the above text. Read the above text and tell us if it helps you solve your problem or not.

5 Things To Know About Instagram To Boost Your Business 

Running a business nowadays means you must arm yourself with the right marketing tactics and strategies. It’s no longer enough to have the right product or service to offer to your audience—you also need to ensure it reaches your target customers or you risk making no sales. And what better way to do that than to use all marketing means available to amplify your presence? 

Wouldn’t it be better to have your quality products and services reach the right people? In the niche example of an electrical contractor for instance, aside from using efficient software like Jobber for scheduling jobs and managing your other tasks, it’s also crucial that you know how to market your brand so you can have more leads and potential customers. 

Instagram tips for boosting your business 

One of the most effective platforms you can use for marketing your services is social media. Instagram, in particular, can boost your business if you know your way around it. You’re missing quite a lot if you’re still not using Instagram (IG) to widen your online presence.  

That said, here are five things you didn’t know about Instagram to boost your business: 

  1. Your number of followers isn’t as significant as you think 

You may think that Instagram is about having thousands of followers just to say you’re making an impact. However, this isn’t always the case, especially if your business involves providing services to a very tailored audience. You don’t need a large following if that number comprises people or accounts who aren’t likely to hire your services. 

So, don’t be too caught up with having only a few hundred followers. What matters is how you connect and engage with them. Pay more attention to serving them content that can be of value to them and how you can help solve their daily struggles. Introduce your services and make sure they know how to reach you. Can you link to anything you can offer for free? Some companies use social media to demonstrate they listen to and understand their customers by offering things like this contractor invoice template that can be downloaded and fully customized any number of times. 

  1. You can collaborate with relevant businesses for more exposure 

Another useful feature of Instagram is the ability to collaborate with influencers and other businesses so you can have more exposure. You can collaborate with a relevant company you believe your followers would find valuable or perhaps a client who also happens to be an influencer. As in the example above, electrical contractors, can team up with home builders and remodelers since they often work together for clients.  

Aside from boosting business exposure, collaboration can help expand your network. Since business is all about connections, building relationships with other companies can help widen your social circle. This could result in more referrals and, of course, better revenue for your business. 

Collaborations on Instagram could involve going live on the platform with an influencer or other relevant businesses that can help you achieve your goal. You can also post IG stories, photos, and videos tagging the business or influencer and vice versa. Doing these exposes your business to your collaborator’s followers and clients. 

  1. Hashtags still work 

Hashtags are one of the oldest features of IG, pioneered back in the day. In essence, hashtags categorize your content so readers interested in particular subjects and categories can quickly locate them. It enables your postings to be seen by more people who care about your niche or industry and are therefore more likely to want to follow your profile or brand. 

When you put a hashtag on your content on Instagram, it appears on a separate page of posts and stories that also use that hashtag. This makes it easier for people looking for content using that hashtag to locate posts that are interesting to them and likely to engage them. On the flip side, hashtags can help you find posts and content relevant to your business.  

  1. You can post long-form videos using IGTV 

Another excellent IG feature you can take advantage of is IGTV. It allows you to upload up to a 60-minute video that your followers and other IG users can watch, like how they’d watch television. Your IGTV content can be of anything that can offer value to your audience. For example, a tutorial or a video featuring your new services or products. 

You can respond to frequently asked questions (FAQs) or give a step-by-step walkthrough of what your business does so your audience can be better acquainted with your brand. Just be aware that these longer-form videos need more production qualities than typical Instagram videos, so be sure you have the means to achieve the level of quality you desire. 

  1. IG Stories have various features for better engagement 

You might think that IG stories are only about photos and short videos you can upload for your audience. On the contrary, you can actually take advantage of various features that can help you get the engagement and interaction you want for your profile. 

A good example is the “questions sticker” that enables you to ask questions and let your viewers or followers answer them. It could be anything about the business or your products and services. This tool is fantastic for creating communities and promoting consumer involvement. A brand can be seen as trustworthy, compassionate, and human by showing that it cares about its customers’ opinions and is available to answer questions. This encourages consumer loyalty. 

Final words 

There are definitely more than enough ways to use Instagram to boost your business. These five things mentioned above may not be something you’d use when marketing your brand on Instagram. But now that you know them, why not take advantage of these tips and features? Before you know it, your profile is already gaining leverage and more exposure, which is absolutely what your business needs.

Best Site to Buy Instagram Followers Australia

To be successful online, you need to put a lot of effort into marketing and promotion. One way to market your business on social media is to purchase organic and active Instagram followers.

The popularity of Instagram is undeniable. It has over one billion users, and the number is growing daily. Despite its existence, this platform is valuable in and of itself. As a global network, Instagram has steadily gained popularity among Australians. Entrepreneurs, business professionals, and influencers can use Instagram to boost their brands.

Additionally, they can help you reach a broader audience on social media. Only a handful of sites provide these services, including IamFamous. In terms of influencer marketing, Instagram is one of the most effective platforms, which is why IamFamous is a good choice for them.

The best place to buy Instagram followers from Australia?

Here is a guide to help you find the best Instagram follower site for your business.

1. IamFamous

Buying Instagram followers in Australia is easy, thanks to IamFamous. It is possible to buy Instagram followers from IamFamous, which are real, active and engaging, at affordable prices. You will receive free likes when you buy followers.

Perks of buying from IamFamous:

  • Real & Active Followers
  • Free Likes with Every Order
  • No Password Required
  • Permanent Followers
  • Free Automatic Refills
  • 24/7 Friendly Support
  • Easy to Use Website
  • Safe Payment Methods

The followers of their website do not disappear after a while, as with other websites. Customer service representatives can also assist with Instagram’s growth.

Their services go beyond this. The company also aims to improve your brand’s presence on social media. Get active and genuine Instagram followers and likes today at IamFamous.

Customers are offered packages tailored to their needs. Their services include Instagram followers, IGTV views, and videos for a very reasonable rate.

In summary, IamFamous offers the best prices for Australian Instagram followers. Their services include organic followers, likes, and views. They will also be available to assist you after sales are complete. This company’s top-of-the-line customer support services will let you beat your competitors in marketing. They will use a secure payment procedure that will not involve any unsafe practices.

What IamFamous Has to Offer

Instagram followers are valuable, yet acquiring them is difficult. It takes a lot of effort and time to accomplish this. You can attract thousands of followers with reputable websites like IamFamous within minutes. Having a large following, you can make Instagram profile look attractive. More people follow you when they see you have huge fan-base.

As one of the most influential platforms for promotional activities, Instagram can help you promote your business.

An explanation of how something can benefit someone is essential to earning credibility. The following points will help you understand IamFamous.

Australian Instagram Followers – Organic and Active

Most websites guarantee real Instagram followers, but the followers start disappearing as soon as payment is made. Your account might be permanently banned if this happens. The key is to choose a website that provides real Instagram followers instead of some automated bot.

The credibility test of IamFamous has been passed several times with excellent results. As a result, you can trust them to buy real Instagram followers who are active throughout and increase your engagement.

Free Instagram Likes

IamFamous offers free likes for your posts on every order. So, you get Instagram likes for free every time you buy followers for Instagram. Not any other provider offers guaranteed free likes with every order. So, choosing IamFamous saves you money, and you get these services for free.

30-Days Refund Policy

Despite how well they provide their services, technical issues can still arise. If such mishaps occur at your end, their technical team will quickly resolve the issue to ensure your satisfaction.


It would help if you didn’t share your password often, but some sites serving similar purposes may ask for it anyway, violating your privacy. In contrast, IamFamous respects customer privacy and does not ask for it.

Live Customer Support 24×7

IamFamous is unique in that it responds to your queries after you order. 24/7 experts are available to assist you with multiple factors and answer your tech-related questions. They will contact you shortly. Based on reviews, this feature seems to be the most popular.

Benefits exclusively for Australians

In addition to other services, IamFamous provides Australia-based real followers. It will benefit your business if it originates on the continent. They are not restricted to only this, though. You can also choose followers from all over the world based on your preferences. You decide how your followers look; IamFamous will care for the rest.

Instagram Followers from Australia – How to Buy Them?

IamFamous is committed to providing ease to its customers at all times. As a result, their services are accessible via a simple three-step procedure. To learn how to do this, follow these steps.

  1. Pick your package

Following your registration on the official IamFamous website, you can select the package that suits your needs. There are various plans depending on how many Instagram followers you have. According to your budget, select what meets your requirements.

  1. Adding basic information

Upon selecting the package, you wish to purchase, the site asks for basic information, such as your Instagram username. The payment page will appear after you enter that information.

  1. Pay and check out

The end is almost in sight for you. It is possible to pay with any credit card. Moreover, IamFamous allows you to buy Instagram followers of Australia via PayPal. A live chat option is always available if you need assistance completing this step. Question responses are almost instantaneous.

What Are the Benefits of Purchasing This Stuff?

Marketing and promotional activities are most commonly conducted on Instagram. The credibility of a brand is undeniably impacted by social media presence. You can make your profile look attractive and increase your brand’s trust and loyalty by building an engaged following.

Follower numbers are somehow related to business success. Build your business’ productivity to high levels with IamFamous’ frosted community of followers. 

Final thoughts

An investor must do extensive research before investing to make a wise investment. We can directly provide you with a tried and tested platform in such cases, saving you time and effort.

The experts at IamFamous did not disappoint us when we declared them the best place to buy Instagram followers. You can use their unique Instagram marketing services reasonably to make your blog or business successful.

Instagram Message Recovery 2023: How to do it?

If you are among those people who use Instagram to chat with your family and friends, you know how awful it is to find some or all of your Instagram messages deleted. But do not freak out because there is always a solution, and today, I want to talk about instagram message recovery and show you how to see deleted messages on instagram. So, keep reading and find the best methods and apps to recover deleted instagram messages.

Can we perform an Instagram message recovery?

The absolute answer is yes. You can easily recover deleted Instagram messages through some simple tricks. It doesn’t matter you are an iPhone or Android user, if you are in an emergency and need to find out how to see deleted messages on instagram, you are at the right place. Go on and in the next paragraphs, you will read about the best instagram message recovery methods.

How to see deleted messages on instagram iPhone?

If you are an iPhone user who lost his Instagram DM and look for the best Instagram message recovery method, this paragraph is specially written for you. Keep reading and choose one of the below ways to recover deleted Instagram messages.

How to see deleted messages on Instagram from the user whom you’ve sent:

The first and easiest way is to ask the person you have chatted with to see if he still has access to your chats. And if his answer is positive, you are lucky because you can ask him to send you a screenshot of that chat.

How to see deleted messages on instagram from Instagram Data:

As the second way of instagram message recovery, I want to show you how to ask Instagram to send your needed data from its server to you.

  1. Log in to your Instagram account from a browser.
  2. Go to your profile.
  3. Choose “Setting” and then go to the “Privacy and Security” section.
  4. Go to the “Data Download” part.
  5. Enter your email and click on “Request Download”.
  6. Now, you have to enter your password and choose “Next”.
  7. Then you will receive an email that includes your account information, such as messages within 48 hours. 
  8. Follow the instructions and download your needed date.

How to see deleted messages on instagram using third-party apps:

Also, as an iPhone user looking for the best Instagram message recovery method, you can use third-party recovery apps, specially designed for iOS systems, such as TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery. These apps are generally popular because of their easy user interface.

How to see deleted messages on instagram through online sites:

The next way of recovering deleted instagram messages is to use online sites, such as InstaRecovery. Using these sites is as simple as working with third-party apps, and maybe even easier. You just need to search the site address in your browser and then use it to recover deleted Instagram messages without downloading APK.

How to see deleted messages on instagram using iTunes Backup Restore:

This level is only available for iPhone users who have enabled the iTunes backup option. If you are one of them do not waste time, follow the below steps and recover deleted instagram messages.

  1. Open iTunes on your desktop.
  2. Connect your iPhone to your PC with a USB cable.
  3. Enter the password and choose the iOS device.
  4. Select the relevant iTunes backup through the backups’ date and size.
  5. Finally, choose Restore and simply replace all current data with the backup content.

How to see deleted messages on instagram using iCloud Backup Restore:

This option is another advantage for iOS users and the result of this system’s adequate data security & safety measures. To recover deleted instagram messages through iCloud Backup Restore, follow the below steps:

  • Go to Settings and choose General, Reset, Reset all Content, and Settings.
  • Enter your password to reset your device.
  • Then your device will reboot after the restoration process.
  • Go to the App & Data page and choose the Recover from iCloud Backup option.
  • Use your Apple ID to log into your iCloud account.
  • Find the most relevant backup and choose it.
  • Now you should wait until the system completes the recovery process.

How to see deleted messages on Instagram android?

On the other side are Android users who like to find out how to see deleted messages on instagram. So, we have specified this paragraph to the best Android instagram message recovery methods.

Recover deleted instagram messages from the person whom you have sent:

Just like what I told you about iPhone users, the easiest instagram message recovery method for Android users is to ask the person whom you have chatted with to send you a screenshot of chats if he can still access them.

Recover deleted instagram messages through Instagram’s download data feature:

This process is again similar to what iPhone users do. But again I will tell the steps in summary for those who have missed the above paragraph.

  1. Go to your Instagram account.
  2. Choose your profile and go to Settings> Privacy and Security> Data Download.
  3. Type your email and choose Request Download.
  4. Enter your Instagram password and click on Next.
  5. Check your email inbox and open the message that includes your account information, such as messages within 48 hours. 
  6. Here, you can simply download your needed date.

Recover deleted instagram messages through third-party apps:

If you are an Android user and missed a specific Instagram DM, you can use different third-party apps, like Tenorshare UltData, as the best instagram message recovery method.

Recover deleted instagram messages through online sites:

And the last option I want to introduce to Android users to recover deleted instagram messages is to use online sites, like Fonelab to find their deleted messages easily in a few minutes.

Are there any instagram message recovery tools?

Fortunately, the sure answer is yes. Both Android and iOS users can use different Instagram message recovery tools to recover deleted instagram messages. Using these tools is easy, and you only need to download a reliable application. Then you can find all your missed data, such as messages, in a few simple steps. To find out your favorite Instagram message recovery tool based on your phone system, read the next paragraph.

Best Instagram message recovery tools

While many apps help you recover deleted instagram messages, you should choose the best one based on your phone system because not all of them work on both Android and iOS systems. To make this easier for you, I have gathered a list of the best apps separately for iOS and Android users.

Best instagram message recovery tools for iPhone users:

If you are an iPhone user and like to know how to see deleted messages on instagram, you can use one of the best tools and recover deleted instagram messages in a short time.

  • You can download UltFone for free and quickly recover your intended data, such as your instagram deleted messages on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.
  • Also, you can choose Imyfone D-Back and use it as the best Instagram message recovery tool on your iPhone with the highest recovery success rate.
  • Fucosoft iPhone Data Recovery is a more general option, which can help you recover more than Instagram deleted messages. And the best point is that you can download this reliable data recovery tool for free.

Best Instagram message recovery tools for Android users:

If you are an Android user, it is your turn. Here, you can read about the three best apps that help you find your deleted Instagram messages, such:

  • Many Android users believe Fonelab is the best Android data extractor to find missed data.
  • Another group thinks that Dr.Fone is the most powerful Instagram message recovery tool, and Android users can use it to solve all problems, from system breakdowns to data loss. 
  • Android Data Recovery is another option, which can be helpful in this field, and many Android users use it every day to recover deleted instagram messages.


Whether you are an Android or iOS user and lost your Instagram DMS, do not worry because you can simply recover deleted instagram messages through Instagram Data Recovery, third-party apps or online websites and other restore solutions. To learn more about the details of the instagram message recovery method and how to see deleted messages on instagram, read the above text completely.


Fix Instagram Reels Not Working (iPhone and Android)

Instagram Reel is one of the newly popular video recording features available on both iPhone and Android devices. And working with it is as simple as other types of video recording. But what will happen if you suddenly face an Instagram Reels button missing error? Do not worry because here we are to help you find all details about the instagram reels not working issue and how you can solve that.

Why is my Instagram reels not working?

Before I want to introduce the best solutions for fixing instagram reels not working issue, I prefer to talk a bit about the reasons that might cause you to face this kind of problem, such as:

  • An out-of-date Instagram version
  • The accumulation of app cache
  • A simple Instagram Bug
  • Instagram Reels might not have access from some areas.

But do not freak out because whether you are an Android or an iOS user, you can fix this issue through simple tricks.

How to fix Instagram reels not working (Android)

If you are an Android user and have trouble using Instagram Reels, this paragraph is specifically written for you. Read the below points and check if any of them can help you solve your problem.

  • Like always, the first and the most helpful solution is to check your internet connection and make sure you are connected to strong wifi or data. 
  • Then, you should close and restart the app and see if it fixes the error.
  • If you still have a problem, you should check all access points to Instagram Reels are true. For example, at the bottom of the navigation bar, on the New Post screen, etc.
  • Also, you can try to log out of the Instagram app and log in after some minutes.
  • Or you can completely delete the app and reinstall it again.
  • Check that your app is updated to the last version.
  • Also, you can restart your phone and check if your system is updated.
  • Finally, if none of the above methods help you, it is time to report a problem to Instagram and ask for help from their support team.
  • Also, only Android users can join the Instagram Beta program by going to the invitation website and choosing to become a tester. So, you will be among the first users who try out Instagram’s new features, such as Instagram Reels.

How to fix Instagram reels not working (iPhone)

In case you are an iPhone user and face an instagram reel not working error, you can check all the above methods that I have mentioned for Android users except signing up for Instagram Beta because that is currently only available on Android devices. Also, I should add that all these methods will work on other iOS system devices, such as iPads.

Instagram Reels not showing after update

If you update your Instagram and after that, you face instagram reels not working, you might probably forget to give access to Instagram Reels on some points, and we recommend checking them carefully. Also, you can try to join the Instagram Beta program like what I have mentioned in the second paragraph.

How to create the first Instagram Reel?

If it is the first time, you want to create an Instagram reel and there are no “instagram reels not working” problems, you can follow the below steps and reach your goal successfully.

  1. Open Instagram and click on the Reels tab.
  2. Now, tap on the camera icon in the top right section.
  3. Here you can find all details about making a reel.
  4. You can make a plain reels video if you press and hold the reels button in the mid-bottom section.


Why can’t I add a poll to my Reel? 

Previously, the poll sticker was not available for Instagram Reels, but now you can simply add it to your reels just like what you do for other posts.


As you know, Instagram presents new features once in a while, and recently it offered the Reels feature as a new way of recording video, and it has quickly become popular among its users. If you suddenly face an Instagram reel not working problem of any type, do not freak out because most of the time it will be simply solved through some simple tricks, such as restarting the phone, reinstalling the app, clearing caches, and so on. If you want to know more about the best “Instagram Reels not working” fixes, read the above text.

10 Instagram Formating Layout Ideas That Guarantee Your Posts Will Be Seen

When it comes to getting your posts noticed by your subscribers, there are many factors that determine whether or not they will see your posts. Do you have a unique audience that you are targeting? Is the time of day at which you publish your posts the right time and place? Do you have the right Instagram layout for posting at that time?

These are all important factors, but how you design your posts can also make a big difference in whether your audience sees them.

A great way to ensure that your posts are seen by as many of your followers as possible is to use the best Instagram formatting layouts to publish to your feed. These layouts are specific, and they only appear in certain places. The more you know about how Instagram works, the more you can optimize your posts for visibility. Let’s take a look at some of the best layout ideas that has prepared for you, guaranteed to get your posts noticed by your audience.

The thumbnail with a short write-up

The thumbnail is the most important element of your post. This is what your followers will see right away and form an impression about your post. Because of this, it’s important to make sure that the thumbnail stands out from the rest of the feed. One easy way to do this is to incorporate text and a short logo into the thumbnail, as well as add a photo so that your followers can see who you are and what you’re posting about.

The video thumbnail with a short write-up

The video thumbnail with the short write-up is a great way to ensure your post gets noticed. This type of layout includes a picture and a short description. It’s perfect for when you want to share something that is funny, interesting, or inspiring.

The photo with a short write-up

The photo with a short write-up layout is one of the best Instagram layouts to use for your feed. This layout only appears on your profile, so it ensures that only those who follow you will see your posts. It also keeps your post from looking too cluttered, which is good for people who want to keep their feeds simple.

This layout has two benefits: it works well in small spaces and it gives you an opportunity to have a longer message. This type of layout lets you put a lot of thought into your message while still ensuring that your post gets seen by as many people as possible.

The photo with a short write-up is great for a variety of reasons, but it especially works if you want to include a call-to-action. You can add something like “Click here now” or “Visit our site” to draw attention from followers and encourage them to take action.

The photo with a long write-up

One of the best ways to make sure your posts are seen is by using a photo with a long write-up. This format is most commonly used when you’re trying to target a specific audience, like millennials. By using this layout, you’ll be able to tell your audience about exactly what your post is about in a few words and then provide them with more information without overwhelming them.

You can also use this layout if you want to get people excited about your post and prompt them to click on it right away. One way to do that is by offering some kind of incentive for clicking on the link in the caption box. You could offer free downloads or some other special gift for people who click on the link in the photo caption box.

This type of Instagram formatting layout also makes it easy for people to find your content when they search your hashtag on Instagram. The more times someone searches for something, the higher up it will show up in their feed, so this layout allows you to rank better than any others.

Another great thing about this type of Instagram formatting layout is that it’s usually more visible because there aren’t as many people posting photos with long write-ups at that time and place as there are posts with short ones or photos without any text at all.

The simple grid with a short write-up

The simple grid is one of the most common Instagram formatting layouts that you can use. While this doesn’t guarantee your posts will be seen, it does give you the best chance at giving your audience a post they want to read. The short write-up and the easy-to-read layout make this one of the best layouts to use for business posts.

The simple grid with a long write-up

One easy and effective way to ensure your posts are seen is to use the simple grid layout. This particular layout doesn’t include any pictures or information about what you are posting about, but it does show up in the feed as a single post.

This layout works well if you want to share something that is news-worthy or informative, like a blog post. It’s also a good way to keep your feed more stream-lined as there isn’t anything else on your feed besides one post.

The classic grid with a short write-up

If you’re looking for a tried-and-true way to post on Instagram, the classic grid is one of the best ways to go. The grid layout is a great option because it consists of a short write-up paired with a photo. This is an easy, eye-catching way to get your posts seen. The content doesn’t have to be long or complicated. You just need to know how to tell an engaging story in 30 seconds or less.

Another great aspect about using a grid layout for your Instagram posts is that it allows you to easily schedule your posts through the app’s tools. Just enter your desired day and time and choose whether you want the grid layout or not. If you don’t want people who are following you seeing this particular post, make sure you select “no” from the options list and then hit save!

The classic grid is definitely one of the most effective layouts available, so make sure that you utilize it when posting on Instagram.

The classic grid with a long write-up

A classic grid layout is a great way to post content that’s visual and appealing. In this layout, you can include text, pictures, or even videos. It’s also a great way to increase your followers and build rapport with them.

Here are some examples of how you might use the classic grid:

Let’s take a look at some of the best layout ideas that guarantee your posts will be seen by your audience.

Summing up

Keep in mind that these are just some of the best Instagram formatting layouts to use for your posts. Your only limit is your creativity and imagination!

You can target a more targeted audience with digital marketing. With the help of targeted ads, you will be able to show your ad only to people who would be interested in what you have to offer.

Found out a way how to add multiple links to Instagram bio

If you are reading this article, then you are looking for a way to add more than one link to your Instagram profile bio. Keep reading to find the answer to this question and create an incredible landing page with multiple links.

Here is how to put multiple links to Instagram bio and other social networks

We don’t doubt that everyone knows that it’s possible to put just one link to the Instagram bio. Therefore, brands have to decide on a single URL, where they want to direct users. But don’t worry, we have a solution for this brain teaser. Read this article to find it.

Link in bio tools come to the rescue

Such socials as Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter allow you to place only one clickable link to their bio both via the apps and websites. This way, link in bio tools come to the rescue.

A link in bio tool is a service that collects multiple web addresses on one page. Then, all that you need is to place its URL to your Instagram profile. It’s not rocket science to do that, but anyway, we’ll show you how to do that.

This is the page made with one of such tools:

We’ll guide you through working with links in bio, using Taplink as an example. If you want to use another tool, all the actions will be similar.

The image of a page for your Instagram

As a rule, links on such pages look similar to buttons. And their amount isn’t limited. Additionally, there can be images and text. All these make the pages resemble a micro landing page.

You can place any URL you want — other socials, websites, particular posts, videos, or photos.

Another way to use these buttons is to lead your Instagram followers and clients to the messaging app or call to action. It helps them to make an order, for instance.

As you’ve already might understand, a landing page is a perfect way to promote your business, get more followers and clients on Instagram or other platforms.

Make a page with multiple links for Instagram and other socials with ease

Just follow these three steps: sign up, opt for a design, and add multiple links. Then, move on to publish it to your bio on Instagram or other socials.

Okay, let’s look at each step in detail.

Create an account

Firstly, sign up on a link in bio service.

  1. Specify your email.
  2. Hit Continue.
  3. Add the password.
  4. Add your password again in the second box to confirm it.
  5. Hit Continue.

Think about design

You can come up with your own design or just choose one of 300 premade options for you. In our case, we will choose one of the ready-made designs.

As soon as you sign up, you will see various templates. Scroll down through the Bio link tab and select one that seems the most appealing for you.

How to select a design:

  1. Tap a design.
  2. Hit Choose.

Work with texts and pictures

You need to edit the text added to the template you chose.

  1. For that, hit the text that you want to edit.
  2. Type or paste your own information. For instance, we write our brand’s name.
  3. Tap Save changes.

Work with buttons

You can see already made buttons on the page for your Instagram. But all of them don’t lead anywhere. So, you need to add a web address to each of them. For that, hit a button to start editing.

Add your own Link text if the premade one isn’t suitable for you. Moreover, you can change the additional text written in small letters on the button.

Decide on a type of the button. Choose Website, Call, SMS, or email in the Action field. This way, clients can easily contact you making only one click.

When you decide on the type of your action button, it’s time to add your information. Place a URL, if you have chosen Website. If you opt for Call or SMS, then enter your phone number. Specify your email, if you want to place a button for contacting you this way.

On the screenshot, you can see how to add a website.

Hit Save changes to confirm adding a new link.

Add more buttons

Here you can see only three buttons on this template. But this is not a limitation. You may want to add more, especially if you run a business on Instagram.

As we’ve written before, you can put as many links as you need. For that, just tap Add block (1) and then select Link (2).

The same menu for creating buttons will open. Just follow the steps above.

If you want to lead your clients to a dialogue with you outside Instagram, it’s possible to place a special button for socials and messaging apps. For instance, users can tap the button, and WhatsApp will open on their phones.

Hit Add block and opt for Messaging app or Social networks.

Link removing

It’s simple not only to add new links, but also to delete unnecessary ones.

How to remove links from your Instagram bio page:

  1. Hit a button that you want to remove.
  2. Select Action.
  3. Choose Delete.
  4. Tap Delete again to confirm.

Add your page with multiple links to your socials

Well, now, when we finished with creating, it’s time for publishing:

  1. Tap Publish at the top of the screen.
  2. Choose a domain type.
  3. Complete the URL in the Enter the website address field.
  4. Then hit Connect.
  5. Tap Copy link.

Use the link not only in your Instagram, but also don’t forget about LinkedIn, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter.

Moreover, if you change, add, or delete some info from your landing page, users on Instagram or other platforms will see relevant information.

Let’s recap

You can easily overcome a restriction of Instagram on adding just only one link with link in bio services.

Share any web resource and allow users to reach you in messaging apps. Then, the only thing that you have to do is to add the URL of the made page for multiple links to your Instagram bio or to another social network.

If placing several buttons that direct to web resources and apps isn’t enough for you, you can create a lite website on Taplink. Alongside with links, place photo carousel, video, music, text, etc. You don’t need to be a programmer or designer, merely choose a template that seems appealing to you.

Key Benefits Of Adding Instagram Feed On Website

It would not be wrong to say that Instagram is a highly addictive social media platform, and its massive user base is proof. 

Making the most of it, smart brands and marketers have begun embedding social media, mainly Instagram content, into major marketing touchpoints, including their brand website. 

If you are new to the concept and unaware of how it can help your brand in the long run, then you have landed at the right place! 

This blog post will highlight some important benefits on why you should embed Instagram feed on website. We are certain that by the time we reach the end of this post, you will be fully pumped and convinced to adopt this extremely result-driven marketing strategy into your business as well! 

Without any further ado, let’s delve into the benefits of this amazing strategy right away! 

Here’s Why You Should Embed Instagram Feed On The Website 

#1 Significant increase in website engagement 

Your website is the first major point of communication between your prospective customers and your brand. Hence, it must have engaging content and hold the potential to make them explore the website more. 

Instagram users spend a substantial amount of time surfing through their feeds. Therefore, when you aggregate and embed the content on the website, there is a high possibility that your website visitors get intrigued and explore the website more, leading to more overall engagement on the website. 

#2 Display dynamic content 

Being a photo-sharing platform, Instagram is a vast ocean of dynamic content. Moreover, the platform’s features like Instagram stories, reels, IGTV, etc., enable the users to create and display a variety of content that, when embedded on the website, can improve the overall content quality of the website. 

A collection of pictures and videos in a customized and collective format will automatically display various content on your website, leading to more attention from your website visitors. 

#3 Build social proof using User-Generated Content 

Your website visitors are also regular social media users who enjoy an active presence on Instagram. Of all the user base, there is a large percentage of Instagram users who are brand users. 

The shopping scenario has changed tremendously, and brands are actively looking for ways to display the validation of their existing customers. Instagram users openly voice their opinions and discuss their preferred brands and products. Aggregating the content from Instagram and embedding it on the website can work to build trust within your potential customers. 

User-Generated Content is an extremely authentic and trustworthy form of content as it is unscripted and comes directly from your existing customers. Moreover, more than 85% of potential customers trust the recommendations and words of the existing customers of a brand before finalizing a purchase. This strategy helps brands build a social proof of the brand, as it shows how satisfied your customers are with your products and services. 

#4 Increase Instagram followers 

Embedding Instagram feeds on your website helps brands drastically increase their follower count on Instagram. It mainly happens since website visitors get an insight into the content published by you on Instagram. 

If your website visitors like the content, there is a chance that they might be interested in redirecting to your Instagram handle and clicking on the Follow button. It would ultimately increase your Instagram followers. 

#5 Enhance the presentation of your website 

As mentioned above, Instagram is a highly attractive social media platform due to its strong and attractive presence. Further embedding Instagram widget on website holds tremendous potential to immediately revamp the overall look of your website. 

Moreover, a website needs to have a strong presentation to keep the website visitors extending their stay time. 

Wrapping It Up! 

It brings us to the end of this post, and you are now aware of the reasons to embed Instagram feed on your website! 

This strategy is extremely effective and can help brands completely take their business to a whole new level. Make sure that you go through the tool’s features before finalizing it! Now that you know it all, all you need is an Instagram aggregator to begin and complete the process. 

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