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Everything about Facebook marketplace

Facebook, by far, is the most significant social media in the world. Facebook is more than sending text or stickers to friends. Facebook is one of the prime platforms for online business and many people keep looking for the best sites to buy Facebook likes & followers to get instant success. Over time Facebook has added useful features to the platform, such as Facebook Marketplace.

In this article, we’re going to educate you about this amazing feature.
There is three reasons that Facebook marketplace might be an excellent tool for you:

  1. You can get rid of your old stuff and sell them quickly on Facebook marketplace and make money
  2. You can buy products from other people at the best price
  3. If you have your store, you can use fb marketplace to increase your sales

How does Facebook marketplace work

Facebook users used to trade different products on buying and selling groups, and it was a struggle because it was inconvenient in many ways. Eventually, in October 2016, Facebook introduced FB marketplace. Now users could buy first-hand or second-hand products in a much more smooth place‌. All the functions are available on facebook marketplace app, too, so you don’t have to go to the website.

Selling on facebook marketplace is now much easier because facebook has added many features over time. Facebook buy and sell groups didn’t have the following features:

  • facebook marketplace search
  • Getting the sold items tagged
  • Filters

Facebook marketplace is like an online shop that connects sellers and buyers. The sellers don’t have to do anything because Facebook will take care of everything. Facebook does the shipping And provides a place for sellers to advertise their products to sell them faster. That is how businesses make hundreds of thousands of dollars each year selling products on Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook marketplace is the most popular amongst businesses because:

  • They can sell anything as small as a pen or as big as a house or a car!
  • They can promote their items so they will sell them much quicker than organic sales on other online shops such as eBay or Amazon
  • Companies and individuals can sell second-hand items, too because many online shops do not accept used items
  • facebook marketplace shipping is a significant relief to individuals in small companies it’s providing proper infrastructure for shipping can be expensive
  • The entire sales process can be automated using chatbots. The most popular questions are answered right away automatically for free!
    Fb marketplace has 1.79 million active users! So it’s an excellent
  • opportunity for small businesses to expose themselves to a much larger audience.

All participants on Facebook marketplace have to be over 18. Companies, however, do not have any restrictions as long as they’re not involved in drugs, guns, and illegal items.
Facebook doesn’t process transactions which means there is no additional fee on transactions your customers make.

Everyone can have their transaction methods such as PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Shopify, bank transfer, and bigcommerce.

How to get facebook marketplace

With all the explanations now, you might be wanting to get into Facebook market place. Keep reading because, in the section, you’re going to learn how it is done.

First, you need a personal business account. Create one if you don’t have any. Having a Facebook business account is not necessary, though. You can Use fb Marketplace with your personal account as well.

The second and last step is to list your products to appear on the news feed and other relevant places across Facebook.

Selling on facebook marketplace

Below is all the steps to get you started on facebook market place.

  1. Select “marketplace” on your newsfeed
  2. from the left-hand side, Select “sell something” or “create a new listing.”

3. Out of the three options, select the product you want to sell

4. You need to put your product in the proper category on this page, set the price, upload images, add descriptions, and select a location. Once you are done, click “next”

5. Select “post” to publish your product in the marketplace

Facebook marketplace near me

If you want to buy physical products, it is always recommended to find vendors near you for two reasons:

  1. The shipping is going to be much quicker
  2. You won’t have any trouble negotiating with vendor 101. Just set a meeting in a coffeeshop or etc. and talk business.

Luckily for users, Facebook finds the salesman near you using your GPS and your location. However, if you couldn’t find the proper market near you, you can use filters to add your location so only deals in your location will be shown.

Facebook marketplace shipping

Shipping is done by Facebook or the salesman themselves. The salesman will ship your product right to your door after you have paid successfully through the Checkout. But Facebook does shipping for the big companies themselves. All in all, always meet in person if you want to buy products from individuals. This way, you won’t be scammed.

Facebook marketplace search

Search has two usage:

  1. Finding the relevant product
    2. Finding your comparators and analyzing their performance and products (AKA spying on your competitors, just kidding😂)

If you want to search on Facebook marketplace, tap on the top right corner of Facebook. Select marketplace. Select “Search Marketplace” in the top left.

Everything about the Facebook marketplace app

The Facebook marketplace is rapidly growing, and this thing is really taking off. People make millions of dollars selling products on the Facebook marketplace app.

But it’s very hard to sell products on Facebook because people on Facebook don’t look for products to buy, so Facebook created a Facebook marketplace app. only people who are willing to buy or sell will participate.

You can find a ton of people who are actually buyers or sellers of some product or service on the Facebook marketplace app, which is amazing. So in this article, we will talk about the Facebook marketplace app so you can start your business and take advantage of this massive opportunity.

Even if you don’t want to start a business, you can get rid of your useless stuff and make some cash in return.

So keep on reading😉

What is the Facebook marketplace app?

Facebook marketplace app was introduced first in 2016 and is a platform that became popular for people to sell items to local buyers. Its model is most compared to craigslist, but the Facebook marketplace is viewed to be safer and more user-friendly because you can verify people’s identity. Since it was launched first, the Facebook marketplace app has allowed people to sell products nationwide in certain categories. This platform provides sellers and buyers with a much larger marketplace. As of now, Facebook has over 800 million Marketplace users each month. People use the Facebook Marketplace app to sell their useless and unwanted household items. They are also using it to sell their business products. And some people do Retail Arbitrage which is basically the practice of buying in-demand products from a retail store and then selling them online for a higher price.

Facebook Marketplace app is designed for anyone who’s got some product to sell or anyone whose intention is to buy second-hand products or original products from local businesses.

Using the Facebook Marketplace app, you can get rid of your unwanted stuff for a bit of cash.

Even Amazon sellers can boost their sales with the Facebook marketplace app. Artists can sell their drawings through this app as well.

Unlike other marketplaces, Facebook charges 0 fees to list your items, especially if you sell them locally. However, if an order requires shipping, the seller is only charged 5%, which are still great margins compared to other marketplaces.

Now it’s time to get to the actual thing.

How to Use Facebook Marketplace on Your Phone

Using Facebook Marketplace on your phone is pretty quick and easy so let’s dive right in.

First off, you need to open the app, and after you open the app, the first thing you want to do is to hit the bottom left corner market icon.

Then you will be navigated to the MarketPlace automatically.

If you want to sell items, you should hit the sell icon on the top left corner. Then you can list your product, write descriptions and set a price. We also recommend you set a location for your product as well.

If you are a buyer and you are looking for a specific item, but you’re not sure what the name of the item is, you can head over categories in order to find the best product for your needs.

If you know exactly what you want, you probably should hit the magnifier and put in the name of the item. This way, you will get what you want much faster.

Make sure your GPS is on so the Facebook marketplace app will automatically connect you to local sellers or buyers.

How to sell on Facebook Marketplace

Listing an item on the Facebook marketplace is even easier than posting on Facebook!

If you want to sell on the Facebook marketplace…

  1. Hit the Marketplace icon, then tap the ‘Create new listing’ button. In here you should choose the type of product, upload a photo of your product.
  2. Choose a title for your product, write a description and set a price.
  3. Choose a category for your product. Some buyers find your product through filters.
  4. Choose your location.

You just successfully added an item on the Facebook marketplace app. Now you should wait until Somebody finds your products interesting.

How do i get the marketplace icon on my Facebook app?

Sometimes you can’t see the marketplace icon on your Facebook app. to fix this problem, you should go through the following steps:

  1. Tap on the three lines at the bottom right.
  1. Then scroll down and you will see the marketplace is the second icon on the right.

If you can’t see the marketplace in here, you should scroll down a little bit further and tap on “see more” icon

On the dropdown menu, you can see the marketplace. Also, make sure that your Facebook app is updated to the latest version.

Sometimes when you open your Facebook marketplace app, there is a message popping up saying, “you need to request a review on your Facebook marketplace.”

This message appears once you violate any Facebook terms. You probably did something in the past that Facebook doesn’t really like, so they suspend your account (hopefully temporarily).

All you have to do is to fill out the form and hit the review button.

You should also be over 18 to be able to use the Facebook marketplace app.

marketplace not working on Facebook app

Sometimes marketplace doesn’t work on your Facebook app. we suggest you uninstall and reinstall the Facebook app and try again.

If it still doesn’t work, you should restart your phone.

In many cases, the problem is your location. Maybe Facebook doesn’t cover your location for the FB marketplace.

Facebook marketplace is not available for blocked accounts. If you have violated Facebook terms in the past, your account would be troublesome.

Clear cache and temporary data of the Facebook app and also change the language of the app to English, and check out the marketplace again.


With over 800 million monthly users Facebook marketplace app is the best opportunity to sell your unwanted and useless items. Facebook marketplace is absolutely free, but for shipping products, they charge you 5%, which is still cheap compared to other marketplaces. In this article, you’ve learned how to list your items on the FB marketplace app. You also learned what to do when the Facebook marketplace is not available on your phone.

Top 7 social media tracking tools for every business

Social media monitoring tools are crucial to go ahead in the marketing field with the aim of monetizing. Instead of taking time out to get to know social media tracking tools, go through the context to get the best of social media monitoring ideas, to grow your business.

Today, a data-driven approach can lead us into the right social media tracking strategies to appear in different social media platforms better than past and compete with other top social media brands. But why compete? And fight on what? Are two key factors we come to consider with social media monitoring tools.

In a short sentence, Social media monitoring tools can measure the social media presence satisfaction rate.

If you want to break limitations in the current social media marketing level and shift away to social media analytics tools as a tremendous growth on your social media life, why not thinking of the best social media monitoring tools to surpass competitors than ever.

Undoubtedly,  we already know and do a variety of marketing tasks and efforts to market, the products, services, and humanize our brand figure in the existing social media marketing world.  But now it is time to keep the social media business with the help of monitoring tools. Here is how

What are social media monitoring tools

Social media monitoring tools are known as social media listening tools that monitor brands’ social media accounts. They analyze and up tracking social media search, activities, and competitors to let you get an informed decision by considering factors such as customer reactions, mentions of your brand, hashtags, and keywords following, etc.,

Also, Social media listening tools are available with different social media names and efficiencies to monitor brands’ social media channels practically.

Discovering your customers’ conversation to do necessary actions in response to their expectations and needs to gain a massive reputation as a result of this social listening and analysis.

Though to get more followers on Instagram there are some other tools like Instagram automation which can help you to speed up the Instagram actions of following, like, comments, and direct messages.

What are the best social media monitoring tools

I leave no stone unturned to provide you with the list of the best social media monitoring tools to take some of the weight on your shoulders and help you not to miss the time and money.  Here I am going to mention some of the useful features of social listening tools.

#1 Iconosquare

(Social listening made easy)

One of the other best monitors on social media is Iconsquare which covers real-time engagement with your audience and tracks what’s being said on your posts. It helps you with the backlog of monitoring tasks for (Instagram and Twitter) to build your social brand as well as possible.

Iconosquare mention tool:

  • Keep track of tagging and mentions of your brand
  • Plan and moderate conversations across your Instagram and Facebook accounts
  • Schedule and publish content automatically
  • Respond to mentions and comments in real-time
  • Spy multiple competitors social media accounts to find relevant topics
#2 Crowdfire

(The customer service tool your team had been waiting for)

Crowdfire monitors your just Twitter account as well as works as a management social media tool that increase engagement and growth in the social media network. You can discover the competitors’ posts’ content by monitoring mentions, comments replying.

  • Track every mention, comment in your team inbox
  • Send replies to all the mentions with images, videos, and gifs
#3 Agoraplus

(Listen without overload)

Agoraplus, another social listening found useful as a social management tool with powerful built-in capabilities, serves you with scheduling, monitoring, engagement, and social media analytics tools. It delivers every specific functionality in supporting different social platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube).

This application monitoring tool contains:

  • Brand monitoring with relevant search results and conversations
  • Content discovery by adding or setting filters
  • Take actions on your monitoring feed
  • Customize the content by labeling them
  • Manage every conversation, comment, message in a social box
#4 Buffer

(Provide amazing customer service on social )

Buffer comes with the idea of social media customer care, replying to social conversations, supporting their requests, to create an outstanding experience on Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and Twitter from one shared inbox. It also includes a social media scheduler to post each social media account content whenever you want.

It enables you with:

  • Speedy customer support
  • Personalized responses
  • Seamlessly corporation with your team
#5 Keyhole

(Social Mention Tracking in Real-Time)

Keyhole is another tool of monitoring analytics with so many features of tracking the data of your social media accounts to grow the brand audience and brand awareness organically and authentically. Used as a social mention tracking  for branding  and measuring  the public relationship besides improving customers complementary of the services they receive 

 If you want to follow or track the Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube platforms, you can seek for it.

  • Manage your brand reputation effectively
  • Control  the negative pints of views before it goes public
  • Find customers who talk to you on social media and replying them
  • Reach on trending topics
  • Supply a service closer to your customers’ needs
#6 Sprout Social

(Inform your business strategy with social listening)

Sprout social introduces to you as full social listening platforms to dominate all customers’ insights and conversations to build a self-image of the brand on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This user-friendly social platform integrates abilities to minimize the time consumption of the marketing efforts and make the marketing strategy well enough.

Helps you with:

  • Identify the weaknesses and strengths of your business bu discovering audience attitudes
  • Collect honest feedback to monitor your products and services’ qualities.
  • Compare Competitors marketing activities and performances by tracking share of voices
  • gives you an instant rundown of what your brand’s health
#7 Awario

(Real-time social media monitoring and analysis)

The seventh-page monitor tool that fetches the data of news, blogs, forums and web to provide real-time audience engagement is the social media listening tool that monitors the keywords on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Reddit. A suitable monitoring Reddit tool covers both real-time and historical data.

  • Monitors competitors to evaluate your social media performance
  • Find the similarity of people’s selected products by its social selling module among social listening tools

Take advantage of discovering  backlinks, unlinked mentions to turn them into links, and guest blogging opportunities

In conclusion
With the importance of marketing that brings a collection of social media marketing ideas, it is up to you to move on with any social monitoring tools to maintain a consistent brand personality. All of the social media trackers are really beneficial growth tools to snowball the progress and build the brand identity and awareness based on your need for social media monitoring platforms. Go for it, and I hope I have exected my duties well.

Top 10 tools to find Instagram influencers

Influencers will have a huge impact on the activity of our Instagram page, but finding Instagram influencers is not an easy task and you cannot easily find people who are related to your field of activity. In this article, we will introduce ways to find Instagram influencers and make more impact on our page.

To find Instagram influencers, you need to pay attention to two points, the first point is that either you know them or you do not know them and you want to use related tools to find them. In this article, we have tried to introduce a tool by which to find and target Instagram influencers related to your field of activity. Of course, many influencers are also good bloggers, so you can take full advantage of their podcasts and texts to target your Instagram page.

10  useful tools to find Instagram influencers


The AspireIQ tool is a smart social platform that gives you some kind of advice. This program selects the goals of your Instagram page, including influencers, professionals, and customers directly intelligently and puts them in front of you so that you can achieve your goals through these people. The AspireIQ database contains over 6 million influencers on various social networks, so you are free to choose between related people.

This system will allow you to plan carefully and step by step for the sale and introduction of the product and will give you advice and guidance at any stage, wherever needed. After using AspireIQ, you can connect with a network of influencers associated with these people.

AspireIQ is not a completely free service and you have to pay monthly or annually to access some of its tools. website

One of the major differences between and other tools for finding Instagram influencers is that is more of a social networking platform. This tool helps users to be able to communicate with influencers and also to establish more and longer-term relationships with them. The website has more than 250,000 users, more than half of whom are influencers and other ordinary deaths and business owners.

Through website, you can easily connect with influencers related to your Instagram page and expand your products and activities even more. Of course, the options of this website are normally limited, and you can use it indefinitely by paying monthly or annually. Chrome extension is a very useful Chrome add-on that you can use to find influencers on various social networks including Facebook and LinkedIn. This tool gives you access to influencers from more than 100 different social networks. One of the benefits of this tool is showing the connection of your contacts with other influencers so that you can find the influencer related to your work.


If you want a versatile Twitter app that can help you find influencers, Tweetdeck is the best choice. This tool lets you manage up to 200 Twitter accounts simultaneously, read messages, view hashtags, like or retweet posts, and much more to manage a social network.

This tool also gives you the ability to professionally search for influencers so that you can easily find any person related to your job or activity on Twitter.


If you are looking for the biggest platform to find influencers on Instagram and other social networks, Upfluence is the best possible option for this. Influencer Database This tool accommodates more than 3 million people, and its artificial intelligence can easily find and suggest related influencers based on the needs and desires of your Instagram page.

This tool is based on categories and keywords and special algorithms, so you can find the relevant influencer based on each category or word you want and enter it into your work system. You can even customize the influencer search on this tool based on your location or social networking platform to find related options faster.

The Upfluence tool also provides users with a Chrome extension that allows them to better search and check your influencer profile related to your activity.


If you want to see Instagram influencers based on page feedback, likes, followers as well as page quality, the HypeAuditor tool is the best option. HypeEditor is a great option for finding Instagram influencers and categorizing them based on the quality of the Instagram page.

The tool first receives the general information of each influencer through various sources and then analyzes the information based on its algorithms and scores. Of course, one of the advantages of HypeAuditor is that it only shows real likes and followers and also has the power to detect fake likes.

HypeAuditor is more useful for people who drink

Find Instagram influencers, compare likes, followers, page quality, and posts, and review and analyze each influencer.

Post for Rent

Post for Rent is a very useful tool for finding and influencing Instagram influencers based on the views of others. Not only does this system provide you with a list of influencers, but it can also go a long way in increasing the profitability of your Instagram page sales products. You can introduce yourself as a brand in this tool and get opinions and points from others and do the same for other people.

Post for Rent tool with a stylish and simple user interface provides you with the general information of influencers, their related content, profile information, contacts of each, and the field of work with its internal algorithms. Of course, the interesting thing about this tool is its suggestion system. If you build your brand in Post for Rent and specify the category, this system will automatically suggest the relevant influencers.


One of the easiest tools to find Instagram influencers is Alltop, which of course does not use any particular algorithm and will only serve based on the search and content that other people produce. In this system, you can see all the trendy and special posts and find the influencer related to you through the posts.


Klout tool is a system for rating people on social networks and gives you the activity of each person or each page on different platforms in a range of 1 to 100. For example, a normal person who has a social network gets 40 points in Klout, celebrities, and celebrities get points above 80.

Using this system, you can categorize people and choose them as your influencers based on their score, which of course is a practical method and can get you to what you want faster. It is interesting to know that only 5% of people have a Klout score of more than 63.


The Crowdfire tool is essentially a kind of social media page analyzer. This tool is also very useful for finding Instagram influencers. Crowdfire tool allows you to follow people related to your activity and also analyze the profile of each.

Everything about Instagram Giveaway (Best Instagram giveaway pickers)

One of the main economic principles goes like this: nothing comes for free. According to the principle to achieving anything comes at the price of sacrificing something else. Does this principle apply to Instagram? It does if you come up with a plan. Giving Instagram giveaways could come back to you like free promotion, enhanced brand image, and increased popularity.

Are you out of any ideas about how to start? In the following article, we will introduce a pair of tools and strategies and real-life examples. Stick with us to learn about all of that:

A successful giveaway comes from a perfect plan based on your initial expectations; considering your business goals throughout the process will help create an integrated giveaway plan that pays off.

What is an Instagram giveaway?

If you are an Instagram fan, you might hear the name of giveaways. Many Instagram users follow this tactic to grow their following on Instagram as the most effective one. When you decide to run giveaways on Instagram, you can engage with more audiences, drive growth, and reach your marketing purposes. Studies show that accounts that host giveaways are available to attract hundreds, if not thousands, of entries and followers. Based on Tailwind’s claim, if you perform an Instagram giveaway, you can grow your followers 70% faster in three months compared to those who do not host a contest at all. 

What are Instagram Giveaway Rules

Now that you understand the Instagram giveaway details, it’s time to know about its rules to make a helpful one.

  • It is important to use the right terms to attract more people, like giveaways, sweepstakes, and contests. You can choose the most appropriate one based on your goal.
  • Based on Instagram’s Promotion Guidelines, you have to state that Instagram is not involved in your giveaway, which means Instagram does not support you in this way.
  • Include the brand name that supports or hosts your giveaway. You can tag those brands on your caption.
  • You have to mention the exact details of your prize and how you will deliver it to the winner.
  • Also, you have to mention the exact start and end date. It means telling about when your giveaway starts, when collecting submissions end and when you choose winners.
  • If there is any special eligibility, mention them one by one. For example, your giveaway is for a certain age or residents of particular states or countries.

What are the best Instagram Giveaway Ideas

Now, you might want to choose among different types of Instagram giveaway ideas. Here, read the most popular ones, and choose one.

  • The first one is simple like and share. It means you encourage participants to like your post and share it on their profiles and win a prize. 
  • The next one is helpful for newcomers. You ask people to follow your Instagram profile to enter to win the prize.
  • Many people use this option as the most helpful Instagram giveaway idea to improve their audience. Participants should tag one or more friends in the comments section.
  • Another choice is to encourage your audience to upload a picture showing your product/brand and use your branded hashtag to guarantee maximum brand visibility.
  • You can use another simple option, which invites users to write a caption for your post (you send it without a caption) in the comments.

    If you want the previously mentioned economic principle to work for you, you need to have specific goals; what do you want to achieve due to the Giveaways? Is it a better image, increased recognition, enhanced engagement rates, and more followers for your Instagram page?

  • Write down specific goals for each giveaway plan. 

By answering the previous questions and a couple more, you could think about yourself; you will set out your goals and objectives and base your actions on them. According to the dreams you have, you could choose the type of content for the campaign, the prize you’re going to present, and how you plan to promote those giveaways.

  • Take the following example:

Brand A sets up an Instagram giveaway campaign to reach its voice to a larger audience as a result. By increasing their target audience, they mean increasing engagement in their Instagram page, receiving more likes and comments on every post, and growing the number of followers by instructing participants to follow their page to be eligible.

Setting up clear and measurable goals, Brand A is likely to benefit from its giveaway campaign in the best way. On the other hand, participators will have no doubts about what is expected from them and willingly do their share to receive free products.

  • A clear understanding of Instagram’s rules and regulations will be needed.

Instagram has specific rules for those willing to set up a giveaway campaign on the platform; taking the instructions provided by them into account could guarantee your giveaway campaign’s success. Ignoring the guidelines specifically defined for giveaways could bring about the risk of being shut down by Instagram.

In case of the absence of any of the above items, Instagram will remove your post, ending your campaign before it even started.

  • Be picky with the prize.

The prize you chose is the beating heart of every giveaway campaign, without which none of the defined goals would be realized. If you select an award that does not appeal to your followers, participation will likely be low. If yours is not an online shop, you could analyze your followers’ behavior and predict the items they would be delighted to have. On the other hand, if you have your brand’s product to offer, choose one which is not easily achieved and maybe with a higher price tag.

Offering discounts and trials can be a go-to for software companies and startups. To make even more from your giveaway campaign, you could partner with a similar brand and collaborate with them in attracting even more followers and clients to your brand.

  • Take a look at the following example:

In collaboration with Brand A and Brand C, Brand B is willing to give some products away. By doing so, Brand B wishes to include products from both the other brands and increase its popularity among the other two’s user bases.

Brand B is not the only benefiting party in this equation, as Brand A and C will receive the same amount of engagement and awareness from Brand B’s user base.

What is essential in such collaborations is that the participating brands should have the same or close values as the original brand; picking brands utterly indifferent to what your brand and followers hold dear would not bring in the results you were rooting for.

  • Your caption is your winning ticket. 

Your Instagram caption includes necessary information about the requirements, the prize, and all predefined Instagram regulations. Should they mention people in comments, like particular posts, or share your page with other people? All of this information should be included in your caption for the content you have provided for this very purpose.

Reaching a more significant audience will increase engagement and traffic on your page; you must include hashtags in the caption for achieving that.

  • What would a proper giveaway caption look like? Take the following example:

Brand B’s 10.000th follower giveaway

As per the occasion of our 10.000th followers on Instagram, we’re giving away the prizes included in the picture; want to win one? All you need to do is provided below:

  • Follow our page
  • Tag and mention three friends of yours in the comment section, adding why you would like the prize.

Participators will be able to take part in the competition until 8 p.m tomorrow.

Participants worldwide are allowed to engage, and shipping costs will be paid for by our company.

  • Use paid Instagram and Facebook ads to increase engagement

Using Facebook and Instagram ads can help you reach your voice to a larger audience and increase engagement. Like your prize should appeal to your target audience, you will need to gather a user base interested in your line of products which would bother taking part in your page’s competition to increase engagement through ads.

To make a more significant impact, you offer a double of the prize you were going to offer and emphasize the convenience of getting rewards in exchange for a follow or tag by using extravagant words and phrases.

What could help you during the course? Giveaway tools

Instagram giveaways come in various forms; the price could be a like, tag, follow, participating in a poll, and writing a caption. Luckily tools are facilitating every one of those giveaway campaigns. Take a look at the list we have gathered below about Best Instagram giveaway pickers:

Best Instagram giveaway pickers

  • Sweepwidget

Offering six entry methods, Sweepwidget is a handy tool for tidying up Instagram giveaways. With Sweepwidget, you could define values for each entry; say 1 for a comment and 3 for a follow; picking the winner could be much easier this way, and oh, you can test how the giveaway works before publishing it and make further changes if required. If you plan to include people from a particular geographic location, Sweepwidget could help limit entries from other locations. You could decide just to ignore and entries and choose a winner randomly as you go by.

  • Easypromos

Easypromos supports tags, hashtags, and comment entries; in fact, this tool is prominent for its comment feature, allowing you to randomly choose a user from the countless commentators below the post. Sorting comments based on date, hashtag, and the number of mentions, Easypromos does the job of choosing the winner a tad more easily. Easypromos offers users a deadline feature and a date filter eliminating the comments left after the time is finished.

  • Woobox

The above is one of the most preferred giveaway apps by marketers and social media specialists; why? Since it offers fabulous features regarding comment and hashtag entries. Allowing you to manage hashtag entries manually or by enabling the auto-approve feature, Woobox gracefully displays all entries be it images, videos, or comments, and archives them into a gallery located on your profile.

What is more, you can have your followers pick the winner by rendering comments using Woobox’s Instagram Comment Picker feature. Such a method requires a second check regarding the winner’s compliance with the rules you have set out. If the chosen winner has not met all of your conditions, you can instruct Comment Picker to select another.

  • Gleam

Gleam supports four entry types, namely the like, comment, hashtag, and tag entries. The platform allows users to run giveaways simultaneously on Instagram and their websites; campaigns could be parted to require users to fulfill particular tasks on Instagram and continue on the website. How can you make sure they will comply with the rules? It’s not up to you; Gleam will take up that for you; by tracking the contestants’ activities, Gleam will make sure nobody unwary of the rules will get the prize.


This is an all-in-one tool with which you can manage all your advertisements across all digital platforms. In Wask you cannot pay for each ad separately. You have to pay for a subscription. You can also omit unnecessary expenses by limiting your advertisement budget and stopping unproductive ads. If you decide to unsubscribe from Wask, all your data will be deleted permanently.

  • AiSchedul

This can work as your Instagram assistant. It has a lot of useful features that help you manage your account. These features include; post scheduling, holding contests, searching hashtags, and tagging. You can also schedule posts for deletion and repost stories with this tool. You may create a free account but to access more professional options like mention monitoring and grid preview for feed schedule.

  • Instagram Random Comment Picker

You can use filters to omit duplicate contributors, there are also keyword and custom filters. You can use this tool for free for up to 150 comments and Instagram login is not required. You can also pay the price of a coffee for one week of a premium subscription. With this account, you can apply a custom and mentions filter and of course, you won’t see any ads.


This website works for YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. An advantage of this website is that you can screen record the process and it shows well across all screen types and sizes. Plus Simpliers doesn’t ask you for your password and other account data. You can choose among different pricing packages based on your needs. 


This is a totally free website that only asks for the URL of your post. To copy the link of your desired post, open the Instagram application, click on three dots at the right corner of it. Finally, paste the link into


Wrapping up

Although giving free products might seem like an economically catastrophic decision, the benefits you could receive from Instagram giveaways enormously outweigh the cost and negative aspects of it. Laying out a perfect Instagram giveaway plan will help you carry up during the course and guarantee the success of the goals and objectives you wish to achieve. And when Instagram alone isn’t enough, numerous giveaway tools are helping you set up a fair and just competition and choose the winner most worthy of the prize

Best Instagram Niches to make money

Once I had the strangest dream which was so great that I got sad when I woke up and found out it wasn’t real: I was in this big house (which was mine by the way!) and I was chilling on a great comfortable couch in front of a big tv watching Netflix!

My phone beeped, I picked it up, and suddenly It started throwing money at me (there was money splashing from its screen!). I was freaking out and happy as hell at the same time! But with the next beep, I woke up and found out I’ve got a message from my mom!
this was way before the digital marketing come along, so I guess I was predicting it!


But seriously,

We all love to make easy money, but some of us still don’t know the right way. One of the ways to make money sitting back at home is to do some digital marketing.


What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is using digital technologies for marketing a service or product, mainly on the internet, mobile phones, social media, etc.

  • The easiest way is to use social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Because they already have a lot of active users and you don’t need to worry about the SEO!


Instagram has become a business platform that can be used by anyone, including e-commerce business owners. Niche is significant for Instagram marketing.

Amazing tools to make money on Instagram

Before knowing what are the best niches on Instagram to invest time and energy, it is good to know that there are available tools that you can use to grow your account.

Imagine, that you have recently created an account, and you want to get more followers. You want few days, and no one would find you on Instagram.

But no worries! Thanks to the technology! We have marketing tools that help you to automate all Instagram actions. It would control who you follow, unfollow, like their posts, comment under their posts.

Some of these amazing tools are as follow, you can use in every niche you select:

Instagram bot

Instagram bot can automate all Instagram actions including like, follow, comment, and unfollow. This would increase your engagement rate and the profile visits which all lead to get more followers on Instagram.

To use the Instagram bot, you can sign up to Instazood and add your accounts. Using the social bridge app, you can run the promo.

Instagram schedule posts

One of the most important tools on Instagram is a scheduler. Post in advance to keep your presence.

Instagram comment tracker

What you need to not to miss any comment son Instagram is a comment tracker. You can enjoy a wide verity of option on it including different sort out options for comments.

Instagram comment picker

Run a campaign and request followers to participate. Choose a winner randomly from the comments, or likes.

Best Instagram Niches to make money

So, In this article, I will introduce some of the best niches on Instagram to you that will grow your engagements. Most of the Instagram users are teenagers and young people under 30. So we should consider their interests to find out the most profitable niches on Instagram.

#1 Health

With junk food, low activity desk jobs, stress, and health problems these days, people are having issues with their weight and depression. Teenagers are always comparing their selves with celebrities, models and public figures with smoking bodies.

So they want to be more fit and healthy. So following an Instagram account that shares tips and tricks about it seem significant to them. I know you are thinking ” its just an oversaturated niche and there is no room for more accounts.” But that’s not true. There is always an open opportunity on fitness niche because people will always want to know hacks on staying healthy and in shape.

Sub-niches of health:

  • Weight loss: everyone wants to look perfect, lose some weight and look like victoria secret models. They will pay good money for a miracle pill or diet that will help them get there faster.
  • Weight gain: some people find it very difficult to put on weight. They are willing to expose these miracle pills too!
  • Bodybuilding: being muscular and having an attractive physique is becoming a new standard. You can promote high converting supplements that guys would like.
  • Workout: you can create some workout tips to share with your followers, like videos, gifs or just create a fitness plan and post it on your Instagram account.

  • Diet: diet is one of the best niches. There are a lot of different diets that people want to know about It’s not just about weight loss; it can be for being more healthy. There are a lot of resources you can draw from.
  • Mental health: with the constant pressure of everyday living conditions, relationships have become more complicated, and people are getting more depressed. In this niche, you can inspire and motivate people and give them some hope.

Who should use this niche for Instagram marketing?

  • People who are passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • People who have a unique workout routine to show off to the world.
  • People who are successful in a diet (like keto diet, paleo diet, vegan diet, calorie deficit diets) and have lost a lot of weight. ( expert on weight loss, weight gain, etc.)
  • People who want to inspire others to go vegan.
  • People with excellent cooking talent to create some diety recipes.
  • People who have the power of motivating others.

How can I make money from the fitness niche?

You should create good content on your account and then promote your account to gain some engagement and followers.

At first, you should get your followers to trust you.

And then you can find some sponsors or affiliate programs related to fitness; you can promote activewear brands, supplement and protein shakes, gyms, sports shops, etc.

#2 Beauty and makeup

Makeup artists and hairstylists make a lot of money by reviewing makeup products and sharing tips. You can do it too! The key is self-expression. Find a fresh angle, think outside of the box, find a new way for makeup, be creative and unique. Maybe you have some tricks that you learned by yourself, like contouring or covering birthmarks, you can use it on Instagram to help others too.

There are some sub-niches that you can use:

  • Makeup tutorial videos
  • After and before makeup
  • Makeup tips
  • Healthy skin tips
  • Herbal skin mask recipes
  • Hair dying
  • Hairstyle models and breeding

Who should use this niche for Instagram marketing?

  • People with makeup talents.
  • People who like making makeup tutorials.
  • People who use different cosmetic brands to test them.

How can I make money from the beauty niche?

After gaining a certain amount of followers, you can recommend brands to your followers (affiliate), or you can promote services and beauty salons and make some money.

#3 Traveling

Most of the people dream about traveling the world on their life, but there are only a few who can actually do it. So instead they are following people who do this on Instagram and feed this urge by looking at their posts and knowing about their experiences. You don’t even have to be a traveler yourself; you can post about countries around the world, nature, culture, location and some traveling tips. You can use super niches like:

  • Backpacking, hippy traveling, hitchhiking
  • Adventure touring, slow traveling
  • solo female traveling.

Who should use this niche for Instagram marketing?

  • The tour leaders or people who are already doing it.
  • People who want to live out of their suitcase while getting paid.
  • People who have experienced it.
  • People who know this niche.

How can I make money from the travel niche?

After finding your fans and get to the top, you can become an influencer and promote travel engines, travel equipment, flights, etc.

#4 Business and wealth

No matter your market is up, down or sideways. People always want to know about making an extra dollar. You don’t need to have a fortune 400 company; you only have to know enough to be able to teach people about how far you have come. Maybe you know a formula for getting traffics on the internet, or you can help people with their startups, as long as you can help people achieve their business goals, you will be able to thrive in this niche.

Business sub-niches:

  • Online-jobs
  • Business tips
  • Startup business ideas

Luxury lifestyle

Who should use this niche for Instagram marketing?

  • People who have created a successful business.
  • People who have a lot of knowledge that could help someone else’s business thrive.
  • People who like to teach others.
  • People who are running a new startup and they step by step guide for creating startups.

How can I make money from the business niche?

You can throw online business classes or meetups or even better, after getting popular you can write a book about it or be in TED.

#5 Fashion and clothes

Everyone is unique; you can ask yourself what makes you different from other people? The key to your success in this niche can be the answer to this question. You don’t need to look like a model to be a successful fashion influencer. There are a lot of people with different size, taste, and age.

So just be yourself and focus on your style. Bring up everything you love about yourself and it to attract people who are like you.

Who should use this niche for Instagram marketing?

  • People who always post their #OOTD on Instagram
  • People who have fashion tastes and can match clothes perfectly.
  • Dress designers
  • People who have a unique style based on their personality.

How can I make money from fashion niche?

You can promote a brand that fits into your type, or you are already using. You can throw up an online shop for some clothes that you set for yourself, etc.

How to promote my account after finding the right niche?

After choosing the right niche by your talents and passions, you should create your account and expand it to gain followers:

  • Go to the Instagram login page and sign up a new Instagram business account for yourself.
  • Create good content based on your niche and post them on your Instagram business account.
  • Try to gain some Instagram engagements by Liking, Commenting, Following other accounts which might be interested in your niche.

There are also other ways of gaining Instagram engagements (Instagram like/comment/followers). Doing all these by yourself can be very time consuming so :

  • You can get some help from Instagram automation tools to gain real followers for your Instagram account.
  • You can use Instagram bots to get some engagement on your Instagram,
  • you can use other tools like Instagram scheduler to schedule future posts on your accounts.
  • There is also a tool that can help you send auto direct messages to your followers.


No need to worry, you can sit back and relax and make money from your Instagram.

After growing your Instagram account, you can find some service or products which are relevant to your niche and ask to be their affiliate; they will give you an affiliate link that you can use it to recommend the product to other people.

If you gain the right amount of followers and engagement on your Instagram account, some brands will find you and ask you to be their influencer. This can be a perfect opportunity for your Instagram marketing.

You can always start a small business for yourself too. If you are growing in this niche, then you can produce something to sell online.

Nothing else. This will be when you reached the high point. Probably something like my dream.


Do you get more followers on public or private Instagram account?

Most of the meme profiles on Instagram make their account private to gain more followers. These big Instagram accounts have millions of followers. So why they choose to hide their posts from other users by being private?

In this article, we want to find out why more Instagram accounts are going private, does it actually work for gaining new followers or not, and do you get more followers on public or private Instagram account?

Differences between Private and Public Instagram account (Private Vs Public)

Washingtons Blog mentions that there is a basic difference about making an account public or private. In general, it is good to have public account if you are running business, your images are not personal, and you want to receive the Instagram analytics. If you want to have private account, then you should know that you cannot switch the account to a business or creator one. And, those who are in your followers list can comment on your posts or like them.

Here is the summary of Instagram public and private account option:

Instagram public account

  • Receive Instagram insight(analytics)
  • Get more engagement
  • Switch to business account
  • Switch to creator account
  • Apply for Instagram ads
  • Promote Instagram posts

Instagram private account

  • More privacy
  • Check users before letting them enter the profile

How to make my Instagram profile private?

To make your account private you should go to th

e Instagram Setting>Privacy. Here is the complete instruction:

  1. Log in to your Instagram account on app
  2. From the home, tap profile picture in the bottom right or the profile icon
  3. Tap three-lined icon (on top right for iPhone users)
  4. Select Setting from the menu
  5. Select Privacy
  6. The first option in Private account, turn this one on

What happens if my Instagram is private and I use hashtag?

If you are using hashtag on a private Instagram account, only those who are in your followers list can see the post in the feed. If you want all people see the post on Instagram feed, you should switch the account to a public one.

Should I make my Instagram public?

It depends on what you want from your Instagram account. If you want to get Instagram analytics, knowing how many followers you are getting every day, or which content had the highest rate of engagement, so you should switch it to a public one.

Why many Instagram accounts are going private?

Earlier this year, Instagram meme accounts have begun taking their account private to force the non-followers to request before they can view their content. This is becoming a trend right now!

Many people have tweeted against it: “it shouldn’t be legal for Instagram meme accounts to be private” and “Basic Instagram manners: don’t send memes from private accounts.”

Instagram aesthetic and feed is essential, so why going private?

These are the reasons why some Instagram accounts are using this strategy:

1- They make their Instagram private to gain more followers

This is the main reason they went private because this way they can attract new followers.

When one of their followers sends a post their friend, that person has to follow them to see it. But if their account is public, that person would only view the post in DM without following.

Going private has a mystery factor too. It’s like putting a red rope in front of your Instagram account, so it makes people curious.

If someone checks your profile and finds out that you have millions of followers although being private, there will probably hit the follow button thinking “there has to be a reason why this account has so many followers.”

So this strategy works!

2- They go private on Instagram to keep their existing followers

The second reason why a popular account on Instagram would go private is that it helps them keep their audience from hitting the unfollow button. Unfollowing a public account is easy, but when a user wants to unfollow a private account, Instagram will ask you if you really want to take that step by showing: “ if you change your mind, you will have to request to follow the user again “

3- They want to protect their content by taking their Instagram private

Another reason is to add a layer of protection to their posts. (copyright)

You can not say for sure that this strategy prevents other users from stealing their content or not. But it certainly does give them more control over their account.

4- They want to avoid getting reported

Instagram is getting more serious about banning users who break their terms of service. So they go private to protect themselves from being banned. This is more common for the accounts that post offensive content. This way their account won’t be reported by people who find their content offensive or indecent.

Should I make my Instagram account private too?

This is complicated. Going private only works for the large Instagram accounts. Because they already have like millions of followers so all they have to do is post good content and they will keep growing. They are too big to fail!

It also depends on the type of their content. For example, meme accounts are incredibly shareable. So they grow by encouraging their followers to share their posts with others.

So this strategy works for meme accounts but not for other users like brands and businesses, because your post will longer appear on the explore page. So you basically turn away from any other kinds of audience discoveries on Instagram.

The final words

While going private may be beneficial for large meme accounts, it can be a  detrimental strategy for most accounts. If you don’t have a great account on Instagram, you should keep your account public and use other ways to attract new followers!

7 Simple Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

Now, Instagram, with billions of active users, is a competitive platform for all kinds of accounts. Getting more fans, which brings lots of benefits for account holders, is now a challenge. Here, I would tell you some of the tips that help you to perform better on this social network.

How to get more Instagram followers?

Let’s start with all the methods that give you more followers. Then, we describe and explain all the ways in detail. Each of these methods has the long story behind that I will tell you.

You can get more followers from:

  1. Instagram bot
  2. Advertisement (campaigns, ads, influencers, etc.).
  3. Shared posts or stories
  4. Profile visits

But how this possible? Let’s expand all the methods.

# Get more followers with an Instagram bot

The Instagram bot is a software that helps you to mimic all the human behaviors on Instagram on behalf of you. So, Instagram bot can follow others, like other posts, comment, or even unfollow them on behalf of you.

The secret behind the Instagram bots is simple. They will show your profile to thousands of Instagram users if you are wondering how I would explain. When a bot visits and like someone posts, they visit back your profile, and if they become interested in your content, they follow back you or engage in your posts.

For sure, using Instagram bot and automation is one of the most straightforward ways to get more followers, by increasing the profile visits, and engagement.

How does Instagram bot work?

  1. You should sign up to panel
  2. Add your Instagram account and get a code
  3. Enter the code in Social Bridge app on an Android device
  4. The app will do all Instagram actions for you.

# Get more followers with an advertisement

This is one of the best ways to get more followers because users would follow you based on their needs in most cases. So, the decrease in the number of followers is very few. Imagine that people find and Instagram username on a TV ad. They would search and follow the account.

Instagram itself also offers the opportunity to advertise on the platform. The point about the Instagram ads is that you can select the age or range of Instagram users. So, the probability of getting a successful campaign is high.

To advertise on Instagram, you should have a business account and apply it from the PROMOTE option available on Instagram posts. There is also a complete instruction on how to advertise on Instagram.

Instagram offers several ad formats:

  • Stories ads
  • Photo ads
  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Collection ads
  • Explore ads
  • IGTV ads
  • Instagram Shopping ads

You can also get more followers by sending ads on any platform, like Facebook, or influencers (advertise your account on their profile), any websites, etc.

# Get more followers with shared content

This is a rule, the more you get engagement, the probability of getting more followers is more. So, try to find the best type of content for your niche. I have explained this in several blogs, that you can use any Instagram profile analyzer to find the most liked, or commented posts of every similar account. if you repost, you would get more likes, and comments too. This type of posts would share, and save by hundreds of users, which lead to attract others to visit your profile, and follow you.

#Get more followers with increasing the number of visitors

This is a fact that there is relationship between the number of profile visits and followers. So, if you get more visits, it means that you can get more followers too. You can learn a lot from it. if you have visitors, but no followers, so, you should revise the content, or bio.

You can increase your profile visits, by the above-mentioned methods like ads, Instagram bot, quality content, and Instagram explore, or even the google search.

The great point about Instagram is that when people search on the internet, the Instagram profile can come to google search results too. So, you can use this and increase your profile visits to get more followers.

There are some available tools on the internet that you can see, what people would search more on google, which is related to your niche.

You should also follow the Instagram insight to track the followers, and what makes your account better.

Extra Tips to get more followers on Instagram

I am asked for Instagram advice on a regular basis. People want to know how to get more Instagram followers, but specifically, how I quickly grew my personal Instagram followers from 5227 to 11406 in just over four months. It’s a fairly simple process, but it’s going to take a bit of effort on your part. I tell people to plan about an hour a day broke into smaller segments to quickly grow their following. Now, I know how it worked for me, but before I shared my tips and tricks I had some other people use my technique to see if it would work for them.

I was on a press trip with @Bob.Sessions. He was fairly new to Instagram and only had 75 followers. He asked for some advice on what to do so I shared my technique with him and in less than four months he exceeded 10k Instagram followers.

Another friend, @TravelingCoachKim, had around 180 followers and I took over her account and grew it to 2000 in two weeks.

There are countless other success stories I could share, but what you need to know is that these tips to grow your Instagram followers work!

A disclaimer, these techniques are not for everyone. Some people will completely disagree with me and that is fine. Pick and choose what works for you and do it well.

First, a couple notes before we get started.

Make sure your profile is completely filled out and you have a profile image. Not having a profile image is kind of like being an egghead on twitter. An pic is a must! Also, be sure to add a link to your blog and an email address in the profile so people can easily find you and email you.

Once you have your profile looking good you are ready to start building your Instagram followers.


Post one to three images every day and post be sure to post them more than 2 hours apart. I know, I know. You have a lot of photos you want to share, but reign it in and stay strategically focused with a max of three images a day. Study upon study has been done on this subject and the word on the street is that one to three is the perfect amount of updates.


Yes, you have 500 photos of little Johnny playing or 300 images of the same flower from different angles that you are positive the world needs to see. Here’s the thing, you need to think about Instagram as your art gallery. You only want to showcase the best of the best of the best on your IG feed. Let IG become your portfolio of your top notch work. The best advice a photographer ever gave me is that I’m only as good as my worst image. Best. advice. ever.

Additionally, ask yourself the question why. WHY will your followers/audience be interested in the photo? Will it inspire? Will it share a helpful tip? Will it make someone want to purchase a product, visit a destination, etc? If you can’t answer the question why with a solid answer DO NOT post the image.  This is truly one of the best tips for how to get more Instagram followers.  Self-editing is very important.


Many images are found by hashtags on Instagram so you want to make sure you are using them to help get more Instagram followers. Place two to three hashtags in the content about your image and then in the first comment copy/paste 20-25 hashtags.

If you are blogger building your Instagram followers because you want to leverage the account to work with brands watch the hashtags that you have included with your image. If your image lands in the “top posts” category screenshot and add to your media kit. I had four images land on the #VisitArkansas ‘top posts’ hashtag page during a recent trip. Not too shabby.

I add hashtags to the notepad on my smartphone and then simply copy/paste the hashtags into the first comment. I break the hashtags up into categories so I can easily pull for travel, food, midwest, etc.

Another word on hashtags if you are building a brand. Consider creating a hashtag just for your brand and include it in the content of every, single image.


This is where people usually disagree with me, but this is my main technique to get more Instagram followers. You have to aggressively follow people each and every day. You are limited to following a maximum of 80 people in an hour. Do that a couple times a day so that you are following around 200 people each and every day.

To find people to follow go to accounts that you follow or like and follow their followers or the people they are following. Look for people that have similar interest and photos as you. You will have more success following followers if your images are in the same niche as the account the person is already following.

For example, I post mostly travel images so I will find travel instagrammers and follower their followers. Their followers already like travel images so it’s a pretty good bet that they’ll like my images as well. I’m probably not going to follow someones followers that only post truck images. People that are liking truck images probably won’t like my travel images. Make sense?

Find your niche and follow those audiences.

If you are focused on the travel niche here are some great Instagrammers. Go to their followers or following list and follow away.

Note…1,082 like and 38 comments within a day, THAT is good engagement. (Bob has 11.6k followers giving him a 10% + engagement rate which is fantastic!)


I will harp on this endlessly. If you don’t have engagement your account is pointless from a brand point of view. I stumble across many, many accounts that have 50k-100k+ followers and end up with 30 likes on an image and no comments. Um, there is a serious disconnect if people are not interacting with you. If you aren’t leveraging your account to build a brand this tip probably isn’t important, but if your end goal is to make money, review items, or take trips than you need to pay attention to this one.

Five or six times a day jump onto Instagram for 5 -10minutes. Go through your Instagram feed and like the last 30 minutes to an hour of photos. Basically, do what you can in five minutes. There really isn’t a hard and fast rule. I want to keep it simple enough that you feel like you can follow through and that building your Instagram followers isn’t sucking all your time.

While you are liking photos stop and comment on the images that really speak to you. Something as simple as “beautiful images” or “what was your favorite things to do in XYZ?” can help build engagement on your own page plus you might just find a kindred spirit or two.

My understanding is that the industry standard for engagement rate is right around 3%. For each image you post you’ll want to work to get 3% of your followers number to like or comment.

While you are working on engagement it’s a really good time to clean up who you are following. I automatically unfollow anyone that is selling wraps, oils or any other annoying product on Instagram. Too many photos in a row? I’m unfollowing you. Bad photography? Gone. In essence, I want my Instagram stream to be filled with lovely, inspiring images, everything else has to go. Of course, it will be different for you. I don’t want you to feel bad because you are unfollowing someone. It’s your account, make it what you want.


Search the same hashtags that your are using in your images. When the hashtag pages opens up click on the first image in recent posts and scroll through the stream liking images, leaving comments, and following people. You don’t have to like all the images you see. I tend to skip selfies, but pretty images get likes, gorgeous images get comments and both of those usually get a follow. It’s a great way to find others on Instagram that are outside your immediate circle.


Crowdfire is a free app that helps with the aggressively unfollowing portion of my technique. Download it to your phone and/or computer and link it to your Instagram account.

Three or four days after you start using the above tips go in and sync your account. It might take up to 5 minutes to completely load. Once it does, scroll to the very bottom of the unfollower list and start unfollowing the people that are not following you back.

If there is someone that you still want to follow even though they don’t follow you just tap on their name and “whitelist” them. Whitelisting them will keep them off the unfollow list.

It’s important to do this because Instagram limits you to a total of 7500 followers. You want to follow people that will engage, like, and comment on your images.


This isn’t tied into how to get more Instagram followers, but is very exciting for people that manage multiple accounts. Instagram just rolled out a brand new feature that allows you to be logged into multiple accounts at the same time. This is fantastic news for those of us that manage other accounts. There is no more logging out of one account and logging into another, we can simply toggle back and forth between accounts. There may have been some celebrating going on in my house when that happened! Look for the feature at the bottom of the setting screen where it says Add Account. Add up to three accounts.

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