The Best Instagram Bot to Use in 2021

Tired of following the Instagram accounts that seem never to follow you back? Or Instagram doesn’t allow you to like the related photos in your niche anymore? There is no need to do all these engagement activities manually.

Actually, there is a much better and, of course, a faster way to do these things: use the best Instagram bots.

If you want to find out which automation tools are the best Instagram bots in the market, this article is for you. First, we’re going to take a quick look at the automation bots and how they can help Instagrammers, and then we will introduce the best Instagram bot in the market. So, sit tight and read this article till the end.

An Instagram bot is like an assistant that helps Instagrammers grow their account engagement automatically and in a much faster way. Typically, the best Instagram bots have some basic settings that allow the users to adjust the bot’s activity based on their needs.

Working with Instagram bots is pretty straightforward; users should set their specific promos (the number of likes, targeted profiles, hashtags, or geotags) on the bot, and it will do the rest on their behalf. The activities that these bots are involved in will generate enough amount of curiosity for the targeted users. They definitely check who followed them or like their photos, and when they find the page interesting, they start to follow it. Done!   

Generally speaking, an Instagram bot has several features. Auto-like, auto comment, auto follow, and auto unfollow are among the most common services that a bot provides. However, many free Instagram bots might only offer one of these features (mainly auto-like), which in most cases, as they work without a given goal, are not adequate and not practical. But if someone seeks some remarkable features besides the mention ones, the only solution is using the best Instagram bot in the market: Instazood.

The Best Instagram Bots Ever


Instagress was down in 4/19/2017 at 12pm (USA). Instagress was the first Instagram bot service on the internet ever. Instagress had more than 1.000.000 clients in the world which shut down the service as Instagram requested.

Once they shut down the service, users were searching for an Instagress alternative. Instazood was the best alternative for Instagress which offered the service until 2021.

Instazood as Instagress alternative

With its fully automated and up-to-date features – coordinated with the ever-changing Instagram algorithm – Instazood is one of the best Instagram bots in the digital world. Instazood offers some unique services that make it distinct among other similar platforms. To grab a better understanding of what Instazood can offers customers, read about the following services. 


Not all the bots available on the internet working properly. Though, Instamber is one of the best tools (that still is working) to get followers on Instagram. You would enjoy the 60% discount on their annual plan. Affordable price is their strength, so you can try their tools for a couple of weeks, then extend it.

The secret of their bot is following the latest Instagram algorithm. The written code behind the bot will find the best accounts to follow, like, or insert comments. For example, it won’t exceed the following limits or likes limit according to the latest Instagram updates. This will help to increase the follow back, likes, and engagements on your Instagram accounts.

Unlike other bots, Instamber uses no additional apps, and you can try the service without adding any credit card. It is well worth trying their service!

Start using their service just for $1

Instamber dashboard

A better solution than using an Instagram bot

Instagram is an important content marketing tool. People who create a public page on this platform usually aim to earn money by blogging or offering services and products. Either way, they want to grow their influence and gain more followers. In its first years of emergence, people could use different bots to automate some actions like follow/unfollow, like and, comment. However, currently, Instagram is more sensitive to bots and there is a danger of becoming “Action Block” if it finds out you have installed a bot.

How to gain more followers on Instagram

If it is not a good idea to use an Instagram bot, then what are some strategies that you can benefit from instead? Read the rest of the article to find out.

  1. Set an appropriate profile picture

Choose a relevant picture that is of high quality. This increases your chance of being tapped on. You can use a picture of yourself or you can use your logo. This is an example of a good profile picture:

  • Think more about your bio

Your bio is of utmost importance. When people enter your page, it is the second thing they notice after your profile picture. Make sure that you specify who you are and what they will learn if they follow you. Do not mistake your bio for your resume. You don’t have to include all your educational and occupational backgrounds there.

  • Start with the right content

You have to give people a reason to follow you. No reason is better than content that engages them or teaches something. By content, we mean your posts and stories. You have to spend time on what you post and have creativity. Set interesting covers for them and write titles that raise curiosity. Do not underestimate the power of a well-written caption.

Example of a professional post cover

  • Follow and unfollow

This hack is not hard to grasp. People have been using it for years as a way to grow their accounts faster. You follow people who you think are related to your niche and unfollow them after some time. This is actually a way to introduce yourself to others. The truth is this strategy really works. However, you must be careful not to look like a robot to Instagram. In other words, there is a limit to the number of people you can follow and unfollow in a day. If you exceed the limits, Instagram may “Action Block” you. Normally, people can follow and unfollow up to 200 people a day, however, if your account is new the number maybe 150.

  • Raise engagement

Provide your audience with a proper call to action. Ask them to like and comment. Use question boxes, polls and, quizzes in your stories. This is how Instagram learns that people are enjoying your content and shows you to a wider range of audiences.

  • Repost

When a post by another person goes viral or becomes really popular, you can post it too. Bear in mind that you have to give credit to the creator of the content. The pro of this strategy is that you already know that it is going to work.

  • Use proper hashtags

A great way of expanding your reach is by using hashtags. When you use a hashtag under a post, it becomes visible to people who follow it. You have to find the popular hashtags that are relevant to your niche. You can also follow these hashtags and engage with people whose business is related to yours.

  • Comment on other people’s posts

Add something to what they have posted about or make a compliment. This way you can draw their followers’ attention to yourself and gain some. If you comment on something useful that the owner of the page finds helpful, they may tag you at the top and raise your chance of being seen by others.

  • Add to story

Ask people who have the same or about the same number of followers as you to add your post to their stories. Then you will add their post in return. This is a free and useful strategy you can benefit from.

  1. Pay influencers to promote you

Influencers are people who have plenty of followers. These followers usually trust their favorite influencers and care about what they have to say. You can pay these people to promote you.


Instagram keeps updating its algorithms. You have to catch up with the latest updates to become successful. Use the strategies above and you will see a rise in the number of your followers in the long run.

Auto Follow

One of the most common strategies to attract more followers is to continually follow the accounts that already followed a similar account in your niche daily. This process can be incredibly time-consuming, and besides, Instagram might ban you due to the limitations on daily follow. So, why not use an automated bot to make all the efforts?

Insrazood auto follow bot mimics the human actions and starts following the Instagram accounts based on the latest Instagram restrictions, which reduces the risk of being blocked by 0%.

Auto Unfollow

As much as following the targeted Instagram accounts is necessary to grow the IG engagement, it is also vital to do some unfollowing at the same time. The reason is that based on the latest Instagram limitations, users are allowed to follow an overall of 7,500 people. So, to avoid any risk, the Instazood Instagram bot will make sure the account stays in the safe zone by automatically unfollowing the accounts based on the numbers added to the follow/unfollow cycle.

Auto Like

Sometimes, only a simple like can bring new followers to the page. One of the features of the best Instagram bots is auto-like. As mentioned before, many free Instagram bots and plug-ins might offer auto likes, but remember, there is a much better chance of attracting engagement if you like only the accounts that are interested in your business.

Instazood finds potential new followers by scanning thousands of Instagram accounts based on information such as hashtags, geotags, and the popular accounts in the niche that you’ve set. The only thing you need to choose is the best options and the Instazood auto-liker will put that famous heart on the photos and videos.     

Auto Comment

Did you know that comments are specifically crucial for growing Instagram engagement? Wouldn’t it be great if someone just leaves some comments for other users to gain their attention? Luckily, Instazood offers an auto commenter that can generate tons of different messages to be used as comments.

The good thing about comments is that this type of engagement is more valuable as it can be continued in two-way communication. If the Instagram bot leaves an interactive comment, this is highly possible that the receiver replies. And that’s exactly what you need on Instagram in order to win the battle: mutual engagement.

View Stories

What makes Instazood the best Instagram bot available is the considerable attention to details and make the most of every opportunity on Instagram. With the Instazood Instagram bot, users can also view stories automatically in addition to previous features.

This service is valuable because, since the introduction of Instagram stories, they became the prominent feature of IG that considerably boosts engagement. As one-third of Instagram viewed stories are from business pages, why not use this opportunity to attract more followers by putting your profile on the lists of your potential story viewers?    

Tip: In order for a user to start to follow you or interact with your content, your account must be visually pleasing. So, try to make your feed as attractive as you can. You may use some tools to edit your Instagram photos for a start.

The best sides of Instazood

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should choose Instazood as the best Instagram bot for promoting your brand. But if you want even more proof, read the following to get to know the Instazood features even more. So, here they are: 

Maximum of Automation in The Most Customized way

Instazood enables you to control and adjust the setting for better results. You can also change the bot’s activity; for example, put the people you don’t want to unfollow in a list. Moreover, the various filters in the dashboard allow the users to set different orders such as skip following the Instagram business accounts or not following an account more than once. 

Social Bridge: The Best Instagram Bot App

Another excellent service that makes Instazood distinct from the other bots is its bot app, Social Bridge. Not only is it more convenient to use this app, but it is also possible to grow the Instagram account at a faster pace. With Social Bridge, you don’t have to always be behind your personal computer to manage the Instagram bot; you can have it on your phone and simply use it anywhere, anytime.

Using Instazood Instagram bot can give you a constant 10% of follow backs. That’s not a number that you can easily overlook. Try Social Bridge to get even more followers on Instagram.

Safety First

Many people hesitate to use Instagram bots because they are afraid of encountering the message of “action block.” One of the essential things that Instazood does is to make sure all the parts of the bot working in accordance with the latest Instagram algorithm to avoid any risk of being ban. Although the Instazood Instagram bot sets the best amounts of activities as default, you can make the necessary changes where it is needed. 

The Highest Efficiency

One of the features that make Instazood the best Instagram bot is the ability to track the efficiency of a selected target. For example, suppose you choose the “user X” as a popular target in your niche, but you are not sure about how much this target is effective. To find this out, the Instazood can turn off or on the ability of auto liking and commenting for that specific target, so you can vividly see how much this “user X” is adequate to gain engagement. If it disappointed you, simply cross it out of your list and add another potential username to the Instagram bot.

Sweet Deal

Compare to the numerous services and the guaranteed safety that it provides, Instazood is considerably affordable. Only for $14.99 per month, you can get a full package of Instazood, namely auto follow, auto like auto comment, auto unfollow, activity filters, and story views. Moreover, Instazood has many other services such as TikTok bot or Instagram Direct Messages, but it never forces you to pay for the services that you don’t want. You can only purchase your desired package.  

Excellent Customer Service

Got any questions about the Instazood Instagram bot? We have a pretty informative support center that can help you step-by-step in using each product. Just enter the name of the part that you need help with, and you will get explicit instruction along with videos and other information. 

Instagram Bots for Free

Still not sure if Instazood is the best Instagram bot in the market? That’s all right; the good news is you can try all the features of the Instazood Instagram bot for three days for free! Make the most of this opportunity and see how this bot will bring you free likes and followers only within a three-day trial!

Final Words on the Best Instagram Bots

As Instagram is one of the most popular platforms, no wonder you see many marketing companies offering Instagram promoting packages. Many of these companies don’t consider all the safety factors for their bots, so it is vital that you only choose the best Instagram bots, to avoid risking your Instagram account.

How to Become Instagram Famous in 2021?

Instagram has more than 2 billion more active users daily, and it is one of the best social media to get well-known. Though it could be confusing and challenging if you want to become Instagram famous, you can use other experiences, success, and failure, and also some new ideas which I have brought in this article. It will broaden your knowledge and open your mind!

New ideas of “how to become Instagram famous?”

Of course, you have seen many famous people on Instagram, some grew from zero to hero, and for some it took decades. Some started this and failed. You might ask yourself how it is possible? How to become Instagram famous? After years of working on social media, doing research, interviewing people who succeed and failed, I came up to the conclusion, No shortcuts! Do Several posts a day, make several ideas and build relationships. I have noted down all the observations, and I have brought them here.

1.Make a vision

After many days of research on how to become Instagram famous, I found that all famous people have an idea, some show it up, some not. What is essential is that a concept is there. Sometimes a vision would be general, and sometimes it is a unique one. No matter, find a one you are good at it. If you have a skill or talent, use it. Be yourself! These days, many people copy others, don’t do that. I believe the number of ideas in this world is even more than the number of people living!

People show courage and interest in unique skills or capabilities. Make sure even your skills are unknown, there are people out there that would like it. You can see Rickey Thomson’s profile and his vision to make people laugh. Of course, he can do so, and people like it. If you believe in yourself and your skills, don’t be afraid of haters, you will achieve your goals one day.

We can’t force people to like us or what we want. For example, if you are looking to make you, your pet, your child famous, you should ask yourself what the benefits for people are? Do they see me/my pet/my child as cute as I see? You should ask yourself what people gain from your activity/products/ profile? For example, your vision can one of this, make people healthier, make people aware of their body, make people happy, make people excited or motivated. To make people aware of their right. Even if you like to focus on yourself, there are lessons that people can take from you.

And even, if you want to boost your Brand name, use your business vision. I appreciate Mark Zuckerberg’s vision which was about bringing people together since he was 12 only, and you see how Mark Zuckerberg’s idea made him famous. Here you can read about the power of imagination and how to select your concept. For example, using a vision board, that is a winning strategy of getting close to what you want. See what occupations/skills you have and how it can help many people. If you search, you can see celebrities and famous people vision boards! It’s Amazing.

2.Make your unique hashtag

Once you selected your vision, it is time to prepare your bio. But before that, you need some information including your unique hashtag. I will explain later in this post, what is a hashtag and why you should use it. Your hashtag can be related to your username, your vision, or the unique skill you have, and so on. I have brought an example below. This page which has more than 2 million followers is about women’s nutrition and sportswear. They have also used the related and unique hashtag of #womensbest in which you can see there are about 500,000 posts. Once you have selected your hashtag, go to prepare your really important bio, the first place people read about you, their first impression.

3.Use your self-made documentaries

You might know that Instagram first was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger to share pictures. Once Facebook bought Instagram, made it a video-sharing platform too. One part of My research on how to become Instagram famous was about differences between movie’s and pictures’ influences. People are enjoying watching video than pictures. That’s why it is right for you to prepare videos more. From psychological parts, people react to a post, or a topic once it evokes their emotions. Videos have this capability to engage human emotions more, for its sound, moving scenes, or the content which people can feel more than looking at a picture.

Another reason is that, by watching video people would have some times to stop at a topic. The human brain has time to get involved with a theme. So, use the video to engage your audiences’ emotions. One more exciting part is the content! Your unusual habits, different behaviors or private life can be interesting topics to watch. You can make something like a documentary of your daily life, with your voice. It is interesting that I have found that people look for real things, and documentaries can give them real facts about your life or your vision.

If you have a small business, you can make a documentary about your ongoing works or the workplace. It could be interesting for others, and also it will build a great trust option using your Instagram stories for your customers.

4.Instagram photography:

Once you have chosen your vision, it is time to prepare your content and Instagram posts, which is an essential part. There are some tips and tricks you can use to add to your profile quality. I listed them here, and some reasons why you should care.

Use natural light or good artificial lighting to make your Instagram posts more attractive. Looking at most Instagram famous profiles reveals that using high-quality pictures can encourage people to like your post. People’s brain naturally looks for beauty.  It is also true that the meaning of beauty could be different for people all around the words. So, it is better to know your audience and see if you can produce something that engages them emotionally. When viewing art and beauty, there is a remarkable increase in the brain’s neurons connectivity. Though science still is looking for the reasons that beauty can evoke emotional and physical reactions, you can take advantages of this to go to the top. Proper lighting can remarkably help you to add to your video/pictures’ quality and attract more audiences.

5.Instagram post size

Use the square size for feeds and vertical for stories. You might never think how important sizes are when it comes to posting on your Instagram stories or feeds. Instagram and some other social media have provided different space to share. If you want to post on stories, use vertical sizes since it fills the space. Since most of the Instagram users are mobile users, so better to think about the comfortability when using mobile. There are three types of video posting size on Instagram. Square, vertical, and landscape. The vertical and square videos take more engagements and views than landscape videos on Instagram. Your post size is essential for more views, likes, and comments. Here is the guideline for your video:

  • Landscape videos: 1280*720 aspect ratio and 16:9 size
  • Square video: 1080*1080 pixels for size and 1:1 aspect ratio
  • Vertical video: 1080*1920 proportion and 9:16 aspect ratio

Why can video size increase Instagram video views?

First, the number of Instagram mobile-users is 75% more than its desktop users. So watching comfortability using mobile is essential. People can publish square and vertical videos without black borders, so it fills the space on the screen and leads to more comfortability to watch it on feeds. A landscape video is not suitable for Instagram, but it might be useful for your YouTube account, TV advertisements, websites or blogs. Second, the place that you post is different (feeds or stories), so better to choose the format according to the area you are going to publish your video. Once you post on feeds, you better keep the square size as explained above, but if you post on stories, so vertical is the best.

6.expand your audiences

One way to get more views is to connect with others, especially big brands, or other famous people, or useful pages. For example, if you aim to get known on your cooking, you collaborate with some well-known restaurants or any other related pages. If they mention your name under the post, you already in front of many people’s eyes. Good chance to start. Because you cannot expect to grow overnight, be patient, it takes some times.

Another method is to build your relationship with others through visiting their page, like and comment for others. People who you have visited their pages, back to your page and if they like the content, they would follow you, see your stories, like your posts and so on. However, it is somehow time-consuming to sit and spend hours to do so. Thanks to technology, robots can do this for you. Don’t go for the fake followers. Using Instagram bot can remarkably help you to increase your real audiences and your views and engagements.

The more you show yourself to people, the more they will know you! Become Instagram famous is all about getting known by many people around the globe! There are some features on Instagram stories that you can use to broaden your audiences, such as location and hashtags. Tagging location and using popular and most followed hashtags make your stories available for more viewers on the top list or recent list. People tap on the place and see the map along with all posts of that location. If you have already some posts with this location tag, and it is attractive, people can see it from the list. They would visit your profile, or they have options to follow you directly from there.

Look at these pictures to know how does it work and also I have written an instruction to use location tag.  

How to use Instagram location stories?

  • Open Instagram
  • On the top left, tap “Your Story”
  • Take pictures, or select it from galleries
  • Tap on  icon on the top right 
  • Select
  • Find the location you want in the search bar
  • Click “Next to” on the lower right corner
  • Share it!

You can use the same procedure to use a hashtag, select  instead of Location. If you want to use location tags on your feeds post, after selecting the pictures, and applying effects, use the “Add Location” on the page. It will worth to use, and you will get good results.

7.Instagram famous has regular and consistent posts

Several posts a day, at first would be difficult, but once you get results, it will make you motivated to continue. If you see other famous profiles, you see not all, but many of them have more than 1000 posts! So, do it regularly, and one more important thing is time to post. You have to send the picture or videos to your stories when most of the users are online. If you have a business account, you can see the most active days and hours. Wednesday to Friday are the days for more views and engagements. The surveys show that Wednesday is the best and the worst is Sunday to post. Though, there are some hours that you can post to get the best results, the peak hours which are suitable to post are 10 AM to 5 PM and the peak hour is 3:00 pm. See the charts below:

8.Trust yourself!

after looking for the answer of how to become Instagram famous, you have clues, new ideas and courage to continue, but you should trust you and your analyses too. It’s always good to get advice from others; you can also find something new. Switch your account to a business profile, to see the insight under each post. It will help you to monitors other’s reactions to your posts. You can also see the best time and days to post through analytics in the setting.


Have a vision, be consistent, do several posts, build your relationships, trust yourself and be patient! You will get the results.

How to Get your First 1000 Followers on Instagram?

If you have recently opened an Instagram account, and you are looking to grow it, you are at the right place. I would explain five steps to get your first 1000 followers. I have divided the steps according to the number of followers. Follow the instruction carefully.

How long does it take to get 1000 followers on Instagram?

It depends on many factors including the account opening date, the niche, your connections. I assume that you have recently opened your Instagram account and you have no platform to connect your Instagram account. You are not connected to any Instagram campaign.

It may takes up to 3 months for you to get your first 1000 followers if you follow for follow, engage in Instagram activities (comments on public posts, like public posts, use hashtags).

Let’s see how it takes up to 3 month. We assume that 1 out of ten would follow you back, and you follow-unfollow 100 per day. It means that you can get up to `10 followers daily. Then in the end of 3rd month, you would have 900 followers.

Here is a step-by-step guide for getting the follower on Instagram. From Zero to Hero!

#Step 1: Tips for getting the first 300 followers

Once I opened my account, like all others, I had no follower, but gradually, I could find my niche and grow my account. Though at first, it looks challenging and confusing, there are some tips to get there better and sooner.

  • You should choose a proper username. It is better to select a short and readable one. You can use an underscore, or dot to add more readability to your username. Once I was searching for big accounts, I found that people follow readable usernames more easily. It’s logical! Isn’t it?
  • Write a proper bio; I have entirely explained how to write a bio to attract more users in the Instagram famous Your bio should show what you might bring for others. For example, you are going to make them happier or healthier.
  • Add your contacts! If you have no problems to add your contact list into your following list, it is an excellent strategy to start, to get about 100 followers. Because these people would know you already and the chance is more they follow you back. In this way, you can add to your follower list.
  • Have at least six posts, to start and find your relevant hashtags to help you to reach more people at first. You can add up to 30 hashtags to your posts, people would see your posts (if your account is public) on their feeds, and this may encourage them to follow you.
  • Finding your target users is one of the best ways to start growing your account. One way is to see the lists of your competitors’ followers. You can check it from their profile. Though, once I started to follow those targeted users, it was time-consuming and with some Instagram limitation. Using Instagram bot can assist you in automating these actions with no restriction. In this way, I could get my 300 followers just in a few days.

Why should you switch into a business account?

People might think if they are running a personal account, or they do not have any services, or product no need to switch to a business account. Hopefully, Instagram has given this option for free and for all users. Even you have a personal one, it is better to swath, it is easy, and there are lots of benefits there for you.

Once you are growing your account understanding the analysis help you a lot. In a business account, you can see all insight, and you will know which posts are more favorable, or what people are looking for in your page, which makes them encouraged to follow you. So, I highly recommend using this opportunity before going to the next steps.

Why is analytics important?

At first, you might not consider the Instagram insight very carefully, but this section is entirely related to your account, especially if you are running a business account. If you know your target market is young people, so it is better for you to attract more young people on your account and Instagram shows this for you that what percentage of your account followers are people aged 25-34.

#Step 2: Get your 300-500 followers

Now the second step is to work on a 500-follower account, a good move for you! At this stage, you better have at least 18 posts.

  • You should Keep consistency while using Instagram because an Instagram algorithm can recognize your engagements and presence. You might read the Instagram instruction itself, that people who post once a week, get five times more commitments than who post once a month. So, keep posting at least once a day.
  • Using your Instagram bot features, like the direct message, comment tracker, post schedule, and so on. All of this shows your profile to others, and if they like your content, they will follow you, and it should not take more than a few days.
  • Start working on Instagram stories and take advantages of that, this also led to more engagements and along with other tips you can reach to your first 500 followers.

#Step 3: Grow from 500 to 700 followers

Now you have passed half of the way. How does it feel? Sometimes it looks tough, but it is possible. The vital point you should know that you have to be patient. Many of other people you see that have many followers had the same experience. So, do not give up. In this stage, I would talk about high-quality content.

  • The content is significant. Try to keep the original one, and your posts. Do not copy and do not look for short ways like this. Though repost is allowed on Instagram, you should write the origin links.
  • You can enhance your photography skills and prepare some self-made documentaries. There are always new things that you can work on them. Hopefully, there are many tools that you can use to make more visually stunning pictures or even videos.
  • The type of content should be related to your aim; you have also written on your bio. If you post on very different topics, people may do not like to stay. So, you better be focused on your unique identity which you have made on your Instagram account. In this way, you have given a character to people to recognize you. You also will be known for this identity, which supports you to grow your account even more than 1000 followers.

#Step 4: Get your 700-900 followers!

You are closer to your 1k followers! Ready? From this now, you should care about the details. For this purpose, you need analytics. Hopefully, Instagram would provide you this tool for free.

  • Though, you should switch your account into a business one. It is easy. Once you have done, after having 100 followers, you can go to your profile, click on the top right, a three lined icon. The first option is insight. If you click on that, you would see the analytics.
  • Always use stories IG to show you have a new post. You can also share your feed posts to your stories because this help people see your posts more often.

#Step 5: Almost there! Get your 900-1000 followers!

This step is the final one to see 1k users are following you. Keep in mind that you need to get the assistance of tools like some Instagram bot to help you in follow, like, comment, and Instagram ِDM.

  • Send a welcome message with the help of an Instagram bot. This would give others a sense of being relevant to you, and also you have somehow privatized the conversation, which is a good feeling to others.
  • Introduce your page with the power of the direct message. You can introduce your products, or your account in the direct message quickly. Many of them would look into your profile and follow you.
  • Follow, like, and comment because they would see your profile more, and the probability of getting more followers is higher than when you are absent.
  • Add your username to your posts because when people share your stories not directly from your page, others can find you through the stickers you have put on the posts.

Optimize your captions because it gives others a sense of reality. An easy to understand descriptions would work better for your Instagram account because people can have a better feeling when reading your text. Friendliness is good to get more followers. So, while you are writing your caption, write it amiably and also write something to induce people to engage, like asking a question.

  • Ask followers to tag their friends on your posts or in the comments when you are writing your post’s captions. In this way, tagged people may follow you after seeing your posts.



All the secret about getting follower and encourage others to follow you is about building relationships, do several posts, and keeping consistency.

How to share a YouTube video on Instagram?

Now, YouTube is the first most significant social media all over the globe, with millions of videos sharing daily. However, connecting YouTube to Instagram is now a challenge. This blog would explain how you can convert a YouTube video to an Instagram video format and share Instagram. 

You may have both Instagram and YouTube accounts, or you own an Instagram account to repost YouTube videos. However, it seems that converting YouTube videos is a challenge, and sharing with Instagram also is becoming a big challenge! 

How to share a YouTube video on the Instagram story without 10K followers

If you have a YouTube channel, and you will promote your videos, it could be somehow complicated. Instagram doesn’t allow users to share links on their stories without 10K followers. Though, here are some shortcuts:

  1. Share the link in an IGTV and then share an account linked to that IGTV
  2. You may buy followers to reach the number 10K. It should not cost much for you (this is the easiest and straightforward).  

There are still some other ways, though all would NOT redirect the users. All of them will send the followers indirectly to the mentioned links. For example:

  1. You can share the story and tell users to visit your profile and check the link in the bio.
  2. You can share the story and ask users if they want to get the link. then, reply with the link (this is time-consuming and not recommended for bulk clicks).
  3. Promote the link using Instagram ads.

How to share a YouTube video on Instagram

As you see in the picture, you can only share YouTube videos on another platform that allows link sharing, but Instagram is not one of them. 

Therefore, to share a YouTube video, you must: 

  1. Download YouTube videos 
  2. Share the downloaded video on Instagram 

There are lots of tools available on the internet you can use to download YouTube videos, and here I would mention some of them. You can try any means that help you download YouTube videos. 

How to share a YouTube video on Instagram story?

Download YouTube video by YTmp3 downloader, as I have shown in the picture below. 

It is easy and fast, but if the length of the video is too long, you might face an error. So, it is better to download YouTube videos with a short duration. 

To share a YouTube video on Instagram story:

  1. Copy the YouTube URL as it is shown in the picture
  2. Paste it to any YouTube downloader apps or tools and download the video to your mobile phone gallery
  3. Open the Instagram app and tap on your profile picture on the top left of the home page
  4. Tap the gallery icon on the bottom left
  5. select the video
  6. write the caption and share to Instagram story

You can use a desktop for Instagram if you have downloaded using a computer or laptop. 

How to share YouTube videos on Instagram on a mobile phone?

You can use any browser on mobile like safari, chrome, Firefox to download YouTube videos and share to Instagram when you save it to your smartphone. Though, It’s good to use a video maker to edit videos before sharing.

To share YouTube video on Instagram using the phone: 

  • Copy the youtube video URL Open any browser 
  • Go to youtube to mp4 downloader 
  • Copy the youtube video URL and paste it to the downloader 
  • Download the video 
  • Open the Instagram app and post the video to Instagram 

Tip: please notice if you are using an android device, you can find the downloaded video on your download folder. IOS user is a bit different. You can go to files and find the downloaded video on the download folder. From there, you can save it to your gallery and then share it to Instagram. 

When you open the Instagram app, you can only upload videos from the galley of the iPhone. So, make sure you have moved the video to the gallery.

How to share YouTube videos on Instagram on desktop?

If you are using your computer to share any Instagram, the good news is that you can easily share it from desktop to Instagram. Once you have your YouTube video ready, you can share it through a desktop. 

Here in this article, I have entirely explained how you can post video to Instagram through the computer for both mac and windows users. 

Sum up 

Sharing YouTube videos to Instagram can have lots of benefits. You can make a collection of top videos, report or create a collection of inspirational videos, and so on. However, you should notice that copyright is essential while you are sharing a video on Instagram. 

So, you cannot share any famous YouTube song or something like that on Instagram unless you claim that it is yours. Instagram may remove the video due to the right of the copy. 

Everything about Instagram Messages and Auto DM

There are several ways to get in touch with people on a popular social media like Instagram, directly or indirectly. Instagram messages is one way to interact with followers or new people directly and in private.

This is a straightforward way to get in touch with Instagram accounts. Like all other features, if users use Instagram messages in the right way and with an appropriate strategy, it would have huge effects on engagement and growth rate.

DM meaning on Instagram

The meaning of DM on Instagram is a direct message, which is a form of private message that each user can send through the Instagram app. A direct message is no available on the Instagram desktop version too, and users can read, reply, and send messages on Instagram both from desktop and app. The meaning of a direct message or DM can be used for all other social media like TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter too.

I think it is a must to go over a brief definition of what exactly DM mean for the people who are new to Instagram and have no idea what we mean by this.

Instagram DM stands for Instagram Direct messages which are the messages users can send to desired accounts, privately (or in a group of 50 people). It means that only users and the Instagram messages receivers would be able to see the messages online or from the Instagram app and no one else.

Unlike Instagram comments that are public and can be seen by all the approved followers of an account, massages that are sent directly are private as said and are kept in an Instagram DM box at the top right corner of the Instagram home tab.

Instagram DM color

Recently many Instagram users report that why their Instagram DM color changed to blue, grey, or purple. It most probably is a test from Instagram, which is about the readability of the text. We would not say the exact reasons to change the Instagram direct messages into other colors unless Instagram claims this in their newsletters.

When you send a direct message (DM) on Instagram, its color might change from purple to blue and then grey. It could be interesting if the color of Instagram direct messages were related to the status of the delivery of DMs. For instance, sent messages were purple, delivered DMs were blue, and read were grey. Though this is an assumption, and we need to wait until Instagram announces changes officially.

Why are my Instagram DMs blue?

It might happen for you that Instagram shows the blue message. Recently so many Instagram users for the reasons why their Instagram messages are blue. However, there are no exact reasons for it. It seems that Instagram blue is an update from Instagram which looks like the iMessage on iPhone or Facebook message on messenger.
Blue message on Instagram is showing that this is a message from the sender and a white or grey message shows the receiver messages. This blue color might probably are for the readability of text on the Instagram and Facebook messenger.

How to change Instagram direct message color on Thread app from Instagram

You cannot change the color of DM on Instagram, and to change the direct message color, you should go to the Thread app from Instagram. Thread is an app to send and receive the message only.

To change the theme of direct message on the Thread app from Instagram:

  1. Open the thread app
  2. from the camera, tap the home icon at the top
  3. tap on the three-lined icon in the top left
  4. tap on theme
  5. select a theme you like and tap the closing icon
How to change Instagram direct message color on iPhone

If you want to have a colorful direct message on Instagram on your iPhone, you should install Instagram Thread app. in that application you can easily change the color. however, if you see the temporarily instagram purple color, it is from instagram itself and not changeable.

To change the DM color on Thread app from Instagram:

  1. Open the thread app
  2. from the camera, tap the home icon at the top
  3. tap on the three-lined icon in the top left
  4. tap on theme
  5. select a theme you like and tap the closing icon

The picture is a sample of the purple color direct messages that users see on Instagram that changes to another color such as blue or grey.

Instagram DM character limit
  • Instagram direct message (DM) character limit is 1,000 characters with space. Other Instagram limits are as follows:
  • Instagram caption character limit is 2,200 characters.
  • Instagram hashtag limit is up to 30 hashtags.
  • The character limit for your bio is 150 characters.•
  • Instagram comment character limit is also about 2,200 (the same as Instagram caption).
Number of Instagram DM limit

There is no exact limit for the Instagram direct message (DMs), but accounts can send 50 to 100 DMs per day. You need to take 24 hours to break after hitting the limit on Instagram DMs.

Where the Instagram DM located?

The icon of Instagram “direct messages” has always been on the top right corner. But recently some users have reported that there is a change in their Instagram DM’s position.

They now have Instagram messages’ icon on the down left corner of their Instagram feed, instead of their profile icon, and meanwhile, the profile icon has been transferred to feed. This change is still on the test and is not applied to the majority of accounts.

The place of Instagram messages (DM) has been fixed until recent days that it is noticed by some users that the place of Instagram DM and Profile is changed.

How to DM on Instagram?

Sending Instagram messages is just a piece of cake, and anyone who signs up to Instagram and sees the Instagram app environment for the first time can also know how to start direct messaging. Anyways I’ll write the steps on how to send DMs on a social media Instagram for those ones who do not know how to do it.

To send DM on Instagram:

  1. Open the Instagram app
  2. Tap on DM box on the top right corner of the Instagram feed
  3. Search the user from the “search” bar (that you want to post a message to)
  4. Write the preferred text on “message” bar
  5. Send it!

How to Use Instagram DM On PC or Mac?

As most of you know by now, Instagram not originally let users to post or receive Instagram messages from desktop, and it does not provide any direct access to DMs. But there are ways for you to DM from the desktop which below, I am going to talk about those 4 ways of accessing Instagram DM feature from the PC or Mac.

To use Instagram DM on PC: ­­

1/ Install Instagram app for Windows

This version of Instagram can easily be found on Microsoft Store, and it lets you send a photo and direct video message from the PC. All you have to do is to head to Microsoft Windows store to download this desktop version of the app and log in to the account to begin using its direct messaging feature, just as easy as the Instagram app itself.

Note: Unfortunately, this solution has a huge downside, and that’s because this Instagram version is only available to Windows 10 users!

2. Use a social media management tool

In June 2021 Facebook officially announced updates to the Messenger API to support Instagram messaging, giving SM management tools such as to manage their customer communications on Instagram at scale.

3. Install “Bluestacks” windows or Mac

You might never have heard of “Bluestacks” before, so for the knowledge, Bluestacks is an Android emulator that changes the Windows or Mac computer into an Android device. After you downloaded Bluestacks, you should sign in with the Gmail to gain access to Google play store to download Instagram from there and begin using it just like you install it on phone. 

This is a picture of how Instagram’s looks like. Bluestack is an emulator which can turn the PC to an android so that install Instagram and use it just like the mobile phone.

4. Change “Inspect element” on browser

This one is the easiest and most convenient way of them all, with which you are only 2 clicks away from gaining access to Instagram messages.

  • Go Instagram and login to the account.
  • Right-click on windows and select “Inspect element” or “Inspect.”
  • After that, on the new tab, search for the small smartphone icon.
  • Refresh the page once, and you would see the DM box at the top right.

Note: This solution works on both Chrome and Opera but on Firefox after choosing the “Inspect element” so many users reportedly could not gain access to their Instagram DMs, so it is better to use either Chrome or Opera for this purpose.

5. Use a third-party app (Auto DM service)

There are services find online, that offer you access to use the DMs on social media like Instagram by providing you the service to automate the process of sending messages to followers.

Though, apart from automating Instagram DMs, you can use third party apps like Instazood Instagram bot (Social Bridge app for Android users) to boost your account or get more followers. It is very cool and amazing and just with few hours a day you can get lots of followers and engagement on Instagram. however, keep it in mind that you should connect the app through the Instazood dashboard.

Why Instagram messages (DM) not sending?

Many users report that they have difficulties in sending Instagram DM. In some cases, you need to refresh the Instagram DM page to see the new messages each time. however, there could be many other reasons except Instagram bug that cause this issue which we have explored in How to Fix Instagram DM not Working separately.

How to send automated DM on Instagram?

Automated DM tool is a social media management service that can send Instagram messages to Instagram followers (all or new followers) automatically.

Direct messaging on a social network like Instagram is one of the most effective ways of engaging with people since it is a special and more comfortable way to introduce the business or product to the audience in a direct way. 

To send automated DM online:

  • Go to the Instazood website and sign up
  • Create an account and enter the social dashboard
  • Go to “Direct” Menu
  • Click on New Message
  • Write any Instagram direct message and set the filters (optional)
  • Click send! Done!

By automating Instagram messages on Instagram, you are deciding to reach the voice to a broader audience and to maintain a stable relationship by engaging with them.

Keeping a consistent engagement with the audience is the key to popularity and one of the most critical factors in follower-care.

Sending auto DM is safe and is not against Instagram policy, the tool will also consider this tool and send the limited number of messages per day.

Like so many other Instagram actions, the DMs can also be automated, and there are lots of services that offer to automate Instagram DMs, but not all of them are trustworthy and give out the result you expect. Out of all the similar tools, Instazood has the most safety level and also the best features and is the ideal choice for Instagram messages to be automated. 

The Instazood auto-direct-message tool offers different Instagram direct message destinations options.

After choosing an Instagram message for the automated DM, you will have to choose from the options below:

  1. Welcome DM to new followers
    If you opt to choose this option, it means that you send an Instagram direct message you have automated, to new and all followers. So each time you get a new follower, the service would send the Instagram direct message you have written before, to new follower to welcome them to account.
  2. DM to All Followers
    This is very common that people send a message to all their followers to advertise something or to inform them about a new update or product, and this can only happen while using DM automation.
    In Instazood, you have the option to post the DM to all the existing followers. The messages will be delivered to followers one after another with a pause since the system completely works with Instagram algorithm and limits.
  3. Create a Custom List
    With the custom list option,  choose which people you want the auto-DM to be sent to. The list can contain both the followers and non-followers, and add as many accounts as you wish.
  4. To current conversations
    There is an option for you to send messages to those who you had conversations with on Instagram direct message. This makes it easier to continue the conversation and connect more to the people you might know before.
5 tips to use auto Instagram DM to get more engagement?

There are several ideas that you can choose to increase the number of followers, likes, comments, or even traffic to your websites. Here I would briefly explain how to boost an account via messaging on Instagram direct.

  1. Send any posts to followers to get more likes, and comments
    This will increase the chance of sharing Instagram posts and bring more users to your Instagram feed
  2. Share purchase links to new or current followers
    once you send the purchase links to hundreds of people, it will increase the chance of selling the products or services
  3. Send a welcome message to new followers for brand awareness
    one way to become famous on Instagram is that you show people the brand or products. By sending a welcome message you have the chance to introduce yourself or your business.
  4. Use hashtags to aware people of your brand
    Include hashtags in automated messages, then people would tap on that and see all your tagged photos, or posts which will give a great overview of your work.
  5. Add more traffic to personal or business websites
    Include websites in the comment and send it to users. they will click and go to the websites. This will add to your website rank and position in Google.

Instagram bio ideas tips you need to know

Instagram bio ideas is absolutely essential to everyone with personal or business account, as it can show a self-image of yourself on every social scale, try to craft it well to come on more people’s eyes to follow you.   

You are supposed to express your self-image in only 150 characters,  what would you write to motivate Instagramammers to tap on the follow button?

Instagram bio or a blurb whatever you want to call that can directly impress on the audience’s taste to follow your page activities.

Instagram bio ideas are one of the most popular topics which are crucial to your success, and if you be good at writing a bio well, you can catch a wide range of people’s attention on Instagram space.

Why Instagram bio is important?

Two options make Instagram users attempt to have a good Instagram bio. The most important one is that People always like to convey their minds, attitudes, views in short sentences to inform others from their emotions, thoughts, and beliefs.

As a rule, they are bound to compete on the best Instagram bios to be noticed as well as possible. So, Instagram bio ideas come up with plenty of creative classification to help Instagrammers to write a unique short  Instagram bio.

The other important fact is how to know various types of Instagram bio ideas to run a business, or private Instagram accounts successfully based on different market niches such as an Instagram model, travel blogger, or an Instagram celebrity. Now to complete this job consciously, it is recommended to follow the blog from the first step to the last one.

What is an Instagram bio?

Well, Instagram bio consists of different items that instantly show who you are and what you doing. Instagram bio is the first place that users are facing when they visit your page.

  • Instagram name
  • Instagram ID
  • Instagram caption
  • Link in bio
  • Call to action
  • Your aim/favorite quote

Choosing the best name and username is as crucial as the Instagram bio caption because it verifies your brand identity. Also, putting a bio link in bio place can direct the audience to visit the webpage of the store as a call to action button is a must.

The interests, achievements, hobbies, and job positions can be gathered to make an aesthetic caption. But keep in mind that just writing the biography without any decoration seems mundane. Now go through the text to learn more about the Instagram bio ideas that make your professional bio template attractive.

Instagram bio quotes

Here are the 7 famous quotes for your Instagram bio:

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” –Nelson Mandela

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” –Walt Disney

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.” –Steve Jobs

“If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor.” –Eleanor Roosevelt

“If you look at what you have in life, you’ll always have more. If you look at what you don’t have in life, you’ll never have enough.” –Oprah Winfrey

“If you set your goals ridiculously high and it’s a failure, you will fail above everyone else’s success.” –James Cameron

“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” –John Lennon

Instagram bio example

Here are one examples of an attractive Instagram bios. You can use tools to write your name in different fonts with symbols. Add a link in bio to add your favorite videos, audios, all other social media.

If you search across the Internet, you can find tools to change Instagram bio fonts. All you need is to write the text, select the type of font, and copy the changed-one into the Instagram bio in your profile.

Instagram bio example

Ideas of Instagram bio caption

Instagram bio fonts

Most of the odd, unusual Instagram fonts provided by Instagram third party apps to showcase our Instagram bio distinctive or unique from others. There are some Instagram fonts tools like igfonts; you can take advantage of craft an impressive bio template, but do not forget that using special key characters on your keyboard can also be helpful. 

Instagram bio symbols and emojis

It is interesting to know that symbols and emojis on Instagram bio are used as breakpoints,which can give the Instagram bio a discipline, and also in every part of a text, emojis can express the sense of the writer as it can be.

Symbols are available on both websites and Microsoft office words, copy and paste them in your Instagram bio to make it unique.

Emojis are mostly used in the Instagram bio to make it more beautiful and tidy. It is easy to call them from the keyboard, and like Symbols can be copied. Go to this site and use cool emojis.

How to put a link in the Instagram bio

  • Launch your Instagram app.
  • Tap on your Instagram profile photo the bottom right of the feed.
  • Click on “Edit Profile” option
  • Type an Instagram caption in 150 characters or less.
  • Add a link in bio as it can be your website or company URL you work for
  • Tap Done to save the bio.

How to write a good Instagram bio?

As the Instagram bio exposes you to the audience finding out who your target audience is, plays a crucial role in writing the best Instagram bio. Here one thing I want to clear is that how to write a bio about yourself to be identified at a glance and grab attention as well. All the Instagram bio ideas points  I referred to before, are effective in the perspective of your Instagram page. Make the most of them and make a professional bio template. Walkthrough the article and do it well.

For a work bio

  • Type your name and surname ultimately to appear as your Instagram name
  • State the job position, responsibilities, qualifications or market niche you are active in
  • Take advantage of Keywords like #makeuptutorial the things you are interested in or roles and responsibilities also the market niche you are engaged in
  • Use tagging like @Goldenglob to mention the relevant Instagram username to you or the ones you care about.
  • Emojis, symbols are suitable as an indicator and transferring the sense or concept
  • Link in bio Instagram is most common and well known by Instagrammers, try to put the brand or business website.
  • Cute short quotes can make the bio more lovely and catchy like TomHanks bio “I’m that actor in some of the movies you liked and some you didn’t. Sometimes I’m in pretty good shape. Hey, you gotta live, you know?”
Some funny Instagram bios
  • what up I’m Jared I’m 19 and I never fuckin’ learned how to read
  • narrator: things were not alright alright alright alright
  • Available when get wi-fi network
  • Turn that blue follow button to white
Some cool Instagram bio ideas
  • Be your own brand
  • Chase Dreams, Die with memories, Not dreams
  • I am ready for the new chapter of my life
  • Live the life you love
Inspirational Instagram bios
  • If we wait until we are ready, we will be waiting for the rest of our lives
  • Stand up for your rights even if you stand alone
  • Happiness can be found in the darkest of times when only one remembers to turn on the light
  • Yesterday you said tomorrow
  • Forget the mistakes, learn the lesson

Last but not least, Instagram bio ideas teach you how to write Instagram bio quotes and make these best short quotes decorated with a mixture of symbols and emojis. Thus, It’s worth consuming time to get it right to take the first step of your Instagram marketing strategy correctly. Remember that by focusing on writing a bio the possibility of interacting with Instagram followers becomes much better to visit the brand profile and tap on the follow button.

How to use TikTok for business?

If you are looking for ways to promote your business on TikTok, then you are in the right place. Follow the steps such as using a TikTok bot, establishing niche, using TikTok ads, etc. to grow your business on TikTok.

You may remember “,” which belonged to the ByteDance company; it merged TikTok with to build a broader user base and all the’s features transferred to TikTok. 

TikTok launched in China in 2016, an app called “Douyin,” and it originally came out from musically, and it has been some years since the time it has been released.  TikTok is a great opportunity for sharing a lip-sync, comedy, talent, etc. videos with people all around the world which is now available on both Android and iPhone devices, but there is no desktop version of it yet and has spread all over the world!

What is TikTok?

It is a video sharing platform that lets you add videos up to 15 seconds; then, you can add music, edit the video with lenses, filters, etc.

The first largest age group on TikTok is 16 to 24 years old, and the second one is 24 to 30. If your business is most related to these age groups, you must be on TikTok to get more clients and be more successful in your business by using TikTok.

On the other hand, if your business belongs to people over 40, TikTok might not be the platform that you are looking for, to be successful in it.

As TikTok started growing, the number of companies that join TikTok is increasing; it means that if you are a business, don’t miss TikTok for the business.

Whenever I log into my account, I find myself stuck with the videos because of its exciting videos, and I can hardly leave the platform, I guess many users are same as me, which would be a good news and opportunity for brands and businesses to show up while users are scrolling to watch new videos or while they are searching a specific hashtag.

Some important TikTok stats that you should know about:

  • It might be surprising to know that, TikTok was the top most downloaded app in apple’s app store in Q1 2019 with more than 33 million downloads.
  • 41% of TikTok users are between 16 and 24.
  • TikTok users spend 52 minutes per day on the app, which is 53 minutes per day on Instagram.
  • It is now available in 155 countries.

In addition, The newest TikTok update now lets users run ads and go live!

Guess what the fastest growing app is in 2019?

Believe it or not, the answer is TikTok! It has already 500 million active users, which is half the amount of Instagram users, in compare with TikTok vs Instagram. It is larger than Pinterest and Twitter!

If you are looking for ways to promote your business on TikTok, then you are in the right place, follow me!

TikTok might be an alternative to other social media platforms in the near future, who knows?

You might have heard about “TikTok” from teenagers, and at first glance, you may think that TikTok just belongs to teenagers, has nothing to do with businesses, and it is only for having fun! But the truth is, it has way more usages than just spending time and having fun scrolling on the app.

How to use TikTok for Business?

Generally, businesses can choose one of the mentioned ways to promote their brand on TikTok:

  1. Businesses can create an account on TikTok and be active on it by sharing videos, running challenges, commenting on videos, etc.
  2. Businesses can work with influencers.
  3. Businesses can advertise on TikTok by TikTok’s advertisement feature.

Also, you can make a combination of the mentioned ways to have a successful business on TikTok.

Now let’s go in detail

1. Establish the niche

The first step to use TikTok for business is establishing your niche, try to make your special niche, and broaden it by making videos and sharing with TikTok users.

But how can you make a specific niche popular?

TikTok allows you to share only a 15-second video, so you should be fast, complete, and exciting to attract people to keep following you. The best point about using TikTok is that there is no serious competition among businesses, which is a good opportunity to be active on TikTok. First of all, you need to consider who your target audience is, then choose whether TikTok fits your business or not.

2. Use TikTok bot

One of the easiest and most recommended way for getting real followers is using a TikTok bot such as Instazood. It lets users add target hashtags, tags, etc.

Using a TikTok bot along with the manual actions that are mentioned below, will grow your TikTok account and makes your business glow among its competitors.

3. Use TikTok pro version

In order to get a better result, it is recommended to use the “pro” version of TikTok to get all of its features. For example, by having the pro version of TikTok, you’ll have access to its analytics and insight of your content’s performance.

Tip: The access to the TikTok pro version is only available for users who have signed up on TikTok.

Here is the step by step guide to switch your TikTok account to the pro version.

After switching the TikTok account to the pro version, you’ll easily have access to its analytics in detail.

4. Check other’s strategy

Taking a look at other businesses and the way they work doesn’t mean copying their content or strategy! Just analyze their strategy and get an idea to work better than them.

5. Target your business’s audience

Most of the TikTok users are teenagers and young adults, so if your business is related to them, don’t miss TikTok!

6. Use the original content

TikTok users are looking for unique videos and they’d rather not to see the copy content, create content that fits your business and reach you to your goal. So, you should do your best to glow among other TikTok businesses.

7. Share fun videos

The more creative and fun the videos are, the higher the chance of getting followers you’ll have. Also, try to create your own video.

8. Run a Hashtag challenge

The best way to become globally popular is running a hashtag challenge. Then users will be encouraged to create a video and share it with others with your brand’s hashtag. Moreover, Hashtags are useful in driving engagement and make you searchable among all other brands and people.

9. Be active on TikTok

“For a business to be successful on TikTok, they need to first be active on TikTok,” said Mike Prasad, CEO of Tinysponsor. “[Give] users a reason to follow you.”

10. Take it easy!

Keep calm while you are creating a video to share in TikTok because, unlike Instagram, TikTok users share casual and natural videos and they are all comfortable in sharing any kind of video, so take it easy! Just download the app, post your first video on TikTok, and wait to see the results!

 11. Try to connect with TikTok influencers

Actually, the number of influencers on TikTok is not as many as influencers on Instagram, but there is a notable number of influencers on TikTok. Choose the influencers that match with your business; then, you can make an easy connection to your target audience.

12. Share your location

TikTok users search hashtags whenever they are looking for specific hashtags, so it is better to share your location by hashtag to be seen by others. It would increase the users’ awareness about your business.

13. Share TikTok videos in other platforms

TikTok videos are playable even if people don’t have the TikTok app on their device, so sharing the TikTok videos on other popular platforms seems to be a good idea, You can easily share TikTok videos on Instagram.

14. Don’t be afraid to experiments

Unlike other platforms, there are no rules for using TikTok, so why not give it a try?! Share videos and see if they get like, comments or share.

How to use Instazood’s TikTok bot?

As we mentioned earlier, using TikTok bot is the best way for being a step ahead of your competitors. Instazood gets you real TikTok followers, provides like and comment services, and lets you target your audience by hashtags, tags, etc.

It provides all the TikTok bot services at a very affordable price which is $15 a month. So, try its 3-day free trial today to watch your account’s growth everyday.

Advantages of using the TikTok ads:

After a period of not seeing any advertisement on TikTok, it finally added the ads feature to the platform. It provides four kinds of ads:

  1. Infeed native content:

It is similar to Instagram and Snapchat Stories, which supports website click or app download. TikTok video lengths can be up to 15 seconds, so users would watch the shared video or just skip it.

2. Brand takeovers

This lets brands take over TikTok for the day. They can create images, GIFs, and videos with embedded links to landing pages or hashtag challenges.

3. Hashtag challenges

Using the hashtag challenge is killing two birds with one stone! You’d both make your brand popular, and let people have fun with the challenge. Then businesses measure the hashtag challenge by video interaction, number of clicks, and banner views.

4. Branded lenses

 Branded lenses are like the Snapchat 2D and 3D lenses for faces and photos.

Note: TikTok ads are now being tested in the US and Europe.

Using TikTok for business infographic

In the picture below you can see the summary of using TikTok for business. The clear thing is that TikTok is one of the best platform to invest in for your business. You can create short videos that are amusing and amazing for your fans. The creativity in TikTok is a must for all businesses.

All in all

Knowing all that, would you choose TikTok to advertise your business on the platform? If you are using TikTok for business currently, please share your experiences with us.

Feel free to ask us any question about TikTok; we are all ears to hear from you.

Everything about Instagram automation and bots

Instagram automation has always been one of the hottest debates for social media geeks. While many believe Instagram automation tools such as Instagram bots can massively help the promotion process, others still have their doubts about applying these tools.

In this article, we are going to go through all the facts, so you can have a clearer picture of what you can achieve with Instagram automation tools in 2020.

What is Instagram automation

Instagram automation is the process of using any tools to perform automatic actions like follow, automatic comment, or automatic like, or posting on Instagram. Instagram bots are parts of Instagram automation tools on Instagram which can save time by mimicking promotional activities such as “follow for follow” performed by humans.

Most of the professional Instagrammers believe that the key to success in Instagram is to gain a high level of engagement with other users. Generally speaking, like, comment, share, and save are the most common ways of creating engagement on Instagram. That’s why you always see your close friends’ posts on the top of your feed.

These all sound great, but the problem is if you are running a business page, engaging with other users might take much time, and time is far too precious to be spending on a repetitive, dull task such as liking or leaving comments. So, why bother wasting time when you can use the best Instagram automation tool instead?

What is the best Instagram automation 2020?

The best Instagram automation tools on the market are those that generate the results as if a human were using Instagram on a full-time basis without reaching the Instagram limits. There are many different types of Instagram bots, from Instagram simple liker bot plug-ins that only attract likes from any accounts (mostly fake ones) to fully automated and smart Instagram follower bots that can gain organic followers on Instagram.

Advantages of using Instazood Instagram automation

So far, it is evident that using an Instagram automation tool such as Instazood can significantly help your business. But let’s take a quick look at some of the other advantages that make Instazood the best Instagram automation tool in the market.

  • Saving a tremendous amount of time using bots
  • Instazood uses the maximum of automation without damaging the Instagram account. As a result, more promotional activities are done correctly in a much shorter time.

  • Save money with bots
  • Compared to many other Instagram automation tools, Instazood is considered as one of the most affordable bots. With only $11.99 per month, you can use all the Instazood bots mentioned above. That’s even cheaper than a sandwich in a fast

    -food chain! 

  • Instagram automation tools free trial
  • Instazood tries its best to create the best experience for the costumers. So, it offers a three-day free Instagram automation tool trial. You can access to all the features during this period of Instagram automation free trial. So, try to make the most of it, because you are going to love it!

    For everything that we get access to, limitations need to be set. Whether it’s exchanging information online or offline. Also, one should keep in mind that whatever tools they use to manage their accounts come with a non-monetary price, which would still cost you. Among the very famous social media managing tools is the advent of the usage of bots.

    Instazood, Instagram bot contains many settings and filters that can help you to attract more active followers. We assured you that the “likes” and “followers” you get through our Instagram bot are genuine and not merely fake accounts. The “likes” you get are from real people who are genuinely interested in your content.

    The Wrong Beliefs on Using Instagram Bots and Instagram Automation Tools

    All over the web, we see so many people talking about how risky and unsafe it is to use Instagram bots and that they only harm your Instagram accounts and engagement.

    Many say that you should not use automation tools for Instagram marketing or managing your Instagram accounts. These are all just wrong beliefs that need to be corrected. So here are the reasons why is it good to use an Instagram bot for managing your Instagram accounts and what made the world think of them as bad tools.

    As we search the internet and read about using Instagram automation tools for getting engagement, likes, and followers on Instagram we will come across so many websites or people talking wrong about Instagram bots and this can be because of two reasons:

    1. They had terrible personal experiences using Instagram bots

    Some of the Instagram users who always talk not so good about Instagram tools, especially Instagram bots, have previously used one of these tools and they have had bad results, and so many of them have got their accounts temporarily or permanently banned!

    These people would surely come up talking bad about Instagram automation since they have trusted services which instead of productivity only brought harm to their Instagram accounts. There are some of them which only care about making money, and their benefits and the customer’s Instagram account safety does not matter to them at all.

    However, we need to keep in mind that not all Instagram bots are the same.

    That’s why we have provided a blog on Why you shouldn’t use every Instagram bot?  

    2.    They have read or heard bad things about Instagram bots

    Internet is a huge world that has brought together so many information, personal experiences and people together. These days knowing about every little to a big thing is made very simple, and if we aim to use a service, we are not alone distinguishing between good and evil. All we have to do is to head to Google immediately searching for reviews and opinions on what we want, which in this case is an Instagram bot.

    As I mentioned above, you should not be surprised to see plenty of bad reviews and thoughts on Instagram automation tools.

    You click on a site, read the user’s opinions, which are mostly not so fair on bots, and you decide that using an Instagram bot is harmful and risky. then we spread the word, and it will be transferred from ear to ear, and gradually the whole existence of Instagram bots would be known as “Bad and illegal!”

    I believe there are lots and lots of Instagram bots that promise to help you in your Instagram account’s growth and they only hurt your accounts and its engagement and take your trust and money away. This is the reason why you should choose a safe and reliable Instagram bot which would boost your account’s growth and engagement in a fast and efficient way.

    Any social media management tool that gives out fake and inactive followers is against Instagram’s term of services but and is considered illegal, but that is not true if that tool is based on Instagram’s algorithms, limitations, and term of services.

    What Is the best Instagram bot?

    You need to be sure our Instagram accounts are on the safe hands of a secure Instagram bot.

    After the Instagress shut down, which was the best Instagram bot until about two years ago, the competition between Instagram automation tools just raised more, and each of them started fighting for getting better and more powerful. Since then so many of them have faded away, and some of them just found their place in the world of social media management tools.

    Which Is Better, Instagram Ads or Instagram Bot?

    No doubt, Instagram has become an essential tool for business marketing and advertising. Since it was acquired by the social media giant, Facebook, in 2012, the photo-sharing network has quickly grown to accommodate over 800 million active users who share over 100 million images daily.

    This makes it an effective tool for business owners who want to make visual statements to impress their customers.

    Businesses can now leverage on Instagram to reach a far more significant audience at almost no cost and establish a unique interactive relationship with their followers. With such leverage, business owners can stay ahead of their competitors and drive sales for their business in the most cost-effective and hassle-free way possible.

    Of course, Instagram allows some options and strategies for business owners to market their proposition. However, you need to understand the best policy from the various options available for you to make the best use of the platform.

    Although free methods of promoting businesses, such as the use of appropriate hashtags, posting at proper times and use of quality content relevant to your target audience, may work fine, they usually take a considerable amount of time and effort to give the desired results. Therefore, you may need more aggressive options if you really want to capture your share of the market.

    Among the various options available for you to reach your target market via Instagram, two options stand out distinctly. These are paid Instagram advertisements and Instagram bot options. Using any of these two options can help you to scale your sales by enabling you to generate enormous follow and unfollow from your target audience.

    If you’re a small business owner looking to minimize expenses, which of the two options will work better for you? Of course, the challenge for most businesses is how to know which of the two fantastic options is better. If you also face the same challenge, here is our analysis of the two Instagram marketing options:

    Instagram paid ads is a viable option for business owners looking to generate instant results. They come in three main dynamics: static photo ads, video ads or carousel-type ads. Arguably Instagram ads have helped many businesses to find success; the option may, however, not be suitable for some other businesses. This is because Instagram ads require a considerable budget, making it difficult for smaller and medium-sized enterprises to create headways with the approach.

    You may also find your business competing with big brands in your niche that are already investing thousands of dollars to reach the same target audience. The advertising algorithm may favor companies with the highest budget in the long run since your budget can only push minimum bids.

    More also, there is the risk of not getting the target audience right if you didn’t engage the service of digital marketing professionals to guide you through the process. However, such guidance will come at an additional cost. Although you can achieve some success with Instagram ads, the high competition involves may muscle-out small businesses.

    The Instagram bot is another viable option that can help your business to gain enormous visibility through like/follow/unfollow services. The visibility can help you to generate the lead that will help you to grow your sales. Previously, Instagram bots have earned negative attention due to the deceptive promises of providing users thousands of followers overnight. Majority of these followers were spam from fake accounts with nothing to offer users regarding real engagement. These earlier experiences with Instagram bots made people feel skeptical about adopting it as a marketing option.

    Final Verdict

    The bottom line shows that Instagram bot would be a preferable option to Instagram ads especially for small and medium enterprises looking to build a genuine Instagram presence and scale-up their sales. Thus, if you’re looking for the best Instagram bot that guarantees real-time like/follow/unfollow service, Instazood is your sure bet.

    Who doesn’t like to get all their Instagram actions automated in a safe way?

    I can guess the answer. No one! Because Instagram bots have so many benefits that can’t be easily overlooked.

    These days people are very busy with their everyday lives that they think it would be a waste of time to devote some hours a day to Instagram accounts trying to do actions to get more followers on Instagram. But if you just take a look around, you’ll see everybody is using social media and all of them actually get excited when they get lots of Instagram likes on an Instagram photo they have posted or a picture of their most recent product.

    This can’t be denied that it is exciting to have many followers on Instagram and get more likes day by day especially when you have a business and you are running an Instagram business account. You cannot imagine how Instagram can help your business to grow, and the key to this growth is interaction and organic engagement.

    If you are a business looking to know more about how an Instagram bot can bring engagement to your business on Instagram you can check our blog “Why you should use an Instagram bot for your business.”

    Is Instagram bot illegal?

    Honestly, Instagram is not the biggest fan of likes bot or any other types of Instagram automation tools. But based on the Instagram terms of use, it does not officially announce that using bots is illegal. However, Instagram has established some strict rules for using automation tools. These rules ensure that the Instagram community is safe, and the bots won’t jeopardize users’ personal information.

    That’s why to avoid any future problems, Instagrammers who like to boost their account(s) in a short time, should only use the best Instagram bots. If you want to find the best Instagram bot to use in 2020 and see how it can help users grow their business using it, read this article till the end.

    Does Instagram bots still work?

    If you use Instagram automation wisely, yes, the primary reason why Instagram automation tools such as Instagram follower bot don’t work is that either the bot is unauthorized or the Instagrammers use it in the wrong way.

    The best Instagram bots, such as Instazood, are designed in a way that they mimic human activities. By allowing the Instazood to perform the engagement activities using different automation tools such as insta comment app, users can confidently leave all the tedious work to the bot.

    Although you can manually change each bot’s settings and somehow build your own Instagram bot, Instazood already set the best numbers based on the accounts added. It’s always better to follow the recommended amounts to avoid being banned by Instagram because of violating the limitations such as Instagram follow limit.

    So, why not automate the works a little bit and gain some organic followers on Instagram using smart bots? Because let’s face the truth is, in a platform where more than 500 million daily users who only watch stories, it’s a little bit difficult to manage all the work manually; not to mention that 60% of the active users of Instagram discover new products on the platform on a daily basis. Surely, that is a number that you don’t want to ignore.

    Instagram like bot

    The most primary and the easiest way to gain engagement on Instagram like. Those attractive little red hearts that appear when double tapping on an image or video, actually have magical power. Along with the number of comments, likes are one of the primary metrics when calculating Instagram engagement. The more images a user likes and the more like that user receives, the higher is the chance of being rewarded by Instagram.

    Moreover, a high volume of like is also essential when it comes to the prestige of the IG account. Naturally, a post with thousands of likes appears more attractive in the eye of the viewers compared to a post with a small number of likes.

    Even hiding likes by Instagram that is now happening in at least eight countries in which some of them are among leading countries based on the number of Instagram users (Canada, Brazil, Italy, Japan, and the United States) won’t reduce the effect of likes in building engagement. So, never underestimate the power of likes.

    How to use an Instagram bot to become Instagram famous?

    The engagement that is generated through Instagram Bots is designed to boost your following with real human connections rather than with spam accounts, which not only saves your time but also prevents you from connecting with fake followers or with people that will not add value to your business or life. If you are interested in becoming famous on Instagram through an Instagram Bot, here is how to do it:

    Essentially, the work of a Bot is to interact with your followers so that you do not have to do it yourself. The trick to using Bots to gain followers is to figure out what the needs of your profile are. For instance, if you are a fashion blogger, your main concern would be to create amazing content that your followers can benefit.

    If you already have engaging content, Instagram bots can be just the assistance that you need to skyrocket your following because it will enable your already great account to be discovered by people that you would have otherwise been unable to reach had you been doing all the work manually.

    An Instagram Bot that has been programmed incorrectly in addition to having poor content will most likely appear spammy. Instagram Bots need to be programmed correctly. Otherwise, they may lead to some inappropriate or embarrassing incidences. For instance, leaving a comment on a photo may be inappropriate, or the comment could be completely irrelevant to the topic in question.

    When such irrelevant interaction occurs, it could cause you to lose followers, which will not generate any substantial growth for you. Therefore, before you get started, it might be worth it to figure out just what you need the Instagram Bot to help you with whether you are looking to gain more followers or connect with others in your field or industry.

    How to get the best results from an Instagram bot?

    To get the best results from a Bot, you should already have a firm understanding of who your target audience is. You can figure this out by asking yourself questions such as:

    • What type of followers do I want? Your industry determines the type of follower; that is, fitness, make up experts, foodies, and so on.
    • What type of follower is more likely to like your posts?

    The point is to target those individuals that find your account helpful. The clearer you are about the specific audience that you are targeting; the more accurately you will be able to see accounts and hashtags that are popular. It will also allow the Instagram Bot to operate much more efficiently.

    What is your location? If you are looking to target local customers, it does not make sense to target individuals from any other country. If you are a business, try and look for branded hashtags from your competitors because they tend to have the highest conversion rate.

    Instagram Bots are a great way to raise user engagement and following but when used incorrectly, Bots that are used excessively can cause your account to appear spammy. When your account looks spammy, it, of course, heightens the risk that your account will be banned.

    As such, you have to trick Instagram into thinking that all actions from the Instagram Bot are done by a human.  For instance, if your Instagram Bot follows more than 7,000 people, it might indicate a spammy account because the maximum number of following that any individual can have is 7500.

    All over the web, we see so many people talking about how risky and unsafe it is to use Instagram bots and that they only harm your Instagram accounts and engagement.

    Many say that you should not use automation tools for Instagram marketing or managing your Instagram accounts. These are all just wrong beliefs that need to be corrected. So here are the reasons why is it good to use an Instagram bot for managing your Instagram accounts and what made the world think of them as bad tools.

    As we search the internet and read about using Instagram automation tools for getting engagement, likes, and followers on Instagram we will come across so many websites or people talking wrong about Instagram bots and this can be because of two reasons:

    1. They had terrible personal experiences using Instagram bots

    Some of the Instagram users who always talk not so good about Instagram tools, especially Instagram bots, have previously used one of these tools and they have had bad results, and so many of them have got their accounts temporarily or permanently banned!

    These people would surely come up talking bad about Instagram automation since they have trusted services which instead of productivity only brought harm to their Instagram accounts. There are some of them which only care about making money, and their benefits and the customer’s Instagram account safety does not matter to them at all.

    However, we need to keep in mind that not all Instagram bots are the same.

    That’s why we have provided a blog on Why you shouldn’t use every Instagram bot?  

    2.    They have read or heard bad things about Instagram bots

    Internet is a huge world that has brought together so many information, personal experiences and people together. These days knowing about every little to a big thing is made very simple, and if we aim to use a service, we are not alone distinguishing between good and evil. All we have to do is to head to Google immediately searching for reviews and opinions on what we want, which in this case is an Instagram bot.

    As I mentioned above, you should not be surprised to see plenty of bad reviews and thoughts on Instagram automation tools.

    You click on a site, read the user’s opinions, which are mostly not so fair on bots, and you decide that using an Instagram bot is harmful and risky. then we spread the word, and it will be transferred from ear to ear, and gradually the whole existence of Instagram bots would be known as “Bad and illegal!”

    I believe there are lots and lots of Instagram bots that promise to help you in your Instagram account’s growth and they only hurt your accounts and its engagement and take your trust and money away. This is the reason why you should choose a safe and reliable Instagram bot which would boost your account’s growth and engagement in a fast and efficient way.

    Any social media management tool that gives out fake and inactive followers is against Instagram’s term of services but and is considered illegal, but that is not true if that tool is based on Instagram’s algorithms, limitations, and term of services.

    What Is the best Instagram bot?

    You need to be sure our Instagram accounts are on the safe hands of a secure Instagram bot.

    After the Instagress shut down, which was the best Instagram bot until about two years ago, the competition between Instagram automation tools just raised more, and each of them started fighting for getting better and more powerful. Since then so many of them have faded away, and some of them just found their place in the world of social media management tools.

    How Can I Know my Instagram Bot Gives me Real Followers?

    Instagram bots and automatic follower bots are widely used across Instagram’s platform nowadays, primarily to increase the number of followers on someone’s profile. There are multiple ways in which a bot-follower company can use their service to raise a user’s likes on a post, views on a video or a story, and even followers to compete with other accounts.

    Whether or not the ‘followers’ acquired are legitimate or not is extremely hard to determine, and unfortunately all of the companies out there selling them claim that they are 100% real. But as we know this is indeed not the case in every industry. That makes it very hard to spot the real and fake ones. We will go into why they are used, the rules when using them, and whether or not you can trust them.

    Instagram bots and automatic follower bots are widely used across Instagram’s platform nowadays, primarily to increase the number of followers on someone’s profile. There are multiple ways in which a bot-follower company can use their service to raise a user’s likes on a post, views on a video or a story, and even followers to compete with other accounts.

    Whether or not the ‘followers’ acquired are legitimate or not is extremely hard to determine, and unfortunately all of the companies out there selling them claim that they are 100% real. But as we know this is indeed not the case in every industry. That makes it very hard to spot the real and fake ones. We will go into why they are used, the rules when using them, and whether or not you can trust them.

    Why should companies use Instagram bots ?

    For any company that wants or already has an online presence, marketing is going to be the key determinant for success. Since over 77 million people are currently active in using Instagram, how you market yourself to stand out from that crowd is paramount if you want your voice to be heard on the platform.

    When you’re scrolling through your feed and see a profile with 10k followers, you may not know who they are. Regardless, you start to make assumptions about the fact that you should trust them, because how could 10k people be wrong? This is precisely why companies want large accounts to promote products. They already have the trust factor built into them, and customers are much more likely to buy from them since they already have real Instagram followers.

    What a lot of people with public accounts don’t realize is that some, if not the majority, of their followers, consist of Bot accounts. They appear as random users that have been paid to like and comment on your posts. These false accounts are usually owned, and paid for, by companies who get the bots to engage with their customer’s accounts before redirecting the bots back to their profile.

    This will, in turn, increase their follower count, along with an increasing amount of likes & views on their posts. This has been described as an extremely rogue tactic marketing-wise by companies because it is a dishonest method used solely to increase the companies engagement on their social media.

    Let’s be honest right now: the key to ‘success’ on Instagram when it comes to having a large following is engagement. This is truer than ever since Instagram changed their algorithm from posts appearing in chronological order, to now appearing based on how well they perform. So if you really want to gain Instagram followers, it’s vital to increase interaction with your posts.

    One of the most significant benefits to using an Instagram or an automatic follower bot over buying followers is the process that it goes through to increase your numbers. Let’s use an example for this one – imagine there is a fitness-based Instagram user whose content is solely based at middle-aged men wanting to lose body fat and build muscle; that is his target audience.If this user went and bought 2000 followers, there is no guarantee that those 2000 followers will fit into his target market. Instead, he may get 2000 females aged 15 who want to follow makeup accounts – what is the likelihood of them a.) sticking around or, b.) engaging with his content? The odds are long on both of those.

    This is where automatic follower bots come in. Instead of just randomly sourcing accounts to boost your page’s followers, what it will do instead is target the people that it knows are in your target market and that are engaging with you. The bots want REAL people to follow you so it will mimic you the best way it can by repeating almost any virtual task you would do yourself. This includes:

    • Making comments on your demographic’s posts
    • Liking photos of what relates to your account
    • Following accounts that you are trying to target
    • Unfollowing accounts which either don’t follow you back or unfollowing all the accounts to produce a net increase in follower ratio.

    Rules to Follow For Bots

    1. Only use one bot per profile; if Instagram detects that you are using more than one, your account will be swiftly banned, and you will not be able to re-activate it.
    2. Putting up quality content should still be your prerogative if you want to get real Instagram followers – using a bot will assist you in the process of getting people to see your content.
    3. You should first clearly identify who your target audience is, and who your ideal avatar is as well by asking yourself the following questions.
    1. Who do you want to be in your following?
    2. Who is going to like what you post?
    3. Who is your competition?
    4. How big is your demographic? Local? Regional? Global?

    How to get more followers on TikTok (Musically)?

    To get more followers on TikTok (formly Musically) you can use Instazood TikTok bot for automatic follow, like (heart), and comment or even unfollow.

    As one of the most downloaded app in the recent years, TikTok (musically) is all the rage these days! Who doesn’t love an app based on music? This popular social networking service allows users to make short videos and share them on the TikTok platform or other social media.

    With a wide range of filters, music genres, and other fun features, TikTok (musically)gives users great scope for creativity. On TikTok, Real People make Real Videos. Due to its volume of popularity, many influencers and even celebrities are using TikTok for commercial purposes, attracting more hearts and, eventually, more followers. Remember “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X? Many believed TikTok was the reason it became one of the best songs of the year. 

    But you don’t have to be a star to gain more followers on TikTok (musically). With a little bit of creativity and help from the experts, you can be the next famous face on TikTok and post trending videos! How? With the cutting-edge and smart Instazood TikTok automation bot. Read the following to read more about this method.  

    How to Get More Followers on TikTok (musically) ?

    Like any other great social media, the key to success in TikTok is engagement with other users. The more engagement users have, the more followers they will attract. But it takes a considerable amount of time to build such strong relationships in the virtual world.

    That’s why getting help from a fully automatic bot is a must to win the game on TikTok. Luckily, as one of the best social media bot provider, Instazood has practical tools which help TikTok users to be on the list of trending videos.

    Instazood offers promotional strategies that lead to a higher number of fans, likes, and overall engagement in the fastest and securest way. Let’s investigate some of the key features of Instazood TikTok bot and see how they affect an account.

    Tiktok Like Bot

    One of the most basic and common engagement activities on TikTok (musically) is liking other users’ videos. TikTok like bot can do this process most conveniently by automatically put a heart on the other’s videos. This way, the other users will notice your video and might return the favor by donating a heart or start following your account. 

    Tiktok Follow Bot

    With Instazood, users can leave the dull task of following to the automated follow bot and save their precious time for creating the next viral videos. The good thing about this TikTok bot is that it chooses the targeted followers based on the location and interests, which means the chances of following back is much higher.

    Tiktok Unfollow Bot

    It is not wise to follow Musically accounts voraciously. To follow the numerous to-be-fans is not always a good idea if you are approaching the TikTok limitations. So, to avoid any risk of the future ban by TikTok, it is better to create a balance between the number of accounts you follow and unfollow. Instazood unfollow bot will do this on your behalf and makes sure that the account is safe and you have a reasonable fan balance.  

    Tiktok Comment Bot

    It takes a second for Musically users to put a heart on each other’s’ posts, but it takes longer to leave a comment. That’s why comments are almost always fewer, but more valuable than likes. By leaving a comment on other TikTok users’ videos, you can increase the chance of attracting new fans and also win their loyalty. Instazood comment bot can send various versions of the selected comments to the TikTok users in a heartbeat.

    How to Use Instazood TikTok Bot?

    It is easy to work with Instazood Musically bot. All you have to do is signing up into Instazood by entering your name, email, and preferred password. In the Instazood user-friendly dashboard, you can add your social media accounts. Select TikTok to start promoting your account.

    After adding the account, you can add a new promotion. In this part, you should enter popular and successful TikTok users who have similar interests or business niche as you have. By adding their username, Instazood will target their followers and engage with them by auto like, comment, or follow. As there is a similarity between your account and the selected popular TikTok users, the chances of attracting these potential fans are much higher than random user following.

    Add targets

    Moreover, increase the likelihood of getting new followers by adding related and most-used hashtags in your niche. The best part of this process is that all the new fans whom the bot persuades to follow the TikTok account are organic and are real people.

    On your dashboard, you can see the settings which allow the users of Instazood to control the Tiktok bot activities in a tailor-made way. For example, on the action tab, the users can set the follow and like speed – based on their account – on slow, medium, or fast. It is also possible to determine the maximum number of daily likes, which can prevent the bot from liking more than TicTok like limitation. Moreover, on the filters tab, users can use unique filters to aim at better targets.

    Another great thing about Instazood TikTok bot is the ability to add multiple accounts.  On the dashboard, users can easily manage and handle their TikTok accounts by only throwing a glance at the live reports of the received and donated likes, comments, and also follow and unfollow.  

    Using Instazood TikTok bot will cost you only a penny. Not to mention that you can use the free three-day trial to get a proper grasp of all the tools and services. If you like to continue using Musically bot – which we sure you will –choose your desired days of bot activity and let Instazood do all the necessary things for you.

    Final Words on Instazood TikTok Bot

    Let’s face the truth: promoting an account on a popular social media such as TikTok with millions of users is impossible with empty hands. So, to achieve the best result in a short time, automation bots are the best help that you can get.

    New Instagram Algorithm Changes

    The Instagram algorithm is changing because the company is looking for a healthy community and distribution of positive content among users. Instagram wants the community to reach the relevant content that they are engaging in it more.

    Why does the Instagram algorithm change?

    The Instagram algorithm is also going to the way that users stay longer on the application because they would face more content and ads. Having a healthy and active community would help to achieve this goal.

    Every single option and feature on the app matters, and you should care about them if you want to grow the Instagram account.

    Main Instagram algorithm update

    Julian K. Gutman, Product Lead of Instagram, mentioned that there are three main factors that are the basics of the Instagram algorithm and its feed-in his conference.

    1. Connections: Instagram prioritizes the posts whenever you check the Instagram feed, meaning that the first posts that Instagram shows you in the feed, are the ones that you had more interactions with them. For example, if a person comments on the posts, likes them, tag you, turn the posts notification on, or DM would reach your content more frequently.
    2. Interest: Instagram will recognize the interests of the following lists, profile visits, posts likes (from image recognition technology), comments, and all other actions. So, using hashtags, descriptions, or any words, or category of business in bio, posts would be shown more to the users who are looking for these.
    3. Timeline: Instagram feed would show the most recent posts first, and whenever you check the Instagram feed, you’d see the latest posts. So, posting when users are online is the key.
    Figure 1: Julian K. Gutman, Product Lead of Instagram



    15 tips to beat new Instagram algorithm changes 

    Now let’s know about the latest Instagram algorithm that works generally based on the newest update (connections, interests, timeline), and how you should beat it to rank higher on Instagram feed.

    1# Consistency is a must for Instagram algorithm

    All the story is about reaching more users and getting more impressions. So, you have to post when others are online. Post more and consistently to reach more online users.

    Find the best time to post on Instagram to increase the engagement rate and reach what you want as soon as possible.

    Also, if you have a business account, you can easily use the Instagram insight to know more about your followers such as their age, gender, time and day of their activity, etc. by going to

    Profile> three-line icon> insight> audience> days and hours

    2# Like, Follow, & comment

    Newest Instagram algorithm shows the posts from those who are closer to. So, who would reach the posts? Of course, those who have engaged with you more. You can also make these connections by Like, follow, comment, view stories, and Instagram DMs.

    If you make connections through Instagram DMs, they would see your posts more.

    It is Ok to follow others, but because of some Instagram limitations, it is better to keep it reasonable so that Instagram won’t ban you. For instance, if you are going to follow some accounts, it is good to stay around a few numbers in an hour or no more than 200 in a day.

    Care about the limits: The latest Instagram algorithm has limited the number of likes and comments ; it has considered some Instagram rules, limits and restrictions, if you have faced with action blocked content, don’t worry, it will be fixed, it just takes a few hours or a few days to get fixed.

    3# Use Instagram DMs more

    There are different types of Instagram direct message to use, in order to get more engagement, even you can Automate Instagram DMs to keep in touch with followers. In this case, if they reply to you, they most probably see your posts more.

    For instance, “welcome letters” to the new followers, introduces the account, any company’s offers, etc.

    All of these would enhance the chance of profile visits, sharing the content, commenting, liking posts, etc. It would increase the engagement which is suitable for an account in one way, in another way, you are going to build relationships with new friends or new customers.

    Even if you have a small number of followers, there are always users who want to send you their feedback, or any related posts to you. So, it is a good idea to send these some good feedback or experience documentaries to others to attract more users and make the account real.

    4# Increase the average spending time

    The other way to stay ahead of the Instagram algorithm is showing your online presence. In this case, you can spend a bit more on Instagram feed, doing different actions, and connecting to other accounts. You can see the daily time on the Instagram app, from the activity, menu. There should be logical relationships between your activity time on Instagram feed, and all other actions you are taking there.

    5# Use nametag

    You should get every single opportunity to bring more users into an account. Instagram has provided name tag so that everyone can scan it, and without typing username, they can follow you on Instagram. Wherever you have the opportunity, like poster, conference, events, and all use name tag there.

    6# Sharing client or users spotlight

    Even if you have a small number of followers, there are always users who want to send you their feedback or any related posts. So, it is a good idea to share some positive feedback or experience with others to attract more users and make the account real.

    Once your account looks real (based on like, comment, engagements, impressions, etc.), it sends a signal to the Instagram algorithm that you are sharing the right content, and in this case, the probability of showing the material to others is higher.

    7# Ask followers to turn on posts notifications

    The frequency of showing posts on feed depends on followers’ interactions with accounts. So ask followers to turn on post notification directly from your profile, or comment, and like your posts more. This way, they would see more of you in the Instagram feed.

    8# Followers love Contest & challenge

    While you are having a certain amount of followers, run a challenge that is related to your goals. Ask followers to tag their friends in the posts, and run a contest. It is well worth it.

    9# Connect with influencers

    Ask influencers if they are willing to speak about you or the brand.

    Don’t simply tag username on their stories, instead take time to mix their talent to tell your own stories. For instance, while they are working out, they can present fitness nutrition, or while they are cooking, they can introduce products.

    If you are going to boost the account, ask them to give an overview of the account. Tag username, and this will bring more followers to you.

    10# Repost

    One way to keep the presence on Instagram feed is reporting other’s content but with their consent (usually mentioned on their profile). Write the username in the caption, or tag the account.

    11# Connect to other accounts

    Facebook owns WhatsApp and Instagram. So, it makes sense if you connect to other apps. A few months ago, Facebook’s co-founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that they are going to merge Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram messaging, and the reason is not to leave other apps to buy from Facebook, which is linked to eBay.

    Now, there are lots of places that add the Instagram profile too such as Blogs, website homepage, social apps, and all other areas that users are there. They will come and follow you on Instagram once they see the profile.

    12# Scheduled posts

    The new Instagram algorithm is about the consistency of online activities. It means if you want individuals to see posts, you need to be regular. It doesn’t matter you post 1 or 3 times a day, but you need to be consistent and do it every day.

    In this regard, it is good to use some scheduling post tools; Instazood would offer you a very affordable one, it plans posts for a week or month.

    13# Increase traffic & bounce rate

    What Instagram likes to see from you is the increase in your account’s profile visit and contents. Therefore, by giving the opportunity for to users to tap on the website link, you have driven more traffic into both Instagram account and website.

    14# Follow the updates of the Instagram algorithm



    subscribe to our newsletters or check our blogs to get the latest news about Instagram rules and new features or algorithms. Being up-to-date would help to stay on top of all Instagram accounts. Also, check Instagram press too to see the latest Instagram news.

    15# Determine the relationship with the Instagram followers

    As the researches show, Instagram pays attention to users’ relationship meaning that the more you interact with a user, the more Instagram makes sure that the user is one of your family members or friends. So, all actions you take on Instagram such as commenting, responding to a comment, sending direct message, etc. matters to Instagram.

    16# Find out when your audience is more active

    One of the easiest and fastest way to know that when your audience is more active, is using the Instagram’s insight. Switch your account to business mode to see the Instagram’s insight.

    Knowing the general best time to post often works, but as users have different followers and different activities on Instagram, clearly, the exact best time to post on Instagram may vary from a user to another. So, it is better to check your account’s insight specifically.

    17# Use the “Mute” option to skip the unwanted posts

    Actually there are some posts that you are not interested in seeing them and you don’t want to unfollow them as well, so the best option that comes to users’ mind is muting the posts.

    18# The amount of time you spend on the app matters to Instagram

    Users who just spend a few minutes on Instagram see the top posts and highlights, but users who check the feed several times a day, would dig deeper on Instagram feed and see the less popular posts too.

    Other Tips to get more Instagram followers based on new algorithm

    In this section, we have covered all the necessary information about the Instagram algorithm related to the profile and account. All of the info sends signals to the Instagram algorithm that an account is real, and it can show the contents to others .

    # Tip 1: Have a clear vision

    It is true that the Instagram algorithm is not looking to see specific interests, but not having a clear image of the Instagram account would lead to wasting time and investment on social media. Always connect to a big goal; the reason why you want to boost the Instagram account and why Instagram’s limitation is essential to you. It might be because you are:

    • Earning money as an influencer
    • Working on business branding
    • Driving more traffic & sales

    Whatever you are aiming to gain, having a vision helps to know where you would be in future. Get an idea from imagination, set a goal, and write it in the Instagram bio. For instance, write a sentence in bio like:“I want healthier community.” While vision is to increase fitness nutrition sales by 50% by December 2019. This sentence helps others to act more on an account, which is important for Instagram.

    # Tip 2: Write a catchy bio

    You are running an account to give society something. So, write what would give others in a positive term in bio. Users first look at the profile picture, then they see name and read the bio. Don’t simply pass it, put some time to find a relevant sentence to account or business. For instance, better cleaning, healthier, quickly move, happier are some of the instances of page’s benefits for others.

    # Tip 3: Name & username accordance

    Our research team has analyzed more than 1000 Instagram accounts for their username and bio. We found that all accounts with a considerable fan have the same username and name. If you have a unique name, then you are lucky! You might also apply for Instagram name verification, which is provided on the app.

    #Tip 4: Don’t change the username.

    Don’t change the username. Instagram has added some new options to prevent spam accounts. See the joining date, the shared accounts, and username history in “about this account” section. Surely, accounts with unchangeable usernames are more trustable. Though this option is for accounts with a lot of followers, if you still have less than 10k followers, you should also consider it because you will have a lot of audiences one day too. Instagram adds the username changing to profile, and users consider changing usernames as spam.

    # Tip 5: Stories highlights

    Have you ever noticed some of the professional profiles on Instagram? Almost all of them have a story that highlighted some content on their profile. Instagram also provides an opportunity to select a cover for each highlight. An excellent place to be attractive to others.

    Instagram has added some new features. It is good to be up to date and use all the elements in the stories. Though, some of the features, such as inserting a link, need to have a certain number of followers. Tap on the profile pictures in feed, on the Instagram app, and explore all different photos and videos filters as well as options such as quiz, question, location tag, etc.

    # Tip 6: Website link

    When users visit the profile, many of them click on the website link provided on profile. This can be a website, YouTube links for every post (update the website link), or any other app links such as WhatsApp or telegram. In this way, drive more traffic to websites, and also users can contact in a more comfortable way.

    # Tip 7: look for novelty & share quality content

    Take some time to read competitors’ posts, and look carefully into their profiles. There are still some gaps that others couldn’t fill it, but you might do it. This reaction is our brain function to catch the difference and originality. Same as Google, Instagram also looks useful for content.

    # Tip 8: Number of posts

    There are always outliners who can break the trends but don’t look for them. Some may get millions of followers with just one post, but the probability of this trend is very low. The majority of Instagram accounts with a lot of followers have more than 1000 posts, and some with around 20k don’t post much.

    Since consistency is vital for the Instagram algorithm it is better to share 1-3 times per day and keep this going.

    # Tip 9: Having a subject in posts is good

    We found that users react and engage more in the posts with a human face. It is always good to have a specific look at audiences and see the insight of Instagram. Carefully consider what types of colors, content, posts, and size would catch users’ attention.  

    Specific colors can trigger them more too. For instance, while advertising for a company to sell some fitness nutrition, they realized that a woman with a complete body showing in the picture (before and after using the diet) with while clothes, had the most call-back among all other types of photos. Users like reality, so use any posts that give them a sense of reality.

    # Tip 10: Getting featured on Instagram

    Once you have at least 10 k followers, there is a chance to get featured on Instagram explore (categorized exploring). The Instagram algorithm is complicated, and even if you have less than 10k followers, posts might get featured, and the name, username, the number of likes, video views, bio, website link all are important. You should use relevant hashtags, content, and high-quality pictures to enhance the likelihood of getting featured.

    # Tip 11: Engaging Captions

    Before sharing posts, take the time to write content. To summarize, consider these items to write captions:

    • Fun
    • Having a sense of humor
    • Clever & thoughtful
    • Song Lyrics, or useful quotes
    • Business-mind captions

    If you search the web, surely there are many ideas about each type of caption. The feelings the content gives to others, using engaging sentences, popular hashtags, relative captions, and pictures or videos. Tagged users in captions.

    What to write? I suggest you don’t use cliché such as “good day.” Write posts with some related ideas. For instance, explain the reason why you have taken photos or feelings while recording the videos. Others would read descriptions. A friend of mine was selling toys.

    First, she uses to write some content like this “to order these toys DM me,” and she had less than 1000 engagements. Once she changed the caption to “this is the most stress-relief toys you have ever seen,” she says a 30% increase in the posts engagements. Using questions is also useful in the captions.

    It is all about sense. Once you share something, based on the feelings you have given to others, they decide to follow, like, comment, or unfollow you! So, better read captions at least three times to make sure it’s attractive enough and free of errors.

    # Tip 12: Relevant Hashtags

    I installed some apps to find the related hashtags, but I haven’t found any satisfying app. I type in the search bar, and I use hashtags that have more posts. Many users would reach the posts from hashtags, and they might be interested in the content while visiting profile and start following you.

    It is also useful to read competitors’ hashtags; get some ideas. Don’t forget to use hashtags too, for instance, brand or specific word of mouth; this makes the content unique. You can use up to 30 hashtags, but 4-5 is enough!

    # Tip 13. Pay attention to the photo quality

    Attractive and eye catching photos are always shared on Instagram from a user to another, try to stop people on your post for a few seconds to engage with the photo you have shared.

    #Tip 14. Reply to direct messages

    Replying to Instagram direct messages shows that you respect to the audience and care about them, so it would make them happy and they might interact with you and engage with your posts and Stories more than they used to.


    To stay top and rank higher on Instagram, you should be aware of the newest Instagram algorithm. Now, the changes are about making connections (which we suggest through DM), showing the right interest, and keeping consistency on Instagram (through schedule posts, and posting more frequently). Write your results or issues in the comment, so our experts would reply as soon as possible.