Best Instagram Giveaway Picker Websites and Applications

A lot of people and organizations are using Instagram as a powerful tool to expand their reach. More followers usually equal more financial benefits so people use different methods to attract their target audience to their page. These methods include designing a content calendar, using relevant hashtags, optimizing their bio, running a contest, and so on.

What is an Instagram Contest?

Holding an Instagram contest is one of the influential ways of growing the number of your followers. Some ask their followers to like a certain number of posts, comment or tag some people under their posts. Some also ask them to add the post to their stories as well. It generally depends on you and your goals. 

The best free Instagram giveaway picker websites and apps

After you run a contest, you will be left with a huge number of people who have contributed. Now your job is to choose and announce the winners. Fortunately, there are some websites and applications that have made this easy for you.


This is an all-in-one tool with which you can manage all your advertisements across all digital platforms. In Wask you cannot pay for each ad separately. You have to pay for a subscription. You can also omit unnecessary expenses by limiting your advertisement budget and stopping unproductive ads. If you decide to unsubscribe from Wask, all your data will be deleted permanently.

  1. AiSchedul

This can work as your Instagram assistant. It has a lot of useful features that help you manage your account. These features include; post scheduling, holding contests, searching hashtags, and tagging. You can also schedule posts for deletion and repost stories with this tool. You may create a free account but to access more professional options like mention monitoring and grid preview for feed schedule.

  1. Instagram Random Comment Picker

You can use filters to omit duplicate contributors, there are also keyword and custom filters. You can use this tool for free for up to 150 comments and Instagram login is not required. You can also pay the price of a coffee for one week of a premium subscription. With this account, you can apply a custom and mentions filter and of course, you won’t see any ads.


This website works for YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. An advantage of this website is that you can screen record the process and it shows well across all screen types and sizes. Plus Simpliers doesn’t ask you for your password and other account data. You can choose among different pricing packages based on your needs. 


This is a totally free website that only asks for the URL of your post. To copy the link of your desired post, open the Instagram application, click on three dots at the right corner of it. Finally, paste the link into

Some points to have in mind

To have a more successful contest, keep these points in mind:

  • Try to pick out prizes that interest your audience.  
  • You can ask your audience to do many different things. Here are a couple of ideas: like your post, add your post to their stories, tag a certain number of people under it, leave a meaningful comment under your post, tag you in their post, and so on.
  • Use relevant hashtags so that you increase your chances of being followed by new people. 
  • Specify the starting and ending date of the contest.
  • Try to select the winners “live”. That way other people see how honest and fair you are and will participate in the following contests as well.
  • Let your followers know, how and with what tool the winners will be determined.

What Are the Best Social Media Content Creators in 2021?

Acting on social media today needs to be apparent in the business.

Social networks are necessary for professions and are an indispensable part of all great marketing policies.

While many managers believe they can arrange everything themselves, maintaining social networks is an item that should be done by a professional. You need to get help from a content creator to make it for you.

What are the best social media content creators?

If you are grappling with producing your content, it means you understand the value of social media and content creation. Now you need to find the best social media content creator. They are a lot of them, but now I want to introduce the three best social media content creators.

Here are three social media content creators that you need to become popular in social media. 

  1. Instazood:

Instazood is the first social media content creator that helps you to create perfect content from different social media like Twitter and Facebook, and Instagram. Instazood started with idea that there is a more comfortable alternative to increase your social media popularity.

How powerful is Instazood?

The primary purpose of Instazood Company has always been to create relevant content for different social media and help you reach your goals very simply.

Many Instazood users state that after using Instazood, they could find new followers and make connections with them. They think that it was impossible to become popular if they do not use Instazood services. That is what we called the power of Instazood. Imagine you design a small robot with your interests and style. Then you ask it to work for you on your social media union.

People choose how to run Instazood based on their style. For example, some characters sign on Instazood, while they do not do much work and see how their social media page becoming popular. They use different services of Instazood like content creation.

Others want to work with Instazood approximately 24/7, just like a devoted team of interns. That is the beautiful part of Instazood. You can control it all.

social media content creator

  1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is another social media content creator built to grow your businesses. If you put our marketing and selling agents back your plan, dream, and /brand you can make the best content for your social media group. So this company helps you to share the best content that you can with the world.

If you want to reach the best people, you have to use the right tools to make the best content. Mailchimp helps you with what you need to join with your fans and find new people. They could make different content for you, like organized posts and targeted ads. It shows you how to run your social channels simply.

Mailchimp aspects are like this:

  • You can create social posts with some clicks. To make a simple post, you can save your plan assets in the Mailchimp content workshop.
  • You can decide which time works for you and record your posts leading of time or distribute them directly.
  • It helps you to gain perspicacity and run your business smarter. If you use Mailchimp, you can manage the data from your posts and other marketing to get even bigger campaigns.
  • You can manage organic social posting with Mailchimp. It is possible to schedule or immediately distribute posts over Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You have to build your business where more than 2 billion people contract with others like you: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Mailchimp plans, control, create and relevant content.
  1. odoo

The other website that acts as a social media content creation is Odoo. The best business software is one that includes complex needs without taking difficulty. Odoo is an automatic, full-featured, tightly unified, effortless upgrade software. You can use all these features while working smoothly for your business.

Another mission of Odoo is to give a variety of easy-to-use market applications that make a full suite of accessories to complete any business requirement. Many people around the world need to run and expand their businesses. This website helps them to create relevant content for their social media channels.

There are thirty main applications that Odoo automatically updates. Also, its community of higher than 1500 working members has provided extra to 16000+ apps to meet a wide variety of business demands.

There is another option called “On-premise” that Odoo offers to its clients. This option makes the app the most installed business software in the world. More than 5.000.000 users around the world use this website as a content creator. They are worldwide companies from startups to large companies (300,000+ users).


All of us know that as social networks grow, the competition among social marketing channels grows, too. Each company wants to be more visible, so all of these important companies try to be present on digital programs, including social groups.

As you understand, before catching the results, you have to do a lot of work and investment about social networks, but be sure that it worth it.

To be successful, you need interaction, honesty, and entertaining content. These are significant factors for users. The main factor in targeting, producing ads, and overall presentation on social networks is identifying and following the target group. If you do so, users will reward you, they will interact, purchase products, and be loyal to you.

What Are the Best Instagram Content Creators?

It is hard for most people to keep their state as an influencer on Instagram. You have to make quality posts with enticing eye-catching descriptions to keep your followers engaging. You have to determine what specific post should describe, use or source related photos or videos, and then post relevant text with them.

You have to think about the best hashtags to entice more users to your pots. You will continuously be on the scene for new fans, so you need to measure what they like or avoid. You get a close observation at post analytics to see what will accomplish and what will fail. While you cannot handle all these jobs lonely, you need quality tools to help you make the best Instagram content.

There are many tools paid and free ones to help you in this way. You can use them and manage your Instagram account easily.

Here, I will introduce the three best websites that can help you promote your work and perform your Instagramming course more flexibly.

Three Best Instagram Content Creators

  1. Instazood:

The first website that I want to introduce as an Instagram content creator is Instazood. With this website, you can gain more followers while using an Instagram bot.

You will find many Instagram bots and tools on this website. If you use these tools, you will notice that the number of followers and likes will promote on social networking sites, for sure.

Most of the Instagram bots guarantee to give returns overnight. But Instazood does not act in this manner. As you know, creating a solid and reliable profile using visuals needs much time. Many people like you do not have adequate time to handle their social media profiles.

Instazood Instagram bot is an efficient engine that can provide you the most reliable results. Instazood official team guarantee that your followers and likes grow through this service are honest and not only framed by bots. You will get followers and likes through real people who are genuinely engaged in your posts.

This website is one of the best Instagram growth services for IOS. You might be among people who are always out of time. Or you might want some service to make your Instagram activities instead of you. There is a group of support experts on Instazood.

They help you completely automate your Instagram projects from A to Z. If you register with Instazood full motorization service, you should not run with the Instagram bot or some other apps. Just complete the form in the dashboard, and Instazood will do it for you.

  1. Onlypult:

If you are one of the strong Instagram users, you might need a tool to create and schedule your posts. Onlypult is a website that enables you to automatically organize your Instagram photos and videos, waiting for publication at your specified time.

You can live much more prolific if you program a list of Instagram (or any other social media) posts once, maybe at a fixed time per week. It enables you to publish your social media posts while you are not online at the fitted posting times. You have to set the time and forget.

If you use the Onlypult website, you can list your posts, and there is no force to approve your posts at delivery time (which can be a difficulty with other opposition apps).

It is possible to upload photos and videos to Instagram by Onlypult right from your PC, program them for another time or publish them in real-time.

Another good point about Onlypult is that it saves your hashtags in the My Tags part. So you can reuse them easily in other posts. Also, there are many hashtags classified as available for you to work.

Onlypult suggests a variety of programs, commencing with the Start plan at $10.50 each month. You can use it to upload a peak of three Instagram accounts.

There is a more affordable option to Onlypult named Grum. Sadly, Grum does not seem to be currently using on different sponsors.


As you can see on the home page, you only take one chance to link on Instagram, but you can make it appear more. With the sole difference of some Instagram Stories, the single point you can set a link on Instagram is in your bio. As you understand, it restricts your retailing abilities.

Consequently, it performs affordable to use your bio link as effectively as probable. Imagine you choose to use, it means you can use your bio link to transfer your followers to a single screen that suggests many potential link opportunities.

This website enables you to customize your link screen however you need it. All you have to do is to paste in new URLs like what you want them, and after that, you can move and leave them into the position you want.

The open version supports you gain extensive links on your link tree. You can notice the whole number of times people click on every link.

But if you pay $6 per month, you can use the Pro version. This version enables you to customize your link keys, updates your analytics, and present many extra customizations. Also, you can dispart your guests on Facebook and Instagram by attaching your Facebook Pixel ID.


While Instagram is among the most popular social media programs, marketers and businesses want to expand their audience online. It is a difficult aim to catch, and you need to use different Instagram content creator websites.

They do not help you create relevant posts. They also help your brand to seem hip and cool. Above here, I talked about three websites that can help you in this field.

IGTV vs. YouTube: Which One is Better for Video Content Creators?

Instagram launched IGTV last year, along with their announcement of reaching 1 billion users! The first thought I had was: “What is YouTube’s reaction?” it is clear that this feature is in direct competition with YouTube. Let’s dive deeper into this.

High-level goals

Facebook’s primary goal is “connecting the world.” They are growing effort towards videos. When compared, advertisements on video cost more, meaning there is more profit in video content. The video is more and more perceived as a platform for connection. In parallel, Instagram connects people together via rich media, with the first investment into video in 2013. It’s a communication channel that lets you share life events with your friends through posted content, short stories and direct messaging surrounding this content.

So, what is IGTV’s goal? Related to company goals, it must connect. It connects people towards their interests through longer form videos.

Target audience + pain points

  • In Instagram, 15sec videos and brief, one-off stories are the extent to which videos are shared. But Instagrammers have more to showcase beyond these brief reels. Mainly, IGTV capitalizes on the growth of these “online celebrities” – newfound internet sensations making their fame on media platforms alone. Instagram mainly targeted Vine star Lele Pons, for instance, to create content exclusively for the platform.
  • On the other side, IGTV captures a younger audience – millennials invested in going into rabbit holes on their smartphones and those already following these growing internet sensations. Instagram celebrities targeting young audiences + millennials looking for a cool content match made in social media heaven.


  • Mobile-first

Mobile’s reach-only proceeds to grow. In Mary Meeker’s online trends, 3.4 out of 5.9 hours per day are spent on mobile and is most responsible for the overall growth in internet consumption. IGTV smartly leverages this extension by being mobile-first via its vertical-only video content. In a way, it also provides a more personalized viewing experience. It encourages videos that capture the face of the user using the front camera. It’s as if you are interacting with the user right on your screen.

  • Foundational Base

Now that Instagram has 1 billion monthly users, that is 1 billion users who can immediately use IGTV! This feature comes both as a button on Instagram and as a separate app. Users on both sides are already there. Content creators already have a following. Their audience already has content to start watching. This creates an excellent base to route current users to IGTV’s platform.

  • Encourages New content creators

We live in a remarkable era of the internet where we observe the rise of “web celebrities” who used other platforms such as Instagram to market themselves. A content creator said:

A new platform that does both video hosting and the marketing will make a persuasive case to switch. Actually, it makes sense for those influencers/celebrities to take advantage of IGTV because it saves them valuable time. On IGTV anyone can share content and let the content speak for itself. We don’t need to worry about fancy visual effects or polished editing. This moves away from the perky, preppy and curated Instagram feed and more towards an accurate and personalized form of creation.

  • Infinite Engagement

I just understood the idea behind naming it “TV” later in the game: “It is literally a TV!” while places like YouTube, Netflix, and Vimeo let you explore a feed before watching videos, Instagram throws it back old school and provides an infinite experience of a TV. There is always playing from the minute you open the platform to the last minute when you close it. You even like and comment or interact with other users while watching.

Where YouTube is a platform for people to find something they already have in mind. IGTV lets you get sucked into rabbit holes of infinite engagement. It can be really addicting, and that is a big opportunity for creators who need this kind of engagement for their content.

What is missing?

  • Money!

Mr. Systrom from Instagram notes that the main focus is on experience first before monetization. That makes sense because, in its early stages, activation and engagement are the top priorities. Although, monetization is clearly the next priority to fully grow this feature. This is not clear how IGTV plans to do that. Sponsored ads are viable and more conducive for brands to add long-lasting video ads. However, there must be a right balance, so it doesn’t much disturb the user’s watching experiences.

  • No content creation for content creators?

Right now, there is no way to create content on IGTV itself. One of the reasons may be due to the preservation of content quality, but this decreases the number of videos users might add on their YouTube channel. YouTube, recently declared they were launching features prioritizing content creators, which could be a compelling case to stick with YouTube.

  • Downsides of Vertical

Vertical videos prioritize mobile and these creators, still, those with already large followings on YouTube & those who upload or publish content in other formats will need to shoot and edit each video twice. If IGTV is trying to steal away people from YouTube, it will take a while before they consider vertical the way to go.

While the design provides a mobile experience, it is somewhat challenging to discover videos in this horizontal scrolling formats. In the interim, a complicated algorithm can solve this until a better discovery experience can be added.

  • Channels

At last, a brief note on channels: what is the point of channel if you can only add one!? If the channel = creator, then what is the difference?

Wrapping it up

Currently, monetization effort is the top priority. Total spending on video ads is expected to increase from $18 billion to $27 billion in 2021, and IGTV can boost this growth. So, if I were a content creator, I would experiment with both platforms. Whichever platform allows me to earn money faster and easier, will get my attention and that is where I will stick.


What is content marketing? Everything about content marketing

Traditional marketing is becoming less efficient these days, as an up to date marketer, you may think there has to be a better way. Yes, there is content marketing. Content marketing is not only used to draw interested people towards your business, but it is also a great way to transmit your brand’s identity and purposes while letting you find a spot in these people’s daily routines through the use of platforms.

Definition of content marketing

According to the San-Diego college:

“Content Marketing refers to the process of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and build customer loyalty among a clearly defined audience with the goal of generating profitable actions among consumers.”

Content is the king!

The catchword “content is king” has produced a lot of buzz between online marketers.

While there are great discussions to be had over the accuracy of that phrase, the point is that content is a little different than other fields of marketing like social media and SEO, in that many of them are actually only around because of content.

Without content, SEOs would have nothing to arrange for search engines. The data they add to posts helps robots like Google and Facebook wrap their heads around the complexities of the content they are organizing. Every link from marketers leads to a piece of content, and the keywords that people use for searching are an attempt to find content.

Difference between content marketing and traditional marketing

Some traditional marketing examples show that the difference between content marketing and traditional marketing is not always clear-cut.

David Ogilvy claimed that the best classic advertisements took the form of articles. By adding more value to the audience, these articles were more efficient at drawing attention and selling products, which is the most essential marketing metric.

The most obvious difference between traditional marketing and content marketing is the means of distribution.

Traditional marketing uses mediums to send their message out:

  • radio and TV commercials
  • Newspaper and journal ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Direct mail ads, brochures, fliers
  • Billboards and signs

Content marketing uses completely different channels. Social media is the most common way to publish content, with 92 percent of marketers using this method. Other popular distribution methods are:

  • Email newsletters
  • Website articles
  • Blog posts (your own blog or guest posts)
  • Videos and podcasts
  • ebooks and Whitepapers

Some brands have hesitated to allot resources to content marketing because it can be hard to understand the advantages of content marketing. So, Getting people to think more highly of your brand surely sounds excellent, but the results are a little nebulous. In this case, you should start thinking about just how many advantages content marketing can bring. Let’s start with the ones which are more intangible :

  • Building brand awareness
  • directing traffic to your website
  • Increasing the number of people on your email list
  • Developing a following on social media platforms
  • Rising sales
  • Improving customer retentions
  • more customer referrals
  • Creating professional networks

And it goes on.

Content marketing is a powerful device because it can raise the profile of your brand. By consistently creating valuable, relevant content for your target audience, you would become known as a specialist in your niche.

Content marketing types

1- Blogging

Blog posts are the central part of content marketing strategies. Because they usually don’t take too long to write, they can be easily found by Google, your audience will be glad to read and share them, and it’s the quickest way to propose value with an almost low cost.

2- Longform Content

Long-form content is free and accessible online, so it is a great way to increase your subscribers. All you have to do is to state “Subscribe so we will let you know when the next part of this article comes out!”

Ultimate Guides are one of the high-grade types of long-form content that you can produce. Many companies, like AdEspresso, separate them from other blogs.

3- Case Studies

Case studies are in-depth analyses including a particular scenario or example, which should provide both information and actionable knowledge. They are excellent for many reasons:

  • they let you establish thought leadership
  • they are unique
  • they are easy to share

4- White Papers

White papers are information-dense content that can provide solutions and data for a particular case. The focus is on the details, so They can help you when you want to create thought leadership and respect within the business and can make great lead attractions.

5- Ebooks

Ebooks may seem a little easy the first time you write them, but they are great lead magnets and can stay this way forever. However they take more time and money to perform, you can outsource them to a freelance writer who knows how to write them.


A video isn’t usually associated with “content marketing,” but it must be. It is practical, engaging, and users are more likely to watch a video than reading a text.

So you need to add it to your content marketing plan. This is especially true for both tutorials and product introducing videos; your audience would prefer to watch a video about your product than read about it.


Basically, content marketing can be successfully performed by executing the following tasks:

  • Develop a strategy with your marketing team for how content marketing fits into your overall marketing plans
  • Get to know your target audience
  • Decide which types of content serves your brand the best and generate high-quality content on a regular basis
  • Promote your content on social media
  • Find ways to include your buyers in your content marketing by using user-generated content
  • Measure, experiment, improve, repeat