Can Instagram be helpful in study?

Instagram is a very popular visual social media site where people share all kinds of photos and videos as a way of sharing their life and story. However, not many have tried to use Instagram as an educational and research tool. And there are tons of Instagram profiles that focus on creating different content while still maintaining the form of an educational account. This can be proven thanks to the accounts known as Studygrams that can be found all around Instagram.

Such profiles are often open and share pictures of studying notes, neat weekly schedules, bio notes, homework, etc. So, teenagers and young adults are basically getting educated while having fun. Nowadays, as we all know, modern students experience a ‘modern way’ of education. And profiles of this kind are another evidence to it. Students can do almost anything online: build up skills, learn new things, get APA papers for sale or get help with any assignments they have. It’s so cool to think about it. If one cannot reach his\her teacher, or there is no needed info on the educational sources, such profiles will come handy.

Recently research was made to understand how social media might be used to enhance the experience of high schoolers and college students in their ongoing studies.  The three-month pilot study with ethical approval included a geo-targeted Instagram campaign, participatory design sessions, and in-person events at schools. Pre and post-pilot surveys were conducted with the participants, social media metrics were analyzed, and process measures were collected. After those three months, the studying Instagram account had 806 engagements and 209 followers.

The survey responses from the participants were slightly changed. And 43% of the participants stated that the profile’s content influenced their decisions and made them continue doing their studying visits. The systematic review at the end of it stated that the change may be small, but the important thing is that they proved that Instagram is a promising tool that supports engagement for education.

This engaging and innovative tool is shown to be particularly beneficial for scholars. They can use it to interact with fellow classmates, share and research information and even ask for feedback from their teachers. But besides that, Insta offers a huge range of uses that are considered educational benefits, so let’s talk about those benefits a bit more.

Improve Language Skills

Instagram can have a positive impact on a person’s brain if they want to improve their linguistic skills. Using this app, they have the opportunity to view different tops and exchange opinions. And they can do that by expressing their thoughts into the right sentences. Also, they can participate in group activities where each individual asks the others to comment on a video or photo, and in that way, they improve their sentence structure skill and word usage.

Learn Photography through iPhoneography

This app is very focused on iPhoneography. Which is content created by capturing pictures with an iPhone. This allows the individuals to learn the nuance of Photography and learn how to take precise shots. Which can be helpful if they ever need to create a portfolio of pictures for any projects in the future.

Develop Emotional Aptitude

Instagram can help people form emotional intelligence and better understand their inner feelings such as motivation, desire, and fear. For example, teachers can create an activity where they show a picture or any kind of content and ask a student to comment and react. By doing this with different snaps that show different moods, the scholars can develop a great sense of emotions.

Build Interpersonal skills

Another thing that Instagram promotes around scholars is interpersonal skills. Which can be the key to a healthy personal and professional lifestyle. And thanks to this tool, scholars get the chance to practice those skills by having classroom activities that ascertain the moods and feelings of classmates.

More Information engagement

Sharing knowledge and information can be very important for scholars. And this platform can be the perfect tool to help you share multimedia with fellow classmates. Of course, those media platforms are the first thing you think of when you want to share the research that you did on google scholar, but Instagram, in particular, can be a lifesaver, especially for individuals that are getting educated in the art and design sphere. They can also engage in two-way communication, where they can discuss any specific subject.

Fun Learning Experience

Since social networks have become an essential part of our daily lives, we can surely say that Instagram is the most popular. And utilizing the benefits from it has never provided better results. Almost everyone enjoys those benefits. For example, some people write an article and find a website with an Instagram account, share it with them, and their article is distributed on that website. Also, more than a million users even make a living from the paid promotions for their work. But since we are talking about scholars, we can say that it definitely turns the learning experience into fun. For example, Insta will get them more interested and excited when they are assigned a picture essay. And it is worth mentioning that visual media, in many cases, can be a better explanation tool compared to the traditional methods.

Learn More in Less time

Young people can use Insta to enhance their productivity in high school and college. Thanks to the constantly new Instagram posts, they can have the latest pictures for their projects in minutes by searching the category. In that way, they will get the maximum output of their effort in minimal time and even ask for help from other users while making a choice.

Useful Feedback

And last but not least, it gives individuals an opportunity to give and get feedback on their picture projects. Which can affect very positively. The feedback doesn’t have to be from a fellow classmate because many international creative commons connect you with many people on this platform. Including some that may have similar interests as you and really inspire you and help you with their comments for your work. 


As seen in the previous list, Instagram can help you with your studies and bring many benefits to scholars. However, we shouldn’t overlook the potential negatives and mental health concerns regarding smartphones, the internet, and social media addiction. So, if you are using Instagram, ensure that you set limited and balanced hours of use.

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