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Best Instagram Giveaway Picker Websites and Applications

A lot of people and organizations are using Instagram as a powerful tool to expand their reach. More followers usually equal more financial benefits so people use different methods to attract their target audience to their page. These methods include designing a content calendar, using relevant hashtags, optimizing their bio, running a contest, and so on.

What is an Instagram Contest?

Holding an Instagram contest is one of the influential ways of growing the number of your followers. Some ask their followers to like a certain number of posts, comment or tag some people under their posts. Some also ask them to add the post to their stories as well. It generally depends on you and your goals. 

The best free Instagram giveaway picker websites and apps

After you run a contest, you will be left with a huge number of people who have contributed. Now your job is to choose and announce the winners. Fortunately, there are some websites and applications that have made this easy for you.


This is an all-in-one tool with which you can manage all your advertisements across all digital platforms. In Wask you cannot pay for each ad separately. You have to pay for a subscription. You can also omit unnecessary expenses by limiting your advertisement budget and stopping unproductive ads. If you decide to unsubscribe from Wask, all your data will be deleted permanently.

  1. AiSchedul

This can work as your Instagram assistant. It has a lot of useful features that help you manage your account. These features include; post scheduling, holding contests, searching hashtags, and tagging. You can also schedule posts for deletion and repost stories with this tool. You may create a free account but to access more professional options like mention monitoring and grid preview for feed schedule.

  1. Instagram Random Comment Picker

You can use filters to omit duplicate contributors, there are also keyword and custom filters. You can use this tool for free for up to 150 comments and Instagram login is not required. You can also pay the price of a coffee for one week of a premium subscription. With this account, you can apply a custom and mentions filter and of course, you won’t see any ads.


This website works for YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. An advantage of this website is that you can screen record the process and it shows well across all screen types and sizes. Plus Simpliers doesn’t ask you for your password and other account data. You can choose among different pricing packages based on your needs. 


This is a totally free website that only asks for the URL of your post. To copy the link of your desired post, open the Instagram application, click on three dots at the right corner of it. Finally, paste the link into

Some points to have in mind

To have a more successful contest, keep these points in mind:

  • Try to pick out prizes that interest your audience.  
  • You can ask your audience to do many different things. Here are a couple of ideas: like your post, add your post to their stories, tag a certain number of people under it, leave a meaningful comment under your post, tag you in their post, and so on.
  • Use relevant hashtags so that you increase your chances of being followed by new people. 
  • Specify the starting and ending date of the contest.
  • Try to select the winners “live”. That way other people see how honest and fair you are and will participate in the following contests as well.
  • Let your followers know, how and with what tool the winners will be determined.

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