What are the best Facebook cover photo makers? (For all devuices)

As a Facebook user, you can design your personal or professional pages with cover photos and profile images. This feature helps you to customize your page as you want.

While it is possible to use any picture as a cover photo, many people search for something to explain their moods. If you want awesome Facebook covers but do not know how to modify photos in a professional program, continue reading.

Here, I will tell you what a facebook cover photo maker is and how to use them to make great facebook cover photos.

What is a Facebook cover photo maker?

Do you like to create eye-catching Facebook cover photos for your page? Today, there are numerous online cover photo makers with a variety of free Facebook cover photo templates, fonts, and all other things you need to make beautiful facebook cover photos. Also, some websites offer free cover photos for you to use on their profiles. Most of them are categorized according to their content and style.

Best Cover Photo Makers Online

As I explained before, you can choose an enticing picture as your cover photo and attract more followers. When people see your beautiful pictures, they will be attracted to read your profile further. Here, I introduce you to some great Facebook cover photo makers which you can use online for free.

  • Canva

If you need an amazing Facebook banner maker to make unique cover photos for facebook, Canva is the best option. There you can find over 60,000 layouts, hundreds of fonts, and photo effects to choose among. Another advantage of this online maker is the number of its stock photos, illustrations, graphics to add to your design.

  • Fotor

The next awesome online Facebook cover photo creator is Fotor. While it helps you create an eye-catching cover photo, it is an easy-to-use app.

  • Desygner

Desygner is another Facebook cover photo creator. You can use this easy online tool to create FB cover photos and other kinds of photos.

  • Fotojet

Fotojet is a useful Facebook photo maker with a wide range of templates with different styles. Use this online photo maker to customize your picture with its professional editing tools.

  • Crello

If you want to make a promotional banner for your business page or a personal Facebook account, use Crello as the best online Facebook cover photo maker.

Best Cover Photo Makers For Phones

If you are using your phone to sign in to your Facebook account, you might prefer to make a FB cover photo using your phone. Here is a list of the best facebook cover photo makers which you can use on iPhone and Android.

Best Facebook Cover Photo Creators for iOS

  • Cover Canvas

The first option is the Cover Canvas. It is one of the most popular facebook collage cover photo makers with more than 100 templates.

  • Cover Photo Maker

Cover Photo Maker is a simple configured app with a lot of inspirational quotes to create a cover photo that describes your personality.

  •  VanillaPen

VanillaPen is the next app with more than 200 temples. It helps you create cover photos for Facebook, design a poster, or make special notes for special occasions.

Best Facebook Cover Photo Creators for Android

  • Photo Editor

Use various photo filters, stickers, banners, textures of the Photo Editor app to create stylish images and display memories.

  • Cover Photo Creator

If you like to take full control over your timeline photos, use Cover Photo Creator and select your favorite template to design a compatible frame that matches your images.

  • CoverPro

Use more than 40 filters on the Facebook cover photo maker app (CoverPro)

to design your cover photo and enhance its look.

Best Cover Photo Makers for PC and Mac

If you are among people who prefer to make their Facebook cover photo using their PC, do not miss this paragraph. Here, I will introduce the most useful apps for Mac and PC.

  • PhotoDirector 365

PhotoDirector 365 is a universal easy-to-use software that you can use without experience. There you can find the necessary features to create a great FB cover photo.

  • Photoshop

Photoshop is a powerful image editor with features like Layer creation, and editing, which help you create social media images.

  • PaintShop Pro

If you are looking for robust image editing software for Windows, PaintShop Pro might be a good choice. There is a wide range of tools to make a perfect Facebook cover photo.

How To Make a Facebook Cover Photo on iOS and Android

As your Facebook profile tells all about you, it’s worth making it look good. Here, I show you how to make a great FB cover photo on your mobile.

  • To make a good Facebook cover photo on mobile the first option is to consider its weird size. The standard size on mobiles is 640 pixels wide by 340. Any photo you upload will display at that size, but if you upload a smaller picture it will look blurry and ugly.
  • Since your cover looks different on desktop and mobile, you need to consider this point. Because on mobile, your cover photo will automatically be cropped from the top and bottom.
  • Also, think about how your Profile Picture and the other interface features impact your cover photo. While all the buttons are below the cover photo, your profile picture blocks a piece of the bottom center of your mobile FB account.
  • So the best option is to choose a photo where the subject is in the center of the image.

How To Make a Facebook Cover Photo on Windows and Mac

As I explained previously, a Facebook cover photo is a large picture above your homepage. It is in a more extended size compared to your profile picture. Pay attention that cover photos are the same as your profile picture.

Here, I will tell you how to make a Facebook cover photo when you are using the FB website on Windows.

  • Tap on the three-line bottom on the right side of the Facebook page, then choose your name.
  • Click on your cover photo.
  • Now, choose Upload Photo to upload a photo from your device. There you can Select a Photo on Facebook, Create a Collage, or Select Artwork.
  • Choose the photo you like most.
  • Drag the chosen photo.
  • Click on Save in the top right corner and finish.


As a Facebook user, you would like to make a wonderful cover photo and attract more followers. In this way, the best option is to use a great facebook cover photo maker. Here, you can read all about Facebook cover photo makers, how to use them, and the best ones.

When is the Best Time to Post on Reddit? (2022 Guide)

If you’re new to Reddit, it might be a little confusing at first. With over 1 billion monthly visitors, it’s a hotbed of micro-communities, content, and trends. As an experienced user, you’ll be interested in learning about the ins and outs of Reddit. You’ll also want to follow some of the “reddiquette” guidelines.

The first thing to know is the basics. The Reddit homepage displays trending posts from various subreddits. To make your post more visible, click on the ribbon menu icon on the right side of the Create Post text box. This will sort your posts by Popular Posts, Top, New, and Best. To see your most popular posts, click on the “Rising” or “Top” icon in the lower left corner of the page.

If you subscribe to Reddit, you’ll see your subreddits listed on the homepage. Simply click on a subreddit name to access its page. Each subreddit has a different style, so you’ll be able to easily navigate through it. Each subreddit features posts sorted by the number of upvotes and comments. This means that the most recent posts will appear on the front page.

Reddit’s unique format makes it a popular forum with over 1.5 billion users. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian have used the site to interact with its community. Subreddits are divided according to topic. For example, a subreddit for women may include comments on a woman’s twoX chromosomes. There are even subreddits for different ethnicities, countries, and cities. The system is designed to be gamified. Every user has a karma score, which measures the quality of their posts. If your submission is well received, it will receive an upvote, and vice versa.

Like many social media sites, Reddit has a set of rules for posting. You can’t post links to stories that only benefit you, and your posts can’t contain any profane language. For example, “fake” content is not allowed. If you want your post to be popular, it’s best to post a relevant story about your brand. Ultimately, the purpose of Reddit is to be a trusted source for information, not a spammer.

The first rule of Reddit is to be polite. That means you must be nice to your fellow users. You can comment on their posts, but don’t try to be obnoxious. You should be courteous to others. A good reputation will help you become more popular. This is the best way to establish your reputation in Reddit. You should be friendly to other users and welcome newcomers.

The key to success in Reddit is to remain professional. It’s important to remember that the community is there to provide answers, not to sell to them. You can use this to your advantage by avoiding advertisements and spam. By following the guidelines, you can avoid annoyance and be successful on the site. You can also join the forums of other communities. A Reddit guide can help you to find the most relevant posts in your niche.

If you’re new to Reddit, be sure to follow the community guidelines. It’s important to respect the community’s guidelines. It’s also important to respect their community’s privacy. AMA stands for “Ask Me Anything”. A savvy reddit user will not post any off-topic comments. The community is not a place to advertise or solicit. They’re there to connect with other people.

While Reddit isn’t like Facebook, it’s still an excellent platform for social sharing. It is a forum where you can post anonymously and answer questions. There are a number of other features on Reddit as well. For example, you can create a self-post that’s anonymous. This is a good way to engage with the community and gain a loyal following.

The first step is to create a profile. A profile should be unique and contain your username and your business’s name. The next step is to make sure you have a real name. A fake name will put you in the wrong category and be ignored. You can also post messages on Reddit, but make sure you don’t spam other people’s comments. A fake name will result in your posts being hidden.

When is the Best Time to Post on Reddit?

While the majority of Reddit’s users are in the US, there are times of day that are best for posting content. Generally, the best time to post is between 6 and 8 a.m. EST on Monday and Tuesday. On Saturday, the best time to post is between 7 and 10 a.m. on Friday, and on Sunday from 7 to 11 a.m. On Tuesday, the best time to post is between 8 and 12 p.m.

There are many times to post on Reddit. The best time to post is between 6 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. EST on Monday and Tuesday. However, if you are writing a long post, the best time to post will be between 6:00 and 8:00 a.m. Depending on your audience and subject matter, there may be better times of day than others.

The best times to post on Reddit depend on when you live. The most active users are on the site on weekends and early in the morning. This is the best time to post content because people are online and logged in at that time. During the week, though, most people will be sleeping. During weekends, people are more likely to be active on Reddit, making it the best time to post content during these hours.

What are the Peak Hours on Reddit?

For those who are looking to make the most of the traffic to their posts, it is important to know the peak times on Reddit. You should avoid posting during these times, which are the busiest on the site. People log in early in the morning to check out the latest news, while others are looking to post embarrassing thoughts. If you want to get the most exposure for your posts, try to avoid posting during these times.

The best time to post on Reddit is between 10:00 a.m. and 11 a.m. EST, when most users are online browsing content. After that, you can begin replying to comments and questions. During these hours, you’ll also see the most traffic, which means your posts will receive more views. As a general rule, Reddit is most active on weekdays, but it tends to slow down on weekends. For this reason, posting on Saturdays and Sundays is the most effective.

The best time to post on Reddit depends on various factors. If you’re submitting a post, you should try to submit it at these times. This will increase your chances of getting noticed. For example, the best time to post on Reddit will increase your posts’ visibility by a large margin. This means that you can expect a higher return on your efforts.

Schedule a Post on Redditfor the best time?

How To Schedule a Post On Reddit

If you want to get the most out of your social media marketing, you may be wondering how to schedule a post on Reddit. With the help of a social media scheduling tool, you can find the best times to post on Reddit. For instance, posting at the end of the day or early in the morning is a great time to post on South Park. The same applies to other subreddits. You can use data to see when people are online and when they are not. You can then coordinate these insights with your social media scheduler.

To schedule a post on Reddit, you should first sign into your Reddit account. This allows you to create a new post and edit your previous posts. You can also edit the post and add comments, photos, and links. Once you’re done, click “Publish.” When you’re done, select “Post to Reddit”. You’ll be prompted to select a time zone and enter the text. You can then choose whether you want to publish your post to Reddit immediately or later.

Once you’re signed into your account, you’ll be taken to a page where you can schedule your posts. In the Schedules section, you’ll see an option to enter the details of your post. You can also check how many posts have been published by selecting the published or queued status in the left-hand menu. You’ll then see the status of your scheduled posts. Once you’ve submitted a post, you can also view your scheduled status by clicking the “Publish” button.

How to download instagram reels? (instagram reels downloader)

If you’ve got a new business account on Instagram, you may be wondering: what are Instagram reels? These short videos show off products and services that your followers are sure to enjoy. They’re a great way to get your message out to a wider audience. You can also add a caption to the video to provide more context for viewers. By adding a caption, you can increase your chances of getting your video viewed by increasing its reach.

You can create an Instagram Reel with 15 seconds of video. Once recorded, you can add up to two hundred characters of caption, including hashtags, and tag other users, as long as they appear in the Reel. You can also record multiple Reels and post them later to share with others. To create a great Instagram Reel, you need to understand how to create it, how to use it, and how to make it engaging for your audience.

Reels are more visual than traditional posts. Unlike other posts, Reels can be played as many times as you’d like, with the added benefit of being viewable by multiple people. It’s also easier to edit your Reel than a normal post. With the new Reels feature, you can add audio from Instagram’s music library, leave the original sound, and select a variety of AR effects.

Is it possible to download instagram reels?

You can do so by following a few simple steps. First, open the app and tap the “Control Center” icon. Then, go to the “Reels” tab, which is in the middle of your profile tabs. Then, click on “Download Video in Mp4” to save the video to your local storage. This way, you can view Reels at any time without having to be online.

Once you’ve completed your Reels, you can download them to your local storage. This is useful when you want to edit them on a desktop system. There are a few options to download Reels. If you’re interested in a specific video, you can also use one of the Chrome Extensions. Then, copy and paste the link of the Instagram Reel in the search bar. Once you’ve copied the link, click the “Download” button.

After you’ve finished your Reels, you can copy and paste the link. This will enable you to save the reel to your local storage. Once you’ve downloaded your Reels, you can also share them on your desktop. The best way to share the reel is by sharing it with friends and family. It’s easy to do with the InSaver app. Then, copy and paste the link to your desktop.

How to Download Instagram Reels on Android?

There are several ways to download Instagram Reels. You can use a third-party app or screen recording to do so. The first way is to download videos from Instagram directly using the app. This will require you to enable screen recording on your phone or tablet and add it to the Control Center. Then, you can choose the video you wish to download and paste the link to your device’s camera roll. Once your video is saved, you can open it with the Photos app.

Once you have installed the Instagram app on your device, you can start saving reels from Instagram. To do this, simply go to the three-dot menu and select Save to download it. Alternatively, you can copy the reel’s URL and paste it into the Downloads tab of the app. You can also find similar apps that can save the reels to your Photos gallery. If you don’t want to download the entire reel, you can always download it from Instagram directly.

Another option is to use an Instagram reels downloader app. There are several different applications that are available for Android, but the most convenient is the Barosave app. This free app is easy to use and allows you to save reels in batches. Once you’ve downloaded your favourite reel, you can share it on other platforms and even paste the link to re-post it on another website. Then, you can repost it on other websites.

How to Download Instagram Reels on iOS?

If you want to download Instagram Reels on iOS, you can do so through an app called InSaver for iOs. The app can be downloaded from the App Store and is easy to set up. After installation, you can select the video you wish to download and copy its link. Then, simply save it to the Photos app. The reels will then be stored in your Photos library. This can help you view and share the reels whenever you want.

There are various ways to download Instagram reels. You can use the InSaver app or you can use the screen recording method. Using this method, you can download a reel in batches. Another great feature of this app is that you can mute audio while viewing it. Furthermore, you can share it to any platform by copying the link. You will have the option to share the download link in your phone.

If you want to download an Instagram reel on iOS, you can use a free app like Eros Story Saver. This app will automatically paste the URL and save it to your device. To install the app, go to the Apple App Store and install it. Once installed, launch the app and enter the iCloud account information. Then, tap the video you wish to download and select the three-dot icon to copy its link. You can now share the video on your favorite social media platform.

Where is Code Generator on Facebook 2022?

As one of the most famous social media platforms, Facebook also has one of the most robust security protocols for the user to keep them safe from cyber penetrators. Therefore, any Facebook user is almost sure their data, photos, and videos will never be robbed and used as a blackmailing tool.

In this post, we will explain what is the Facebook code generator, where we can find it, and how to use Facebook Code Generator bypass.

What is the Facebook Code Generator?

As you know, many social media platforms and websites use the 2FA (two-factor Autenthication) feature to boost their host and customers’ security. Facebook Code Generator is a  new security feature for your Facebook account used with two-factor authentication.

When you activate code generator Facebook, your phone will randomly create a unique security code that you can use it to verify your identity when you log into your account from a new device or browser. If you don’t have access to the text messaging (SMS) feature or you have no Internet connection, Facebook Code Generator will operate on your device. You may also decide to use it to reset your password if you ever need to.

Where is Code Generator on Facebook?

Finding Facebook Code Generator is too easy; to reach to Code Generator, just follow these steps;

  1. First, go to the Facebook app and log in with the user credentials. We assume that you have already activated the two-factor authentication.
  2. Next, click on the hamburger icon on the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Scroll down the screen and click on the “Settings & Privacy” option to expand it. From the listed options, search and select “Code Generator.”
  4. You can find a six-digit code on the screen. Make sure you have used it within 30 seconds of its generation (it can be 60 seconds on some devices). Note that the code automatically expires if not used within the given time.
  5.  Every time you request a code from the Facebook Code Generator, it gives you a new and fresh one. You should not share this code number with any people.

Where is Facebook Code Generator on iPhone?

If you are using iPhone or any device with iOS (such as an iPad), you can also benefit from the Facebook Code Generator. To find Code Generator Facebook on iPhone devices, follow these steps;

Step one: Open the Facebook app on your iPhone or iPad device. You will be taken to your Facebook home page.

Step two: Next, click on the “Menu” icon in the lower-right corner of the screen

Step three: Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on the “Settings and Privacy” tab to expand those options. Choose “Code Generator” in the expanded list.

Step four: Finally, you can see a screen displaying a 6-digit number, which will be changed every 30 or 60 seconds. Write down or copy this 6-digit number for your use.

How to Sign in to your Facebook using Code Generator

Now let’s how we can sign into our Facebook account with the help of Code Generator Facebook. Follow these steps;

  1. First, open the Facebook app on your Android or iOS device.
  2. On the main page, click on the hamburger icon in the top right corner of your screen.
  3. Next, scroll down the screen and click on the “Settings & Privacy” option to expand it.
  4. From the options on the list, search and select “Code Generator.”
  5. Now, you can see a tool run through new security codes every 30 or 60 seconds.
  6. Finally, you can use that code to log in to your Facebook from another unidentified device.

If your generated code gives you an error on your device, you need to go back to the Facebook Code Generator and click on the “My code doesn’t work” option. As a result, a pop-up will appear and ask you to put your code again or reset it. You can tap on the” Reset” button to get a new code.

Can’t access Code Generator to log in to Facebook, what to do?

In some cases, Facebook Code Generator is not working and seems to fail to generate efficient codes. To solve the problem or, in other words, get rid of Code Generator Facebook, we have some available solutions here;

  • Text confirmation code

This is the most straightforward method you can choose; if you have access to the phone number you used in the two-factor authentication process, you can tell Facebook to send you a confirmation code on your phone.

To do that, click on the “Need another way to authenticate?” link from the login page, and then choose the “Text me a login code” option and wait for the text.

  • Facebook recovery codes

You have an option to store a set of recovery codes as a backup after enabling two-factor authentication. If you lose the Facebook Code Generator’s function, you can use one of these recovery codes to log into your account.

  • Identity confirmation

You can also send a request message to Facebook for identity confirmation. To do that, click on the “Need another way to authenticate?” link from the login page, and choose the “Get More Help” option from the menu. Facebook will guide you through restoring your account.

By default, Facebook will ask you to provide an email address and send a copy of your ID, which can be a passport, national ID card, or any other legal papers. After providing the required information, Facebook will restore your account as soon as possible.

Facebook Code Generator bypass (How to do it?)

Many people nowadays are looking for Facebook Code Generator bypass because of reasons such as they have lost their mobile phone or they have lost their SIM card, or their phone is broken. If one of these reasons is valid for you, you can bypass Code Generator Facebook.

The methods for bypassing the Code Generator are the same as we explained in the “Can’t access Code Generator …” section (text confirmation code, recovery codes, and identity confirmation), and you can also use them here. Otherwise, you can turn off the 2FA feature so the authentication code will never be needed.


Thank you for reading this post. In general, you can turn off the Facebook Code Generator whenever you want, but it is better to keep your account’s safety guaranteed. If you need more information about Facebook Code Generator bypass, you can visit the Facebook help center and ask your questions.

Shadowbanned on tiktok (2022): what is it and how to get unshadowbanned

if you wonder am i shadowbanned on tiktok, you’ve come to the right place.While the advantages of TikTok outweigh its disadvantages, there are a few things you should know before diving in head first. It is best to limit your time on TikTok to just a few minutes per day, and to set limits on how much time you will spend on the appWhat is shadowbanned on tiktok?. If you spend more than that, your time on the app will become a complete waste of your precious time.

One of the biggest disadvantages of the app is the amount of fake content and inappropriate material. This has caused many parents to worry about their children. Some users even upload nudity videos and use the application as a way to discriminate against certain nations and cultures. It’s important to be mindful of the fact that the app requires a lot of time, so you should schedule your time accordingly. If you have a young child, it’s best to limit their time on the app.

Another problem with TikTok is that the app allows users to make fun of other people and depict others in a negative light. Those who are sensitive about their children’s safety should be aware of the application’s content. Indecent sexual proposals and other poses are incredibly disturbing to parents. While the age limit is 16 to use the app, this should not be an issue for the general public. If you’re wondering if the site is suitable for children, you can visit our blog post to learn more about it.

another big disadvantage/bug of the platform is tiktok shadowban. in this article, we’ll discuss how to get unshadowbanned on tiktok.

What is shadowbanned on tiktok?

what is shadowbanned on tiktok? When you become shadowbanned on TikTok, you may have no idea what has happened. It could be due to glitches or bots. You may be unaware of it, but you can try to get back into the platform. If you’re getting unwanted comments, make sure you delete all of them, or remove all of your videos. However, if you’re not able to delete the comments, you might be banned from the social network.

Depending on the reason why you were shadowbanned, you can try switching to a Pro Account. With a Pro Account, you’ll have access to analytics and can see how your videos and posts are performing. You can then delete any content that’s causing your shadowbanning. To avoid getting permanently banned, it’s best to delete all of your videos and clean up your account. If you’re unsure of which video got you banned, check the comments section.

There’s no official way of finding out whether or not you’ve been shadowbanned. Several LGBTQ+ hashtags have been “shadowbanned” by TikTok. These hashtags are used on a video across the platform. If you’re afraid of being shadowbanned, check your engagement figures and previous posts to see if they have been affected. Lastly, be sure to delete any videos that you’re not comfortable with.

How do you get shadowbanned on tiktok?

How do you get shadowbanned on TikTok? The issue of being banned from the media platform is a hot topic for discussion on online forums. For years, many users have accused media platforms of shadowbanning them. Now, with the recent growth of the platform, there’s a renewed interest in the matter. However, no one can confirm whether or not a user has been shadowbanned.

There are three ways to see if you’ve been shadowbanned:

  1. deleting your content
  2. posting a video with unusual hashtags
  3. abusing the system

If you think that your content has been shadowbanned, delete it and re-upload it. Remember, restoring your account takes a few weeks. A shadow ban usually occurs because you have violated the terms of service. You can find the rules here.

Lastly, it’s important to stay legal and safe. a shadowban will temporarily suspend your account and it’s not permanent. It typically lasts seven to fourteen days BUT If you’ve been banned too many times, the account will be permanently banned. If you want to prevent a future shadowban from happening, follow the tips above. Try posting original content and keep your posts safe and legal.

While these guidelines were created to ensure a safe community, they have sparked complaints from content creators who feel they’ve been subjected to such restrictions. As a result, some users have been shadowbanned after posting content that violates the guidelines. While TikTok has yet to explain the reasons for shadowbans, it’s still important to avoid doing certain things.

How to know if you’re shadowbanned on tiktok?

how to know if you’re shadowbanned on tiktok? The most common reason for being shadowbanned on TikTok is that your account contains inappropriate content. If you want to find out if you’re being shadowbanned, it’s best to check your analytics. This can help you identify traffic sources and FYP.

You also need to make sure that you’re 14 years old. If you don’t meet the age requirement, you may be banned.

A shadowban is a permanent policy on TikTok. It’s usually applied to creators who put out poor quality content or who take long breaks from the site. They also tend to use hashtags with unusually low reach on the platform. If your posts aren’t being featured in search results, you can try a different account. This way, you won’t have to deal with the issues associated with a shadowban and you can go back to posting.

What is a TikTok shadowban test?

If you’re wondering what a shadowban test is, you need to check your analytics for your ten most recent videos. If your video’s For You page ratio has gone down, you may be affected by a shadowban. However, you can check it yourself by uninstalling and reinstalling the TikTok app. If you’re still seeing a shadowban, this means your content is blocked.

A shadowban is a way for TikTok to block a user’s videos from showing up in hashtag search results, For You Page, and public stream. It also prevents the entire account from being publicly viewable. According to Your Charisma, shadowbanning is an automated process that protects TikTok’s community from spam, copyright issues, and adult content.

If you feel that your videos are getting banned, you should delete them and then re-upload them. The shadowban may last up to two weeks. You will also be blocked from entering tags or making new videos public. If you want to restore your account, you need to first understand why you were banned in the first place. The reason behind a shadowban is usually breaking the terms and conditions of the TikTok community. If you violated one of their rules, you will be subject to a shadowban.

How to get unshadowbanned on tiktok?

One of the most common questions about TikTok is “how to get unshadowbanned on tiktok?” Often times, people don’t even realize that their account has been banned. While the ban is temporary, it can still last up to two weeks, and if you don’t do anything to get it lifted, it will remain on your account forever. Thankfully, there are several ways to get unshadowbanned.

  • The first step is to check if you’ve been shadowbanned. Some users have reported that they have been shadowbanned for weeks or months. In these cases, they have tried deleting their content, deleting them, and uninstalling TikTok. If these efforts have not worked, the next step is to wait out the shadowban.
  • If you’ve been banned for at least a month, try a break and check back in two weeks.
  • Another step is to delete your offending video and reinstall TikTok. You might have to update the app, and your account may need to be reset.
  • If you’ve been blocked on TikTok because of a video, you’ll need to upload it again.

throughout the article, we have mentioned different ways on how to get unshadowbanned on tiktok.

you may wanna read the article again as the answers are embedded in the text.



Everything about Brent Rivera (From relationship to net worth )

Brent Austin Rivera is another handsome social media superstar born in Huntington Beach, California USA, on 9 January 1998. Many people know him as the most successful teenage celebrity. He started by uploading various content on the famous video streaming platform Vine. Then expanded his fan base on other popular social media platforms. So far, he has amassed over million followers on his official Instagram account, YouTube, and official Twitter account.

How old is Brent Rivera?

As I told you, Brent Rivera was born in Huntington Beach, California. If you like to know about Brent Rivera age, I have to say that he is 24 years old as of 2022. He is a Latino with the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Each year, he celebrates his birthday on the 9th of January.

what is Brent Rivera ‘s net worth?

It is hard to say the exact net worth of celebrities. But we know that Brent Rivera net worth is about $4.11 million salaries each year. As Brent Rivera has 68.46 million monthly views on his YouTube channel and 2.28 million views per day, he will receive much money based on every thousand views. Youtube pays each user, the amount of $3 to $7 per thousand views. Based on this information, Brent Rivera earns from his YouTube channel about $273.84k each month, which is $4.11 million per year. The total net worth of  Brent Rivera is approximately $11.17 million as of November 2021.

Who is Brent Rivera girlfriend?

Almost all celebrities do not like to talk about their personal life. But if you want to know about Brent Rivera gf, I have to say that he first dated Eva Gutowski in 2019. On Nov 9, 2019, Brant Rivera tweeted that I got married to Eva for 24 hours. In 2020, when Eva and Adam broke up, Brent tried to win her back. Brent defined in a YouTube video that he supposed it was his opportunity to win Eva back, but he wasn’t sure about her feelings.

Based on the reports, he dated model Morgan Justus previously. Now, you can usually see Brent hanging out with his best friend Pierson. But are Pierson and Brent dating? While you see Brent and Pierson close in their videos, nobody is sure if they are dating or not.

How tall is Brent Rivera?

Other private questions followers like to know about celebrities are about weight, height, and like this. If you want to know about Brent Rivera height, he is five feet eleven inches. He is in shape with a muscular body, weighs around seventy kilograms, a handsome boy with brown hair and eyes.

What are Brent Rivera’s socila media accounts?

You might search for Brent Rivera phone number to contact him. So I have to say that there is no exact number to find him. But indeed, you can use helpful Social media accounts. You can find Brent Rivera now on the most popular social media channels. You can use these channels to send a direct message or use the internal message option by default. Here, are the most famous social media accounts of him:

TikTok: @brentrivera

Instagram: @brentrivera

YouTube: @MrBrent98 Channel

Twitter: @BrentRivera


In the world of celebrities, you can find many handsome boys and girls, which you like to follow. One of them is Brent Rivera, a famous American social media sensation, YouTuber, and actor. If you are one of the followers of this excellent talent and skillful superstar, read the above text to find much useful information about him. There, we told you about his height, GF, net worth, and so on.

Download Instagram stories (Best Instagram stories downloaders)

Instagram launched in 2010 and became the most popular platform for sharing images and videos. Monthly, more than 1 Billion users work with this platform, and over 70 Million daily share photos and videos. But despite this popularity, it is a bit behind the times in the case of “Download Video” features.

It happens to all of us that we watch an Instagram story and like to download it but cannot. Here, we help you with this problem by explaining how to download Instagram stories.

Is is possible to download Instagram stories?

As you know, Instagram does not have any default feature to download someone else’s story. But this does not mean that downloading Instagram stories is impossible. Today, you can save other people’s Instagram stories in several ways, like using an app or a screen recorder. Continue reading and learn more about these Instagram stories downloaders.

How to download Instagram stories on iphone

To download Instagram stories on iPhone you have to know whose story you want to download. Downloading one of your stories is different from downloading someone else’s story.

How to Download Your Own Instagram Stories on iphone

Instagram Stories are similar to Snapchat Stories, and they are available for 24 hours. But after they disappear from your public profile you can view and download them from your Archive.

You can save your own Instagram Stories in some simple steps:

  • Click your profile icon to view the story.
  • Choose the three-dotted menu button, then save it. Pay attention to choose Save Photo or Save Video from the popup, not Save Story.

But if it’s already been 24 hours since you posted a photo or video and now want to download it, you have to do it in another way.

  • Go to your profile and choose the Archive button from the toolbar.
  • Go through the Stories, and select your wanted story.
  •  After that, click on the three-dotted menu button and tap on Save Photo or Save Video.

How to download someone else’s Instagram stories on iPhone

  • Screenshot Images

If you want to save a photo from someone’s story, you can take a screenshot. Unlike Snapchat, Instagram will not notify users when you screenshot stories. While this will work well for images, you need to use a third-party app to download Instagram videos.

  • Download Instagram Stories Photos and Videos with a third-party app.

You can use a third-party app to download Instagram story images if you do not want to take a screenshot. Or you can use it to download videos posted to Instagram Stories. Another benefit of using a third-party app is that it won’t show you in the list of people who have viewed the story.

  •  Open your chosen app.
  •  Enter the Instagram handle in the search field.
  • When you find the search page, choose the profile.
  • Now, you see a list of the last 24 hours’ stories.
  • Choose the story you want to download.
  • Click on the Share button and select Save Image or Save Video.

How to download Instagram stories android

Here, I will tell you how to download Instagram stories on android and keep them long after they vanish.

Using a Third-Party App

The easiest way to download Instagram stories on Android is using a third-party app. You can download these apps from the Play Store and save other people’s stories to your Android device.

  •  Search your favorite app on Google Play Store.
  • Open the application after the installation.
  • After logging in with your Instagram account, all your following people will be available in the app.
  • Now, choose someone’s profile you like to download his stories.
  • Pick your favorite story, and click on the download button.

Download Instagram stories through a Webpage

If you do not like to use an app, you can try different web page downloaders like the Story Saver. There are some advantages to using them, like that you don’t require installation of any kind. Also, you should not log onto an Instagram account for you. So you can use one of these sites even when you do not have an Instagram account. But there is one downside that you can only download stories from people who have public accounts.

You can use these sites as simple as typing the Instagram profile name, tapping Download, choosing your favorite story, and saving it.

Archiving Your Stories

The good news is that Instagram saves your stories to the archive by default. And you can access the Archive settings in some simple steps:

  • Click on your Profile, and choose the Menu button on the upper right side of the screen.
  • Choose “Archive” from the menu.
  • Click on Story Archive from the above menu.
  • Choose a story you want.
  • Tap three dots below the page and choose to save a photo or save a video.

What are the best Instagram stories downloaders?

Now it is time to introduce some of the best Instagram story downloaders.

  • Reposter for Instagram (a.k.a Regrammer)

The first popular Instagram photo and video downloader is Reposter for Instagram. People use Reposter for Instagram to repost photos and videos of other Instagram users. Just copy the post link to the Regrammer app and repost it to your Instagram feed.

Reposter for Instagram advantages:

  1. You should not sign in to use this app, which means you can use it easily.
  2. Regrammer will not put any watermark on the downloaded photos and videos.
  3. You can use this app to download and repost Instagram TV (IGTV)
  • FastSave

The second choice is a popular browser-type Instagram downloader for Android and iPhone named FastSave.Use this app, and download your favorite Instagram stories while browsing Instagram.

FastSave advantages:

  1.  It downloads videos of good quality.
  2. No pesky watermarks will ruin the photo or video.
  3.  No limitation on how many photos and videos you can download. You can download as much as your Smartphone’s memory has ample space.
  • Saver Reposter

The next choice is what you need to copy the captions and hashtags on your favorite content on Instagram besides the photos and videos. You can do all of these using the Saver Reposter with ease.

Saver Poster advantages:

  1. It lets you drive between the app and Instagram with each click.
  2. Download content even when you use the app in the background.
  3. It is easy to use, and you can download stories in a few minutes.
  • Regrann

Regrann is another Instagram downloader that you can use fast and easily. You can use this app to download content from Instagram stories and posts and repost them without closing the Instagram app.

Regrann advantage:

The content you download using Regrann does not have a watermark by default.

You can attach your custom signatures to the downloaded media.

  • QuickSave for Instagram

Almost all Instagram downloader apps are similar in terms of features. But QuickSave stands out because it allows you to edit images and videos.

QuickSave for Instagram advantages:

  1. You can use its different filters and editing tools
  2. It has added grid styling and photo-split features.
  3. This app has a stylish user interface.


If you have a problem downloading Instagram stories, do not worry. Here, we show you how to download Instagram stories videos. Also, you can read about some of the best Instagram story downloaders.

How to Remove TikTok Watermark? (on all devices)

If you’ve ever noticed that your videos have a tik tok watermark, you may be wondering how to get rid of it. After all, the social network is gaining popularity and is already competing with YouTube. You might also want to share your TikTok content on other platforms but don’t know how to do so. Thankfully, removing the watermark is not as difficult as you think.

What is a TikTok Watermark?

You’ve made your first video, and now you’d like to know what a TikTok watermark is. It’s a small logo or text that appears at your videos’ bottom right and top left corners. You can either use a text coverup or upload an image overlay to remove a watermark. You can also use a logo or picture to cover up the watermark.

Using a watermark on your video is a simple way to avoid the problem. The best way to remove a TikTok watermark is to download it from the site. Simply copy and paste the link of the video into the app. You will then be prompted to enter a password. This will prevent other people from removing your watermarks. After you’ve done this, you can download the video and use it elsewhere.

When you use a watermark, you need to place it over the original video. The watermark appears in your videos’ bottom right and top left corners. You can remove the watermark by placing a duplicate text layer over the top and bottom of the video. Your custom watermark can also move with the video. It can even match the animation of the TikTok logo, which changes corners every 3.5 seconds.

There are free services on the internet to help you remove a TikTok watermark. The easiest way to remove a watermark is to download the video using a watermark removal tool. These tools are available for both iOS and Android. They do not require any software to use, so you can simply copy and paste the video to your device. Once it has been downloaded, you can save it to your computer or upload it to another social media site.

The TikTok watermark is a box that appears in the bottom right corner of your video. You can edit this watermark by adding a box in the top left corner. You can also make use of a pencil tool to remove the watermark. This will give you a more refined look, but it will be visible only during the playback of the video. The pencil tool is the most refined, but it will cause noticeable artifacts when the video is played. You can even use a still image for the video.

There are ways to remove a TikTok watermark which you’ll learn in this article.

How to Remove TikTok Watermark on Android and iOS

How to remove the TikTok watermark from Android and iOS videos is not a complicated process. There are several applications available for free that allow you to alter the video’s aspect ratio, watermark, and more. You can edit your videos to remove the TikTok watermark with these tools. Go to the Google Play Store and search for TikTok watermark removal to download the application.

  • Once the app is installed, open it and paste the link to your TikTok video. Then, choose the “remove logo” option. You can also select the lasso tool to select the logo and save it. Then, simply copy the URL and paste it into the address bar of a web browser to remove the watermark from your video. After editing, you can save your edited video to your gallery.


  • Once you have copied the link from your phone’s gallery, use the “Remove & Add Watermark” application to remove the watermark from your videos. It requires permissions to operate, but once installed, it will erase the TikTok watermark from your video. Once you’ve purged the watermark, simply go to your phone’s gallery and open it.


  • Then, import your TikTok videos. After you’ve done so, you can select the “video” option. Click on the watermark to remove it. After doing so, you can move the rectangular box over the video to remove the watermark. Then, click on the checkmark to remove the watermark. This is the fastest and easiest way to remove the TikTok watermark from Android and iOS.

Another way to remove the TikTok watermark is to use a web-based app. The most popular and easy to use is MusicallyDown. You can copy the video link and paste it into the “video” field. Then, check the box next to “Enable Video With Watermark,” and you’re good to go! When you’ve completed the steps above, you’ll be able to download your TikTok videos without any watermarks.

The best way to remove the watermark on Android and iOS is to use a tool called SnapTik. This application can be downloaded for free and will remove the TikTok watermark from your videos.

This app is easy to use and can be downloaded from the App Store. As long as you use it on your own, you’ll be able to use your TikTok videos on other social media sites without a problem.

Once you’ve downloaded the TikTok app, you’ll want to download the application. The software is not too large and will not slow down your phone during the download. Unlike other apps, this one will not affect your phone’s performance, and it will only take a few minutes.

The software is light weight and won’t lag your phone when you’re downloading it.

Another method is to use a third-party watermark remover application. A third-party watermark removal program will remove the TikTok logo from your video. This software works by encircling the watermark and replacing it with the pixels around it. Once the application has processed your video, it will remove the TikTok watermark and convert it to a high-quality video.

The best way to remove the TikTok watermark is to use the desktop version of the application. It will allow you to crop the video and add text to it. You can also add stickers to your video to cover up the TikTok watermark. You can also remove the watermark from iOS videos using the desktop app. Using these apps, you can easily remove the watermark from your videos.

After removing the watermark, you can now edit your TikTok videos. This can be done by using the MusicallyDown application. To remove the watermark from an iOS video, you must copy and paste the video’s link and tap on the “edit” button. Then, just save your video and enjoy your TikTok videos. Just remember that the watermark is there to make the video look more appealing to potential viewers.

How to Remove TikTok Watermark on Windows

If you’re wondering how to remove the watermark from a video made on the TikTok app, you’ve come to the right place. To get started, download the Video from the TikTok site. Then, download it from a file-sharing website. It only takes a few seconds, and you can now produce your own TikTok videos with free desktop software.

To get started:

  1. Open the TikTok app and the default internet browser.
  2. Browse the TikTok video that you’d like to download.
  3. Click on the “Share” arrow on the right and select “Copy Link” to copy the video link to your clipboard.
  4. Once you’ve finished, upload the video to your PC or mobile. The watermark will be visible in the bottom left and right corners.

Once you’ve downloaded the video, open it in the TikTok video editing app. Go to the File menu, select Video, and click “Edit” on the right. In the top left corner, click “Add Media.” Then, click “Edit” to add the watermark to your Video. Now, move the rectangular box over the watermark and click the “X” to remove it.

Now that you’ve uploaded the video, it’s time to delete the watermark. To do so, download the free Snaptik software and use it to remove the TikTok watermark from your Video.

The app can also help you download your TikTok videos to your storage. You can also delete the watermark from your Windows computer using the Snaptik software. These two free tools will help you remove the watermark from your TikTok videos.

First, download the free version of Video Eraser. This is a great video watermark remover for Windows and iPad. It will remove the TikTok logo and other watermarks from your videos. It has many advantages for both users and developers.

You can use its color replacement and eraser tools to edit your images and remove the watermark from your Video. It will also help you to edit your images. You can also download the free app and save it to your PC.

Next, download and install SaveTok. Both of these programs will allow you to save TikTok videos and then remove the watermark. You can then search for the original videos by using the user’s name. Once you’ve found these apps, select those that suit your needs and follow the instructions. If you don’t have Windows 10, you can use the free one. There’s a free version of it, too.

This tool can also remove watermarks from videos without cropping. Moreover, it will let you crop videos without cropping, allowing you to remove the watermark on your TikTok videos. Another free video watermark removal application is Format Factory. It’s an excellent video converter that can crop and remove logos.

How to Remove TikTok Watermark Online

there are a few different options available to you to remove TikTok watermark from your video. One of these methods is to use an editing tool, such as BeeCut. This program allows you to crop a video and remove the TikTok watermark. Once you have made a video, make sure to download it to your computer so you can edit it in its native format.

Another way to remove TikTok watermark is to download the video using a video editor. This software will allow you to crop, trim, and remove logos from your video. to use this software:

  1. You’ll need to import your TikTok video and select its “Export” option.
  2. Once you’ve finished, you can download it and use it to edit it. However, you’ll need to make sure you have the proper permissions to upload your videos.

there are still more apps with which you can remove watermarks of tiktok like, SaveTok app. You can use this application to remove the watermark on your videos. The app allows you to rotate photos and videos in a horizontal or vertical direction. By using SaveTok, you can even manually erase objects from the video. This method works great, but it will leave your videos unreadable and the quality will be severely damaged.

some users don’t want to remove watermarks from pc so you can download and use the Apowersoft Watermark Remover. This tool is compatible with Android and iOS devices and can remove the TikTok watermark in a matter of seconds. The program will even allow you to add your own watermarks and edit your videos. With these applications, you can choose the best solution for your needs.

Hopefully we’ve provided enough info to help you remove tiktok watermarks easily 🙂

any questions? Just Leave a comment.

How to Search Instagram with phone number? 

If you are wondering how to Find Someone on Instagram with a phone number, you are not alone. Many of us have a lot of trouble connecting with people we know through email. There are numerous ways to do this. These methods involve logging into your phone and sending a message to the person you wish to connect with on Instagram. You can also send a text message to the person to let them know that you’re interested in connecting.

You’ll also need to know if the person you want to contact on Instagram has a cell phone number. This isn’t impossible because many people use the service to communicate with their friends. Using a phone number is an easy way to find someone who is not using their account. However, if you do not know their username, the best option is to search for them on Google. This will give you a direct link to their profile.

You can find someone on Instagram by using their phone number. The first step to finding someone on Instagram with a phone number is to add the user’s cell phone number to your own. Then, use their phone to sign in to the website, and you’ll be able to see their profile. If you’re unable to find the person on the website, you can ask a friend to provide the contact details.

Can you Search Instagram with phone number?

Although it is not possible to search Instagram with a phone number, it is still possible to find someone’s profile using the number. This works by connecting your phone with the Instagram application and then matching it with their account. Once you have their number, the app will show you their contacts. You can scroll through the list to find the person you want to search. Then, you can click on their profile picture to send a private message to them.

One of the ways to search Instagram is by entering their phone number. Then, they will appear on the screen. If you have a person’s name, you can manually search for that person. However, this method may not be accurate because multiple users may have the same name. You can also not zoom in on the profile picture to find out if it’s a picture of the person. So, it is good to use a people search service that offers this option.

Another way to search Instagram is to enter the person’s phone number in the search field. This will provide you with a list of people who may be linked to that user’s account. If you have contact with the person, the results should be relevant to them. If the results are blank, it means the user used a different phone number when signing up for their IG account. A third method to search Instagram is to use the username.

If you have a contact on your phone, you can search Instagram with a phone number. You can use the person’s username to search for their profile, but if you don’t know their username, you can always use their profile picture. If you can’t remember their username, you can also search Instagram by phone number. Once you’ve figured out where to find this information, you’ll be able to search for the person by their name and/or phone number.

Instagram has a built-in search bar. You can use this to find anyone you want. It is best to keep the contact in your phone for easy identification. This is the fastest and easiest way to find someone using Instagram. It can also be used to look up a person by name or by ZIP code. You must have the person’s phone number in order to do this. The next step is to open the profile of the person in question. Tap the hamburger menu icon in the upper-right corner of the profile page. A list will be displayed. From there, you can type in the name or address to see the results.

Once you’ve found a contact by phone number, you can follow that person’s profile page. Alternatively, you can use a profile icon to find a person’s profile. Just be sure to enter the person’s phone number and email address. You should be able to find them within a few seconds. This is a simple way to search Instagram by phone number. Then, you can choose to follow them.

You can also use the phone number of a person’s Instagram account to find them. If you know their phone number, you can find a person by their name. There are a couple of methods to find a person by phone. You can start by looking up the person by name and email address. If you have a friend’s phone number, you can use the number of that person. It may not be possible to search for their profile, but you can search for their phone number.

If you have a friend’s phone number, you can search for them using the phone number. You can also search the person’s name by using the phone’s mobile data. If you’ve added the person’s contact’s cell phone number to your phone, you should be able to find the user’s profile by using that information. You can even search for other people’s profiles.

How to Search Instagram with phone number

If you have the mobile phone number of an Instagram user, you can use this to find that person. First, you must have saved the contact on your device. Then, go to the profile page and tap on the hamburger menu icon. This will display a list of people. Next, you need to enter the contact’s name. If you don’t know how to do this, you can ask an Instagram employee for help.

Once you have the phone number, you can search for the person in question. The easiest way to search for an account is to type in the person’s name. In case you don’t have a username, you can also try using their phone number. This will work only if the person has added the mobile to their Instagram account. This guide is for personal use only. It is illegal to harass strangers on Instagram.

If you have the phone number of an Instagram user in your contact book, you can search for them via the app. All you need is the username and the person’s profile icon. Once you have the username, you can use it to search for the person. However, you should be sure to provide the exact name of the person. It’s not recommended to use phone numbers if you don’t have the full name of the person.

If you don’t have a phone number, you can still search for them on Instagram using their phone number. You can do this with two methods: if you’ve linked the phone number to your profile or saved it, or if you sync the contacts list with the app. To find out if the person has added a phone number, tap on the ‘Contacts’ icon. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to search for them through their profile.

You can search for a person by name by using the phone number. Then, if you’d like to follow the person’s posts, you need to know the user’s phone number. Afterward, you can browse the hashtag to see if the user is following you or not. But, you’ll only be able to find the person who has saved his/her phone number on their device.

If you don’t have the phone number of the person, you can still search through their username. Unlike other social networks, Instagram does not offer a direct contact method. Instead, customers can use their phone number to reach the company. It also provides a link to the user’s profile. Whether you’re looking for a friend or a business, it will always be possible to find the person through their phone number.

If you’re looking for a friend, you can use their phone number to search for them on the social media site. If you’re trying to find a person by phone number, you can use their phone number to search the person’s Instagram profile. Then, you can look up the person’s username. You can also use the phone number to contact the person you’re searching for.

In addition to a username, you can also search for a person by phone number. Then, you’ll be able to find the user through the user’s phone number. Once you know the username, you can then use it to search for the person. The next step is to enter the owner’s phone. Depending on their settings, you might need to choose a phone option that allows you to enter the username and phone number.

Using the phone number to search for an Instagram user is not a difficult task. The only thing you need to do is type the user’s username in the search bar. Once you have found the person’s name, simply enter the person’s address and click “Search” to begin. This will give you a list of accounts with the same username. In the future, you can also use the phone number to search for friends.

How to mass delete Instagram posts? (Instagram post deleters)

It happens to all of us that we feel our Instagram account needs a fresh start. As deleting your posts one by one is time-consuming, you need to find another way to clean up your IG account and mass delete your Instagram posts.

Here, I will tell you how to mass delete Instagram posts in some simple steps and get rid of many posts in just one click.

Can you mass delete Instagram posts?

As you know, deleting Instagram posts is a common action. But if your question is about deleting multiple posts or all your Instagram posts, I have to say yes. You can mass delete Instagram posts in two ways. The first way is to do it manually or use a reliable third-party app. I will explain more about how to mass delete Instagram posts.

How to delete multiple Instagram posts?

As I mentioned above, you can delete multiple Instagram posts in two ways that I will explain below.

The Classic way to delete Instagram posts

Sometimes, you have only a few photos on your account and want to delete multiple posts. The first way is the classic way, which you delete one by one using the Instagram app. You can clear up your IG posts in some simple action.

  • Open the Instagram app
  • Choose the selected post to expand
  • Click on the three dots to see the menu
  • Choose “Delete” and confirm

Use Post Deleter to mass delete Instagram posts

Post Deleter is a third-party app that offers Instagram users extra features to mass delete IG posts.You can use the Instagram bulk post delete aspect of different third-party apps and delete multiple Instagram posts at once. The good point is that you can use some of them on your PC. Continue reading and learn about mass deleting Instagram posts on Android and iPhone systems.

How to mass delete Instagram posts on iOS

You can use different third-party apps to mass delete Instagram posts while retaining your account. One of the best apps on iOS is InstaClean. This Instagram post deleter app helps you delete multiple photos in just one action. Just select posts you do not need and tap the delete button.

How to mass delete Instagram posts on Android

There are perfect choices for Android users, too. Most of these Instagram post deleters allow you to delete at least five photos at once while using them for free. The Android IG deleting post-process is in the same pattern as iOS.

What is a mass Instagram post deleter?

Mass Instagram post deleter is the key to deleting multiple IG posts. They are third-party apps people use to delete multiple Instagram photos and posts. With an IG post deleter, you can quickly erase everything and save time. Mostly, these apps are easy to use. You have to pay for some of these Instagram photo deleters, while you can use others for free. What are the best Instagram post deleters?

What are the best Instagram post deleters?

Here are some of the best mass Instagram post deleters you can choose and try.

  • Instant Cleaner – for Instagram

The first app is Instant Cleaner, the best app to mass clean what you do not need on Instagram in one action. Also, you can use other features of this app like unfollowing users, unlike photos and videos, blocking followers, and deleting your IG posts. You can use the free version of this app for 15 operations and delete 5 Photos in each operation process. If you want to continue using it, buy the Pro version for $4.99.

  • Cleaner for Instagram – Unfollow, Block, and Delete

The next app is Cleaner for Instagram, a multipurpose tool for iPhone users to do Bulk activities like deleting multiple pictures on Instagram in one click. More than that, you can do Bulk Unfollow, Bulk Deletion, Bulk Block, Bulk Like/Unlike, etc. You can use its free version to delete 50 Photos, then purchase Pro or Cloud Version for $3-$5.

  • Mass Delete for Instagram

Mass delete is the best choice if you don’t want to buy the pro version. You can use this app to mass delete all your Instagram pictures. Also, you can use it for other Bulk actions like follows/unfollow, or unlike on Instagram. While you cannot download this app on Google Play Store, you will find it from other App stores.

  • InstaClean – Cleaner for IG

This one is a good app for iPhone users named InstaClean. It is a perfect app to delete all your Instagram photo posts. Moreover, you can use it automatically to approve all pending follow requests. There is a free base app, but you can pay for additional features. 

  • Cleaner for IG – Unfollow, block and delete

This app is named Cleaner for IG, and you can use it on both iPhone and Android platforms. You can try up to 50 actions for free, then upgrade it to the Pro version. Like most other IG post deleters, Cleaner for IG provides other features except deleting photos from Instagram.


You might experience that you are confused because of the great number of your Instagram posts. The easy solution is to delete some of your posts, but sometimes there are a lot of posts and deleting them is so time-consuming. But do not worry, here you learn how to delete multiple Instagam posts just in one click and save time. Also, you can read about the best mass Instagram post deleters.