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Cheap Essay Writing Service: How To Find the Best One?

Finding a professional and cheap essay writing service can be daunting for many students. Don’t worry if you are one of them. Trying to find the one that serves all your purposes can be nerve-wracking and a never-ending struggle for many. Despite this, finding an affordable essay writing service is not really an impossible task.

In an effort to assist you find a reliable, affordable writing service that can fulfill your requirements on time, we reviewed hundreds of academic writing services online. As per the research, some reputed service providers are affordable and professional. Here is the list of affordable services that you can opt for:

  • CheapestEssay
  • EssayPro
  • ExpertWriting
  • PaperHelp
  • SpeedyPaper

These are the top affordable writing services that we came across. Apart from these services, there are many others who can help you with academic writing assignments. You can opt for a service provider who fits your requirements well.

However, please conduct proper research to ensure that your chosen services are legit and trustworthy. Usually, it is a bit tricky to find the right service, especially for students. So, to help you out, we are going to provide you with information that’ll assist you in finding exemplary service.  

Special features to take into account when selecting a cheap essay writing service

When selecting a service, you’ll have to look for specific features that help fulfill your assignment objectives easily. Pay attention to the following features to successfully select a reliable writing service:

  1. Customization: Always look for services that do assignments from scratch. When you place an order for coursework, essay, dissertation, or other assignments, the company must provide customized service. 

There are several sites where you may find pre-written essays and papers on various topics. You can select an essay that is related to your topic; however, remember that this type of paper will have certain issues. Thus, if you purchase an essay from such a service, you can end up editing it yourself to suit your requirements or jeopardize your score.

If the service provider has a customized approach to your order, this won’t be the case. Furthermore, you can include specific instructions for the writers to give personalized service. Paper writing services such as these offer plenty of control.

  1. Plagiarism-free: Submitting plagiarized papers can be detrimental to your grades and reputation. It may affect your future negatively too. Thus, it is best to practice caution when you are searching for affordable paper service. Ensure that you will receive an original paper written exclusively for you.

Always pay attention to the uniqueness (originality) of the papers, regardless of how inexpensive an essay writing service is. Top essay writing services for students always state that they create their essays from scratch and then scan them for plagiarism using an anti-plagiarism tool. If you are lucky, you’ll get a free plagiarism report too!

  1. Writer’s accessibility: Writers are the most essential resource for essay writing firms. And one may want to be able to select the writer of their choice or want to communicate with them directly. However, several cheap essay providers try to limit their customers’ ability to communicate with the writer.

Thus make sure the service provider has some kind of channel for communication channel or regular updates to keep the clients in the loop. Sometimes a student may want to pick a cheap essay writer; therefore, the service must offer user-friendly features.

  1. Refunds: There is a widespread misconception concerning return policies. Many people believe that if the company mentions a refund, the service is poor. However, it is not correct; instead, it shows that the company is not scared to guarantee you a refund.

It means that the service they give is so good that they seldom receive reclamation and will quickly satisfy a valid request to get your money back. It may seem strange that a cheap essay writing service would require such an option, but fair competition laws apply to everyone. 

Simply put, if the firm does not offer a refund if an essay of bad quality is delivered, it does not earn your faith.

  1. Instructions: A reliable company must prioritize your instructions and opinions. Any compromise on this is definitely a no-no since you know what kind of essay you want. Thus, it’s apparent that your preferences and expectations are the most important.

So, if you’re seeking cheap essays and notice that the service provider isn’t listening to you, just cancel your order and seek another service. You are the customer, and you have complete authority to obtain what you desire.

These are some of the features that you must keep in mind when selecting a service provider. Apart from this, look for –

  • Revision option
  • Good customer care support
  • Adequate deadlines


Client experience is special and unique; usually, several factors influence it. However, there are characteristics that reputable and reliable writing organizations have, such as: 

Money-back guarantees, and careful preservation of your personal information, are referred to as a privacy policy. 

You can simply discontinue your association with the service if you aren’t satisfied with your order. However, if you enjoy the essay you receive, just continue with it whenever you are in need. 

The Importance of Social Media Marketing in iGaming

iGaming and Social Media Marketing

Social media is ever-present in the modern world, and, as such, it’s a prime area for marketing for businesses – including iGaming.

The Rise of Social Media 

It isn’t so long ago that social media simply was not a thing, and news and advertising were the preserve of TV bulletins, newspapers, and the radio. Nowadays, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other networks are juggernauts with astonishingly high audiences and massive marketing clout. And despite the large number of social media sites the numbers are still going up as innovation and technology steadily marches on. Because they’re online and have such substantial interest, social media is an essential part of any iGaming marketing campaign. 

No Deposit Deals 

Marketing is critical for the world of iGaming, both in social and more traditional forms of media because the sector is intensely competitive. This makes it very much a player’s market as online casinos compete with one another to win and retain customers. Another aspect of this ferocious competition comes with special offers, of which there are many at the best USA no deposit casinos. Check our link for the leading USA no deposit bonus codes for 2022 that offer the best potential start to betting. No deposit promotions are ideal for both new and old players. Newcomers can find out if casino games are for them without depositing (and therefore risking) a single penny, and old hands always enjoy the chance to win real cash with zero risk of losing out.

Choosing the Right Channel(s)

Every online casino and sportsbook has a certain budget for self-promotion, and even if cash were no object there comes a point where throwing more money at something costs more than the extra revenue it generates. Because of this, it’s critical to consider which social media network, or networks, is the right fit for an iGaming site. Facebook is perhaps the most obvious social media outlet for marketing but is not the friendliest towards gambling content, and the banhammer can cut short any marketing tail. 

There is Twitter and Instagram as well, and while Reddit is not the first name on lips it can be pretty good for this sort of thing. Posting promotional content is ok in subreddits, and if you have a dedicated staff member to check regularly to answer questions and clarify any ambiguities this can be a good way to show a positive attitude to customer (and potential customers) service. 

Running ads on Facebook is another possibility, although this is a different kettle of fish compared to posting content and engaging that way.

Style and Appeal 

Branding, style, and visual appeal are something that iGaming firms are very familiar with and they matter a lot for social media marketing. It’s important that adverts and visual assets catch the eye and give an intriguing (and honest, of course) view of a site. This might include the headline of a new player promotion, especially of the no deposit variety as these offer the best value to potential players.

An alternative way to generate social media engagement can be through prize draws. On Twitter, for example, this could come in the form of a free entry to the draw for free cash for anyone who retweets. That way your tweet gets seen far more than it would have, and the individual only needs to hit the RT button to have the chance of a free cash promo. As that example makes clear, the specific giveaway (as with the art used) may well depend on the social medium selected.

Social Media and the Mainstream 

While there is a difference between social media and the mainstream, this is not an unbridgeable gulf and there are ways to mix the two to best effect. It is possible for an iGaming site to take advantage of Twitter TV ads, which appear to people engaged in a particular TV show (if you run a sportsbook then football matches would be an obvious example). This neatly matches up pre-existing interests and new, related opportunities. Getting a football fan to make a bet on football or a poker fan to play poker is a much smaller step than getting a gardener to do so because, on average, the gardener will be less interested in activities adjacent to betting.

Navigating the Minefield 

There is one drawback to social media that can be tricky to overcome, and this is the opaque approach to the rules that social media networks draw up. This can mean adverts are refused for reasons that are not readily apparent, making it hard to correct matters so they can be approved. Facebook does allow advertising, but can also shut down your account if you are deemed to have contravened its advertising policies. Note also these policies can change often, so you should check before launching a campaign even if successful with the same network in the past.

Social media is not the only marketing avenue worthy of exploration for iGaming firms, but it is one of the most important.

Fix iPhone Face id not available (100% working methods)

Face ID is a helpful feature for all iPhone users and helps them unlock their phones without entering the passcode. There is a point that sometimes iPhone users complain about the face id not available issue. This problem might happen because of different reasons that most of the time depend on a software glitch or hardware problem. But if you are looking for a way to solve the issue of face id not being available on iphone, continue reading. Below I will explain why does it say face id not available, and tell you how to fix it.

What is the “face id not available” issue?

As you know, when the face id feature is not working, it can cause a bad issue for an iPhone user. Recently, face id not available iphone 11 was one of the most reported problems. Here, I want to tell you some simple tricks which you can use to fix the issue of face id not being available, but Before that let’s see why is face id not available.

As you know the system of unlocking your iPhone with Face ID depends on the camera and the Face ID feature, so when one of them is at fault, it could be the reason why is my face id not available. Here, you can read about some of these potential causes:

  • Your face is not fully visible to the camera because the lens angle is not proper.
  • When your camera is covered with a small amount of dust.
  • After five failed tries, the system will stop functioning.
  • The old iOS version or old device is not supported by Face ID.
  • When you lock your iPhone using the “Find My iPhone” app.

Now that you know why does it say face id not available, continue reading and learn how to fix the face id is not available issue.

Which phone show the error “face id not available”?

When you are here, it means you have face the face id is not available issue. Previously explained the reasons why does it say face id not available, here I want to tell you that while all iPhone users might face this problem, many people recently reported face id not available iphone 11. If you want to know how to fix it, continue reading.

How to fix “face id not available”?

Above here, I have explained why is face id not available. Now, I want to go through the ways you can use to fix this problem.

  • One of the most probable reasons why is face id not available is because something covers the notch. So, first of all, check your phone camera, and remove any coverage case.
  • Also, if you are asking yourself why is my face id not available, check your orientation, remember that you must hold your iPhone vertically, in portrait orientation.
  • Sometimes you might have encountered some software crashes, and the best way to deal with them is to restart your phone. 
  • This issue might happen when you do not set up Face ID correctly. Go to your phone’s setting and check your Face ID settings. 
  • If you wonder why is my face id not available, think if you have recently changed your appearance. This would be another cause for the Face ID not working issue. You can fix this problem by setting up an alternate appearance.
  • If none of the above was your case, it might be a good idea to reset the Face ID. Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode and tap the Reset Face ID.
  • For a more drastic situation that your Face ID is not available, you can reset all of your device’s settings by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.


If you are an iPhone user, you should know about the Face ID feature that iPhone users like to use instead of entering a password to unlock their phone. But as an iPhone user, you might face the common problem of face id not available iphone 11. Read the above text and learn why does it say face id not available, and how you can fix this problem using some simple tricks.

How Image to Text Converters Help Students to Copy Class Notes?

Everyone has carried the burden of heavy books and notes in student life. Collecting them and securing them in one place has always been a difficult task.

But now, the word has changed. You can save dozens of documents by scanning them through different techniques.

Out of all these techniques, OCR is one of the most preferred techniques that can be used to extract data.

If you are new to this technique, let’s look at it.

What is OCR?

Optical Character Recognition simply OCR is a technique used to convert images and printed and scanned documents into editable text. It is used for processing data in which characters are converted to codes and text is extracted from them.

Its algorithm performs two significant functions:

  1. In pattern recognition, the language and font of data are recognized.
  2. In feature detection, some codes are generated for 4each letter. For a letter, E, one vertical and three horizontal lines are generated as a code.

How does OCR work?

For data extraction, OCR uses color code, i.e. black and white. The black color shows characters while it is for empty spaces.

Steps of OCR

The whole process is based on five simple steps.

  1. In the first step, the image is imported from the storage. OCR kit can import data from every platform or any location, and it is also supported for every kind of image and file format.  
  2. In the second step image or document is pre-processed. In this operation, the quality of the image is increased and enhanced to remove any blurry effect.
  3. The AI-based algorithm is then used to analyze the structure of documents, the layout is critically examined text is recognized along with its design.
  4. In the fourth step, data is recognized. It is seen in what language data is present and what the font of it is. Documents can be printed or handwritten, so OCR works according to them.
  5. After extraction, in the fifth and last step, data is exported, and a document is formed in which you can make edits.

How to perform OCR?

OCR can be performed through various online software. This software can extract data from images and documents.

They are easy to use and save time and the tension of manual typing. Different tools have different interfaces and functionality, and you may get facilitated by them for free. While some devices also have a paid version.

Examples of such types of tools are as follows:

It is a famous and reliable bundled tool for data extraction. With this tool, you can also extract text from blur images and screenshots.

How can I use this tool?

  • Drag your image, enter the URL, or upload it from drive or dropbox.
  • Select the language from the setting
  • Verify the reCAPTCHA.
  • Hit on the Submit option.

Why should I use this tool?

  • This tool is easy to use. 
  • It is free of cost.
  • You can identify math equations by it.
  • It works best for blurry images.
  • You can perform OCR for three files at one time.
  • It gives you the option of choosing your preferred language.
  • You can use it on any device.
  • It is responsive to minor changes.
  • The tool is based on contemporary AI technology.

This image to text tool is used to perform OCR. Its usage and features are given below.

How can I use this tool?

  • Upload an image or browse for it.
  • Verify the reCAPTCHA.
  • Click on Submit option.
  • Save your text.

Why should I use this tool?

  • This tool is also free.
  • It has a friendly interface.
  • It also supports multiple languages.
  • You can perform OCR for every type of image like JPG, GIF, etc.
  • It has no installation process.
  • It is AI-based.
  • This software is very responsive.
  • It provides security to your data. is an OCR tool that can help you in image and document conversion. The text obtained is editable, and the technology is based on advanced AI.

How can I use this tool?

  • Upload your image on Drag and Drop option. You can also link a URL, add a file by dropbox, or take the file directly from the drive.
  • Verify the reCAPTCHA.
  • Click on the Convert option.
  • You will get your text.
  • Download it to make edits.

Why should I use this tool?

  • This tool does not demand a single penny and is free to use.
  • You do not require any account on the software. Similarly, no subscription process is needed.
  • Its algorithm is based on contemporary AI technology.
  • It is compatible with all types of devices.
  • It supports multiple languages. You can select your preferred language from the settings before uploading the image.
  • It is highly accurate and secure.
  • It does not make any copy of your material.
  • After the OCR process, the file is deleted from its database.

Benefits of OCR

  • You can make edits to documents.
  • It is a time-saving and productive technique.
  • There is no need for manual retyping in it.
  • Customer service has improved through it.
  • You can save a large amount of data through it.
  • It has increased business efficiency and working capacity.


OCR is a new and versatile technique used in almost every business and institution. You can extract data through documents and images and save it in storage for later use.

There are five distinct steps in which an image is imported and intensified, followed by data recognition. It helps to manage storage and increase productivity by decreasing efficiency costs.

This contemporary technique can be implemented through various tools. These tools can serve OCR for you in free or limited payment.

These tools are also easy to use and secure. To make a long story short, OCR is essential for every field.

Steps In Keyword Research: Finding, Analyzing & Using Keywords

Do you know what words your ideal customers use to find businesses, products, and services similar to yours?

If not, then you must do thorough keyword research. It will help you find and select the right keywords for your site.

But, it is easier said than done. Generating the target keyword pool is one of the most important and difficult aspects of SEO. 

Therefore, plenty of questions surround it. If you, too, have them, we got you covered because we know this pain firsthand. 

In this blog, we will be discussing:

  • What are the key terms related to keyword research
  • How to find the best keyword phrases for SEO 
  • How to ensure your keywords align with user intent

Let’s get started.

Step 0: Know The Basic Terms

Before starting with keyword research, you should know a few basic terms to get the most out of them. Here are a few of them:

  1. Focus Keyword

Focus Keyword is the word or phrase you want the page to be found for in the search results. 

It accurately describes the content of your blog post or page. It will be present in your title, URL, meta description, and text.

  1. Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords contain 3 or more words. 

These are specific phrases that buyers are more likely to use during the buying cycle or while using voice search.

A long-tail keyword strategy is extremely helpful if your industry is highly competitive. Also, when you are looking at long-term gains.

  1. Search Volume

The search volume of a keyword refers to the average number of monthly searches for a keyword or phrase. 


You can look up the global search volume for a keyword or narrow it down to a specific city, county, state, or country.

A higher search volume denotes more potential visitors to your website.

  1. Competition

One of the most important goals of keyword research is to rank in Google and other search engines for your target phrases. 

Competition tells you how competitive it is to do that.

Your ideal keyword should have a high search volume in your targeted market but low competition.

Using RankWatch’s  free keyword research tool, you can easily get tons of keyword suggestions and these insights for them.

Based on their CPC, difficulty (or competition), and search volume, you can pick and drop keywords you wish to target.

We’ll come back to this later; let’s look at the next step first.

Step 1: Research Your Niche

You must dive deep in to learn more about your topic or niche before figuring out the best SEO keywords and optimizing for them. .

It gives you unique ideas;  you can also discover different angles for your marketing and SEO strategy.

Here are some quick ideas on studying your niche:

  • Know your existing customers; talk to them. Find out what words they use to describe your brand, company, product, or service.
  • Try to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. If you need to discuss the brand’s offering with a friend, how would you discuss it?
  • Be a part of online communities, like forums and social media networks. Read the discussions and identify any pain points mentioned about your niche.

When you do it, you are better positioned to select the target keywords for your site.

Step 2: Study the Search Intent

Using high-volume and low-competition keywords to increase the rankings for a page was easy in the past. 

But it’s not the case anymore because search algorithms have evolved, prioritizing the search intent. 

Search intent shows you why people search for a specific term or what they want to see in the search results for a specific query. 

You can better understand the search intent by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Why are they searching?
  • Are they searching for a particular website?
  • Are they searching to buy something?
  • Or are they looking for a specific service/solution?

Once you understand the search intent behind the search queries, you will be able to refine your keyword research.

With that, you’d be able to target keywords relevant to your customer’s search intent and rank even better in the SERPs.

Step 3: List Down Relevant Topics

You should break down the goal and aim into smaller topic buckets based on the main category of your brand. 

For example, if you’re an FMCG brand specializing in beauty/makeup products, some topics related to your brand can be:

  • Eye Products 
  • Lipstick
  • Novelty Makeup
  • Nail Products

Now, you can create content around these sub-topics by finding relevant keywords and optimizing for them.

Step 4: Conceptualize Seed Keywords

The seed keywords lay the foundation of the keyword research process. It helps you in defining your niche and identifying your competitors. 

Every keyword research tool requests a seed keyword to generate an extensive list of keyword ideas (more on that shortly).

If you already have a product or business that you want to promote online, coming up with seed keywords is simple. 

Just think about what people type into search engines to find what you offer.

Move to the next step as soon as you have a handful of broad ideas related to the topic of your website.

Step 5: Do A Competitor Keyword Analysis

Looking at which keywords are already sending traffic to your competitors is undoubtedly the best way to begin your keyword research.

To do so, you must first identify those competitors. That’s where your brainstormed list of keywords will help you.

Type seed keywords into the search box (of any search engine you wish to rank on) and see who comes up on the first page.

List them in one place and proceed to the next step.

Step 6: Use Good Keyword Research Tools

Studying your competitors can provide you with a great variety of unique keyword ideas. Even if you’re well-versed in the industry, brainstorming alone won’t help you discover all the key areas.

Now it’s time to use keyword research tools to refine your search terms further.

Google Keyword Planner is one option. But unfortunately, it only provides an estimation of search volumes.

Instead, you can use a free keyword research tool. It will provide you with a lot more suggestions and information.

Besides this, you can find out question keywords related to your seed keyword. 

Just type in the topic (or seed keyword) into the tool’s search box, and you get a list of alternative keywords (or suggestions). It happens within a click!

Step 7: Identify Long-Tail Keywords

Seed keywords are short search terms closely related to your site’s main topic or category. But, they have high competition and thus are difficult to rank.

On the other hand, long-tail keywords are more elaborate and related to your site’s sub-topics or sub-categories. 

They are quite specific and hence less competitive. So, they are far easier to target and rank for in the SERPs.


For example, if your website publishes content about makeup product reviews, using long-tail keywords like “what are the best novelty makeup products” will attract a more relevant audience than the seed keyword “novelty makeup.”

Step 8: Use Them To Your Advantage

So there you have it, basically everything you could ever want to know about how to find and analyze keywords.

But what about using those keywords?

Implementing keywords for SEO is a different matter entirely. 

There are certain rules and best practices for adding keywords to a website to make the SEO efforts more worthwhile.

So, here are a few things you can keep in mind while using the keywords for maximum SEO results:

  1. Focus on 3-8 keywords per article;  try not to stuff too many keywords in the content.
  2. Use the keywords in the Meta Descriptions, Meta Title Tags, and page URLs.
  3. Add your keywords in the title, headers, and alt-image tags.
  4. Insert keywords in your content evenly throughout the piece.
  5. Don’t force to insert the keyword if it doesn’t work naturally; use the correct version of keywords to make it relevant to your content. 

Wrapping Up

All done!

You now have a list of keywords to focus on the right topics for your business. It will help you get both short-term and long-term gains.

Don’t forget to re-evaluate these keywords every few months and make the necessary changes to rank better. 

You can even add more keywords to your target pool as you gain more authority in the SERPs. 

It will help you maintain your current presence and grow in new areas in the future.

Do you know other ways to carry out keyword research? We will be happy to hear your thoughts and ideas on how to expand our guide.

How to recover deleted Instagram messages(Recovery tools)

Today, billions of users use Instagram as one of the most popular social media platforms to send private messages, photos, videos, or share profiles, stories, and links with friends and family via the Direct Messages feature. All Instagram users who use its Direct Messages know that sometimes it might happen to delete important messages from Instagram and then need them back. Here, I want to talk about Instagram DMs recovery, and teach you how to recover deleted messages on Instagram, what are Instagram messages recovery tools and what Instagram message recovery sites.

Can you recover deleted Instagram messages?

If you are an Instagram user who uses this app to send private messages, you might be in an emergency and need to recover deleted messages. The good news is that you can easily recover deleted Instagram messages if you learn about Instagram message recovery ways. Continue reading and learn how to recover deleted Instagram messages and view deleted Instagram direct messages.

How to see deleted messages on Instagram?

Can you recover deleted Instagram messages? Previously I said that fortunately, it is possible. But now you might wonder how to see deleted messages on Instagram. To answer this question, you have to know about the ways of Instagram DMs recovery, because the only way that you can see Instagram deleted messages is to recover them. Continue reading and learn about how to recover deleted Instagram messages by using Instagram messages recovery tools and Instagram message recovery sites.

How to recover deleted messages on Instagram?

Previously, I told you that you can use different Instagram message recovery tools and Instagram message recovery sites as a way how to recover deleted Instagram messages. Here, I want to tell you more about the details of IG recovery messages Technics and how to see deleted messages on Instagram.

  • Recover Instagram Messages from User Whom You’ve Sent.

Can you recover deleted instagram messages? The answer is YES. Pay attention that when you delete messages on Instagram, you have deleted the chat from your phone and the person, who you have chatted with might have a copy of the conversation.

So as an easy way, ask that person to resend you the messages if he has them.

  • Recover Instagram Messages from Instagram Data

If you delete an Instagram message on your phone device, they are not available in your app, but Instagram’s server has saved them. So, you can recover your direct messages, photos, videos, and other types of files by requesting data from Instagram. If you do not know how to ask Instagram for a specific data, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Search the Instagram website and log in to your Instagram account.

Step 2: Choose the profile icon from the top right corner of the screen, then select “Profile” from the menu.

Step 3: You will see a Setting icon next to the “Edit Profile”, which you have to select and then choose “Privacy and Security” from the pop-up menu.

Step 4: Go down and find “Data Download”, then choose the “Request Download” button.

Step 5: Enter your email address in the text box, choose the “JSON” format, and click on “Next”.

Step 6: After that, you have entered your email password, you need to click on “Request Download”, and Instagram will send you a link with all the requested information.

Step 7: After you have opened your email, you can find the message from Instagram. Now, you have to click on the “Download Information” icon, which will bring you back to Instagram to download your data.

  • Recover Instagram Messages Using Third-party Tool

If you can not use the above ways to recover your messages, you can choose a third-party data recovery tool and use this Instagram message recovery tool to recover your deleted messages.

  • Recover Deleted Instagram Direct Messages Online 

In this way, you have to use instagram message recovery sites. This method allows you to recover deleted Instagram direct messages online if you follow the below steps:

  1. Choose an online site for recovering Instagram messages and go to the site. Then, enter your Instagram username or Profile URL.
  2. Log into your Instagram account, choose the “Recover Messages” icon and start the recovery process.
  3. When you have completed the human verification and the site has understood that you are indeed a human being, you can recover deleted Instagram messages, easily.

What are Instagram message recovery tools?

While many Instagrammers copy Instagram DMs, comments, and captions for saving, it might happen sometimes that they lose an important message and look for a safe and secure way about how to recover deleted messages on Instagram. Here, I want to introduce IG message recovery tools to recover deleted Instagram messages. Opposite to using Instagram message recovery sites which is a scam not the legal way, you can use Instagram messages recovery tools and be sure that you will not lose any important information through your Instagram account.

What are the best Instagram message recovery tools?

Can you recover deleted Instagram messages? How to recover deleted Instagram messages? Previously, you have learned that you can use different Instagram messages recovery tools. So, if you prefer to use these tools instead of the Instagram message recovery site, continue reading because I will introduce some of the best Instagram messages recovery tools.

  • DMpro is one of the best Instagram message recovery tools that all marketers and all those who want to become successful influencers deal with DMs like to use as a hero to help. 
  • IBeesoft is an iPhone data recovery tool that you can use as helpful software to support you recover Instagram direct messages from your iPhone. 
  • Use U.Fone IOS Toolkit, and do not worry about losing your DMs as it allows you to bring back your accidentally-deleted text messages, photos, and videos.
  • If you are an Android user who is looking for a great Instagram message recovery app, you could use Fonelab as a safe and secure app.


If you are an Instagram user, who misses an important DM and does not know how to recover it, read the above text. There, I have talked about all the details of Recovering Instagram direct messages, how to do this and what are the best tools for this purpose.

How to get your snap score up fast? (In 1 day)

All Snapchat users know that there is a score at the left corner or top left attached to the Snapchat profile pages. But many of them do not know what these strange numbers mean. Just the obvious point is that as you send more snaps to multiple friends, you will increase your score and get extra points. While sending snaps is a simple way to get a high snap score, if you want to know about other ways how to increase snap score, such as a snap score bot and snapchat score hack, continue reading.

How Does Snapchat Score Work?

If you want to know how to get your snap score up in a day, you are at the right place. But before anything, let’s see how does Snapchat score work?

The Snapchat score is a common point for all users, but some people do not know the purpose of that. The best and simple answer is there is no important underlying purpose to your Snapchat score. This is just a random number that rises if you send more snaps, and there is no actual value to it.

The point is that the basic function of this score is to show how active a person is on Snapchat. So if you see a large Snapchat score, you will understand that the user is on Snapchat quite a bit and sends a significant amount of snaps to others. So it would not be wrong to think that the only rhyme or reason for a user’s Snapchat score is to measure their activity level. If you are looking for how to make your snap score go up fast, continue reading.

How to Find Your Snapchat Score

If you want to know how to get your snap score up in a day, first you have to learn how to find this score, then you can try for a high snap score. If you do not know how to check your initial Snapchat score, here I will show you.

  • First, open the Snapchat, and at the top-left corner of the screen choose your profile picture.
  • Here, you have to see a number in a rectangle box below your name, which is your Snapchat Score.
  • For example, if you see 385, it means your initial Snapchat Score is 385.

Now that you know your initial Snapchat score, it is time to learn how to get your snap score up in a day.

How to Find Your Friend’s Snapchat Score

When you are here, it means you want to know how do you get your snap score up, but sometimes you might wonder if you can see your friend’s Snapchat score, and so do they. To answer this question, I have to say yes, you can see your friend’s Snapchat score as easily as yours. Just, go to their page and tap on your friends’ profiles. But pay attention that you can not see the number of snaps sent and received by your friends.

What makes snap score go up?

How do you get your snap score up? This is the main purpose of this text. As I previously mentioned your Snapchat score will increase when you send more and more Snaps to your friends. Here specifically, I want to talk about what makes your snap score go up.

Pay attention that sending photo and video Snaps is not one of the points that help you get a high snap score, it is the only way Snapchat counts. For example, if you send text messages through the Snapchat app, it will not be counted and Snapchat will not give you extra points for sending the same Snap to multiple users. So what makes the snap score go up? Just sending unique Snaps for each friend? While the answer could be yes, I have to mention that if you open Snaps and post stories they will help you to increase your Snapchat score.

How to get your snap score up?

When you are here, it means you wish to know how to increase snap score, so do not miss this paragraph. If you are disappointed because you do not know how to make your snap score go up, I have to say that there are numerous actions you engage in on Snapchat that increase your Snapchat score while you are unaware of them.

Continue reading and learn about some of the best ways how to get a higher snap score fast.

  • Remain Active

Do you want to know how to make your snap score go up? This would be fairly simple advice because if you want a higher score, you have to use Snapchat more frequently. Previously, I explained what makes your snap score go up, and the most important one was how frequently you send snaps and how frequently you watch snaps? So that is simple, share more snaps with your contacts, and increase your Snapchat score more quickly. Also, it would be a good idea to open all received Snaps, so if you have some received Snaps left behind, now open and watch them.

  • Make Friends

Another effective point as an answer to the question of how to increase snap score is to make as many friends as you can. Among the important points that I mentioned for what makes snap score go up, is that you have to send more snaps. When you have more friends, it means you can send your Snaps to more and more people. 

  • Snap Celebrities

Are you wondering how to make your snap score go up fast? While it seems strange, many people send meaningless photos to celebrities because they believe what makes your snap score go up is just this. It might seem unbelievable to you, but that is true, the scatter-bombing celebrities with meaningless photos could be one of the best methods of how do you get your snap score up.

  • Do not Skip Any Snaps 

Previously, we talked about what makes snap score go up, and one of them was watching the received Snaps. So, if you do not know how to get a higher snap score, be aware that every snap that you view on Snapchat earns your account a new score.

Pay attention when searching on Google to find an easy way for increasing your Snap score, you can find thousands of articles suggesting you increase your SnapScore using a simple snapchat score hack, but you should not believe them because all of these snap score hacks are fraud.

Be sure that the Snapchat algorithm is very complex, so there is no real Snapchat score hack to increase your Score overnight. Remember if you do not want to get banned from Snapchat, do not try any of these snap score hacks.

What is a snap score bot?

Previously, I explained how to get a higher snap score, but you might have heard the name of the snap score bot, and wondered what it means. When you search on Google for simple and fast ways to increase your Snapscore, you might find many results that suggest you use their snap score bot to increase your score easily. But is it good to use these bots? Would they offer useful snap score hacks? Continue reading and learn more about this point.

Can we use a snap score bot?

As I mentioned in the above text, there is no snap score hack that helps you to increase your Snap Score over a night. So if you see some online websites offer you to use their fantastic snap score bot, do not believe them. And remember that sharing your email address, or credit card information with them would be a bad decision with terrible results and if you want to find a way of how to get your snap score up fast, be sure that it is not the answer.


Today, many people choose Snapchat as a daily favorite app. While almost all Snapchat users know that there is a score called Snapchat Score, many of them do not know what this score is for, and how to get your snap score up fast. Read the above text and learn all details about the Snapchat Score, and how to get a high snap score.

How to screen record on iphone 12? (Best screen recording apps)

If you are an iPhone 12 user who wants to prepare an instructional video for your students or create a professional tutorial for monetization, you have to know how to screen record on iphone 12. Continue reading and learn all necessary points about iphone 12 screen recording, and find some of the best apps that help you in screen recording iphone 12.

What Is iphone 12 screen recording?

If you want to know what is iphone 12 screen recording, and how to add screen record on iphone 12, do not miss this useful text.

While in recent years, Apple tried to make screen recording with an iPhone easier, finding the controls can be a little difficult at first. You just need a trip to the Settings app and access to Control Center to control the mic, then you can use the screen recording iphone 12 feature and record a video of everything that happens on the screen along with audio that is playing on the iPhone 12.

How to screen record on iphone 12?

Here, I want to explain how to screen record on iphone 12, which is a useful option for all iPhone users. To record your screen on iPhone 12, follow the below steps:

  1. Swipe down from the upper-right corner of your iPhone screen.
  2. It is possible to do this from the lock screen or when your iPhone 12 is unlocked.
  3. Choose the Screen Record icon.
  4. Wait 3 seconds, and the recording will start.
  5. The recording will continue until you stop the recording.
  6. When you need to stop recording your screen, just choose the red status bar above your screen, on the left side.
  7. Choose to stop, and the video will automatically be saved on your phone.

Note that if you have an iPhone 12 max pro and want to know how to screen record on iphone 12 pro max, just follow the above steps.

How to screen record on iphone 12 with sound?

Previously you have learned how to screen record on iphone 12 pro max and iphone 12. But you have to know that there is no default audio recorded while you record your screen. So if you want to record your voice describing along with your recorded video, read this paragraph and learn iphone 12 screen recording with audio steps.

  1. You have to do the first steps just like what you do for simple screen recording and hold the Screen Record icon.
  2. Before choosing to start recording, tap on Microphone On and then start recording. 
  3. Now, if you talk alongside it, your voice will be recorded, too.
  4. The stopping process is again like when you just record the screen without sound.

How Do You Adjust Screen Recording Settings?

Previously, I taught everything about iphone 12 screen recording, but if you want to know how to adjust screen recording settings, I have to say that it is not possible.

The only adjustable option for your side is to decide to start a Facebook Messenger broadcast instead of your Photos. But you can not do anything about adjusting the resolution or the video quality. Just you can edit or trim your video after you have saved it by the app you like.

Are there any limitations for screen recording iphone 12?

Whether you are here to learn how to screen record on iphone 12 pro max or iPhone 12, you have to know that there are some limitations to screen recording iphone 12. For example, You can’t record streaming apps like Netflix, Disney+, or Amazon Prime Video because it makes it possible to pirate the shows you’re streaming, which is against the terms and conditions of using the service.

Pay attention that all notifications and phone calls will be recorded, so it might be good to turn on Do Not Disturb mode when you want to make a screen recording.

How to Set Up iphone 12 screen recording?

Previously, I have explained how you can screen record on your iPhone 12, but that is available if you set up this feature, first. If you do not know how to add screen record on iphone 12, follow the below steps:

  1. Tap the setting on your iPhone 12.
  2. Choose the Control Center.
  3. Go down and find Screen Recording.
  4. Select the + (green plus) logo next to it.
  5. Now, you have added the screen Recording controls to your Control Center. 

Now, you can go to the next level and start screen recording on iphone 12.

Best apps for screen recording iphone 12

Now, it is time to introduce some of the best apps that you can use for screen recording iphone 12. Here, I want to introduce the five best apps that you can use if you want to know how to screen record on iphone 12 pro max, or iPhone 12.

  • Dr.Fone iOS Screen Recorder App – Perfect iPhone Screen Recording App

This is one of the best iOS screen recorder apps with a lot of interesting features like:

  • Help you to make a screen record in a safe, reliable, and fast way.
  • You can use this app to record your iPhone screen without connecting to a computer.
  • High-quality output video.
  • iREC – Great iPhone Screen Recorder with Built-in Live Streaming

iREC is another app that is simple and efficient to make a screen recording on iPhone, iPad, and iPod. The key features of this app are like this:

  • You can simply use it on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad without jailbreak.
  • Easy, simple, and safe to use.
  • High-quality videos.
  • Vidyo – Capture iOS Devices with AirPlay Mirroring Connection

Another app that you can use as a screen recorder on your iPhone 12 or 12 max pro is Vidyo. The key features of this app are like:

  • You can choose the resolutions among different options of 1080P and 60FPS.
  • Make you able to import your own audio or mix them with recording.
  • It is possible to use it for recording Home Screen and other applications for iPhone and other iOS devices.
  • Airshou– High-Quality iPhone Screen Recorder for Stereo Recording

Another most popular iPhone screen recorder application is Airshou with the key features like:

  • Providing videos at 1080p with 60FPS capabilities.
  • High-quality stereo recording outputs.
  • Easy installation.
  • Screen Recording – Default iPhone Screen Recorder Solution for iOS Devices

Screen Recording is the default iPhone Screen Recorder application of Apple, which means there is no need to search install. The key features of this app are:

  • Default screen capture for iPhone users
  • Capture apps and games in high quality.
  •  High-quality output videos.


Do you have an iPhone 12 or 12 max pro and would like to know screen recording iphone 12? Read the above text and learn all the details about Screen recording on iPhones, and iPads. Also, in the above text, I have introduced some of the best third-party apps which can help you in the process of iPhone screen recording. 

9 Tips to Keep Your Home Network Safe

In the last two years, the problem of cybersecurity in the home has become more urgent. 

There are millions of dollars of both private and company money at stake, as well as your job and your livelihood. The FBI reported a 300 percent increase in cybercrime at the onset of the pandemic.

Anyone who gets access into your Wi-Fi system may be able to:

  • Place malware on your computer that will give them access to bank accounts and private financial details. 
  • Get access to your employer’s financial details and company secrets.
  • Use your computer to commit crimes in your name.
  • Steal your data or disable your computer for the purpose of extortion.
  • Use your devices as a conduit for cyber-vandalism such as distributed denial of service (DDoS).

You don’t have to follow all of the tips in this article, but take as many of the precautions as you possibly can. 

9 steps you can take to keep your home network safe

#1. Limit your Wi-Fi availability

Keep your connection switched off when you’re not at home or when you’re asleep. Also, if you have remote Wi-Fi, disable it unless you really need it. It allows access to your home connection from anywhere that has internet access. 

Unfortunately, remote Wi-Fi also greatly increases the opportunities for hackers to gain access to your network. You can go to the admin interface on your Wi-Fi system and use the disable function for remote access.

#2. Use a virtual private network

A VPN is one of the primary defenses against hacking, cyberattacks, and data theft. It will encrypt all the data in your communications so that even your internet service provider can’t read it.

Consider a Surfshark download to protect and secure your data. A VPN can be used on all your devices and has other advantages, such as giving access to any sites that are blocked in your country. 

#3. Secure your router

Your router comes with a service set identifier (SSID), placed there by the manufacturer. This is what anyone within range of your network will see on their screen when they check for nearby Wi-Fi. 

Pick a name that gives nothing away about you or your internet connection. The default name is usually that of the router manufacturer. This is worth changing, as it may give people a clue as to what hacking methods to use on it.

#4. Make a strong password

Then there’s the password or passphrase, which you need when you want to give any of your devices access to your Wi-Fi for the first time. The default password is set by the router manufacturer, and you can’t be sure how safe it is. 

Remove it and make up your own. As with all passwords and codes, don’t include anything that has an obvious connection to you, such as your name or date of birth.

#5. Keep your router updated

Like all other devices, routers are subject to periodical updates in their firmware, but in many cases this doesn’t happen automatically. You need to check it regularly. If the security features aren’t kept up to date, it can be vulnerable to hacking, giving unauthorized access to all your devices. 

You need to find the router’s IP address, which is usually written on a sticker on the device. You can then access the settings for updates by typing this address into your browser.

#6. Use MAC address filtering

Most routers have a media access control system. You have the option of entering the MAC addresses of all the devices in your home and allowing it to connect only to these. This provides you with a layer of protection from unauthorized access by anyone not approved by you.

You can find a computer’s MAC address using the command prompt. Type cmd into the search bar. When the prompt appears, type ipconfig /all and press Enter. You can allow or block any MAC address you choose on your router.

#7. Create a separate network for guests

You have a security problem if you frequently have visitors to your home who need to use your Wi-Fi. However, most routers allow you to have separate systems. These can allow access to your Wi-Fi through another network that hides your devices and data. 

You do this by creating a separate guest SSID and Wi-Fi password for them. First you need to find the router’s IP address on the sticker attached to it. Then log in to the device on your browser and change the settings.

#8. Use a firewall

Most wireless routers have a built-in firewall, but this often has to be activated by the user. It’s another layer of protection against illegitimate access to your network. It will block any unauthorized traffic that enters or leaves the network without your consent.

You need to log in to the device’s advanced settings and enable the firewall by entering your IP address. As it may slow down your internet speeds slightly, you can switch it off when you need a faster connection.

#9. Limit the range of your Wi-Fi

For anyone to access your system, they need to be within range. Unfortunately, you can’t make the signal stop exactly at the walls of your house. But you may be unnecessarily extending it.

You can make it less likely that anyone outside your property can pick up a signal from your network. If you have a dual-band router, the 2.4GHz band will extend farther than the 5GHz one, often being detectable from beyond your home. Use the 5GHz band if this is adequate for your house.

Some other precautions you can take

No matter how good your technology is, you need to know how to stay safe online. Most cybercrimes are committed with the unwitting cooperation of the victim.

Be careful with email

For careless or naive people, their email accounts are the gateway to their money and data for cybercriminals. Seventy-five percent of all malware is sent this way.

  • Treat all mail from unknown or doubtful sources as dangerous. Make it a matter of policy to check the source of any mail about banking or finance.
  • Make sure to not click on any links in these messages. You may end up placing malware on your computer that will provide access to your financial details for criminals.
  • In case you get a message claiming to be from your bank or other financial institution, don’t use the reply button. Find the contact information elsewhere and get in touch that way.
  • Beware of emails with alarming news, or urging you to take instant action, e.g. claiming your bank account is in danger. This is a common trick of scammers to panic people into dropping their guard.
  • Never reveal your password, PIN, or one-time security code to anyone online. Genuine banks or financial staff never request this information over the internet.

You need to keep in mind that this type of fraud is only made possible by the victim. Don’t make it easy for the thieves.

Beware of impersonation

To the unwary internet user, a criminal can pretend to be almost anybody. Millions are stolen by thieves who use fake web pages claiming to be the sites of world-famous companies. The brands most often impersonated are:

  • Microsoft – 45%
  • DHL —26%
  • Amazon —11%
  • Best Buy — 4%
  • Google — 3%  

Check the address of any message you receive and go to the company website to see if it matches. Scammers will often make up addresses that look somewhat like the real thing, e.g.


Protecting your home network requires a combination of technology and constant vigilance. Don’t let the fear of cybercrime restrict your financial activity online, or discourage you from working from home. 

Hackers and thieves depend on the complacency or ignorance of their victims. By taking the right precautions against them, you reduce the risk of becoming a victim to a negligible level.

What is share focus status and how to use it? (Complete guide)

As you know smartphones were a great revolution in how we keep in touch and communicate with each other. But this 24/7 availability has some disadvantages, like when we’d rather keep distractions away. Turning our phones off is not always socially acceptable, so you have to find another solution. One of the most sophisticated solutions on the iOS system is to use focus status and share it. Continue reading and learn what does share focus status mean.

What is share focus status?

First of all, let’s see what is share focus status on iPhone.This is one of the best iOS Focus Mode features. When you do not share your Focus Status, nobody will understand why you are not replying to them, and they will keep contacting you to no avail. But if you share the focus status, others who want to send a message or call you will understand that you cannot come to your phone because you have Focus Mode on. So they have two options, if it is an emergency, they can call you or wait for you to get back to them.

Why iPhone users should share focus status?

Previously, I explained what is share focus status on iphone. Now, if you want to know why some people use share this status, read this paragraph. 

As I mentioned above, sometimes you are doing something important and do not want anybody to disturb you, so you may choose to turn off or silence your phone. But what will happen if somebody has an emergency call. So the preferred solution is to use a focus status. 

Also, if you know what is share focus status imessage and use it when somebody wants to contact you, it will send apps (like iMessage) a notification that shows your alerts are muted. Because if you silence your notifications without letting others know, it might lead to misunderstandings. So, if you want to prevent these unpleasant situations, the best way is to use the Focus mode and share it.

Also, some other people who know what does share focus status mean, like to use it to focus or relax without the nagging of unimportant notifications. 

What happens when you have Share Focus Status turned on?

If you do not know what is share focus status on iphone, read the above paragraphs. Here, I want to tell you what happens when you turn on this feature? 

When you turn on this feature, people in supported apps will notice a flag stating that you have decided to silence your message notifications. But always, there would be an option ‘Notify Anyway’ as a hyperlink under the message that if anybody presses this button, Focus understands that their message is a Time Sensitive one and ignore your Focus guidelines to notify you.

How to Share Your Focus Status?

If you like to learn how to share the focus status, read this paragraph and learn how to do it quickly and easily. 

  1. Go to your phone’s settings and find the “Focus” option represented by a moon symbol.
  2. Set the Focus Mode you want (Sleep, Work, etc.)
  3. Choose “Focus Status” under the options and turn on the feature. 

How to Share Focus Status With Only Select Contacts?

While you know what does share focus status mean and how to share it with others, Sometimes, it might happen that do not want everyone to know you are in Focus Mode, which means you have to share your Focus Status selectively. In this case, you have to turn off sharing directly on those specific profiles. 

  1. Start by going to your Messages app.
  2. Open a chat with the contact you need to silence.
  3. Choose their profile and toggle “Share Focus Status” to off mode. Also, you can use this method to enable Focus Status sharing for special contacts.

How to Turn Off Share Focus Status?

Previously, I talked about what is share focus status imessage, and how to share it with others. But what should you do to turn off your Focus Status? Follow the below steps to access the Focus Status settings and turn it off.

  1. Choose the “Focus” option from your Settings app.
  2. Select the Focus Mode you want to prevent sharing.
  3. Tap on “Focus Status” beneath the options and change it to off mode. 
  4. You can do these steps for all the Focus Modes you don’t want to share.


If you are an iOS user who wants to spend some time away from your phone but does not like to turn it off or silence the notifications, read the above text. Above, I have explained a simple solution which you can use when you do not want anyone to disturb your focus time. You can read about what does share focus status mean, what is share focus status imessage, and how to use this feature. 

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